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Work for Farmer mid Htockinou of
Htnlo Iimtluiilile Dentil Make
Ncrtfuuiry Klccllon of NurrmMir
In Iti 'limn T(i Venro.
NALKM, Mnrrli I. .liimr Withy
emiibe, ii'nior of OrrK"ii, dliil
Niiiltlenly liott night of heart failure.
Heeretnry of Klntn Uen Olroll nulo-
nmllcally Mirmil film llin stale's
chief exenilhe, at tho miino tlmo n
ttilnliiK III oun of lice.
(From Tuesday's Dally,)
Horn In England, James Wlthy
combo cnmo to Oregon In 1871, nml
rcsldod In this statu for tho rent of
llin llfo. At thu tltno of lilrt election
nn governor, ho linil been In charge
of tho Oregon agricultural nxporl
mont station for 10 years, and In
generally cnuccdud to hnvo dono
wore thnn any other clllxen In Ore
ttoti to Introduce scientific methods
Into agriculture, horticulture, dairy
ing nml Block raising.
When n cnndldnto for tho nomina
tion on tho republican ticket In tho
nprlng of 19H, It wan not bolloved
that Jin had any clinnco for tho nom
ination. Illii wldo nc(ualntnnco,
however, among tho" grnduntcn of
the Oregon Agricultural collcgo, who
lind known him and studied undor
lilni wltllo In school, gnvo him a con
Hlntontly rood vote all over tho statu,
ttioroby winning (ho nomination for
At tho fall election ho easily de
feated hid democratic opponent, Dr.
C. J. Smith.
HnrccuMir to Ito Clioien,
Governor Wlthycombu'a death, at
too very beginning of n four-year
tonn, will bring to tho statu of Oro-
eion n gubernatorial campaign In
two succosslvu general elections
Nominated In May, 1918, and
vlectcd In November, Oovomor
Wlthycombo, had ho llvod, would
hnvo Hurvcd for four yearn, or until
January, 1022. As n result of his
death, however, It will bo necoBsury
to elect n successor nt thu next gen
eral election In 1020.
, v- - "- - -,
(From Friday' Dally.)
While tho thirsty In Ilcnd aro 1,
mentlng tho nhortoRO of nicoholfa
liquors, a cacho of approximately 10
cases of wkjskey la securely hldd
.About 20 miles below crcacont, wnne
Another store of. wet goods haa beam
concealed tho other aide of Lara
llntto, Is the bullof of Bhorlft9. H.
Jlohorta. It will bo, Impossible for
bootleggers to accuro tho ivLtift until
tho pausing of tho heavy Hnfws mnkos
tho roudti pusBablo, and lf known
that tho men who confunlod tho
whlskoy hnvo loft tho coJntry.
In tho Crescent nojghlfirhood two
cars woro Htultod In tho snow nearly
two wooka ago and finally dragged
Into town by teams, It lins been
lonrnod. Doth aro known (to havo
contained quantities of liquor und
ono of thorn was later scoured by thu
Dosohutos county officials wjhon Its
ownor, Wllllura Colo of Vnncouvor,
Wnshlnston, attempted to roach
Blond with, his cargo of whiskey.
Ills car -wna atnllod In tho snow bo
fore ho roachod Lava Dutto, and tho
.fact .that ony throo cusoa of whis
key wore found In tho auto ita tbo
hnsis of Bhorlff Hoborts' thoorM that
niuoh moro wn hlddon whoil tlfo
ilrlvor fotfnd that It would ln m
lOH8tbfo fori hra to roach Dond with
Ills' heavy loid,
Tho car loft nt Croscont ja ou.
.Hide tho Jurisdiction of tho off cora
of this county.
Kfllrlrnl, Irfijnl mid Hlmero Friend
of Interior Purl of Hliite, Akitj
Men Who Knew nml
liOteil (Jowrnor.
(From Tuoflday'tj Dally.)
Hlncero trlbuto to tho memory of
Oovomor Jnmon Wlthycombo was
paid today by Iluntl rusldoutB, many
of whom wnro purBonatly acquainted
with tho executive. HeKanllenn of
pergonal political profuroncus, tho
opinion wan gonornl that In tho
donth of Oovomor Wlthycombu Cen
tral Oregon has loBt ono of Its best
frlunds, und that Oregon lit largo
haa been deprived of an efficient
"So ono who now tho governor
could help having a very kindly feel
ing toward him," declared Mayor J.
A. KnuteM. "lie was u flno old gni',lo
man, coimclentlouN, mnklng It his
first object to Borvo tho ntnto. Ills
acts wero prompted not by polltlcit,
but by his deslro to do the right
thing. Wo hnvo lost n most efficient
Krrteri Hluto Well.
C. H. HudHon, president of tho
First National bank, assorted that In
tho death of tho governor tho farm
ers anil live ntock men of tho state
had lost their bent friend. "Ho had
devoted tho butter part of his life
to tho upbuilding of tho farming und
Block Industry In tho state," Mr.
Hudson said.
"Oovoruor Wlthycombo did his
duty by tho state, regardless of poll
tic," was the declaration of H. II.
Do Armond, first district attorney of
Deschutes county. "Ho was ono of
tho mont conscientious and hard
working executives tho ntnto cvur
That tho governor's death was tho
rosult of a nervous brcukdomt, ag
gravated by thu excitement of tho
Inst session of tho Oregon legisla
ture, was the bollof of K. I. Ma
haffoy of the Central Oregon bank,
a personal frlond of tho governor
during tho last IS yearn, "Ho was
a real governor for tho farmors, and
for thu people of tho Interior," Mr.
Mnhuffoy snld, "mid possessed to n
high degree tho sterling quality of
loyalty to his friends."
Was Irrigation' I'rlend.
Fred N. Wallace, malinger of tho
Tumalo Irrigation project, was great
ly allocked when informed by Tho
ilullotln of Oovomor Wlthycombo'a
ilenth. "Oovomor Wlthycombo,"
said Mr, Wallace, "was a truu frlond
of Central Oregon and will bo greatly
missed. As a member of tho desert
land board ho consistently worked
for tho best Interests of thu Tumalo
project. In my capacity ns manager
I hud froquunt occnslon to consult
with him nnd I found him nt all times
eagor to holp uh solvo our problems.
Ills sudden death comes ns n great
nurprlso and shock and Is end news
for all his friends."
UBND It. F. D. No. 1, March C
Oliver, V. Young, nephew of Mrs. Lea
Young, who has been serving In tho
naval aviation In Italy, received hiu
discharge nt Drnmorton nnd arrived
horo Sunday morning.
Mrs, H. tt. Orlmofl wan a visitor
at tho A. Noff homo Frldny,
Tho following woro 8umlay visitors
nt Virgil Cook'B In Dond: Myrtlo
nnd Kuulco Noff, Mr. and Mm. CIich
tur IlUBsull, Mrs, Paul Hondorson
nnd Fnnulo Mooro.
J. W. WoniHtaff from Oswogo is
horo on buslnuss.
Mr, and Mrs. V, L. Co (Toy called
nt U C. Young's Sunday.
Mrs. Q. h. uMooro, Dorothy Mooro,
Mrs. Paul Hondorson, W, I,, Coffey,
Kuutco und Myrtlu Nun attended
norvlcus at tho Presbytorlnn church
Sunday ovonlng,
Loroy Smith visited Hay and Hoy
Noff Sunday.
Theru woro no Borvlcos at tho
school Iioubo Sunday on account of
tho bad wonthor,
Mr. nnd Mru. Snolllug moyod onto
the John Thyon place Sunday.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
To plan for tho construction of n
two-room school hauso, tho school
board of District 'No. 18 will como
to Dond tomorrow for n mooting with
County Superintendent J, Alton
hum), j)i:hciiuti:h county, oukoon, tjifuhdav, march , ii
Farmers Show
In the Irrigation School
Htnlo J:nKlnHrM OfJleo to Olve Infor
mation to Fnrmi'i Sow Coda Is
Istiicl D, M. HIkh Ailvlwm
Purclmso of Hliortliorns.
A marked Interest In thu Bosnians
of thu second annual Central Oregon
Irrlgntin school, In session at lied
mond this week, wan shown yester
day by tho attendance .of mora than
GO Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson
county fanners. Thu principal speak
ers at yesterday's session wero Percy
(-'upper, statu engineer, nnd D. M.
lllggs, n well known Crook county
With thu Increased Interest In
Central Oregon In Irrigation with
prospects of thu opening of now
lauds and thu adjudication of water
rights on tho Deschutes river, tho
Informal talk by Percy Cupper, stnto
engineer, boforo tho Irrigation school
Wednesday morning on "Adjudica
tion and Admlnlstratln" was of un
usual Interest to thoso attending.
Mr. Cupper assured tho Irrlgntlon-
Isls present that changes -which havo
been mudo In tho engineer's office
ns ii result of Inwn passed by the ro
cent legislature would place at tho
disposal of Irrlgntlonlsts In tho stato
more valuable Information than hero
toforo. In this particular Mr. Cup
per statud that all matters concerned
with thu distribution of water would
now comu directly undor tho admin
istration of tho stnto engineer's of
fice, having been transferred from
thu control of superintendents. Legal
phases connected with water rights
would bo handled by tho legal depart
ment. These changes, ho pointed
out, would place at tho disposal of
tho Irrigation farmers moro valuubla
Information nnd would expedite, the
solution .of thoir problems. Farmers
wero urged to use tho engineer's of
fice ns an Information bureau, and
urged, whether cultivating smalt
ureas or largo tracts, to fool at lib
erty to call upon thnt oftlco for holp.
Wntor Dotation Favornl.
Dffoitn aro to bo mndo, now mora
than over, to uso tho follow-up Bya-
(Special to Tho Dullotln.)
REDMOND, March 5. Sorrowing over the
death of James Withyconibe, governor of Oregon,
ranchers and farming experts, gathered here at
tending the annual Central Oregon irrigation'
school, unanimously passed resolutions mourning
the loss of a true friend of the farming interests
of the state and extending their sympathy to the
family of the governor.
The resolutions are as follows:
"Whereas, Our governor, James Withycombe,
has been called by our Supreme Ruler from this
life to life eternal, and
"Whereas, Our governor in his life time was
always an active agriculturist, took great interest
in the welfare and development of both the live
stock and agricultural industries of Central Oregon
along with other parts of the state, and has especi
ally come in close touch with the people of this dis
trict through the state's activities in the Carey act
projects, Tumalo project and general irrigation, and
at all times Governor Withycombe sought to solve
the problems of our progress and development to
the best interests of the common people, and was
universally beloved by them, and during his admin
istration the industrial development of livestock and
irrigation has advanced to a large extent through
his efforts; now, therefore,
"Be it resolved by the water users of Central Ore
gon, assembled in the second annual irrigation school
at Redmond, Oregon, That the people of the state
of Oregon, and especially the farmers upon irrigated
farms, have lost a true and worthy friend in the
death of Governor James Withycombe, and do
hereby extend to his family our sorrow and sym
pathy in their bereavement, and
"Be it further resolved, That a copy of these reso
lutions be transmitted to the family of our governor,
and also conies be given to the press for publication.
"W. E. Van Allen,
"George T. Cochran,
"Fred N. Wallace."
tjm UP "' condition and status
or water ngnts in tno state through
nnnuul reports by usors of water.
Mr. Cupper is favorably disposed
to'-H thorough system of waujr rota
tion ns n means of Irrigating moro
land with a given amount of water
WMien asked as to what dato tho
Orcgqn water coda would bo ready
for 'distribution, Mr. Cupper stated
that It should bo out and rt-ndy for
i(s(rlbutlon within tho next month.
Tlfle codo, ho stated, Is tho most
complete digest of water laws that
lms,uver boon published.
In answer to thu question ns to
whon tho Deschutes river 'water
right adjudication would likely como
up for consideration, Mr. Cupper said
that this project Is now being con
sidered thu most favorably of any
Oregon project in Washington, D. C.
Tho Cupper talk covered also vari
ous phases of tho history of adjudi
cation and administration of water
rights In Oregon and pointed out
tho advantages of tho changes In
handling these undor tiio direct con
trol of tho statu engineer's office.
Shorthorn Fitvoml.
In speaking of his cxperlcnco In
tho'brcedlng and raising of pure bred
Shorthorn cattle, D. M. Dlggs of
Prlnovllle, ono of Crook county's
leading stock raisers, provoked a
great deal of enthusiasm. Mr. Ulggs
Is a Shorthorn enthusiast and has
developed ono of tho finest ranches
In tho stnto nnd Is a recognized
authority on this breed of cattle. In
asmuch us there Is already estab
lish (d In Deschutes, county n Short
horn breeders' association, tho Irri-
aatlonfsts wero eager to rccolvo Mr.
Dlggs' reflections and experiences
pointed In tho direction of his suc
cesses In raising puro bred cattle,
nnd in advising tho irrlgntlonlsts In
tho purchase of stock to put on
their farms ho urged tho purchaso
only of thu. beat stock, available.
"Tho tlmo will come," said ,Mr.
Dlggs, In tho courso of his talk,
"when It will bo Just as hard to find
a scrub nnlmal In Central Oregon
as It Is now to find a pure bred ani
mal. Ono thing Is certain, and
should bo borno in mind by all you
men, tho finest alfalfa In tho world
(Continued on Page 4.)
Politicians Grooming Helve for Jlocc
in Cumc People Kndomo Measure
Knstcrn Oregon Man Put
Machine Out of Gear.
(SpveUl to Th Bulletin.)
SALKM, March C. Ylpplng of tho
political dogs has been set up more
by tho passage of tho lieutenant-
governor resolution by tho recent
legislature than any other .atrocity
perpetrated by It, and hascauBed
moro comment than any plcco of
constructive legislation that it put
Who will bo the man of tho hour
In svent it passes tho gauntlet of tho
pcopto is a question agitating many
qulrering political breasts. Many as
sort that it will never get by the
people, -but that question will bo best
answered when tho people have had
their final crack at It, and conse
quently thero is no particular harm
In tho political fans having their say
in regard to tbo matter. Aa a gen
eral rule spring Is supposed to bo tho
tlmo when tho young man's fancy
lightly turns to thoughts of love,
but there Is moro than one young
man, and aovcral old ones, too, who
nro too seriously considering their
possibilities as lieutenant-governor
to oven give Cupld,a"Becond glanco.
If they land tho Job they will prob
ably tako on a bout with Cupid
Many Seek Position.
For Instance, thero Is Fred Stelwer
of Umo.tllla county, who Is being
boosted by his friends. Thero is also
Dill Vinton of old Yamhill, president
of tho lato revered senate. Thero
Is also thl5-manr"andtat-'maa,-to
bo taken Into consideration.
Ono of tho saddest things in con
nection -with the wholo works, how
over, appears to bo tho fact that ono
of our old tlmo ambitious political
friends has apparently been cut out
of tho gamo by tho passage of the
resolution. This la nono other than
ono Tom Kay, lately atato treasurer,
and ono of the most keen lovers of
tho good game of politico that over
shot craps on tho decks of tho ship
of state.
Tom was an earnest lobbyist for
tho lloutenant-govaraor resolution.
Ho batted about 99 per cent, in tho
lobby gamo. Everyone who has
been watching Kay for tho last eight
years had it sized up that ho saw in
the resolution a chance to grab a
forlorn hope which might make him
governor some day.
, Kny Out of Running;.
Evory 'ono also knows that Kay
has long desired to bo that very
thing. When tho late governor 'was
(Continued on Last Pago.)
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Oovomor Withycombe last visited
Dond on July 13 at tho end of a trip
mudo with a party of state officials
and business-niQn interested in nl
trato development to tho enstorn
part of tho stato. Arriving horo in
tho evening, they spent, tho night
horo, and on tho next day Inspected
tho Tumalo project before proceed
ing to Portland,
Tho year boforo, on Juno 25, ha
was also hero, this tlmo with- mom
bora of tho desert land board and
tho flsh and gamo commission. Tbo
party was entertained at breakfast
by tho Commercial olub, visited the
Grange Hall district, whoro a SieeW
ing with the settlors waq hold, -wna
given a dinner at noqn by tho Indies
of Tumalo and in the afternoon went
ovor tho project.
In tho evening a unique Emblem
club dinner was. given, at which the.
governor spoko feelingly of hlB re
gard for this section and its people.
n.' 1
Delegations to Present Xcctta to Coa-
t ? -i -
mission City Finance DUchs1
and IrrigatJoH' Report Given
at DlgiClub Meeting.
, Concerted aetion by Deschutss,
Wasco, Jefferson, Klamath and Lake
counties in demanding reeogaltios. of
the need for the contraction of a
atato road from The Dalles to tka
California lino will -be taken by repre
sentatives of coraraerctel aad agrlenl
turalorganliatloBs.aBd by SBemW
of tho courts of the varioas coaatlM
at a meeting to be held In The D1!m
tomorrow night with members of tke
state highway coraaattwiloB. Tki
was the unanlmoaa decision realM&
last night when the Dead Commer
cial club met in Joist sewloa witk
special delegations reprew-RtlBg
Wasco, Jefferson and Lake cohrUm.
Approximately 125 were present, at
tho meeting. Klamath county eould
send no delegation, due to the oeadl
tlon of the roads, but assurance ha
been given by State Senator Baldwin
that the southern county Is heartily
behind the movemeat.
In addition to the work; ef the
counties, a strong effort wlltbe made
to-saire-.tfc . ndMoawt MilM,
State Chamber of Conmeree, the(4I
rectors of which orgaBlsattoa will
meet Friday night If the desired
action la taken by that "body, the re
sult will be -wired to the meeting
at The Dallee.
Fair Sliaro of Fasds Aftked.
Discussion of tke highway sitaa
tlon was opened by Judge J. T.
Rorick, president of the chamber et
commerco of The Dailcs, and repre
senting also the Wasco Couaty De
velopment league. Judge RorMc de
clared that In road matters JfcMtera
aad Central Oregon haa been gives
tho ahort end of the deal up te; the
present tlmo, In spite ef the faet
that without the aid of that part ot
tho stato east of the Cascades, the
110,000,000 road beau;, bill eeuld
never havo been passed. "We must
decide on somo concrete plan, thea
go before the highway eemmUetOR
to 'Impress on them that we, tee, ara
part ot Oregon, aad entitled te ear
share. Wo must get the California
highway well under way Into year,"
ho said.
T. B, lagels of Dufurr represent
ing the Wasco county court, prset
ed reasons for the uniting etIhe
counties interested la the mev; fer
highway construction. "Aa, -''indi
vidual counties we haven't imeh
chance, but together, with our iew
mercial organizations and our eeuaty
courts in the asevement. we are in
an exeelleat BeelUea to demand. .aa4
to receive state aid," he said, "Ot
the 910,000,'Aao voted by the Jirk
lature 17.600,000 will go to the?a
ciflc, Columbia River and Ceast
highways, lut the remaining $2,$00,
000 should, he' spent pa; our own
road," Mr. Ingels ateo mentioned
tho Mt. Hood loop, connecting with
tho Barlow trail road, but It was de
cided that no spure from the main
highway should, be considered pre
senting th,e matter to the commis
sion. ,
Counties Pledget Support.
Commissioner Thompson of Jef
ferson county declared that Jafer
son is more than willing to. d' lt
part, whilo E. L. Clarke of U Iluet
specially delegated to jrepreseNt Lake
county, stated that the people' oi that
part of the atate are stwmly hehbwT
the movement, He akw emphaja4H '
that the early eonsitruoUou' of the
road, allowing the sou them cftunttea
means ot communication with the
north, would be the one thu
could awqrve them from
lutien to secede from
become a part of C!t(or
if, n, iw Arwonu pia
port pi Ueavohutea' county, and
i i . I.. . ... ,
(Continued on Last Pie.)