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    FAOK 8
Thirty (Junrt.s of lloozo Taken by the
Sheriff's Oftlco .Utcr Two Ar
rests mid KxrltliiK
Auto Unco.
(From Wodnosdny's Dally.)
Tho searching of a local business
houso nnd the discovery of liquor,
tho posting of n cash bond o( f 1000
by tho proprlotor and nn nuto rnco
between tho sheriff's car nnd that of
tho mnn arrested figured heavily In
a bootlogging enso which resulted In
tho capturo of over 30 quarts of
booxo by the officials early this morn
Lnto yesterday nttcrnoon Sheriff
Roberts nnd l. A. W. Nixon tnado
a search of tho E. Heath second hand
storo In this city, unearthing a gal
lon jug over two-thirds full of
liquor. Heath, who has been boforo
tho courts boforo on a similar charge,
"was placed undor $1000 cash ball,
which ho paid with a certified check.
Later in tho evening, Sheriff Rob
erts, who had Information that Heath
might bo working with confederates,
watched tho lattor, and shortly nttor
dark saw- him got in his car and
tlrlvo out of town. Roberts and
Nixon followed, until they wero
within a half rallo of tho ranch of
Claronco L. Smith, who was suspect
ed of bolng In -with Heath, where
they turned out their lights and
tlrovo slowly, hoping to get to the
placa without being observed. As
they wero about to turn Into tho lane
leading to tho Smith ranch, a car
was drlren out of tho lane from tho
ranch at a high rate of speed and
tho officials followed.
When the man in tho car, which
It was later detormined to bo Heath,
saw that the officials woro following
ho put on all speed, and despite the
tact that tho roads wero muddy and
lull of water, tho two cars made up
ward of 40 miles an hour for several
miles. Just boforo arriving at De
schutes the men overtook tho lead
ing car. A search was made of it,
but no liquor found. Heath stoutly
maintained that ho was on bis way
to Redmond to sccuro legal counsel.
Tho officers permitted Heath to go
Ills way and camo back to Dend, later
coing to tho Smith ranch, arriving
there before daylight this morning.
A search of tho premises was made
and several sacks, containing be
tween 25 and 30 quarts of whiskey,
wero taken from the barn, where it
had been buried In tho floor.
Smith was later arrested and prac
tically admitted his guilt by telling
tho officials It was his first offense.
Sheriff Roberts stated this morn
ing that ho had been watching the
operations of the two men arrested
tor several weeks, but had beon un
able to get together sufficient evi
dence to causo an arrest. Lato yes
terday aftornoon Heath's second
liand store was searched, tho jug of
liquor discovered and the subsequent
actions of Heath gave tho officials
the necessary Information to search
the Smith premises.
Roberta declares that the amount
taken last night is not all tho liquor
which Smith had In bis possession,
and ho is now seeking tho other
The trial will probably bo held
some time today.
Xargcst Deficiency Ever Presented In
History of tho Country Now
Rcforo Congress.
ft) United Preti to The Bend Bulletin.)
WASHINGTON, Oct. 1C Charley
Shlrloy of the houso appropriations
committee has submitted tho largest
deficiency ever presented to congress.
Tho bill carries $6,345,756,606.
Six billions of this amount goes to
the war department for enlarging the
army program to placo three com
plete American armies in Franco by
next July, tho remainder going to
tho navy.
OAKLAND, Oct. 10. Threo Hvqs,
are believed, to have beon lost in, a
flro which destroyed tho Motropolo
JioteUbTre at noon. Two children
uro reported to have been trapped
qri tho upper floor, Tho Metropplo
was 'the oldest hotel in Oakland,
Something to sell? Advertise in
The Bulletin's classified column.
U. S. Public Health Service Issues
Official Health Bulletin
on Influenza.
Epldemto Probably Not Spanish In
Origin Germ Still Unknown Peo.
plo Should Guard Against "Droplet
Infection" Surgeon General Olu
Makes Authoritative Statement
Washington, D. O. (Special.) Al
though King Alphonso of Spuln was
one of tho victims of tho Intluciun epi
demic In 1803 and again this summer,
Spanish authorities repudiate any
claim to Infiueuzn ns a "Spanish" dis
ease. If tho people of this country do
not take caro tho epidemic will be
come so widespread throughout the
United States that soon wo sholl hear
tho dlscaso called "American" Intlu
enra. In response to a request for definite
Information concerning Spanish Influ
enza, Surgeon General Rupert Ulue of
the O. & Public Health Service has
authorized tho following ofllclnl Inter
view :
What Is Spanish Influenza? Is It
something newl Does It come from
"Tho dlseaso now occurring In thts
country and called 'Spanish Influen
za' resembles n very contagious kind
of 'cold' accompanied by fever, pains
Coughs and Sneezes
Spread Diseases
As Dangerous as Poison Gas Shells
In tho bend, eyes, cars, back or other
parts of the body and a feeling of se
vere ilekness. In most of the cases the
yiyptoms disappear after three or four
das, the patient then rapidly recover
ing. Somo of tho patients, however,
develop pneumonia, or Inflammation
of the car, or meningitis, and many of
th5c complicated cases die. Whether
this so-called 'Spanish Influenza Is
Identical with tho epidemics of Influcn
ju of earlier years Is not yet known.
"Epidemics of Influenza have visited
tills country since 1G17. It Is Interest
ing to know that this first epidemic
was brought hero from Valencia,
Spain. Since that tlmo thcro have
been numerous epidemics of tho dis
ease. In 1SS9 and 1800 an epidemic
ef Influenza, starting somewhere In the
Orient, spread first to Russia and
thence over practically tho cntlro civ
ilized world. Three years later there
was another flare-up of tho disease.
Both limes the epidemic spread wide
ly over the Culled States.
"Alllwuuh the present epidemic Is
called 'Spmilsli Influenza,' thero Is nn
reason to believe that It originated In
Sp.iln. Somo writers who have studied
the question believe that tho epidemic
came from the Orient nnd they call at
tention to the fact that tho Germans
mention the disease as occurring along
the eastern front In tho summer and
full of 1017."
How can "Spanish Influenza" be rec
ognized? "Thero is as yet no certain way In
which a slnglo case of 'Spanish Influ
enza' can be recognized. On tho oth
er hand, recognition Is easy where
there Is u group of cases. In contrast
to tho outbreaks of ordinary coughs
and colds, which usually occur In the
cold months, epidemics of Influenza
may occur at any season of the year.
Thus the present epidemic raged most
intensely In Europo In May, Juno and
July. Moreover, In tho caso of ordi
nary colds, the general symptoms
(fever, pain, depression) aro by no
means as severe or as suduen In their
onset ns they aro In Influenza. Final
ly, ordinary colds do not spread
through tho community so rapidly or
so extensively as does Influenza.
"In most coses a person taken sick
with Influenza feels sick rattier sud
denly. Ho feels weak, has pains In the
eyes, ears, head or back, and may be
eoro all over. Many patients feel
dizzy, somo vomit Most of the pa
tients complain of feeling chilly, and
with this comes a fever In which tho
temperaturo rises to 100 to 104. In
most cases the pulse remains relative
ly slow.
"In appearance one Is struck by the
(act that the patient looks sick. Ills
eyes and the loner side of his eyelids
may bo slightly 'bloodshot,' or 'con
gested,' as tho doctors say. There
may bo running from the nose, or
thero may bo some cough. These signs
of a cold may not bo marked; never
theless tho patient looks and feels very
"In Addition to the appearance and
the symptoms as already described,
examination of the patient's blood may
old tho physician in recognizing 'Span
ish influenza,' for it has been found
Hint In this dlseaso tho number of
whlto corpuscles shows little or no In
creiifo above thu unrtnnl. It Is possl
bio that tho laboratory Investigations
now being made through the National
Research Council and the United
States Hygienic laboratory will fur
nish a more certain way In which Indi
vidual rapes of this dlsenMu can bo
What Is the course of the disease?
Do people die of It?
"Ordinarily, tho fever lasts from
three to four days nnd the patient re
covers. Hut wlille the proportion of
dtnth In tho present epidemic has
ccnernlly been low, In some plneon the
outbreak tins been severe and dentin
hnvo been numerous. When death oc
curs It Is usually tho result of n com
plication." What causes the disease and how la
It spread?
"Hacterlotogtsts who hnvo studied In
fluenza epidemics In the past have
found In many of tho cases a very
smnll rod -shaped germ cnlled, after Its
discoverer, Pfelffcr's bacillus. In other
cases of apparently tho samo kind of
disease there wero found pneumococcl,
the germs of lobar pneumonia. Still
others hnvo been caused by strepto
cocci, and by others germs with long
"No matter what particular kind of
gonn causes tho epidemic, It Is now
believed that Influenza Is always
spread from person to person, tho
germs being carried with tho air along
with tho very small droplets of mucus,
expelled by coughing or sneezing,
forceful tnlktng, nnd tho like by one
who ulrendy has the germs nf thn dis
ease. They may also bo carried about
In tho air In tho form of dust coming
from dried mucus, from coughing and
sneezing, or from careless peoplu who
spit on tho floor and on tho sidewalk.
As In most other catching diseases, n
person who has only a mild attack of
the disease himself may give a very
severe attack to others."
What should be done by those who
catch the disease?
"It Is very Important that every per
son who becomes sick with Influenza
should go homo at onco nnd go to beL
This will help keep away dangerous
complications nnd will, at tho samo
time, keep tho patient from scattering
tho disease far and wide. It Is highly
desirable that no one bo allowed to
sleep In the samo room with tho pa
tient In fact no ono hut tho nurse
should bo allowed In tho room.
"If there Is cough und sputum or
running of tho eyes nnd noso. caro
should bo tnken that all such dis
charges ore collected on bits of gauzu
or rng or paper napkins und burned.
If the pntlent complains of fever nnd
headache, ho should bo gtven water to
drink, n cold compress to tho forehead
and a light sponge. Only such medi
cine should bo given as Is prescribed
by the doctor. It Is foolish to ask tho
druggist to prescribe nnd may be dan
gerous to tnkc tho so-called 'safe, sure
and harmless' remedies advertised by
patent medicine manufacturers.
"If tho patient Is so situated that ho
can bo attended only by some one who
must also look after others In tho fam
ily, It Is advlsablo that such attendant
wear n wrapper, apron or gown over
the ordlnnry houso clothes while In the
sick room and slip this off when leav
ing to look after tho others.
"Nurses nnd attendants will do well
to guard against breathing In danger
ous dlseaso germs by wearing a simple
fold of gauzo or mask while near tho
patient" L
Will a person who has had Influenza
before catch the disease again?
"It Is well known that an nttack of
measles or scarlet fever or smallpox
usually protects a person ngalust an
other attack of the same disease. Thin
appears not to bo truo of 'Spanish In
fluenza.' According to newspaper ro
porta tho King of Spain suffered nn
nttack of Influenza during tho epi
demic thirty years ago, and was ngnln
stricken during tho recent outbreak In
How can one guard against influ
enza? "In guarding against disease of nil
kinds, It Is Important that tho body be
kept strong nnd ablo to light off dls
easo germs. This can be done by hav
ing a proper proportion of work, piny
nnd rest by keeping tho body well
clothed, and by eating sufllclciu whole
somo and properly selected food. In
connection with diet. It Is well to re
member thnt milk Is ono of tho best
all-around foods obtainable for adult
as well as children. So far as a dls
caso llko Influenza In concerned, health
authorities overywhero rccogulzo the
very close relation between Its spread
and overcrowded homes. While It Is
not always possible, especially In
times ilko tho present to avoid such
overcrowding, people should consider
tho health danger and make every
effort to reduce tho homo overcrowd
ing to n minimum. The vnlue of fresh
air through open windows cannot bo
over emphasized.
"When crowding is unavoidable, as
In street cars, care should bo token to
keep tho faco so turned as not to In
hale directly tho air breathed out by
another person.
"It Is especially Important to b
waro of tho person who coughs or
sneezes without covering his mouth
and nose. It also follows that ono
should keep out of crowds and stuffy
places as much as possible, keep
homes, offices and workshops well air
ed, spend somo time out of doors each
day, walk to work If at all practicable
In short, mako every posslblo effort
to breathe as much pure ulr as pos
sible. "In all health matters follow tho ad
vice of your doctor and obey tho regu
lations of your local and state health
"Cover up each cough and sneeze,
If you don't you'll spread disease."
We want to mako a straight-from-Che-shoulder business state
ment to you.
We Want Your Clothing Business
because tin's is strictly a man's store, dealing in men's reliable
merchandise, and catering to men in all walks of life, and wo
know we are conducting it along lines of merit to our customers,
which justifies us in aslting you for your business.
You must buy clothing from some one and our method of
going after your business, and caring for it after we get it, is
on the regular American man-to-man basis, and if we can get
it, be assured we will take care of and appreciate it.
We can mako all the usual claims about our merchandise,
service, etc., but they do not mean anything to you.
You know that any successful clothier must have reliable
merchandise and give you service of some sort or other, and
you realize these conditions exist here.
There are differences in grades and qualities of merchandise,
methods of pricing and service to customers true but we can
put ourselves straight on these three points in a few words.
We are too able merchants (no ego intended) to be in any posi
tion on them, other than the best possible.
Our success proves that fact, but any way, you'll judge those
things for yourself, regardless of what we might claim.
We Want Your Clothing Business
Felt Like Musclee
Were Tied in Knot
Ih Exactly the. Way Tlndnll
Hn)s 111k ItlictimntlMii
"I had novor tnken n doso of Tan
lac In my life till somo six wooks ago,
but I havo received more benefit
from tho threo bottlo I hnvo Just
finished than from nil tho other
medicines I havo taken put to
gether." said Oeorgo It, Tlndnll of
COOS 18th Avo. South. Seattle, tho
other day. Mr. Tlndnll Is employed
at tho Skinner & Kddy shipyard.
"For several years," ho continued,
"I sufTored terribly from muscular
rhoumntlsm nnd kidney troublu. The
muscles of my right arm would druw
up nt thu elbow nnd feel llko they
woro tied in a knot. I had no nppu
tlto nnd tho little I forced down
didn't do mo much, If any, good. My
kidneys worried mu night nnd day, I
had nn nwrul misery up and down
my spine, nnd my back right over my
kidneys would hurt so bad that If 1
stooped over It would nlmoMt kill mu
to strnlghten up again. I coumn i
rest well nt night, and many a time
I would wnko up nt midnight, and
never sleop another wnk tho balance
of tho night, thou my bnck would
stnrt hurting so bad that I could
hardly get up out of bed.
"I guess I havo taken most every
kind of mcdlclnuHold without getting
a bit or roller, and I was In mighty
bad shapo when I decided to set) If
Tnnlnc would help mo. Well. I can
honestly suy that 1 hnven't had nn
ache or a pain since shortly after I
started on Tanlnc, I sleep llko a log
at night und my wife tells mo that
I'm llablo to cat us both out nt houso
and homo If I keop on with tho nppo-
tlto Tanlac has given mo. I feel so
well and hearty In every way that
I havo told tho boys down nt tho
shipyard how much good Tanlac has
done for mo, for I hope that my ex
perience will bo tho meanH of help
ing othors who may huvo troubles
llko I had."
Tanlnc Is sold III llond nt tho Owl
Pharmacy and In Sisters by Geo. B.
Altken. Adv.
8TAUFFER, Oct. 14. Tho school
Is closed this -week on account or
Ruth Iirndloy Is a visitor nt tho
Rhodes homo.
Mr. Musser was qulto sorlouuly In
jured last wook whon a largo tree
ho was pulling over struck him neur
tho shouldors nnd knocked him face
downward among sago brush and
Messrs, Rhodes, Porry and niack
left Wodnosday morning to look for
Mr. Rhodes' missing horses.
Ted Stauffer has gono to help Mr.
Drooklttga drlvo his cnttlo to his
ranch near Torrobonno.
Mr. Hayncs passed through our
valloy last Tuesday.
Mrs. Mussor, who has boon nurs
ing Mrs. Stauffor for two weeks, re
turned to her homo Saturday even
ing. Mrs. Stauffor is slowly Improv
ing. Mrs. K. McLouth mado a business
trip to Drookliigs last Tuesday.
Neddio Stauffor roturned from
Portland Monday. Tho doctor suys
his arm will bo as strong as over in
about threo months.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hasch havo ro
turned to tholr homestead In Olass
Mrs. iMcLouth mado a business
trip to Hasch's last Wednesday,
Mr. Stauffor was u, pussongor on
tho mail stago Monday,
Albort McLouth mado a fow days'
visit with lis folks last week.
A. Noff of llond accompanied his
son-in-law, I.. I'orfoo on his mail
route Inst Thursday,
Idnmnn anil Chus. Ktauffer, Jr ,
havo been qulto III with whooping
Kendall and A. II. Ilium were dinner
guests at C. P. Ilosklns Wodnesduy.
Mrs. Fred Walters, Fred Walters,
Mrs. Frank Newbold nnd daughter
Frances wero Itcdmoud visitors on
L. A, Hunt, It. S. Townn and A. S.
Holmes attended a Hood Government
league meeting In llond Thursday
C. F Ilosklns was In Hem! on a
business trip Thursday.
J.oIm Towiio was homo over tho
Mrs. A. J, Fuller and Mrs. Fred
Walters attended tho llmdluy salo
Mr and Mrs. O. F. Ilosklns nnd
family wero itedmuiid visitors Hat
unlay. (, E. Studlg was ut tho Ilradloy
nalo Saturday,
PLAINVIBW, Oct. 10. The Par
sons threshing machine has finished
tho threshing In tho Immediate
Plalnvluw neighborhood nnd Is on Its
way toward Tumalo,
Mr, nnd Mrs. Donovan nf Head
woro guests at thu Pino Luwn ranch
Thn Plalnvluw rattle men havo
postponed tho big rldo on Snow unit
Threo creeks for an Indefinite time
on account or thu continued storm
In thu mountains.
II. A. nnd Paul Scoggln cloned a
deal to sell their beef cattlu to Smith
from tho Mllllcati place.
Enlisl Your Dollars
Fight for
The First National Bank
Tho teacher and pupils or tho
Plalnvluw school nni making plans
tor a good tlmo ut the school houso
on Hallowe'en.
Miss Constaticn Knickerbocker of
llond spent tho wuek-oud with her
home folks.
Mrs. Prentice Van Tassel has been
sick several days the past week.
Mrs. Emma Patterson was tho
guest or Mrs. Chslfati last Thursduy,
Mr. and Mrs. II T. Hartley called
at thu Knickerbocker ranch Sunday
Mr and Mrs. A E. lions and
daughter Ida and Mrs. Patterson
went entertained nt tho homo of F.
W. Luveroux Sunday
Mrs. A, E. lions. Mrs. Patterson
and Mrs. A. W. Armstrong Hern
callers at thu llox A ranch Monday.
There was no meeting of tho O.
I). (). club last Thursday afternoon,
us only three members wero present
at tho homo of Mrs Chalfan Sick
ness or a number or tho club mem
bers was partly the cause for tho
very poor attendance It Is hoped
thnt a good number will turn out
tor the opening moating at the now
club rooms on Thursday afternoon,
October 21.
A. 1. Hohs nnd family and Mrs J,
Klklns, guust, mads it trip to Heml
Friday, returning homo by way of
A. W. Armstrong and Wllmn
oh 1 1 ml ut tho J, A, W. Songgln homo
Mrs. II. T. Hartley left homo
TtiHsday evening to spend tho re
mainder nf tho week In Redmond.
Mrs. M. W. Knickerbocker and
daughter Rau, Mr. und Mrs. Ann
strong and Wlluia and Mr. and Mrs.
P. A. KeojtKlu VMire among thu llond
shoppers this week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Srogglu worn
guests for dinner at thu Hartley
homo Sunday.
A, E. Hoss and party wore In
Olovurdalo on business last Thurs
day. Ono cunt a word Is all a llttlo Want
Ad will cost you.