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TAe Essentials of
Silo Construction
(Continued from Lnnt Issue.)
I lly It. A. Ward.
Lost week wo dlncusnod a fow of
tho mnln polntN to bo considered In
liullillnfc ft nllo and flnlnliod up with
4n tnbln allowing tho size nllo required
for tho vnrloun Blind herds.
Thin wcok wo will ho raoro spec
ific nnd mention cortuln polntn of
construction which renulro special
thouRht nnd nttantlon.
FOUNDATION. It In n prstty
good rulo to rIvo tho foundation of
nny building apodal consideration,
nnd the same rulo applied In bulldlnR
h alio, slnco n larito part of tho bIIuko
iib woll on tho weight of tho walla
inuit ha supported by tho founda
tion. Tho foundation nhould hnvo
tin liana In firm noil and It nhould ex
tend holow tho front lino. From 3
to i foot holow tho nurfaco of tho
jwound In ndvlnublo In tho north
Western stales. Tho dlinonnloiiM of
tho foundation dopnnd chlofly upon
tho character of tho noil and tho nlzn
of tho nllo. In loono nolln tho bono
of tho foundation taunt bo wldor than
In clny nolln, no nn to provont tho
walln from cracking nnd Rotting out
of tilinpo. Tho width of tho bono
varies from ton to 30 Inchon, dopond
fiiK upon tho coudltlonn inuntlouod.
KLOOH. Under clny noil coudl
tolnn, .whero tho varth In oxcoptlon
nlly firm, no npoclal floor "h needed,
whore thoro In dungor of neopngo In
to tho nllo, a concroto floor nhould
bo put In. Thin nhould ntno bo dono
of tho noil U Tory gravelly or loono.
A cement floor makes tho nllo cantor
to clean nnd will provont rodnntn
from burrowing beneuth tho founda
tion wall, thun gaining entrance to
tho nllo. A tllu drain In tho contor
of tho nllo, that enn bo ntopped with
it wooden plug when tho nllo In filled
.and kept open whou tho nllo In empty
In ndvlnnblu.
HOOK. In traveling through u
nllo country ouo neon ninny nllon wirti
out roofn. While n roof In not ossein
tlal to tho keeping of ntlage, thoro
nro navrnl reanonn why ovary nllo
nhould hnvo ono. A root addn great
ly to tho apponrnnco of a nllo; It
snakes tho removnl of tho nllngo moro
agreeable under ndvorno weather cou
dltlonn, and It addn nubility to tho
building. Thoro nhould bo a door
In tho roof largo enough to ndmlt
tho blower from Uiacuttor.
BOOKS.- In tho pant a largo part
of tho weakness In nllo conntructlon
1ms boon duo to tho doom. Poorly
'VXIIW in its air -'tifiht I
Ajljf sealed package. I
'if I A dy that te I
jjL fl0. worthy of your I
!fl- lasting regard I
IE Uj because of its I
tJ V lasting quality I
Three flavors to I
I suit all tastes. I
Be SURE to get I
! I Sealed Tight MLbfa. wP$J
I Flavor Lasts Jfe4ir
tnndo doom hnvo nomotlmcn caunod
tho nllo to crack opon and nprond.
It In thorn faro noconnary to noo that
tho ntructuro In woll roonforcod nonr
tho doom. Tho doom nhould form a
porfoctly airtight Joint with tho
frnmo nnd nhould bo flunh with tho
Inner wall of tho nllo no that nlr poo
ketn will not form nn tho nllngo not
lien, Doom nhould bo largo enough
to permit tho oany ontranco of n man
and nhould bo near enough together
no that tho nllngo will not hnvo to
bo lifted nny cunnldornblo height to
romova It. Tho unual nlto In about
20 Inchon wldo nnd 30 Inchon high
and tho npaca between tho doom In
from ZVt to 3 foot. Tho lowent of
tho doom nhould not bo moro than
R feat nbovo tho bottom of tho nllo,
Contlnuoun doom nro moro conven
ient to tho removal of nllugo.
OIIUTK. A chuto nhould bo built
on nil nbovo ground nllon an without
It there In a great wanto of nllngo
Hllngo would bo ncattorod ovor con
nlderablo npneo by throwing It down
from tho top of a nllo without n
chuto, especially during windy cou
dltlonn. A ladder nhould bo attached
to tho nllo at ono nldo of tho doom or
In tho chuto, Sometimes tho re
inforcing rodn of tho contlnuoun door
or tho hoopn may bo uncd an a
Concrete and lirlck nllon hnvo tho
ndvantago over other typon In per
manency, ntablllty and fire proof
qualltlcn. Tho principal objection to
ho concroto nllo In Itn first cost. A
woll conntructed concroto or brick
nllo will hint many yonra, an thoro In
no danger of Itn being blown down,
rotting down, bo burned or attacked
with vermin. l'"or tho mnn who
wuntn n nllo to hint, for n number of
yearn nnd who can got tho material
thin kind of nllo wilt glvn nntlnfac
lion becuuno tho cxpouso of repairs
Isprnctlcally nothing nnd very llttto
attention In required to cop It In good
Tho wooden hoop nllo require
nomowhnt loin matorlal than other
types of wooden nllon and In ono of
tho bent of wooden ntructuro. Tho
hoopn nro built up by novarnl thick
nennen of Vt by 4 Inch board nailed
together. Tho ntven nro nailed to
each hoop with two nulln, thun form
ing a rigid conntructlon. Flooring In
uncd for ntavcfi and can bo bought lo
cally In nnw mill towns. Thin In a
choap durable nllo, with many good
Stnvo nllon nro popular bocauno of
tho oano, clioapuenH nnd quIckncHii
with which they nro conHtructed,
Manufacturing concurtui hnvo mndo
a specialty of nlavo hIIoh nnd hnvo
pushed their nolo, An n coiiHepuonco
nuch nllon nro moro numoroun In tho
United States today thnii othor types,
Tho llfo of ntnvo hIIom incann from
eight to fifteen yearn, dopondlnR up
on tho kind and quality of lumber
unod, tho caro takon In their con
ntructlon and tho climate. Thoy aro
usually regarded nn moro or lenn
temporary structures.
Tho modified Wisconsin typo, or
tho wooden hoop nllo In a nubnlan
tlal ntructuro that In not liable to
blow down or to got out of rojmlr by
drying. In thin typo ntuddlng fn net
up and tho sheeting In bont around on
tho Inside. Thin caunon tho nllo to
havo tin unflnlnhod appoaranco. It
In difficult to build a modified Win-
cousin nllo lenn than H feet in diam
eter, on account of tho bonding of
tho sheeting.
Othor of abovo ground nllon
aro tho Uulor and tho hollow tllo.
Tho conntructlon of tho Outer In
nlmllnr to tho modified Wisconsin,
tho main dlfforonco being that tho
Inner lining of wood In tho Wiscon
sin In replaced In tho Oulor h n coat
lug of lath and cement planter. Tho
hollow tllo nllo In conntructed of tllo
blocks, re-enforced with nteol. It In
apparently n durnblo and substan
tia! ntructuro, nnd tho air npoco pro
vides noma protection against freez
ing, However It lias' only been In
use a fow yearn and It In difficult to
tell how It will compare with othor
typen. Tho cost In tho pnnt ban been
almost prohibitive to nil but tho well
to do or wealthy farmers.
I'ourtcoti-Yonr-Old llnf.ll Hal ley Rc-
lurniNl to Oregon Htato
Training Hcliool.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Ills parolo rovoked by Juvenile
Court Judge W. D. llarnes, H-yoar
old llnsll Ilallcy of Tumalo, left yes
terday for Salem In tho custody of
no officer from tho State Training
nchool for boys. Tom Collier, also
of Tumalo, who with young Dnlloy
hnd confessed to robbing tho general
ntoro nt Tumalo, was paroled by J.
M. Griffin, deputy ahorlff In that
Tho Ilalley boy had provlounly been
an Inmato of tho training nchool but
bad boon nont back to bin homo under
promise of good behavior.
M. NNwongor, Knrly Pom ill Huttc
I'ontiiuuitcr, Panne at Homo In Tho
Dalle Immoral Tomorrow.
(From Monday's Dally.)
C. P. Nlswongor of thin city was
called to Tho Dalles Saturday night
by nowa of tho death of his father,
M. Nlswongor, formorly of Dend, who
ban boon lit for several months past,
Mr. Nlswongor was born in Ohio
70 yenrs ago, but had lived In the
northwest for yean, leaving his homo
In Michigan to resldo In Dixie, Wash
ington, In J902. In 1004 ho moved
to Oregon, and wan postmaster1 nnd
proprlotor of tho Powol Dutto ntngo
station for novornl years. After Bell
ing out, ho moved to llond, and ro
sldod hero until n year ago, when
ho left to innko his homo in Tho
Dnllos. Four yeilrn ago Mr. and Mm.
Nlswongor eelobrated their golden
Surviving him nro bis wife nnd a
daughter nnd threo sons, Mm. Nettlo
I.ninpa or Tho Dalles, Kliuer N.
Nlswongor of Tho Dallos, Dan N.
Nlswongor of Walln Walla, Washing
ton, and 0. P. Nlswongor of this city.
Funornl sorvlcos will bo held to
morrow morning from tho Crnndoll
undertaking parlors In tho Wasco
county soat.-
John Mt Hooth, Deputy Collector, nnd
E. O, ICiLsuiliiKcr, IiiHpcctor, to
ISo In llond Four Days,
(From Tucsdny'a Dally.)
In n lottor rocolvod this morning
from John M, Hooth, doputy collector
of Internal rovouuo, Mr. Hooth states
that hu will arrlvo In llond tomorrow
morning, nccompnnlod by 10. C, Kno
mtngor, internal rovouuo lnspoctor.
From April 2 to G, inclusive, thoy
will mnko their headquarters nt tho
court houso for, tho purpose of as
sisting corporations nud Individuals
in making out Income tax rotums
and giving such Information na may
bb desired portalulug to lncomd nnd
Bpoclal taxes,
Something to eellT Advertlso In
The Bulletin's classified opiums,
PORTLAND, March 31. Tho
Northwest war trophy train, carry
log 228 trophies of KQropoan battle
fields during tho world war, will nr
rivo In Dend at G:C0 o'clock Sunday
morning, April 0, nnd will remain
until ono hour before noon, giving
ample tlmo for avery ono In Dend
and tho surrounding country to viow
tho exhibit.
Other towns In Central Oregon at
which tho special will atop on tho
snnio day aro scheduled an follows:
Kodmond, arrive 11:50 a. in., leave
12:10 p. m.; Culver, arrlvo 1:10 p.
m-leavo 1:20 p. m.; Metollus, ar
rlvo 1:35 p, m leavo 1:45 p, m.;
Madras, arrlvo 2 p. m., leavo 2:30
p. m.
Whorovcro tho U. 8. trophy ex
hibits havo been shown tromendoun
Interest has been aroused. Tho
traJn is accompanied by llobcrt E.
Smith, oxocutivo manngor of the
Victory-liberty loan. Throughout
tho entire stato trip, tho train will
bo in charge of J. F. Daly, chairman,
tio.v woitrc o.v ni:v uuii.dino
wiiiii btaht soon.
(From Monday's Dally.)
Uy a voo of C9 to 7 tho election
for tho floating of $28,000 school
nchool district bonds carried easily
Saturday evening nt tho Kenwood
school. Practically all the voters
woro from tho Kenwood sldo of tho
river, nnd a number desired to vote
Ju fnvor of the bonds, but wero not
nllowcd to do so when It was found
thoy were not taxpayers.
Every effort will now bo mndo by
tho school board to start construc
tion work on tho now Kenwood
school which tho bonds wero voted
to flnanco with tho least possible
delay. Tho old building Is still to
bo removed, and as soon as plans
and specifications for tho now school
aro turned over to tho board by
Architect Leo A. Thomas, a call for
bids will bo made.
highest standard
aro mado
of guaranteed
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Name .................. ,.....,
Poiioffica .........................
State .
and J. D, Whlpp, train auditor. It
Is accompanied by JJort K. llanoy,
U. B. district attornoy; Walter II.
Evans, Judgo J. P. Kavannugh, O. W.
Taylor, Arthur C. Sponcor and Frank
Irvlno on tho first stage of Its Itin
erary. Tho hoavy artlllory pieces included
in tho exhibit and tho ordnanco and
paraphernalia of war included in tho
small exhibit will bo explained to
visitors by soldiers who gained their
knowledge on tho battleflolds of
Franco. Tho Fronch mosquito tank
Included In tho exhibit is shown by
C. Clarence Likens, a Portland man
who served with (ho "Tom Cats" on
this typo of war machine. In his
own experience, tho tank in which
ho and his "Ruddle" woro sorvlns
became mired In a shell holo In tho
thick of tho fray. The two soldiers
removed tho machlno gun to a van
logo nearby, from which they used
it effectively in cleaning "snipers'
nests," and hln mato was killed at
that point.
(From Thursday's Dally.) '.
To ascertain when a representa
tive of tho U. S. reclamation service
may bo expected to arrive in J3cnd
to .start a geological seurvey of the
Dcnham Falls reservoir site, T. II.
Foley, president of tho Bend Com
mercial club wired today to Direc
tor Davis of the reclamation service
in Washington, D. C.
In earlier communications it has
been Intimated that an expert from
Washington would come to this
district about tho first of tho present
month but later it was learned
through tho delegate sent to the na
tional capital that tho ago of tho
expert Bolccted mado it impossible
for him to start work during bad
weather. Secretary Lano requested
that a younger man bo picked for tho
Job in order to hasten tho prelim
inary work for tho development of
tho Deschutes irrigation project, but
tho fact that no U. 8. Oeologlcal sur
vey man has appeared hero indi
cates that till? advice has been
Grant! Officers to Attend In Prlnc-
Tllle, Wlica Central OrfRon Lodge
Will Present Candidates.
(From Thursday's Daily.)
Pythian lodges of Central Oregon
will comblno on May 7 to Initiate ono
of tho biggest classes ever admitted
into tho first rank of tho order, the
ceremonies to bo held In Prinevilte,
It was announced hero today follow
ing tho departure of Fred J. John
son, grand chancellor, and Walter
Qloason, grand keeper of records and
seals, Tho two grand officers of tho
Knights of Pythias will bo in charge
of tho Initiation.
Mr. Johnson and 'Mr. Glcason wero
honored guests last night at tho
mooting of the Bend Pythian lodgo,
and gavo Interesting addresses on
different phases of fratornallsm ex
emplified in their order. Othor
speeches woro given Ty local mem
bers, nud toward tho latter part of
tho ovonlng light refreshments woro
Tho two grand officers will visit
tho Madras lodgo tonight.
(From Thursday's Daily.)
Just as -soon as conditions on tho
high desert nro fuvorablo, a bunch
of 18 DUrham .bulls purchased by tho
Central Oregon bank for tho Btock
mon of Lako county will bo driven
to Silver Lake, E. P. Mahnffoy of tho
bank stated this rooming. Lako
county bulls, it Is expected, will bo
brought back to add to tho horda in
this section.
Mrs. L. Wavuo. 2736 3rd St., Ocean
Park, Calif., writes: "I am thank
ful to say Foley Kldnoy Pills rid mo
of all my pain. I advise nnyono to
try them after tho good thoy did mo,"
Backache, soro muscles, stiff or
swollen Joints, rheumatlo pains aro
inulcutioiiB of Kluney trouble. Foley
Kidney Pills are sato. reliable. Sold
ovory whero. Adv,
(From Thursday's Dally.)
If. K.JI rooks Is in Portland today
on a short business visit.
An addition to tfi'o II. K. DroOks
houso is being built.
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. S. Hudson loft
last night for Portland to spond tho
week end .
George Sedgewlck and Max Cun
ning of Itcdmond wero visitors In
Bond this afternoon.
City School Superintendent S. W.
Mooro has moved from tho Caldwell
houso to Newport avenuo.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Day aro re
ceiving congratulations ovor tho ar
rival of a seven-pound baby boy at
their homo in this city.
Thomas W. Triplott left last nlgkt
for Springfield, Oregon, whero ho wai
called by the serious illness of his
brother, Carlysle.
J. D. Miner took tho train last
night for Portland. Ho will remain
in tho Wills motto valley for several
days to handlo a number of farm
land deals.
(From Friday's Dally.)
Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Horton loft
lost night for Portland.
OIo Slmonson of Brothers Is trans
acting business In the city today.
J. V. Taylor camo In from Cenneloy
this morning.
J. II. Napier and James McCarthy
camo In last night from Lakeviow.
Eph Miller and C. J. Taylor of
Paisloy aro spending tho day in
Mrs. M. E. Houghton, state man
ager of tho Fraternal Brothorhood,
Is In Bend today on ono of her reg
ular visits to tho local organization.
Ash Houston, formorly employed
by Tho Shovlln-Hlxon Company, and
crack inflcldcr on tho ball team repre
senting the mill, returned to Bend
today from Mare Island, whoro ho
has been stationed with the marines
August Krug, brother of Rcobort
H. Krug, who wa "burned to death
at his homo near Sisters a fow days
ago, arrived in Bend this morning
on business connected with tho
estate. v
Tho Pioneer Garage reports tho
folowlng sales of automobiles. To
A. J. Moore, new model 90 Willys
Overland; to Frank A. Livingstone
of Tho Shevlln-IIixOn Company, a
Willys-Overland country club road
ster model. ""
Dr. and Mrs. It. W. ,Hendorshott
will leave tomorrow night on a three
months' trip east. Mrs. Hcndersbott
will stop at Kansas City to visit rela
tives, while Dr. Hendersbott will
mako Chicago, New York and the
Mayo Institute, whero he intends to
do somo graduato work.
(From Saturday's Daily.)
II. S. Hamilton left last night for
Portland on legal business;
Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Turner, of this
city, aro tho parents of a baby toy,
born this afternoon.
The Infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Minor died last night
aiter an Illness of several weeks.
Miss Lucille Snyder has left for
vorvuuis 10 auenu mo uregon Agri
cultural collego during tho spring
. Dr. C. A. Fowler arrived In Bend
last night from Portland, and will
open an office In tho O'Kane build
ing In tho near future.
F. L. Young, of Paisley, and J. H.
Napier, of Lakeviow, havo arrived in
Bend, and will open an office in the
near future under tho firm nnmo of
Napior & Young.
Announcements wore received hero
today by friends of the marriage of
Ellsworth Young and Mrs. Cora
Alico Jones, formerly of this city,
in Los Angeles. They will mnko
their homo In California. i
Miss Padden, a member of , tho mu
sical comedy company which will ap
pear at tho Liberty theater next
week, is a niece of Mrs. F. M. Gasbar,
of this city, and will visit at tho Gas
bar homo during hor stay hero. Miss
Padden was formerly with tho Baker
Stock Company, of Portland.
Sale of reserved seats for tho Ath
letic club homo talent play, "What
Happoned to Jones," will bo at tho
club until Wednesday of next week,
and on Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday at tho Horton Drug compauy
(From Monday's Dally,)
Tho infant son of Dr. and Mrs.
Turner died yefttorday afternoon.
Mrs. Harry Gnnt camo homo from
Portland Sunday morning,
W. O. Blrdsall loft Saturdny night
for Portland to Join his wife and sou.
R, S. Hamilton has returned to
Bend from u business trip ' to
H. C, O'Neil leaves tonight for
Salem whoro ho Is Interested in ronl
Fred N, AVallnco is in Bond on
business today from his homo at
J. K, lrby, stato ngent, for.tjia
Velio motor products was,.at"tha
Pioneer gurago Saturday making
arrangements for the local, agency.
He left for his homo nt Rest, Oreoa
Saturdny night.