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Central Oregon
- --
CLOVERDALE, Doc 10. Goorgo
Cyrus nnd family h.iTo bcon ill with
tho "flu" but aro doing nlcoly now.
Dr. Wilson of Redmond was In
Clovcrdalo ono day last week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Geo. Burnslde mado
a trip to Redmond on Thursday.
II. O. Wilson was n Sisters shoppor
Ray Abbey killed two coyotes on
his ranch Sunday morning.
Mrs. H. O. Wilson has been ill with
tho "flu," but is convalescing now.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kllno camo
home from tho Wilson mill on Satur
day nnd returned on Friday.
Mr. Skellon nnd Verne mado a
trip to Dcnd on Monday night.
Gcorgo Pnrton mado a trip to Red
mond Tuesday night.
Calvin Burnslde, Dean Van Matro,
H. C. Miller nnd Frank McDonald
mado n trip to Mill creek Monday.
A. C. Petorson and Bert Hodson
were in Bend on Friday.
Gladys Parborry was on the sick
list last week with tho "flu."
Mr. and Mrs. Irvln Parberry wore
buiilness callers at the W. R. Abbey
homo on Saturday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. W II. Abbey wcro
shopping in Bend on Friday.
Frank Beard, who hao ben very
111 with tho "flu," is now on the con
valescent list.
LaDona Gyrus returned to Red
mond Sunday, whero sho is attend
ing hish school.
John Doakon went to Bend Satur
day with a load ot grain.
F. J. Burling mado a trip to the
Henry Beard home Friday morning.
J. L. Parberry Is ill with tho "flu."
John Doaken has purchased Bob
Woodward's telephono and has had
It installed in his home.
Henry Beard mado a trip to Red
mond Thursday evening.
The Beard-Scott threshing ma
chine, which has been operating at
Lower Bridgo. has postponed all
operation until tho recover ot
Henry and Greeno Beard, who have
been 111 with the flu. Mr. Burling,
who has been running the engine,
returned homo last Wednesday.
SISTERS, Dec. 10. Mr. and Mrs.
IL K. Allen and J. D. Bowman of
Bend attended tho special school
meeting at tho school house Satur
day. Perry A South wns elected a
director to succeed J. D. Bowman,
who has resigned. W. E. Graham is
now chairman of tho school board.
County Superintendent J. Alton
Thompson and County Treasurer
Clydo McKay audited the clerk's
hooks and found everything satisfac
9G por cent. Tho eighth grndo ex
amination will bo held Janunry If
nnd 17, 1019. Dorothy Taylor,
George Davis and Ircl Harrington
secured tho honors at tho spelling
contest Friday evening. A lnrgo en
cyclopedia has ben placed In tho
upper grades for supplementary use.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. South nnd Georgo
Messer attended tho spelling contest
Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Allon nnd son
John nnd Mrs. P. B. Davis went to
Redmond Frldny.
Tho now school houso on tho Mo
tolltts is almost completed.
Master John Allen visited tho Mo
tollus school Thursdny nnd had din
ner with Mrs. Earl Updlko, tho
L. E. Smith nnd Mr. Odel, son of
A. E. Odel, mado an Inspection ot
tho Tutn-A-Lum mill.
Green Beard and son Henry woro
in from Cloverdnlo Saturday. Both
havo recovored from tho "flu."
R. H. Krug ot tho Black Butto sec
tion was in town Saturday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Chas. Holnman woro
shopping at Sisters Saturday.
J. B. Fryrear of tho Squaw Creek
section was In town Saturday.
Martin Hanson, O. L. Belshe,
Gcorgo Henncgan and James Kccncy,
ranchers of Sherman county aro at
Camp Sherman on tho iMetollus for
an outing.
Pern South and Gcorgo E. Altkcn
went down to Camp Sherman Satur
day evening to attend a stag party
and returned Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Claude Knapp moved
to Portland.
Inez Fullerton went to Albany
Thursday to visit relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor and son
Elba and daughter Ada wcro down
from Bend visiting relatives. Mr.
Taylor had an exceedingly hard siege
of tho Spanish influenza and spent
four weeks nt tho Bend surgical hos
pital, having lost 35 pounds, but is
now looking none tho worse from
his experience.
J. O. Kinney, who has been operat
ing a warehouse for tho Greeno cor
poration at Blalock station, in Gil
liam county, returned homo Satur
day. Mr. McKlnncy also visited his
sister at Harlem. In tho Milk river
valley in 'Montana, and on his return
from Montana ho was called to the
bedsldo of his undo at Arlington.
Gilliam county, who had contracted
a serious Illness and died.
Warren Farthing and J. H. Stld
ham went up into tho mountains
Sunday to look at their traps. They
caught four marten on tho last trip.
Tho Tum-A-Lurn mill Is now run
ning with a full crow nnd turning
out a largo cut every day.
Hourlgnn, was taken seriously ill ot
flu and was taken to tho Prlitovlllo
hospital Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ireland. P. 11. Poln
dexter nnd Cora nnd Vornon Poln
dexter visited nt tho homo of C. M.
Charlton Sunday aftornoon.
Powoll Uutto community wns sad
donud to hear nt tho (loath at l,ako
vlow of Mrs. Pat Auglaud of this
place. Mrs. Auglaud, with hor hus
band nnd two small chlldrou, was
on a visit to hor pnronts, Mr. and
Mrs. Pendleton, nt Lakovlow. whon
sho was strlckuu with flu and died.
The sympathy ot tho entire commun
ity goes out to Mr. Angland In this
sad hour.
Mrs. Gcorgo C. Truesdalo received
a wlro that hor daughter, Miss
Paulino Truendalo, will arrlvo soon
for a visit. Miss Truesdato Is a
uurso In training In a Senttlo hos
pital and tins boon away for more
than n year.
E. II. Stowart Is in Portland and
Hood River on a business trip.
Horn, to (Mr. nndiMrs. C. O. Fostor,
a ulnu nnd a half pound boy. Name,
uren Charlton, This Is tho first
grandchild in tho Charlton family at
Powoll Butto and there Is great Joy
over his arrival. Tho mother, Ha
Charlton Fostor, Is u graduate nurso
ot Good Samaritan hospital, Port
laud, and has many friends hero who
extend congratulations.
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Bussott aro
both 111 of Intlucnzn.
Mrs. P. B. Polndexter, a nurso of
Prlnovllle, Is at tho Charlton homo
to caro for tho now grandchild.
Iiiflurnzu Gets Old and Young-.
"Grip" nnd "Flu" coughs should
not ho neglected. Profit by tho ex
perience of thousands llko Mrs. Mary
Klsby, 3T.33 Princeton Avo Spokane,
Wash., who writes: "Our llttlo boy
found relief In wondorful Foley's
Honey nnd Tar. It surely cured me
I am 75 years old; had very bad
cough from la grlppo." Sold overy
whoro. Adv.
again In tho near futuro, Ho has
boon at homo nick for nliout two
Georgo Calvorly spent novoral
days last weok helping 11. T. Hurl
loy. Mrs. Prontlso Van Tassel was a
callor In Sisters last Thursdny, Shu
mot iMr. Van Tansol as ho Just to
turned from n trip to Portland.
Mrs. John MoKlnney ot Alston
spent last weok with her mother,
Mrs. Lotizetta Pulllatu.
John Stnhllu mado a huolnrss trip,
to Redmond Thursday, then went to
uoiui on tho evening train nnd re
turned homo Frldny, I
Ida lions has been III for several
days and though sho is bettor It will ,
bo some tlmo beforo sho can return ,
iu nuiiuui. ,
Edgar Parsons has traded his
ranch and entire equipment nnd ex
pects to loavo hero for tho valley In
tho near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Conn ley and
two llttlo sons from Dallas, Oregon,
arrived last Thursday and aro visit
ing at the Armstrong homo. Mm.
Counloy Is tho daughter of Mr. nnd
.Mrs. Armstrong,
Ho Was Weak and All Hun Down.
"I thought my kidneys might bo
tho causo of my rundown condition
ind weakness," writes W. II. Frear.
53 Myrtlo Ave.. Albany. N. Y.. "so I
took Foley Kidney Pills and thoy did
A'program of recitations, readings ' Hl wor,15' l c-rfully recommend
nnd songs will bo rendered by tho "" . lou Ienu,0 "' na.ra wcr
sehool children on Friday ovonlnc. over. you wish." They stop rhou-
Dccember 30. A decorated Christ-1 'n""c ttCHe8' Som everywhere.
mas tree will lio placed on tho stage
nnd a sack ot candy will bo given
in pfiofi phflf".
Thc teachers' Institute which was !
to havo been held at Prinovlllo De
cember 1C, 17 and 18 has bcon in
definitely postponed on account ot
the Spanish influenza, so that our
Christmas vacation will bo com
menced December 21 and terminate
Janunry 5. Our first semester will
bo completed by tho 20th of Janu
ary, 1919, as ours Is tho only school
in tho county that has not been
closed on account of tho Spanish In
fluenza. John Allon is back in school again
after an nboonco of ono week on uc-
pnnnt fit wnntr r.vna Tim nltnnil.
nnce for tho month ot November was '
meetln.3 of Powell Butto Co-operative
company was held last Thursday
night. Tho resignation of Delbert.
French was received and accepted,
Mr. French being In tho army, and
Mrs. Mary V. Charlton was elected to
fill tho vacancy. A special meeting
was called for Thursday, December
19, to elect delegates to tho Irriga
tion congress, which meets in Port
land early In January.
Joe Townscnd, a herder for Dan
You can Prove that you paid that bill,
if you paid it by check.
Deposit your money in the First Nation
al Bank; pay by check, and avoid ugly
The First National Bank
PLAINVIEW, Dec. 11. Tho O. D.
O. club hold Its rogulnr mooting Inst
Thursday afternoon, December G, nt
tho club rooms Besides tho regular
business meeting a conservation pro
gram was given nnd tho club mom
bors adopted tho conservation pledge.
A motion wns made and carried to
hold tho next meeting Thursday
afternoon, January 9. No doflnlte
announcement tor tho placo ot meet
ing was mado.
F. W. Levorenz mado n trip to
Sisters last Thursday evening to holp
John McKlnncy home with his car,
the englno of tho McKlnncy car re
fusing to work.
Paul Scoggln nnd Gcorgo Cnlverlcy
rodo for cattle In tho lower Squaw
Creek country soveral days last week.
John McKlnncy of Sisters was a
caller In Plalnvtow last Thursday.
Mrs. Roscoo Howard of Deschutes
and a friend from Portland visited
Mrs. John Stnhllo ono day recently
Mrs. Howard Hartley visited at tho
Pulllam ranch last Wednesday.
Miss Nelllo Scoggin went to Bend
Saturday to spend tho week-end with
hor sister, Mrs. Louis Bennett.
School was closed Monday, Decem
ber 9, on account ot sickness.
A. W. Armstrong, Homer Connlcy
and F. W. Levercuz wero business
callers in Bend Saturday.
Guy C. McCnIIIster and II. A.
Scoggln wcro In Bend on buslnoss
F. G. Powora mado a trip to Red
mond Wednesday.
A. W. Armstrong nnd party at
tended tho tractor demonstration nt
tho Howard-Wilson ranch last Sun
day afternoon.
Tho PInlnvlow school opened Tues
day, December 3, after being closed
for about a month during tho Influ
enza epidemic.
A good representation from Pluln
vlow nttended tho auction salo at tho
F. E. Dayton ranch last Tuesday.
Mrs. F. W. Loverenz Is blowly Im
proving after a light attack of In
fluenza. Jim Pulllam expects to bn out
MILLICAN, Dec. 10. -The school
board will meet Saturday nt tho West
End school house.
Mrs. P. II. Johnson was a caller at
tue j. j. iioljniul homo Friday.
Mrs. Mary Rosin and sou rilrrnnt
moved out an old soldier onto her
homestead to look nftor her Interests
out nore. Thoy stopped nt tho Hol
land homo Friday and Hutur.l.iv
nights, Mrs. Rosin nnd son returning
io uonu aiinuuy nrtor spending thu
dny with tho Johnsons.
Mr. Brooks called at thu Holland
homo Saturday evening.
Mrs. Johnson called at tho Pressly
homo recently.
Leo Keller wns homu for a fow
days to visit with his family.
Mrs. J, J, Holland called at the
R. It. Keller homo Tuesilnv.
Tho P. II. Johnsons called nt Vor
non Clovengnr's Thursdny morning,
P II. Johnson Is busy this week
moving their household goods to
Mrs. J. J. Holland cnlled nt the
Going placo Thursday.
Clara Graffcnberger is very III.
Floronco Roam called at tho R. R.
Keller homo Tuosdny.
W. II. Ream Is busy hauling hny
from Alfalfa.
Mrs. Ream was quite III Tuesday.
Mr. Brooks called at tho Keller
and Holland homes Wednesday.
II. It. Kollor loft for Bend Wednes
day to tuko some cattle to Bend for
ueo. cook.
Tho former neighbors nnd friends
all smpathlzo with J. II Ileatsnn in
nis recent bereavement. Mm. limit.
son nnving boon well nnd favorably
known In this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Ell Spencer, son
Virgil nnd daughter Bertha wero
Sunday guestH of tho P. II. Johnsons.
F. K. Leo cnlled on Mr. Brooks nt
the Georgo Cook home.
F. E. got n load of hny from
Bend this week.
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School opened Monday after being
closed for two weeks to prevent tho
spread of Influenza. Thorn havo been
no cases of Influenza In tho neigh
borhood. G. E. Stndlg was a Redmond visitor
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Fuller wero
shopping In Redmond Tuesday.
A. F. Hauser returned Wodnesdny
from Silver Lako. Mr. Calahan
camo down with him to do some
work on his houso on tho Ruble
pluco before moving his family hero.
Francis and Holun Newhold and
Margaret Walter went to Terrebonne
Tho (Hmpmaus have bought Mrs.
Walter' ulfalfu buy nnd nro feed
ing a carload of steors.
Mrs. C. P. Boles was a Redmond
visitor Saturday.
L. A. Hunt, C. V. Hosklns and Hid
West huvo beon surveying prepara
tory to widening tho association
ditch. Mrs. Frud Walters nnd Mrs.
C. F. Hosklns visited at Mrs. Book's
on Tuesday.
tho weok at tho McGuIrn homo and
nnslstlug with tho work while Mr.
McGuIro Is 111.
Itorntcu Couch and Mary Sllvurs
worn aftornoon callers at thu (I M.
Couch homo ono day thin w.uok.
Ml'lvln Couch spent several days
at tho Pulllam ranch this week.
It Is reported that Will Handed and
brother havo purchased tho W, Pi
George place In Hunnysldo nnd will
tioon tako up their residence there.
trira U'ltiuir nml Hniintrli nulla
j menced haling hay for C. Pedorson
Frank Wallace was out from
Tumalo and spent Wednesday nt tho
McOuIro farm.
Mrs. G. M. Couch spent Thursday
nfturnoon with Mrs. C. E Nichols of
Miss Freda Clark of Bend spent
the week with her parents, Mr, and
Mrs. W. I). Clark, In Hunnysldn.
Mrs. G. W. Snyder was a Tumalo
visitor Wednesday.
Mrs. F V, Swisher holds tho rec
ord for the largest crop of cabbago,
having grown and disposed ot about
four tons the past season,
Mr. and Mrs. Hatch of Tumalo
woru callers In thu neighborhood
Robert Smith purchased u nun
team of horses nt tho Dayton sain
Mrs. C. I;. Nichols of Tumalo spent
thu week-end at thu G. M, Couch
Win, Gnskll spent tho week visit
ing with relatives In Tumiilo
Smith & (lerklug aro Installing n
new hay chopper at their ranch this
Miss Ivy Snyder spent several days
this weok at thu Dover's farm.
Mrs. Twoedl called on Mrs. G. M.
Couch Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Parsons passed through Pino
hurst Wednesday on his way home,
having Mulshed tho season's run
with his threshing machine.
PINE.HUR8T, Dec. 11. Mr. nnd
Mrs. D. W. Dluterlch received u tele
gram from Washington, I). C, an
nouncing tho death of their sou
Lewis on October 21. In Franco, of
wounds received In bnttlo.
Miss Elder returned from Bend
Hunduy ovonlng. but on uccount of
ill health decided not to open school
till next Monday, tho Dili.
AIox. Howoll of Plalnvlow passed
through horo Monday on his way to
tho timber for wood.
G. W. Snyder, R. H. Hny loy, C. F.
Montgomery, Goo. Hpaugh, J. L,
Couch, I. E. Wlmer, C. II. Spaugh,
F. V. Swlshor and Mr. and Mrs,
Searcy woro among thoso from Pino
hurst who attended tho salo at F. E.
Dayton's Tuesday,
'Mrs. C. M. Pholphs, Miss Vlda
Bollman mid Mrs. Garner wero busi
ness visitors in Tumulo' Wednesday.
Raymond Churchill Is spending
And investigate our price
before buying your groceriee.
We can save you money,
II, Gray Is loading soveral oars of
hay at Deschutes this week to ship
to Bend. Huns Mlkkelseu and O. E.
Anderron aro helping him.
Fred Wllkey and wife of Bond
willed at the Anderson homo Thurs
day aftornoon.
A shower for Mrs. Gen. Holton wns
given nt tho Doschutos hotel Friday
afternoon. Tho following laiiKw
from this neighborhood wero pres
ent: Mrs. John Edwards, Mrs. linns
Mlkkolsen. Mrs I.. A. BrnudBiiburg.
Mrs. O. 12. Anderson, Mrs. W. II.
Gray nnd Mrs. Catharine Johansen.
J. V.'. Petersen and Alfred Mlkkol
son were In Bend Saturday.
Con Union brought In a hunch of
800 sheop Monday nnd Is feeding
them on tho Anderson plnoo. Mr.
Broon bought considerable hay
around here and will feud his shuep
hero this winter
Mr. nml Mrs. O. E. Anderson wore
shopping In Redmond Wedniday.
Anton Ahlstrom went In to Red
mond Monday after a load ot grain.
Rasmus Peterson was baling hay
for Hans Mlkkelsen and O, E. An
derson Tuesday.
Thoso from this neighborhood who
attonded the charivari on Mr. and
Mrs. (loo. Holton of Deschutes w.tni:
J. W Peterson, Rusmus Peterson.
Mrs. Cathurlno Johansen, Mr. unit
Mrs. linns Mlkkolsen. Alfred Mlkkol
soii, Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Gray unit
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Anderson.
J, W. Peterson wiw In Bond Mon
thly on business.
Anton Ahlstrom unit L. A. nran
donburg nttended tho sulo nt the F.
E. Dayton place, near Tumalo,
'Mrs. Catharine Johansen and Mrs.
Hans Mlkkelsen spent tho day with
Mrs. W. II. Gray Monday.
Mrs. O. E. Anderson was n Red
mond visitor Monday aftornoon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hans Mlkkolsen nnd
Mrs. Cathurlno Johunseu and Ilnsmus
Petorson wero shopping In Bund on
Mrs. T. 11. Ilaughmun nnd children
woro Redmond vlsltom Wednesday,
Marsh Aubrey of Bend camo down
Bunduy ovonlng to visit at tho Gray
homo. , ..
Mr. nnd Mrs. W II. Gray nnd Mr,
nnd Mrs. Huiih iMIkkolsen nnd son
Alfred woro dlnnor guests ut tho An
derson homo Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed Swulloy woro In
Redmond on business Suturday.
Bill Johnson of Powoll Butto Is
hording sheep for Con Brcen.
Messrs. Peck, Black null Crow or
Hampton havo taken their stock to
Clovurdalu for tho winter,
M J. Heeberger ot llniid passed
through hero Wednesday with souio
l horses, which ho took to Alkali lako
for tho winter.
Mr. unit Mrs. F, Dibble of Silver
creek were guests nt thu Ilrooklngs
hotel Inst Wednesday.
E. I.lvonloy of Staurtor went out
to llend on the mall stage today. Ho
has had an attack of "tin" and is
going to ll.ind, where ho will ho
nearer medical aid.
('has, Cochran returned to his
much today after being out tor soma
Carson Waters of Wngoutlm
niitoed through hero today, on route
to llend.
Last Saturday at 1 o'clock Baldwin
Casponl died at his homo near hero
oC Spanish lulluimzn, ut thu agu of
.11 years ills remains worn taken to
Bend fur htirnl. Ho was a uiniiiber
of tho Masonic lodge. Ho leaves an
agud father and onu brother to
mourn his Ions.
Miss Agues Kchrador has been ab
sent from school this week owing to
i'ago and Roy Ktuuffer stopped
horo Friday on their way out to
Bend, Mhoru they havo employment.
80 or 100 acres In tho 8. W. 1-4
of Hoo. 14, To. 17, B. It. 13 K.
This lios 8 miles oust and 3 miles
north of Hond. Water rliflit
fully paid and ditch to highest
point. 130 acres arable. Muko
mo an olTur, cusli or trudo,
Tacoma, Wash.
Greene Beard, who has been a resi
dent ot Clovurdalu for u number of
'nrs, passed away at tho homo of
h-r sou, Henry Beard, last Monday
utter a short Illness of tntltionitn
Sho was born In Mini county. Ore
gon, In 1 SRC. and spent tho gntnter
part of her life there. Thu family
moved to Prinovlllo In I Kill and has
lived In Central Oregon ever sluco.
She was an active iiieiuber of tho
Red Cross nnd will ln cgroutly misled
by her many friends and neighbors.
Tho funeral was held Wednesday and
tho body taken to Mill Creek for
hurls). Sho Is survived by her hus
band. Greene Beard, two sous, Henry
slid Frank Board of Cloverdnlo, two
daughters, Mrs. Mark Partem nnd
Mrs. McCormnrk of Bond, nnd n
number of grandchildren.
Word received from Mrs. Forren
and sou Dan, who left recently for
KnnsHN, says that they have arrived
at their destination Mrs. Forren
has been unite III with liilluenza
since her arrival.
II (. Miller of Cloverdnlo rocolvod
a telegram last week notifying him
nf thu death or his mother, Mrs.
Miller of Sclo, Oregon, at tho ago of
78 years. Sho was an active member
of thn Red Cross, having thu record
of knitting 12fi pairs ot sox.
Henry Board was visiting at tho
Partou homo Monday ovonlng.
J. II. Hudson, .Mrs. Cora Cutler,
Mrs. Edith I.uwls ami Mrs Irvln
Parberry mniln u trip to Bund on
F. J. Burling mado a trip Io tho
Wilson mill on Thursdny of last
Mrs. II. C. Kllno Is on tho sick list.
Fay Miller returned to Redmond,
whero shu Is ntteudlng high school,
last week,
Mrs. It J. Skelton has been qulto
III during the past wuek, -but Is Im
prove at present.
Jack Weston came homo from Sis
ters on Monday,
F. J. Burling was u business
visitor to Slstem ono dny last wuek.
Mrs. Cora Cutler and Mrs. Frank
Burling woro Slsturs shoppers ono
day last week,
F. J. Burling wns a business
visitor ut thu Nootuiiuglu homo on
(From Thursday's Dally,)
Forest boundary lines In tho Mllli
cuu region nro being run by Rancors
Harold and Bend Smith.
ni i a a
Mlllicuu, Ore, Telephone