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    PACK 4
The Bend Bulletin
(Weekly Edition)
Published Dy
Established' 1003.
An Independent nowspnper stand
tag for the square deal, clean busi
ness, clean politics and the best In
terests of Bond and Central Oregon.
Ono Year. - $2.00
Six Months : 1.00
Threo MontliB........... 60
The wholo program of reconstruc
tion and readjustment Is-, ono f hfct
rovolvos around the. question of
What can wo do to furnish employ
ment to the returned and returning
soldier and at the samo ttmo kcop
those who havo employment at work
There Is little uso In asking Ore
gon manufacturers nnd employers to
tako on moro men, If they are already
loaded with their full requirements.
If our factories can sell only the
goods already being made nnd tho
demand does notMncrcaso for their
products, how can more peoplo bo
given work?
It is a question that every citi
zen can answer and be of practical
Buy tho -goods that our Oregon
factories are making.
Incrcnso tho demand for our prod
ucts and tho demand for mon to
znako them Increases at tho same
Oregon manufacturers employ Ore
gon citizens and our factories are
better in many ways than any to bo
found elsewhere.
And to fall to buy tho products
is to discredit our citizens as being
capablo of turning out products
equal to other places.
It is not a question of sympathy,
sobs or subsidies.
It Is simply a practical question
that ever' citizen of Oregon has In
his or her hands to answer and ad
Just, r y
If you want to really aid tho move
ment to employ more men, then buy
tho goods that theso men manufac
ture and thus increase tho demand.
nrguo. And it docs provide tho
meeting place, tho club opportunity,
that (ho gregarious naturo of man
So far na young men hotwoon tho
ages of 18 and 21 nro concomed thoy
nro.not going to bo mado nny hotter
or nny vorso If permitted to enter
pool rooms. By the timo they nro
18 thoy nro through tho high school
and nro either nt college tor nine
months of tho year or working for
n living. Is n worker to bo denied
tho recreation nnd tho social contact
tho pool room provides
Young men of IS were taken Into
tho nrmymd stood up to tho tight
as well as .those a fow years older.
Are they to como back from Franco
or the training camp to bo told that
whllo old enough to light thoy are
still too .young tj play ,pool rTho
lS-year-ohl may marry, ho may sup
port hfmsblf and it family Jyhls
work, ho may sail ships and man
guns. Why not glvo him his club
If ho wants to uso It?
Incredible abundance. In Africa tho
British nro uootng to It that whole
species nro not exterminated by J ho
hunter, ;
Hero In Oregon ,lot us do vhat wo
can to preserve fo'rovor n tiling tlmt
once lost Wo can uovor regain.
Tho groundhog Who wont back to
Bleep ouftho six weeks more of win
ter roust havo boon eturtlod when
ho heard tho thunder last night.
Tho employment of 100 or moro
mon In railroad construction by Tho
Shovlln-lllxon Company will help
tho labor situation.
Vaccinate tho nation -with thrift
as a prophylactic against "Bolshe
vism" is tho appeal of Governor
James K. Lynch of the Federal Re
servo bank in a letter sent recently
to all hankers of the Twelfth fed
eral reserve district thanking them
for their aid during tho war and
urging continued support until tho
"Job is finished."
"Wars are generally followed by
pestilence," wrote Governor Lynch.
"Spanish influenza, starting in
Europe, raged a year beforo wo gavo
it much attention. Working west
ward, it attacked our physical health
and thousands of our peoplo died.
"There is another pestilence rag
' ing in Europe which i a menace
to our financial and national health.
It is called 'Bolshevism It has
Russia by the throat. Anarchy sits
on the throne with a bloody sword
in one hand and a flaming torch in
tho other. This disease Is also
working westward. Already it is
knocking at our doors. Ho quaran
tine will keep it out. Our best
remedy Js the War Savings stamp.
Let us vaccinate the whole nation
with thrift.
"It is fundamental that no man
will seek to overthrow the govern
ment that owes htm money. Banks
should encourage the sale of War
Savings stamps. As the heritage of
war let us permanently secure to the
American people the besslngs of
Having frequently urged tho Im
portance of providing a camping
ground for summer tourists in the
city limits and having taken n part
in obtaining such facilities in tho ono
season n camp ground was main
tained by tho Commercial club, "wo
are now taking tho matter up for
tho coming summer.
Evorywhoro tho desirability of
establishing u frco camp ground of
this naturo Is coming to ho recog
nized, and their institution Is now
tho rulo rather than tho exception.
Soma cities have even gono bo tar
as to bond Ihcmsolves to provide
suitablo locations tind tho necessary
facilities in connection. Tourist
guides lndlcato freo camp grounds
wherever thoy exist, nnd within tho
past month Tho Bulletin has been
asked to report to an nutomobllo tour
manager whether such a camp
ground was provided in tho city of
Good roads mean much to the
automobile tourist, but not every
thing. Thcro must bo good hotels
for many, nnd for many others pleas
ant camping places. Wo havo the
hotels, wo nro getting tho roads. It
we provide a camp ground wo shall
havo attractions for all and with
the sito proposed ono of tho roost
beautiful places a traveler can find
wo ought to sco people coming and
staying a little longer with us than
in tho ordinary stopping places on
their Jdurney.
Tonight for n llttlo timo fonget
tho Bolshcvikl nnd tho Red pcrlt nnd
meditate on tho life of Abraham
Lin colli, horn Fntirnnrv 19. 1 Sno
Tho country that was his, that saw
him ftHo from n Kentucky log cabin
to tho Whlto Houso, is not going to
bo led" nstrny.
Referring agnln to tho question of
permitting young men of 18 or older
to onttr pool rooms, wo should bo
glnd to hnvo letters from tho p'ooplo
sotting forth their views for or
against olthor sldo.
Connecticut is tho only statb to
voto against the prohibition amend
ment. Refuses to add n dash of
nutm,eg, as it wore.
"Wonderful," was Irvln Cobb's
comment on Bend, and "-wonderful"
Is our description of his lecture Inst
Peoplo nro watting to sco building
materials go down boforo thoy start
to put buildings up.
Somewhere among tho verses writ
ten by James W. Foley there is one
about a hoy nnd his "Pa." ' "Billy
Clark's Pa," as wo remember the
name. Tho poem, which is an ac
count, by another boy of the many
good times Billy and his lather have
together, ends with tho line, "He's
'most llko on uncle, ho likes Billy
so." Of course, this Is Just a boy's
way of saying that in tho caso of
Billy and his "Pa" there 1b none of
tho sometimes unfortunate reserve
that exists between father and son,
tho restrain that a boy feels in tho
presence of his father, the inability
of tho father, In spite of all his af
fection, to get that affection "across"
to the boy In a way that will create
mutual understanding. Wlyh an
uncle the reserve vanishes and there
remains only the affection, the com
radeship and tho understanding.
That is why the boy of tho poem
says that "Billy's Pa" Is almost llko
an undo.
As wo see it, tho purpose of
"Father and Son" week, now being
observed by the Boy Scouts, is to
create Just that samo feeling. We
trust that it does. Every father
would like to be " 'most like an
uncle" to his boy.
Fifteen Years Ago
This Week
We wonder If tho agitation against
permitting young men of 18 years
and over to enter pool rooms does
not como of a somewhat narrow
The Bulletin is not interested in
any pool room. We are quito ready
to agree that timo spent in a pool
room by men, young or old, is
wasted; that everyone of them could
better use his spare moments in
various other ways, hut tho fact re
mains that they do not caro to do so,
and thoy do want tho recreation and
the companionship which they find
only in pluccs like theso whero men
Thero is nothing Immoral in tho
.Karnes of billiards, and pool. The
people of Ojcgon, indeed, havo even
said that those games may be enjoyed
on Sunday. Tho objection, as wo
understand it, is that in pool rooms
young men ra fittbjoqt to "contam
inating influences" nnd, t is believed
by forbidding thorn entrance thoy
will, he kept 'dut' of danger. Let us
agree that tho Influence la not the
Every effort should bo mado by
those Interested in preserving the
oird life of the state to Insure the
passage of the bill ceding tltlo to
Malheur lake to the United States.
The lake Is now a game bird refuge,
but It Is still posslblo for the stato
'to take action that will destroy Its
usefulness so far as bird life is con
corned, and a company of capitalists
is endeavoring to obtain permission
to drain it and use tho land so re
claimed for agricultural purposes.
It tho title is ceded to the fcdoral
government this plan will bo de
feated. With so much land available for
agriculture all through tho west
there can bo no especial need for tho
reclamation of this section. Indeed,
It is pointed out that even if drained
tlip lake bed would be unsulted to
raising crops because of tho quantity
of alkali present. As a bird refugo,
on tho contrary, it is ideal. Let it
bo left so,
There is a long timo ahead of the
world when t will want for Its edu
caiion and enjoyment every bit pf
natural life it can find. Much has
gone already and is irretrievable.
Alpios top late, w.e started to save
(From the files of Tho Bulletin for
Fobrunry 12, 1915.)
'Registration books havo been
open slnco tho first Monday In Jan
nry, but only 20 voters havo regis
tered in this precinct.
J. N. Hunter, Noll Smith and
Mlllson J. nnd Elwood W. Roberts
returned Tuesday noon from a trip to
Silver Lako to miiko proof on tim
ber claims.
William Stephens reports eight
inches of snow at his homestead on
tl)e Tumalo.
Tho Baptist Sunday school has a
now organ of flno tone and finish
which will greatly help tho work of
the organization.
Deer aro very numerous at the
cdo of tho desert. Ora Hunter
started three on ono trip with the
watjr wagon and A. C. Lucas nnd
Ralph Caldwell saw two on Sunday.
Mrs. A. if. Drake is slowly recov
ering from a severe attack of la
Dr. Charles S. Edwards, formerly
of Bend, has been appointed city
physician of Prlnovllle, succeeding
Dr. J. H. Rosonhurg.
Tho news Is brought down from
Sliver Lako that 2200 head of shcop
belonging to Benham Brothers, near
Christmas Lako, wero slain by four
men who invaded the corral. Two
men guarded the herder and tho
othor two slaughtered tho shcop,
at first shooting and later using
clubs when their ammunition gavo
out. Tho sheep woro brought In from
California, and cattlemen, It Is said,
woro determined not to havo them on
their rango.
The school hoard hopes to havo
another teacher in time to reopen
after Washington's birthday.
Rcna West has sold his interest
in tho Jolly Corner saloon to Chas.
Claims allowed October 17, 1018,
term of court:
Anton Ahlutrom, grand Jury
witness $ 0,00
Carl Woods, do 0,00
Van M, Morso, do 8,80
J. U. Eaton, do 71.00
Charles Ryder, witness April
term. 1018 2.00
Miller Lumber Co., wood 1$5.G0
M. Graham, recording clerk's
office C5.00
W. O, Mntchott, nttto hire,
Bhorlff 12.0
F. M. Lewis, nuto hire, road
"work ,,.,....,.. 10.00
E, C. (Jluab, cabinet wiirk inT
court room . U.B0'
S. IS. Roborts, expenses slier
tlT's otneo 16.00
Harrington & Goggnns, cab
inet work sheriff's office.... 4.00
P. B. Johnson, deputy sheriff 0,50
II. C. Hnrtrautt, food admin
istrator 35,00
C. H. Mlllor, expenses county
commissioner 1,05
C. H. Mlllor. mileage and fees 78.00
aoorga G. Sodgwlck, Inquest
T. Ilara- 10.00
Max A. Cunning, do 3.00
Mlllor Lumber Co., wood for
rond work
Bond Water, Light & Power
Co lights for court house
nnd Jnll
A. L. Mackintosh, commis
sioner's foes 10.00
Crnndall & Roberts, tran
scribing tax rolls.: 213.75
Kenneth Crandnll. do 45.00
Max Crnndall, expenses tran
scribing rolls 24. 05
Mario Austin, transcribing
tnx rolls .'. 30.00
It. A FoHtor, do C2.50
F. Dement & Co., supplies for
court house - 22.40
W. B. Crawford, rond work.... 42.50
Western Union Tel Co., tolo
gnims, sheriff 1.73
Western Union Tol. Co., local
board telegrams 2.92
J. B. Cochran, road work 15.38
Glass & Prudhommo Co., sup
plies, n u p o r I n t o n dent,
$1.75; assessor, $2.50
Glass & Prudhommo Co., sup
plies clork, 12.25; clerk,
Glass & Prudhommo Co..
eloctlon supplies 30. 05
Glass & Prudhommo Co.,
transcribing tux rolls,
J21G.C0, 1339.70 J05G.30
Pacific Tel. & Tol. Co., coun
ty Judgo's telephone and
tolls .. ......
Bushong & Co., supplies
school superintendent... 2.25
Standard Oil Co., oil nnd gas
for trucks 12.89
Sanitary Laundry, laundry
for Jail 80
Bond Garage, supplies Cun
ningham's car 42.02
Skuso J Id wo. Co.. supplies
P, 1). Johnson, do, 5,00
0. 11, llnrninn, do 12.40
0. F. llosklnn, do 5.80
Fred A. lllco, do 4,40
Ihiiiio Martin, hull rent and
meals 8.50
F, E. Dayton, rout ot polling
place, election 5,00
F, E. Dayton, currying eloc
tlon roturns 1.40
John T. Park and Ed Tuck,
hall rent for ulectlon 9.00
Leo Young, curry I iik election ?
returns, etc. 8,00
W. P. (lift, do 1.80
C, L. Glot, carrying returns
and hall rent '. lo.oo
Geo. II. MacGregor, do 10.40
M. W. Knickerbocker, do 4.00
W. G. Fordliam. do 7.40
Oliver Thorbjonison, do 3,80
G. O. Palmer, do 1.30
G. C Palmer, making booths
for election 4.00
S. E. Corf-ell, carrying elec
tion returns ..,.... 1.00
Otiobio G. 8cdRWlck. du.. ....... . 4.40
A. J, Voltuin, supplies guards
Credited river ....... G.13
Pacific Tol. & Tol. Co.. clerk.
$8 80: assessor, $2.40 t. 11.20
Pacific Tol. & Tel. Co., sher
iff, 17.00 treasurer, $2.25 0.25
Pacific Tol. & Tel. Co., circuit
Judge, $3.15; county Judxu,
$3.60 0.76
Pacific. Tol. &.Tol. Co., super
intendent Bchools 4,00
T. L. Brevlg, euro of ward
Juvenile court 27.40
8. M. Campbell, witness cir
cuit court 0.00
W. II. Crnwford, road work.... 25.00
O. L. Bellows, roimlra county
truck . 5.4 G
Jay SnlUmun, special deputy
." shorlfT 12.00
Clydo McKay, expenses, treas
urer's office 47.00
iDuwhoug & Co., supplies
Miiparlutendent schools .... 14 88
Mary Hubbard, stenographer
county Judge 75,00
J. Alton Thompson, expenses
superintendent's office 10,07
II, A. Kendall, supplies
Crooked river guards
Lynch & Roberts, do
Lynch & Roberts, do
H. K Roberts, expenses sher
iff's offlco
Wm. Hunt, road work 108.00
0. C. Bnodgrass, do 157.00
Losco Wliltson, do 4.00
llrnry Trogg, do...- 0.00
J. J. Cunningham, do 13G.00
tho Oregon Ulnlo Conference on City
Planning and IIiiUsIiik.i Tho Inyl-,
tutlon In uxlondml by Mayor (JooriW
I,, Baker ot Porllnud, president of
Clio eonforoncn, and wilt ho accepted
by both Bond men,
llulldln Committee Will Herouitnniwl
'Twl)Htor' lliUk. rli'ructurc tV
Hmt Council Meeting,
for road work .
W. M. Mlllor, supplies
Crooked river guard.........
Lynch & Roborts, do
J. Melstor, guard Crookod
river brldgo
J. L. Rose, do 90.00
J..M. Van Duyno, do 18.00
Olass & Prudhommo, circuit
court . 21.75
Standard Oil Co., oil and gas
for road work 16.GG
Pacific Tel. & Tol. Co., tolo-
phono sorvlco, clork,
$5.95; sheriff. $10.43-
Pacific Tel. & Tol. Co., county
treasuror, $2.25; circuit
court, $0.90
Pacific Tol. & Tol. Co., super
intendent or schools,
$2.75; assessor. $2.25 5.00
most elevating in the world. On.jthe
other haHd'it'Wby no means as de-1 tho buffalo. Tho nassoneer n'leeon is
grading ,as Its opponents would! gone in splto of its former almost thoy testified
Bend Men, In City Court, MuVo Good
Claim Tlmt They Wero Not '
Playing Poker. f
(From Monday's Dally.) '
Charged with violation ot tho antl
gambllng laws, S. P. Barclay, L. V.
Howell and Dr. J. II. Connurn woro
found not guilty at tho close of tho
hearing hold boforo Judgo D, II,
Peoples In municipal court luto Sat
urday afternoon. If. H. Do Armond
and Charles W. Ersklno represented
tho defendants, C. S, Benson appear
ing for tho prosecution.
Tho defense was based on tho fuct
that when tho threo woro arrested
Saturday morning by Chief of Po
llco L. A. W. Nixon no money was
In sight. Testimony wua given to
show that Mr. Howell and Dr. Con-
nam hud gono to tho Barclay houso
to purchasq a fur .rug, and that after
the money, had been paid over a
social, gamo ot cards wan Indulged In.
They wero engagod in this fashion
when Chief Nixon entered -tho house,
Claims allowed November 1, 1018,
term ot court:
Bushong & Co., supplies for
sheriffs ornco 15.G0
Owl Pharmacy, superintend
ent, $0.86; clerk, $3.80.... 4.C5
J. W. Brown, roud work,
Rodmond 1,50
Sanitary Laundry, laundry
for Jail .85
Mannhelmor Bros., supplies
for court houso ,C5
Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Co.,
supplies for road work 20,00
F. Demont & Co., supplies
for Jail 8.C0
J. D, Bowman, deputy Bhorlff 7 50
Elslo M. Olsln. district attor
ney stenographer 35.00
Glass Prudhommo Co., sup
plies for dork's offlco 20.75
Glass Prudhommo Co., sup
piles, sheriff's offlco .... CJ)5
Glass & Prudhommo Co., sup
plies, clerk's offlco . 3.60
Bornlce Morgan, recording,
October, clerk's offlco.-...., 20,00
M, Graham, recording, dork's
offlco 07.50
E. B. Whltmoro, stenographer
county court , 16.00
A. A. Anderson, oxpeuscs
Bhorlff 'h offlco c.OO
Hazol Mnnion, clork, Bhorlff's
office 75.00
S. K. Roborts, apodal denutv
hlro ,.... 60.00
Gluarf & Prudhommo Co.,. sup
plies, dork's offlco 29,55
Glass & Prudhommo'Co., sup
plies, election 3,02
Wm. P. Downing, mculs for
prisoners 145.00
Bond Wntor, Light & Power
Co,, lights for court house
. and Jull 1C16
If. II. Clow, Janitor i 05.00
Bkuso Ildwo, Co,, supplies,
court houfw 11.00
,. is. iuevickor, assistant
food administrator .: ,. 9.30
II. C. Hartrauft, food admin
istrator 30.00
S. sM. Ellis, wutormnster Oc-
tobor 93.70
j. w. usnor, .guard Crooked
T rlyo,r t'"'i "- 40'C0
J. Monitor, do., 40.60
J. L. Rose, do ,.., 40,60
i), II. Whltmoro, registration
of electors ;. J,..,. 2.8O
r. 11. uorcoy, carrying olec-
Clalmi. allowed November
1918. torm of court:
M. M. Miller, supplies
Crooked river guards
K. B. Whltmoro, expenses
clerk's offlco
Kvlson Atkinson, road work .
Miller Lumber Co., roud sup
plies -
Oriigou Trunk By., rent of
building tor road muchlii
Dement & Co., supplies,
guards. $11.72; county
poor, $5.25 10.07
E. Heath, supplies for road
work - 8.00
Standard Oil Co.. gas for
road work - 34.22
Standard OIl'Co., do .'... 41.70
N. P. Hmlth.'do "34.20
Paul E. Rlddoll, witness clr-
cult court 2.00
Genovlove B. Perkins, regis
tration electors 5.40
Clydo M. McKay, do...- 6.90
C. J. Lovorett, do 2.40
Bend Furniture Co., storage
on trailer 20.00
Glass & Prudhommo Co.,
cabinet for maps, clerk 89.50
Beat & Harris, supplies for
road work 4.50
Central Oro Garago, Redmond
mond, gas for road work- 2.25
Goo. C. Truesdale, road work 7.00
C. N. Soronseii, do 10.00
M. S. Bullard, gas for roud
work - - .
B. A. Kendall, supplies for
road worK ..- ,....-
It, G. Blackwoll, nuto hlro
road work
Best & Harris, supplies for
sheriff's car -1..
Bushong & Co., supplies su
perintendent schools
Ccnt-Oro Motor Co., sup
piles for school superin
tendent Ccnt-Oro Motor Co., do
Western Union Tel, Co,, tolo
grams, county clerk
Western Union Tel. Co., do,
local board ,
Western Union Tol. Co,, sher
iff, $1.14; local board, 82a
F. E. Duyton, registration of
Evorott Parr, do JT. 2.40
Leo Young, carrying election
roturns ......
Ooo. G. Sedgwick, reglstra
tlon of electors....-
V, Schroder, do
Bend Garage, supplies sher
iff's car - 168.04
C. S. Benson, typewriter for
county Judgo 65,00
Dr, It. W, Hendershott, coun
ty physician, Octobor 25.00
Glass & Prudhommo, supplies 3,20
C. II, Miller, commissioner'!!
fees and mlleugu 40.00
Chas, Hlndman, roud und
brldgo work 0,00
C, V. Silvls, premium on In
surance 28,30
Bond Insurance Agency, do.. 74.85
Maria Austin, transcribing
tax records' 81.00
Lorn L. Hteurns, do 90,00
N, II. (illuort, groceries for
brldgo guards
J. "Morster, guard Crookod
river brldgo
J. W. Usher, do
II. il. Do 'Armond, expenses
Salem supremo court
CIiuh.A. Khorman, road work
W. J. Buckley, do
Bond Gurugo, supplies Cun
ningham, roud work
Underwood Typoivrltor Co.,
rental, machine:!, trcitscrlb-Juif
Mayor J", A. EaHtcs and II. II. Do
Armqrid received letters today lnvjt-
ii. iuuuy. currvinir man. 1 ,i'
tlon returns .-. .. a .n '"ft them to act na members of tho
A. L. Shults, do ,...'3.40Je"orfladvlsory-commirtVo of 5"0"of
(From Monday's Dally.)
General plans for n building to
accomodate Bund's now Urn equip
ment wtire formulated this inornliic
nt a tndotlliK of G. II. Ilalcor nnd
ri). G. Mol'hersou, uinmborH ot tho'
special building commlltco appointed
Friday, with Mayor J. A, Eustes and
Architect Leo Thomas, It wns tin
cldod that tho building should bo
ot brick, nbout 30x30 feet, tho uppor
story to Include it council room and
quarters for firemen. It will cost
In tho neighborhood of $4,000, Mr.
Thomas: was authorized to submit
drawings for tho proposed structure.
Tho recommendations of tho com
mltteowlll ho submitted at the next
regular meeting of the city council.
It Is not believed that It will bo pos
slblo to boxln construction in less
than threo months.
a, ft 7v '
ft I
Jt2Ii & ., ,
How Do You
Buy Your
Corset? '
Be lure that you unJcr
stsnd the clcmandi of your
own figure. Tlie R and
G coricti are all moulded
on living model end -re
deigned to fit all type of
women, whether you are
tall and ileuder or thort
and plump, you will find
a model that will exactly
meet your want if you
will hut sik for it
are made pf fine material
anJ d 1 play excellent
workmanthip throughout.
You can alway defend
on their hiefh. quality 'ami
careful tailoring.
$1.00 to $5.00
Some Wonderful, Clatiy
New Suits
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line day make you with
for tome new jpring gar
ment, Come in and lpok
them over,
New Plaid
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Stunning New Plaid kirt
notwo alike $9,75 to $15
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t '