The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 29, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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J'mv PoknIIiIo (.'limine Mtiy V-t lit;
JUndo In (ho lli'tiil LlM Ono )h.
Iflrt U'kh In tint Count)'
OhIiik In Consolidation,
Hnptombor 0 Vorn Hhorwood.
District No, 2l, Kolynl; turm corn
mmicon Hoptiinibor 0 Mlimlo Jtuil
dulz, Dlntrlct No, .'10, Deschutes; to rm
commences Hiijilcimbnr 0 Alice MC-LOIUI.
Sergeant Hosmer Tells
In a Letter His Troubles
As a War Stenographer
Willi lull fow exceptions teachers
Jmvo boon cIiohuii for nil ncIiooIn In
lit i) county, tho majority or which
commence thu school year on Hop
lumber l, although In olio or two
' lllHtllUCOH tho ilutu has huun MUt ono
wnok enrllnr thnn thin, anil In an
other ItiHtaiico ono week Inltir. Thero
In oiiu limn school dlitrlct In tho
county IIiIh your than IiimI, school
district No, 27, Hmlth Itock, having
consolidated with dlHtrlct G, Torre
bonne, ami nildltiK a now toucher In
tho Intttir district.
Tho teachers (or thu Horn! schools
hnvo not yet boon elected to nil nil
vacancies, mill for thin reason tho
llnnil lint In not available Tho fol
IowIiik In thu lint of teachers for tho
ritinnlnliiK districts In thu county, to
Mother with tho iluto on which tho
school tufin commence:
DlHtrlct No. 2, Redmond: school
starts September t. Superintendent,
I,. I,. (loodlug; hi uti nchool faculty,
Cliilro Dunn, Hlmor I,. Hlionk and
l.uolu Kwbiiuk; .grammar irlnclial,
John Tuck,
DlHtrlct No. 3, Tuiualo; term corn
moil ecu September a. -Minn Klmor
Hmlth, principal; Minn l.iiollu Palmer
ton, Minn Prances Thoiupiiou.
DlHtrlct No, 4, ,n I'Jtin; turm com
moiices September I). .Mm. Catlow
DUtrlct No, r, Terrebonne; term
commences HtipUimbor 2, Mm, (lor
trudo Whltol. prluclpnt; Duwlt WIN
Hams, nrtnn ICuonuy, Adullnu Diet
rich, Nolllo Itnlntou.
Dlntrlct No, C, Sinters; turm com
mence Sept. 3 -Principal, Prank W.
Weber; Allen Kappnlu.
Dlntrlct No, 7, Itcdmond Rural;
turm command) Hojitotnber 9 -Lot
tin Kuril.
Dlntrlct No. 8, Cllno Falls; turm
rommuiicon September 15 Mabul
Dlntrlct No, 9, I'luuhumt; turm
commence September 0 Anna HI.
dor ut I'luuhumt; Avn Mooro at i'lne
Troo In samo dlntrlct.
Dlntrlct No. 10, Ploaaont Valley;
turm comuieucuN September 2 Ituth
Dlntrlct 12, Lower Bridge; term
commoncon Hupturnbcr 9 Mm, Klnlo
I'. Ilounor.
Dlntrlct No. 14, Homo HIiIko; term
commoncon September 2 Hulda
Dlntrlct No. 1C, Impurlal; term
commoncon Hoptombcr 9 C. W. Mil
iar. Dlntrlct No, 17, Hampton; term
commnucvn Keptumbur ! Mary II
Dlntrlct No. 18, Clovurdalu; turm
commences September 3 Itoxlu
Dlntrlct No. 20, Arnold; term com
moucoH Boplumbor 0 Itonu llunuull.
Dlntrlct No, 21, Yoiiiik nchool;
turm commoncon Kuptumbor 9 Mm.
Dlntrlct No. 22, Ulchnrdnon; turm
commuueun Huptumbor !)- Mm. Olon
Dlntrlct No, 23, Plalnvluw; turm
commi'iicoH September U Ituccluiul
Dlntrlct No. 24, Alfalfa; lorui coin
moncoM Huptumbor 16 JohhIo Hart
Dlntrlct No. 26, Mllllcan; turm
commuueun September 9 Mis Muy
Dlntrlct No, 28, term cnmmoucoH
MK.V ytMl.llll.l) IN HTKXOCJ.
(From Friday ' Dally.)
Stenographer who liavo legal
training, quullflnd for npuclnl or Hm
Itud nurvlcn, may bo accepted In tho
army, accordliift to uti order roculvod
by thu local draft board thin morn
I ii It In a bulletin from tho adjutant
general's officii In Portland. Tho
government rcijulron tho norvlcon of
thuno inon In tho Judico advocate's
offlco of thu army, to report on
court tnurtlaln and othur bunluoni of
ii like nature. There are to bo no
Induction under thin call, all men
buliiK permitted to volunteer their
Murvlcun, which ut thu prunont time
opens up thu only avunuo of volun
tary cnllntinout In tho army.
No men lire to bo ucenptud who
hovo not pruvlounly registered, or
who liavo not had tho required cz
purluucu In k-Kal and stenographic
practice. Men desiring to uiillnl In
thin nnrvlco nro required to report
before tho local board bnforo Auk. 31.
U 10,000 Altl. TO 111: LIIIIMtATKD
i.v Tin: laki:s and
op ckntral oucdo.v laruk
Nf.MllKK joi:h to kaht i.aki:,
(From Friday's Dally.)
Two hundred nod forty thousand
rainbow trout hatched from eggs
taken from OdnlPuud Crencent lakun
aru now ready for distribution from
tho hatchury hoip. Twauty-dvu
thousand wore taken to Kant lako on
Wudnunday and Thurnday of thin
wuuk by Fred HIilntufTor and Mr.
I.ynun, nupurvlnor of tho hatchury has
ntatad that as noon an flnh cans aro
procurable thu remainder of tho
hatch In to bo distributed In thu varl-
taken and ntruamn In thin dlntrlct.
Fifty thousand of thorn will ho re
leaned In Odull and Crescent laken,
35,000 to 40,000 In thu Mutollun and
possibly 100,000 liberated In tho Du-Hchutns,
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Tho monthly chock for contribu
tions to Tho llullutln tobacco fund
wan malted yentorday ttf tho national
ofllcen of thu Ited CronH, from whoro
tho tobacco In distributed. Thu fol
lowing amountH had boon donated
hIiico thu mallliiK of tho last chock,
July 26:
Frank iMasslni-alo $ i.oo
A Friend j.oo
F. O. (Irlnistoad 2,00
J, P. Honuurisuy c.OO
W. K. Van Allun C.OO
Hoy Camliiu 1.00
A Friend 1,50
V. 8. (lardnor 25
When you walk Into a dependable
noe store ana a-K lor a pair ot
BucKiircitT Army Shoes, you
can be sure
Tint this Army Shoo It up
to nanilaru tlut lc U
matle by workmen who
luvo turncU out mora than
, 600,000 Army Short under
expert (iipcrvislon and that
' ic u backed by a record of more thnn fifty
yert of honest ihoc manufAuring.
Look for our registered tradu namo
DuCKllicirr (tamped on the sole of every
Shoe for our mutual protection.
Tlierc's just one thing
to remember ask for
the DucKiiiiciiT Anny
Shoe by name and be
jure that you gt it.
Then you will appre
ciate why ic is worn by
thousands of
Office Men
and others in every walk of life.
II not obtainable from your dealer, send name and your
order direct to
$6.50 to $8.00
rlhoultl your donler bo unablo to supply you, Bond his nanio to tlio
ninnufacturorrt lltickliiKltum & llocht, Hun Francisco. Unclose price of
sIiooh you ilonlro Rial wo will liuvo your order fUlod.
Ono of tho most IntarontliiK IctterH
to bo recolved from tho boyn "ovor
thoro" comun from HorKonnt P. II.
llonmur, 11 fornior stanoKruphor at
Tho Hhuvllu-lilxon Company plant In
thin city, who Ik now nerving 'with
tho 2nd company, A. P. 0 717,
Tourn, franco. HurKoant Iloiunor'n
ruforuncu to "Frank" In tho letter
In meant for Frank Prlnco, a former
Jlond man, Thu totter wan received
by Minn Hazel Htuvunn, and reads an
Tourn, France, Juno 17, 1918.
My Dear Hazel:
I started a letter to you tho othur
nlKht, but I wan Interrupted so many
times that I Anally gavo It up In din
KUtt and went homo to bed. You
will huvo to oxcuno tho una of thin
machine In thin letter, but I can
probably et thin letter ovor with bo
foro anybody kuIh a chuueo to talk
to mo If I wrlto It on a typewriter,
but If I have to drill It out with a
pen It will tako tho rent ot tho night.
Alno I don't logo my train of thought,
so to speak, no easily with this thing.
Another thing In that It gives mo
good practice. I'm winning tho war
from an offlco now, way back of the
UnvH where I am perfectly safo and
not troubled with cootlcn or othor
livestock which gavo uh some anxluty
u fow months ago. I hated llko tho
douco to come way back to Tourn to
gut shoved Into an offlco, and still
uiiriK mo government in making a
mistake In keeping mo horo under n
bushel while thu other boys aro out
In tho open, but It seems that I'm
to lie doomed for tho rest of my llfo
to always run Into noma kind of a
Job whoro they havo to havu a typo
writer. Tho next war I 0 Into they
will never know that I over saw a
typewriter from tho Information I
put on my classification card. I'm
going to bo a common laborer In all
my future warn.
Kvory time a soldier moves flvo
miles from his original company It
take all tho way from three months
to a year to got his mall again. No
body has an yut figured out Junt
where they do send It to when they
don't And you at homo, but noma of
that malt does nothing but rldu day
after dny for mouths at a tlmo.
Frank told mo ouco that hu had
been In Franco before, and I'vo been
wondering why It was that ho enlist
ed when ho kuuw beforehand that ho
would havo to coma over bore again.
Thin In a good country to came from,
and I havo absolutoly no respect tor
tho man who dullboratoly pays money
to travel through Franco. 1 could
wrlto pages of tho things I don't llko
about this placo. I am In what Is
supposed to bo tho second largest
city In Franco, but I can't say It In
anything to ravo about. Tho bunt
store In tho city Isn't any bettor than
Smith's In llond. Tho French people
aro still living In tho 12th century
so thoy haven't yet Invented tho leu
cream sodn. Any American soldier
In Tours would willingly glvo his llfo
for r real old chocolato lea cream
soda and dlo with a grin on his face.
Tho beer you gut horo would mako
you cry.
Tho French aro Just learning that
an Amorlcnn likes to oat and thoy
aro trying to learn how to servo a
real dinner, but somo ot thorn need
a good dual ot coaching yot. It takes
about two hours or bo to get n good
meal. Tho wnltrosnos go out and
deal a fow hands of sovun-up or
something between each courso and
you only got ono thing at a tlmo to
cat no matter It you get right down
on your knoos and beg for beofstoak
and potatoos at tho samo tlmo. You
can havo buufstoak or you can havo
tho potatoes, but to sorvo both ot
thorn at tho samo tlmo would nhnttor
tho dour old Kronen custom thoy had
of eating that way about tho tlmo
that ColumbiiH was flirting with his
nurso nnd couldn't possblly bo dono
In good socluty.
Thoy all drink vln bla'no or vln
rougo, tho samo being n mixture of
nlno parts water nnd ono part vine
gar, as near 11s I can figure It out by
tnsto. It Is protty poor stuff, I think,
but a Frenchman would dlo If ho
wandered forty foot from hia back
doorstep and found out ho had for
gotton his llttlo bottlo ot rod eye. It
Is what koops tho French nation on
Its foot, I guess.
All thoHO protty French girls that
you hoar so much about In nil tho
Into musical comedies nro tho bunk,
so don't ballovo tho next Bhow you
go to. Thoro are boaucoup madomol
boHch horo all right, but thoy put so
much paint nnd powder on you can't
mako out their original comploxloiiB
at nil and I wouldn't bo surprlsod but
what somo of thorn woro black If you
could got undor tho camouflage, Thoy
wear somo flashy clothes, but that Is
something I don't know much about;
howovor, tho ouly thing I uotkod
particularly In that lino In that thoy
seem to bo wearing th6m higher or
lower tin tho cns6 may bo, dopondlng
on which way you nro looking, I'll
bo darned If I haven't boon foolod a
dozen tlmen on somo chicken who
wasn't a day ovor 4 15 yearn old. From
behind they knock you dizzy, but
when you pnnn them, why you pans
them, that's all.
A gold tooth In thin country in
worth Itn wolght In radium. That, of
course, in ono reason I am no popular
with tho ladlos. They llko to hco
mo grin. Of course, it In about tho
same an It used to bo around tho
Hip In llond It don't affect mo any
and I'll speak to my frlonds when I
gut back tho samo as usual no
amount of popularity .goes to my
head. Now and then when I get a
llttlo tlmo I walk around town and
glvo tho ladles a treat by letting them
look at tnc.
I can speak pretty good French
now and can ask for almost any kind
of a drink. I can ask for them, but
nlno tlmen out of ten, after picking
out a nice looking ono and pronounc
ing It very carefully, thoy go rushing
nway and bring me back n bottle of
beer, no I judgo that maybe there
In a llttlo flaw In tho way I mako tho
language behave.
Tho last I beard from Frank or
about him ho wan In Paris. He al
ways was n lucky stiff. I'vo been
seeing Franco on a tour conducted
by tho government for about two
months and I'vo been every placo but
Paris and thoy won't send mo there.
It makes mo pretty sore, too, as that
Is ono placo I would like to seo be
fore going homo. When I got out of
school 1 wan going to over here I
wrote to Frank and asked him to
get mo Into his company. That was
three months ngo and I haven't had
a letter from unyono yet, so I don't
know whether ho ever got it or not.
Ono thing Is sure: I didn't get Into
his company.
1 wish I would get shot In tho
finger or something like that and get
sent back to Dend to recuperate now.
From tho last I heard thero must bo
somo grand little openings tor a
young man back thero now. The war
must bo terrible for you young but
terflies without any men to take you
around. Do they have any moro
dances? I get very llttlo news from
llend and don't know what is going
on. I'd certainly llko to get back
and go fishing and tako a couple of
hunting trips. It In nigh unto the
tlmo Hint I went out after my regular
Fourth of July bear. There Is going
to bo somo tcrrlblo casualties
amongst tho bear when I get back
an I'm going to duck for tho moun
tains and stay thero for a month Just
lying on my back In a nlco comfort
able placo and telling all tho buglers
In tho world to go to tho devil. 1
haven't as mucn hatred for a German
as I havo for a bugler. Every time
a man gets good and comfortable a
buglo blows in the army and he ban
to get up and do something.
lMlk Jtm HJUt lM-isswwf smf "rrCl
You'll find more tobacco sat
isfaction in the condensed
Real Gravely Chewing Plug
than in a thick piece of ordi
nary tobacco.
Peyton Brand
Real Gravely
Chewing Plug
10ca pouch and worth it
""MBBsa saW
llaBasB ssal
no morm to chtwthan ordinary Jag'
P. B. Gravely Tobacco Corepnnjr
Danville, Virginia
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Seven draft men, six of them cilted
for Camp Lewis. Washington, and
ono for Ft. McDowell, California,
wcro mobilized by S. E. Roberts,
chairman ot tho local draft board,
yesterday and left this morning. This
is tho only contingent of draftees
that has been called for Camp Lewis
during tho month, tho call being is
sued for ten men, four of whom were
Inducted into tho service by other
Among those leaving for Camp
Lowls wero Fred J. Marchend, who
held order No. 1 of the 1918 regis
trants and Is tho first man ot this
class to bo called from this county.
Oustavo IJerry of Alfalfa, who Satur
day purchased tho limit in war sav
ing stamp certificates, giving him tho
distinction of being tho only member
of the limit club In tho county out-
sldo of tho city of llend; R. L. Covey,
a homesteader ot La Pine, and named
as captain ot tho squad by the local
board; Valdemar Peterson, Charles
Hansen nnd Floyd L. Cleveland.
Ralph Clinton Curtis was tho only
man entraining for Ft. McDowell,
Twenty Men Called
From this County to
Report September 3
County Filings.
Deschutes County Abstract com
pany's ruport of Instruments filed for
record In DcMchutes county:
Deschutes Whlto Pino Lbr. Co. to
Edward Canoosc, Bale contract, $450.
James II, Ashley to G. S. Smith,
warranty deed, ?10.
Statu of Oregon to Chns. W. Mc
Clung, deed.
liarnoy Ferrell to Ross Farnham,
warranty deed, 10.
llond Park Co. to Anna K. Merrill,
warranty deed, $10.
A Woman Hearty Recommendation.
Worry and ovorwork causo kidnoy
trouble, and women suffer equally
with mon. Miss Sara Weston, llehi-
iluru, 111., wruus: "I could not stoop
ami wtion down I had to crawl up by
a chair. I was so tamo I suffered
agony, Now I fool llko a now por
son, atrongor and bettor in ovory
way, I heartily rocommond Foloy
Kidnoy Pllla." Sold ovorywhoro.
(From Friday's Dally.)
Twenty men from Deschutes coun
ty navo Dccn summoned to appear
boforo tho local draft board on Sep
tember 3, on a call received by that
body lato this afternoon. This is tho
first heavy draft calls mado upon tho
county since tho early part of July,
tho number leaving during tho pres
ent month aggregating less thnn this
ono call. Tho following Is the list
of men called, all being in class 1,
to ontraln for Camp Lewis:
Christian W. Hoist, Pulouse, Wash
ington, Ouy O. ShafTor, Mllllcan.
Dow Dobklns, Redmond.
Isaac D. Vedder, Lower Rrldge.
Francis M. Cites, Palouse, .Wash
Ingtou. Frank L. Andrews, Portland.
Chestor F. Luce, Redmond.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Dan Cook, son of W. L. Cook, a
stock grower on tho high desert, was,
brought to Rend yesterday afternoon
suffering from a gun shot wound in
tho shoulder. He was taken to tho
llend surgical hospital and Is under
tho caro of Dr. Vandevert. His con
dition Is serious.
Tho accident occurred Sunday
ovcnlng lato as young Cook was re
turning to his home from a drivo to
ono of tho other sheep camps. Ho
was In a Ford machine and noticed
a number of sago chickens near tho
road. Stopping the car he attempted
to draw tho 12-gaugo shotgun out
from tho rear of the machine, and
In doing so It was accidentally dis
charged, tho charge lodging in tho
man's shoulder. ""
Realizing that he was seriously in
jured man called to his father, who
was at the homo less than 300 yards
away, and then fell to the ground
unconscious. His father heard tho
call, and, rushing to his aid. took him
to the house and then went to the
nearest neighbor, threo miles distant,
for help. First aid was rendered
and then one of the men from tho
camp drove to Ft. Rock, a distance ot
45 miles, tor a physician, making
the round trip in about threo noun.
Yesterday morning after tho
wounds had been dressed, his father
and another party placed the man
in an automobile and brought him
to this city, a dlstanco ot 65 miles.
Tho trip was rough and It was
feared several times that Cook would
not survive tho rldo, tho wound
bleeding profusely. Upon their ar
rival here tho wound was probed by
Dr. Vandevert and tho wads from
tho gun and several shot removed..
Donald Morris. Bend.
Jay A. Spencer, Dend.
v Alfred H. Shultz, Susnnville. Cal.
Lawrence Walcher, Toledo, Ohio.
Wm. S. Hunnoll, Portland.
Warner Evans, La Pine, j
Alger W. Davis, Tumalo. i
Jim O'Nell, nend.
Lawrence Rooney, Dend.
Everett J. Mace, Portland.
Reed S. Winkle, Dend.
Eugono O. Comstock, Redmond.
Ralph N. McClaln, Bend.
While You ShopjWe
Do Jour Washing!
Bring in the wash
when you come to
town in an hour
and a half it's done
Jlny Kind of Finished Work
Shoes for Real Service
Instead of Buying New Clothes, Have Your Old Ones
Made Over and Renovated.
Central Oregon Cleaning Works
H. HARRIS, Proprietor 1020 Wall Street