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    PAOK 2
Central Oregon
Mrs. Graco Hasslor of Stauffor waa
n passenger on tho lunll stago Frl
day, being on hor way to tho WIl
lamottc vnlldy. Miss Carrlo Brown
Is In charge of tho StaufTcr postofflo
during Mrs. Hnssler's absence
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Jamos returned
from Bond last Friday, whero Mrs.
James took medical treatments.
Emll Carros wont to Hums Satur
day, whoro ho has employment.
Paul Street took Wray's stago (or
Bend horo last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Seainmons anil
daughter ot Buck Crock wcro visitors
at Brookings last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Wray or Bend
xvero guests at ho Mccks homo Sun
day. Gladys and Herbert Meoks and
Agnes Schrodor visited with tho
James' chlldron last Sunday.
Oren Brown and undo of StaufTcr
and Horaco Brookings woro passen
gers for Bend on tho mall stai;o last
Tuesday, Mr. Brookings returning to
day. Miss Maudo Browu was a visitor
hero last Saturday.
C. J. Staurfer of Stauffor autoed
through horo Saturday on his way
to Bend.
Mrs. Vic Schrodor and Mrs. Bert
Meoks visited tho school last Friday.
Thos. C. Swing made a business
trip to Bond Friday and returned
Mrs. Houston passed through hero
Monday on her way homo, near Egll
Ted Stauffcr visited sovcral days
this week with Herbert Meoks.
Mr. Hasslor of Stauffer passed
through here Monday on his way to
go out to work.
Tho weather has been qulto warm
tho past few days, -but tho crops are
in need ot rain.
Bert Meeks returned from n trip
to tho Sand Springs country Tuesday,
whoro ho has been surveying for n
mining company.
N. D Woods, tho government trap
per, who is at present trapping over
west of Tumalo, came homo Thurs
day evening to spend a short timo
with his family,
J. W. Peterson made a business
trip to Bend Wednesday.
Mrs. W. II. Gray accompanied
Mrs. O. E. Anderson to tho Red
Cross meeting at Tumalo Wednesday
Geo. E. Gray is working for Ras
mus Peterson this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hartley and
llttlo son Jack were calling In this
liolehborhood Wednesday.
Mm Tfnne fllrlrnlitnn
and Mrs
Catharine Johansen were shopping
In Redmond Wednesday.
Mr Dunn of Tumalo Is hauling .
liay from Anton Ahlstrom's.
John Stiles and Noll Ray of Tum
alo were In this neighborhood on
business Tuosday.
A. J. Sanford of Redmond was de
livering nursery stock In this vicinity
Frederick Karstsn of Medford,
Oregon, was hero this week looking
after his proporty.
J. W. Peterson and Antone Ahl
strom were In Redmond on business
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Andorson were
Bend visitors Saturday evening.
When the digestion is out of ord,er
it throws the whole physical being
out of gear. B. B. Hayward, Una
dilla, Ga., writes: "Foley's Cathartic
Tablots iglvo mo quicker rellof than
anything I have over triad." Thoy
relieve biliousness, bad breath, bloat
ing, gas, Indigestion and constipation
No griping or nausea. Sold evory
where. O. D. 0. CLUB WILL
w,aivview. Anrll 22 The O
D O. club will hold tno miru 01 aimucn
carton nt dime socials at the A. E
Hoss homo next Saturday evening,
April 27. Tho proceeds from those
socials will go to buy materials for
the Belgian relief work.
Misses Rachael and Constanoo
Knickerbocker came out to tho Pino
Lawn ranch Friday ovening, return
ing to Bend for school on Monday
Paul ScobbIu mado a businoss trip
to Bond Saturday and was a guest
to dinner ot B. L. Tono.
G. C. McCalllstor returned homo
last Saturday after sitting with tho
grand Jury In Bend for a ten days
session, ,
Mr and Mrs. J. A. W. Scoggln
were victims ot an attack of la grippo
several days last weok.
Practical Experience Counts
in Developing and PrintiiiR Films, und we tire
prepared to turn out firstclass work in a short
time. Our work insures your coming again.
"In at ONE, at FIVE they're done."
WITH SYMONS, The Jeweler. O'Kane Bld(., Bend. Ore.
Goorgo Calverloy has Just recov
ered from n short Illness.
Tho O. O. O. club hold Its regular
meeting with Mra. C. W. Nelson last
Friday nftomoon. Tho vlub has
finished two outfits for Belgian
babies and has made plana to start
on tho third layette at tho next
Tho next meeting of tho O. D. O.
club will bo hold with Mrs. .F. W.
Powors on Thursday afternoon,
May 2nd.
H. O. Fawcett and family loft
Plalnvlew Sunday and will go to La
Pino, whoro they will mako their fu
turo home.
C. F. Chalfan was a guest of tho
A. E. Hoss family on a Ashing trip
to the Mctollus rlvor last Sunday.
Mrs. Louts Bennett, Misses Mary
and Roberta and Master Woodson
Bcnnott of Bend spent two days at
tho Box A ranch last weok.
A. W. Armstrong spent five days
last week In tho Squaw Creek coun
try riding for cattle.
Mr. and Mrs. Hartley and son
Jack, Donald Hollowoll. Mrs. A. W.
Armstrong, Ray and Wllma Arm
strong and Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Scdg
gin wcro guests from Plalnvlow at
tho open meeting of tho Tllllcum club
at Tumalo last Saturday evening.
Mr. and .Mrs. M. W. Knickerbocker
woro callers in Bond Friday.
Roy and Edgar Hart were dinner
guests at the Box A ranch on Sunday.
J. B. Anderson of Bend was a
Plalnvlow caller on Monday.
Ray Armstrong and C. F. Chalfan
mado a business trip to Bond Mon
day. For farm land loaus ico J. Ryan
& Co. Adv.
..i'lnK. iSb." k;:' "Si jsrir-,o " "a"oy """'
In.t u'.nlr tn nnn.l trmn u'h.rn lllvlCanVn '? rK-. .
Mrs. Eric Danlelson and children!
last week for Bend, from where they
", " .tu" ."'S "l" : : vuu"iW
M MUI U tUUJ tll.ilt4 IU t VOIIIVi
UB die. I
F. J. Hamlin has returned from'"" ,,v ' " ", " , ' ' ,
Bend, whero she has been the past
few months.
Tho many friends of Mrs. Eric
Danlelson gathered for a farewell
party. A xery pleasant timo was cn
joyod by all.
Mrs. F. J. Hamlin spent Tuesday
and Wednesday of this week with
her sister, Mrs. Stetson.
Mr. Evans and Mr. Balsley have
roturned from Bend, whero they have
been at work for some time.
Mr. Graybour Is at work on his
ranch, near Hold,
F. J. Hamlin has gono to Bend for
Tho illustrated lecture on the. lite
ot Jesus, given at tho hall on Wed
nesday by Rev. Van Nuys, was woll
attended and was very Interesting,
Mr. Van Nuys means to have a sorles
ot six of these lectures, coming to
rringie i-iais on weunosunys
Mr. Archlo Gay Is back and resid
ing on his homestead again.
Robert Johnson Is back on tho
dosert. Ho expects to do a lot ot
work on his homestead this yoar.
Tho houso warming party at Mr.
and Mrs. Raleigh Crow was a very
enjoyable affair and the guests de
parted voting Mr. and Mrs. Cross
royal entertainers.
Seo J. Ryan & Co., for farm land
loans. Adv.
Th qinrl
SISTERS. April 28 -Domestic
Water Users
has put In a new dam on Squaw
crook at tho head of tho water sys
tem noor Qulborg's ranch. Waltor
Graham, Chas. Gist, Harold Allon,
E. M. Harrington and P. ' J. Lelt
housor woro busily engaged at tho
Frod McKlnncy has completed his
logging contract at tho Wilson mill.
Chas. Gist Is having his Ford car
ovorhaulod at tho Sisters garage. A
coat of black paint has beautified the
annearanco of Mr. Gist's car very
Robert Monaclo of Geneva was at
Slstors Friday on business.
Mr. Montgomery of tho B. L. Tono
ranch camo to Sisters Friday to as
certain his classification in tho array.
Ho was put In class 1.
Walter Graham nnd Mr. and Mrs.
Lester Gist camo In from tho Bran
ton mill Thursday evening,
John Donnls has takon tho con
tract to transport tho logs cut at
tho B. L. Tono ranch to tho Wilson
mill. Mr. Dennis has engagea vm
Spoo and Anthony Roach to haul tho
logs to tho mill with their auto!
Herbort McKlnney and sneioy ai-i
lou went to Bond Sunday to leave
Monday for Fort McDowell. Cal.. to
ontor tho training camp thoro. Thoy
woro tho guests at n reception given
in their honor nt Allen's hall Satur
day ovoulng.
Van Wilson Is doing tho sprlog
plowing at his father's ranch,
Vorn Skolton of Cloverdalo was nt
Slaters Thursday,
Tho Sisters Rod Cross has com
pleted making 120 absorbent pads
and 100 triangular bandages during
tho past mouth. Owing to u lack
ot material they did not work on
Thursday, April 25
County Superintendent J. Alton
Thompson and Industrial Club
Worker A. B. O'Rollloy ot Corvallls
visited tho school Thursday. Mr.
O'Rollloy gavo a talk on club work
and Mr. Thompson talked about
thrift and school work.
ltuoll Halfway went to Bend Fri
day and returned Sunday,
C. B. English ot Squaw Creek was
In town Thursday.
Lynn Wilson has been sick with
tonsllltls. Ills father. W B. T. Wil
son, is progressing nicely.
Ray Armstrong of Plalnvlow was
nt Sisters Tuesday.
Harold Alton and Van Wilson at
tended tho danco at Terrohonno Fri
day ovoulng,
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mnmlatl ot
Grandvlow were In town on business
Claude Woods came In from Red
mond Tuesday nm! returned Thurs
day. P. M. Dohaon and Arthur Tuck of
Redmond passed through Sisters
Friday evening on their way to the
Mctollus for a 11 hi lis trip.
Brsklno Wood and Louis Honey
moon of Portland nro at tho Allen
resort on tho Metollus on a fishing
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Hoathman nro
at Suttlo lako to tako chargo ot their
An eight and a half pound baby
girl was born to Mr. nnd Mrs. O, B
Job Friday ovcnlng.
Mrs. M. N. McKlnney, Mrs. Fred
McKlnncy and Inez nuil Mrs. P.
Huntington mado u business trip to
Bend Friday.
Max Wurzwolllor canio In from his
ranch at Black Butto Friday.
Mrs. Bertha York of Rock Creek
vlsltod with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. McKlnncy, the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stldham and
son Vino and Lynn Wilson motored
to Bend Saturday.
Donald Storllng of tho Oregon
Journal of Portland Is the guest of
Mercdlt Bailey.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Alton of
Hay Creok, Madras county, wore nt
Slstors Saturday looking ovor several
ranches with tho lutontlon of buying
and locating here permanently.
Hiss Hart of Gist w;aa at Slstors
Charley Kafcr mado a business
H. O. Beard and mother of Clover-
.l-l ... r !..... t?.. .,n.
V. kJVUtfc (ttltt OUII uvonv vtasaew
from Lower Bridge Saturday. Mr
Scott has routed tho I'. Huntington
ranch for tho season.
Mrs. J. B. Minor of Bend attended
church and Sabbath school exercises
at Sisters Saturday.
Rov. Stowart and his mother ot
Bend wore at Sisters Saturday.
Warren Farthing, Mrs. Jack Stld
ham and son Vino, Ada Taylor and
Rov. Stowart wont Ashing on tho Mc
tollus Sunday.
Tho following people from Clover
dalo attended tho danco at Allen's
hall Saturday ovcnlng: Doan and
Lillian Van Matro, Viola and Idella
Miller, Mary Fryrcar, Graco Rlggs,
Vcrn Skelton, Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank
Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kline
and Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery.
Scotty Messor Is sick with In
flammatory rheumatism.
Tom Oulgloy. who purchased tho
Curtis place somo timo ago, has filed
on a homestoad adjoining his place.
Darwin Waltors and 1). Veddcr
woro In Redmond Friday
Mr. Hoover of Bond was out Wed
nesday to deliver a now Maxwell car
to Mrs. L. F. Rice.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Rldder, who
havo been visiting at tho L. A. Hunt
homo, roturned Wednesday to their
'homo in Portland. Mr Kidder In-
tonds to enlist In tho navy.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. 8. Holmes and
family were in Bend Saturday.
Mrs. L. F. Rico and duuglitors
woro In Redmond shopping Saturday.
L. A. Hunt was a Bond visitor
John Calvorloy was at Gist Sun
PINEHURST. April 20. I. B.
Wlmor and Blaln Devers -mado a
business trip to Bond Thursday.
J. F. Dawson wont to Tumalo Sat
urday. Mrs. C. M. Phelps nnd mother
called on Mrs. A. II Reed Monday.
Chas. Spaugh und I. B. Wlmor and
son spent Sunday on tho DaschutuH
O. C. IUogler, salesman for Dr.
Watklns' romodles, was doing busi
ness in tho neighborhood Thursday
and Friday,
Tho following pupils ot tno j'lno
hurst school were nolthcr absent nor
tardy during tho labt school month:
Ethel Graham, Raymond Wlmor,
perry Dawson, uiaoys mmus". vio-
lot Spaugh and Rozolla Phelps.
And Investigate our prices
before buying your groceries.
We can suvo you money.
Millican, Oro. Telephone
Page Woven Wire Fence
Coil spring line wires that cannot slack. Perfect clinch
ing knots that cannot slip or untie. Get acquainted with
PAGE FENCE there's a reason why you will eventual
ly want it. Hog and Field in 28, 34, 47 and 58 inch.
Poultry and Rabbit in 36 and 48 inch. If you don't
know wire fence, let us tell you something about it.
Send for catalogue and price list.
Stock carried at Prineville and at Redmond.
A. W. Graham mado n business
trip to Bend Thursday
Mrs. Nat King. Mrs. Albort Gra
ham nnd Miss Ethel Graham railed
on Mrs. Delia Nichols Sunday.
Mrs. Alma Blackwood was tho
guest of Mrs. J. F. Dawson Thurs
day. Miss Vlolot Spnugh was on tho
sick list this week.
Mrs. C. 'M. Phelps and mother
motored to Bend Friday.
Bd. Dean, C M I'helps and
Messrs. Ross and Simpson were en
gnged In Improving tho ditches In
this vicinity this woek.
W. M. MeCulstnu of Bond wns a
Pinehurst visitor Sunday.
Mrs. Delia Nichols and dnughter
Velum mado a business trip to I urn-
alo Monday.
O. B. Blackwood, who Is employed
at tho I'lno Tree sawmill, spent Sun
day with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Smith snout
Sunday afternoon on tho Deschutes.
Mrs. DoIIa Mcnois and riiiiiiroti
sent Sunday In Tumalo, tho guests
of Mrs. C E. Nichols.
Tho I'liiohurst school Friday or
ganized a war savings society In ac
cordance with tho request of County
Superintendent Thompson,
G. W. Snyder mado a business trip
to Bend Friday.
Mrs. Osmor called on Mrs. O, W.
Snyder Thursday,
O. B. Rlegel of Torrebonno spent
Thursday night at thu Spaugh ranch.
Who Is I'lorcy & Sons, Tumalo?
Hi) Adv.
PLAINVIBW, April 28 At the
third of tho sorles of dime socials
glvon by tho ladles club at thu A. B.
Hoss homo last Saturday ovening a
noat sum of $G.tiO was realized for
materials for tho Red Cross sewing.
Two dollars ot this sum was raised
by auctioning a sack of apples.
Guests present from outside of Plain
view weror Mr. nnd Mrs. Phil
Smith of Plneliurst, Mrs. Howard,
Miss Dean and Mr. Wilson of Tum
alo and Mrs. Louis Bennett and
daughtors Mary and Roberta of
Paul Scoggln wns In tho Black
Butte country on a huslnoss trip two
days last week.
Miss Nelllo Van Tassel spout last
Tuosday nfternoon and ovoulng with
Wllma Armstrong.
Mr, ond Mrs. II. T. Hurtloy en
Joyed a flshln trip1 to tho Metollus
rlvor recently. Thoy woro In com
pany with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mc
Gulro. Mr. nnd Mrs. Grovor Pulllam spoilt
Sunday at tho homo of Alex. Lev
erouz. Mrs. II. A. Scoggln spent last
Thursday und Friday In Bond, at
tending tho declamatory contest at
tho Reld school on Friday afternoon.
Messrs. Roy and Edgar Hart and
A. W. Armstrong woro business
callers In Bond last Suturday,
A largo nuinbor of buccarooa havo
been riding tho range tho past wook
trying to round up mounts for tho
government cuvolry horso Inspection
hold ut tho J, A. W. Scoggln ranch
on Monday.
Mrs. F. W. Lovoronz and sous
vlsltod on Tuesday at the Ilox A
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hoss nnd
daughter Ida, Mrs 1'attcrson and
Roy and Edgar Hart worn 'guests for
dinner ami tho afternoon at the 0 F.
Chanfan homo Sunday
Mrs. Louis llennett and children
motored to Plalnvlow Friday after
noon, returning to lleud Sunday.
'Mrs. II. T. Hartley and son Jark
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. II.
A. Scoggln
Tho (). 1) O. club will hold Its
regular meeting on Thursday after
noon, May 2, with Mrs. F. (1. Powors
There will be church services at
the school houso Sunday afternoon,
May 12.
CLOVBRDALB. April 28. There
was proachlmc sorvlr nt the school
house Sunday nfternoon at .1 o'clock
by Rev. McVlcker The subject was
about tho service flag There was a
largo crowd present to hoar tho in
teresting sermon.
John W. Gottor has purchased a
now Ford roadster.
Dean Van Mat re. Idella Miller,
Vomo Skeltnu and Mary Fryrear
motored to Hood Sunday evening to
attend a reception to bo given for
some boys who leave for tho nrmy.
Tho Red Cross met with Mrs. Irvln
Parborry last week. Those present
were; Mrs. Burling. Mrs it. J.
Kkolton, Mr. George Iturnsldo, Mrs.
II. C. Miller. Mrs II. Kline, Mrs
Oho. Cvrus. Mrs. W F. Fryrear nnd
daughter Mary and Mrs. W. W. Van
Matro A service nag was niinlo nt
(IttltV f,',,.v r, .. .. r. ......" ...r.i..,, . ..v ..... ...... ..... .- -. --
the meeting. It Is of red, white and on account of so much sickness
Dllie nun l mini nro navnii nmin
representing Samuel B. Kline, Wal
ter J. Boyd, Roy Cutler, Robert
Burling. Gilbert and Alfred Weston.
Joe O. Grny and Harold military, all
of whose parents live In this vicinity
Mr. nod Mrs Frnnk Arnold nt
lauded the farewell danco In Sinters!
Ksturdav niclil lven for Herbert'
McKlnney, Lynn Wilson and Shelby
Allen, nil or whom leave tor training
Dean Van Matro iiuiile a huslno
trip to Redmond Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arnold and
Mrs. W. F. Fryrear and dniiKhtor
Mary motored to Redmond Saturday
afternoon. Miss Grace Hrlggs, n
friend or Mary Fryrcar, returned
homo with he to visit until Sunday
I'linrii wns ii dunce riven nt John
Dokklns' hall last Tuesday night,
Thoso from Sisters were: .Mr. and
Mrs. II. IC. Allen and Harold, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Chas. Gist. Herbert nod
Inn McKlnnoy, Mrs. Fred McKlnney,
and Mr. and Mrs. Ilert Hudson and
daughters Aleatha and Junultu and
Ray Armstrong from Plalnvlow.
W. F. Fryrear and A. B. Peterson
mado n trip to Bond last Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Klluo altonii
ed tho dance at Sisters Saturday
Mrs. Geo. Hurnsldo lias boon on
tho sick list
Llttlo Freeda Arnold has boon, sick
tho past weok.
Mr. and 'Mrs. Bort Hudson and
daughtors Aleatha und Juaiilta at
tended tho services nt the school
liouno Sunday,
Mary Fryrear, Graco Brlggs, Idella
ami Viola Miller, Dean and Lillian
Van Matro, Madison Holton und
Verne Hkolton nttouded thu dance
iglvoii for tho Hino prominent
young men at Sisters Saturday
IL.,.1 ....
; ;jgg,y;j-cr4?aw? S
Harold Kline received n teller
from his brother, Samuel B Kline, or
France Said ho was well and
hearty, nlso hud hnd the pleasuro
of meeting General Pershing and
Secretary linker and other prominent
men They took him for n ride lit
their big car. Ho enjoyed tho pleas
ure very much. Tho Olovordnlo
people are always glad to hear how
tho boys are gettluif along In France.
.Mr. and Mrs W. F. Fryrenr mid
Mary were visiting Unci John Fry
rear. W. I Fryrenr's father, last
Mr. anil Mrs. Irving Parborry
were fishing lust Huudny.
Mr. and Mrs. Oreonu Heard and
son Prank and Mis JimmIh Ray mo
tored to Bend last Wednesday.
Mrs. J. A. .Matthews whs shopping
In Redmond one day last week.
'good I'Olt TIIK I'AMILV.
Every family requires a safe and
reliable cough and cold remedy. Mrs.
John Potior, 20 Shupe St., Ml. Pleas
ant, PL, writes: "I have used
Foley's Honey and Tar for colds for
years and highly recommend It to nil
families." Contains no opiates.
Checks bronchial and grip coughs,
croup and whooping cough. Hold
every whero.
MILLICAN. April 20. Both
schools of the district have hnd very
itifill nt tftriilnuru Mil, IiimI fun uiilikrt
i iniioiiK III" iuiiin.
Mrs. J J. Holland wns n Friday
visitor at the It. It. Keller home.
Opal Conaway has Iimii very sick.
Wm. Todd returned to Hum! Wed
nesday. It It. Keiier npsut miniiny nnii
.Monday with his family, rottirtiluit
to lleud with Mr. nnd Mrs. Feoal
Tuesday. I'ooals returnuil tho hiiiiih
A. D. Norton wns homo over Hun-
day on tho sick list.
J. J. Holland spent iiunuay ai
Mr. and Mr. Oarsko and daughter
Theresa "lid Mr und Mrs. Chas.
tlrolfenbanKer ware Sunday visitors
at tho F. Talisrlier homo.
Word was received by Leo Kollor
iTInimdav that his and It. It. Koller's
mother Is dniigernusly III at their
, former homo In Wisconsin.
Mrs. Leo Kollor spent Wudnosday
at the It. R. Keller homo.
Mrs. Vernon Clevonger and cini-
droit were Sunday guests of Mrs. P.
II. Johnson.
Mrs. Johnson helped enro for Opal
i Conaway one nigiit tins wook.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ream oalled
at the R. R. Keller homo Monday.
Tho assessor, F. Perelval Is In our
neighborhood this week.
Tho Spencers wero visitors nt tho
Ream homo one day this wook.
Mr. Karno Is thu uuw fnromnn nt
tho Sloan ranch.
II. II. Cnunwny and family Intend
to leave our neighborhood soon,
I. L. Owen was an ovor Sunday
visitor of his family.
Messrs. F, Tauschor, Olios.' Grof
feubergbr nnd Deiinlson mado a trip
to Bond In Mr. Tauschor's car TueH-
P. II. Johnson mado several husl
(Continued on pngo 0.)