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No. Jfl
"ffi-j1- -'
I'ubllo ''Hrrvl'co CoiHrnlKidon May- Ufl
- - . l'J
Uluuigod- New Member Flint
I J'avor with Old (Junnl
L v Ml Htflto Capital.
Hlcll lo Tti llullttln.)
8ALKM, Jnn. IB. Whllo the legls
laturo In sotting down to business to
jtiuict uorao now luws ami ttim over
nomo now enrdn, soino rather Import
nut nmttorn or iitato mlmlnlulratlori
iiro to bo performed on tho side dur
ing the noxl month or tVo, If tho
lORlalnturo lenvon tho functioning
jiowcru In nttitus quo long enough to
got thorn accomplished. Tho Import
unco of thoso may bo nomowhnt oyer
whndowod by tho ruih and bang -of
tho legislature, but nevertheless tho
jicojilo nru awaiting action on thum
with probably moro concorn than
I hoy uro awaiting on tho legislature
to' determine what now not of Uwi
thoy will bo com polled to becomo
fumlllarlzod with.
Foremdst In tho tolophorio rato
iiucttlou, which In mill banging flro
with tho public service commission
mid tho fat of which In rather
closoly allied with legislative action.
It wan asserted after the, Brat
ltoarlnc that further hearing -wore
tos bo .hold, and us theso hearing!
liavo Mot ;ct materialized It will
probably bo' far Into tho session, or
ivcn,after It, before tho aorvlco com
tulMlon finally decide what It will
do In tho rnto matter.
. Homo rruel souls havo suggested
that tho commission has been play
tng foxy In delaying tho decision on
tho rato cane. lt paramount lm
purtanco to tho pooplo la apparent to
ilveryono and It hnn boon suggested
that tho commission In holding this
bqck to domonstruto to tho loglsla
turo Just how Important a body It
really In.
Tlioro In immu llttlo trepidation In
regard to what will bo dono with tho
tiorrlco commission among tha mom
bom themselves. With all tho talk
of consolidation and elimination and
-a llh tho fuel thnt tho rallroada nro
.....a -. .. ba ua. ! mt. nliii '
iiuucr KOTuriiiiiDiiL iuihium
with tho sore apnta which tho com
mission mint necessarily Imvo boon
rubbing durlivg nil theso yearn, If
It nccompllslwd an) thing at all, thoro
In bound to bo discussion nsyto tho
futuro of tho commlsnlon. And lot
It bo known that thin fact la ono to
-which tho montbora of tho commlH
ulon nro fully nllvo and thoy nro pro
uircd to meet It.
Railroad to Inlliii'iicc.
Thoro In no "justification In , tho
churgo that tho tolophono rnto ordar
linn boon -withhold ns n club to whip
legislators Into lino for tho commls
(don, but It linn been umtertod thnt
thin thing will bo douo. It could bo
done, thnt In canity- admitted, an tho
commission could sny to tho mom
' bom, horo wo nro with tho moat 1m
(Contlnuod on Inst pngo.)
(From Mcaday'H Dally.)
t Eminently auocwBful In what they
lind aet out to nccompUnh for tho
development of Central Oregon, dele
KHtei rrom llend to the Stato Irriga
tion congroBB, which completed its
itunual soHBlon In Tortlnnd Saturday
night, returned thin morning,, For
ktho two chluf offlcea of tho congroBU,
Contral Oregon mon ware ro-olectod,
J. II, Upton of Prlnovlllo being again
Iirealdent, whllo rwl N, Wallaeo of
"'.Tum'alo contlnuea na secretary,
.Moroovor, tho throo lending rocolu
jtlonn pnHHod by tho IrrlgutlonlBts
hnva a direct bearing on tho futuro
of Central Orogon and tho Deachutoa
Hoport of tho resolutions commit
too wns submitted to (ho congress at
.tlio Inst session, Following is a dl
jgest of tho resolutions adopted:
,& Indorsement of tho Slnnott bill ap
'loprlHtlng ?r,000(000,000 for roo
'Iwmatlon and drulnago.
FttYorlng fodcrnl nld for tho iIoyoI
fopmerit 'of the Dwchutes project.
' Urging stato legislature to com
(From Wodncadnr'a Dally.)
Uy hii Investment of $GD,000
Bond can nccuro a woolan mill plant
within seven months time, ncconl
Ing ro n toiler rnnd (hit noon at tho
wookly nicotinic of tho llend Com
morclal club by T, II. Foley, pros!
dont. Tho letter wan from tho Wil
bur Woolen Mllln company of 8lny
tdn, Oregon, nud offored to bring
tho plant, valued at 125,000, to
Hand, and to turn It In, with $10,000
additional, for stock In a $100,000
corporation. Tho matter wan ro
furred to tho club director-., mid In
titlll under ndvlsnmont.
Wr. Foley igavo u renumo of tho
work douo In thu cuuno of Irrigation
lent week, montloulng thut all tho
itltnn of tho club, namely, tho pans
Ing of ronolutlonn at thu Irrigation
congrcBN, tho ntato chamber of com
mQrco and tho reconstruction con
greNN, lind boon attained, Ho apoko
nliio of thu laCor altuatlon In tho
northwest, doclarlng that llend up to
data liufnr uhoad of a majority of
tho cltlen In providing work for ro
Rnormou Amount or Work Handled
for Army Hhoivn In letter from
Adjutant tienrral.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Knowing thu enormoua amount of
work carried on by tha draft boards
of tint nation during tha -war In n
letter received thin morning by
Sheriff 8. K. llobortn from tho office
of tho adjutant gnnoral, Washington,
I). C In which It in atatcd that 1000
earn would bo required to transport
tho draft record to thu national
capital, .
It Ih further estimated that If all
audi recordn woro placoat In filing
cnicn, tli ono would .(stand n dlstnnco
of CO mlltui, It arranged four In n
Htnck. Military Information In ro
gnrd to 23.000.od0 men In contained
In tho papeni on file throughout tho
(From Monday' Dally.)
John W. Usher, and Miss Lela
Hell, both of Ilond, wero qulotly
married yesterday afternoon by Iter.
Wllllnmn. Ilotlt brldo and groom
liuva lived lit this city for roiiio tlmo
pant and lmvo n largo clrclo of ac
quaintances hero. Thoy will mnku
their homo In llend.
(From Thursdny'a Dally.)
Orcotlna from Captain Frank- R.
Prince of Ilond, woro rocolved today
by tho Ilulletln. Cnptnln l'rlnco
wroto from Franco but It Is undor
atood thnt bo la now on IiIh way to
pleto Tumalo project, or to co-opor-ato
with United States or prlvnto In
torestu for Its completion.
Ask leglalaturo to iuoreasa fund
nyallablo for stream nieunuromenU
to provldo tor reconstruction pro
gram of Irrigation dovolopmont,
Call upon stato officials to Investl
gato and Mo suits to recover school,
echool Indemnity and. awamp lands
secured from etnto through fraud,
Rulofl amended so thnt oneh organ
isation holding membership lu Ore
gon Irrigation congress pay annual
dues of $C, payable In ndvanco,-
Jlecommoudatlon to tho legislature
that a full appropriation tor tho
mnlnteunnoo of tho Oregon bureau of
mines and geology bo granted,
Itc'commoud chnngo in law so that
pormlts for uso of wntor grnntod by
state engineer may bo mndo.donnUQ
ns to tho right of holder- to- ohanjjo
placo of, proposed usO.
Rocommondutlon for propor in
(Continued fiom Pago Four.),
turned suldlom, and asking tho co
operation of tho club with tho com
munity labor board to prevent any
nerious condition of unemployment
jlllllliliiailiitv iDUii iiiuu, . . r ,
J. I', Koycs npoko along tho nnnie
line, outlining tho plan now' bolug
favored In tho lumber (Uitrlcta of
tho noutb, whoro government aid to
returned soldiers taklivg up loggod
off landn in being sought. Tho "back
lo tho land" movement ho declared
to bo tho most practical solution of
tho returned soldier labor problom.
Thu matter of putting out litera
ture for tho club was brought up
by R. A. Ward, and In this connec
tion It. V. Mlnter advised that n can
vass of tho buslncsa men of tho city
bo made to secure funds for such
Representing tho Library club,
Mrs, K. M. Thompson and Miss M. K.
Coleman t,cra present to ask for as
nlstanco in securing now library
quarters, as tho rooms at present
fConttnued on psgo 4.)
No Clmrgo Will Bo Mado at Inn for
Army Men WnlUnj for TrniiH
portatlon to Interior. .
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Roturnlng soldiers stopping in
Ilond whllo making connections by
stage or othor means of transporta
tion to interior points need lmvo no
worry In regard to their expenses
while bora. W. C. Illrdsall, manager
of tho Pilot Ilutto Inn, announced
this morning that no chargo for
rooms would bo made at tho Inn for
men roturnlng from the scrvlco who
aro forced to remain In this city
whllo waiting for transportation to
their homes.
"It Isn't much." Mr. Jllrdsnll said,
"but wo want to show that v,o think
enough of tho boys und what they
havo dono so thnt wo aro willing to
share their csponsos."
iiDTvnrn t c iAVifT)
imiimjiiun miiiji.
T. M. HuMmIii, Prominent In MumiiiIc
AfTiilr, Found Dcnd In Ills
Room at Hotel.
PORTLAND, Jnn. 14. Thomaa M.
Dnldwln of Prlnovlllo, past grand
master of tho Masonic Orand Lodge,
wns found dead In his bed at tho Im
perial hotel horo yestarday after
noon. Heart troublo In bolloved to
havo caused his death.
Mr.. Raid win soomingly wus In tho
IxM of health when hu lufl his
friends Sunday evening to go to his I
Hu wns Identified with banking
Interests at Prlnovlllo and wus at
ono tlmo n mumbor of tho statu legis
lature. Ho was known throughout
tho Btnto as n closa studont of civic
Funeral services will bo hold at 2
o'clock tomorrow afternoon In Prlno
(From Thursdny'a Dally.)
Samples of army equipment from
tho bnttloflolds of Franco woro
recolvcd ycatorday by J,1 S. Jnnls,
from his con, Robert 1C. Iunls, lu tho
U, 6, navy. A gns mask worn by a
Boldlor killed in action, u leather
trench Jnckot of tho kind Issued to
American troops, nud a. battered
helmet or ''tin hat" nro tho articles
aunt hero.
Tlio oqulpmont Is on display at tho
(From Monday's Dally.)
Aflor a brlut wedding trip, Mr.
and Mrs, Kd. Dougborty arrived In
Ilond this morning and will make
tholr homo huro Mr, Dougborty la
yard foreman for Tho Shovllu-Hlxon
Company, und Mrs. Dougborty was
formerly Miss Grotta Dooloy, assist.
ant to tho postmnstor at Raker,
VfKHmiftJ Will-riot Mo Relaxed. Ilm
' .'i ' ' "-
cver Until All .Danger I I't
Uso of Mimics .Deemed
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Prompt, declsivo measures on tho
part of tho city authorities, and co
operation by tho peopto of llend havo
already shown cxcollont results in
checking tho threatened influenza
epidemic hero, for Quarantlno Of
ficer Frnnjc May reported this morn
ing that only ono now cane had ap
peared In addition to tha 40 listed
yesterday. Vigilance, however, will
not bo relaxed In tho slightest degrco
uptll all danger is past.
In connection with Jho ''flu" situa
tion ravealcd yesterday, citizens of
Rend met last night with E. L.
Payne, chairman of tho health com
mittee of (ho city council, and Dr.
J. C. Vandevcrt, city health officer,
to dlscuRS further means of prevent
ing tho spread of contagion. Meas
ures advocated by tho committee
yesterday were endorsed, with tho
exception of tho face mask 'edict,
which, it was decided, would not bo
practicable, duo to thji difficulty In
koepng such mouth'and noso covers
'Managors of theatres and dances.
It van decided, should bo deputized,
-without pay, so aa to havo full au
thority to evict any persona cough
Ing or sneezing. Tho need for re
porting immediately any now cases
of tho dlsoaso was thoroughly ap
preciated. No death from influenza has oc
curred in Bond since that of Harry
Kveringham last Friday. Funeral
services woro 'hold from tho Nlswon
ger chapel, Rev. II. C. Hartrantt of
ficiating. 4
Kcpresoiitutl.o of and Game
&,,..,, w, i.
Multntlon of Pipe I.lne.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
To ovoraeo the Installation of the
pipe line nt tho Tumalo fish hatch
er), W. D. Hadloy. district game
warden, nrrlvcd in Rend this morn
ing und -may romaln hero for somo
tlmo,, making dally trips to 'the
hatchery slto. Tho plpo lino work
Is in chargo of tho Deschutes for
cstpra j,
Excellent progress Is being mado
In tho construction of tho hatcher)',
and every judication Is that It will
bo ftulshod abend of schedule.
VIcuh of Crowds When Ann-
Istlco Was Slxnel Aro IlcrcUctl
by John Steldl.
(From Friday's Dally.)
Pictures showing tho rccoptlon
given lu English cities to tho news
of the signing of tho armistice were
received today by John Steldl ot this
city froni his son Stove, naval elec
trical engineer stationed at Ply
mouth. Crowds massing in tho
streets of Plymouth until not an
other ono cold bavo Jammed in woro
caught by tho camera man dt tho
moment' when tho momontous news
wus being given out.
Anothor plcturo shows tho sub
mnrlno chaser on which tho Bend
sailor, 'with otbor electricians,
reached wo Oeruian U-boats which
surrendered in tho North so a, after
tho armistice wns signed, Tho boat
was annpped undor full speed in n
heavy eon,
(From Wednesday's Dally,)
Final returns on tho O. O, I. dis
trict oluctlon, rocolved this morning,
gavo J. O. Mcduffie tho victory in tho
rnco for tho directorship by a voto
ot 110 to tho 65 polled by his op
ponent, J. J, Elllngor,
.UoVrrno'r'WltliycoBibcy Jn McSa"ge to
" igfolflYurc; Outlined Pla'p-fror"''
Drinking Men and Un
used Innl Together.
BALEM, Jan. 15. Speaking at a
joint session of tha sonata and house
In tho houso chambor, Governor
James Wlthycombe delivered his bi
ennial message to the thirtieth Ore
gon leglslatlvo assembly yesterday.
Tho executive reminded tho legis
lators' of their responsibility in lay
ing tho "foundation for a partner
ship betcen the stato and nation In
tbe matter of rearranging public
affairs and Institutions to meet a
situation that has borne no parallel
slnco tho birth of this common
wealth." That Oregon "render the maxi
mum degreo of scrvlco" to tho re
turning soldlora was tho first recom
mendation of tho governor. Refer
ring to Oregon's unparalleled patri
otic record throughout tbe war
being "tlmo after time first of all
states In the support of the country's
cause" he urged tbe law-makors
to every possible effort to provldo
proper cam for tho men who return
from service In the army and navy.
He said:
Opportunity Shown.
"Probably tho most Important
problom confronting the people ot
Orogon today Is the question of land
settlement, especially as it effects
tho returning soldiers and sailors,
who aro entitled to every encourag
ment as thoy return to civil life.
Wbatevor plan may bo adopted by
this legislature, it must offer some
thing tangible and must be prac
tical. Fortunately you havo an
opportunity to dorelop Oregon on a
buslncss-llko basis at the samo time
you aro furnishing assistance to
roturnlng service men and to citizens
Declaring that Oregon has approx
imately 2,000,000 acres of logged
off lands, privately owned. Governor
Wlthycombo advocated that, theso
lands be divided into organized dis
tricts, Improved .and allotted in units
to prospective settlers. Ho 'said:
riiinuclnl Aid AskiMl.
.."Thesu settlers should bo required
to make reasonable Initial payment
and to mcot unpaid balance on long
torm installments, at low rate of
Interest, following tho amortization
Tho governor also advocated tho
extending of financial uld In develop
ing farms, recommending n similar
plan in tho drainage ot swamp land.
Ho suggested that tho honorary
land settlement commission, -which
ho appointed a year ago to mako a
study ot this question, bo mado per
manent by propor legislation.
Anothor suggestion for aiding ro
turnlng soldiers Is that they bo given
(Continued from pago 4.)
National Thrift day Is almost here,
and for tho benefit ot those who aro
not sure as to just what that means
a brief outline of tho purpose and Im
portance ot the date is given,
National Thrift day comes on Feb
ruary 3, not Blmply this yoar, but
every year. It is called National be
cause It is observed throughout tho
eutlrq nation. And ita purposo is to
focus attention and get action on tho
vital subject ot thrift. It Isn't a day
to lay off It Is a day to got busy. It
Isn't a day for celobratlng wlmt our
forefathers did a century or two. ago
it is a day to do something our
solvos. It Is a day that bus boon
sadly missing from tho calendars
among most ot us until rccont years
a day ot reckoning with material'
racta us tney sianu, ami laying out
plans for Improving thorn.
You wouldn't expect a business
houso to grow big and prosperous
unless It koopa accounts and period
ically summarizes thoni to see Just
whore it stnuds. Neither can an in
dividual depend upon gutting ahead
Returned Holdirr Akl o' lUfchter
urllh Community Jjilxr ItonrtI
RI Crosrt President
I'romNc) Aid.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
That a united effort will be made
on the part of tho Bond CornmereJal
club to see to It that no discharged
soldier returning from service shall
go Jobles was the declaration this
morning ot T. JI. Foley, president
of tho club, and also chairman of the
community labor board. Mr. Foley
has Just returned from Portland,
whero tho problem ot providing for
ex-army men is becoming more and
more serious.
Tho question will bo thoroughly
looked Into at tho meeting of tbe
Commercial club at the Pilot Batte'
Inn tomorrow noon, and in the
meantime 'Mr. Foloy oaks that all
men and boys coming back from
either foreign or domestic service
register at once at the office of tbe
club manager in tho O'Kane build
ing. -The offices of tho club are to
"be moved within tho next few days
to tho city rest room and will also
be headquarters for the local labor
Roports that some of tho boys re
cently discharged from tho (araay
had been unable to secure workTbs
their return to Rcndworo takeajp
with J. P. Keycs, president ot the
Rend Red Cross chapter and BMHager
ot the Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Co.
plant, with the result that assur
ance was given that every effort will
be made to provldo places for the
In regard to tho situation at the
mill, Mr. Keycs explained that be
cause of the recent closing ot the
plant for its annual overhauling it
hod been necessary temporarily to
lay off men, but that with operations
again resumed returned soldiers
would be given tho preference in the
matter ot hiring help. Ho intimated
that a better opportunity might exist
in the woods than In the mill.
(From Wednesdays Dally.)
Acknowledgment ot tho sum ot
$13, representing contributions to
Tho Bulletin tobacco fund. Is made
In a letter received today from Louts
J. Hunter, deputy comptroller of the
American Red Cross. Tho monoy,
which reached Washington on Do
comber 19, has already been applied
to appropriations mado by tho Rod
Cross tor the purchaso ot tobacco tor
soldlora in Franco.
"It is certain that nothing adds
moro to the material comfort and
good cheor ot tho mon in tho serv
ice than an ample supply ot tobacco,"
Mr Hunter writes. "Tho American
Red Cross heartily appreciates your
continued co-operation and support."
unless he does the samo thing. Thrift
day Is the day to to review,
to check up accounts, habits, health,
ambitions and boo whero one stands.
Also, to lay plans for the coming
yoar with a vlow to growing be
coming hotter off. Tho first thing to
do if you, want to got ahead Is to
make dead sure thut you don't do
any sliding back. Wo learn a little
more, do a little bettor, get Into more
advantageous ossoclatlous perhaps,
and gradually Increase our Incomes
It conditions ure favorable, but at
the'same time wo grow ruslyMaBjfie
ot tho things wo used to knowHTWglB
to enjoy our easo a llttlo more, over
look some ot qur advantages awtl
learn to' Increase our spooiling atit
or faster than our earnlHg luaraaija,'
Yes, we make prograaa 'qi go
forward a llttlo, most dig, but we
also let oursolvoa slide bekd
while 'often something may lutpp;
to kejp ua from KeWlHitfw-wtMM,' It .
Is almost never that aujfolag jater-
(CoatlHued oa P& 4.