The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 26, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    hend nvLirmx, hend, Oregon, tiiurhdaY, December 20, idih
I'AOn n
(From Tlitmitlny'ii Dully.)
J, (J. Uniliion In In tin) city toiluy
from Lnknvlnw.
. Mr, mill Mm. J, N, Mniitoni aru In
from Mi Pino toiluy.
II. IC. Ilnyil. of Clovordnlo, wmi In
llmiil yoHtuiduy on IiiinIiicmii.
0. W, (Inodnlitht, of Prlunvllln, Ih
11 bUHlnosii vIhIIoi' In Hund toiluy.
M. I'VMrOnlloy, of ftiimmur Lnku,
In truiuiaulliig IiiihIiidhh In thu city.
Air. iiml Mm. W. E. Henrohy. of
TiiiiiiiIo, aru npundlng tlm day In
Frank McCnffury mnl nnn. of
J'owull lltittu, worn In th 0 city liint
Mr. mnl .Mm. II. Ilnlguriiou of thin
city, urn ihu piiruntii of u Imliy g'.l,
lioni thin wuuk,
E. II. Hliirkiir. of Oaiiip Dodgo,
Iowa, who haii burnt visiting with
IiIh ii.iruntH at TiiiiiiiIo, wiih In Bond
lllHt IllKllt.
Hunry I.. I'rlclianl arrived In lluml
liint iiIkIU from Camp Taylor, Ken.,
to vlrtlt IiIh parontM,
Hurgennt Edward Hold, of Van
coiivur Barracks, Ih In Hond for a
fuw ilayH vlnltlng hln wife.
Chuntor A. Hiulth, U. H. army, In
ylf-ltliig In lluml from .Vancouver
Hurruokti, Washington.
Harry Huluguld has ruturni'il to
lluml aftur having boun grunted a
furlough from thu navy.
Mr. ami Mm. Jurod Moore, Mm.
Aliliuy 0. Moure, ami Mis Catherine
Mooru worn In from Kuilmoml yon
I unlay.
(From Frlilny'n liully.)
Frank Purolvnl, of Mll..uu 1,1 b
lluml visitor today.
0. II. MoVuy, of Terrohone, In In
thu city today on huln-iM.
Womloll Thoiniwon, U. K. navy, Ih
homo on a nlnu-ilay furlough.
M. a. 'Mayfluld Ih vIhIIIii: In Hand
today from IiIh home In I .a I'lnu.
J union HlHck canm In today from
IiIh ranch on thu upper DoHohutos.
Clrcut Judge T. K. J. Duffy will bo
Hend Jonuary 2, to hold court for
liully matters.
William WllllamR Ih homn from
Corvallln, whoru hu ban boun attend
ing tlm H. A. T. C. .
Miss llulon Manny received word
today thnt hur brother, IMwanl
Manny, died of pnuumoulu following
nn lufluuuzn attack In Denver.
Hay (lolden, who tins beun ntn
t loiied nt Vancouver Barracks,
Wash , returned to lluml today liuv
Ing been dUchnrgud from thu navy,
ltalpli Kpcncur, Glenn Suitrls and
M. A. Hamilton, omployoos of thu
Ilullullu who have been confined to
their homos by lllmw, aru recovering
and expect to bu back on thu Job In
thu near future
J. II. Miner will clo hi nmlty
offlcu In Hand noun and tnovu to bin
ran oh uunr town thu firm of the year.
I lu luluudH to ro-opun IiIh office III
April. Mr. Minor ban boon chiefly
haudlliiK Tumalo and Hijunw Crook
Captain Fred A. Woelflon, form
nrly of Tho Ilulletlii, Ih now station
ed nt Camp Merrltt, Now Joruy, In
charKo of thu policing nt thu camp
nnd nearby country, according to a
lottor JtiHt received from bliu. Hu In
ntlll uncurtain an to when hu will
rocclvo IiIh dlschargo ami return to
(From Satiirday'n Dally.)
ICd Melvln, of Hedmoud, Ih lu Heml
today mi biiHlnonH.
Dan IIoIhIiik Ih lu tho city today
from IiIh Midway rniicb,
ChnrloH A. Sberinnii Ih a visitor In
Hum! from IiIh homo lu Flfu.
John H. HnrrlHon, of Fort Hock,
Ih a htiHlncHH vlaltor today lu Hund.
. MIhh Viola Drown arrived from
Portland HiIh morning to vlnlt her
father, CharluH I), Drown,
II. Hrookliign was lu tho city over
night from bin homo nt I.owur
W. T. Hay, of Prlnovlllo, In look
ing aftur IiiihIiiuhh matturu lu tho
city today.
I'orry South, of Slfltuni, wbh a
vlHltnr at tho foreHtry offlco lu Hund
Snm Hoyco, of Hrothom nrrlvcd In
tbu city IiihI night and la lonuilnlng
oyor today,
Mr. and Mra. Jock Horton will
loavo tomorrow morning for I'oudlo
ton whoro tlioy will Hpond tho ChrlHt
inau holldayH.
Hugh Thompson, who linH boon nt
tundliiK tbo Unlvoralty of Oregon at
Ktiguno, lu Hpomllug tho liollduya
with IiIh parontu in thia city.
MIsh Mnrgnrot Thompaon ia homo
from tbo Unlvoralty of Orogon to
Bpuml tbo liolltlayu with hor paronta,
Mr, and Mra. H. M. Thompaon.'
iwmm Monday's Dally.)
A. N, Prlnglo will lotivo thU cvojK
Ins for Seattle " '
wealthv rancher from hear
creek nt'TTK, dragged over
hut mav recover.
(From TitDHiIay'H Dally.)
ilurfurliig from night brokun rlbH,
briilHUH all over IiIh body, slight In
turiuil InJtirluH, liltt leu crushed to a
pulp, II. 0. Maiituy, lluar Creek
Iluttu lanchur, Ih lying at thu lluml
Surgical hoHptul, wburo It in liu
lluvud bu ban an excellent cbancu for
recovery. Mr, Mautuy Ih OC years old.
While going for IiIh mall, on homo
back, tlm rancher fainted and full
from IiIh mount, bu Muted after bu
revalued c-rtisclouniiuHH. Hu wnH
dragged throiiKb sagebrush and over
rockn by tbu frightened animal until
hu wiih finally torn Ioohu from thu
Htlrrup. About an hour later hu wiih
found by cowboyn and taken to thu
Clarencu Harvey ranch. Medical aid
wiih Hiimmoiii'd from lluml.
Thu victim of thu accident ban
lived a hermit exlntenco for yearn on
IiIh ranch tbu other Hlilo of lluar
Creek Iluttu. Ho Ih reputed to bu
Will No Isomer Ho Meinben
.Mllltla When DlM-lmri;'l
From V. H. Hrrvlre.
WASHINGTON. I). C, Doc. 24.
National Guardsmen who were taken
Into tbu army survlcu by prwildoutlsl
proctaiuatlou July 3, 1 91 7, will re
vert tO Civilian NlHttlH WllHIl dismissed
from tho army. Il wiih announced
that If tbu National Guard continue
as an organization, It will bu nocoa
nary to form new units lu all thu
Mr. mid Mm. William Stirling, of
IluriiH, aru In tbu city.
HmiKur Hoy Mitchell, of Fort Hock,
ban moved Into Hund for tbu winter.
T .A. McCnnii Iiiih returned to
Demi from a bunlnenH trip to tho
II. M. KtopheiiH left Saturday even
liiK for Ouktand, Ore., to Hpvml tbu
Mr. and Mm. C. Cranor, of Seattle,
arrived lu Hund lant MrIU, ami In
tend to locate here.
MIhw KIhIu OIhoii left Sunday
innruInK for MmlCord to upend
CbrlHtuiHH with hur tuouthur.
Dr. Hildow, of Switllu, In lu Heml
with lilm wlf and Hon, vUltlng IiIh
Utlier, I.. C. Hudow ovnr tint hoiiiinyH
MliH lUruatllna 0tunnnn lift
Sunday for Walla Walla, WuhIi., to
spam! tbu ('lirltitn)Hs vneatlou with
her purmitH.
.Mm. I.. D. Hoy, of Summer Iiko,
Ih vlnltlng In lluml. Hur huHUiiml,
who wiih Injured recently In an auto
accident, Ih Improviig rapidly, who
County CniumlHxtnnur C, II. Mlllur
and Suth Stnokuy wuru In. Hund thla
morning conferring with County
Judgu W. D. HnruuH In regard to tho
coming budgot auHalou of thu county
court on Thumday,
V. V. Harpbam, auporvlBor of thu
Ochoco National foreHt, arrived In
Heml HiIh inornlng from Portland,
whoro hu Iiiih been working In tbo
dlHtrlcl fonmter'H office. Hu loft
thla afternoon for Prtuuvlllo.
(From Tueaday'B Dally)
A. H. Putomon, of Slalom, spoilt
limt night In Huml.
Orvlllo G, MorrlH, of Culvor, la a
Heml vlaltor today.
H. II. Hay ley wan lit laat night from
bin homo In Tumalo.
Sidney Ice, Frumout lumbormau, la
lu lluml todny on bualuoaa,
Mr, ami Mm. Potor Habor nnd It.
Helmet, of Fort Hock, tiro In tho city.
Mr. and Mm. Harold Kllno, of 81b
tora, wore Heml vlnltora laat night.
Mr. nnd Mm. It. 8. McCluru hnvo
loft for Tho Dalles to upund tbo holl
dayH. Mr, and Mra. Fred Wallaco, ofJ
Tumalo, npont yeaterday atturuoou
In Hund,
Dr. R. K. Grny loft for Portland
laat night, ami will return to Hund
on Friday.
Ling Ilnaantn, Hindu wrostlor, ar
rived in Hond from Portland today,
to nppour tomorrow against Ad Gus
tavo, John Sathor la homo on puan to
apoud tho holldayH from Vancouver
Ilarrncka, Wuab., whoro ho la lu tho
Spruco dlvlalou.
Mrs. Oharlca Hraklho loavoa to
night to spend tho holidays with hor
.pnronta, ton nnfl Mrs." Aloxandor
Thompson,- at Tho Dalles,
clahkh hoi.hiif.viki are EF
(llr I'mi U Tl Ilfn.l IlullMln.)
LONDON, Doc. 2. CupnlnK tho
Krowlni: wave of miHplclon evidenced
lu the liberal p rutin durltiK thu pant
mouth, the Now Htatumnnu makoH
the HoiiHutloiial nniiouucumuiit that
tbu IlulHhuvlkl. Htipp'ortOd,' now'' y,
many of thulr formcr.'opponuntH, itfi
uffectlitK a rual rmiloriitloti of order
lu HuhhIii,
Tbu Now Htatemnan Ih reKiirded an
lining tho Holier element nmoiu; Lib
eral IntollectuiilH, and Ih not tho or
can of thu extreme rndlcalH. The
article ban undoubtedly heightened
the ImprcHHlon that the full truth ban
not yet come to recnrdlnc thu Huh
hIiiu Hltuatlon. '
lly Frank J. Ta)lor.
(llr UiiIImI I'rw In Tl.e llrnd llullrtln.)
HI3HMN, Dec. 24. MutluoUH ma
rlnun, who revolted wbon ordered to
xo to mm, are entrenched In the
royal palace after a battlu with thu
military i;uardH. On receiving or-
dum, fiuvural rpclmontH rioted, kid
mippliiK thu military commander of
thu city and holding him prisoner.
In thu fli'.btliic that eimucd, four ma
rl rum wuru killed and 10 wounded.
MH.I.ICAN, Dec. 2C William A.
Habn In teaching thu nchool children
nlnRltiK on Friday afternoon. I-ast
Friday wan the flmt leMon.
Mm. I.eo Kollor vUlted Hchool Fri
day afternoon.
Mm. J. J. Holland called at tho
F. Toucher homo Monday afternoon.
1". II. JohiiHon and family wore out
Monday. Mr Jolmnon comen to
Mllllcan twice a week, ntlll beltiR
poHtmaHtur of our pom office.
C. II. OraffunborRor wan Belling
beef thin week.
Mm. I.eo Keller and brotbor-ln-law,
madu a trip to Hund Wudmm
day, ruturnliiK thu Hamu day.
Mm. J. J. Holland called on Mm.
II. II. Kollor WedneHday.
Father I.uko Sbcoban canio to the
Holland place Wcdnomlay and cole
bra ted iiiiikh Tltumilay inornliiK. He
wll also go to Hrothom.
Honny Groffonborgor
meat at tbu It. H. Kllor houiu Wod-
nuHduy morning.
Fred Klgur Ih a btiHlnocw vltltnr
at Heml, and lupocta to ruturn today
or tomorrow.
J J. Holland spent Sunday
Merry ChrlHlmaH to all.
Partlu, thee -year-old daughter of
Mr. nnd Mm. Mark Pnrtln, paused
away at tho Pnrtln home after n long
illnuHH of whooping cough and Influ
enzn, on Friday nlglit, December 20.
Tho little girl wna born at Stiver
Lake, I.ako county, Orogon. Tbo
funeral wiih held on Monday ami tho
child was burled ut Mill Creek ceme
tery. Mm. Irvln Pnrborry who ban been
miming Newt Cable during IiIh re
cont lllnesH of Influenza, returned to
her homo lu Clovordnlo Saturday
Mm. W. It. Abbey and Miss Gladys
Pnrborry wore shopping In Slalom on
Vorno Skolton mndo a trip to Red
mond In hla Ford on Frldny.
Anthony Honch nnd Kd. Spoo each
hattlod n truck load of oata to Hond
from tho Pnrborry ranch on Wednes
day. Sterling Fryrear, and slater MIsa
Mary Fyroar, and mother, Mm. W.
Fryrear, vlalted at tho F. J. Hurling
homo on Tuesday. Whllo there Sterl
ing's now Dodgo enr wont on n atrlko
and ho had to bo towed homo by Mad
laon Ilolton In hla Ford.
J. U, Pnrborry was a Hond business
visitor on Wednesday.
Vorno Skolton wna u Slalom visitor
on Tuesday,
Mr. nnd Mra. Hort Iloilson nnd
daughter Aluthu and Jmuiltu woro In
Hond on Wodneaday.
Mr. and Mra. Aubroy Perry woro In
Clovordnlo on Saturday evening.
Mr. A. K. Potorson droyo n hunch
of 50 shoop to Itodmond Monday and
will drlvo anothor bunch of about 70
on Friday to tho sauio placo,
Misa Anna, Naotpabol was a poison,-
geT on tbo junll stage on Saturday.
Blio will Hpuml thu winter In Tnconm.
Thu nlHtcm' Nntloiinl Farm I.onn
muiocliitlon will hold Hh annual meet
ing for tbu purpoHi) of. electing new
offlcem umt whatever other bunlnenn
may couio before tho mooting on
January 14, 1010 at 8:00 p. in. at
tbu Clovurdalu ncbool Iioiihu. All
momburH aru niont earmwlly ruiiuent
ed to attend thin meeting,
Mr. Hlllenry, who ban boon npenil
Ing Homo tlmu on thu High Distort
returned homo on Katurdny.
Irwin Pnrborry wan a fllntom visi
tor Weilui'Hilay uvonlng.
JVIr. ItoliliiHon, who ban burn mim
ing tho lufluonm patients at the Par
tin home, returned to bin homo In
Huml Tueiduy on account of MnwHs
lu IiIh family Mr. HoblnflonvwiiH a
numu nt tbu Kfrierxcncy bonpllnl in
nfiiltl iTri'nl'hy'j-pidumlc.
' La Piiil 6'yrua reluniod liomf
Sunday evening am) iTpnnt n couple
of duyn vlnltlng J;er pnrentn. She has
been attending high dcIiooI nt Hed
inond. Mm. It, J. Skolton nnd son Vorno
aru III with tbu 'flu."
Tbo HtiniHldc family who have
ill for nomo time with tbu Influenza
aru reported an recovering rapidly.
Mr. and Mm. D. II. Long und Mr.
nnd Mm, F. W. Lnntz and family
weru shopping on Saturday In Sla
lom. Mr. George Cyrun, Illeny Hoyd nnd
Mr. Aldrlch were In Hend on Wcdix
day lu regards to the Internals of tbo
Squaw Creek Irrigation company.
Anthony Hoach nnd Kd Spoo
passed through Cloverdalo on Wed
nesday on their way to La Pino
whoro they aro engaged In moving
thu Duckott mill to Sinters.
Mm. H. C. Kline Is on the alck list
this week.
Mr. nnd Mm. F. J. Hurling were
shopping In Sinters on Saturday.
Hurt HoilHon was shopping In Sin
tern on Thumday.
Mr. and Mm. Harold Kline re
turned to the WIImou mill on Wed
nesday. John Goiter who Iiiih bon visiting
nt tho Kline homo for somn time
returned to Kiiturpriic, Ore, Tuos
day, II. O. Wllnou Iiiih purchased n new
gnaollnu wood-saw and Is doing cub
lorn work for his neighbors. Ho Is
nt present ongnged at the Parborry
Fay Miller returned homo from
Hcdinond on Sunday evonlng and Is
now 111 at her homo.
Thirty-six dollars was turned In to
Mrs. Frank Hurling, chairman of tho
Christmas Hed Cross drive, in Clover
dale during tho past week.
Observers noticed thnt tho ther
mometer dropped to 10 abovo zero
on Sunday night which Is thu coldest
weather we have had.
Notice of Itustoratlon of Public
lands to iiometitead Kutry and other
Disposition, Dopurtment of the In
terior, General Land Offlco, Wash
ington, D. C, Dccembor 14, 191S
Notice Is boreby given that by Proc
lamation of the President dated No
vember 27, 191S, the following do
hcrlbud lauds woro oxcluded from the
Dsscbutes National Foruut, In Oro
gon, and that restoration to home-
stvnd entry in advance of settlement
or other forma of disposition, subject
to valid rights nnd tho provlslona of
uxlstlng withdrawals, Is therein pro
vided for tho public lands subject to
dlspoHltlon In tho excluded area, and
thnt in accordance therewith such
InmK will bo subject to entry only
under tho provisions of tho homo-
stead laws requiring resldonce, ut
nnd nftor. but not before nine
o'clock n. tn., Stnmlard timo, January
15, nnd to sottlomcnt nnd other dis
position under any public land law
applicable thereto, nt and nftor, but
not lioforo, nlno o'clock n m., Stand
ard timo, Janunry 22, 1919. at tho
United States Laud Office at Lako
vlow, Oregon, for tho lands flmt
hereinafter described, as follows: In
T. 25 S., It. 7 K., Sees. 1, 2. 12 and
lit; lu T. 27 S It. 7 K.. Sec. 3C; In T.
28 S., H. 7 E Sees. 1, 2, 3, 10 to 15.
Inclusive. 22 to 27, inclusive. 34, J 5
nnd 36; In T. 29 S., H. 7 K., Sec. 1.
2 und 3; In T. 25 s., H. s K., W".
Sec. 5. Sees C nnd 7, W,& of Sees. S
nnd 17, Sec. 18: in T. 27 S H. 8 E.,
Sees. 31, 32 nnd 33; in T. 2S S., H.
S K., ?eca. 4 to 9, Incluslvo, 15 to 23,
Inclusive, 2G to 34, Incluslvo: in T.
29 S., It. 8 B., Sees. 2 to 0, Incluslvo;
In T. 25 S., 11. 10 H., SE4 Sec. 18;
In T. 25 S H. 13 E., SE4 Sec. 17,
E Soe. 20. NEU and Sb Sec. 29,
Sec. 32; lu T. 21 S.. H. 15 E.. E4
WVj Sec 3; In T. 21 S.. It. 1G E
813 U Sec 34; In T. 22 S., It. 1 E
NE4 Sec. 3, NE4 nnd Sj Sec. 10,
N and SEU Sec. 22, 8E4 Soc. 33,
W WVj SWU Sec. 34; In T. 23 S
H. 10 E.. NMi NWU, NW SWU
SWV. Sec. 3, NEU NEU Sec. 4: Apd
nt tho United States Land Offlco ut
Tho Dalles for tho following describ
ed lands: In T. 18 S R.10 E., Soc.
25; In T, 19 S., It. 12 E., Sec. 31.
SWU Sec. 32; In T. 20 S H. 12 E.,
NWU Sec. 31; In T. 20 S., R. 1 1 E..
K Soc. 8, NEU Sec. 19; lit T. 20
8., It. 15 E SW Soc. 25, SEU Sec.
215; Willamette. Meridian, Pros
pectlvo applicants may, during
tho porlod of twonty days preceding
tho dnto on which tho lands
shall bocomo subject to entry, sol
octlon, or location of tho form do
alrod under tho provlslona of said
proclamation, exocuto their applica
tions lit tho manner provided ly law
and present tbo tmmo, nccompnnlml
by tho required payments, to tho
United Stntos Land Office at Lnko
vlow or Tbo Dalles, Orogon, In per
son, by mall, or otherwise, and all
applications so filed, together with
Hticb an may bu submitted at tlm hour
fixed, shall bu treated as though
nlmultnunously filed and shall bo dis
poned of In tbu manner provided by
departmental regulations of May 22.
1911, Umlur such regulations con
flicts of equal rights will bo deter
mined, by a drawing. Warning In ex
pressly glvnn in said proclamation
that no seltlomout Initiated prior tc
seven days after tho date for home
stead ontry abovo named will be rec-
ognl7od( but all persons who go upon
any or tiio land to he .restored as
therein provided and perform any
act of settlement thereon prior to
nlno o'clock n. m Stnndnrd tlm,
January 22, 1919, or who am on or
aro occupy(ng any part of said lauds
at such hour, except tbosa having
valid HottlornenL rlefitn Inltlntnil
prior to withdrawal from settlement
and since maintained, and those hnv.
Ing preferences to mnko ontry under
tho provisions of tho Act of CongrenH
approved Juno 11, 1900 (34 Stat.,
2.1.1), and Acts amendatory, will be
considered nnd dealt with nn tres
passers nnd will gain no rights what
over under such unlawful settlement
or occupancy; provided, however,
that nothing therein contained shall
prevont persona from going upon and
over thu lands to examine them wjth
a view to making entry tnereof, or
settlement thereon when tho Innds
sbnlt become subject thereto in ac
cordance with said proclamation.
Peraons having prior settlement
rights or preferences, as above do
flned, will bo allowed tn mnko entry
In accordance- with existing law nnd
regulations. Intending cntrymon arc
also warned to nscortaln tho "tntus
of tbu lands before making applica
tion thorefor by Inquiry of the local
'id offices before January 15, 1919,
as a portion of tho abovo described
lands is not subject tn entry, being
embraced In entries under tbo public
land laws. The records of this office
show that tho areas above described
aro not now ombrncod In any with
Commissioner of tho General Land
Office. Doc.2C-Jan 2, 9, 16c
Notice is hereby given thnt the an
nual stockholders' meeting of the
Pine Forost Irrigation Co., will be
held at tho Arnold school house, 7
miles southeast of Hend, on the
Heml-Hums roud nt 2 P. M., Satur
day, Jan. 3, 1919.
43-5c President.
Notice Is hereby given that the
undersigned has been by the County
Court of Deschutes County, State of
Oregon, appointed administrator of
the estate of Charles Olson, deceased.
All persons having claims against
said ostate are required to present
them, duly rerlflcd as required by
law, to said administrator, at his of
flco In Hend, Oregon, within six
months aftur tho dnto of tho flmt
publication of this notice
First publication December 26th,
Administrator of tho estato of
Chnrlcx Olson, deceased.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office nt The Dalles, Oregon,
December 23rd, 191S.
Notice Is heroby givon that Clar
ence L. Smith, at Hond, Orogon, who,
on May 14th. 1913, made Honieetoad
Entry. No. 011681. for NWU SEU.
N. SWU. SWU SWU. Section 24,
Township 17 South, Range 12 East,
Willnmotto Meridian, has filed no
tlco of Intention to make final three
year proof, to establish claim to tho
land abovo described, beforo H. C.
Ellis, U. S. Commissioner, at Hend,
Oregon, on tho 6th day of February,
Claimant has ns witnesses:
Frank Wlttermnn, of Dend, Ore
HIrd Lowell, of Hend, Oregon.
John Kotzmnn, of Uend, Oregon.
Marlon Kotzmnn. of Hond, Oregon.
43-47p Roglster
tuwi-sLfSS!lli,iJT,y' . utr'm I
The First National Bank
vl 1
Merry Christmas
a i
I , !
CIimIUmI Krftrcrtlmng charge rrr lurnie 20
ent for 20 won l or Imt. One eent pr
woril for ll nrtt 20. All claulflriJ mUtrtliinx
strictly ciuh In mlrnncc..
FOR SALE 160 ncrci at Powoll
iluttu with 60 tier 01 In cultivation;
plnco well fenced; five-room house,
barn, chicken and hog Iiouhos.
I'rlco $20 por aero. Inquire of L.
J. Sceborgor, sevorf miles oast of
Hond on Hoar Crook road. 4 3-4 4 p
FOR SALE On nccount of falling
health I must noil my dairy herd
of hlgb-grado Holntolns, AH young
stuff, no hotter herd In South
Central Oregon. Average prlco
about $75 por bond. Call or ad
dress II. A. Chapman, Fremont,
Oro, 43-Ca
FOR SALE 250 flno wool cwea.
bred to start lambing Jan. 15th;
or would exchange for cnttto or
lambs. Address C. W. Mumn, Red
mond, Oro. Phono No. 807.
FOR SALE 250 bushols spring ryo
seed; also 500 bushols of oats.
Will sell all or part. Inquire
Bulletin. 08-4 2-3p
FOR SALE 160 acres, all Irrigated,
under Arnold ditch system; 135
acres cultivated, 30 In nlfnlfn,
clover and timothy; level; deep
soil, freo of rocks; 7-room houso,
barn, 2 cisterns. Reason for salo
am widow. Prlco reasonable. 15
cows and young stock. Mm. Mary
Knotts, 5 miles from Bund, Ore.
FOR SALE Ford Sedan car, latest
model, practically now; a ray-Da vis
self starter; electric lights; bought
before advance. Will sell nt re
duction on terms. Inqulro Ford
Garage. 42-tfc
TO TRADE For cow and cair, No.
17-450 capacity U. S. cream sepa
rator, practically new. Asa Prich
nrd, Bend, Ore. 43-7p
TO EXCHANGE A member of my
family needing a higher altitude
and a dryer climate, I -would liko
to trade tho below described placo
for alfalfa land in Eastern Oregon.
96 acres in Lornne Valley, Lano
county, Ore.; 60 acres In cultiva
tion, over half ffnq bottom land,
balanco rolling, but not steep;
good buildings, well fenced. Joins
county road und frco range; flno
water; telephone, dally mail,
abundanco of fruit; close to school.
C. L. Frost, Lornne, Ore. 43-Cp
TO TRADE 11 acres commercial
orchard near Spokano to trado for
house or what huvo you? I) ox 33,
Tillamook, Oro. 43-7p
TAKEN UP Ono mouso colored
home, weight 1100; two upper
front teeth broken out, brand in
visible. J. O. Hagcn, Bend, Ore.
TAKEN UP Cnmo to my placo ,
mllos east of Bond about Novem
ber 1, 1918, ono Jersey year1 ng
steer. No brand that can bo n
Owner can havo samo by proving
ownership nnd paying expenses. H,
J. Overturf, Hend, Oro. 4Tc
STRAYED Ono brown saddle p ny,
weight about 700, whllo star in
face, 1 whlto hind foot; brarded
L O on shoulder. Reward for In
formation. C. J. Stauffor, St uf
fer, Oro. 43-5p
MONEY TO LOAN $5000.00 to
on Improved farm land. Dcscb
Countv Abstract Co. 90-'
WANTED A team of mares, a' ut
1500 lbs. each, for cash. Adf jss
Piercy & Sons, Tumalo, Ore.
39-1 tfo