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Xo, Iff
(Jovcriiiiicnt May Undcrtuho. Do
mliUti'H Project Development. This
Hoiinkii Kiititrliilnmriit of
Klork RnNerti Planned.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
KncuiiniRliiK iiowh In regard to
llio progress of tint moviinioril to ho
euro fodornl it I it for Mm DBBchuton
Irrigation project wuh received to
day liy tho Commercial chili In n
tulogrum from Hunutor Charles L.
McNnry, rontl at tltu weekly club
mooting at tlin I'llot Hullo Inn thin
noon. "Am endeavoring to do every
thing poimlblo to iiuhIiCi In obtaining
government aid for tho Deschutes
project," Henittor McNnry wired,
"Ilolluvo from present conditions that
government will undurtnko tliln
project tliln Benson."
Anotlmr tologrnm from T. II. Foley
Vft In Portland working on road innltoin
linked for n wlrn from tliu club to
Mm Central Oregon delegation in
Salem requesting nupport of tho
910,000,000 road hill, with slmllnr
uomuiunlcatlniiH from the Redmond
Commoralnl cluh nml the Tumnlo De
velopment long"". Tho required
Mops httil iilrimily liuuu taken by tho
oluh illniotom, It won roporjod.
Tit Wi'lmmo .Stockmen.
Appearing before tho clth, George
. Russell of Prinevlllo urged that
Immediate preparations )in niiulo for
tliu untortalnmeut of tho. Orogoit
Cnttlo and Horse Unison' nssocln
tlon, which will hold it nnnttnl cn
volition hero during "tho latter part
of April. Mr. Kunaull wnn largely
Instrumental In Hocurlne tho con
4 ventlon for Ileud. lie advised tho
uppolntmont of committees on en-
lertnlnment, proKram mid sollcltn
tlon of now memberx. llo wuh ns
hiired hy Vlco President II. A. Miller
that tho matter would bo taken In
hand at once.
Mr. Russell also spoku In rrnnl
to tho nun to which tho stuto road
fund Ih being put, declaring that tho
Central Oregon counties nro not
getting their nharo and urKluK that
tho representatives from thlit dlu
trlct bo liiHtructvd to register n com
plaint, nt Bnloni. In regard to tho
returned nol'dlor problom, ho ntutrd
that tho money appropriated In not
being lutellliteutly mod and tliat be
muse of this many men returning
from tho service nro developing
Mrong I. W. W. loanlaxH.
CoMi Lerturo Aiinoiinred.
A. WMilnirnt ipoko In regard to tho
Iticjtiro to ho glvun by Irvln 8. Cobb,
noted war correspondent, nt tho Bond
Amateur Athletic cluh gymnasium
on tho night or Fobrunry 10, nml
naked that reservations bo mado ns
rapidly its possible, nn tho athletic
club Ih under n heavy guarantee.
Twenty rosOrviitloiia' hovo nlrondy
booumiudu by Prlnuvlllo people, ho
GJydo At,. McKay, of tho special
library committee, reported that tho
library In endeavoring to rouialu in
ItH prcsont qunrtors uud that no other
mutters have been considered In thin
Amateur Actor Who AVI 1 1 Appear
Friday .Night In "Ulrl or Huglo
Itiiiich" Aro Prollrlont.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
"A hundred lnugha In 100 mlii
'utcti" Ih what tho munngomont of
"Tho Qlrl of lOanlo Hunch" promlaoa
those who attend tho parfnrmuuco to
bo Riven at tho Ilond Amateur Ath
lotlo club RymuuHlum Friday nlulit.
Tho character of tho production iu
ito calculated iih to appeal to all
.claunoH, and tho playoru, undor tho
Tllroctlon or Jay 11, Noblo, nro at
tulnliiK a high iloKruiTot prollctouoy,
Tho aceno or tho pliry la laid In
Arizona, and a ploluroaquo portrayal
of riiuch llfo Ih kIvoii. Indlcationa
nro tlmt tho production will bo on
Joyed "by a crowdo'd houao.
of hiikvmn-iii.vo.v c'asii'h
hi'okam: ma.vai:h to aiu
(From Tunnilay'H Daily.)
OrKanlzntlou or localn In tho Loyal
I.okIoii or 'J.oKKorn and Lumbertuou
wiih continued lant nlKhl when C. M.
lloniior, head or thin dlntrlct, npoko
to tho employed or Tho Hhovlln
IIIxou Company at Camp No. 0. Ho
outlined tho recoiiHtructlon work
which muni follow tho ondliiK of the
war, nhownd that tho Four Lh will
play mi important part in thin pro
Krani of development and oxplalued
the organization and Ideals df tho
Loyal Leclon. Forty men hIkiioiI up
for memborHliip and proceeded to
tho election or Hokoii Ilndlcy nn
chairman, C. II. Front vlco proiddont
and H. Llttlelleld nocrotary-troniiiirnr.
Huiulay a local wan organized, nt
Hhovllu-Illxou Camp No, 8, with a
tnembernhlp or 37 men, and orKanlzn
tlnn will coutlnuo until all the em
ploye or tho mill companies hnvo
had tho mattor placed before thorn,
Mr, Honour liax received word
that Manager :. I). lllrkholz, from
I.oynl Legion hondijunrtora In Spo
kane, will bo In Ileud from February
13 to 1 5 to bo over ptann for tho year
with the various localn,
(From Saturday'! Dally,)
That tho toloxrnm Just Kent by tho
Ileud Commercial club to tho OroKon
delegation In Con nro nnklnK for n
110,000,000 appropriation for the
development ot tho Donchutoti pro
ject, hiiH produced immodlnto rc
hiiIIb, Ih shown In a ntory carried
under a WaHhliiRton date lino In n
1'ortland paper today, announcing
that tliu OroKou aeuutors and repro
neiilntlveii tiro to nee iJccrotnry I.nno
today to urge counlderutlon ot tho
project when tlm tlmo comcfl for tho
itolectlon of now units for reclama
tion. Tho Oregon delegation will
contend that nt least two projects
In thin atnto tihould bo Included' In
tho reclamation program.
Tho telegram nout by tho Commer
cial club outlined tho progron al
ready inailo In tho campaign x to
secure federal aid nnd rouutMtod de
velopment of tho DoHchutoa project
as ono of tho mot,ffliilbli) wnyn or
moI vlni: tho unotuployineut problem.
Mr. V. V. Hurt to Hall from Now
York Xi't Week as Meiuber
or Ilollef i:pedltlou.
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Mm. 1'. C. Hurt, who left In Do
combor for n visit with her winter,
MIhh A, a. Anthony at Horkloy, Cal
lfonilu, will Halt from Now York
next week as a member or tho Ar-inonlau-Syrlan
relief expedition. Her
sister nccompnnloH her,
First plnuiiliiK only a Hhort vaca
tion In California, tho opportunity
to Join tho Jurty enmo to Mm. Hurt
noon nttor nor arrival uud nho availed
horsulf or it. Mm. Hurt and her
slstor nro couhIiib of tho Into Hunan
II, Anthony, tho well uown prohibi
tion advocuto,
Ileud Man Who lU'fuscrt to Pay Finn
of JjtlOO for CSnnio Law Violation
lluys Frocdoin with HomK
(From 'Tuosday's Daily,)
Aflor spending ono day In tha
countv lull. V. T). II Ink of llnnil iln.
cldod that It would bo tho nnrt ot
wladom (o pay tho fine Imposed
by tliu court tor violation ot tho
enmo laws. One. hundred dollnra
in Liberty bonds wiib tho prlco ot
rroodotn. Dick pleaded millty Satur
day to tho change of havliiK vunlsnu
killed out of Benson In his possession.
All Kmployew Who Went to War Arc
AMhuretl of Kiiiployment liy tho
Lumber Concerns Here, anil
Htvcnil Others (let Jobs.
(From Tuosday's Dally.)
That tho Ilend lumber mills nro
doing their part In urnishlnn cm
etiiploymoiit for returned soldiers, is
shown In statements rclvon by offi
cials or Tho Shovlln-llixon Company
and tho Hrooks-Hcaiilon Lumbor
Company to tho effect that 44 men
discharged from tha United Btates
service hnvo been (given positions
slnco tho signing ot tho armistice.
Of theso 18 hovo boon put on by tho
Urooks-Hcaulon company and 2G hy
Tha Bhovlln-Hlxon Company. A
majority of tho men given employ
ment formerly worked in tho mills
or woods lioro, but a number liavo
been put to work who wero not con
nected with tho local companies ut
tho tlmo they ontered tho scrvlco
Kvory man who left tho employ of
cither of tho companies to enter tho
army, navy or marina corps, Is
assured of a placo on his return, tho
officials announce, and for other pre
vious servlco men tin endeavor will
bo made to find positions, although
tho mill officials cannot make defi
nite promise as to tha latter clans.
The Ifulletln extends tho fro uso
of Its classified advortlslng columns
to soldiers, willow or marinas seek
ing employment.
Tho lumbor companies nro in ro
colpt of uuiny loiters and UilegraniH
from mon in tho sorvloe who dtslra
to bo Hiiroof work on their return to
civil llfo.
Many Turn Out in AiiMtrr to Scout
Comml.HHluufr'M Cull Ilatinuct
I'Iiiiin Am Discussed.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Yesterday was registration day
for the Hand. Hoy Scouts', nnd 7C
old nnd now members gathered at
tho Heud Amateur Athletic club
gymnuHlum In ruspousq to tho call
by Scout Conimlsalouor W. C. Stew
art. An hour was taken up Iu class
work In cnllRthonloH nml gamos, and
later plsns were discussed for the
"father and son" banquet to be given
at tlin Pilot Hutto Inn. From the
number or ltyn who ovlnoed tliolr
with to attend, It Ih OHtlmnted that
nt least 100 Scouta and fathom will
bo proHunt.
Other boys -who nro not Scouts
may bring their fathom, nnd will be
wolcomed, it whh explained.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Thnt tho ' Deschutes project is
galuluK in favor In Washington la
indicated by dispatches appoaring In
Portland papers telling ot Secretary
Lane's desfro to hnvo thoproposcd
geologlcul oxamlnntlan speeded up.
Ab mattors now atnnd, It Is expected
that ns soon as congress has mado
tho necessary appropriations tho uur
vory will bo begun, and thoroaftor,
It tho survoy does not disclose roa
hoiib why it Ih Impossible, storage
rosorvolru will bo constructed and
reclamation beguu,
Tho reports from Washington aro
as follows:
"Socrotnry or tbo Interior Lnno
Indicated a doslro nt a contoronco at
tended this morning by Senators
Chamberlain nnd MoNnry, He-pro-sontatlvo
Slnnott nnd A. 1). Ander
son ot Madras, pro., roprosontlng tho
DoDChutos Irrigation project, to navo
uu immodlnto oxaminutlou mado of
tho largo area. In Deschutes and Jot-
Varied ISiimIiic Disposed of nt Last
NIIiI'h Meeting Hlj Improve
ment Program Outlined by
tho Htrtt'ttt Oimiiilttvc.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Hend should liuvo a public camp
ing ground.
This was tho declaration last night
of K. L. Payne, momber or tho city
council, at tho regular mooting ot
thai body lust night. Ho declared
that freo accommodations of this
kind for tourists would bo ono of tho
biggest advertisements tho city could
have and Btatcd that ho had already
picked out n likely spot, owned by
tho Ilond company, near tho foot
lirldgo. Ills plan was supported by
tho council, and with Councilman
Mlntcr and Hhodcs ho was named on
a commlttco to confer with D. E.
Hunter of tho realty company to en
deavor to securo tho uso of tho land
i'for this purpose.
' Auditing of bills nnd reports of
Standing committees wcro tho order
Of business at Inst night's mooting,
but many other matters camo up for
discussion. An objection against tbo
Hend Wntor, Light & Power com
pany bill was filed by It. P. Mlntor,
who. declared that tho city Is being
discriminated against. Tho bill was
recommended for paymont, undor
protent.jby the flnnnco commlttco.
The council passod a resolution
vacating that part of tho second ad-
Million to Horn! park lying betweon
Second and Third and Talt and
Cleveland to allow for replatting by
tho owners In such a manner that
the Californla-Tho Dalles highway
will no longer extond through tho
block In a diagonal.
.Monthly HrMirtM Given.
The report of Miss M. B. Coleman,
city treasurer, showed bills unpaid,
oxtondlnc over a period of nearly two
years, ot 20,772.04, a balanco in tho
flro fund of I19.C27.4S, flllG.GO In
tho general tund, and 154.35 in tho
sewer rund. City Hccordor D. II.
Peoples reported receipts in his de
partment aggregating 219 tor tho
month, and Chlof or Pollco Nixon's
roport showed J7C.T.0 collected in
pool hall llcenuo feos. Ho reported
ono small flro and threo liquor cases
for January. Fire Chief Carton re
ported that dangerously largo quan
tities ot indamablo rofuso nro piled
near a building in tho alley from
Oregon to Greenwood, between Wnll
and Ilond streets. In rosponso to
this Mayor Bastes ordered a thor
ough Investigation ot conditions by
the pollco and fire committee.
On tho recommendation ot D. G.
McPherson, ot tho police committee,
City Attorney Honsou wns authorized
to draw up an ordinanco amending
the prosont city law to allow boys
IS years ot ago In pool halls, Imitoad
of 21, as formorly. In tho matter
( Continued on last page)
forsou countlos, Oregon, which it la
proposed to reclaim.
"Director Davis ot tho reclamation
service, who was called into conter
onco, snld that nrraugotnonta had
boon made for Profeasor O.
Crosby, noted ideologist nnd ongiueor
ot Cambridge, Mass., to oxamino tho
Uonhnm Falls and Crnno Prntrio
rosorvoir sites as to whether they aro
loitk proof, with u view to docldlus
their availability iu dovoloplng this
project. Secretary Lnno displayed
uu cagoruesa to liuvo tho examination
started at onco by inquiring ot Di
rector Davis tr somo other ongiueor
could not bo round to tnko tip tho
work without delay,
"Ho said that tbo dopnrtmont
wished to tnko up tho most avail--ablo
projects In tho United Stnt03
Just as soon us tho $100,000,000
which this congress -Is expected to
npproprlato becomes offoctlvo. Two
now projects for Oregon undor this
appropriation wore urged upon Sec
rotary Lane."
(From Tuesday's Dally)
Conflicting evidence nn to tho age
of a dcor hldo found at tho M. J. Main
homo was glvon yesterday afternoon
In Judgo Bastes court, but tho major-
Ilty of expert witnesses called on, (ho
stand by District Attorney ' Moore,
declared that tho skin had been taken
not more than two weeks ago. Tho
Jury returned a vordlct on the chargo
of violation of tho game laws, and
tho court imposed a flno ot tlGO.
W. P. Myers, representing tho 'de
fendant, stated that ho will appeal
tho case.
WItnescs tor the stato wcro DIs
trict Gamo Warden Gcorgo Tonkin,
Deputy Gamo Warden W. D. Hadlcy,
Chris Brans, John Stcldl, and Doug
Ins Johnson, whllo Jeff and Jack
Kelley, trappers frtfhi tho Prlnevllle
section were called by the defense.
Tho Jury "was composed of J.iX,.
Galther, Claude Kelley, M. H. Sy.
mons, It. M. Chlldora, J. A. Thomp
son and B. M. Thompson.
JL H. Itoyco nml Son Secure ARcrtcy
for Overland, nml Take Over
HusIiicao of L. L. 1'ov.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Tho opening of a new garago and
automobllo agency In Bond was an
nounccd this morning by II. S. Royco,
who, with his son, Byron P. Hoyce,
has takon over the drayage business
of L. L. Fox on Bond street. "The
old Fox barn will bo remodeled, an
option has been taken on tho (Mod
era Garago with a probablo sale or
leaso early In the summer. A&'thatH
tlmo Mr. Itoyco expects to hnvo tho
old barn torn down and a ', no
garago building? brcctcd In Its place.
Tho agency for the Overland, car
has been taken by the now concern,
and Mr. Royco stated that some high
grado truck might also bo handled
later. Tho older Mr. Royco will
leave soon for his homo In Washing
ton, his Hon, an export auto mechanic,
to remain In chnrgo ot the business
A number ot heavy trucks form
erly used in logging in Washington
may bo brought to Bend later, Mr.
Royco said. In addition to the auto
agency, tho new garago will carry a
full lino or tires and accessories.
Funeral Service for Pat Ilrcon to Be
Held from Catholic Church'
Tomorrow Morning.
(From Tuesaay'a Dally.)
Aftor an Illness or nearly two
weeks. Pat nreen ot AUaKa died yos
torday attomoon, aged 36 years, at
St. Charles' hospital. Ho had boon
delirious for the last three days bo
foro death came. Two brothers, Con
nnd Stephen, also ot Alfalfa, survive
him, and other relatives aro living
in Now York.
Funeral services will be hold fronv
tho Catholic church at 10 o'clock
tomorrow morniig. Intarment."wll
bo at Pilot Hutto comotery.
(From Wednesday '8 Dally.)
Organization of pig clubs by the
chlldron ot Deschutes county Is be
ing advocated by County School Bu
porlntondent J. Alton Thomuson.
Reports from tho clubs ot tho state,
which ho Iuih Just received, show
that 402 children In Oregon miido a
clear profit ot $11,112.97 durlijgUho
year Just past. ". ' , "
(From Wednesday's Dally,)
Roy. Father Shoohuu officiated, thltf
mornliiR nt tunornl services hold 4at
tho Cathollo church for Pat Hr'oou,
Alfalfa ahoopman, whoso deaUi ,yV,
announced yesterday. lntonuunt
was In Pilot Butto comotery, '
Limitation to He Placed on New
Measured During Remainder of
Bcnilon Good Ilond Iamuo Most
VI fnl Before lawmaker.
(SpttU! to Th Dall.tln.)
SALBM, Feb. C Over hair of tho
thirtieth legislative session has
slipped by and in a concroto vray
not much has been accomplished
asldo from tho Introduction ot a
largo amount of proposed legislation
and tho enactment of two or three
bills ot major importance and a
number ot bills or minor Importance.
Tho two houses havo In a way largely
shut down on the Introduction ot
further bills and the balance of the
session will be given over to sort
ing orcr, sifting and enacting Into
laws, or consigning to the waste
basket, tbo legislation that baa come
up In tho form or trills.
Tho foregoing paragraph gives
about as intelligent resume of tho
legislative situation as may bo given
at this time. Out of it all, howovor,
considerable good legislation Is go
ing to be evolved, and somo bad
legislation no doubt will crop up.
In these columns an effort has
been mado a tlmo or two previously
to outline tho big issues before tbo
legislators. There is no reason now
to chango those outlines in any way
so far.
Tho one big, vital question thnt is
appealing to the dlscourslvc senso ot
every man and woman In the legis
lature is the question of good roads.
There is little doubt thnt this has9
stepped out ahead of tho procession
and is tar In tho van ns tar as uni
versal Interest Is concerned.
Road Policy Xot Fixed.
But up to dato thero Is still an
open question ot Just where the
final program will end up and, as
far as that goes, as to Just whoro
it will begin.
Tho writer, has reached tho con
clusion thnt no two men in the state
can agree ns to any doflnlto policy
of good roads. He has also reached
tho conclusion that thero is about
as much hypocrisy and demogoglsm
over this subject, and perhaps a littlo
more, than about any other subject
which Is mado tha topic for political
discussion. The object Is presented
in this session ot a number or mem
bers who were roost bitterly opposed
to tho $0,000,000 bond issuo two
years ago fawning about tbo hlghwny
commission, talking bond. Issues in
fabulous sums, and In every way re
pudiating tho stand 'that they took
at tho last session. Some ot tho
membors who two years ago declared
thoy wore nover for bonds, wero not
then for bonds and nover would bo
for bonds, talk uow as though their
ontlro lives from tho tlmo thoy wero
In swaddling clothes had been ono
long chant nnd symphony In n
chorus favoring Innumerable and in-
eahnustlble bond issuos.
Predictions Unreliable.
But these membors are In the
minority. It Is true that practically
all of tho legislators favor bond
issues, but by no means all of thorn
have had tho sudden chango ot heart
slnco 'being given an opportunity to
scientifically study tho election re
turns and tho popular clamor which
has arisen for good roads through a
centralized plan of construction.
What the good rouda program will
bo may bo told lucidly after tho ses
sion has adjourned slue die and tho
governor has placed his seal ot ap
proval or disapproval upon tho last
bill. Until then thoro will be no
prophesying as tho members aro
swinging and veorlng tn all different
dtroctlons and while all ot them
seem to be, in n measure, heading
toward tho samo goal, whother thoy
will over got there, with tholr widely
divorgont Ideas as to which path
they should pursuo, Is a question tor
somo guycr of sooth or prophet wluo,
or reader ot riddles sago.
l'owcr Plans Aro lllg.
A resolution Introduced, by several
ot tho representatives really h about
as big a thing as wus over attempted
by a legislature, aud that provided
for lifting the constitutional in-
dobtednesa limitation on unincor
porated sections, or on lncorp6ratod
cltlca and towns, bo that they may
t Continued oa Page I,)