The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 18, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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Sheep Dip Sheep Tonic
Kreso Dip Poultry Tonic
Fly Oil
, Dr. Rolicrta' Veterinary Preparation!
u'?V Men' Preparation ,
International Stock Preparation. "
J J 5 ' Security Stock Remedies ,. .'1
(iunn Hftl ft lluhn)
(From Wednesday's Dnlly.)
Tom Cronln of Powell Huttu In In
thp city on IiiihIih'Hh,
.. Mr. mid ,MrH. II, It, Perry, of Tho
DuIUh aro In tliii city.
:. II. Hm It li of l.nkuvlnw l n busi
ness visitor In tlm rlty,
II. 0. FuWeOtt or I. Pine li it bull
news visitor In tho rlty,
Wlllliim Warner of Portland I In
tint tl'.y, rogUtorod nl thu Pilot Butte.
Mian JiiiiiiIo htovoim of I'rliiMvllli)
has .tccopled it position at tho I'llot
li. F. Iliirtlnml of I'ortliuiil, n ce.
moot contractor, In In tho city on
The faster you turn
the faster it skims
5 'Cbc Pitfcntd Stock Store I
Groceriea I lardvearc
T. :. KIhoii of tlm Klllson-Wlilte
Chiiutiiiiqiiii service h In tlm city on
business connected Willi tho com
Mini Alma Huhl, who ban been
visiting with friends In Powell Butte,
lull th Jm morning for her homo In
Rltr.vlllu, WiiNliliiKton.
Dr. Vmidovort reports tlm birth
of nil eight-pound boy to Mr. nnil
Mrs. Hurl Torkelsou ut their ranch
llUIHU II VII JIlllUH OUHt of town tli Is
Mr. nnil (Mm. 11. Peterson of Port-
Innil arrived In tho city thin mornlm;
mul will ruinnln horn for several days
looking over tho country with u view
of locating hero.
fMIss Viola Osborno of Burns wnH
n vlnltor In thu city yesterday.
Walker BiihwoII of Hpokmio is
vInIIImk nt tlio homu of Mr, and Mrs,
II. K JlrookH.
Mrn. F. It. Hill returned to Bend
with lior daughter, Jlrn, K, 0, Fnrls,
this morning, mul will live burn
with her. '
Mrs. llurton Onoy of La I'luo Ih In
thu city, staying nt tint Hotel Wright,
whom hor little iiou Ih uiiriunfolng
medluil tniatniMiit,
William (i, Cox In now either In
Franco or about to start for thorn,
according to a lottor received from
lilm recently.
M, J. Nash of WfiHCO, Oreton, Is
spending several iluyK In tho city
transaotliiK business matters and
making Huvortil fishing expeditions.
Mrs. J. A. Mlltonborgo ami Miss
Kstolln Iloguo of la I'luu Hpunl Hun
day evening In thin city previous to
tlii'lr leaving for Portland, whoro
thuy will vfnlt for several days.
(From Tuesday' Dally.)
C. I,. (IIhI of Sisters Ih n business
vlnltor In thu city,
Mr. and Mm, Alex, Wlllroxon of
Powell llutto aro In tho city.
II. 11. Mlllur of North Bond, Ore
gon, I In tlm city on business.
Alfred A. Aya wan a business vis
itor from I.a Pliiu In tuwu Monday
N'. (1. Jacolmon. foroHt Hunorvlaor.
bit thin uioruliiK for tho Fort llork
dlitrlci on a tour of lnvi:ntli:ntloii.
John Kiihim. of tlm forcat nurvlo.
loft thin mornlm: for tho Cruncout
dUtrlct, to bo cono for acvoral dayi.
M. J. N'anb. who bun Imhiii Kiiiind
Iiik thu pawl two wvukH In thin county
lookliLjc over farm IuikIh, Iiuh re
turuml to bin homo In Waxco, Oregon.
H. W. Mooru. HUiiurlutiMiiluut of tlu
llcnd ai'hooU. bu ronteil thn H. C.
Cnldwull hoiiHii, mat to thu Hold
icbool, mid will inovii In on AukuhI 1.
Mrn. Caldwell uIuiik to leuvu noon to
Join Mr, Cnldwull in Vancouvur,
whuro bu Ih workltiK In a Mhlpyard.
(From Mouduy'H Dally.)
Or J V. Ouary of HuriiH wiih a
btiklneHH vlHltor In thn rlty today.
We Are Going to Move
Antl we are tfointf to aik our many friend and patroni to help u
mov. We know you'll do it, becauie you made it poiuible for
u to outtfrow our preient quarter in the thort ipace of about a
year and a half. We are tfoinif to make it profitable for you to
help ui move. Many leaionable tfoodi will he priced lower than
Hero Aro Just A Few of tho Many Bargains
Chlldrun'n fiut block ribbed Cotton lloao, polr IHo
Woiiidii'ii fimt bbick Cotton IIoho, pair I no
Womon'ri whlto Cotton lloao, pair Io
Cliltdritu'H hIimiviiIoiih Cotton VuhIh, oach,.... inn
Chlldron'H HlcovnloaH Cotton Union 8ultB....7, i!5o
Woiikiii'h HleovuleHH Ribbed Veata HJo
Woiiioii'h whlto rlbbod Cotton PantH .... two
Woiiiuii'h Apron DrcsHOH, lino quality K'UKliain mul por
raluH ... .....lHc, (fl.lH, ijtt.UI) mul up
Womon'H llotidolr Capn, all colorH u:ii and IHo
VV NVonion'n Combination Sultn, flno cotton crcpo and batlsto.HTn
(llrla black Huttoon llloouioni ntiu and (iKo
Womnn'H lino whlto MuhIIii Sklrtn, luco and oinbroldory1
trlmmoil lHc
Chlldnm'H Itompura of beat quality wasbablo matorlal8..linr-nHo
Llttlo boya Wash .SultH, inado of lloncb cloth mid rIiik-
hauiH. .. . i INo and Ijil.IH
Womon'H whlto MuhIIii (Iowiib 7ne, H7o and l)7o
(llrlH1 DroHHCH, mailo of duo quality bIiikIuudb In plaldH, atrlpu
uud Holld colorH; all bIxch, 4 to 14 yourw....lli)c, nHc, 7Hc, ijtl.lH
Whlto Middles, with colored collars M...l)Ho mid tjil.lH
lllack Battoon PuttlrontB ,...H7o
lllack cotton Tnffota Pottlcoata HHctlHo
(HiiKbatn and Qhautbray Pottlcoata -IKo mid OHc
Hiiparato SklrtH of lino wool Hortto, mohair and poplins, navy
bluo, bluck ami fancy nilxturoa i?2.()5, ijtil.OO and tjl.tiH
Woiuuu'h and iiiIhhoh' Summer DruaHoa In all tho now wash-
ublo matorlalH - i?l.lS mul l
Porch .DrosHOB In porcalim and KlvKhaniH..tjit,lHl t.ilH mid ."5
Womun'a two-ploca Wash SultH, In nil tho nowimt modola.
Flbru Hllk Swoutor Couta 9I.7H uml
Como early. Iloro Ih your clranco to Havo and buy War
SavliiKa BtmnpH. Wo nro nil doInK our bt,
The Peoples Store
(From Baturday'B Dally)
Mrn, K. CbrlHtlau of I'rliievlllo
vUltlm: In thu city.
Tom Crouln of Bllvur Lako Ih
hiiHlnuNH vlnltor In thu city.
Frank FoHtur of Prlnuvlllo Ih
tho rlty IraiiHnctliiK hunlneBH.
11. IC. Wallaco of Walla Walla
a micHt at tho Pilot llutto Ion.
Hurl P. Updyku wiih In from
homo on tho Motollus yesterday.
Walt! mint r PotorMon of Tumalo waH
a hunluuiin vlnltor in tho city yc-Hter-
Mr. mid Mrn. C. D. Ilrauun of
Portland aro roslnterod at tho Pilot
Mr. ami Mrn. A. J. Carpoutor, MIrh
Lena Mattlco, MIkh I.onoro 8nod:raH
and Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Martin, alt of
Vancouvur, comprlHvd mi auto party
prrlvltiK In tho city liml nlKbt on
their way to Central Oregon polnta.
Thoy will visit Crater Uako park be
fore their return homo.
(From Frldoy'a Dolly.)
F, C. llryun of lleckley, OreRon, Ih
reKlatered at tho Wrlcht.
Mm. F. Horuo and daughter of l.a
Pine aro registered at the Hotel Cozy.
O. W. Noblu of Prlncvlllo was In
the city yesterduy tranHactlng bUHl
C. W. Alton of Allendale on tho
Molollupt waa n bualneaa vlnltor In
tho city yenterday.
Dan Welling of tho Helslng resort
on the Metollus was a buslnusH visitor
lit thu city yesterday.
Mr, and Mrs. P. II. Wilson and Mr.
and !nt. J. O. Wilson of Dry Lako
aro In tho city visiting with frlcndn.
J. WcHluy'Ladd of Portland, who
has been spending ncvcral days on n
flsbltig trip on the Mctollun, loft yes
tordity tor IiIh homo.
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Mrs. It. W. Kick of Portland Is In
tho city.
A. W, dowan of UuniH Is In the
city on business.
It. I.. Wells of Beattlo Is registered
nt thn Pilot llutto.
Pryor Barnes of Hums Is trausac
lug business In tho city.
C. !.. Miller of Ft. Itock la trans
acting biiMlnens In thu city.
Mr. mid Mrs. II. M. HuuderHhott
of Portland nro In thu city.
Flru Warden llowmau haa roturnnd
from a IhisIuosh trip to La Pine.
Dr. II. S. Huffum and K. K. llurrum
of Walla Walla, Washington, aro In
tho city.
J. P. KoyeH and T. A. McCann re
turned this morning from a business
trip to Portland.
II. It. Shumwuy came In this morn
ing from Vancouver, wboro ha la
sorvlug In tho medical corps.
News in Brief.
(From Wednesdays Dally.)
TinvelliiK I'lelftbt Aftit ltrrr.
Hoiiry K. Poulterer, trnvollng freight
agent of tho Oregon-WaHhltigton
itallroud mid Navigation company,
arrived In tho city this morning mid
will remain hero for Huvera! day
looking over tho freight prospect
from this Mcctlon for this fair.
Vernon Ciirlon Improve, Vernon
Cnrlnn, son of Mr. and Mrs, T. W,
Carlon, who wan Borlously scalded
last Thursday by falling Into tho ex
hauHt from tho machinery at thn
Sanl'ary laundry, l much Improved,
While bis wounds nro still very pain
ful, he Is resting easily.
Voilrrn ut ltel CrnMN Tlin fol
lowing women reported yoHtorday
for work at tho sowing department
of the lied Cross; Mrn. Farrell,
Mrs. Kmlth, Mm. Micas', Mrs. Hamil
ton, MrH. Ilreest,
.'iiiiily Court ln Heloll The
county court has been In sosslon dur
livs thu entire duy on routine busi
ness. Children Much lmprovel. . Tho
two children of William Mabaffey,
who havo been quite 111 during tho
past week, nro much Improved.
ItetuiiiH from Kulrtu. II, II. Do
Arirnud, district attorney, returned
this morning from Hulem, where he
has been for several days on business.
Dr. Turner, eye specialist of Port
laud, will bo In Ileud aguln Monday
and Tuesday, July 29-II0, at Thor
nen5 Jewelry store. Consult him.
Don't forgot the date. 20-2 lc
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Hlowr In Washington. That li. A.
"Dutch" Stover Is back In Washing
ton, I). C, from Franco Is the news
contained In a message from Captain
Ooorgo 8. Young to II. C. Kills re
ceived this morning. Through Judgu
Kills, Captain Young wired his con
dolences to tho families of V. A.
Forbes and Italph Polndexter, stating
in Ills message that Lieutenant Stover
"Just returned and looking fine,"
Joined him. Lieutenant Stover has
boon nerving In France since last fall
and iiono of his friends here havo
been advised of the cause- of bis re
turn. Itetiirus from Miilfonl. Miss
Klslo Olsln has returned to this city
after spending tho past thrco weeks
visiting with her parents and rela
tives at Med ford. Mlsa Doris Foster
of Portland, a teacher In tho Dcnd
schools, who has been visiting with
Miss Olsln at Medford for tho past
eight days, returned with her. Miss
Olsln'n mother and brother brought
tho, party over In their car and will
return to Medford tomorrow morn-Iiik-m
lVtv Home Vep'tiihlr. There Is
a Wlde-Hpread complaint of Inability
to securo good home grown vege
tables this year. Usually at this tlmo
thorn la mi abundanco of many va
rieties, especially poas. Growers aro
uuablo to furnish theso in any con
siderable quantities becauso of the
damago dono by tho aphis and bo
ciiusu of tho ravages of worms. Such
vegetables as havo thus tar appoared
on thu local market havo been chief
ly California grown
(llkey for
friends of Herbert J, (1 llkey have re
ceived word from bliu that ho is
about to leave for France. Ho la a
first lieutenant In the engineers' re-
servo corps. Ho was last In Ilond In
September, 19H, when ho was em
ployed as mi engineer on the Tumalo
I'M i In Aquarium. About thirty
trout, ranging in length from six to
ten Inches, havo been added to tho
collection In tho auuarliim nt tho
Pilot llutto Inn, Considerable trouble
has been experienced In tho past In
having tho fish llvo for any length
of tlmo.
Ladies9 New Oxfords
In Gray Kid, Louis Heel, nt $5.50
In Russian Calf, Louis Heel, at $5.50
In Patent Leather, Louis Heel $.75
A to D width.
You ihould ice thee itylei at once as our stock is
limited and they will not last long. '- '
fev 8-inch Ladies' White Canvas Rubber
Soled Shoes, nil sizes. Special at $1.05
Our Bathing Suits Excel for Quality
for Style
Ladies' -.84.25 to $10.00 Men's.$2.25 to $8.00
Misses -..$2.25 Hoys'.. SI. 15 to $2.25
New Fall Models Royal Worcester
and Bon Ton Corsets Have Arrived
Let our Coraetierre fit you properly to
the model belt adapted to your figure.
Priced at $1.00 to $5.00
Also Excluiioe Agtnli In Bend for the Famous Cossar J Corsets
.$2.00 to $10.00
Itecelves Broken Ami. "Billy"
Foley, one of the carriers on Tho
Bulletin city route, received a broken
arm Sunday' while attempting to
crank a Chevrolet car. Despite his
Injuries, he carried his paper route
last evening.
Murrlnl ut The Dulle. Carl Bern
hard and Miss Lodlo Latin of Bend
were married at The Dalles on July
11. They will bo at home to their
friends after August 1 at the corner
of Hunter and Slsemore streets.
0Kni Xew Office. K. 0. Stadter,
an attorney, formerly of Portland,
Oregon, has opened offices In the
O'Kano building.
(From Monday's Daily.)
l-'orRcr Held 0er. F. .W..Wenge,
alias F. W. Mueller, who was bound
over to tho grand Jury In Judge
Kastes' court Saturday charged with
forgery. la still in tho county Jail,
and will remain there until the grand
Jury sets, bring unable to furnish
bail. Kvldenco has como to the of
ficers during the past four days, con
sisting of ovor one hundred dollars
In checks Issued by the prisoner,
many of them In hla own nami, writ
ton on the First National bank, In
which he had no funds, and four
i.vnnr.. vn.nn i.. forgeries. Tho checks range In value
July Sale of
Middy Blouses
This popular garment has been placed
on Special Sale for the remainder of
the month at , ; , ,
20 Discount
from $2 to $30.
Will filve Picnic. Tho Sons of
Norway and the Swedish Ordoj of
Wasa havo completed plans for a
picnic, which is to be held on Tumalo
creek, near tho brick yard, on Sun
day, July 21. Sports and games Mill
bo eu&aged in between tho members
of tho two orders. All are Invited
and nutos will leavo tho Union club,
commencing at S o'clock In the
morning and continuing until late In
tho forenoon.
Works In lla fields. Tho first
Bond man reported as workiug in
tho hayfleldB to help out in o
present labor shortage Is Councilman
C. V. Silvis. Mr. Silvia put. In tho
day yesterday working nt the Lily
dairy ranch and doing everything
with hay that n real farm hand does.
'Ah a result his muscles are so lame
today ho can hardly mako out a new
insurance policy, but he feols mighty
Would Take. Up Homestead. Miss
Junnlta and Vllo Whltten of Kenne
wick, Washington, aro In tho city
looking ovor tho country with n -view
i to taking up adjoining homesteads
somowhoro In tho county.
I'lrt-j Under Control. Forest fires
on tho resorvo, eight 91 which wore
roportod Saturday, aro nil uudor
control, according fo nil announce
ment made by tho forest office this
IteiMirt nt ltctl Cross. On Thurs
day aftornoon, instead of tho regular
missionary mooting, tho Baptist
women aro asked to report at Red
Cross sowing headquartors,
Flslilnij Ws GihmI. Soveral fish
ing parties returning lata last night
from tho various fishing haunts In
tho county report having had excep
tionally igood luck Sunday.
Work Keltic; ltiLshod. Construc
tion' work on tho additional Jlqor
which is being added to the now
Bend Ilardw'nrq bulling. b progreel
Ing rapidly.
(From Saturday's Dally.)
Comfort Kits Out. Tho comfort
kits, a special order of 110 which
has been filled by the Bend chapter
of tho Red Cross, were shipped out
today. Attendance at the sowing
room continues good, but with tho
addition of new machines tbero Is
still plenty of room for workers.
Those in attendanco yesterday were:
Mrs. French, Miss Klxora French,
Mrs. Ryan, Miss Pattle Ityan, Mrs.
Cashman, Mrs. Carmody, Mrs.
O'Laughlln, Mrs. Sphler, Mrs. Logan,
Mrs. Brosterhous, Mrs. Inman, Mm.
Tweet, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs.
Hot urns from Portland. Clay Mil
ler has returned from Portland,
whero be enlisted In the- naval re
serve. Mr. Brook Itctuni. Mrs. H. IC.
Brooks has returned to Bend after
spending several weeks In Portland.
(From Friday's Dally.)
To lteiort Tuesduy Monilnp:.
Workers In the surgical dressing do
partment of the Bend Red Cross aro
requested to report for work on Tues
day morning of next weak instead at
Tuesday evening, as previously re
ported. The cuttors will report In
the forenoon and tho other workers
in tho afternoon.
Appointed Quartermaster Ser
jeant. H. J. Overturt has been ap
pointed quartermaster sergeant in
the training camp which is now be
ing held at tho University of Oregon
at Eugene. He was the first Beud
(man attending the camp to rccelvo
an appointment as non-commissioned,
VNIts un Metollus. Dr. and Mrs..
II. M. Hendershott of Portland and
Dr. and Mrs. Van! Littler and son.
of Albany passed through Bond yes
terday on their way to the Metollus,
where they will spend several weeks..
Dr. Hendershott Is a brother of Dr..
R. W. Hendershott of this city.
Covert VUHh Jlcrv. Glair Covort,.
president ot tho International Union
of Tlmberworkors, is in Bend and
will remain over Sunday in order to
attend tho meeting of the local union
on that day. Mr. Covert reports tho
union as steadily Increasing in membership.
MLsi Allen In City. Miss C. L.
Allen of Los Angeles arrived in Beud
yesterday morning and will remain,
here for about four weeks as thn
guest of her niece, Mrs. J. B, Hoy
burn, Miss Allen Is also tho aunt
ot II. K. Allen ot Brooks-Scanlon.
llelgiun Fund Aid. All those who
aro interested in aiding In any wny
toward tho Belgian baby layette,
fund, either by making clothing or
contributing monoy or materials may
recolve information by phoning Mrs.
V. A. Forbes.
Hero front San Pedro, Edward
Lyons, a mombor of tho medical
corps, statioued at San Pedro, Cali
fornia, arrived in tho city this morn
ing on a furlough, and will remain
here for about two weeks visiting
with friends.
Hero from Oregon City, Mra.
Herbert A. Borkman. and daughter
Barbara arrived this mqrnlng from
Oregon City and wjjlvjsH hero foe
seyoral weeks, haguegtajpf herU-
tor, Mrs. 'J. M, Lawrence. -