The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 20, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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News in Brief.
(From Monday's Daily.)
Kortl Mnn Hctiitn. Tho Kord Mo
tor Co. has again sont Kb popular
sorvlco mnn into this community to
mtiko his headquarters this week at
tho Ccnt.-Ore. Motor Co. Whllo Mr.
Harroll Is always willing to ho of
osslstanco to any Ford owner, the
particular reason for his sudden re
turn at this tlmo was to help as
semble, adjust and d!sp6so of a car
load of Ford sedans. At present
are flvo Ford sedans In uso In
and about Horn! and one each In the
neighboring towns, Prinovlllu and
Redmond, which speaks well for the
prosperity of this country and also
shows tho discrimination and Judg
ment of tho car buyers. Three
months ago there was not a car of
this typo In Central Oregon. Tho
pcoplo had only to be shown a su
perior article and they at onco real
ized tho comforts and conveniences
of tho Ford sedan. This is tho first
nrduplvo carload of, sedans ever
.gblpped to a dealer lii Oregon and
tho Cont.-Orc. Motor Co. desorvo
great credit and success in their
undertaking. Considerable mention
jyiu oo made in tho other papers
undertaking. Slnco his former visit,
Mr. Barrell has visited Eastern Ore
gon points, traveling continually in
his sedan, and reports business good
at all points. Roads, while dusty and
rough in spots, were such that good
progress could bo mado at all times.
Goods Kent Out. One carload of
dry goods from the Reed-Smith stock
In this city which has been purchased
by tho Don Marcho of Seattle was
sent out by express on Friday even
ing and a second car will bo billed
out tomorrow. Under tho prevailing
high freight rates tho purchasers
say that tho express rates are lower
and much moro satisfactory, tho ex
press company paying for cartago
and loading.
Kccehc Commission. Mrs. Peter
Byborg of this city has received
word that her son, George Iiloo
quest, had received a commission as
captain at the training station at
Ft. JUIoy, Kansas. Captain D loo
quest is but 23 years of ago and the
youngest man to receive this honor
at the training station.
Sister Mnn Mnrricd. Portland
papers last week carried the report
of tho wedding of Lieutenant Curtis
Bailey and Miss Mary Stuart Smith,
which took place on Thursday.
Lieutenant Bailey was formerly a
resident of Sisters and has been sta
tioned at Camp Lewis slnco receiving
his commission at the Presidio.
by his son, J. h, Wright, was In tho
city yesterday on business. J, L.
Wrlcht lias boon called by tho local
tlfnffl linhVil tri rttnnrt linm uti Ttiitei
T2 its nnlrnlii fn rrtt 1 ! I u
MtiN Under Control. All of tho
rorest ares on tho reserve aro now
teported under control by tho forest
officials. Two new ones have been
discovered, but wore extinguished
heforo thoy gained headway.
Hero from Prinoilllo J. N. Wil
liamson of Prlucvillo, ex-senator, ns
In tho city yesterday on business.
Ho reports that ho will lake his
sheep onto tho reserve within tho
next few days.
Kinplojcd nt Mill. Frank Rice, a
graduato of tho Redmond high school
with tho class of 'IS, Is employed as
timekeeper In tho box factory of Tho
Shovlln-Hlxon Company.
Court In Portland. Judge W. I).
Barnes, C. H. Miller and A. L. Mack
entosh, members of tho county court,
are In Portland on business connect
ed with tho county.
Lnrgo Number Attend Funeral.
A largo numbor of Bend people at
tended tho funeral of Donald Smith,
which was held in Redmond this
Mr. Kclico Hero. R. L. Scheo,
manager of tho Prlnovllle Commer
cial club, was n business visitor in
tho city yesterday.
day morning nnd will visit with rela
tives In this section until Junu 24,
when ho will Join tho men called in
tho local draft to report nt that time.
Iioro from Redmond, L. jj
Smith, former county commissioner,
Is in tho city on business from his
homo at Redmond. Mr. Smith io
ports crops In that vicinity looking
extremely good slnco tho warm
weather has sot In,
Hiijn Auto Truck. W. It. RHoy of
La Pine, manager of tho La Pine
creamery, has purchased a now Ford
nuto truck, to bo used for tho trans
portation of croamory products frdm
tho factory to Rend.
Rot unit from Portland. Mrs
Gourgo Snyder of Tumalo, who has
boon In Portland receiving medical
treatment, hns returned to her homo
much Improved.
Telephone Line Out. As n result
of tho electric storm of yesterday,
tho government telephone sorvlco on
tho forest resorves has boon badly
crippled. ,
Install Iookout. Forest Super
visor Jacobson loft yesterday after
noon tor Black Buttcs, where n look
out Is to bo stationed during tho Arc
County Court Returns-. Members
of tho county court who have been
in Portland for the past four days
have returned here, Judge W. D.
Barnes arriving this morning, and
Commissioner Miller coming In the
evening previous.
Geologist Here. Dr. and Mrs. F.
E. Clements, members of the faculty
of tho University of Minnesota, ar
rived In tho city yesterday and will
remain here today. They are on an
extended geological tour in tho In
terest of the urilverslty.
Forcht Service Man Here. J. L.
Peterson, a member of the district
forest office at Portland, arrived in
tho city this morning on business.
Accept Position. Miss Mildred
Weeks has arrived in the city and
accepted a position as bookkeeper in
The (Bulletin office. Miss Weeks is
a niece oi u. u, .Mcruursun ui iuid
(From Saturday's Dally.)
W1U Go to Scuttle. Mr. and Mrs.
C. W. Hayes will leave tomorrow
morning for a pleasure trip by auto
to Seattle, where they will visit for
about three weeks. From Bend they
will go to Yakima, and cross the
range by way of Easton and Blewitt
pass on tho Sunset highway. Mr.
Hayes states that he will make an
ondeavor to make the trip to Yakima,
a distance of about three hundred
miles, tho first day.
Forest Clerk Ieae. G. B. Hollo
May, who has been employed as
forest clerk in the offices of the Do
bchutes national forest In this city,
itft yesterday for Spokane, where he
will Join Mrs. Holloway, who has
en visiting thoro for the past two
thB. His position here will be
,y u woman who la to come
i .iiigoles.
. ro Uluo Hook. B. B. Ran-
......... ,"' f rank, representatives
. .. ...ok, the official guide
.- Automobile assucia-
.. i tWj I., od 'this morning
ajifu oral daya here
Nr, . ..i .i
(From Friday's Dally.)
Forest Fires Numerous. Forest
tires on tho Deschutes national for
est havo been numerous during tho
past three days, caused by lightning,
according to officials of tho depart
ment here this morning. No less
than eight additional blazes have
been discovered by the lookout men,
who have been placed in advantage
ous positions throughout the reserve.
Through tho ability bf theso men to
gain knowledgo of tho fires before
they have gained headway, all havo
been placed under control or extin
guished almost Immediately.
Work lYogrCNslng. Work on the
new business block of tho Bend
Hardware company Is progressing
rapidly, tho two sido walls being
nearly completed, and the rafters be
ing placed over a portion of tho
structure to permit the moving of
the stock to one, side of tho building
while tho balance is being completed.
HnliiH Help Fanner. Tho light
rains of the week have been of great
benefit to tho farmers of Deschutes
county, according to reports that are
being brought Into tho city from tho
outlying districts. While tho rainfall
was not great, tho moisture served
to accelerate the growth of tho newly
planted grains and vegetables.
Shrlner Here. Z. W. Hungatc,
formerly with the Northwest Bank
ing and Trust company of Portland,
was In town yesterday from his
ranch east of tho city. Mr. Hungate
is a member of Al Kader temple,
Portland, and will attend the Shrlno
ceremonials in this city June 29.
Marriage License. Tho following
marriage licenses have been issued
by the county clerk's office during
the week: Charles E. Graves and
Ida Parsons, Earl L. Powers and
Beulah Cook, Arthur Earl Holmes
and May Flower Willard.
Horn. To Mr. and Mrs. Paul John
Gutflelsch of Kenwood addition, an
S -pound boy, Thursday, Juno 13.
Horn. To Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Bartlett, a daughter.
(Continued from Pago Ono.)
namo might bo tacked onto tho board
or commission, or whether It files one
Hag or another, In tho long run the
bills como duo Just tho samo, and
tho fact that ono pays for what ono
gets Is a maxim written Irrevocably
on tho tablets of time. It tho stnto
wishes to be a godfather to stud
horses, and shower Its parental bless-.
fall no doubt would ho n valuabtu
asset If flomo of tho spollblndurs that
could ho named woro touchod up
Uiiilor tho now plan.
Gowrnot' on Viicatlon.
(lovomor W'lthycomho lint boon
away from tho capltol on a vacation
,for a few weeks, visiting his sou Rob.
rt at Union and enjoying hlmsoir
with his llttlu grandchild. A long
drag with his hou's Illness buck In
Washington, when for many weeks
It was believed tho sou would never
survive, along with tho worries of n
campaign mid an attack of the grip,
all hnvu tended to mako tho govern
or's health uono tho best, hut It Is
believed ho will bo recuperated and
fresh as a daisy upon his return from
his trip to Eastern Oregon.
Examinations for stnto teachers'
certificates will ho hold In tho county
seats of each county of tho state from
Juno 20 to Juno 29, Inclusive, ac
cording to an announcement mado by
Superintendent Churchill. The usual
subjects will bo covered and In ad
dition domestic art, domestic science,
drawing, manual training, mechan
ical drawing, music, physical culture,
bteuography and typewriting will bo
subjects to ho given to applicants
who deslro special certificates,
Idibor Shortage nt A) hint.
If you happen to find hoiiiu strange
man prowling around your hack yard
this summer, don't bo Hiirprlsed; It
will probably only ho u loose nut off
from the wheel of statu. Superin
tendent Stoluor of tho stnto hospital
Is finding such great difficulty In
keeping umploes at tho Institution,
with competition keen for luhor In
1 tho shipyards and war Industries that
tho Institution Is operating on a
shorthauded basis nnd prolmbly will
continue to do so moro nnd more.
But two alternatives aro loft -either
to lock up all of tho patients tight,
Incs In other directions, It must re- or tako n chauco on somo of them
membor that paronthood always costs j wandering away. A largo share of
money and that babies need shirts i Insane people aro mado worse by
rand shoes. Tho only way that money
can ho saved Is to merely eliminate
and blot out. And history shows
that this can't bo dono. So far no
ono has pointed out that any of the
state activities aro really useless, and
all of them aro backed by an lm
menso following, that sits ou Its hind
logs and howls every tlmo somo pa
triotic taxpayer suggests that the
being locked up, and tho best euro
for them Is sunshine, work and air.
Consequently, Superintendent Hlelner
Is going to tako a chance and ho ex
pects plenty of elopements this
C. O. I. Order lliiugi.
Final disposition of tho distribu
tion schemo for tho Central Oregon
Irrigation company's project under
Immenso following' own particular (tno onior ot tno pu,c servlco com
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Infant Son Die. The infant son
of Mr. and Mrs. J. Newby died last
night at the Bend surgical hospital.
He was buried this afternoon in Pilot
Butto cemetery from Nlswonger's
Funeral Held Today. Funeral
services over tho remains of Walter
Richards, who was killed by light
ning yesterday, were held from the
Nlswonger undertaking parlors this
afternoon, under the direction ot J.
M. Nelson of the Baptist church. The
Boy Scouts of Wolf Patrol No. 1, of
which the deceased was a member,
acted as pallbearers.
Return from Portland. A. Mur
phy, a former resident ot Bend, but
who has been living in Portland for
tho past six months, returned yester-
stato hobby bo cut out
Stories for Newspaper. (hanging
If tho new plan of government --
goes through It will mako lots o(!hm
stories for tno newspaper ooys, diu,
the cost will bo there Just tho samo.
Ami tho cost will bo sufficient the
next two years. This became evi
dent when bids for tho last six
months' suppljes for tho present hi
onnlum were oponed a few days
slnco. Mounting costs Indicated that
many of tho Institutions will require
deficiency appropriations hoforo tho
year Is up. Numerous supplies have
inmneil 25 or 30 nor cent, on this
intent hatch of bids and whon It Is'
considered thoy Jumped 2G or 30 per
.t... n nM.l OR nff 1A
com. six muniuB uku, u . v
per cont. six raontliB before that, and
havo been keeping up that ratio for
Hftveral six months' periods, It Willi
bo soon that expenses of stato gov
ornment havo been compounding!
with a vengeance and tho taxpayers
will havo to handle the freight
charges when tho tlmo comes. There
will bo considerable cussing over tax
receipts tho next few years, but, us
a matter ot fact, tho stato officials
cannot bo blamed for It. It Is a
certain fact they havo heon holding
down expenses as economically as
possible, and In some Instances have
perhaps been too parsimonious. But
any householder, who has to pay for
groceries, shoes, fuol and the other
accessories of a not too luxurious
life, will appreciate tho fact that ex
penses aro growing and tho state
cannot got off any cheapor than a
private individual.
Tho high cost of living is hitting
things with a stiff wallop and appar
ently there is no way to avoid it.
Might Help Politician.
Down In Portland tho other day
votoriuarlans of Oregon nnd Wash
ington succeeded, so they said, In
succossfully removing tho hray from
a mule. This Is In itsolf quite a
feat, but It might ho put to a prac
tical uso during campaigns, and next
Issued somo
In abeyance.
tlmo ngn, Is
Tho comtuls-
jc mJljt iHi JL
TODAY lite suprenuoy of
of our Men' Clotlici ierv
i ice i more pronounced than ever.
You can readily realise tlie
many advantages that accrue to
you in these day of uncertain
market condition! by reason'
of our immenie early purchase',
We liave ideal Summer Suit
here in a wide variety, Suiti to
meet the necdi of men of every
build. Constructed of strictly
all-wool fabrics in a wealth of
new and novel pattern and col- '
or tone. New military styles,
double brcaster, semi-uniform
fittini coat, two-button sick,
model and conservative styles.
Straw Hat Time
Is at hand, so do not delay an
other day, but come and choose
before the assortment of sizes
and style arc broken.
Come early, so that you
can ifet a becoming
Maurice P. Cash ma ii
Home of Hart Schallner fc MitVx Clothes
slon, In Its order, provided that the
distribution plan shall ho subject to
tho approval of tho desert land hoard,
moaning tho state engineer. When
the company sent in Its phut to tho
commission, tho commission soul It
to tho stato engineer for his ap
proval. It U now there awaltlnr.
final decision. Tho company ha
passed the buck to tho commission,
tho commliudon has punned It to tho
engineer, and now It may ho shoved
buck to tho commission, Tlmo will
Most of the big mills on which we
depend for Rugs are closed, or
1 11T 1
1 nave turned tneir looms to tne
manufacture of supplies for the Government. As a re
sult there is a shortage in the supply of Rugs, and the
time is not far distant when there will be none on the
market. If you are going to need floor coverings we
would suggest that you buy now. Several fine patterns
in Axministers are priced in the 9x12 ClTtL f
a. a
Go to
Skuso, H.
and Roy
tho latter lau
where? th
civilian offlpoW tr:
I d tho
camp which
is to bo hol(l(mt the university from
Juno 24 untjiirjujy 20,
Will Go to Camp Lewie. J.
Wright ot Cllhe Falls, accompanied
Is druwing near. Prepare for the rush. If
in need of u Carrier, Ropes, Forks, Pulleys
and Slings, we have made arrangements for
supplying your wants.
Porch Chairs, Rock
ers Settees, Ham
mocks and Swings,
are inex
pensive. A
, rr-. t-tt r a piece
or two on porch or lawn will help to make your home
more1 comfortable during this warm weather.
Porch Chairs, $3.95. Porch Rockers, $4.50. Settees, $2.90
Steamer Chairs, 2.95. Porch Swings, $7.50.
. . Kange will
bake better and wear
longer than the average
steel range. The cast
out like steel and will
Universal Ranges are
iron bodies will not burn or rust
hold the heat for even baking.
covered by a factory guarantee of satisfactory service, yet
they cost no more than the common kind. Your old
stove taken as part payment.