The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 03, 1919, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 9

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is wlmL all who liuve
Hunions nay.
We liuvc it guaranteed
Bunion Cure
Just Remember
Magill & Erskine
Our I'fmilption Df prtmnt U CotojJfte
In Cvrry Detail.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
J. G. Wilson of Sisters nrrlvml In
tho city thin morning.
John W. Cook of Fort Hock Is
spending tho day In Hand.
, Mm. Uaorgu Itodmnu In In from
. Culvor to spend n few dayn In Iloud.
It. I.. Oruy and A. Gohhnrd of l.u
Pino ora business visitor in thu city
City Rchool Superintendent H. W.
Mooro has lufl for a brief lnlt to
Mr. and Mm. Carl A. Johmion wilt
entortnln Frldny night with a the
ater party at tho nthlutlo club.
J. K. Warner of Roberta wan In
today on business connected with thu
coining; term of circuit court.
P. I). Reedor and P. W. Jorioii of
Silver I.nko aro transacting business
In Ilcnd today.
W. II, Daggett of Itcdmond wan In
Ilund thin morning attending to legal
.huslnnt.- lfa ruturned to III homo
.this n'rtenioon.
Harold Charlton of Powell Ilulto,
who recantly wan discharged from
tho army, has conio to llcnd and In
employed In tho mills.
Just Received by Express
Separate Skirts
1 Plaids, Silk Plaids, Fancy Silk Poplins Taf
3, in plain and draped models, Pussy 'Willow;
all distinctive, up-to-the-minute styles. $ X 9.50
Priced at 5.50 to v
Skirls of all wool Serge and
lilnek. Snlcndid Skirts foi:
h service. Priced $3.98 to
Good looking and good wearing Stockings of pure
thread silk, in black white, brown, fc 1 f) A
smoke grey. Priced specially, pair vrvr
Lace striped Hose, highly mercerized, extremely j
1 ft nlitmiMtn I l1tr I
popular ior wear wiuh anppuia hu iuw jc
shoes; black and white only.. Pair
New Coats, Capris and Suits arc arriving on every
Mm' - . i
i 4T' f'.i
,;Uii ' 'i
1 ) ,) V '
It t
Pontiles , Store
(From. Tuesday's Dally) ,,
Wllllrtm Wl Brown of Vita k a'
business vlHltor In thu city.
J. 0. Perry In In today from IiIh
liomn ut Iloylnt .
Two of thu Wray punHongur stages
loft for Hums thin morning.
Maurice I. Cniihmnn rolurnoil to
llond this morning from a trip to
Mouthers of tlio Lndlim Presby
trtrlan guild will moot with Mm. K.
T. Parker at 2:30 o'clok on Wed
nesdny afternoon. Friends of thu
guild tiro cordially Invited to attend.
Warrcii Ulrilnntl returned to llnnd
thin mornliiK after a brlof visit In
Portland. IIIh parents, Mr. and Mrs,
W. C. Illrdsnll, loft yesterday for a
Hliort stay In Hnn 1'rnnclsco,
Thu Ladles' Aid of .thu Christian
church will mjot with Mrs. Fired Wc
Cormilck, 1904' Wunl, Vint Mtroot,
Wednesday afturnoon. Alj members
and friends aro cordially Invltnd.
Sergeant Karl IltiNton, A. K, V
hail started on IiIh rot urn trip to
tho United States and expect to
reach Orognn nomo tlmo thin inonlli,
according to a letter received by
. Jl. Do Annond.
A Few Broadtldcs From American
Batteries Cured It of It Dad
Habit of Wandering.
ThU l n story of fnllli mid what It
accnmpllihcl. It wo brought In to
ParlN by n dhtpstch-henror and found
ltd way Into thu Ited Cm scrap
book over a cup of ten.
An American nrtlllTj detachment
lay walling fur n report from the air
cout. All at once a memiaco fell
from the clouiU: "Flro on inovlnc
Whnt on rirtli did ho mean? Was
he Joking? That particular airman
wan a born wug. Did ho mean. per
haps, some body of cutriny troop not
yet vInIIiIu? Off In tho dUtmico the
croMi-H of a military graveyard were
to be neen, qolcuccut and Innocent un
der the afternoon nun. lie could not
IHinNlbly refer to that.
"Yen, by heaven 1" wild the officer In
command. "I believe In that fellow.
That'll tho only graveyard In night.
He miiMt mean that."
He gave the order. The pins spoke.
Great ninnies of smoke nroie from the
quiet graveyard and n loud series of
explosions ciiHiied.
Shortly aftenwird the airman
"Well, you did hare faith In me."
he snld. "I wondered If you would
think I wan Joking. I saw what looked
like a military Krnveyard on the right
of the rtiiul. A little later I looked
down and It wart on the left of the
rood. I couldn't bellevo my eye, but
I did, mid llohcd you the word.
Itather n new dodge to get munition
up to the front I"
Poplin in navy blue and
( v i
I i . ' ,
Mournful Man Hat Come to Realize-
That All Thlnge That Are to
Be, Will Be,
"I Honiotline think an I watch tho
cfllclcnt worklngrt of a crcntn acpara
tor," Raid the ntoop-filiouldered man,
J'how much happier my llfo mlKlit hnvo
been could I but havu had when I wn
flrHt married n separator, operated
Momewha) on tho nmu principle, Into
which my wlfo'a relnUveu could have
'been Ihi-unt, tho crank turned and by
centrifugal or centripetal force I con
never remember which In which the
two kind divided, like the sdiccp and
the goat of Holy Writ.
"Out of one xpout would have coma
the undcfdrahlo onea tbon who con
troverted my cherished theories dis
agreed with moon vnrlOtm aubjecta,
and Jeered at my lack of faculty the
while thriy borrtiweij 'money from mo
and' paid n6f''acnln, and wrjre, their
e .pertaining, nuch'of my Sunday
carmenta n lit ted fhein. And from
the othor upout would have omereed
(ho good oiieu thneo who tried to pay
their way by being aympathetlc and
tactful, who wcro diplomatic enough
to agree with mo when It did not make
liny particular difference, and occa
slonully lent mo money and were not
forever dogging me to get It back. IJut;
of courao, nothing of tho kind was
then or ever will bo Invented. Man
was mado to mourn and Ida wife' kin
wcro mado to nee that ho does mourn."
ICnnaaa City Slur.
Federal Bureau of Mlnee Will Make
Inveitlgatlon of What May Be
New Fuel Supply.
Tho bureau of mlncji will make- nn
Investigation to determine thu com
mercial and economical value of lig
nite and the practicability of their
utilization In production of fuel jail,
gniolltie Kubiitltulea, ammonia, tar,
solid fuel, com for power and other pur
pone, under thu terms of a aeuato bill
which lha houne of representatives
adopted. An appropriation of $100,
000 wni voted. It wun argued that the
object of the Investigation Is to dem
onMrnte the commercial value of lig
nite, which Is one-third of tho coal de
poslla of the nation.
A vast volume of tho deposits la on
government laud, and Texas has np-
I :
For The Whole Family.
Women's Union Suits, new, fresh garments for
summer wear; lace knee or tight knee; Oc
all sizes; garment : y,
Athena. Union Suits. These famous garments are
sold by us exclusively. They are the J O OC
finest made; 98c, $1.29 P.4i.-J
lll " ' ' i""' '""'"' ' i il I
Envelope style Knit Unions iri'all Q C n .
sizes; 75c OJL
Misses' Union Suits; fine ribbed, bleached AQC
garments; all sizes; 43c ; OV
.1 M I II PI .HI I II -..
Boys' Unions, knee length, no sleeves; the fQp
kind tho boy likes; garment Uv
Men's Unions, fine ribbed, well made, good wear
ing garments; all sizes; t1 CO
95c, $1.19 v L ,uv
When It's Underwear, You Will
. Find What You Want at
Our Ory Goods Section is overflowing with new materials.
On the Quality Basis alone these Dress Fabrics appeal
strongly. At the Low, Prices quoted they compel purchasing
32-Inch Itompor Cloth, nultahlo
for nhlrtn, rompcrx, drcssex,
aprons; good, durablo og.
quality; yard iSSC
Printed Voiles, 3C inch; now
colorlniiB and pattornn; "!&,,
yard JD
32-luch Dark Porcalea; a nj
a special purchase; yard u y
All Linen Crash Toweling at
less than whole- 5 TXTDr'
salo cost; yard.. SJiJ ty
All wool Whlto Serge, 44 and
proximately 23,000,000,000 Ions. The
official report says there Is bituminous
coal In Texas, but not sufllclent to sup
ply the railroads, and In urging the
passage of the bill Representative
Win go of Arkansas told the house that
proper development of lignite In Texas
with Its full uses demonstrated would
save an annual fuel bill to the people
Keeps Out Cold
Keep's Out Dust
" Keeps In Heat
Saves 25 to 400 Fuel
Authorized Sale Agent
for Oregon
HIppellottCB, whlto and colored
stripes; require no ijp
Ironing; yard e&iUC
Plaid Silk Stripo Olrvxiinms,
very deslrablo for street
dresses; 32-Inch;
Pillow Tubings, best quality,
all widths 1)S- ani1 Up
yard 5C
3C-lncli Cretonnes, suitable for
curtalnn and comfort
coverings; yard
Kew Hair Jtlbbons, largo as
sortment of patterns end
rd'?.!9.: ..30c 35c
Slop and Shop at
Oldest arid Best. Established
of that statu of si5.OOO.00d. Houston
Found Platinum Beds.
Dr. Ilcrschel C. I'orker of Columbia
university, while on an exploring ex
pedltlon to Alaska last summer, dis
covered extenslvo platinum beds In
the Susltann and Yentna valleys In
the Cook Inlet country. He brought
out a large number of ore samples on
his return to the Stntcs, and Is now
engaged In exhaustive tests of tho
metal. He expects to establish a plant
for handling the ore when he cocs
back to Alaska next spring.
"The Alaska platinum ore Is low
Brade," said Doctor I'arkcr. "but It Is
there In abundance. It will have to be
bandied In largo quantities and under
scientific methods of economy to make
It pay. The question of Its commercial
value Is simply ono of engineering.
With the end of the war and the con
sequent wide use of platinum for Jew
elry. I believe tho Alaska beds will
prove a vuluable source of world sup-
Ranchers desiring federal farm
loanB should apply at once. The
government appraiser will visit Bend
about Saturday, April G. Therefore,
Immediate action can be had In all
cases whero loans aro desired.
Cc I10SC0B M. SANDERS, Tres.
II. C. ELLIS, Scc-Treas.
D. McMllllan, Volunteer Klremans
Home. Hudson. N. Y., writes: Foley
kiduoy pills aro like a stream of
water played on flro by tlremen.They
hit tho spat, put out the fire and
drown tho pain." Foley kidney pills
rollovo rheumatism, unckacno, sore
muscles and other symptoms of tho
kidney and bladder trouble. Sold
everywhere. Adv.
Anyone complaining of places In
unsanitary condition pleaso report
samo to Dr. J. C. vanuevert, city
health officer, or E. L. Payne, chair
man health committee. Adv. 9S-7c
Put it id "TIIK BULLETIN."-
(Continued from Page 1.)
and Mr. Payne ndmlttcd that he had
not given tho report much considera
tion when ho signed it. iMoro re
marks by Mr. Mlnter followed, after
which tho roport wqs allowed to sink
gracefully into oblivion.
$230 for Camping Ground.
Tho council took' quick action on
tho muttor of tho free camping
grounds, and' wasted no time in vot
ing E. L. Pnyno, chairman of tho
special committee in charge, $250.
Mr. Pnyno explained that ho would
omlcavor to havo all arraugomonts
complotod before tho Cuttlo and
Horso Raisers' convention April 22.
City Engineer dould spoko of tho
needs of chunging plumbing inspec
tion laws, and tho matter was re
ferred to him and to Councilman
Auction House
Branch OIUco at
Carmody Bros., Be,nd,
Now Whlto Onlmrdlno Skirt-
27-Inch light color Percales; n
vnluo you cannot match i g
olsowhcre; yard ...... Uo5C
Largo assortment of now Cur
tain Scrims, below
market value; yard
Half Linen Tnblo Damasks;
72 Inches wide; r & r
yard $1.95
3C-lnch Shepherd Check, very
desirable for chlldrcn'u dresses
and coats;
yard ........
..:.. ..75c
Sutherland for a report at tho next
Representing Keclor Bros., bond
ing house, Russell F. Hall, until a
few weeks ago an aviator pilot in
tho U. S. army, told tho council that
ho was ready to sign a contract to
take the city's bonds at par, should
bonds bo selected by tho pcoplo in
the coming special election. He also
said that a ballot on which the al
ternative Issues of special tax and
bond issue appeared would be per
fectly legal, although tho attorneys
of the bonding house considered that
it might lead to some confusion. Mr.
Hall offered par for C per cent.
bonds, but action was postponed un
til this morning. City Recorder
Peoples pointed out that tho county
turnover will allow tho city to recall
$10,000 worth of warrants -within tho
next 30 days.
Park Cbmmlttrq Named.
That Ilcnd should provide for city
parks before the growing slzo-of tho
city, makes tho expense of purchas
ing park sites prohibitive was tho
declaration of Councilman Mlnter.
Ho moved that a special committee
bo appointed to select park grounds
and mako arrangements for their
purchase, and Mayor Eostes, declar
ing that for once he agreed with tho
councilman, put the question, receiv
ing a unanimous vote, and appointed
E. L. Payne, D. G. McPherson and
J. C. Rhodes, with City Attorney Ben
son as an ex-offlclo member.
Ordinances Paixcd.
Two ordlnuuces wero passed under
an emergency clause, ono an amend
ment making It a misdemeanor to
scatter wasto in streets and alleys,
the other an amendment to the ordl
nane prohibiting certain domestic
animals from running at large. A
personal liability clause is Intro
duced, and chickens amla ducks are
added to tho list of animals which
tuny be impounded.
Tho following bills were nudltcd
by the wuys and means -committee,
nnd ordered paid:
S. Stutsman J 1.00
L. A. W. Nixon, horso rent.... 15.00
L. A. W. Nixon, Bnlary .- 142.50
Frank L. Kulp.'sulary .... 120,00
R. J. McCann 1.25
Library board 25.00
A. A. Anderson , 10,00
II. E. Jones 6,00
Robort B. Gould 34.60
II. J. 0vorturf..v ... 40.00
J. A. Eastes 2.50
Robert B. Gould 19.50
E. F. Logan 66.00
James 'Hays 62.00
Jay Salzmnn - N 2.2C
Georgo W. Stokoo 3,00
Bend Insurance Agency... . 25.00
W. B. Crawford . 94.2C
Mike Connolly . 50.00
C. V. SilVIs 10.QO
Anton Auno 132.00
W. O. Matchett . 4.00
T. M. Carlon 100.00
Cf S. Benson.. ...,.....'........... 20.00
M. E. Coloraun... T,. 26.50
Bond Press ...,..!., .......... 69.75
D. H. Peoples-............'. ;. 38.80
Miss Nell Markel .;.-.. 15,00
Baker's Sxpresq ....,., 6.00
City Fire. Truck..-. ....,..,. 45,30
Put It Jr "TUB BUriLstTIN."!
Try, k Bulletia ast Ad fer uMc
rwHlic' , ' ' ' '
M'fi' r-- ;
T? Mi t ' e '
i' . !) M .;' ,i. n
nO S n.