The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 02, 1919, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    IIIJVII IIIJMiKTl.V, III3M), OltlW()S', Tllt'llMliAV, JANl'AllV a, ffMf
i r-
(From Thursday's: Dally.)
Mr, ninl Mr. 1'iit Harry, of Mlvef
Liilm, mo iipunilliu: tlio day In Hi-mi.
Al .Mlllor, Of Fori llol, l In Uin
(I. W. Conloy, of I'lilslny, arrived In
llond ImmI nlr.lit.
Hoy illioon, of llodiiioiiil, In iillcnil
liil! IiiihIiiiww iiiutlniH In tlio oily to
II, N. I.ynn, of l.a Pino, wiih In llix
city IiihI night, iiimI lofl for lilii homo
this morning, rnltiriiltiK from a trip
to Hpokimo.
Wundoll Thompson will return thin
evulng to Hoitltlo, wlioni liu In In the
U, it, navy IiomiIIiiI service. Ho ex
pucts to Mitll shortly.
A marring" Hcoiino wiim IhhiiciI
from tint office of llio county court
yesterday, to David lloili;o, anil Julia
Hnnilr.nifiH, both of this city.
Mr. mill Mm. 11. A. Ward wont vls
Itorn In Hid city IiimI night from their
lioimt In Koilmonil.
Mapor Henry Tucker, ('apt. Alfred
II. Kumihrluro, ami l.loutomint Itob
orl t!. Hpratl urrlved to llcml last
ii Ik lit from Camp Lewis, Imivliu; IIiIh
imirnlm: on u hunting trip In tliln
(From Friday's Dally.)
Mltn '.mi Cornell, of I'rliiovlllo, U
visiting frlomlH In Ilend today.
Irene Ilurnos, of I'rliiovlllo, Ik vis
iting In lloml today.
W. (I. (Iravtm of Hi'dmoml, wiu In
lleudtndiiy on IiiihIiioh.
Artliur Harris, of tlm Murine Ciirpa
lit visiting IiIh parontM In till city,
ovur thu holidays.
It. ('. MoMalion, of Ilrotlmrs, nr-
rived In lloml laHt night, mid U o
imiluliiK over today.
Mnjor John F. Zujack, of Crimp
Lewis, wiim In lli'iid today on his way
to Hlstora to vIhII nl the liomo of
Meredith llnlloy.
J. A. I!astes, T. II. Foley and II. A
Mlllor wore among thosu fruiu IJonl
gltuudlug tliu IrrlKittloti tiioctltK In
Jtodinnud this uftornooti,
jSfwr. mill .Mm. A. (J. Vogel loft
tyhnrsdny morning for tliolr hutrio
In Tint Dalles ttftor spending Chrlst
man with Mrs. Vogel' parontM, Mr.
ami Mm. V. U. Honoy.
Iloh lime, of tli In clly, for nearly
two yearn In tho navy, In honiiiar
bound on tlm itljnuam, accenting io
word Junt received by hln futlur, J 3.,
Itinen, ,
Mm, MnlTlnMllllett loft thin morrr-1
lug for Wullu Walla to vlnlt with
relatives until hor husband secure
bin release from the U. H. M. ('.
which ho expects In a short tlmo liaV
Ink filed his application for dim
chargo novetul weeks ugo.
(Prom Saturday' Dully.)
" A. M. I'rltiKlii ban returned from
it trip to Heattle,
(lenrgo Parker went to rortlaud
today on business, .
Dr. K. K. dray hnn returned from
n vlnlt to Portland.
Mm. M. It. Illggs, of I'rliiovllle, In
ii vlnltor In thu city today,
Fred N. Wallace wan In the city to
day on business from hln homo lit
Tu initio,
0, M. Hodfield and Claude Mc
Cauloy, of Deschutes, are spending
thu day In lloml.
inuke you forget this
cold weather.
Rubber and Aluminum
Prices Right
Juit Remember
Magill & Erskine
Our Prciciiption Df jwttment u Complrtfl,
In Cvety DtUil.
" H Hs'E' V y y tHMm i
I'lihl 1iNinil Allonioy or Ilex
I'lllltCN ( (llllll), WIlOII' ltl'h(4llllllllll
U Miiilr 1'iilillc 'I'imI(i)-,
I.VCItlvASlvD l'ltlATi: I'ltAfTirU1
IWrKKH WnilllKVW.M. ,. .1.
.Miioiti:, ii'' iii:m, to mi:
(From Thiimday'H Dally.)
After more tlian two yim of serv
ice rinlriHl )ei:lnitwi county. II. II.
I)i- Armond, tlm county's first district
attorney, will offlclslly give up bin
public ponltlou on tbo flmt of the
year, und will devote hln entire atten
ilnii to bin private law practice'. Mr.
De Armond'n renlKiiatlon wan ma!ld
to (loveruor Wlthycombe on Decem
ber 17. and the executive's ronpoune,
accepting the withdrawal, and Mat
ing that Arthur J. Moore, of thin city,
would he Mr. Do Armoud'n succunnnr,
wan received today. Mr. Moore ban
not yet received official uotlvo from
the stale executive, but expects to
hear from Salem within the next few
days. .
Following tho formation of Des
chutes county. Mr. DoArmond wan
named district uttorney, taking of
fice on December 16, 1 U 1 0 . During
bis first term of office, be success
fully conducted tbo county division
case finally nettling the slutus of
Donchuten county, and then turned
bin uttentlon to the ntipprer.nlm; of
Aitilo and borne runtlliiR. Sufficient
ooulctlonn Mere necured to cut down
to a mured di'Kree the activity of
tock thloven.
Ite-eleeleil Io Office.
Thin fall Mr. Do Arinond wan re
elected, but the growth of bin pri
vate practice minle It ueCeMnary for
him to withdraw nhortly after he bad
Mr. Moore, who In to ho named an
hln nuccennor, htm been u member of
the tonal fraternity of Hem! for
nearly threw yearn. It will bo bin
first appearance In public office bore.
Coventor Wlthycombe, In no
knowledKliiK Mr. Do Armond'n letter
lukliiR to be relieved an district at
'.orutty. write an follown:
Service Appreclaleil.
"Have your letter of llecumber 17,
contalnltiK your renlKiiutlon an din
trlcl attorney of Donchuten county,
and In view of the reiiNOHH net forth
In your letter, I feel obliged to accept
your renlKiiatlon, to lake effect Jan
uary 1. I will appoint Mr. Arthur J.
Moore un your nucceNHor.
"AHnurliiK you that I appreciate
the co-operation of your uervlcen an
law enforcement officer In your
county, mul that you huvo my very
bent wIhIich for nticcenn In private
practice, I am
"Very truly yours,
Mr. and Mm. M. Ounaka, of thin
city tire thu parentH of an oIkM
pound baby boy, born yenterday.
It. I.. Jordan, former troiiHiiror of
Crook county, wiih In llond yesterday
ufturnoon from I'rliiovlllo.
MIhh (Jortrudo HuiiUh ban koiio to
.St, Holoim to accept a poHltlou with
the firm or Craudall & Hobortn, uc
couutautH. Word ban boon received that Kred
erlck lllco, of Itedinond, -who w.ih
neeruly wounded while koIiik over thu
top In Klaudom, lias boon trnmiforrod
from KiiKluud by hotipltul Hhlp to tbo
United .Sutton.
K, V. Klmmlck, of Fort Hock,
who htm boon uorvliiK In tho U. S.
navy, arrived In llond thin niorutiiK
from Seattle, wboro bo baa boon
Btailonod, on bin way homo. Ho
baa JiiHt rocolvod hln .roloaao from
tbo uorvlco.
i (From Mondny'a Dully.)
i F. I)lbblo und aon of. Ilurnu nrq
YlflltoH n ,lIond.
, iMrn.l II. 0. Danloy arrived from
Durna doa( nKlt ., V
Kyen leur illiiiinul, thin little
sorrow the buttered reimilnn of what
"I"' l" found on her return to tho
the Utiim,
day from bin home In Hlntorn.
Mr. and Mm. K. (I. Ilotirk of Cren
cimt were wook-oml vlnltorn In tho
John Stewart of Hrothora In at
tomlliHt to bunlnoHM mattom In tho
city today.
Mr. and Mm. I). I'. Corinnily tiro
tin pareutn of a Ill-pound baby hoy,
born Saturday.
Mm. W. W. Knulkner ret ti mod thin
inornliiK from HoHoburi;, where sho
linn been npemlliiK tho holldayH with
Mrn. Carrie Do Armoml ban ar
rived In Ilend from Klamath Kill In to
vlnlt her non, II, II. Do Armond.
Dr. I'emberton, nuperlntendont of
Tbo Dnllen dlntrlct, will hold quarter
ly conference at tbo Metbodlnt
church tonight.
Mm. Cbarlou W. Krnklno roturned
hint night from Tho Dallon, where
nhe npent tbo Chrlntmnn holldayH
with her parents.
'From Tuendar'" Dolly.)
M. II. Jumen of Alfalfa In In the
city looking after buninenn matter.
J. W. Aunloy of Drothem npent last
night In Ilend.
Mr. and Mm. Jured Moore were
over from Ilcdtnond yenterday.
Illnlue Devem came In from bin
Tumalo ranch yesterday.
O. M. Couch In n buninenn visitor
from Tumalo today.
S. A. Ilronson of Lower nrldgo Is
In thu city.
Mamb Aubrey of Tumalo In spend
ing tbo day In Ilend visiting frlendn.
Max Cunning of Hedinond In In
tbo city today on probate bunlnosn.
W. H. HI ley and John Sullivan of
La IMuu nro npoudliiR the day In
Mr. and Mrn. J. O. Fonter arrived
In the city lout night from their homo
nt Summer Lake.
C. Uruucli Ih a bUHlnenn visitor In
the city today from bis homo In Ln
Frank K. Dayton of Tumalo was
transacting bunlnesn In Hend yenter
day. (leorgo II. Cyruti of Culver in In
Ilend today looking after business
Mm. J, It. Hobertn of Hedmond at
tended tho Hod CroHH meotlng lu
lloml last night.
C. II. Spaugh mid I, K. Wlmor of
IMuohumt are In tho city today at
tending to business mattom.
(From Friday's Dally.)
Considerable lutorcut Ih being
taken In tbo use of sunflowers for
Hllngo. This crop has given splendid
results In Montana and experimental
plots of sunflower huvo Indicated
that It would bo a splendid stingo
crop for Crook und Doflchutos coun
ties. County Agent Ward has taken
up with tbo Montana Experiment
station tho matter of securing seed
uud host cultural methods to uso un
der Irrigation. This Information
will soon appear lu this paper. Tho
Montana station secured u yield of
28M, tons per acre, which more iluin
doubles tho tonnagu of sllagu com
secured In Central Oregon.
Tho feeding vnluo of Biinflowor sil
age ranks very closo to corn and Is
greatly relished by livestock. It tho
crop provea a succosa in Control Ore
gon, which It Is practically sure to
do, tbo feeding problem In tbo higher
moro frosty sections will bo largely
solved. Two toua of Hllngo replace
ono ton of hay In vlntor feeding. 811
ngo makes an oxcollonj ration when
fed -with' alfalfa hay ami ptraw, as it
Is succulent, and has a splendid phyT
jfologjcol effect on tho animal' Bys
tiinldeu of Iniuce lewn with genuine
ihe reeounlzen nn the family orgRii which
once happy home that wan destroyed by
Children Who I-mt 910 Hill He.
cehi! Three Times Amount
l-'i-fini lleiul People.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Rivalling the louves und flnhcn of
Illhlcaflore, -as tho $10 IobI by Mel
viu and Clifford Tboman, sons of
Mrn. J, It. Thomas, of this city, the
day before Christmas. II y tho time
nil those claiming to have found the
money had reported, tho greenback
had grown to three times Its original
C. A. 'Stevens', of the Windmill,
read the Hulletln story of the younr
stern' loss and Immediately passed
tbojmt around. Mm. II. K. Drooks
learned of whut was going on, und
Insisted on contributing, and $11 of
Christmas money was turned over
to tbo happy boys before the stores
closed Christmas eve.
At tho Sbovlln-Illxon office, Carl
Johnson sturled out to find tho mlsn
Ing $10, nnd was liberally aided by
employes of thu company. This was
turned; over to tbo boys Christmas
morning. Shortly afterward, K. I).
(JHhoii met a Hulletln representative.
' Just found a dollar of that ten."
ho declared. Then to cap the climax,
the original bill was found by a mem
ber of the Ilend High school faculty.
Thin Canadian ottklnl phptoKrapb
hows the kind of work that must be
lono In France. Those Canadian
nglneem are building an extra bridge
icnmn the Canal du Nord. A bridge
in tho right was built by these end
neers In eight bourn under heavy shell
What Was on the Arm.
A story comes from "over there
about a "bear cat," as tho negro sol
dler Is called by the fighting men, who
raided a Hun machine gun nest nnd
wiped them out. After the raid one
of tho negro soldiers was found search
ing tho battlefield.
"What you looking for, man?" In
quired another "benr cat," with some
curiosity, (
Tin looking for man arm," was the
reply of tho first soldier.
Then the Jnqulsltlve ono observed
for tbo first tlmo that his buddy's left
arm hud been shot away. "That there
arm ain't going to do you any good
any moro even If you do find It," the
Inquirer said.
'It ain't, eh," retorted the wounded,
man. "It ain't tho arm I wpnts so
bad," he.conUnued. "bt It's tho wrist
Vtb oa' 1."'. And ,fce renewed, fla,
ull WD. I'lWH
m2 Am". I "Ti
HWf A,lM
Solid Ccmforl and Protection from
Winter's Icy Blasts will be found in
one of our
Patrick Mackinaws
They're wanner than weather
A big variety to choose from at these prices:
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Comforters at $3.50, $3.75, $3.95
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Slop and
Xurc nt Kt. Clinrlc' Hospital Culled
by Death After Ilricf Stay
In Thin Clly.
fFrom Monday's Dally.)
Funeral services were held this
morning from the Cutholic church
for Sister Mary Vlctorine of St.
Charles' hospital, who died Saturday
from complications following an at
tack of Influenza. She had been In
Ilend slnco November 2, coming hero
from tho east as a nurse. Sho was
of the Sisters of St. Joseph.
In Memory f Our Dear SUter
Ouo sweet flower drooped and faded,
One dear Sister's voice has tied,
Ouo fair brow tho grave has shaded
Ono dear Sister now Is dead.
She has gono to Heav'n before us,
Hut sho turns and waves her band
Looking to tho glory o'er her
In that happy angel land.
Cold Weather
Is with us and now you should supply yourself
with warm Underwear, Hosiery, Sweaters,
Shirts, Blankets, Etc.
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Wo shall miss, but wo shall meet her.
With her Jesus sho Is now..
With her friends and dearest parents,
Lord! to Thy sweet will wo bow.
By Sister M. Teresa.
(Br UnlUJ Pro to Th IWnd Bulletin.)
LONDON. Dec, 31. Polish forces
now control Posen, a dispatch ro
ceived horo today stated. Several
German officers havo been executed,
others aro disarmed and communica
tion with Berlin has boon cut.
Dr. Turner will bo in his office at
Thorson's Jewelry Store, from Janu
ary 6 to January 14. Adv.44c.
h3, QJ.iWll80iij.wftB lu Dond yMtofettr,