The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 03, 1919, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 8, Image 15

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Excellent Work Done Through Classes
Conducted Under Auspices of Bu
I reau of Naturalization.
Many nllcus yvho enter I 1q nnlurnll
juttlon courts as candidates for cttl
zenshlp nro much better grounded In
tho kuowledgo "ot American govern
ment and Institutions than the average
iintlve of this country. Indeed, some
nllchi aro ablo to nnswer questions
'that tho Judges themselves nro not
able to answer off-hand.
The reason for their excellent knowl
edge of tho American covcrninrnt lies
In the enre token by tho citizenship
classes, now -conducted In public
schools throughout the country by tho
bureau pf naturalization, department
of labor, to Inculcate thorough famil
iarity with tho Institutions of tho land
of, their adoption. The courses given
by these classes aro designed to raise
the standard of clttscnshlp by Insur
ing a preparation adequate to meet the
requirements of tho most exacting
state laws.
Naturalization Is a somewhat com
plicated process at best, for jot only
must the alien satisfy tho "require
ments of the state In which ho ex
pects citizenship, but he must also
met the demands of the naturaliza
tion court, which has tho right to re
ject Ms application, at Its own dis
cretion. The citizenship classes aim to make
the way to citizenship as easy as pos
alblo for men and women who ore will
ing to fit themselves for It Grit.
Soldier In the Trenches Wielded Razor
While Enemy Shells Were Past
ing Above Him.
The sailor who can shave himself In
a storm has found his match In the
soldier Walter Ehrmnn, n Kansas City
man, saw at tho Argonno front. Ehr
man was with a medical corps and as
he passed Into No Man's Land with
-ino su-cicner oearers, ne noticed a
youth In khaki hiding In a shell hole,
"lie had a mirror between his
knees," writes Ehrman, "and he was
Intermittently shaving himself. Which
Is to say, that, between acts, ho'd mow
n section of his face. Whenever a
shell would come over he would fluck
expertly, only to resume his Interrupt
ed task In moments of what you might
call peace.
" 'Hey. buddle, do yotf need a shave
that bad?' I asked him.
"Aw, rey mug's so blame dirty, had
to hnvo It.' was his reply.
"And here's another: Ono of our
medics found a pair of hair clippers
on the Held, and while he was waiting
In a shell hole with a doughboy until
an enemy barrage should light up, he
clipped that doughboy's hair as nice
and stylish as yoa please, till they'd
hardly let him In when he returned to
the trench, he looked that different."
(Continued from Fage Z.)
candidate for secretary ofstate Is J
Saba A. Kozer, who has serrcd as
chief deputy for nearly 20 years, and
who, perhaps, is more thoroughly ac
quainted with tho duties of tho of
fice than Mr. Olcott himself.
If Governor Olcott should nacfio
Mr. Kozer as his successor It might
provo an even wiser political movo
than If ho were to name some per
son of known political strength. Mr.
Kozer is not a politician, and his
"worth to tho governor as a political
asset would be almost negligible.
SUII, it would be a (good brand of
campaign material which tho gov
ernor could put to uso four years
hence when ho aspires to guber
natorial honors.
"Efficiency before politics" Is a
mighty handy campaign slogan to
hnvo on tap at political hendquartors
whon tho four-year bnttlo for votes
Ilowovor, Mr. ICozor has by no
means tho instdn trnck, so fnr ns pre
dictions go, tor another possible can
dldnto which Bounds moro tenslblo
to ninny who bollovo they knbw some
thing of state politics, Is Louis Ucan
of Eugeno. Mr. Jlean was n ropro
sontntlvo nt tho last session of tho
legislature, and Is n brother of Fed
ora) Judge Dean,
Mr. Bean is a good politician. Llko
wlso, ho enjoys a Btnto-wldo potltlcnl
acquaintance which would provo n
thing of valuo for Mr. Olcott whon
ho goes botoro nn uncertain stnto
constituency for retention as gov
ernor. '
State Senator W. W. Danks of
Portland Is tho third man who haa
boon named ns tho possible appointee
tor secrotary of stnto. It wns Sen
ator Banks who lcdtho fight on the
floor of the sonata against tho bill
creating tho otflco of lieutenant
governor. It Is well known legisla
tive history that this bill was aimed
only at Mr. Olcott, thon secretary of
Btato. It was nn effort by politicians
to keep him from ascending to tho
gubernatorial chair, It possible. ,Mr.
Olcott, naturally enough, feels kindly
toward Senator Danks for his offorts,
and It Is only natural to supposo that
ho might reward this service with
tho desired appointment.
Ilowovor, tho cnpltol prophots
must continue to predict for soveral
wcoks at least. Tho fact that At
torney-General Drown, In a recent
opinion, held that Governor Olcott
might resign as secretary of stato
and appoint his successor does not
put an end to tho question. Mr. Ol
cott insists upon a moro definite
understanding of his rights.'nnd ho
has already arranged for tho ques
tion to be taken beforo tho stato su
preme court early In April.
When the stato's highest tribunal
passes upon this point, and not un
til then, will Mr. Olcott mnko known
his Intentions, but from nil that can
bo gathered at this time it Is a fairly
snfo bet that either Mr. Kozer, Repre
sentative Dean or Senator Hanks
will bo named as secretary bt stato.
If Mr. Kozer is named it will mean
that Governor Olcott domands effi
ciency above all else, while tho ap
pointment of either of tho others
will mean that ho has a dcslro to
strengthen his political fortress. Nor
docs this mean that Mr. Dean and
Mr. Banks will .not mako good of
ficials. National liquor Interests suffered
a declslvo cjetcat in their initial ef
forts to circumvent tho will of tho
people of Oregon with reforenco to
prohibition. Efforts by the liquor
crowd to secure a referendum on the
legislative Joint resolution ratifying
the national prohibition amendment
wore defeated when Attorney-General
Drown handed down an opinion to
tho effect that such a question could
not be submitted to the voters of
this state.
It Is more than possible that the
liquor interests will carry their fight
into tho supremo court as intimation
that this will bo dono was mado by
their representatives this week. The
liquor Interests bring word to Salem
that they aro going to exercise every
possiblo legal right In an effort to
ovade nation-nldo prohibition, but
their ilrst movo in this stato cannot
bo said to bo a wlso one. Even
though a referendum should bo called
on the national prohibition amend
ment it would have no bearing on
Oregon's prohibition status even
Miough tho voters, through some
mischance, should register approval
of tho action ot tho liquor Interests.
Thanks Lady
Gave information
Overhears Conversation that Leads
To 1 1 Is Recovery. Gulni 18
"I hnvo nlrondy gotten back about
18 pounds ot tho weight I lost whllo
I was sick, and now my health scorns
to bo Just perfect," said Harry V.
Ilorlochor, In n roctint conversation
nt tho Matthowson Ilotol, 204 Colum
bia Btroct, Portland, regarding tho
bonoflts ho haa derived from thu uso
ot Tanlac. Mr. Ilorlochor Is n well
known contractor and Is employed b
(no Hiaiuuior construction company
ot Vancouvor, Washington.
"On tho 20th day ot IbbI March,"
ho oxplalnod, "I wns tnkon down with
an attack oC stomach poisoning
ptomnino poisoning I oollovo they
call It that almost carried mo away
and since that time, until I got Tan
lac. nothing I would eat would agree
with mo. What little I did cat was
sure to sour causing much gas and
pain and misery. I lost my appotlto
almost entirely, and sonio times Just
tho smoll ot cooking would mako mo
dreadfully sick at my stomach. My
food evidently did mo no good, ns I
fell from 180 pounds to ISO, I Just
had to lay off from my work as I
felt too weak and exhnustod for sov
oral wcoks to ovon attompt to do
anything. Just climbing up tho stair
to my room wauld oxhaust mo and
tnko nil ot my enorgy. I was consti
pated all the time, had headaches
and noticed that my nerves wore go
ing to pieces, ns I could not got a
good night's sleep. Nothing would do
mo any good and I became worried
about my condition.
"Ono day wnllo I wns in tho Owl
Drug Storo I happened to overhear n
lady who was buying a bottlo of
Tanlac tell tho man who whs waiting
on her that she had been sufforlng
form, stomach troublo for years, and
that Tanlac was tho only medlclno
she had over taken that did her nny
good. Well, alio did not know It, but
Just that llttlo romark ot hers sold
mo n bottlo of Tanlac right then and
(hero nnd If I only know her nnmo
I would llko to thank her for putting
me on to tho Uilng that put mo back
to health and strength. My stomucu
feels now llko It was In Just ns good
shapo as It over was. And such an ap
potlto as I do hnvo! I bollevo that I
could cat flvo meats a day without
sufforlng a partlclo afterwards. Ily
using tho Tnnlns tablets In connec
tion with Tanlac I hnvo bocn rcllovcd
of constipation, nnd I am never both
ered any more with hcadncho. I now
feci ono hundred per cent strgm npd
well nnd am now .putting' in full
time at my work, and I certainly do
think Tanlac Is a great medlclno. "
Tanlac Is sold In Dend by tho Owl
Pharmacy, in Sisters by George I-'.
Altkcn and in Dend by tho Horjon
Drug Company. '- Adv.
Six registered, balance bred and
raised out ot Dell A herd. Ages two
and one' year old. This herd Is too
well known for Its superior quality
and careful breeding to ncod furthor
comment. They are ready for in
spection and prices, and can ho seen
at Doll A ranch. Those wilting to
purchase aro solicited to mako selec
tions early as first coroo will bo first
served. Wlllfum Hanley Co., Burns,
Oregon. Adv.C-8c
NO. 1
llcrnuso War In Over, No Kxcuso to
Lay Down on MakliiK
''What's tho usor Tho war Is over
nnd I can't boo why wo should go on
trying to mako food llko wo did last
Yea, tho war Is over, but tho fact
that It la over don't ndd a pound of
food or bushel ot grain to tho world's
supply, nnd won't until all tho armies
nro hack homo nnd hnvo n chnnco to
put In n yonr's work to mako a crop,
It will bo a year or moro botoro tho
American army sont to Franco will
ho back on this sldo of tbo ocean and
working at their old Jobs.
Tho ond of tho war means hun
dreds xof millions moro hungry
t mouths bidding In American markuts
tor food than thoro wore dopondlng
on us during tho war. As you rend
this thoro nro millions ot people in
Europe nctuully starving, hundreds
of thoin dying every day becauio
thoro Is no food available for them.
Thosa nro absolute facts that wo must
consider, no mutter If wu do consider
thorn In a cold blooded manner.
Is what we are all trying to at
tain. A Savings Account is a
good stepping stone.
. WFQy 4lo Interest.
W: The First National Bank I
Indigestion, clogged stomach and
bowels Is more than an invitation to
illness, it gives a cordial welcome
Undigested food ferments and sends
poison throughout tho system Foley
cathartic tablets aro wholcsciGse,
quick in action, no bad after effect
Cleanse bowels, tono up liver, sweeten
breath. Sold everywhere Adv.
tfsJJsssWisW jfBf fy.' VffB
IbUmJBjfI fl" i7l 1 TMrnlFm
CUulflrd nJrcrtUinr charge per Uau IV
ccnu (or zo wonu or in, un. cnt iwr
word for all over 20. All cIumIUccI advcrtUInK
ttrlftly cub In advance..
Sec. 15. township 2G, rariKo 12
east, in Luko county. Estimated
nearly 2 million feet ot timber.
Wrlto owner, Warren Smith, Red
mond, Oregon. H-Gtfc
FOIt SALE Irrigated farm, 100
acres. 126 acres under cultivation;
100 -acres In crops. Oood water
right. f 30 per aero with crop, $2G
par ucro without crop. Long time
on ?2G00. Phono F. G. Powers,
" Tumalo, Ore, 08-G-Cp
FOR SALE 8weet clovor seed. L.
A. Drandonbung, Deschutes. Hunt!
82. 94G-Cpt
FOIl SALE 8eed ryo, northwest f
Dend, IS miles. 12 tons at G0
per ton sacked. ?G5 ior ton In
smalt lots. F. W. Loveronz, Tumalo
FOIt SALE. Opo G-rooni, ono 4
room and four 3-room houses' in
Mill addition on Gilchrist uvonue,
John Stelnkump, IJox IDC, Dend,
Oregon. 91-G-7p
FOIl SALE Dlack team or marcs,
weight 3000 pounds. Ono 4 years
old, ono G years old. Inqulro of
Georgo C. Trucudalo, Powell Hutto,
Orogon. 02-G-8p
FOR SALE 100 bushels ot sldo oats
for seed. Nlsschl Drothors, Gist,
Orogon. 80-4p
FOR 8ALE Hutching oggs from our
pure bred R. I and Drown Leghorn
hoavy laying strain. 11.50 for 1G.
iFlrst place w.est of Plulnvlow
school. Nlsschl Drothors, Gist,
Oregon. 80-Bp..
FOR SALE ,13lg load of oat hay, 1 V
conts pound, Addroes Dox GOG.
Dend. . .. So
Leaving out of consideration every
feeling of humanity wo ot tho South
must as a matter of common sense
nnd solf-protectlon uso Just as much
or moro effort to mako food, at Inast
for our homo needs, as wo did In
10 IS. Why? Uecauso food nnd
grain bf every kind in high and with
tho increased demand for American
food brought on by peace It Is going
to stay high for it year or more. This
is a direct hlt-your-pocketbook rea
son. Undo Sam, seeing all theso things,
wants you to make a good gardon
In 1910.
Ho knows, through tho Department
ot Agrloultur. th&ttthttrhomo gardon
Is tho quickest and cheapest source of
food supply, that in 1018 three hun
dred and. fifty ralllloa dollars worth
or food came' from tho homo gardens
of tho United 8tate. This was now
vnluo In food, never produced before.
Undo Sam wants you to have a nhara
in this in 1919. Will you? Wo hvo
tho seeds and tools. It Is up to your
We Cannot Insure
You A Crop.
But our aim has always been to buy
our Seedfrpm reliable seed houses.
Western seed, grown under western
conditions in a western climate for
western trade, is our motto.
You certainly would experience
better results than from ah eastern
Again, Mr. Farmer :
The same applies to you as to the
mechanic. Good tools, coupled with
a knowledge of the work, harvests
better results.
If it is a Plow, make it the Oliver.
If it a Lawn Mower, we have it.
We buy our. implements suitable
to this territory and our prices are
Compare them.
Join B. A. A. C. April 744
and 9 years old each, weight 3000
pounds; ono set of harness; ono
Clydesdale colt, ago 8 months;
ono 3-lnch Winona wagon, Jlko
now; ono good hack: ono 14-Inch
Oliver plow. D, W. Doltrlech,
.Tumalo, Oro. 43-4-Gp
FOR SALE. On account of sickness
nil my holdings In Dend at original
prlco. Hlppddromo, American
Dakery, 3 lots, house in I'nrk addi
tion. Also ICO ucros on ino wen
Mint rlvur. Innulro G. W.
Hhrlnor. 38-4tfO
FOR SALE Two room houso tind
one or best gardon lots In city or
. . .Iw.n n.l Mfflll ff.rtll
CUOnU. DO" UU"1 Hllll H .-...-.liodj.
Worth $460 hut will sacrl-
flr fnr I32G. J 125 iiown, iininncn
terms. AddresH box 728, Uond, lor
FOR SALE Goorgo Taylor, Dend,
nrairan. has all kinds ot young Til
lamook calves. Call Red 1341 or
wrlto Dox 113 for Information.
FOR SALE Spring ryo for lato seed
ing, P. A, Uovors &. Son, Tumalo,
Oregon. 16-3-tfc
FOR SALE Dnrrod Plymouth Rock
eggs from a laying strain. 3 miles
north of Doschutoa. F.'D. Dnugh
man. Redmond. 70-2-Gp
IFOR SALE: Qonulno spring ryo de
livered In Dend. I'. A. uovor aim
" Son, Tumalo, Orogon. 00-2tf
FOR BALE Full blooded black
Minorca nnd O. A. O. Darrod Rock
hatching eggs. Fifteen for fl.GO.
Agnoa M. Sottong. Phono Rural
' 11J8. ' 20-1-GP
FOR SALE If you wnnt tho highest
price for your goods, wrlto mb,
Richard Richardson, uuctlonoer,
Konornl dollvory, Dend, Oro. Farm
Bales a specialty, G9-G2-09p
FOR SALE Oood grain drill, 10
hose Roderick Loan, 160. Frank
Loamy, hour arango Hall, north
east of Dendt 84-49-D3p
will trado for laying hens. Young
stock forsalci Dox 726, Dond. II
TO TRADE 1917 Chovrolot, good
'condition and good tiros, tor good
milch cows or hogs, Address Uul
Jetln.' 21-G-70
TO TRADE 3-room house And large
lot, clear, tor milch cows, Ad
dress Dox GQG, Dend, 8e
WANTED Netted Gem . potatoes.
Anyono having from 20 to GOO
sacks of U S. No. 1 potatoes, will
do well to ku J, D. Minor bofora
Tuesday or next week. 20-Go
WANTED Muii and wirTi on 240
arm Irrigated ranch. Powell Matte
Wrlto E. D, Williams, Powell Ilutto
Oregon. 01-Gc
WANTED 2 young chlckons,
will glvo now Incubator, novor
boon usod In part payment. Call
Rural. 118. G8-2-3p
WANTED Wo will call nnywhoro.
any place, any tlmo, to look tit
your usod furniture. Let us know
what you have". Wo pay cash. Tho
Standard Furniture Co. 07-49tfo
Jlonil and Prlnevlllo on tho Pownll
Ilutto road, a Imi nf .... ..,. ...
iUGr'rl0J,1Ull0,lM ofnco ""' ri
& reward fi2-4Go -i.... ..... ..
i;i.i- .J """u "w iirown ears.
" iiuhu pnonu Mr.
'im-ni, liurni 32.
wiT.rn,rr ,,u"". ono red, ono
,w i V1,"! onuPomd ono. Ilrnnd,
EniF. " TlK.hl ,,, Mnrked with'
nolo in each ear. May )U torn
out. Not fy It. f. Parsons. First
National Dank. Redmond. 21..1.6p
TAKEN UP Palo red steer. DrAiid,
nndilclphornblo. Left our split;
right car clipped: C. L. ainllli. .
r " :
FOR RENT 80 acres Irrigated farm
3 mlloa from Dond; 40 acres in
cultivation, sonio In ulfalfu. Wrlto
or see Otto Olson, 09 MclCay Ave.,
Dend, Pro. 11,98. Op
LOBT. Saturday March 8 between
Brand Directory
AIllllcAii, Oregon.
Hlght sldo; right ear crop,
pod; wattlo right bind leg.
II. Ii. TONM, Alitor, Ot.'
I'reih lircam
Deiehutci Gold Butter
Frwh Milk
Orerfon Cramrv T.n. .
SEEDS-D. M. Ferry, Mlchitf.u.-C, C Morf Cil'ifcnii.
TX7- G IJ TV i ...,. .
e vrt,ii on wiamonu w IJrodusi.a i
W Handle Only Union Made Qood..
Jf. I j ' ' "l'"M JBS33Ea
BAriERs grdci:ky
. . j . . x... .1-2r . .".j . ... . . . .. ..
TO TRAD Two thoroughbred bel
gia .d0,-v'nd 0He-tffw4kV5aw
FpgjfSALE. One team efh'eirst, 4
n r - r i t- "i tt iwrt M n ijiinr 4$
V.i u
J- W K'.,'
'x ,. Vat