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The Bend Bulletin
(Weekly Edition)
Published Dy
Established lloa.
11011BHT W. 8AWYHU
An Independent newspaper otandlnir
for the square doni, clonn business,
clean politics and the best interests
of "Bend nnd Central Oregon.
One year ....... ., .'.J2.00
Six months 1.00
Three months..- BO
TllUUSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1910.
In a local newspaper n repre
sentative of the Timber workers'
junlon, writing ot the wngo scale
which tho union Is now demanding,
says:' "I would suggest that wo
arc asking only a part ot tho value,
not 'nil of tho value, of tho product
which wo produce. It would not
bo practical at this time to entorco
tho demand Buch as suggested nbovo
hut wo do ask for n living wage."
No one can object to a request
for a living wage whero ono Is not
being paid. Tho ordinary diffi
culty, and tho difficulty which wo
assumo exists In tho present mat
ter, Is tho definition ot tho term
"living wage." That, however, Is
a small matter compared with tho
implication that ultimately n de
mand Is to bo nindo for all ot the
value of tho product produced. Tho
question of a living wage is ono of
immediate interest and importance;
any plan to demand "all tho valuo
of tho product" goes beyond and
deeper into tho very foundations
ot our American life. It is Bolshe
vism, puro and simple, and we aro
entitled to know if tho words repre
sent tho serious and well considered
Ideas of the writer and thoso for
whom ho acts.
Tho prcamblo of tho Timber
workers' constitution, quoted by tho
writer, states that the organization
exists "In order to securo to our
selves and tho futuro generations
a Just and.equltablo portion ot the
wealth which wo produce." That
is American. It calls for a just
and equitable division.- It is In
keeping with the Ideas of tho new
era of Industrial relationships. And
it does not suggest that nt any time
"all of tho value of the product"
Is tqjjo demanded.
Tho American Federation of La
bor does not stand for any such
program. Wo doubt If , any Bend
union affiliated with the American
Federation has any such leanings.
They aro not Bolshovlk; "they aro
American. And we bcllovo they
are not waiting for tho practical
time to enforce any demand for
"all tho value of tho product" they
cause ho timber ot tho south is
becoming exhausted and tho com
pany to looking for a Biipply for
tho future.
Statistics havo recently boon
printed showing hat tho plno milts
ot tho south will havo finished
tliolV cut In n f,ow yonrs, Operatorn
who aro getting through thoro aro
in tho same position as tho Wis
consin nnd Minnesota lumbermen,
who turned tholr oyos to Orogon
and Washington ns thoy wiw tholr
tlmbor going. They nro all look
tug to tho northwost now.
With tho greatost body ot stand
ing tlmbsr In tho country, 'the
northwest in a tow years will be
furnishing tho lumbar ot tho whole
country. .
Slowly but suroly Central 'Oregon
Is" coming into its own as a country
of tremendous attraction to tourists
and sportsmon. Casual visitors havo
been passing on tho word for some
time; now, apparently, wo are to
havo some publicity from a man
who, 'knowing many other part3 of
tho "country, finds that hero there
aro things which mako us stand out
ahead of the rest;
All this is flno. Wo aro all of us
glad to havo tho country better
known. It means moro buslnoas
nnd moro dovehbpment. Wo have
an opportunity to sec now people
and to brush up against the outside
world in tho persons of our visitors.
It, is good in many ways.
Tho Oregon Votor has finally
taken nnttco ot tho Injustice It
did G. H. linker when It discussed
tho results of tho special election
ot last June, nnd in Its latest Issue
offers n rather wobbly apology. Tho
Voter is unablo to coma up man
fashion nnd say It was wrong, ns
will bo scon by reading tho nrtlclo
which Is headed "Wo Apologize and
Suggest," nnd having tailed to in
dict Mr. Baker lu his homo county,
now makes now charges ot Injuries
dono elsewhere.
Says tho Voter:
"It seems that tho Bend Commer
cial club passed resolutions con
demning tho Oregon Voter for hav
ing said "that In splto ot the
knocking of tho reconstruction
bonding bill by Bond's member ot
tho Land Settlement commission,
Deschutes led Eastern Oregon lu
behalf ot that measure, nnd guvo
ono ot tho highest percentages In
tho stntc, which suggests that Bond
hasn't much uso for n knocker."
Tho resolutions were not committed
to writing, It seems, nnd Tho Votor
has not recoived n copy ot them.
Discovering n hint in Tho Bend
Bulletin that Tho Votor wns expect
ed to apologize for something, The
Votor made Inquiry ns to what
was up.
"From II. J. Overturf, manager
of tho Bend Commercial club, we
received tho information, which in
dicates that we did Mr. Q. II. Baker
an Injustice. Baker Is Bond's mora
ber of tho land settlement commis
sion. Shortly after tho commission
was nppointed, Mr. Bakor was wide
ly quoted throughout tho press ot
the stato in an interview condemn
ing the supposed policy of tho com
mission - to which -ho was named.
According to Mr. Overturf:
" 'Tho Bend Commercial club con
ferred with Mr. Baker In tho mnt
ter of tho proposed administration
ot the bill and felt that his position
was sound. They therefore ex
pressed confldonco In his attltudo
ot Insisting that tho bill bo applied
without camouflage, a bill for th
roturnsd soldier, sailor and ma
rine. He reported to the club that
tho rest .of tho commission did nod
stand tor the tulmlnltt ration of the
bill for ths benefit of theM people.
He might have bean hasty, but ha
wa3 rigrft, we thousht. As ovldsasa
ot his good fHith, lie got out and
worked for the paasar.e ot tho bill
as It was referred to the people and
there Is no question by thai his
attitude was largely responsible for
the favorable vote on the hill in
this county. I felt that the mis
statement of the, facts by The Votor
impalrod the usefulness of Mr.
Bakor on the commission, and at
my suggestion tho Bend Commer-
&& .T ' :&
Special Offering In
Oak Dining Room Set
A sovon-yoar-old cow weighing 1015 pounds, claims to bo tho
champion milk producer of tho world. Oho Is llnphaolln Agglo III ,
Holstcln-Frclslan cotr, owned by Napa Stato Hospital In California.
Sho is shown hero bmug led by Governor William Stephens or Cali
fornia Her official Ptcord for 1918 Is 30,841 3 pounds ot milks nnd
1033 pounds of butter 8I10 nlso broko tho sovon-dny, thirty-day and
sixty-day U. S. milk records, with 010.8, 3785.1 an' 0S7C.7 pounds, respectively
Mil Mnli nnaM! t-AunlflLlfinK that
"But wo havo a duty In tho matter i. . ,.0 nu.rr.n,a, ,n ia
statements It made.'
that, as tho visitors Increase, be
comes 'more and more pressing.
And .that Is to see to it that our
attractions continue to bo attractive.
We cannot rest our whole caso on
what nature has dono horo for us.
Wojnust help out by making and
keeping good roads Into tho moun
tains and lakes, by seeing to it that
tho flsh are not all caught, by be
ing careful with our fires In .the
woods, by loavlng things, so far
as possible, as wo found them.
It wo will do theso things wo
shall bo made.
- Tho announcement, in the Klam
ath Falls Herald, that tho Long-Boll
company, of Kansas City, has pur
chased 70,000 'acres ot timber land
In northern California Is ot especial
Interest t,o thoso who aro watching
tho tlmbor development ot tho
northwest. v
.Originally, wo believe, tho Lorig
Boll qdnlpany had Its chief tlmbor
.resources In tho south. Of lato
years, liow,e,vor; it has been coming
into Orogia'tl und California to ac
quire., thljer, , So, last year, ;)t
bought ,MP, Pfioth-Kelly tract to tho
north ot Klamath Falls, and now
, we rend, of another largo body Jot
WrJ$$d fo'r f uturf n illlngj
. The reason for this 1s not that
- ivrr
, 'th a.'cOi
Ji any''thhktf that itWwoUr
i'ern timber is more desirable tlWij
other like reason. It Is simply bo-
"The Votor is glad to learn that
Mr. Buker worked In good faith in
nls home county for the bill which
he did so much to discredit through
out tho state and Is glad to give
him credit for his spirit In so do
ing. The-Voter, also apologizes for
having dono Mr. Bakor tho injustice
of assuming that ho had injured
the bill in his homo county merely
because ho previously had Injurod
It throughout the stute. May The
Voter nlso suggest that if Mr. Baker
has not entirely corrected tho In
justlco ho did to his follow mem
bers ot tho land settlement commis
sion by hla representations as out
lined by Mr. Ovorturf, that in fair
ness to those membora ho endeavor
to seo that thoy are placed in tho
right light before tho Bond Com
mercial club and tho readers of
Tho Bom1 Bulletin? Wo havo no
doubt that tho samo spirit ot fair
ness that prompted Mr. Bakor to
work for tho hill ho previously In
jured and helped defeat will Impel
him to set his fellow commissioners
right before his local constituency.
The injustice ho did them reflected
upon tholr patriotism and honesty,
Which was a far moro serious re
flection than that incorrectly made
upon Mr. Bakor by Tho Voter,"
' Jfi other words, the Votor, havr
1ng found Itsolf 'wrong, tries to find
something else- to complain about,
A poor sport, wo say.
Apparently there's 110 tolling
whero this price business Is going
to stop, but It things koop on as
they nro going now it will nover
stop. In tho news today Is nn Horn
reporting that railroad men nro
seeking "very substantial increases"
In wages. If thoy nro grunted, tho
railroads will then require "vory
substantial Increases" In freight
rates In order to meet the higher
wages. "Very substantial Incrosseu"
In freight rates will cause "vory
substantial Increases" In the cost
ot things morod by freight and that
In turn will mean "very substantial
Increases" in the cotU of living.
Then "vory substantial Increases"
In wages will bo sought again to
meet tho higher cost of living, nnd
the whole clrclo will bo gone around
Some time tho clrclo must break
nt the point wbsro someono Is get
ting too high a prollt. W15 do not
pretend to know whero that point
Ib, but we trust that the break may
como quickly.
Council .Uttf Hnrly lleport from
Kiiginrar on Dchmnie mid
Aw Uoiitf Clty'n Debt
Is Cut to $10,01)0.
Bead's fM.000 one-year noto Is
sue, baaed nn tho 1920 budget
passed this summor, nnd Intended
to wlpo out warrant indobtqdnesa
for tho prosent year and doflolto
reprosontlng n part of tho running
expense of past years, will bring
in no immediate revenue, it was
learned Tuesday by the city coun
cil. The Information came In n
letter from Freeman, Bmlth &
Camp, the suocosaful bidders, for
the notos, nnd flnnl refusal to ac
cept tho eily's acknowledgments of
Indebtedness was based on the opin
ion of tho bond dealers' attorneys
that tho budget on 'which tho notes
are based contains no provision for
the Issunnco ot notos or bonds.
Whllo it Is bollovcd that another
effort may bo made to market the
city's securities, no deflnlto nctlon
was taken by tho 'council, und tho
matter will bo again brought up tho
Inttor part of the weok nt nn ad
journed mooting.
1'uvIhk Approved.
Tho first petition ever filed In tho
city of Bend for tho construction of
hard surfaco nt roots wns presented
last night by residents of Dolavuro
between Bond and Hill nnd Lnvu
road from Delaware to Kansas. Tho
potltlon was approved by tho strcots'
committee and referred to City En
glneor It. B. Gould for an oarly re
port. That tho new city garbago collec
tion system is striking u bulunco on
oxponnes and uccountu colluctlblo
was tho report of , !'. L. Payno,
chairman of the health committee
Whilo the showing was better than
had been oxpected In tho first tvo
months, Mr. Puyno mado an urgent
appeal for moro support from tho
householders of Bund, declaring
that tho prlmo object of tho health
committeo was not to mako 'money
from the garbage collection system,
but to mako Bend a clean, safe,
wholesome place to llvo in. '
Health Condition Hotter.
Mr. Payne reported that condi
tions nt tho city camp grounds hnd
boon greatly Improved, and reported
on tho trip of Inspection ot the
Bend Water, Light & Power Co.
mains, Intake und reservoirs mado
lu July by tho council. Since then
n solid roof has been constructed
over tho main reservoir, nnd the
water company has manifested a de
sire to cooperate with the council
lu maintaining a high degree of
cleanliness, hu mid.
Objections filed by the Orrgou
Trunk nnd tho Deschutes railways
to having portions ot tholr rights
of wny Included lu tho Improvement
district for tho construction ot
sewor laterals -M, IB nnd 40 pro
vented action on theso ns well ns
on the wont central main nnd lat
erals 30 and 2". The council be
lieved that by placing all tho Items
of thlryclass lu onu contract better
terms could bo seoured, nnd In con
sequoncu all action was deferred to
another meeting.
Tent to Pick Engineer.
Tho matter ot selection of an e-i-
giueer for tho nqw fire engine was
brought up. nnd nftor considerable
discussion over tho possibility of J
favoritism being shown In making
tho nppolntment tho announcement
wns mado that n rigid competitive
examination, tho questions to ho
drawn from various technical
sources, would decldo the recom
mendutlon to ho mado by tho flro
committeo to Mayor Hastes.
Itcports on tho construction ex
pense of theproposocl Ogdon avonuo
nnd St. IJoJons l'lnco Improvements
wore submitted by City Engineer
Ilobcrt II. Ouuld, showing 311.-0-18.35
for the former and 95S2j.Su
for tho Istior' work. Tho Ogilen
avenue .improvement whs referred
back to the Htreots committee for
investigation, as the cost will mako
neosssury a cash expenditure of
approximately 70 per lot In excess
of what cdn be handled undor tho
Bancroft act. A resolution of In
tention to Imprgvo wns adoptod on
the St. Helens PInoe report.
City Debt Ufdtircil.
The monthly report of City Treas
urer Miss M. H. Coioniun showed
unpaid hills amounting to 13,133,
hut It was explained by Itocorder
D. H. Peoples that slnco the filing
of tho report more than $3000
worth ot wurrants had boon called
Nine arrests were made In July,
12 family quarrels settled nnd nix
individuals found' roaming the
streets uftur S o'cluok urrosted,
und 332.98 tnkon In for llconsn
fees, Chief of Police Nixon's report
Ilopc&snntlng tho Central Labor
council, O. H. Bakor, II. Nordoon
and George Puddock uppoored to
ask that the appolntmont of an ex
port bulldlns Inspector bo con
sidered to mlnlmliu flro and health
risks, and that tho city look Into
tho mattor ot purchasing a quantity
of government food now holng
placed on tho market nnd offer tho
samo for sale In Bond to aid in re
ducing tho high living cost.
May Buy V. H. Kupplles.
A committeo was appointed, con
sisting of Councilman Sutherland,
Magea and Payno, to meet with tho
labor council committeo In regard
to tho first question, while Mr.
Payno, G. Benson and D, G. Mc
Phorson were named on tho food
committeo, In tliia connection, Mr.
Payno stated that If it wore pos
slhlo to securo a car of mixed
cunnpd goods ha would market It
at cost.
Councilman McPhorson announced
tho coming of n carnival company
brought In by tho voluntoor flro
department, a portion of tho re
ceipts to aid in tho furnishing ot
tho now flrohouso. It was agreud
that nil llconso money collected
from the carnival attractions should
bo turned over to tho dopurtmonti
Reporting' 'for --the-wyB and
An unusual bargain under present
buying conditions. You will
profit by this purchase
DINING SET comhtlns of Solid Oak Dining Table, 42.
Inclt lop, 6-foot txlemhn table, Oal iBuffcl, dull
golden finish and four oalf clialis to match-"
The Set $64.25 .
1 !." I "
This Is an unusual opportunity to save
Bend Furniture Co.
means committee, Councilman Bon-
son recommended that thu cUy en
gineer hereafter ho paid nfS-tho ruto
of ll.GO nn hnur Tho recommen
dation was endorsed by the council.
Tho request of tho Tlmborwork-
ors' union, through Hay South-
worth, that Stanford Kndroa bo em
ployed us dancing Inspector at Sat
urday ntaht affairs nt mo Hippo
drome, involving tho removal of
the present Inspuclor, was referred
to the pollen commlttte.
I1IIN Ordered I'ulil.
VUu following hills worn audited
und. ordored .pa 111: . i
Jack Agnow, special pollen..! 4. CI
Tom Ciirlon, salary, ns flro.
chief H0.00
W. II. Jwnw - 40.80
Mrs. P. I.mrU. cleaning oily
Dally Itecord Abstract, ad
vert Ihlng
Wlllard Houston, special po-
(Continued on Pni:o 87F
The Golden Rule
Mr. Workingman
We lmve i cdmplete Hue of work pants, over
nils, .shirts, gloves, underwear, sox, cups and
shoes. At reasonable prices.
Also dress suits, furnishings "and shoes fore
men, young men and hoys.
We invite your inspection and assure you
courteous treatment.
Yours for Service,
The Bend Auto School
Under the iupic of J. 1 1 MEVEH. will OPEN on 01 ABOUT SEPT. I, 1919.
A idccUI cliit for Udiet will Ik airanRed foi if b lulliclenl number of iludenti cn-bp
secured. Write for pailicujm to
Box 331, ' BEND, OREGON
Or call Red' 2081, reitdenre ' im'i
.. , w-ujtcK iHj,buyoMi. ,; ..
a . , ..' i V ,'- -