The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 03, 1919, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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Independence Ray
FOU mav
this nation fought a strong enemy that they
might gain political freedom for themselves and
their children's children.
The Sons of the nation have jut been fight
ing that 'they might give political freedom to
The one thing we ought to be proudest of,
and celebrate most enthusiastically, is not so
much the freedom they have won for us and
others, as the fact that they were willing to fight
for it.
And we ought to pause long enough from
noise , and games and gaiety, to resolve with
some solemnity, that nothing we can do shall
be left undone, to keep and perpetuate what
has been gained.
l' aii
Central Oregon
Neighborhood... i
J. Sun ford of Redmond came out on
Tuosday evening to do soma carpen
ter wor in this district.
Miss Ethel Hutching left (or her
homo near Oregon City Friday morn
ing. Rasmus Peterson and Anton Ahl
strom pent up to titt Swalley head
gato near Rend on Thursday to turn
in more water.
Lesllo Houghtallng went to Bend
Monday where ho will work in ono
of the logging camps near there.
L. W. D. McKcel of Portland, sales
man for Monroe & Crissel, urrived
Wednesday morning to superintend
the erection of a silo for O. E. An
derson. Mrs, Wilford Hutchlus. Miss Ethel
Hutchlns and Mrs. O. E. Andorson
wero Ilond visitors anVThifrsduy .
Anton AhlstronMwasjn Redmond
Thursday afternoon;
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts of Corvallls,
arrived Thursday afternoon by auto
to visit vlth their daughter Mrs.
Wilford Hutchlns. They wore ac
companied by "n'r rpns, (lion and
Uoyd Nelscn of Oregon Cit.
Rasmus Peterson and Mrs. Katli
fcfino Johnson wero Redmond visit
ors last Saturday ,
Mr. and Mrs, Peterson, accom
panied by Andrew Nelson, wero in
Rend, on Monday.
'Mls Ethel Hutchlns of Oregon
City 'arrived from Prlnovlllo Monday
oyeiifpg to vjtrtt her cousin W,ltord
D. Hutchlns for a few days.
'Mrs, 0. E. Anderson was in Dend
on business Monday.
Hans ftHkkelsen and son Alfred
-were Redmond visitors last Tuesday,
Dr. A. Petty returned to his home
in Portlarid Monday qvenJn? nftr
spending a few days here' on ibusl
jietw, Mr.'Whltc was a BenU visitor' Jast
Mondy, .. u.m.
feel, as so manv others do. that
the Fourth of July in 1919 has, and should
have, a new sio-ni finance. The .Fathers of
That's one of the uses of such
a holiday; wc'te all-goings to
quit business and mde it cffday
P. Cashman
Bend's Clothier
. i .- - . i A .
Anton Ahlstrom went to Redmond
Tuesday on business.
Fred. Seelinc of Rend snout Sun-
jday night and Monday at the Gray
Mr and Mrs. O. E. Anderson at
tended the movies in Rend Saturday
L. W. D. McKoll returned to Red
mond Saturday after holplng erect a
silo for O. E. Anderson.
Mr and Mrs. John W. Cray and
somo friends from Rend were callers
at tho W, II. Gray homo Saturday .
Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Hutchlns
and Glen Roberts and Uoyd N'olson
spent Saturady night and Sunday
at Sutttlo lake. They wero accom
panied by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rlob
hoff of Redmond.
Anton Ahlstrom and Miss Illlma
Kelson wero shopping In Rend last
Saturady .
Mrs. O. E. Anderson was In Red
mond Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Swalley and chil
dren and Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Thurs
ton and son Lylo of Deschutes, spent
Sunday down on tho river.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Anderson, Mr.
and Mrs. H. T. Mlkklcson, Alfred
Mikkleson and Huns Hanson spent
Sunday on the river about 15 miles
above Rend.
Rasmus Peterson and Mrs. Kath
orlno Johansen were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. F. R. Raughman Sunday.
Tuo Member of High School Faculty
Expect to Reach McKonzlo
1'usH Tonight.
; Two Instructors of tho Rend high
school, Miss Margaret Hanson and
Miss Reatrice Cheaney, may bo tho
first pedestrians to go from Central
Oregon to tho Willamette valloy by
way of tho McKenzIo pass this year.
With expectations of reaching tho
summit by night, they loft this morn
ing, planning to go by auto as far
as Sisters, and from there to walk
t the Lane county scat. They are
ajrryrig. light packs and expect to
make from 20 to 25 miles a day.
in 1919
A .J 3B M
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Deschutes county experienced ono
of tho coolest months of Juno ou
record during the last 30 days, ac
cording to official climatic observa
tions mado by tho local representa
tive of tho weather bureau. Tho
hottest day of tho entlro month, tlio
25th, morcly sent tho mercury up to
88 degrees, whllo on the ICth a
minimum of 22 degrees was reached.
Seven nights had a recorded temper
ature of below freezing.
Sunshlno during tho early part of
tho month was fur from adequuto,
but In tho latter weeks of Juno there
has been a marked Improvement, aufl
tho few frosts coming within this
period have dono little damngo ex
cept to garden truck. Ranchers bo
llovo that thoro is still a good chunco
that normal crops may ho produced
this year on irrigated land.
As Jo dlstrtbullon of sunshlno, 12
days wero clear, 12 partly cloudy
und six cloudy. Rainfall, part of
which was hall, totalled ,28 Inch,
und thunder storms, of no particular
violenco, wore noted on Juno 14, 10
and 27.
(From Friday's Daily.)
Funeral sorvlccs wero held from
tho Nlswonger chapol at 1Q o'clock
this morning for Mrs. Charles Graves
of St. Helens, Oregon, who died at
St. Charles hospital Wednesday. Mrs.
Graves is surviyed by hor husband
and a 2-year-old son of St. Helens,
by hor mother, Mrs. Rhoda Tfyler of
this city, two brothers, Elmer ifnd
Orange,, both of Rend, and u sTsfar,
Mrs. Chester Long of Yakima, Washington,
(From FrlitaVs DnlhO
Dedicated tb Principal It. C. John-
son, tho second vidunio of tlio Rend
High School Pltot In now being dis
tributed tuid Is winning high praise
as being truly representative of tho
high school iiml for tlio arritttgoinont
and xonornl nppennuico of tho book.
It Is probably tho finest volume of
tlio kind over Issued In Central Ore
gon. Tho 1010 Pilot Is milted by Mian
Hllah Drlck of tho class or 1920,
tho business management being
under tho direction of Leroy Coyuor,
who has also Just completed tlio
third your. Tho book Ik protusoly
Illustrated with photos, tho portrait
work having been done at tho Hogun
studio. Tho second part of tho
volumo Is duvoted to athlotlcs and
In dedicated to Carl A, Johnson,
member of tho school board, In rec
ognition of the nctlvo Interest ho has
tnkon In this form of student activ
ities. Tho Pilot was printed mid bound
In tho shop of Tho Rend Rulleltn.
Chester Happliigtim and MInm Iorvtn
Cook Married Hiiudii) Lriuo
Tonight for Now Iliiine.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Chester Sapplngton of Wushougnl,
Washington, and Miss I.orota Cook,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. W.
Cook of this city, woro married nt
tho homo of the bride's parents Sun
day afternoon, Itev. A. R. Johnson of
tho Raptlst church, tho officiating
minister, using tho ring service. Tho
wedding dinner which followed was
nttendod only by Intlmnto relatives
and friends of the bridal couple.
Mr. and Mrs. Supplngtou will lenvo
tonight for Washuugul, whoro they
will niako their homo.
r j ,-.
Adertltlng I'jiiiijmlgii of Itcnl Mcr
clutitt lit Rultetlii Receive
High Endorsement.
(From Friday's Dally.)
Especial commendation of u page
advertisement appearing In Tho
Rullotfn, on Juno 12, under tho head
ing "Confidence," and signed by n
number of tho leading merchants of
Rend, is mado by A. a. Clark, man
ager of the Associated Industries of
Oregon, in a letter recolvcd this
"Peoplo must bo educated to tho
fact that It they want to Ilvo In it
llvo town, somo of tho responsibility
of making It that sort of place rests
with each ono," Mr. Clark writes.
"They cannot send their monoy uway
and expect to build up their homo
Tho Tvt That Tell.
There In only ono reul test for a
cough remedy und that Is use. H. M.
Oliver, Rox 102, II. F. D. C, Groons
boro, S. C writes: "Foley's Honey
and tar Is just fine. I keep It In tho
houso ull tho time." It soothes and re,
llOVCS hay fuvnr. nuthmn. rntuMia.
colds, croup und bronchial affec
tions, ior saio cvorywhoro, Adv.
(From Friday's Dally.)
Funeral services for Nicholas A,
Reynolds, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Reynolds, ranchers living sovon miles
from Hond, will bo hold from tho
NIswonger chapol In this city at 10
o'clock tomorrow morning, Rov. II.
0. Hurtrauft of tho Presbyterian
church pronouncing tho funeral sor-
mon. interment will bo In Pilot
Rutto comotory,
Death occurred shortly after 4
O'clock Wednesdnv nftnrnnnn. wlwm
tho young matf; who had Buffered "for
tho past year and a hnlf from
valyulnr heart dlsouso, droppod doad
utter chasing a horso on tho ranch.
Ho was nearly 25 yours of ago at tho
tlmo of death, and had resided In tho
vicinity of Rend for tho past 11
Resides his parents, ho Is survived
by a brfWier-HHd'slHtsr Jiving near
Dend, and by a sister In Da Grand..
who will-bo Jii.Rand fomorrmy lot,
the funeral saWlcw . i J a ff
Ten-Veil IM)I1 is Deader, Ho Admit
to JimIkq Flvo llleycltw Taken '
lu tlio Last I'cnv Weeks,
(From Tuesday's Dally,)
Tho puxzlo which I ho local author
ities liavo liuon trying to solve for
soyoral weeks past, namely In regard
to tlui dlHiippuarnucu of u nuinlior
of bicycles wan solved yesterday when
two small boys, tnkon Into ciiHtody
by Ofllcor Frank Kulp, confessed to
Juvoullo Judge W. D. Rarnos, that
thoy had purloined 'tho missing
wIidoIh. Not only that, but thoy had
followed tho old auto game, and hud
mixed partn no skillfully that It will
bo a good day's work for n skilled
mechanic to unscramble them,
Roy Fultii, aged 10 years, son of
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Fulls of thin
olty, admitted that ho had received
his Instructions from older hoys and
hod then Interested 13-yon.pold Mar
vin Wnldon. sou of Mr. and Mrs.
William Wnlden of Rend, In tlio plan.
Roth boys woro paroled with Instruc
tions to report at stated Intervuln to
1'ollco Chief Nixon. Failure to llvu
up to their promise will moan com
mitment to the state training school
tho boys woro Informed,
(From Friday's Dally.)
Members of tho Ilond school board
organized for tho coming year at a
special meeting yesterday afternoon,
electing R. W. Sawyer its chairman
of tho directors. Tho clerk will ho
chosen at tho regular meeting next
(Continued from Pngo 1,)
Artillerymen to I'luy.
As uou us tliosn events havo been
completed, Rend will meet tho crack
Portland aggregation, liutlory "A,"
147th field artillery, on tho depot
grounds. Captain Ash Houston hits
assembled n formidable nrgunlihtloH
to moot this fast I tone City ovornoas
bunch. For more than a week ho
has been out with his men whipping
thorn Into shnpo so that ho can take
n now scalp on tlio Fourth. Tho
H7th has an enviable overseas und
home record.
Tho afternoon's events will clono
with thren fust horso races, to,. ho
staged on Ilond street, at C;30 p, m.
Tlicso ovunUi havo been added upou
tho roqiiMtt of horso fancier,, who
want to make a showing on. tlinl'.day..
Rend's Fourth will bo totally with
out tho old-tlmo flrosrachon nnd fire
works. Not it loool morrlinn' Is han
dling them. It In hoped to mnl'o It
as comfortable ae posslbla for vIs.'torH
who will bo In the city that dsy. A
record attendance Is expected from
nil points In Central Oregon.
RoxIiik Can I Well Arrange!.
Ono of tho b'r .vi-uta cf tho day
will bo tho nil-star boxing content
to bo held In tho gymuuslum Fourth
of July evening. There are throe
strong events. Sailor Churlle Fox
will meet Fred Gilbert lu a 10-round
go. This event promises to bo a
winner. Roth men nro In fluo condi
tion and havo been working hard
for tho last two weeks. Kuowltou
nnd Royorn nro not so well known
locally, but from all tho reports from
tho coast they may bo expected to
glvo tho local fans a rare treat. Of
moro than local Interest Is tho go
between Ted Hoke, formerly of
Rend, now of Portland, and "Speck"
Wood, who hun tangled with Hoko
before. Wood has been working
undor good Instructors in Oakland
and Is confident that ho will tako
Hoke's number, Tho ovonts are be
ing staged undor tho direction of tho
Rend flro department.
(Continued from Pugo 1.)
that no attempt will bo mado to re
movo tho contents for six or eight
woeks at least, As for tho possibil
ity of any moro shipments from tho
south woll, war-tlmo prohibition
goes Into effect tomorrow, und will
muko tho moving of liquor from
utato to state n highly hazardous
Fifteen Cases Stolen,
' To ono encho whoro liquor had
boon hidden, Sheriff,, Roberts and Mr.
Nixon woro guided' by tho ownor of
tho whiskey, which ho said totalled
lfi cases, hut tho whiskey was gono,
und hud apparently boon taken only
a few minutes boforo thulr arrival,
According to tho story told thorn by
their guide ho had traveled bohlml
another liquor laden csrWvhlcli hail
1'com.ojn frpm California f wo eoks
Would :Give Five
Dollars a Bottle
llulhwiy Hiipeilnlemlent Mnjri 'Unit
Tanlne Helped Him
Hold Ills Joh,
"1 would 'Jllve $R it bottle for Tail"
lno before I would ho without II,"
Maid Joo Owens, division superin
tendent of tho Moiuplilit Hi rout rail
way, whoso mldrens In Rox Ut, Mom
pills. TenneHHee.
"I won getting In mighty hud tiluipn.
with stomach trouble," ho continued,
"and wmi all broken down nnd tired
out. 1 was so nervous and had mieli
uwful heiidarhes that I could hardly
sleep or rest. I could oat hut little
of anything und was simply down and
out, mid don't believe I could havo
hold my Job much longer If 1 hadn't
got hold of Tanlne.
"Hluco starting on Tanlao I have
gained Ovn pounds. I eat and sloo
Just lino and It has strengthened mo
up nnd uiiido mo feel so much bettor
In every way that I can't say enour.h
In Its praise." V
Tanlao In sold lu Ilond by Jlio Owl
Pharmacy and In Ulsters by (Joori'n
F. Altkeu and Inllend by tho U T
ton Drug company. Adv.
before. Tim loading car, on ap
proaching Crscout, wan warned that
officials wero ou tho road and Imme
diately dashed off Into tho sagebrush,
returning with no cargo, to warn tho
drlvor of tho second machine and to
nolo tho spot nt which tho nocond
load of whiskey was hidden,
Fearing that his cache was to bo
rilled, tho second autolst kept tho
other under surveillance for two
weeks utter arriving In Portland, and
finally raced to La Pino, only to find
that tho man undor suspicion had
panned him on tho road. Rather
than have his liquor stolen from him
ho called up Hherlff Roberts, who, ac
companied by Constable Nixon, raced
to l.u Pine, picked up tho man who
(had turned Informer ou himself, ami
ivunt ou to Crescent, meeting on tho
way thn car illicit hnd goiiv from
Portland to rob tho cache Rut tho
ear wan empty, unit no liquor was
loft when tho offloluls arrived at tho
hiding place to which thoy wero
It may have evaporated, but Sheriff
Roberts Is Inclined to bullevo that
tho auto which thoy followed was
only n blind, and that u car which,
actually removed tho whiskey to a
new cache had been settt out several
hours before.
CHatAnl ivtHUin rtiarx ir Uu to
cvnla for 20 turU or !. On rnt f
word for all ottr 20. All cUmMI aulvtrtbln
trlcttr (uh In lulvunrau
FOR HAL!-: OR TRAI)KOno stum
'V tt linrunu UKtLitlil 1 tKfi ..! 1 A ft fi
pounds. Ages 0 and 12 yearn.
Sound nnd good workers. Inquire
William Henderson, 12B8 Heroud
street. H-lHn
FOR 8ALB Flvo room houso and .
lot. r,If. Ave. Apply William Hon-
dersoii. I2C8 Second street,
FOR HALK-FJvo cows, i yourllngs,
2 six months old calve, mostly
roan nnd white Durham. 3 mures
'wslght 1100 pounds. RiMisouabte
Gnorgo H. Roberts, cam of llend
Garage. 05-18l
FOR HALK Ono wuter wheel, ono
douhlu-actlou force pump, also one
pump jack. Williamson's Second
Hand Store. :i-2l-!l2p
FOR HALi:--Milch cows. Fresh and A
eoinlng fresh. All ood milkers at
reasonable prices. Call six mile
northeast of town on Prlnovlllo
road. H. A. Dutt. 18-18-1 io
FOR H,LF: Seven head of hlgh
grudo Jerseys, ages three to six
years, Will tako $505 for bunch.
John Kummllug, 11 miles north
oast of Prlnovlllo ou McKay road.
FOR HALI-: -Two room house nnd
ono of best garden lotn lu city of
Ilond. Soil deop and well fertll- &S
Ued. Worth $-150 hut will sncrl- 5S
flco for $325, $126 down, balance 'H
terms, Address btrx 720, Rend, for
appointment. ii
WANTED Pasture for two holforn
during tho summer months. In
quire Rend Rulletlu. 22-1 8-0p
AVANTKI) Ry experienced (armor
with Vwo Ionian, work on ranch or
will run ranch. Man, wife and hoy
of 1-1, Iuqulro Rullotln,
WANTHhWu will call nnywhoro,
any lilneo,' any tlmo, to look lit
your used furniture, Let uh knflw
what you havo. Wo pay cash. Tho
Standard Furniture Co. 07-I0tfo
-1-7-7-11-1-1 -i .T" jj rgn ,.ra .
STRAYED To Cnrdwoll'ii, six miles
oast of Rend, 0110 long 2-yoar-old T
bluok stallion; one black yearling
filly, 1 hrown two-year-old mare.
Owner may havo sumo by paying
damages and costs, T, C. Merchant.
8TRAYEI) to Caldwell's, (1 mllos east
Htitlllon; 1 lilwVyittVlliiK lllly, 1
hrown two-ycar-old mnro. Owner
may havo nnmu by paying ilam
ages und cgstu. T. C. Morohanl.
TAK'I'JN UP- Muy gist, o;io black
" ... IV'" l'7fMIIIUWl Oil lUlt Hill
with rvorsa' hjic npjl crooef)l. f
Ovipft ijiay havf same by paying
oharittM r)ii pentura. W, L, Horg-
trom, Deschutes, Oregon, lOtfo w
J ;-
Mtf-w --I- "
, . .4-,