The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 03, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Image 1

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the bend bulletin.
vol, xvi.
No. m
HIicrlfl'N Ofllro (Jrnlit Ono of tho
IurKet Hindu V.wv .Mniln In
tJJi County Wntrlied
'?Wjfeeii fr Week.
Tiii'mliiy'ii Dally.)
bUO uuurtH of Huimylirnok
ami Jomo Mooru AA nro la tho pon-
hohhIoii or Hhorlrr H. K. Ilobortn, mill
llyrd Lowell, W. K. Ilnguo ntiil llllllu
Itohliinuu aro tn tho enmity Jnll n
it ronult of n haul mndo thU tuornliiK
Jiy KlinrllT Huberts on tint La I'lno
rond uliout Huvttii iiiIIuh tuint of Iho
For two weeks Mr. ItoliortH mill
"L. A. W. Nixon hnvu boon kiMrpliic
(ho throo nioti under tholr nurvoll
'J n tint. It In tlm opinion of tho of
Ilclnln Unit tho inon Imvo boon bring
ing "liooxo" Into tho district, nml mi
(irfnlr nt Alfalfa two wookn ago whim
liquor wan HowIiik (rooly nt n dnnco
liold thoro coiiDriiiHit tholr auspicious,
Tlm in on left for tho California
lino In nn automobile Into lant wouk
nml tho official lininoillntoly not tholr
lilntiH to catch thont upon tholr ro
tnrn. Yontordny nftornonn Sheriff
JtobortH, In company with I.. A. W.
Nlxon. ilrovo out on tho routo tho
men must roturn by nml laid In wnlt
lor thorn. All cut-off romU ovor
which tho moil in Ik lit ronch otlhor
of tholr Ihiuion worn wntchml, tho
vigil litHtliiK "II night until Hourly
noon todny.
At nboiit 11 o'clock tho sheriff
loft Nixon to guard ono of tho cut
off rondJ nml started for Ilitml to
Kot nnothor mnn to mllnvn them. Ho
liml boon gone but loan than linlf
no hour wliou tho car with tho throo
men appeared nnd Nixon uindo tho
rrot. Iln mitlfloil llolierts nt unco
mid tho inon woro brought to thin
city nml placed In tho county Jail,
whuro they will bo lu-ld ponding tholr
trial, which In to tnko plnco nonio
tliuo tomorrow.
TIiIh afternoon, while In tho county
Jail, nun nt the inon Insisted tlint tho
trial be hold Immediately ho thnt ho
might bo relonned from custody In
onlur to put up It In hay, which ho
eomplulnn Ik down lu tho Hold nml
ciwnllliiK hlii nttentlon.
Thin In ono of tho biggest haul
thnt linn over buon made lu tlm
county. All of tho liquor In lu tho
original wrappings nml In pi I ml In
tho enridor of tho Jnll much tho muim
iih cord wood.
(From Frldny'H Dally.)
(Irocorymon of llotul nro not tn go
on a uitHh biibln, TIiIh wiih dollultoly
looldml ytwtordny afternoon wlion
tho commlttooH nppolutod nt Wednes
day ulglit'H mooting to got thu opin
ion of tho various manngorH reported
that tho v'au could not bo carried
through, many of tho morchuutH do-
clarlng that It would work n hurdnlilp
on tholr customers and would not
jirovo nu Bittlsfnctory mi thu prouont
luifiltt of operating.
A mooting had boon called far to
night tn tako dollnlto notion, but
.after tho finding of tho commlttoo It
Jiiih boon docldod to call tho mooting
olf, leaving tho matter uu It now In,
Thora Iiiih boon but ono cliuugo
that Iiiih boon dollultoly announced
.ut thin tlino, IIIIIh In tho futuro nro
to bo paid twlco monthly, on (ho
UOtli and 5 tU of ouch mouth. In
utoAd of operating on a 30-ilay baHlri
ftH pruvlnus, practically all of tho
tntoreti arc to lmilntiilii tho lG-dny
iinrlod, oxcopt lu a fow Instances,
whoro Hpoclnl provlulon will ho mndo
'by tho morclinntH for tho accommn
elation of thoso win) uro receiving
'tholr milary hut onco onch month.
Tho Donchutou county prlco llxlug
llmnrd Im to moot this ovonlng In tho
TORtilnr wookly sohhIoii. Publication
of changoa In prices la to bo mndo
Inter in tho woolc.
iiodv mav in: removed to
Limit, C. II, FrnnclH, forinor optl
clan In thin city, dlod it t Camp Eun
tnco, Virginia, nt r o'clock lant night,
according to word rocolvcd hero by
Mrs. Frnncln. Death occurred after
n nhort llluonn of Spanish Influniiza.
Dr. Francis wnn Of! youni of ago
nml imd boon n ronlilout of lioml for
it iiuinlior of ynnrn, whoro ho had
boon engaged In tlm profession of
optomotry. Wlion hostilities com
menced botwiiou tho Unltud Htnton
uml Oonniiny ho tnnilo nn umlnavor
to ontor tho service, nml finally ro
colvod n coiiiiiiIiimIou lu tho Modlcnl
corpn, receiving hln cnll tho early part
of August, uml loavliiK horu on
August 2fi for tho Presidio, Cnll
Ifornlii. No wan ntntlonod nt tho
Pronldlri for novornl woolen, IioIiik
transferred to Ciunp Eustace only n
nhort tlmo ago.
Mm, Francis In In thin city nnd ro
colvcd tho word of bin death lant
uixlit. Him linn wired to Washington
to dotorniluo If It will be possible to
hip tho body of Limit. FrnnclH to
Canada, tholr old homo, and If no
will Iwivo linmedlntoly to tako
chnrKo. In tho cvout thnt tho mili
tary nuthnrltlon will not permit tho
body to bo moved. It will bo Intorred
lu n military cemetery In Washing
ton, I). C.
HviIiIch Mrn. Frnncln, n non, who
llvnn nt (lortnnnn, Ontario, Cnnndn,
and n married daughter, who rcnlden
nt linker, Oregon, nro tho nurvlvorn.
TUN Yi:.l(H (SltANTlvD I'Olt
(From Friday's Dnlly.)
Otamln TUwm.)
HA I. KM, Sept. . Hy renolutlon
ndopted todny, which will bo printout
d to tho Oregon delegation lu can
groeit and to Sfcretnry liue of the
department of the Interior, the Htnte
donerl land boajd nskn thnt n special
net bo pnttied by congnwn, granting
addttlouul time of 10 yearn within
which tho rticlamiitlou of the Tumalo
project may bo completed. This In
tho Htnto'n project lu Deachutoe
county for tho countructlon of which
HS0,000 wiih impropriated,
Tho Carey act hIIowh 10 ynnrti
within which to cnmplotn tho reo
lamntlon of the Carey not Inudn and
gives i tho Hiicretnry of tl?o Interior
tho dlnorotlnn of granting nn addi
tional period of llvo yonm. This ox
touHlnu hnH boon granted for the
Tumalo project by Sccrotnry Lano
mid tho extumleil (lino oxplroa Junu
nry 12 next. It In 'therefore, neces
sary to got an net pnnsod granting ad
ditional tlmo. I. ant your n similar
actWAH passed grnntlug additional
tlmn vllhlu which to complete tho
reclamation of tho largo project of
tho Central Oregon Inlgatlon com
(From WodnoBdny'8 Daily,)
l'lans nro being eliaped for mak
ing tho Liberty chorus, tho organiza
tion which Iiiih boon so actlvo during
tho fourth Liberty loan drlvo, a por
mnncut organization. Mrs. ltoscoo
Howard of Deschutes, who has
ohargo of tho work of tho chorus,
announced today that a mooting la
to bo hold nt tho Oymunulum to
morrow night, nt which tlmo tho
proportion or continuing tho chorus
would bo taken up, It la liopod that
In thlH mniiuor tho IntoroHt lu tho
ongnnlzatlon In tho city will liocomo
Mrs, Howard Blatos that lu the
fuhiro tho work will not lio conilnod
ontlroly to pntrlotlo boiirb.
Sentiment In UiiiiiilinoiiHly In I'avor
of Ht-ttlliiK All Dlf.puli'w Through
.Mitlliini of Tliclr On ii Coin-
mllti'N uml Council.
liy a umtulinouH vote 4 CO members
of (ho lioynl Lucloii nt n meetliiK at
tho Oy m no hi in Innt iiIkIU went on
roeord nn fuvnrhiK tho nottlcmont of
nil dlfforoncon through tho rulcp sot
out by tho central council of tho or
ganization lu tho meetltiK held nt
Hpnkuno novornl wookn iiko,
Tho ptiMHlnt: of tho renolutlon fol
lowed nn n ronult of n tnlk inado to
tho men by ofdeorn of tho npruco pro
duction dlvlnlou, who have been In
tho city during tho pnot novornl dnyi
meotlnK with tho inon. I. lout, Cuttn,
tho flrnt Mpookor of tho ovcnlni;, out
lined tho work of tho npruco dlvl
nlou briefly and then took up tho
mutter of tho nettlomont of differ
oncrm between tho men and tholr
omployon through tho organization
of tho Loyal Loglon.
Tho bunlnonn of tho hnynl Legion,
ho doclnrod, In nettled through tho
men thomnolven. Kach locnl roust
elect throo committeemen, and In
order to oIhcI tbono throo committee
men It In neconnary thnt T1 per cont.
of tho momboTH of tho local bo In at
toudnncu at tho election, othorwlso
tho proceeding would bo considered
Tho committeemen elected from
each local under any ono operntor In
turn olect three of their memborn to
act on n Joint conforonco commltteo
to moot with tholr employer. In tho
ovont It Is Impossible for this com- it will bo several days until a com
mltteo to coma to an ogrooment onljiieto list has been secured,
any differences which may arlso, tho i
matter is inon mKon to tno district
commltteo. From there It would
go tn tho central council, nnd di
rectly to Col. Dlsquo'n office. No
momber of nny oommltteu, ho Mid,
could bn dlnchnrgod by the company
f,,r M nctlvlty In bohnlf of tho cm-
Won fill. tn Man lllm-elf.
Lieut. Cuttn declared that he In n
union man himself and has nerved us
district organizer for tho A. F. of L.
"And In tho organization of the
Lnyal Loglon," he declared, "I see
the (greatest poMlblltttot which have
ovr been presented for tho working ,
man ami for organized labor. Uncle , (Frotl, Wodnosday's Dally.)
Stun Is behind tho Loyal Loglon nnd I Tho Heud high sehool football
working for It. team will play the first gamo of the
"There in nbsolutoly no friction be- Mnson at I'rlnevllle noxt Saturday
twutn tho inemberH of the Loyal morning at the fair grounds with the
Legion and orgnnlzod lnbor. The Crook county high. This wns the
only thing that tho officers nml nnnouncemont made this morning by
men aro trying to do Is to prevent ,Bh school officials.
friction lu organization methods. We Tho organization of tho Ilond
onnnot have two organizations, the ton,,,, un(ar Conch T. 11. Sexton, bus
Loynl'Loglon nnd nny othor agency, boon going on for tho past throo
dlokorlng with tho employers for.wuoks. Tho boys have boon training
wngos or tho mtttlemont of disputes. I Btrenuously, using tho ball park as
It must bo dono through ono hood, U practice ground, und Mr. Sexton
ono organisation." bollovos ho lias tho matorlal for a
At the conclusion of Lieut. Cutis'
talk, tho resolution, In which tho
men ngrood to accept tho rulos nH bolng used In tho olevon this ywir.
Inld down by tho contrnl council of Thoso nro Lostor Sanders, fullback;
tho -IL'h, wuh adopted unanimously, Kd llrostorbous, quartorback, nnd
Lieut. Syphcr SM'k. ' Loroy Coynor, tncklo. Tryouts for
in oponlng his talk, Llout. Syphor , tho othor mon on tho toam are bo
prnlsod tho mon and tho operators g nmdo under tho following dlvl
ln this section for tho hnrmony which 'sioua: Halfbncks, llalph Hogyo,
oxlstod. "It comes nearer to bolng a Karl Tuckor and Frank Loohr; onds,
100 por cont. community," ho do- Cordon Dutt, Frank Hnnor; tackles,
claroily "than any I Imvo vlsltod." j Dovoro Holfrlch; guards, Loo Wright
no Btaieu inai no nun uuou assigueu
to thla district and would bo lu tho
city porhapH ovory two or throo
weeks nnd doslrod to moat tho mon
iih frlouds nnd follow workers,
(Kuiiciia (iiinrtl.)
Kvorott Hrandonburg, a Bophomoro
at tho university, has re turn oil from
Ilond to at total tho S. A. T, C. camp.
Hrandonburg was n member of the
freshman football squad last yoar,
and after wntchlng him porform on
tho gridiron, ox-Coach Hugo Hozdok
predlctod a promising career for tho
Ilrst-yoar man. Ho will llkoly work
out uudor Coach "Shy" Huntington
during tho noxt fow months.
A, L. French 8tlln. A. L. French
hnH dlsposod of his Black of goods in
this city, according to an aunouueo
inout mndo thU morning, A salo will
bo conducted to disposo of tho stock
of goods.
I'lrnt Kviitwfi NnrncH Drawn Afh"ct
lnj lU-iiil Kliotv Largo Number
In Iln Over Ago of
Tlilrty-Klx Vohm.
(From Mondny'n Dally.)
Hoy Wonloy Hnxtnn of thin city,
ogod 20, norlnl number 32Z, holdn
oritur number 1, drawn In tho govern
ment lottery which commenced at
Wnnhlugton today noon. Twenty-nlx
hundred namen aro to bo drawn from
tho groat bowl, nml It In expected
that tho drawing will continue ovor
ktho bettor part of two days, lielow
In given tho flrnt 17 numborn drawn
an affect Ini: Ilend:
1 Hoy Wesley Haxton, Ilond.
2 Logan Philip Hnapp, Terrebonne.
3 Slvert IJ. Ileeno, Can by.
-I Itnphnol Statin Townc, Lower
'5 Samuel Sanderson, Hend.
C Ilao II. Leonard, Alfalfa,
7 Warren b. Smith, Itedrnond.
8 Clyde M. McKay, Hend.
I U Hunsoll W. Nicholson, Ilond.
10 Thoman Lyons, Hend.
hi Frank N. Oanbar, Ilend.
12 Merl I. Hoover, Ilend.
13 Carl W. Hamilton, Torrobonno.
l( John L, Scnrth, Hend.
10 Garnet S. McCartney, Tumalo.
1C Charles A. Harlwell, Sisters.
17 William Francis Foren.
Of tho first 17 numbers drawn a
major part of thorn arc for names
of men who nro over tho ago of 3G
years nnd will not bo affected under
tho present ruling. Later numbers
nru to bo sent out by tho war de
partment to tho various districts and
in-: iiavi:D at fhinkvilli-:
winning olovon.
Throo letter inon of last yoar nro
nnd-Torball Simpson.
(From Friday's Dally.)
John Wolf of tho limited sorvlco
branch of tho United Status army
arrived In Houil thla morning and
will bo stationod horo during tho
next threo or four months taking
earn of tho clerical work for tho local
bonrd. 1'rlvato Wolf, whoso homo Is
In Portland, linn been nt tho train
ing station nt Vancouver during tho
past ton days,
Stntomonta to tho effect that uudor
tho daylight saving plan tlmo would
chnugo back ono hour on Soptombor
30 nro lucorroct. Under tho law
passed by congross tlmo changed
back on tho lnat Sunday in Octobor,
or Octobor 27.
of tiiih citv, d1f-s of wound
kkci:ivi:d in action whilk
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
On Soptombor 28, 1918. Hlrnchcl
Itongey wan tinted among tho mlsn-
Ing and on September 29 tho war
department reported him an having
died of wounds received In action.
Thin, no far as known here, Is tho
first man from Hend to looso his
life In tho trenches on tho present
ndvnnco toward Metz. He voluntar
ily onllstod from Hend early In tho
war and his ono ambition was to get
to tho front as soon as possible that
ho might do all in his power to crush
Tho deceased was 23 years of age,
a ntudent, a hardworking boy, and
owing to his good habits and pleasant
ways was a great favorlto among his
acquaintances. Ho was a son of Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Itongey, who lived In
Hend until about a year ago, when
they removed to Ccntralia, Wash.
Hesldcs his parents ho leaves a
brother, Clyde, who Is In tho scrvico;
a brother 12 years old and two sis
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Farmers living to tho cast of East
' Lake on tho lino of tho proposed
1 government road to that vicinity are
, pledging from ono to threo days'
I work on tho hlghway.jaccordlng to
officials of tho forost service, Tho
line for the now road into tho lake
was established by tho forost sorvlco
several woeks ego and already sev
eral milee have been built.
From the main road at China Hat
to the lake ovor tho now routo Is
but about nlno milos. Tho grado
ovor tho greater portion of the dis
tance does not oxcoed 4 per cont. and
no igrade on the road will exoeed 7
per cent. It passes through a country
comparatively smooth, with but Uttlo
timbor to mako difficult tho construc
tion. Tho greater portion of tho high
way lies to tho south, making it pos
sible to trnvol this road much earlier
in the yoar than Is possible with tho
prosont route in from tho west, which
in tho main is impassible for cars
ovon as lato as tho lattor part of
C. F. Hopkins Has Eleven Heml of
Famous EnMcrn Sheep Shipped
lo This County.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Elevon hoad of Hornod Dorsots,
tho sheep which have become so
popular through tho east during tho
past sovoral yoars, woro rocolved by
C. F. HoskhiB of Lower Hrldgo Mon
day. Tho shoop woro shipped from
Vermont by oxpross.
Growers of tho Horned Dorsot nro
omphntic In tholr declaration that tho
lambs will, with proper enro, mako
a growth of from threo to threo and
a halt pountla per wcok, while It is
not an uncommon occurrence for
twins to bo lforn. They aro claimed
to bo tho most proline brood of shoop
In oxlstonco, tho owo giving birth to
twins oftlmea twlco each year.
Mr. Hoakius will add tho shoop
to his already solcct herds.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Working on routine buslneBa, the
county court was In sosslon today.
Tho work will probably bo concluded
tonight. O. H. Miller of ltodmoud
camo up to attond tho mooting.
IloJIcrrd Ho Mar Muko flood
Hynn Will Keep Out of tlio
Itaco for Trranurcr
Against IfofT.
(SptcUl to Th hullttln.)
SALEM, Oct. 3. Everyone agrees
that "Our Ocorgo" Chamberlain, now
running tho military affairs of tho
United States from tho sonata ond, Is
ono of tho most successful politicians
ovor turned out in Oregon, oven It
disagreement-Is had with hia political
party and tondonclcs. Tho fact al
ways remains that Ocorgo brings
homo tho bacon and ho hasn't missed
a public pay check for so long (hat
generations bare grown up and
passed on slnco ho used to buy his
ham and ozgs from tho sweat of
private practice and tho lucubrations
of his brain in a country nowspaper
Now ono of George's pot theories
about politics Is to novor forgot his
friends and whonever ho spots a good
and faithful sorrant he rewards him
by something more than merely toll
ing him "well done," providing the.
patronago pot Is full enough to pass
tho emoluments all around.
Governor Wlthycombo may hare
had some such idea In mind whoa he
appointed Conrad Patrick Olson, 8r..
to tho supreme bench of tho state of
Oregon to succeed Justlco F. A.
Moore, who died last week. In that
ovent ho played good politics. From
a largo number of comments heard
on tho outside perhaps tho politics
he played In this particular Instance,
It ho was playing at all, was not so
Patrick had charge of tho. ot
ernor's last campaign beforo tho pri
maries and he did right ycomanlr
and well, as tho result of tho election
indicated. He "put It ovor" In big
shape and no one would grudgo him
a suitable reward.
Out putting him on tho supremo
bench has been a sort of a crawful
for somo people, Including somo ot
the men on tho bench tbomsolves.
It tho truth wore known.
For instance, it Is an open secret
that Justlco Wallace McCamant
and thero has never beon a bettor
Jurist grace tho bench, hung onto
his office tor dear llfo until after
tho primaries, to keep this namo
Patrick Olson from landing. Justlco
McCamant doslred to resign away
along early In the year to return to
private practice. He got wind of tho
fact; howevor, that Olson might bo
his successor it ho quit at that tlmo
and so ho hung on. As a result, tho
Republican nomlneo was named after
the primaries.
Olson has alwuys had a deslro to
got onto tho supremo bench and
possibly he will graco It as an emi
nent Jurist. Evoryono is hoping so.
Hut it can scarcely be said that ho
has won tho spurs to drive him onto
tho highest tribunal in tho land, and
a largo aumbor of peoplo sniff aus
piciously and say that ho was ele
vated because of his activities In tho
last political campaign. That may,
or may not, bo truo. Whether It Is
or not Is supposltionary at tho best.
Hut tho fact remains that tho ap
pointment was not altogether hallod
with gleo.
Olson, howovor, is a young nttor
noy ot much promise and has con
ducted successfully a largo private
practlco. As said before, ho may
ahiuo on tho bouch as a flrst rato
luminary and ovoryouo Is hoping bo.
So It sooms to bo up to Conrad to
Justify tho trust that tho governor
has roposed in him and it is a largo
mouthful to masticato.
Ityan to Stay Out.
Judge., Thomas F. Hynn has dono
tho right thliiig and bus decided to
stay out of tho gamo na nn iudopond
out candidato tor tho stato trcasuror
shlp. Aftor norno conferences with
Republican loadors, tho Judgo rotlrcd
gracefully, and although thoro la a
Democratic candidato for tho Job, It
is conceded on nil aides that ho
hasn't a looklu and tho placo -will
fall Into tho hands of a bona fld
Kopubltcnti.- Judgo Ityan sbowed
himself a bona fldo Republican' by
backing dawn and deciding- not to
bocomo an hulopondont candidate. It
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