The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 27, 1919, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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We have made a settlement with our creditors at 50 cts.
on the dollar and are going to give our patrons the full benefit of this great, saving.
Our entire stock of Men's Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes to be sold regardless of
cost. Do not fail to take advantage of this great opportunity.
Sale Starts Tuesday, the 25 th
A few of the exceptional bargains
Men's Suits Sacrificed in Three Great Lots
Values to $18.00 CQ QC
$14.75 value
$5.00 to $6.00 Wool Mixed Blankets;
double and full size
Values to $25.00
Values to $35.00
Men's Mackinaws
All Wool, Mack Bear Brand, Norfolk Style
I!S,V"1,,C $8.95
$15.00 Value '
Men's Coats
Extra Fine Comforters
Large size; $3.00
$22.45 Men's Cotton Flannel Gloves
Reversible; extra heavy; per 1 Ol.
. . - Underwear
3J.4D $2.00 Men's sprinr weight cotton ribbed
Union Suits; long sleeves, ankle lengths...
$2.50 Men's fleece lined Union Suits; 1 ACk
fc1 Q extra heavy weight; closed crotch..... i,i'
J 1 mVJ 9 no value heaw rotton rihhpH TTninn tf 1 t f
pair ,
Good weight; knit wrist; per
pair ,
Men's Overalls
Painters' Overalls and Jackets; Union
made; special
73 c
$2.00 value heavy cotton ribbed Union
Suits; extra special
$3.50 Men's extra weight wool mixed
Union Suits; special ........
$1.25 value Men's heavy fleece lined Shirts
and Drawers; special.....
$1.50 Haines heavy cotton ribbed Shirts and 7Q
-.-...., ! .
$1.50 medium weight Shirts and Drawers
(wool mixed) ; special
73 c
73 c
IVfpin'ci rJrs.Q C!?ins
Men's Khaki toWor?okrn i 7Q Oiwjpll lot Uncle Sam dye Bib Overalls; 9gc Up to $2.00. value, Fancy Dress Caps, nv n-1-well
made; regular $3.00 value , .... ? L c2.50 ftlcnVlndigo Bhle Srlpc Bb Ovcrl A Q sprinff desiffns and Pattes '
Allan's uuuiv uuats. uxira goou vy qc
quality; blanket lined; $4.50 value... ..?&
Extra Fine Dress Pants
$Z.5U Men's indigo lilue Stripe
alls; suspender back; extra special
Value to
Men's Moleskin and Black Bear Khaki
Pants; $3.00 values; extra special
fc1 IQ
f: Sox
50-CENT VALUE Men's wool mixed 23 C
S&clS!..!'::!.!!!!....! .49 F5fraar5sr5sr x 9 c
SwetfifS 25c eus Seamless Heavy Rockford Sox 1 1
. sneciftl. 1 IC
Men's $2.00 Sweater Coats, V-neck; 7
extra ,. 'JL
Men's Dress Shirts
$25 00 value 11 7 $3.00 all-woolJcrsey Sweaters, finest djl OCl 200 Men's Dress Shirts, extra fine quality; 72,,
cut t0 ' pl. O quality; assorted colors , x mJ soft and laundered cuffs; values to $2.50 ot
$35.oo value $18.75 Work Mitts Collars
" Men's Mulchidc Heavy, Reversible Mitt; 70- Your choice of any Soft or Laundered 1 fir
HatS special 'ot Collars, Triangle Brand 1UI
Men's Dress Hats, just arrived; spring tf0 QC' Heavy Horsehidc Lined Mitts; extra 7Q All c & r J t 1 - cr rte
models up to $6 value....':. . D.tJD value 4 OC All Suit Cases and Trunks 50 Off
Men's and Boys' Shoes
AO QC 1 lot Meu'tt Work Hhoctt; extra rt r ftZ
J3 O lino imnllty; valuo to ijH.OO IpZiOD
1 lot UojV HlKli Tops; e,xtm An AP l lot Men' Work HIioch; extra
Njiocnl, 1.50 valuo POt7U flnu imallty; viilun to ijU.OO.
Hot Ioyn' lluttou'ur Iiro f t gt MenV Kxtru Heavy .(lenulno Chippewa
IlrexH HIiocmi if.' vnliiu , J 1 ,ZJ HImmwj nil leather; 5.50
.Mcii'm Fancy rvM Hhocs; plain 'ami JCiikIInIi vnliiu .a
styles; button or laco;
0.50 valuo ,
Men's Kancy Dress HIiochi ft A f f Hoys Overalls, extra well made, fast color,
Union mado; special $7.50 ., tPTC.JiJ (lonlilo kneo ad sent, extra
Men's (icuulun A, A, Cutler Lowers; llnest heavy stitched
iiialltyt valno to Ijt II. Oil) d? O AC lloyx' Kliakl Covcral, veil
hpeclal tPO.tO made, otr hpeolnl..,. .
Boys' Underwear
Hoys Medium Weight, IUbhcd Cotton Union
Hulls; Hpeeial, 75c M o
valuo .... ...., 4r5 C
Hoys' Heavy VIeeco Llnel Union q wj
HultN! closed crotch; extra flue O C valuo Hoys' Wool Mlxetl Union Hulls;
extra well made C 1 1 A
uptnlul , J) X X 5
I lot Hoys' Sweater Coats, hliawl
collar; $2.00 value
89 c
Boys' Dress Suits in 3 Lots
llrmvn inlxeil color, lhiel H y w
l'antHj $0.50 valuo tj)0.O3
.$7.50 value, 2 nalr pants, (f f T
Xorfolk tJio ,.............w...... tJ)r0
1 lot all-wool Suits; blue, serge
and mixed; $12.50 valuo...
Boys' Pants
1 HI); Lot; vakio to f o
2.50 70C
865 Wall Street
Phone R-141