The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 25, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    UKNU 1tUMiT5TIN( III5ND OHKflON, THI'flHDAVf HKIT. 2rt, lllfB
V1t fficJ& Jor "" ' :
You Get What Your "
Doctor Prescribes ' ; ' ''
scientific; accuracy i
speed, and
absolute honesty
arc added to every doctor's prescription you' bring
to be filled at our store.
We carry a complete stock of all the necessary drugs
for accurate prescription work. They are kept fresh
and potent, producing just the beneficial results
your doctor desires. We employ only the most
experienced pharmacists, and we
substituteyou get what your doctor prescribes.
(From Wednesday's Dully.)
It. I'litomnti of Deschutes In In tlio
rlly on IiiihIiii'Hu.
Michael Coppid of Hampton In In
Hid ilty on IiunIiikmn,
II. 1). Mill of l.n IMno I transacting
liuidni'MH In tin) city.
Itnlpli A. Ilnln of llnrtiH In a busl
intH visitor In tli city.
Mr. and Mm. J. A. I'uttlKon of
1'ortlnnil urn In tho rlty.
J. W. Flnher of Hhaulko In trans,
noting business In tlm city.
Anion Lorougou of Croscjrit lit a
uiinIiiokn visitor In tlm city.
Mr. Win. Ontt of Klinnlko It visit
lng with friend In Ihu city.
Mm. (lolilln llnxnll of Himttlo l
visiting with frlitmlH In tlio city.
Horn, to Mr. anil Mm. M. A. Ham
ilton, this morning, n itltiu-pcuitul
'. II. JoIiiihoii of Mllllcan was In
tlm city yesterday nml today on busi
ness, Mr. nml Mr. C. K. Hoy of Hllvur
Lnko woru visitors In tlm rlty yes
torduy. Mr. nml Mr. C. A. Cllnu of lied
nionil nro among thu guest ut the
Jlotnl Wright.
Mr. nml Mm. Henry Lander of
Kugoiiu worn registered nt tlio Cozy
liotol yostorday.
Iliirlny ilnguo of Imperial Ik In
tlm city transacting business nml
visiting with frlumlH.
J, I., Shad returned thin niomltiK
from Halom, wliuro ho linn boon
spending nuvurnl dnyH on business,
(loorgo O'.N'oll, who linn bean
spending tlm past several weeks nt
Kast I .a kit, linn rntiirnud to liU homo
In thin city.
HohhN of lledmond worn In (ho city
toil ii y visiting with friends.
J. W. Ilowmun In coiitlnod to his
homo as n rumilt of Injuries received
In an nutomohllo collision Hunduy
IM Woodward, circulation audi
tor for tlm livening Telegram, was
In tlm city today making urroiwcw
incut for trotiHforrlng tlio Ilond
Miss Jennie Cook am Minn Kvnlyn
Jlyrd of IIuriiH passed through Ilond
today, en routo to Corvullln, wlmro
tlmy will nttauil school during thu
coming year.
(From Tuesday's Dully.)
W. J. Mcl.onu of l'ortlaml in In
tho city on business.
J. A. Hastes returned hint night
from u trip to II Ik luko.
A. M. I'rliiKlo loft thin tiftarnoon
for n short vUlt to KiiHt Luko,
Mm. C. A. Cllnu nnd Mm. W. II.
(From Monday's Dally.)
(luy ItohhliiN of Itudmoud won In
ltoud yesterday.
Joo Klngo, formerly of Crescent,
Ih visiting In Homl.
J. H. Iluasley or La IMno In a busi
ness vliillor In tho city.
John Master of Dry Lake In a busl
no visitor In thu city.
Mr. and Mm. John Hayes of Silver
I.ako aro visiting with friends In thu
Mr. and Mm. K. A. llutto of Modnc
1'olnt, Oregon, nro vlsltlux with
friend In tho city.
Mm. linker of Kugcno, Oregon, has
arrived In Ilond and will visit with
relatives ut Tumiilo for mtvornJ day.
Alfred A. Ayn of l.n IMno wifn In
Ilond Saturday iiIkIU on business
connected with tho fourth Liberty
K. N. Kavaniiugh of thP United
HtutoH foront Hurvlco Is In tho city
attending a grilling mooting which
was hold at tho foront offices thtH
Mr. and Mm. F. M. Donton of Ft,
Klamnth worn rcKlnturcd nt tho
Wright hotol Hnturdiiy night. Tlmy
nro on tliulr way to Tho Dalloa to
vUlt with frlumlH.
(From Rnturday'H Dally.)
L, DoughiH of Dufur lu In tho city
on IiunIiiohh.
J, NoIhou of Flfo Ih tratiRactliiK
huflliifHrt In tho city.
J, Frnnk Kvnnn of La Ornndo Is
In liend on hiiHlnuHH.
Fall and Winter Fashions
Suits, Coats, Dresses, Shirts, Waists,
Underwear, Hosiery, Corsets
are here from the best mills and factories made in
America Merchandise. Come in and see the Truly
Wonderful Values we have to oiler. Whether you
wish to buy or not will be glad to show you. We
advise early buying however. This is an unusual
season-prices will probably go higher, so don't delay
The Peoples Store
' Aart (or R & G Coriett and Armor PUto Hou'ery
J, JO, WIIhoii of Urn Cook Hay coun
try In lu Ilond on IiiiiiIiiuhh,
0, (!. Krlokmm of Klamath FuIIh In
III tho city on n IiuhIiiohh trip,
J, IlnwkliiH Nnplor of Lukovlow In
triUiiifKitluif IiuhIiiohh lu tho city,
MrM, 10. U, Clark of Ln IMno Ih
vlfliflux with frlomln lu tho city.
v A". M.'Prlnglrt roturnod thin morn
ing from u hufclhoxK trip to Portland,
Mm, J. II, Mlugor and hod, Mm.
A. J. GIIIIh, A. II, Llppnmu and Almit
Llppman, nil of I'rluovlllo, w6ro In
tho city yoatorday vlxltlng with
Mr, nnd Mm. W, N. Ilono of La
IMno woro lu lluud ycHtorday for tho
purpOMO of mooting Mr. Hoho'h
brother, II, A. Homo, who arrived
from Portland hint night.
J, M. Pointer and IiIh non, Wm, II.
Pointer, luivo neon rod hombatondn In
tho Alfalfa dlntrlct, near tho Walkor
ranch Tho Ilogan Laud company
couiplotcd tho tramuictlon for thorn.
W. II. Duggott of Portland Ih In
tho city today on logal huntncH,
Mr. and Mm. Clayton Ouhlor and
Mm. Oohlor'H moth or liuvo gono to
Oiloll luko for n Huvoral dayn' outing.
J. H, Foley, travollng reprenontu
tlvo of tho claim dupartmont of tho
H., P. & H,, wan In Ilond ycotorday
on huHlinN connoct''d with claim
agalutt thu road. Olio of thu mattum
hulng luvcHtlgated by him wan tho
doath of a JapancNo Mcctlou hand
near Itudmoud recently.
(From Frlday'H Dally.)
Jay II. Upton of Prluuvlllo In In
tho city on btulnenH,
Klmcr T. Wortzliouglior of Rink Ih
lu tho city on himlnoNH,
Joo Hock Iiiim returned to Ilcnd
after a n ubHoncu of nuvurnl weekn.
Mr. and Mm. D, K. flpoakor of Opal
City aro In tho city vlnltlng with
Mr. and Mm. Alva Lynch eft
thin morning for an extended trip
to Cold lleuch, Oregon, and Northorn
Callforulu polnu.
(From Thurnday'H Dally.)
W. K. Miller of Ln Pino in trans
acting IiuhIuuhn In thu city.
Harvey McKouzlu loft today for a
wuek'n (lnlilng trip nouth of Ilond.
K. W. Uiiurnoy of Mllllcon wan a
hunluenn vlnltor In tho city yunterday.
P. II. MoHiior of (Moverdalo wan a
hunlucHH vlnltor lu tho city yunterday.
Mm. N. K. Wchstor of Silver Lake
In lu tho city vlnltlug with frlcudn.
Mm. It. It. Hhlmmel and her two
noun, who havo liven spending thu
Hotter ?
Hottest !
back memories of the
good old summer
time these COLD
Rubber and Aluminum
Just Remember
Magill & Erskine
Hummer In New York and Pennsyl
vania, returned recently.
O. 0. Htorlo, formerly of North
Uund, paHBcd through Ilcnd today
on routo to Hums, where he has been
engaged to teach In tho Hchools dur
ing the present school year.
Mr. and Mm. W. L. Cook, who
havo been visiting In tho city for
novcral days, left thin morning for
their homo at Ft. Hock. During
thulr vlnlt hero they leased a farm
at Alfalfa and will return In n short
time to tako up their residence there.
Iluy rye seed from L. L. Fox. 30c
News in Brief.
We will win this war
Nothing else really matters until we do I
The Flavor Lasts
Visit Our Millinery
Section & Make Your
Hat Selection Now!
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Kilill VI t 111 lit fix inimhliitn
Community dancing will not bo held connection with tho social night, as
nt tho Gymnasium Friday night j In tho past, and In its stead the Gyra-
nnsium win uo open io coupivs. im
Ih tho first tlrao this pleasure has
been afforded to tho members on
Friday evenings. Tho plunge, rjool
and bowling will bo open to couples
as in tho past.
.Silver Tea Friday Mrs. A. G.
Powell will entertain with a silver
tea Friday afternoon at her home,
1501 Aubrey road, for tho benefit of
tho Presbyterian Ladles' Guild. All
mombers and frlonds of the guild are
cordially Invited.
Dance at Tiuunlo. There Is to bo
a danco given at urango nail in
Tumalo tomorrow ovnltvg. Music
will bo furnished by Dickenson's or
chestra. XtiHllrmft Mwt. Tho Xeedlecraft
club will meet Friday afternoon at
tho homo of Mrs. W. Fulton.
llaby Hoy. An eight-pound boy
was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry H.
llankins at noon Wednesday.
ternal Urothcrhood society will meet
in Sathcr'a hall Saturday evening,
September 21, at 8 o'clock. AH
members aro earnestly requested to
bo present.
Now while our stock is com
plete you will find just the style,
the shape, the price you want.
Do not think prices are high
for they are not you will be
pleased to find such good look
ing hats priced so low.
We are showing a much larger
and better line of Hats this
season than ever before and
still we maintain our prices
$2.QO - $3.00- $4.00
$5.00-$6.00- $7.00
(From Friday's Daily.)
Will Itctiirn to Haul. Word has
boon received from Ad Gustavo, tho
wrestler, that ho expects to return
to Bond about October G. He is now
located nt Salem.
Fraternal IlrotherliooO. The Fra-
she Is
doing her
part to
help urin
the war
Arc you doing yotirs 7
unko (mil! ram,
ri1"" "-" r" " .
Enlist Your Dollars
in the
Fight for Freedom!
The First National Bank
i I "" ..-- '- -