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Central Oregon
Jntucs A. Jlrlckoy returned from
Cnmp McDowell, Cal., last week.
Mrs. Vic Schroder nnd daughter
Agnes returned from Hood River
last Thursday, whero they have been
working In tho cannery.
Christ Tinner is back from St.
Helens for a short stay. Mr. Tinner
nnd Dort Mocks drove to Shlrrol val
ley to got a gasoline engine which ho
bought from Mr. Plnkus.
Mrs. Robert McDowell Is visiting
-with Mrs. II. Drooklnga this wook.
Mr. Rasmusson of Uutto had his
leg badly crushed whllo working
with a well drill. lie was taken to
Lakovlcw and It is feared amputa
tion will bo necessary.
Agnes Schrodor visited with Gladys
Mocks last Sunday.
.Mrs. V. Schrodor spent tho day
with Mrs. Ilorl Mocks Wednesday.
Newt Morris was a business visitor
hero last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Hash of Staurer havo
rented Mrs. Sheppard's plnco and
havo moved there for tho winter.
Mary Stauffer was a passenger on
the mall stngo Monday, returning
from Monmouth, where sho attended
the summor normal school.
MILMCAN. Aug. 1C R. R. Kel
ler and family visited at tho J. J.
Holland homo Friday.
Mrs. AIox. Penal and Mrs. L. B.
Keller and children -Kent to Rend
Friday, returning with Mr. Keller
Saturday evening. Mrs. Feeal spent
Saturday night at tho Keller home.
Tho L. R. Keller family and Mrs.
Fecal called at tho R. R. Keller homo
Sunday morning bctoro taking Mrs.
Feeal to her liome.
Tho L. B. Keller family dined at
the J. J. Holland home Sunday. In
tho afternoon tho two families vis
ited at tho F. Tauscher home.
Mrs. J. J. Holland called at tho
R. R. Keler home Tuesday.
Mrs. J. E. Going, Mrs. Alex. Fecal
and Mrs. J. J. Holland were Wednes
day afternoon visitors at the G. W.
Cook home.
R. R. Keller and family called at
the J. J. Holland homestead Wednes
day. Mrs. P. B. Johnson made a busi
ness trip to Bend Tuesday. Sho vis
ited at tho Forbes and Allen homes
whllo there.
Mrs. P. B. Johnson called at the
R. R. Keller home Monday evening.
Tho ClifT Evans and II. E. Smith
families. visited at tho P. B. John
son homo Thursday afternoon.
Mary Holland is employod on the
G. W. Cook ranch.
Mrs. R. R. Keller spent Thursday
night at tho J. J. Holland home.
ine KOJier siock strayed away
Wednesday and Mr. Keller and chil
dren located them at tho Stanley
ranch Thursday, where they were
oungcu to spend tho night.
Mrs. L. B. Keller and children
visited with her parents Monday.
F. Tauscher returned from Bend
Tuesday with a load of lumber for
a now barn for his cattle.
Wm. Presaley, Everett and W. V.
Grlnstead and their sons made a trip
to Prlncvlllo Thursday.
P. B. Johnson made a business trip
to Bend Wednesday.
P. B Johnson was repairing tele
phono line Thursday evening.
J. F. Denison is selling out his
grocery business. They Intend to
leave for Spokane tho first of September.
Jack Moyors and Fred Brown will
attend tho samo school.
Tho reception given at tho com
munity hall Tuesday night for nil
of tho homo boys who are Included
In tho first draft was woll attended
and all reported a very nlco evening.
A good program was rendered, thore
being sovoral oxcollont speakers from
Prlncvlllo and Redmond present. Tho
refreshments planned wcro to bo
sandwiches nnd coffeo, but as wo
wcro pleasantly surprised by tho ico
cream prcsontod by tho Prlncvlllo
ladles and gentlemen, all enjoyed Ico
cream Instead of coffee.
Miss Bllllo Fenlmore, who has
been visiting hor uncle, Will Arnold,
and family, roturncd to her homo in
Portland Wednesday morning.
Tom Cronln returned from Port
land Tuesday morning. Ho was de
layed a fow days thoro as ho luul his
tonsils removed.
Harold Charlton writes that ho Is
again In tho samo office and hard at
work slnco his return to Fort Stevens.
Mr. and iMrs. Bort Roynolds of
Redmond roturncd from n two weeks
tour to Scasldo and other points.
They went overland and roport a
good tlmo, only that thcro was so
much rain in tho valley.
Jako Brln Is tho proud owner ol
n new Ford. Ho has already provon
himself qulto a compctont driver and
will probably help his friends enjoy
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, living on
tho Ernest Hall ranch, havo received
tholr household furnishings from
Hood Rlvor and aro beginning to get
Mrs. E. A. Bussctt. Lloyd, Fay,
Bllllo Fcnnlmore and Mrs. Ross
Bussctt wero entertained at dlnnor
at tho homo of Mrs. Rcoves Will
coxen in Redmond Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Yates and Mlsa
Gladys Pauls havo returned from
their trip to Tho Dalles.
Ada Sears, who has been visiting
at tho Yates home, roturncd to her
home at The Dalles.
Allen Wlllcoxen recently sold 80
tons of hay to McCormlck at $20 per
Georgo Beckman lost a valuable
cow this week from bloat. One other
was just found In tlmo to bo saved.
Husband nnd Wife.
Mrs. Frank P. Wood, Box IS. R. F.
D. 2. Morrill. Me., writes: "Foley
Kidney Pills help me so much. My
husband also has received much
benefit from them. Ho was so lame
he could not stoop over and now ho
reels no pain." Lame back, sore
muscles, stiff Joints, rheumatic aches
and pains quickly conquered by Foloy
Kidney Pills. Sold everywhere.
Prepare for tho Hot Wnvi.
Tho hot sun Is doubly dangerous
If thcro Is a mass of undigested food
In tho stomach. Foley Cathartic Tab
lets give prompt and suro rollef. They
act gently but do their work thor
oughly. They cleanse tho bowels,
sweeten the stomach and benefit tho
liver. For indigestion, biliousness,
bad breath, bloating, gas. Sold every
where. Adv.
Lloyd Bussctt, who recently enlisted
in tho mechanics' corps, left last
Thursday morning for Portland,
whero ho will attend the Benson
Polytechnical school for somo time.
CLOVERDALE, Au?. 10. Roy A.
Cutler arrived at the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Cutlor,
last Wednosday night. He came
from a training camp In Texas. Ho
was called to the bedside of his sick
father, but with only a five-day fur
lough ho Htarted back to Texas Mon
day night.
Thcro was a pleasant little lawn
party held on Waldron's Saturday
night. Tho young folks toasted
marshmallows and played games un
til a lato hour, when they greeted
each other goodnight and returnod to
tholr homos. Those present wero:
fdella nnd Fay Miller. Doan and Lil
lian van Matre, Ladona Cyrus,
Gladys Barberry, Billy Hathaway,
Harold Allen and Lynn Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Weston motored
to Redmond Saturday ovonlng.
Dr. Hosch was calling at tho It. A.
Cutlor homo Thursday morning.
John W. Cotter and Vern Skolton
returned homo Sunday evening aftor
a week's auto trip to Southern and
Western Oregon.
"Mr. nnd Mrs. F. J. Burling and
Mrs. Robert Purling wero shopping
in Sisters Saturday.
Olr. and Mrs. W. W. Van Matro
and family spent Sunday afternoon
at the Cutler homo.
PLA1NVIKW, Aug. 10. Tho reg
ular meeting of tho O, l). O. club
will bu postponed till nun week from
Thursday nnd will moot with Mrs.
A. W. Armstrong on tho nftornoon of
August 20.
Ray Armstrong loft Plalnvlnw last
Wednesday morning to go to Benson
Polytechnic school In Portland for
mechanical training,
Mr. and Mrs. P. Van Tassel nnd
son Glenn wore Bond callers Thurs
day. Mr. nnd Mrs. Grovor Pulllam nro
rejoicing over n llttlo son, George
William, who arrived hiHt Monday
morning, August 12.
Miss Nolllo Scoggln is tho guest of
Mrs.' Ellis Edglngton nt Sisters this
William Brink started to work at
tho Pino Tree mill last wook.
Mr. and .Mrs. James Elklns and
Miles January havo returned from a
sovoral days' trip to Olally mountain
Mr. and Mrs. Ward and family and
Mrs. Andrls havo returned from a
pleasant trip across tho mountains.
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan and family
from Bend were guests at tho Pino
Lawn ranch Sunday.
A. W. Armstrong nnd pnrty spent
Saturday afternoon with Mrs. J. A.
W. Scoggln.
Miss Nolllo Van Tassel wns tho
guost of Miss Ida Hoss last Thurs
day and Friday.
Miss Luolla Burgess nnd Mrs. II.
A. Scoggln enjoyed n very pleasant
day with Mrs. H. T. Hartloy last
Mrs. Alex. Lovorcnz npont four
dnys last week with hor slstor, Mrs.
Grovor Pulllam.
Frlonds from tho Wlltamotto val
ley nro guests of Mr. and Mrs. James
Elklns this week.
iMr. nnd Mrs. Walter Korstoter ar
rived from Vnncouvor, Washington,
and nro visiting tholr parents nt Gist.
(Miss Mary Bonnett of Bond Is
visiting hor grandmother, Mrs. J. A.
W. Scoggln, this week.
Last Thursday afternoon Mrs. A.
W. Armstrong, Mrs. C. F. Chalfan
and Mrs. F. G. Powers gathered at
tho A. E. Hoss homo to sow tho last
four' stars on tho Plalnvlow sorvlco
Hag. Tho stars aro for Edgar Hoartt,
Ray Armstrong, Loyd I'owors and J
Rlggs. Thoro aro now eight stars
on tho flag. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scoggln and
Goorgo Calvorloy aro spending sov
oral dnys In tho Black Butto country
and camping with J. A. W. Scoggln.
Mrs. Howard Hartlev wns a guest
at tho Pulllam ranch Thursday even
ing nnd Friday.
A good attendanco met nt the
school house last Sunday ufternnon
for tno rogular church service. The
next services will bo hold in two
weeks, on Sunday nftornoon, Sep
tombcr 1, nnd aftor this tho meetings
will bo held regularly tho first Sun
day In each month.
Mrs. Phil Smith of Sunnysldo was
a guost at tho M. W. Knickerbocker
homo last Thursdnv.
Miss Graro Rlggs Is spending n
week's vacation nt tho C. F. Chalfan
horn", Sho Is planning to loavo for
Portland In tho near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Elklns woro Bend
callers last Sunday.
A. E. Hoss and family enjoyed see
ing "Pershing's Crusaders" In Bend
Jast Sundny evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Kills Edclncton wore
callers at tho Pino Lawn ranch on
Mr, nnd Mrs. II. T. Hartloy and
Mrs. Knickerbocker were guMts nt
the Box A ranch Saturday.
F. B. BaiiRlimnn Is tho owner of
n now Dodgo nutomobllo,
Mr. and Mrs. W. II, Gray nnd Mr.
nnd Mrs. O. E. Anderson spent Sun
day nt Suttlo lake.
Rasmus Petorson, Mrs. Cntlinrino
JohniiHou, Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Chnnn
and daughter Etta spout Sunday on
n trip io mo mountains,
Fred Soollng nnd Oust Nolsou
vlsltod nt tho home of Anton Ah!
strum Sunday.
F. 11. IlauKhmnu Is helping Rasmus
Poloison haul liny to DoschutoH to
, M, -to
l J v A-S.fV.M'X'iC'
(') h1 hit V)'AO, W sv
For fnrm land loans boo J. Rynn
& Co. Adv.
LOWER BRIDGE, Aug. 10. -David
Mllburn watt taken very 111
Wednesday night nnd wns taken to
Redmond for medical treatment. Ha
Is greatly Improved now.
'Mrs. A. S. Holmes nnd fnmlly spent
tho past week visiting with hor par
ents nt Gntownv.
Mark Forrest mado a trip toVrlno
vlllo and tho Ochoco country Friday
to seo to somo threshing ho Is going
in (in in mm district.
Joo Howard was unfortunnto to
loso one of his best horses Thursday
with tho colic.
L. F. Rice, who has boon traveling
In tho Mlddlo Wost tho past flvn
months, roturncd homo Wednosday
for a visit with his family.
Tho Junior Red Cross mot both
Wednesday and Frldny afternoons of
tho past week. Tho girls nro noxious
to flnluh up tholr present work boforo
school starts.
Paul Brooking was n visitor at tho
Rico homo Wednesday ovonlng,
A. 8. Holmes wns a Redmond vis
itor Frldny.
Marlon Hosklns wns In Redmond
Mr. and Mrs. Holes' tlatichtnr trnm
California Is visiting horo n fow days
with her parents.
Jesso Might Is binding grain for
a. a. iioimes.
Tho Junior Rod Cross girls will
have a picnic nnd swimming pnrty on
tho Deschutes rlvor Wednesday, Aug.
21. Their mothers nro Invited.
Mrs. Fred Wnltors ami Darwin
Walters mado a trip to Prlnovillo
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1 (
Who Is Plorcy & Sons, TumaloT
4P Adv.
Cmiglit Cold nt Palm Heard.
Southern climate Is no protection
against summor colds. IIMen R.
Saunders. C20 2nd Avo., W. Palm
Beach, Fla., wrltos: "My sevore cold
on the chost was rolloved by Foley's
Honey nnd Compound." This lino
old family romody can bo depended
upon to rollovo summer colds, liny
fever, nsthma and croup. Sold every
where Adv.
Locomolivo Engineer Writes.
When tho kidneys aro not working
properly, backacho, stiff Joints, rheu
matic pains and Hiifforlng result.
Goorgo McLain, Turtle Lake, N. D
writes: "I am a locomotive engi
neer. I had a bad pain in my back
and my bladder action was very Ir
regular. I took Foloy Kidney Pills
and was relieved in a counlo of days.
Sold everywhere. Adv.
Give us yo'ur Grocery Business for a month
and you can add another W. S. Stamp to
your book. It pays to pay cash at
Wall Stieel, Bend, Oregon
Seo J. Ryan & Co., for farm land
loons. Adv.
J. W. Peterson and Anton Alilstroni
wero In Rodmond on business Mon
day. Rasmus Potorson nnd Mrs. Catha
rine Johanson woro Bund visitors
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Chaso called nt
tho Anderson homo Tuesday evening,
Mr. nnd Mrs. N. D. Wood woro In
Redmond Thursday.
Mrs. J. A. Chaso vlsltod Mrs.
Wayno Chaso In Redmond Monday.
Mr. nnd 'Mrs. 0. E. Andnrson inndo
a business trip to Bend Tuesday
Those attending tho Cow Tostlng
association picnic hold on tho Island
nt Turnalo Thursday wero: Mr. nnd
Mrs. r II. Ilaughman, Rasmus Potor
son, Mrs. Cathnrlno Johanson, Mr.
and Mrs. 0, E. Andorson, J. W.
Petorson, Anton Ahlstrom and Mr.
and Mrs, Alox, Duval,
N. D. Woods purchased a Ford car
last week from tho garago In Red
Hans Mlkkolson was In Rodmond
on business Thursday,
Mr. nnd Mrs. L. A. Brandonbure
wero Bond visitors Thursday.
J. W. Potorson was a Bond visitor
And iiiveHtlgaU) our price
before buying your groceries,
Wo enn save you money.
P. B. Johnson's
Mllllcan, Oro. Telephone
BEND II. F. I). No 1. Auk 10
A party wns given at tho II. C Colver
homo Saturday evening In honor of
Vorllo and Borulco Ilodgo, former
residents horo, from Portland, who
have been visiting with ("divers, A
very pleasant uvonlug was spent In
playing games, niter which light re
freshments woro served. Those pres
ent woro: Mr. nnd Mrs. Mnrchand,
Mrs. Chnrloy Hoech, Mr. Senburgor,
Mr. Hurbregfo, Fred Mnrchand, Na
poleon Murchnn, Leonard Wagner,
Loo Puctt. Raymond Mnrchand, Rob
ort nnd Henry Colver, Misses Lurllo
Mnrchand, Virginia Colver, Edith
Hooch, Emma Mnrchand, Mnrgarotn
Colver and guests of honor, Verlle
and IlernlcH Hodgf.
George Erlcksen. O. P. Dshl and
Leo Nlckorson spant severs! days
iisiiiiik ni i.avn iaxa sua report a
good catch.
Mrs. G. L. Monro and Mrs. A. Nff
took dinner with Mrs. W. L. Coffey
Roy Wornstaff, who hns boon visit
ing Mr. nrul Mrs. C. W. Wnrnstsrf at
Oswego, returned to his homo Wud
n on day,
.Mr, and Mrs. E. Bedleut mado n
business trip to Redmond Saturday.
Mrs. C, L. Smith's mothor. Mrs.
Strickland from Missouri, and also
hor slstor, Mrs. Myers from Illinois,
nro here visiting.
J. Alton Thompson, county school
superintendent, and Mr. O'Rollly
from tho Oregon Agricultural col
logo, woro visiting the children's
gnrdons In this district tho first of
tho wook.
Nick Reynolds, who hns bsen visit
ing with his rolatlvos horo, returned
to La (J ran do Inst week.
Roy Noff, who accidentally broke
hla arm last wook, Is gottlug along
Soth Stookey was tho unfortunate
losor of a valuable horso last wook
Tho horso ato somo poison which
Mr. Stookey hud put out for rahhltii,
Mlssos Vorllo nnd Borulco Ilodgo,
uftor visiting sovoral dayH with tho
neighbors hero, returnod Sunday to
tholr homo In Portland,
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John Car
son, former residents of this neigh
borhood, an 816-pound baby girl.
Tho children nil onjoyod tho ser
mon which Rov. Hnrtranft preached
especially for thorn Sundny. Noxt
Sunday tho sorvlco Hag for tho Moun
tain Vlow Sunday school will bo
dedicated. Tho exorcises will bogln
ut 3 o'clock, Special music Is being
propnrcd. Ton boys from our dis
trict havo cither enllstod or been
Thoso attending tho cow tostlng
picnic ut Turnalo Thursday from this
vicinity woro: Mr. nnd Mrs. Loo
Young and sons Elinor and Cecil, Mr.
Good Cooks
Are Most Valued
Surely never In the world wna honest Rood cooking
of real honcnt good food enjoyed more than It Is on
a farm in rush times.
How tho hungry hired hclo find nelKhbora do
cat How they do enjoy nnd appreciate Rood cooking!
will never decreaao your reputation na a cook.
Madam. Rather It will ourcly increase it
It is nothing but pure cow's milk evaporated to the
consistency of cream
In crcamlnR vegetables, in making bread, pastry and
calces wherever you use milk In cooking It gives a
flavor that ia very appetizing. Carnation can bo
whipped like cream, when thoroughly chllkd of
course, which proves its quality.
Carnation is used by thousands of people Just as it
comes from the can for cream on fruit and cereals
and in tea and coffee.
The sealed can preserves it, when kept
in a cool dry place, sweet and pure
until used.
Duy Carnation by the case. Lay in a
stock of it now, and you will be free
of milk trouble at all times.
Your Grocer Has Carnation
The (
H Carnation Caio y
U Srima I
I U 1
fl "The Answer
D " to the H
I mm, n..t:." II
R On the Firm ."
La j mi , tw A.raaiiiiKlfc
"T)it Story of Carnation," containing 114
rciftt, atnt ufien rictitt of your aJan$$.
Carnation Milk Products Co., Seattle, Wuk.
nnd Mrs. Julius Potorson. Myrtle , N'-w berry. Mr. and Mrs Prod Roy
Noff, Mr, mid Mrs. It. E. Grimes mid nolds and doughter Elizabeth, Mr.
sons David and Ralph, Mr. mid Mrs. ami Mrs. lIHgorsou nnd Mr. Torkol
(Joorce Erlrkunn, Mr soil Mrx J. T i son.
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