The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 19, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Image 1

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tyA, , ' I
The bend bulletin.
. ia
CiiiiuhhhIoiiiiI Aspirant lit Hiilem
llei-inuliiu; Aihi In l'n'ui-
ration for Itiici) fur
Higher Office.
(Hpuulnl lo llio Iliillnlln.)
HALBM, Ore.. Dec. I ! Highway
legislation which Iiiim for Hh ur-
jiomi tho malting of Orugnu the bust
developed road statu In tin t'nloti
promise to urUit during (ho coming
legislative momsIoii, blossoming out
utmost ovttrnlKht. Indications nro
thitl there Is ii strong Miitliinni
among the legislator to buck ut such
ii plan of legislation mill during the
next law years no mnti who wants
lo work luit'il hi without employment
In Oriigon, unit farmer will mm tholr
vroportle growing in value by leap
mill bound hh market are brought
perceptibly nearer.
Tho war brought a sudden Mtop to
the comprehensive highway plmi
vlilcli IihiI Iiiihii outlined hy the coin
tnlMlon, hut HI tho sumo tlmu the
reeaatloii of work allowed huge sums
of highway money to accumulate
The riMttlt In Hint Him roiiitnhHloii
will hn able to -go ahead Immediately
on a widely broadened highway pro
Krniii which will cover every sctilini
of tho stale, which will employ over
3,000 man In Hh coiiHiiniiitlou mill
-will virtually solve tho trunk high
way M)ntmn problem an well an the
unemployment problem for yearn to
co m u.
JUtinl Nmio Planned.
A second Issue of roml 'bonds to
f mill another Jii, 000,000 lo tho funds
iilrcmly nvitltuhlu In onu of the out-
Mantling feature of tho latent high-
'way program. Another In n lax of
ii cent it Million on KtiMollne for the
purpose of giving Hie oountlo money
lo iiiuet n'ato-uld money. If thU
tnx Is ImpiHieil It Ii the present jiIhii
lo have tho f ii ml pro-rated among tho
nitintlwi mi thin Hie money rt urim to
thn con niy whore tho gasoline 1m
purchased, tho tux to Im hmhmmihiI
i.khIiii tho consumer. It to believed
that IlitU, or no objection will he
ludgrd onanist thin hy cur owner.
Another proposal In to Increase the
license fee against automobiles by
25 pur vent, tho money to Mill ko
Into the good road final. It U also
proposed to tux tiuil require taxua lo
liu paid on ear at the tlmu thu license
fee Im paid, mo that no auto owner
may gel away without paying hln
lujculur tux on hla machine,
1'i'u Will )pHiio Ta
It Im certain, from experience In
the past, thai very fow If nny cur
owners, Mill objucl to nny riuiionublu
iiMiutMineiU of charge UKiiliuit hli
our, or iiKiiliiMt tho motive power lio
hlnd It, provldlDK ho kmiWH thai tin
money mo aMnototud Im koIih; to ho cou
vurtuil Into i:ood hlnhwayM.
Tho unto owner Iihh dlxcovernd
thai tho cont of ovurhoml Mitch iih new
llrotf, hrokuu uprlugH and Jammed
up cum, U uxlruiuuly hli;li iih com
parod to u comparatively trifling In
croiiHu In thu prlco of uu automobile
lIcuiiHO. llu him (Uncovered that a
trip from ouo end of tho Columbia
HlKbway to tho other comIh htm In
tlreo, broken HprliiKu and hoiuuIIiuuh
lu kiihoIIiiu than a 10-tnllu trip over
iioiiiu of tho preHOiit Oreiton country
iouiIh and hi) lu anxloim that tho
romlH whore ho doen buuluuuH lilin
Holf ho placed In hucIi ahapu thai ho
Im not coiiHtantly IncroiiHliiB tho bunk
roll of tho KiiniKu uian.
Thu uniinuHtlouoil huccchh of thu
10,000,000 roml bond plan, wlioro
'by tho uutoiuobllo owner Ih to pay
ror thu romlH, and tho unpimilled
Ki'owth of tho fttudH with which to
imy off tho bomb throuKh thu uho
of uutoiuobllo IIcoiiho monuy, him
o)uuu(l tho oyun of oven a luntu uuiii
1iur of thoHo who wore blttorly op
IiohoiI to tho big roml bond Ishiiu IuhI
year whon It cuiuo up for coimUlura
tlou of tho pooplo,
I'lenty of KuiiiIm Available.
Kvou If tho doubled roml bond la
not Kruutcd, thoro will bo plenty ot
money to m alto a good hIiowIiik, but
It lu bulluvod that tho uocond Isauo
-will bo ullowod,
On top of It ull tho Kodoml gov
oruiuonl Irt outlining u program for
tho oxpomllturo of liundrodH of mil
llqiiu of dolJarH on rouda In connec
tion with Htuto roml (lovolopinout and
(Contluuod on last pago.)
(. ov : u x m i: x t i:.mi'i.)V.mi:nt
IteprotuintliiK the!. H. Koviirnnu'iit
oinployiuuul Murvlco, llurtiuu of l.u
hor, It. I. WilllniiiH arrived from
I'ortlaml HiIm mornlnK to confer with
T. II. Koloy, uhiiiriiiun of Dm llouii
Cotiimiinlly labor honril, and to look
over the I lieu I Mltiiatlou. Ho Mtnteil
Hint comlltlouM hero are very favor
able, Indeed, unit commented espe
cially on tho Mtuuil lak(;ii by tho
Khuvllu-lllxou and tho llrookn-Kcuu-lou
uiltU lu offerliiK work to all men
from here who are mttiruliiK from
the army, navy, ami marine corp
"Moil illMChurKml from the nervlce.
mIioiiIiI roniiuunlciito luimeillittely on
their return with (lie local board."
Mr. William mhIiI. "lu thin oounec
tlou, I urn uuthorlzwl to mute that
Wllfortl K. Kuillli. utiite illrvctor of
the emplo)iiielit nervlce, will hi xlad
to aid In the Holutlon of any labor
reMilJiiMiment probleniM which mlxht
prove too blK for the local board to
bundle "
j'l i in :i ; it aim n(i
i'ikim iti:.i ox i.Mi'itoN i:.mi:m'
LIST AI'1'ltOI'ltlATKIXS (!'
AitotT ij-o.ooii pi,axm:i.
I'latiH for roml linprovoment di
rectly buuefllttiK Unnd ami (.'mitral
Orer.ou, reprixiontlnK an oxpumtlturo
of approxltmitoly $280,000, wore
iiihiIh known today by County Judge
V. I). HuriioM, followluK hlM return
from I'ortlMiiil, whoru he attended
the meelliiK ot the State IIIrIimh)
(.'ommlwilon. Work on the Maokwu
xle I'mtn roml will wtart thto aprliiK.
the Initiation buliiK to olliulmtto tho
bud 4 1-2 mile Mtretcli of hMshwny
near Windy I'olnt. Kor thin $8-1.000
tit avallablu, J 5.000 ImiIiik onuuty
money, thu rtxit ooiuIuk from foriMt
and Mtate fuiiiU.
Tho' llund-Klamulh I'alU road will
Im surveyed, and approximately
IS00.0OO appropriated for I(h Im
provHiUHUt, whllu on tho Ilaiul
II u run road, a Hiirvoy will Imva to
bo inmlo before any definite Idea own
ho xalued of tho expenditure nocon
Mary to put thu hlKhway lu kooi! con
dition. Judgo llaruvH bolloviM tlmt Hib
comliiR year will hit ouo of unpre
cedented activity lu road butldliiK
throughout Oregon, IiiirIuk bin opin
ion on tho bland taken by County
JiiiIkch and CommltiHlonerH at thulr
recent Htuto convention.
lu connection with tho roml Im
provemunt proKrnm In thin Hcctlnu,
Statu HlRhway KiiKlneor Herbert
N'unn Ih expected to pay Ilend an of
ficial vlult In tho near future.
Klcvcii Chosen on Hlnuillug Cout
nil tt cos of tho .Statu Chamber
of Commerce.
In addition to J. V. Koy'os, named
iih nun of tho dlructora ot tho new
Htuto Chamber ot Commerce, Con
trnl Orogon Ih well represented on
tho standing commlttouH, Men from
thin auction who uro Included na us
Momburuhlii, II. J. Ovorsturf,
Iloud; land Huttlomout, C, S. Hudson,
Ilond; lriigatloiiiuid drnluago, J, II,
Upton, I'rlnovlllo; Hurry W. Onrd,
Mndraa; ludiiHttial, A. A- Ayn, l.u
I'lno; ronds, Mi A. Lynch, Ilcdmaud;
wutor powor, Clydo M. MoICay, Ilond;
Hvcfltoolc, Honry McCnll, l'liuovllloj
dairying, John Kommlng, IMiuovlllu;
lumbor, T. A, McCnnn, Doiul; public
ity, H, W. Sawyor, Bond,
A mom Kraplilc picture of war con
dllloiiM Im drawn by CIiiih K Hay .of
Tiiiualo, from IiIm nlatlou near the
wimteru fryul, after travollltiK ovit
OIIH Of till IIIOMt fauioiiM ImttlnfleldM
of Krnuco. Hln letter written while
tho war wan Mill uudeoliUd. Iikm Junt
been renolred hy (rlnndn In TuiiinIo,
and Im iim follow:
My dear C. X.:
Your immt welcome letter came
hut evenlnr. iim I whn leaving with
ouo of the field MucrHarloa for the
front where I am now. When I flrt
went from I'arln I wkm biiMlnoaa ttec
ri'lary. Hlnce thou have been ad
vanced lo iIIvImIoii Hecrotary, huvliu;
under my direction all activities for
an entire iIIvImIoii of troopM. Am wiim
my policy whon with I. K Harmon
& Co., to vImII tho trade, mo here I y,n
out with the HccrelurloN to their pohIh
ho that I may he familiar with actual
condition. I aim) want tho men to
know that I do not Mend them Into
any place I will not go rnyMclf.
I.ant night waM one of the niowt per
fect tnoonllKht uIkIiIk that are nearly
iim light iih day. Ah all roudM are un
der enemy olwervallon It wiih necwa
Mary to wait until to leave. JiihI
before wo reached t ) thoy
Mhelled tho roml, but fortunately It
whh over an wo pantod. I low lucky
we will bo on tho return trip tonight,
remaltiH to he Keen.
After driving about thirty min
utes wo arrived at ( ) or what
wan once n town, now It U only a
heap of rutiiN and not a very big pile
at that Tho Mhatterml remains Mtood
lu Hip inooutlght like ghostM Mlluntly
protesting agiiliiMt tho wanton mur
der done here. In thu back of the
car wo had nevoral boxem of aweot
cukiw, these were placed lu the
hotel (7) until thl morning when
name were noli! to tho boy and Hunt
to the trenches. Leaving the ma
chine behind a protecting wall, I
took my hud roll and with Mr. I.lbby
started for battalion headquarter.
On tho way twild "hollo" to a Ited
Cross man In a cros roads chocolate
My poir of description l far too
limited to paint ii word picture of the
roue I wltnesed and the Imprtwalou
It made on me. I'll do my best, how
over, trimtlng that your Imagination
may to n degree help out.
Wo walked up little patliH which
led hero and there, over dodging the
all-prasant shell hole, filled with
water from recent rains In which was
rofleoled the moon. It was all n
cue ot calmnoss, (hero being no
hint of war, no llghtH, camp fires, or
men. In all directions ran trenches
wIiohu hare sldas tuiomcd like great
sears on the brooNt ot Nature; It a
Hlgual was given from these silent
place would spring thousands of
young Americans ready to do battle
to thu death, for they arc grout fight
.Material Iteiliictlon on Xlght Mes
Miges Annininrcil in Itcnil
Ity local Manager.
Willie other scctlcniH ot tho coun
try havo always had tho honofU of n
reducul rate for short ovor-nlght
mesBngos without restriction, the
i'aclflo coast has novur had tho bono-
til of night mosHiige rates except to
comparatively nearby points. This
has now been corrected by 1'oM mas
ter nenoral Uurloson, who Iihh or
dered that effective January 1, a mil
versiil system of night massages at
grojitly reduced rates shall obtain in
all parts ot tho county,
Managor C. K. Nichols of tho local
Western Union office advises that
under tho now' schedule ot night mes
sage rates tho people ot tho Pacific
coast will havo a rate as low as SO
cents for messages ot 10' words to
Now York City and other places on
tho Atlantic seaboard, with nn added
charge of only two cents per word
for additional words, -.
(From Monday 'a Dully.)
Funeral- Horvlcoa for Mrs. Harold
Smith, who died lust wook in Ilond,
wero hold at tho gravosido in tho
local comutery yesterday uftoruoon,
Hqv. Stownrt, of tho Methodist
Arriving at headquarters i went
Into the major's quartern where we
spent a moMt pleasant hour before re
tiring. The major Im tho mom hu
man man I hava met in tho army,
being a lawyer In civil Ufa and a real
and genuine American.
Wore you ever lu a oovo or a coal
mine? If ho, you hava snm Idn3 of
wlioro I wf-nt to sloop, down, down,
down Into the ry bowels of the
earth. Ilvary little wayij thoro aro
qffahoot whre the men hIhdp. My
hunk won a little too short and I
found It necessary to wrap myaolf
around a large post. Overhead wna
u corrugated Iron roof which seemed
to bo the camping place of u family
of rats who were evidently holding a
reunion. Regardless of those' things
I had a most comfortable night. All
water has to be carried, ho It la very
precious. Try to wash your teeth,
shave and clean up In a cup ot water,
that Im what I did so I know It In
At the risk of tlreing you I'm going
to tell of our trip this afternoon.
Lenvlng after lunch, the major, lieu
tenant, secretary and myself started
to ascend a hill, whose name will be
written In glorious letters In French
history. Km Hides are ho pitted with
shell craters that thoy have lost all
semblance ot smoothness. Here and
thorft n pair of shoos protrude or a
white bono can be soon, giving mute
evidence of the tragedies and sacri
fice paid to hold this ground. Many
griivoa are marked with tho cross and
tho trl-colors of France. On one In
hutvs u heart shaped stone with the
number of tho man and u little crocs
carved on Its surf nee. We looked
on the reverse sldo and found tho
nnimuvof aftAmerlcan soldier who
hud made It' and placed It there as
ii mark of hl admiration for tho
heroic soul burled there.
At the crest of the hill we came to
a famous tunnel made by the bocho
and through which he transported
his mon and (supplies. It was a
spookie trip through here, we used
a candle and flash light. Under toot
was mud while from overhead drip
ped watur. At last we reached a
stair way leading up, up to a ladder,
this brought us to an obeurvutlon
post on the very crust ot the hill.
From here with the aid of the tolp
scope I saw tho Gorman line and the
huche moving about. Retracing our
steps to tho opening wo returned
through tho water soaked advance
trenches to our qunrtors.
You cannot possibly Imagine tho
aw fulness of the struggle that must
havo taken placo hero, after viewing
the ground, soolng the terrible ef
fect of shell fire, hundreds ot sbollB
exploded and otherwise It seems to
me that Hell Itself could have noth
ing mi thlu hill. How nny human
belug lived through It Is beyond me.
Samuel I. DaiigheiiliaiiKli Writes
From Houlogne, Conveying
Welcome Xews.
Xows from two boys from this sec
tion serving in tho U. S, Army In
Franco, is conveyed In n lottor ro-
colved at Mllltcan from Private first
class Samuel I. Daughenbaugh. Tho
letter is written from lloulogno, nnd
roads us follows:
"This Ih n lino to let you nil know
I urn well, havo been marked up to
louve hospital tho last three lays, but
they havo not sont nny ouo to I). D.
C, (l)aao Detail Co), so hnvo not gono
yet, but hope to soon. Shall bo glad
to get back to my regiment. SApposo
I will havo quite a llttlo mull when
I do. Quito cold weather hero tho
past tow daB. Cold, but clour. Don't
expect It will bo long before tho
government begins to relenso tho
roldiers. I auro will bo glud to get
back again. I heard today fronuono
of thu boys in tho Socond Conipiiiy
pttnl, Ho was wounded on tha Ar
gonno front in battlo of Vordun, a
slight wound. Suppose yoii hoard It
from Ills pooplo boforo this. Will
hardly got u chance to visit your peo
plo unlosa wo stay In Franco qulto a,
vyhilo, which I hopo wo don't hnvo
to do,
November 18 Am loavlng hospi
tal tor my rogtmont this morning.
Hlei'tlou llrbl Today, noil I'ninim
I'nr Deschutes Vnllry
I'or Coming Ycnr l
Dealrotis of leaving In office tho
men who aro familiar with Hie Des
chutes Valley Irrigation campaign
already vigorously under wuy, the
members of the Ilond Commercial
club, meeting this noon, unanimous
ly re-elected T. II. Foley and II. A.
Miller as president and vice-presi
dent, respectively. J. I'. Keyes, Carl
Johnson, C. B. Hudson and K. P.
Mnhiiffoy wero chosen without op
position as directors. I). C. McPher
soti received n unanimous ballot for
the position ot secretary.
Jay H. Upton, of Plnevllle, presi
dent of the Oregon Irrigation Con
gress, which will meet 'in Portland
on January 9. 10 and 11, was the
chief speaker ut today's session. He
advised a 'preliminary meeting ot
Central Orogon Irrlgationists to for
mulate n program to ho carried out
at the Portland mooting, and In con
nection with tho general Irrigation
plan, emphaslted the importance ot
solving the problem of the leaks in
tho Tumalo reservoir.
Upton Is Speaker.
"The chief need of this section is
to Interest the Federal -government
In the development ot the Deschutes
Valley," Mr. Upton declared
"Through the publicity afforded us
during the Irrigation Congress, wo
can do big things for Irrigation and
for Central Oregon. Every man from
this part of tho country who can pos
sibly do so, should be In attendance."
Mr. Upton spoke of the billion dol
lar reclamation appropriation plan,
mentioned the tact that because ot
surveys already made, Oregon needs
llttlo in the way of preparation for
irrigation development work, and
touched on the plans which have been
suggestod for the mending ot the
Tumalo leaks. Ho urged that the
Tumalo situation bo takon enro of
before stuto appropriations n.v innde
for the State Land Sottlomout com
mission. to Meet.
A. Whlsnant nve credit to Mr. Up
ton for conceiving the plan ot making
land available for men rcturlng from
the government service, and urged
that individual letters bo written to
Congressman X. J. Slnnott ot this
district, sotting forth Central Ore
gon's Irrigation needs.
Fred X. Wallace, Tumalq Irrigation
project onglueor. who made his first
uppoarauce since his rocont illness,
spoke on the mending ot leaks in
the reservoir, stating Hint more water
for silting was tho chief noed. He
also urged u preliminary Irrigation
mooting, nnd tho club went on record
as favoring such u gathering, lonvlng
the sotting ot the dnto to tho commit
tee rocontly selected from Ilond,
Prlnoville and Redmond representa
TORS. That tho Red Cross Christmas Roll
Call is meeting with roal success,
was shown today whon partial re
turns from four districts in tho city
showed $250 already taken In. This
Is taken to indicate that, .pructicully
n clean sweep is bolng made.
Residents of Ilond, who for any
reason huvo not beon seen by solici
tors, aro requested to report at tho
Liberty' Tomplo on Oregon street, or
tq tho captains ot tholr respective
lu addition to the list ot district
chairmen published yesterday, the
name of Mrs. A. Whlsnant was given
today tor that part ot tho city west
After hours and n halt of tho nift
iest wrestling ever seen in Ilcnd, Ad
Gustavo, ot Ilend, nnd Ling Hasanta,
Hindu champion middleweight, ac
cepted n draw at the Hlppodromo
last night. A fluke rail at tho
ond of two hours nnd four minutes,
when tho Oriental was acefdently put
out of commission, by a solar plexus
Jolt from tho Dend man's head, was
disregarded by Ilcforce Stephenson.
At tho closo of the match, the
wrestlers signed a contract to appear
here again on Christmas to compete
for a purse of $1000 purse. Each
posted a 50 forfeit.
Doth Gustavo and Rusanta won
popularity with the fans by tholr
cleverness, and by tho clean tactica
which characterized the entire bout.
Ilasanta worked the too hold over
time, but his hands were not qulto
strong enough to keep possession of
the Argentine champion's foot whon
on two occasions ho had gained a
soeming advantage. Ad's favorlto
grip was an arm scissors, which ho
secured almost at will, and used In
endeavoring to tiro out his opponent, '
but the Hindu squirmed tree each
time with apparently no bad results.
Roth men repeatedly broke seeming
ly deadly holds Just when a decision
hung in the balance.
Good preliminaries ushered In the
main event, Ernest Clayton, ot Rend,
winning two straight falls from
Charles Dixon, while Kid Savago,
donning tho gloves with "Rill" Wil
liamson, won on a foul. Ernest Lo
Clair and Ed Williamson went four
rounds to a draw, "
Contract Signed with District Vrtf
lde for Transfer of .Wets
Which Will Cover I,ue
of $210,01)0.
(Fiom Saturday's Dally.)
Final assurance of tho sale by tho
C. O. I. company to tho Central Oro
gon irrigation district ot all holdings
In Deschutes and Crook counties was
made yesterday at tho meeting ot tho
district directors In Redmond, when
the amended contract for transfer ot
tho property was approved, and ar
rangements tor the financing of tho
deal completed. Tho purchaso prlco
is mimed nt $200,000, and to meet
this obligation members of the dis
trict will vote 011 a $240,000 bond
issue on January 15, 1919, It was
decidod. Tho $40,000 excess, It is
estimated, will take caro ot discount
nnd Interest on tho bonds tor tho
first year.
According to tho forms ot tho con
tract, tho company agrees to sell all
land and water rights, Its Irrigation
system, all unpaid maintenance and
ull real and personal property, in
cluding tho townslto of Deschutes.
Forty-six hundred acros of unsold
land and 1700 excess -ucrearco aro
also transferred. Tho actual value
of these two Items lu tho deal oasily
offsets tho amount mimed in tho con
templated bond issue, it Is figured.
Prior water rights aro specified for
maximum capacity ot tho iutnkcs for
tho preseut ditch system. , .
Tho bonds which will bo voted on
In January' are for 20 years, and as
tho realty transferred amounts to
45,000 acres, tho incumbrance on
tho property will amount to less thun
$G per aero.
Tho completion of negotiation tor
tha salo is considered a long step in
advauco tor tho causo ot irrigation
in Crook and Deschutes counties.
249,000, STATEMENT
BERLIN, Doc. 18. Tho total
tiumbor ot Germans killed in the
war was officially announced today