The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 11, 1919, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 10, Image 10

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The End of the Game.
It must linvc been nearly midnight
before I finally decided to seek n few
hours' rest below, descending the short
lnddcr nnd walking forward along the
open deck for one Inst glance, nhend.
Bonio time the next day wo were to
bo In St. Louis, nnd this exportation
Rcrvcd to brighten my thoughts. I
turned back Mong the, deserted deck,
only pausing a moment to glance care
lessly In through the front windows
of the main cabin. The forward por
tion was wropiwd In darkness, nnd un
occupied, but beyond, toward the rear
of the long saloon, n considerable group
of men were gathered closely about n
email table, above which n swinging
lamp burned brightly, the rays of light
Illuminating the vnr.lous faces. Gam
bling was no novelty on the great river
In those days, gambling for high
stakes, and nurely no ordinary game.
Involving n small sum, would ever
nrousc the depth of Interest displayed
by these men. Some Instinct told mo
that the chief players would be Klrby
nnd Deaucnlre, nnd with quickening
pulso I opened the. cabin door nnd en
tered. No one noted my approach, or so
much ns glnnced up, the attention cf
the crowd riveted upon the plnyere.
There were four holding amis tho
Judge, Klrby, Carver nnd McAfee; but
I Judged nt n .glance that tho lnttcr
two were merely In the game ns n pre
tense, the betting having already gone
far beyond the limit of their resources.
Without n thought ns to the cards
they held my eyes sought the faces
of the two chief players, nnd then vis
ional the stakes displayed on the table
before them. McAfee and Carter
were clearly enough out of It, their
cards still gripped In their fingers, ns
they leaned breathlessly forward to
observe more closely the rday. The
Judge sat upright, his attitmib strained,
staring down at bis band, his face
white nnd eyes burning feverishly.
That he had been drinking heavily was
evident, but Klrby fronted him In ap
parent cold indifference, bis feelings
completely masked, with the cards be
held bunched In his bands and entirely
concealed from view. Retween the two
rested a stack of gold coin, 'a roll of
crushed bills and n legal paper of
some kind, the exact nature of which
I could not determine. It wns evident
that a fortune already rested on that
table, awnltlng the flip of a card. The
silence, the breathless attention, con
vinced mo that the crisis had been
reached It was the Judge's move; be
must cover the last bet or throw down
his hand a loser.
Tersplratlon beaded his forehead.
nnd he crunched tho cards savagely In
Ids hands. Ills glance swept past
the crowd as 'though he saw nothing
of their faces.
"Another drink, Sam," he called, the
voice trembling. He tossed down the
glass of liquor as though It were so
much water, but made no other effort
to speak. You could bear the strained
breathing of the men.
"Well," said Klrby sneeringly, his
cold gaze surveying his motionless
opponent. "You seem to be tnklng
your time. Do you cover my bet?"
Someone laughed nervously, nnd a
voice sang out over my shoulder, "You
might ns well go the whole hog,
Judge. The niggers won't be no good
without the Innd ter work 'era on.
Fling 'em Into the pot they'ro ns good
as money."
Beaucnlre looked up, red-eyed, Into
the Impassive countenance opposite.
Ills lips twitched yet manuged to make
words Issue between them.
"IIow about that, Klrby?" ho nsked
hoarsely. "Will you accept a bill of
Klrby grinned, shuffling bis band
Why not? 'Twon't bo tho first time
I've played for niggers. They are
worth so much gold down tho river.
What have you got?"
"I can't tell offhand." sullenly.
"About twenty field hands."
"And house sen-ants?" ij'-
"Three or four."
Tho gambler's lips set more tightly,
a dull gleam creeping Into his eyes.
"See here, Beaucalre," he hissed
sharply. "This Is my game, nnd I
piny square and never squeal. I know
about what you've got, for I've looked
them over; thought wo might get
down to this sometime. I can make n
prttty fair guess as to whnt your nig
gers nroworth, That's why I Just
raised you ten thousand and put up
the money. Now If you think this Is
bluff, cull me."
"Whut do you mean?"
"Thut I will uecept your niggers ns
covering my bet."
"Tho field hands?"
Klrby smiled broadly. 'I'7?"
The wholp bunch field hands and
house nervnnts. Most of them nro old,
I doubt If altogether they will bring
that amount, but I'll tnko tho risk.
Throw In a blanket bill of sale, nnd
we'll turn up our cards. If you won't
do that tho pile Is mlno as It stands."
Heaucnlrq ngulit wet his lips, sturlbg
Ht the uncovered enrds In Ids hands.
Ho could not lose; with what he hold
00 gunblniitjon was nosslhlo whJUi
Devilfe Own.
ABoimmceofilteBldck Hawk Waff
Xuiker ofhrniraiaadTSWcJ fltf!r1i8afc.
When midcrttes vras txuxq, etc.
Ifl.ulf.dc4 bylrvAnlfyur
woufd bent him. Yet In splto of this
knowledge tho cold, sneering confi
dence of Klrby brought with It n
strango fear. The man wns n profes
sional gambler. What gave him such
recklessness? Why should bo be so
eager to risk such n sum on nn In
ferior hand? McAfee, sitting next
him, leaned over, managed to gain
swift glimpse nt whut ho hold, nnd
ongcrly whispered to him n word of
encouragement Tho Judge straight
ened up In Ids chnlr, grasped a filled
glass someone had placed nt his elbow,
nnd gulped down tho contents. The
whispered words, coupled with the
fiery liquor, gnvo him fresh courage.
"By heaven. Klrby, I'll do It!" be
blurted out. "You enn't bluff mo on
tho hand I'vo got. Give mc n sheet
of paper, somebody yes, that will
Ho scrawled n half-dozen lines,
fairly digging the pen Into tho sheet
In his fierce eagerness, nnd then
signed the document, flinging the pa
per across townrd Klrby.
There, you bloodsucker," bo cried
"There. You Bloodsucker!" he Cried
insolently. "Is that all right? Will
that do?"
The Imperturbable gambler read It
over slowly, carefully deciphering each
word, his thin II pi tightly compressed.
"You might ndd the words, This In
cludes every chattel slavo legally be
longing to me,' " he said grimly.
That Is practically what I did say."
'Then you can certainly hnvo no
objection to putting It in tho exact
words I choose," calmly. "I Intend to
have whnt Is coming to rao If I win,
nnd I know ttio law."
Beauculro nngrlly wrote in tho re
quired extra lino.
"Now what?" he asked.
"Let McAfee there sign It ns n wit
ness, and then toss It over Into tho
pile." Ho smiled, showing a lino of
whlto toeth beneath his mustache.
"Nice little pot, gentlemen the Judge
must hold some cards to tako n chance
llko that," tho words uttered with n
snocr. "Fours, at least, or maybe be
has had the luck to pick a straight
Beaucalrc's face reddened, and his
eyes brew hard.
'That's my business," he said terse
ly. "Sign it, McAfee, and I'll call this
crowing cockerel. You young fool, I
played poker before you were born.
There now, Klrby, I've covered your
"Perhaps you would prefer to ralw
"You hell-hound no I That Is my
limit, nnd you know It. Don't crawl
now, or do any moro Muffing. Show
jour hand I'vo called you."
Klrby sat absolutely motionless, his
cards lying face down upon the table,
the whlto fingers of ouo hand resting
lightly upon them, the other nnn con-
ceafed. He never once removed his
gaze from Beauca'lre's fare, nnd his
expression did not change, except for
tho almost Insulting sneer on his lips.
Tho silence wns profound, the deeply
Interested men lennlng forward, even
holding their breath 'n Intense eager
ness. Each realized that a fortune
lay on the table; knew that tho old
Judgo had madly staked his all on tho
value of those five unseen cards
gripped In his fingers. Again, ns
though to bolster up Ids shaken cour
uge, ho stared at the face of each, then
lifted his bloodshot eyes to the Im
passive face opposite.
"Benucalro drew two knynrds,"
whispered nn excited voice neur me.
"Hell I So did Klrby," replied an
other. 'They'ro both of 'em old
Tho sharp exhaust of a distant
steam pipe below punctuated tho si
lence, and several glanced ubout ap
prehensively, As this nolso ceased
Beaucalre lost all control over his
"Come on, piny your hand," ho de
manded, "or I'll throw my cards In
your face."
Tho inslmmjlng sneer on Klrby'H
lips changed Into tho semblnneo of u
smile. Slowly, deliberately, never
once glancing down nt tho face of his
enrds, ho turned thpin up ouo by one
with his wljlto lingers, his challenging
eyes tho Judge; but tho others saw
what Man revealed a ten-spot, a
knave, queen, u king and tin nco.
"A straight flush I" fcomcono yelled
oJiodjy. "D d If I over saw ouo
For an lnstnnt Benucalro never
moved, never uttered n sound, Ho
scorned to doubt tho evidence of his
own eyes, nnd to hnvo lost tho power
of speech. Then from nerveless
hands his own cards fell face down
ward, still utmwealod, upon tho table.
The next liniment hu was on his feet,
tho chair In which ho had been sontod
Hung crashing behind htm on tho deck.
"You thief I he roared. "You dirty,
low-down thief; I bold four nces
where did you get tho fifth one?"
Klrby did not so much as move, nor
betray even by a change of oxprcsslon
his souse of the situation. Perhaps ho
anticipated Just such an explosion mid
was fully propnred to moot It. One
bnnd still rested easily on tho table,
the other remaining hidden.
"So you clnlm to hnvo held four
nces." bo, said coldly. "Whcro nro
McAfee swept tho discarded hand
face upward and the crowd bent for
ward to look at four aces nnd a king.
'That was the Judge's hand," he de
clared soberly. "I suw It myself bo
fore ho called you, and told htm to
Klrby laughed an ugly laugh show
ing his whlto tooth.
'The h I you did? Thought you
know n good poker hand, I reckon.
Well, you eo I know a better one, and
It strikes me I am the ouo to ask ques
tions," he sneered. "Look here, you
men; I held one nco from the shuffle.
Now whnt I want to know Is whero
Benucalro ever got his four? PIciih
nut little trick of you two only this
time It failed to work." '
Beaucalre uttered one mad oath, and
I endeavored to grasp him but missed
my clutch. The force of his lurching
body ns he sprang forward upturned
tho table, tho stakes Jingling to tho
deck, but Klrby reached bis feet In
tlmo to avoid the.jdiQck,, 111 hand,
which had been hidden, shoFout sud
denly, the fingers grasping n revolver,
but ho did not fire. Bcforo tho Judgo
had gone half the dlstnnce he stopped,
reeled suddenly, clutching nt his
throat, nnd plunged sideways. Ills
body struck tho upturned table, but
McAfee und I grasped him, lowcrlug
the stricken man gently to thq floor.
(To Bo Continued.)
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Friday from tho Catholic church
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In Portland yostordny following a
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