The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 30, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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UKN'I) llUIiljirriN. DKNl), OUKtiOX, TIll'lUSDAV, .MAY 110, llltH
"Maurice p.- cashman
The Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes
Tho flro which was raging between
I, a Pino and Ft. Rock tho latter part
of last week did but very little dam
ago to tho area over which it burned,
according to the members of the
forest service, who have returned
after several days in that vicinity, in
which thoy worked to get tho blaze
under control.
Tho area covered about six hun
dred acros, but owing to the lack, of
underbrush there was little trouble
in fighting it and kcepltvg It confined
to tho region whoro it was first
Wo buy all kinds of hides, pelts,
furs, wool. Hrlgtg-s' Second Hand
Store. 37tfc
At first, Memorial Day was a day of memories; the graves
of the brave men who gave their lives in the Civil War
were decorated with flowers; a sign that a grateful people
had not forgotten the supreme sacrifices these men made. t
THEN the day gradually became a popu
lar holiday; games, sports, picnics, were
more important than heroic memories; the
original idea of the day was in danger of be
ing lost.
Now we have come to a time when Me
morial Day can be, and should be, consecra
ted anew; when we may look back with rev
erence upon the victorious past, and forward
with courage and determination to a victor
ious future; .
Let us make the day a time when we
renew our declarations of loyalty to the great
cause of which our country has always been ,
the foremost champion the cause of Human
We shall "do our work, whatever it may be, with a
better spirit, if we keep that idea before us.
mmmmwimrt'Wir)iw0mmm ft
.. NOTICE! .
Second installment on Third Liberty Loan
Bonds will be due May 28th, 1918.
Owners of $50.00 Bonds should pay 20co,
or $10.00.
, Owners of $100.00 Bonds should pay' 20cot
or $20.00.
Payment should be in the Bank on or be
fore May 28th.
The First National Bank
F.loven out of fifteen pawing with
high honors and tho othor (our eon
dltloned Is tho roconl ostnbllshod by
tho eighth grado claim of tho Held
school, which took tho county exam
ination hero last wook.
County Superintendent J, Alton
Thompson, In speaking of the sue
coss of tho pupils tint) aftornoon,
stated that tho record wan an envi
able one, and duo almost entirely to
tho efforts of Miss Cane, principal of
tho Hold school, and to Miss McClay,
their Instructor. Tho record conflicts
favorably with tho examination
of Decomhor when but two members
of the class passed tho test.
Tho names of tho successful can
didates aro as follows: Loydo Hlak
loy, Mario Catt, Loulso Inablt, Wi
nona Klelnfeldt, llelon Mahonoy,
Ervln McNeil, Huell Orrell, Hllzaboth
Veltum, Wilbur Watklns, Francis
Whltlock, Howard Watson. Those
conditioned worn: Agnes Johnson,
Houlah Hannlster, Ema Lou Myors,
Guy Smith,
Tho following high school pupils
worked off conditions: Ilonald Sol
ium, grammar; Mildred Iloovor,
grammar; Saphrona Morris, grunt-mar.
(SpwUI to Til Itulletln.)
HALKM, May 24,--Wolra nro now
liiHtnllod on tho Coutral Oregon Irri
gation project to nit water users but
about CO ami thoso aro being com
pleted and aro expected to bo ilntslu'd
before tho HcaRon Is far advanced,
according to u statement Junt sub
tutttcd to tho public sorvlco commis
sion through tho desert land board
by Chlof Kiigtnoor llotllloltl. This
Information Is u part of that fur
nished at this tlmo In lino with thu
I order of tho commission handed
down In Decomhor, which ordered
the company to tile a plan of system
atic distribution of wnter for Irrlgn
( (Ion of tho lauds of tbo various set
tiers prior to tho opening nt tho Irri
gation season of 1918. Tho datn Just
tiled 's very uxteuslvo and covers
' practically every phase of tho situa
tion on tho Central Oregon project.
hwterlilp by District Sliouii.
Tho matter tiled Includes n print
showing tho tracts cultivated, occu
pied and schodulcd In receive water
and tho ditch rldor's beats. Another
statoment shows tho present owner
ship and nercago for tho Iledmond,
Deschutes, Ilend, Alfalfa and I'owoll
Ilutto districts. A wolr list of the
Pilot Ilutto and Coutral Oregon
canals divided Into 1C beats Is also
, Tho lists show tho lateral, owner,
length of weir, Irrigable acres under
tho weir, second feet required, re
quired height above the weir nod the
basts on wh'-ch allowance Is calcu
lated In a few en huh allowance for
loss has lie "n allowed between tho
, settler's wolr and his laud. In addi
tion aro Included sample page of
1 record of gaugo readings, containing
all data on tho weir lists, and also
tho station diverting from tho main
canal, contract number, Irrigable
acres, namo of patrolman, gaugo
j height for each day, May 23 to
1 August 30 and tho corresponding dis
charge) In second feot, tho average
dlschargo lu second feet andathu to
tal dlschargo In second feet.
Water i:rry 7 14' Dii.
"Wo now have 43 rotations In
I force under the Centra"! Oregon canal
'and 72 rotations In force under tho
Pilot Ilutto canal." states Mr. Ited
Held In his letter of transmittal.
"Wnter Is usually required every IS
; days, but on account of water lining
required for domostlc uso the periods
aro figured 7 Ms days between, which
'enables tho settlor to (III his cistern
and Irrigate n portion of his ground,
usually ono-hnlf. Those nro nearly
all confined to bonds under two see
ond feet, as most of tho settlers'
ditches will not 'carry a larger head
and to a fow users under each lateral
a constant head being maintained nt
the head of tho lateral.
"Ah the rotation expands, entire
laterals can bo Included lu tho rota
tion with lucroussd saving of wnter.
Itepnlrs were bogun onrly
last fall, after tho settlers wero
through using water and every avail
able man was used. The structures
nro In good condition and tbo system
Is lu excellent repair for tho greater
part, but owing to tho difficulty of
procuring labor u few portions of tho
system have not boon covered, Tho
labor situation effects nil branches
so thut It Is difficult to secure and
rotalu ditch riders mid offlco help."
Much in oro datu Is Included In tho
roport, which Is very comprehensive.
. v
Tr nv."
In Fashion's Mirror.
Tir.ATHF.Uni.OOM ltlkou i.flt llio llrt illo tmln.
cm, tuil tt llm miiii pu.t, Jcci kuviiitf tlul t Vrollll vMU
lu iIicid Dtfunixiiy Hh.m,
lUttln'ililii'xn ouuIl tlU fur r l nm tlilnl tin em. W
lnvn iMiiiiluiiUiittphiV lfifur rltlcw4t lrMrlni'iii tinLy uf tin llli.nbliiu ciUuiit, Conn in i.ii k limn.
Tuffotti Petticoats
me rvniw
rum w wr-iimwN
Received another shipment of Petticoats in Heather
bloom, talleta flounce with hcatlierbloom top, unci Die
all silk in a big assortment of plain and fancy colors.
Gingham Petticoats '89c
Mack Sateen Petti
coats 98c
Ileathorbloom Petti
coats in a big range of
colors t , . .$1..19.$1.98
Silk flounce Petticoats
with licatherbloom to
in plain and changeab
colors . $1.98
Taffeta and Mcssalinc
Petticoats in p 1 a i n,
changeable and flower
ed designs
Plack Silk Petticoats in
extra sizes $...08-$5.00
White Muslin Petti
coats (J9c.98c-$1.'19.$1.98
Don't fail to see our line of Silk Sweaters.
Beller" J. t. JTliNNtY CO., IHC. Qlhew follow
Irrigation District pertaining to'CDy of Deud on the 3rd day of Juno
tho election utitnoruiug Hie Issue nt 3 p. in. nt the city pound
Highest cash price paid for all
kinds of hides, pelts, wool, furs, at
Drlggs' Second iHaiyl St,ore, 37Jfo
(lly Unltrl Prnu to 'nm Html Ilullitln.)
WA8IIINOTON, May 20, Oer-
many has soul an ultimatum to Don
mark to withdraw Immediately from
tho allied trade 400,000 tons or
Danish bottoms offered for the trans
portation of needed products from
tho United States to Oreat Ilrltaln.
Tho hows leuked out when tlio Dan
ish shipping mission arrived In this
In tho Circuit Court of tho Stato of
Oregon, for Deschutos County.
In tho Mattar of tho Application of
Oils K. fltadlg, Oeo. F. Cyrus and
John W. (Jotter, tho board of di
rector of tho Squaw Crook Irri
gation District, for a judicial ex
amination und Judgment of tho
court as to tho regularity und la
guilty of tho organization -of said
Squaw Crook Irrlgutlon District,
and tho regularity and legality of
tho proceedings and acts of tho
Hoard of Directors of said Squuw
Crook Irrigation District, and of
tho proceedings of tho Hoard, of
Directors of ould Squaw Crook
nod sale of bonds, and of the regit
larlty and legality of said bond
election lu Die sum of 1 126,000.00.
To the Squaw Creek Irrigation Dis
trict and to all freeholders, legal
voters and iishumuiioui payers
within tut Id district, and owners
of title to land within said district,
and to any person or persons Inter
ested In tltH proceeding of said
district or lu the Ishiih and sale 'jf
bonds and any other liidnhtednu-M
Incurred by said district, and to
each of you
In tho Name of the Stato of Ore
gon: You and each uf you nro here
by commanded and required to ap
pear and answer the petition of the
petitioners, the' Hoard of Directors
of the Squaw creek irrigation Dis
trict. (Mr,i be re In iigalust you. and
each of you. In tho above entitled
court ami cause on or uoiorn ino
121 h day of July. 101K. In tho court
room of tho above entitled court In
llond, DosrhutiM county, Oregon, and
If you fall so to appear und demur
or nnswor, or otherwise plead within
said time, said petitioners or plain
tiffs will apply to tho court for the
relief prayed for lu thu petition on
file herein, to-wit:
For a decree of this court to tit
effect that the salt! district Is duly
and legally orgnnlzl under and pur
suant to tho laws nf tho rftato of
Oregon; thut all elections hld In
said district, both for tho formation
and organization of tho district ami
for the Issuance of lioiuU, have bOeu
held lu tho manner provided by law
and aro valid, and that tho nets and
proceeding of the Mourn of Directors
In connection with ssld district have
boon regularly and legnlly performed
and nre valid, and that nil Indebted
ness Incurred and ell warrants Issued
and obligations entered Into by said
district nre logal ami binding upon
said district, und Hint the authoriza
tion bv said district of tho Issuance
of bonds lu tho sum of $12G,000,Qjf
for the purpose of acquiring control I
und ownership of tho Squaw Creek
Irrigation system, Including all lands
mid water rights necessary to bo in
quired In connection therewith Is In
nil things legal und regular, mid for
any other und 'further relief as to
the court may seom Just and equit
able In tho prumisoM.
(Soul.) J. II. IIANICIt,
13-lSe County Clerk of Doschutes
County, Oregon.
Attorney for Petitioners,
Mend, Oru.
Chief of Pollen and ex-Oflklo
I Olt kali:.
TOM 8AI.K ClIKAP On wuy terms,
240 acres whuat land, Improved,
near Madras, Ore.; fi-yonr louse on
100 udjolnltijc. See or wrlto
owner, J. M. Olson, ICC Adams
Place, llond. h'8-13p
FOIt HALH Onod gentle driving
mare, harness and buggy. Also
potatoes for now feed, j'rloo rlgUt,
Loo Nlohorsoii, near ('range tin It.-
FOIt HALF, Onlviw -and M!luu
hares. Wrlto Ilox IC3, lleml, Ore
FOIt SALIC 1 good milch eows, R
head of steers, 3 bond heifers, I
Kconomy cream separator, 460-lh.
capacity, $30. O, D. Norton, .Milli
on n. 02-12-1 4o
FOIt HALK 1 ( head of cattle and
nun work Imiii. II. A. (losuoy,
Union barber shop. Phono 2171.
FOIt HALK Mhko ftffor for lot 10,
blk. 22, Park addition. Ilsud; lb
to bo cash, hal. 2 years at (. II,
IJrtimmell. car llolenu Hotel, ()
den. Utah. 03-10-liip
FOIt HALi: Flftepn bond of good
Jrsy cows. Homo fresh now,
balance trssh In fall. Association
tested. Vuu Morse, Itedtnond,
Oro. 31.7-1 dp
FOIt HALK -Why homostond when
you ran buy it doedod ranch nu
the Tumalo project, 100 aores, for
If; per acre? Home and. barn:
good outside range. Address Lock
Ilox 2, Tumalo, Ore, 02-Ctfo
TOU HALK ICQ ncros on tho river. .
2fi inllos soiitlijjof Ilend. Well)
located for stock or dairy. L.'
Corbln, II. 4, 'Oregon City. '
Notice Is hfiroby given that tho
City of Ilend hns taken up tho fol
lowing described live stock, to-wlt:
One red und whlto cow, dehorned,
brands, lazy K right Hide, JAN con
nected left shoulder, both oars
ernnnrul utiil Htillt In (lift! 1)11(1 red
heifer about ouo your old, earmarks
same us cow, unions ir any untie
clphorablo. Tho cost of redeeming
. i.i iivi uiu.lf will lui HI (III niir ilav
In adtlltloA to the actual expense of
keeping uhd the cost of advertising
and all other necessary expenses. In
casp ni aiitiro to reneem nu pun in
nwnnr. milil llvn Htock will bo Hold
as provided by the charter of tho
IJSTHAV NOTICH 4 yourllng rnlvos
branded 2 S with bar underneath.
Notify II. A. (losuoy, Union barber
shop, Phono 2171. K3-13-ICo
LOST- Put black lop coat In wrong
car Tuesday morning. Finder
kindly notify llulletln. 00-1 3p
Brand Directory
MIIIIciui, Oregon,
Might side; right oar crop
ped; wattle right hind log.
II. L. TONi:, Hlhters, Oro.
MIIIIciui, Oregon.
tJIFor Maintaining and Beautifying
the Lawn as well as irrigating we have all the
necessary equipment, consisting of SPHAYEJIS,
CATCHERS, Lawn and Garden Seeds.