The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 21, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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Just Arrived
Cohen Cots Married
Cohon on His
Carolina, I'm Coming
Back to You
Everything is Peaches
and Cream Down
in Georgia
Hindustan Fox Trot
On the Level
You'ro a Devil
by Schumann Hcink
Horton Drug Co.
(Prom Wmlnomloy'n Daily.)
W. K. McCoriimck of Portland Is
Intro on business.
A. K. Richardson of Burns In In
tho city on business,
W. 0. Espoy of Portland In In tin)
city on n business visit.
C. A. Median of Portland In trans
acting business In tliii city.
Prank Purclvnl or Mllllcan wan In
tin city yesterday on business.
Jurttd Mooro of Redmond was in
ttin city yesterday on business.
Mrn. l.nura Caldwell of Portland
In In Hid city for a short visit.
Mr. and Mm. Main Kinultz of IluniH
am hero for a brief visit with frlundH.
Mr. and Mm. J. H. Boimloy nnt In
tlm city for n brief vlnlt with friends.
Mm. Kdltti I.. Parknr and children
nro In tho city vlnltliiK with friends.
Mr. mid Mm. O. A. Peterson of
Ocuun Park nro In tho city for a
Hhort vlnlt.
J, M, PInIi of Tuinaln wns In tho
city lam night and tliV-i mornliiK
trilllHIlCtltlK llUHltlDMH.
Uoni) C. HondurHon and Nellie I)
Kltz of Nurrows, Oregon, nro In the
city, registered at tho Ilotol Cozy
Prank Wlnur of Prlnevlllo arrived
In tho city yesterday and will remain
horn for n couplo of dayM transact
I ni: hunlnonH,
Ross Ilyan, a nuphuvv of Mr. and
Mrn, John Ilyan, arrived Jiomo yes
terday morning and will remain hurt)
until school opens, whon ho will ro
Hiimo hln Htudlu6,
Mliw DalHy E, Stewart, formorly of
Ilonil, Ih now employed at tho Federal
building In Seattle, according to ad
vIcoh received huru by frlundH. Miss
Stewart accepted a poaltlon undur thu
civil service roininlHHlon and wiih
Unit assigned to duty at thu navy
yard at Uroinurton, latur being Iraim
furrud to hur pruHuut position.
Dr. Turnor, oyo specialist of Port
laud, will liu In Bond again .Sunday
and Monday, Nov. 2t-2fi. Headaches
rollovud, crouH oyuH straightened.
Satisfaction gunruntood. Commit
hi in. Adv.
(Prom Tuosdny'8 Dally.)
V. E. Dayton of Tutnulo wuh In tho
city ycHtorday.
It. A. Ward of Redmond wuh In
tho city on IiuhIuohh today.
Clydo McKay niadu a IiuhIuohh trip
to Redmond yoHtorday uftornoou.
MrH. 0. P. Huckor of Tumnlo wuh
visiting with frlundH In tho city you
turduy. C. II. Mlllor of lludinond wuh In
tho city thU morning nttondlng a
mooting of thu county court.
Prod Wallaco of Tumnlo, who woh
critically 111 with inlluunza, In ro
portud to lio much Improved.
Dr. 10. 10. dray, who Iiiih boon 111
with Inlluouzu, Iiiih rocovurud suffi
ciently to ho out on tho Htrootu.
MrH. Mary Funko of Tacoma,
Washington, arrived In tho city lunt
night for a sovoral days' visit with
hur son, Harry Funko,' prosdmun nt
Tho Dullotln offlcoj
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IV. OrllliJr JTUIliIVJL9 Hphlor Hldg-., "end, Oregon.
(Prom Moiulay'ii Dally.)
E. JO. Vnrco of JlrothorH wan In
Ilond Haturday.
Win, Kulckurbockur of Glut wan In
Ilond Haturday.
P, II, JohiiHon of Mllllcan won In
Ilond Haturday.
Rupert Scogglns was In town Sat
urday from Plulnvlow.
Prank Antiunion of Portland la
horo transacting business.
N. W. Ooodrlch of Ilutto, OruKon,
Ih In thu city on business.
Win. Jnrrutl of MadriiH npuul Hat
urday In lloud on business.
Mm. It. K. Ilrookn haw roturnud
from an extended eastern trip.
Minn Itowunn Campbell was In
town from Itudmond Htinday uvunlnK.
Mr. and MrH, Prank 10, Dayton of
Tumnlo woro shopping In Ilond Hat
urday. I). V. (Jood of Alfalfa wiih In tho
city 'Htinday on n pleasure and busi
ness vlnlt combluud.
Ooorgo Vanduvuit, who Iiiih boon
III of Infillturn in Portland, Ih ro
ported bottur iiKaln.
Mrn. Holon Ersklnu iipunt thu
wook-uiid In Itudmoud an thu guest
of Mrn. Donton O. Iltirdlck.
Prod Mlunloy returned to Do
MchutuH Haturday ovonlni: aftor
spending thu day in lloud.
V. V. Ilarpman, supervisor of thu
Ochoco national forest, with head
quarters In Prlnuvlllo, wuh In tho
city today.
Mr. and .Mm. Harry Mlttloholz of
Promnut hnvu moved to thin city and
will mako llmlr homo huru during
thu wlntur.
Miss Mlunlo ThompHon ruturni'd
from Portland IiihI night, whom Hhu
Iiiih huuu intending bur sister, who
Iiiih been III.
Aftur uu aliNcuco of novurni montliH
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M. J. Kolly Iiiih roturnud to thin city
from Milton, Oru., whore bin fathur
dlod rucuutly.
Mm. Kdna Polndoxtor, after spond
I UK n fow dnyH vlltln old frlondn
In Ilond, returned to Portland,
whuro hIio linn uccuptud a poaltlon
with thu Owl Pharmacy.
i.Mrs, L, M, Itlchardson loft IohI
night for Donvor, Colo,, whuro nhu
will npond novurul monthn visiting
with rolatlvuH until tho return of
bur huHband, who Is with tho A. E.
P. In Franco.
(Prom Friday's Dally.)
10. O. Bccord of Portland Ih hero
on a business vlnlt,
Tom Halo of Antolopu Ih transact
In IiuhIuohh In tho city.
Prod WllllnniH of Hums Ih In tho
city transacting business.
W. C. WllllaniH of Portland Is horo
for a brlof IiuhIuohh vlnlt.
Nod J. Angltintl of Powell Ilutto
Ih In thu city on business.
iMm. Itnlph Polndextur ban re
turned from an extended visit In
Joseph 10. Klrby of Washington,
D. C, Ih In thu city, restored ut
thu Pilot Ilutto Inn.
11. II. Du Armond, who ban been
In Portlund for suvurul days, Ih ex
pected to return this evening.
(Prom Thursday's Dully.)
Hob Duncan of Hood Itlvur Is hero
on business.
I). Newman of Anchorngo, Alanka,
Ih In Mend on business.
C. L. Jones of Portland Is In tho
city transacting IiuhIuohh.
M. II. MathowM of Thu Dalles is
in the city transacting business.
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Smith of Fleet
wood nro In tho city on business.
Clarence Elder of Crescent Is In
for Grufonolas, Viclrolns
mid several other miikcs
of imtuhincs. Why spend
money ior Hccords that
thu city on a brief business visit.
Prank MoCaffory of Itcdmond.was
In tho city yestorday on business.
Fred Nelson of St. Maries, Idaho,
Is transacting business in tho city.
D, Z, Iloblnett of Silver Lako is
horo looking after business affairs.
W. K. Mlllor of La Pino was In
tho city yesterday transacting busi
ness, J. T. Hardy of tho O. T. Ry. is
in tho city for a several days' busi
ness visit.
W. II. ItHsy of I.a Pino was In
thu city yesterduy and today trans
acting business.
John Coleman, a prominent stock
man of Lake county, is In the city
transacting business,
W. W. Solomon of Spokane, Wash
ington Ih In thu city for thu purpose
of transacting business.
Sheriff 8. 10. Itobcrts, who was re
ported rjulto 111 yesturday, was much
Improved this morning,
Mr. and Mm. J. W. Foley of Pom
oroy, Washington, nro In tho city for
it short visit with friends.
W. II. Suther of St. Maries, Idaho,
is in thu city for thu purpose of look
ing nftcr business interests.
J. A. Llghthlll Ih hero from his
homo at Seattle on a business trip.
Ho Is registered at tho Wright hotel.
A. Helm and M. J. Ilonncy of
Mitchell, Oregon, arrived in tho city
last night and will remain hero for
sovcral days attending to business
News in Brief.
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Tho amount which may bo credited
to a postal savings account has been
Increased from 11000 to 12C00, ac-
cording to nn announcomout rocoived
by thu poslafuco department horo.
Funorol services over tho romalns
of W. W. Orcutt woro hold undor tho
direction of tho Mooso lodge nt 3
o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Tho heavy grist of business at tho
local war board ofilco has decreased
to a great extent slnca tho signing
of tho nrmlstlco and tho Hubsequont
orders of tho war department with
drawing draft calls. As a result of
this J. H. Honor, secretary, Is plan
ning a vacation of sovoral dayn
within the next two weeks.
Norrfs of Bend wob called to Stauf
for last week. During bis stay here
a number of pcopto woro vaccinated
for Influonzn.
Mrs. Heaten of Seattle en mo to
day to. visit with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Cowen, of Lost Creek,
Emll and John Carroz returned
from Portland last -wcok. They have
Just recovered from an attack of
tho flu.
Mrs. J. D, Perry of Glass Butto,
who -was quite sick, Is reported much
Miss Mary Stauffer ot Stauffer -was
a passenger on tho mall stage Friday
on her way to Bend to be with her
brother Kay, who is sick at that
II. E. Vincent, assistant forest
supervisor; F. V. Horton, grazing ex
aminer; Harold Smith, ranger, and
Mr, Morton's father registered at
Brookings' hotel last Sunday night
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. HucttI and three
children of Buck Creek took tho
stage for Bend last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Buoy aud children
of Burns autoed through here last
Friday, en route to Portland.
Julius Balslzer of Portland came
to bis ranch last week to do borip
seeding. He will return to Portland
for the winter and return with his
family noxt spring.
Vic Schroder has gono to Cali
fornia to look for a now location.
Mr. Hunter of Butto passed
through horo Sunday on bis way to
Mr. Johnson of Buck Creek came
over Tuesday to get soma freight
which Wray's stage brought as tar
as here.
Miss Mlnnlo Raddatz, Mrs. V.
Schreder and daughter Agnes and
Misses Carrie and iMaud Brown took
supper at tho iMecks home Sunday.
Powell Butto community Is saddened
by tho death of ono ot its most
popular young men. Dewey Moore,
sou of Mr and Mrs. Robert Moore,
former residents of Powell Butte sec
tion, passed away Saturday, Novem
ber 1C, at tho homo of his employer,
Arthur Wurzwcilor. Dowoy was
strlckon with Influenza and soon de
veloped pneumonln. All that three
doctors and the faithful, tender nurs
ing ot a loving mother was dono for
him, but to no nvnll. His remains
were burled Sunday in Redmond
cometory. Tho sympathy of their
friends, who are legion, goes out to
Mr. and Mrs. Mooro.
Tho Shultz wood saw man noti
fied tho pcoplo that ho would begin
operations In this section, so there
is n general hustling to the desert
after wood.
Joe Shearer has a small crew
working on tho ditch cleaning out
sand, strengthening the bank, etc.
Will Arnold was taken with In
fluenza In Prlnevlllo last week and
Mrs. Arnold immediately wont In to
nurso him. She was soon stricken
with tho same dlsoaso and they are
both qulto 111 at this time. Mrs.
Arnold's father, Murion Tompletm,
en mo out to stay on tho ranch with
the boys until their parents recover
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wurzweller
nro recovering from Influonzn, No
now cases have developed as yet that
wo havo hoard.
Dr. H. P. Belknap was called to
Powell Butto to attend tho sick at
tho Wurzweller homo Friday.
Oeo. Truosdalu and family were
woro Prlnevlllo visitors Thursday
C. M. Charlton was called to tho
county sent to help make tho official
count ot ballots last week.
A hard wind and rain and hall
storm visited this section Friday of
last wook Tho following morning
tho citizens ot Powell Butto awoko
to find tho buttes covered with snow,
Ernlo luglehnrt from tho O ro
wdier mill was a dinner guest at
tho E. A. Bussett homo Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Buyuo ot
Deschutes wero guostB ot their old
neighbor friends, the E. A. Bussetts,
tho first ot tho weok.
Mrs. John McDanlol has boon quite
sorlously ill of pneumonia, but Is
slightly improved nt present writing.
Tho children ot tho family all had
tho flu.
Wallaco Smith expects to haul his
wheat to Prlnovllle, commencing this
Mrs. B. Mausenu nnd daughter
Cocolia aro planning a visit to Ta
coma friends soon to remain ovor
tho holidays.
Miss Josophluo Mausenu will outer
Good Snmarltnu hospital, Tacoma,
soon for training.
John Tuck Is carrying tho mall
whllo Renves Willcoxon is ill with
tho flu.
A Inrgo numbor of peoplo from
horo attended tho tunorul ot Dowey
Mooro In Rodmond Sunday. Among
thonf wo mention tho names of tho
Pauls, Drlscolts, Wilsons, Gibsons,
Truesdalcs, .Muusonus, with others.
Carl Flshor will soon complete a
nlco now bungalow on his land re
cently purchased from Max Strlch
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The Bulletin's classified column.""
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trace or he Spaniih
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nave a lartfe line of
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Just Remember
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(From Thursday's Dally.)
Fred Savin, 40 years of age, living
In Hastings addition, died at 0
o'clock last night from pneumonia
following Influenza. Tho deccsased
had been employed for a short
whllo by tho Bend Water, Light &
Power company, and has been a resi
dent of this city for several years.
Ho leaves a wifo and two children.
Announcement of tho funeral serv
ices has not yot been made.
In tho County Court ol the Stato of
Oregon, for Deschutes County.
In tho Matter of the Estate ot John
Ohmnr, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that tho
undersigned. Enoch Lund, was on
the 18th day of November, 1913. duly
appointed the administrator of tho
estate of John Ohmar, deceased, ly
Honorable W. D. Barnes, county
All persons having claims against
sold estate aro hereby notified to
present tho same at tho office of H.
II. Do Armond at Bend, Oregon, at
torney for administrator, within six
months from the dato of tho first
publication hereof, all claims to bo
verified in the manner provided by
II. II. Do ARMOND, 38-42c
Attorney for Administrator.
Notice is hereby given that tho
City of Bend has taken up tho fol
lowing described live stock, to-wit:
Ono bay maro about 9 years old,
wolght about S00 or 900 lbs., brand
ed F or P bar underneath, right
shoulder; ono mouse colored maro
about 9 years old, weight about 8S0
lbs., brands, If any. undecipherable;
also ono dark buckskin horse, weight
about 1000 lbs., 7 yeurs old. bad wlro
cut below left shoulder, brands, if
any undecipherable. The cost of re
deeming said live stock will bo ? 1.00
per day In addition to actual expense
of keeping und cost of advertising.
In caso ot failure to redeem on part
of owner, said livestock will bo sold
as provided by tho charter of the Clty
of Bend on tho 30th day of November
at 3;00 p. m. at City Pound.
Chief of Police anil ex-Offldo
Poundmastor, 292-w37-8
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