The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 14, 1919, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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. 'A.
IM KoIhoii wait visitor In tlio
city todny from Htimninr lnko.
MIhh Kloronco IlorK Ih on vncn
tton trip to Portland and Houttlo,
II, II. Do Armond started curly (IiIh
nmrnliw to drlvo to Klainutlt Falls,
Lester O, Ilnrhtir nnd (Juntuvo
Horry of Alfnlfa worn In Hand last
MIhh Mubol Hphlnr, cnnhlor for
J. C. I'onnoy company, In on lior vn
cut Ion.
T. If. Foley returned Inst night
front n IiiihIiionh trip of riovorul diiyn
to Portland.
Mitt. I.oiiIh Dornockor linn re
turned from u several weeks' vaca
tion to Olyinplu, Washington,
It, VI. Cliiutnii, master fish wnrdun,
was In lluml liiMt iitnlit.
William DolhriiKKo linn received
lilMdlNuliiirKi from tliu army and In
now employed at tlio Tiimitlo Hull
Dr. ami Mm. 13. It. Norrln returned
.yesterday aftitmoon from n several
Would It Taste
Better in Ice
Tea Glasses?
Ice Tea may be ierVetl
appropriately n Ice
Tea Glaue Willi Ice
Tea Spoont.
Glasses, per set
Spoons, attractive
patterns, per set
And many other neces
sllte.i Jot the table at
Cic Hallmark Store
Al tin Hltfti of tlio k Clock
weeks' lionoyinooii Irlji tlirotusli Cal
ifornia. 0. V. Hllvls nnd U. K. Hliophord of
tlio Huron Tlinhor compuny, rotnrnod
yesterday from n business trip to
Klainatli Kallfi.
N. 0. Jncnlnion, K, I', Mnhnffoy nnd
Louis Dornockor loft for Klamath
Falls hint nliflit to attend tlio ntata
Klk'n convention.
V. It, llticklnglinin of ItonnburK
linn accented a poHltlon with Hmlth'n
Rrocory. Mr. lliickliiKlioin In an
experienced Krocoryman.
Mm, Jlmilnh Mllclmll linn accoptnd
n ponltlon with tlio I. K, Hhoplmrd
music Mom and will linvo charge
InrKoly of tlio record doparttnont.
Mrn. F, I). Docker, nnd llttlu hoii,
of Kallnpol, Montana, havo arrived
In lloiid to vlnlt tlio fornmr'n purontn,
Mr, and Mrn, J. O. Hulk. Tlio Huckorn
worn formerly residents of lloiid.
Mr. and Mrn, J. K, Hock loft Innt
nlKht for Cornelius, Oregon, whoro
thoy oxpuct to maku their homo. Mr,
Itock'n health him not hmin good and
It In tlio unlit tlio chaiiKu will ho for
Hut hnttor.
Mlim Carol lloyd linn accepted a
position an bookkeeper al tlio Ilund
Furniture company ntoro. I for plnco
with thu Central OroKon Ahntrnct
compuny will ho taken by Minn Mnr
Karot Thompson.
Mrn, II. K. Nordoon In enjoying a
vlnlt from two sisters and their fain
Won, Mr, nnd Mrn. Onorgn Itoss of
Vancouver, Washington and Mr. nnd
Mrn. V. U. Htull of Nowborg, Oro.
They left thin nmrnltu: for a nhort
sight-seeing trip which will Include
Crator I.uko.
August Hour, of tlio I.iitlmr Atlto
Bprlug company, of Portland, bro
ther of Mrn. D. T. Carmndy, and John
Ilnan, of the llann Meat market In
Portland, drove from Portland In
10 14 hntim early thin week, via gov
urnment camp. They nro now at
Davis Inkn on an outing.
Tlio llrnl of tlio weekly flower
sales, held luut Hiitunlny nt the
ntoro of tlio Thompson Munlc com
pany, netted tlio Library club
$28.07. Thcno nalvn will bo con
ducted every Saturday. Pomona
desiring to offer flowurn for thin
snlo may bring thorn to the Thomp
non munlc ntoro or call over the
telephone and thoy will ho taken.
Tlio nlntorn of fit. Chnrlen hospital
have Just completed painting a .iiutn
bor of Oregon scones, principally
thoHo of Throe Hlntern, Denchuten
river and Mt. Hood. Tho work In
done In wntor colorn nnd pnntollo.
Thoy nro on dlnphty nt tho Owl phar
macy. Tho nlntorn nro placing theso
pictures on Halo and tho fundn will
he placed In a fund for tho now honpltal.
Your Vacation
Memory will
be refreshed
with a Camera
Come Ui and we will
demonstrate a
Just Remember
Magill & Erskine
Our Pf eKtij4ion Drpcrtmtnt u Complete
in Bitty f)riil.
Borgcnnt Anton Konnen ban roturn
od to Heud, having received hill tils
charKO from tho Fourth engineers
after mora thnn two yearn of rcrv
Ico. tho grontor part of tho tlmo hay
Inic been npent overseas. Sergeant
Fonkoii In a brother-in-law of It. H.
Fox of thin city. Ho will tnako hln
homo In Ilend for a time and may
later ko to hln ranch In the Hums
Women and Misses
New Fall Suits
, dSl
i mm
Ar u
- stl
i m
I -Vr
of simple, yet distinguished lines.
It is evidence of the high grade
in the quality, the smartness and
distinction of the suits them
selves. They are chosen with
care and discrimination from
the foremost artist-tailors of New
York. Very reasonably priced-
$27.50 to $57.30
Walter Coombn of tho IJond Kar
aRo In In Portland on luminous.
J, I-Mwnrd Larnon rotnrnod yester
day from n nhort trip to Kant Inko.
Mrn. t i:. Nlcholn arrived thin
mornliiR after iiinouth'n nojourn In
It. h. Bchoo, 11. O. Konnnrd, nnd
1. A, N'owoll, of Prlnovlllo nro vis
Horn In Ilend today.
Mr. and Mrn. N. F. Iteod of Uurnn,
formerly of thin city, nro In Ilend on
their way to Klnmath Knlln.
Mrn. O. O. Tlckuow of Portland,
arrived this moruliiK to bo tho Ruont
of her nlnter, Mm. A. M. Prlwjlo.
Mrn. II. K. Allen nnd datiRhtom
returned yontorday from a threo
weokn' vacation at tho Holalns
Mrn. J. P. Keren and children re
turned thin inornlnrr for n ncvornt
weokn vlnlt with rolntlvoB In Mln
noHotn. y
Mrn. W. P. DownltiR nnd dntiRhter
Helen left Sunday for Portland and
Sonttlo whoro thoy will vlnlt with
Superintendent S. W. Mooro nnd
Mrn. Mooro returned Sunday night
from n vacation trip to Kugono nnd
Mr. nnd Mrs. OenrRo A. Jones and
Mr. nnd Mrn. J. I. Heyburn ro-
turned Monday ovenhiR from n trip
to Crater Lake.
Mr. and Mrn. W. O. Mntchott and
non havo rotnrnod from u 2700 mllo
trip through Hpoknnu, Mlnnouln,
Vollowntono National Park nnd flalt
J. I). AndorHoii, Rnnornl ntnto
iiRont for tlio California HtAlo Llfo
IiiHiiranco company rotnrnod Innt
ulRlit from an extended lour of tho
Tho Woman'n KorolRit Mlnnlonry
nocloly will meet nt tho homo of
Mrn. W, II. Htaatn on Thurnday, Au
Rimt H, nt 2::10. Kvnrybody In
nnked to brlnR her mite box.
Frank Woodcock, rcRlntor of Tho
Dnllon land office, In In Ilend vlnlt
Iiir bin nephew, Sheriff H. K. Itob
ortn, on hln way to Klamath Falln,
where ho will attend tho Elkn' con
vention, Mrn. F, II. Ilenmlnh of Now York
City, arlved In Ilend Innt nlRhC to
vlnlt her parentn, Mr. and Mrn. W.
O. Nowton. Bho wilt bo Joined
later by her husband nnd thoy will
trnvol from hero to Vancouver, II, C.
Thomnn I)or:an of Hartford,
Washington, Wllllnm Dorian of
Kverott, Wash., und John Hall of
Mt. Vernon, panned through Hand to
day for tho East Lake country whoro
ThomaB Dorgan linn connldornblo
timbor lutercaln.
A. Whlanant In In Portland on
W. C. IJIrdnnll drovo to Prlnovlllo
thin morning.
Mrn. N. O. Davln wan In Prlnovlllo
for tho weekend.
T. II. Foley In In Portland for a
few days on business.
Minn Hose Hunncll returned Sat
urday night from a two weokn vlnlt
In Seattle.
S. II. Btockmon returned this
morning from a week'n business trip
to Portland.
Minn Catherine Skinner of Port
land In In Itond visiting her bother,
Dr. O. Sklnnor.
Harry Itelngold returned on Sat
urday morning's train from a week's
vlnlt In Portland.
Mrn. II. F. Turner arrived In
Dond Saturday ovcnlng to Join her
husband, whovln with tho Dcnd
Hardware company.
Mr. and Mrs. L. O. McRoynolds
returned Saturday from n two
weeks' vacation on tho coast. They
niado tho trip by automobile.
Mr. nnd Mrn. John K. Hyan an
nounce tho cngagumont of their
daughter Patricia M. to James F.
Clifford, late or tho U. S. navy.
Mrn. Charles Dugan, sr., nnd two
children of St. Johns nro house
guontn at tho homo of ' Mr. and
Mrs. Charlos Dugan, Jr., of this
M, P. Canhman left thin morning
for St. Paul nnd Minneapolis. While
In tho Twin Citlcn Mr. Cnshman will
vlnlt with brothorn and do consider
able) fall buying. .
Ocopro llrlcX returned thin morn
ing from Camp Lewis, whoro ho
wan recontly discharged nftor nerv
ing with th American expedition
ary forces Nln Franco.
Mrn. J. W. Tnggart, who has been
vlnltlng for tho Innt two weeks nt
the homo of her dnughtor, Mrs.
A. M. I'rlnglo, left Saturday night
tor her homo In Portland.
Mr nnd Mrs. Ward Coulo re
turned to Uend last, night, driving
from Vancouver. Ii. C, by way of
Portland. Mrn. Coblo was formerly
Minn Hnzol Stovons of this city.
J. I.. Gnlthor, of tho Pacific Tolo
phone & Tologrnph Co., left this
afternoon for Prlnovlllo to be gone
for Several days, whoro ho Is taking
Blankets & Comforters
Extensive assortments from which bed
ding requirements for fall and winter
may he chosen at savings that will make
it well worth while to anticipate every
All Wool Blankets
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Wool Mixed Blankets
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Crib Blankets
$2.25, 2.65, 3.15, 3.65 pair
Cotton Blankets
Plain and checked, full sizes, $2.85 to $7.95
$2.95 to $6.95 '
New. Dorothy Dainty Ribbons
Just received. Put up in ! yard lengths,
each 49c, 59c.
New Wide Ribbons
for camisoles and bags, 60c, 65c, 75c, 95c
$1.25 per yard.
Buy Shoes Now
By buying shoes now you save enough to
encourage the purchase of two pairs or
Bostonian and Cooperative Shoes for men
union made, highest grade, $8 to $11 pair
Queen Quality Shoes for women
$6 to $12.50 per pair
Stop 4I.J Shop at
Quality Pioneer lince 1911
tho place of tho local manager there
whllo ho is on his vacation.
Mrs. Hay Jackson, formerly Miss
Frances Stoldl, ret'.'nied this morn
Ins from Seattlo. whero Bho has
been spending tho last fow wcoks
with her husband, of tho U. S.
navy. Ho is expected to recoivo his
dlschargo from tho sorvico soon.
August Huckonstcin, postmastor
of Salom, and Mr. and Mrs. Eugeno
Eckerloln and Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Monarch, also from tho stato capital,
were In Uend this morning, motor
ing through to Klamath Falls to at
tend tho Elks' convention.
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copper bottom tpO.40 ffmffuj?miliiiiiii
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