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N. H
Moid M.kjik KiiyliiK Ho Will Per.
, itiniAlly IWvotnmrtM! Tlmt Now
j, l'li4ill - WF -rw inivwi'il-,
In TtiU Brctlon.
(From Thursday's Dally.)
That Honnlor Chan. L. McNnry will
glvo his undivided support In iho
establishment of n government avla
(Ion tratnltiR en nip In tlto neighbor
ihood of Ilend, Prlnnvlllu or Redmond
twin ttiit Information convoyed In a
'telegram received from tha senator
hy thn Bend Commercial cluti thU
ramming. Tha telegram follows:
"Roma rtaya nio Senator Chamhnr
lirip, HoprflienWlWo Hlnnott and my
unit roquoBteil Iho aviation depart
tinent to locate one or mora aviation
vimrns l Oregon. Tho chief of Iho
Minimi office promised to direct tho
etrn locating board (0 muko n
fcurvny ot Orogon and rnpurt on tlm
in out nultnbln location, I shall pre
imiil your claim and personally speak
mont favornhly of tho dlntrlct an a
Jilto for an aviation camp."
Senator McNory'n messagn ramo an
ii n answer to a telegram mint by J. A.
Hastes, J, I'. Keys and K. 1. Ma
haffoy, ait a committee from tho llurnl
I'ommurclal club, yesterday whon It
hum learned thn government was con
'tumplallug tho building of an avla
Inn camp In thin state. Tho muii
Dago wa sont to all members of thn
Washington delegation by night lot
or laMl night, and Senator McXary's
unnwi-r )md arrived Uorn iihortly aftor
U o'clock this morning, showing that
lui wan Intaimuly interested In the
In their message to thn delegation
tho committeemen pointed out tho
ndvnuti.xo of Bond, Redmond or
J'rltiovHIo for nuch a ramp, saying:
"Wo doslro to call to your attention
that wo ha vii tho largest area of
learod level land In tho ntato; tho
IIiimI cllmntlo condition., haviiiK 330
days In thn yemr that tho nun shine,
ii I no tv.ii iran-roiitlnontal railway
line. Wo ronpi'ifully request thai
the merits of this location bo put be
fore tho proper authorities. TIiIm ro
fers to t lit Bend, Redmond or Prlno
llln districts."
Redmond and Prlnovlllo huvo also
rienl messages to tlit delegation slm
liar to tho on" sent by tho committee
hnro. HormlHtou and Mcdfnrd, Oro
i;oii, nro a I no In tho rnco for thu train
ing camp.
(From Wodnoiday'B Dally.)
DwIrIiI H, Yeoman, I.ytlo addition,
died ynntorday nftnrnnon at hln homo
In thin alty. Mr. Yoomau had boon In
111 hoalth for a numhnr of year, hut
hln condition did not huenmo alarm
Iiu; until Monday, whon ho voluntar
ily cnllod In a pliywlclan, but hln con
dition could not bo tmprovod and tho
following day ho died. Ho lenvoH a
.Nvlfo and throo chtldroii, Kuuornl
Rturvlcon will bo hold from tho NIh
f.vonRor chnpol at 10:30 tomorrow
(From Friday's Dally.)
Dond Ih entitled to a bluo star on
the white field of tho Liberty loan
flag now floating t tho Intorsoceitou
of W"U xtreet nnd Oregon avenue, ac
cording to tho loan homliiuiu'tnra
yoatorday. Moro than 100 pur cout.
ovor hor allotted quota lian boon nub
iiorlbod. Ilond'u quota for tho drlvo
win $75,000 mid It Is now estimated
liy tho committee that moro than
$170,000 In Liberty IioiuIh havo boon
(From Wednesday's Dully.)
I'MIbs Ada Lockwood, tho lfiyonr
old diiiiKhtor of Mm. Anna Lock
wood, West l.luvun'th and Mllwaukoo
tUrootH, died this 'morning aftor ho
lug n HUffuror for Homo tlmo from
Jli'lglit'fl dlHonso, MIbb Lookwood
v(iu horn In Oklahoma hut movod to
thi elty with her niothor about
tlu'QlytiarB ago. Funoral feprvlcoa
ClinrlrM (JiiIIIoImIi HiktiiiiiIi ill Home
iS'4ir RoImtIm -IfcMly llinuglit
lo TIiIm City.
(From Tuesday ' Dally.)
Charles (lutllolncli, aged
dronnod dond at tho ranch of
himi near ItobnrtH Monday morning
nhfirlly aftor 8 o'clock. Heart fall
urn wan glvon an tho probablo cotmu
of hi death. Ho arose In tho morn
Inn fooling In normal hoalth, uud
aftor dating breakfast started out to
do tho chorea. Whon ho mauled thn
back yard ho toUored and foil and, by
iho llwv. help lnd itrrlvoU U was
At tho tlmo of IiIm diiath Mr. Out
llolxrh wan vIhUIiik In thin city with
hor aon, Churlen, Jr., who In otu
ployod In tho mllla hnro. Tho body
waa brouRht to thla city yeatorday
and In tioliiK hold at tho .S'lnwonisur
undortuklnt: parlora.
WAVKH IlMKIiATlt Ol.l) (JM)llV
at tiii: f.V'ri.itHta'rio.v oi.
WAI.Ii AND Oltl.O. HTItinri'H
aiti:h iii.n: ht.IiW nhxt
(From Thuradny'a Dally.)
Tho now Rovornmcnt honor IIbr,
prosontod to Dond for hor aubncrlp
Hon to tho third Mborty loan, wan
recolvod by tho chairman of tho local
commlttno thla morning and la now
llyltiK bonoath Old Glory at tho In
tornnctlon of Wall and OrcRon
.Mombera of tho cotnmlttco horo
today cxprcniiod tho opinion that If
pognlulfl boforo tho ond of tho drlvo
thorn would bo ono or more bluo atara
In tho whlto fluid, each alRiilfylnR a
100 por cont. ratlnj,'. Tho lottor from
tho chairman of tho nonoral oxecu
tlvo hoard, Jamna K. Lynch, which
accompanied tho llaR, rendu:
"Tho Konora! executlvo board ha
today npproved tho awardlUK to your
town of tho official honor llnK of tho
third Liberty loan. Tho commlttno
wlnhoa to coiiRrntulato you and all
who annlntod you on tho maKiililcont
nplrlt of patrlotlnm and uuxoinnlinGan
which ban characterized your ofTorln
In tho third Liberty loan campaign.
Tho commltten hopes that tho aplun
did nplrlt which linn enabled your
community to win thin honor IlftK
Mill bo coutluuod throiiRliout tho re
maining dayn of tho cumpalRii and
that boforo Itn cIoho you may nocuro
ono or more bluo ntnra to bo Mowed
upon thn whlto Hold of tho flag, each
ntar nlRtilfylnR that you ijnota linn
hue n Incroaiotl by 100 ior cont.
"Your pntrlntlc ronpoiiHo to tho
natlon'a cull la a ntlmulun to all of
im nnd wo will watch with IntoroMt
and bont wlnhcn for your further huo
cchm tho dully roportn from your din
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Companion A uud II oC tho llond
Homo Guard aro ready to bo mus
torod In, with 107 men for tho two
companion, or 37 mora than Ih ro
quired,' but G5 men to tho company
botug nocoHsnry. Tho remaining
mombors woro secured by tho organ-
Izorn at 'tho regular meotlug ulghtn
of Monday and Tuesday, uud It 1b
expected that tho number can yet ho
Jay A. Saltzmnu will loavo Satur
day morning for Portland nnd will
tuko with him tho muBtor rolls mid
othor credentials which tiro to bo
turned ovor to tho adjutant gonoral's
offlco. For some tlmo It was hoped
that It wpuld ho posalblo to muator
tho mon In on Liberty duy. April 20,
uut this idea has now boon glvou up.
Mini Wild Had Mvexl In Turkey Mnny
Vwm Hnyn I'coplo of Amerlci.
Do Not IUiiIIao tho
(From Saturday's Dally.)
Doplctlni; vividly tho horrors
which havo been sufforcd by tho Ar-
monlana In Turkey durlm; tho pant
T, yonra, prof. Wlnjjato of Tolas,
Turkey, aildrcnnod n small nuillotico
at tho Hippodrome lant nlnht In tho
Intorent of tho Armenian relief fund.
CorumoiicliiK with -tho cloning
bloody rolRti of Abdul llamld, tho
deposed nultan, tho npoaker told of
each auccuedliiR atrocity that could
bo laid directly tit tho handn of tho
ynuiiK Turkn, who woro nupponod to
jiavo been tho reformers of tho Mo
hammedan omplrc, up until tho proa
onl time, tho last four yearn of which
tho dcitruetlnn of tho Christian pop
ulation Iiam ttfan unilor tho tutelage
ut the Clerninn omplro.
Mr. Wluxato told of tho first rulds
apalnnt tho Armenians In 1805, when
moro than 412 people woro mur
dered, and many hundred moro wcro
Ithor mortally or noveroly wounded,
many of the in having tholr handn
nearly savored when thoy had thrown
them up to protect their heads from
tho dcnrondlnR saber In tho handn of
tho soldier populace. Ho stated that
at this time ho had glvon refugo to
125 of tho people In his house, and
had protected them until after tho
trouhlo had abated.
"If thn Turkish govornmont had
undertaken to destroy tho ontlru
race In a day", U would not havo been
no norrime," said ino prorensor.
Hut It was tho slow and suro meth
ods thul woro tho awful pirt of It.
Commencing with small uprisings, In
which but a few hundred word killed
In various parts of tho omplro, tlto
work grew until In 1 91 G tho ordor
wont out to destroy thu ontlro raco "
In tho larger clllen, he said, thoao
peoplo waro neut out by various
rands, horded like cuttle, with noth
ing to eat, nnd charged oxhortiltant
prices for ovon a drink of water.
(Continued on Pago 4.)
Only Two Days Remain
of Extra Vote and Gold Offer
Complete List of Prizes
1018 flvo passenger Uulck tour
lug car. Valuo J 955, F. O. II.
Ono $85.00 Vlctrola.
Ono $75.00 Pathophouo
$00.00 In Oold.
Two $22.50 LaMtman Kodaka.
Two hundflomo Diamond Sot
l'RIl-S .H)R ALL.
All caudldutoH not recolvlng
ono of tho regular prizes will bo
-- paid a cash coiiiiiiIshIoii of ton
- por cout. of all tho money thoy
collect on now and old subscrlp-
Hon payments.
District' Number One '
Includes All of thu City of Uoud
CniupnlKi. Clo.e Mny H, 1018
lYurl Miller, 311 llr.Miiluy , IH,::o
Mnrjnrlp llwvir, City , 139,10
Virn limit, City , 138,. JO
Mm. J. M. llt-niKroiin, City, , 130.400
Dul.y Citrtfr, (IT Ifnwthorne 121,040
lHlul Hnjdor, 4DU llruoilwuy, ,,,.. 01,340
Olun Johnnoii, 01 lml.hma ,, , ,,,,, 41,8(10
lli-lon Downhill, fill New 1'nrW Ave..,. 44,620
Mnry llul.Unl. City 42.V20
Kwlyn .StHlTonl. 767 Oidcn jvo,,...,. 30,340
lulnli CoKit. 28 Pine Creit Court.,,, 33,340
finm-vlivo MolJirvn. City 03,180
Alili Imndn. 737 Otnlcn Avo 0.000
District Number Two
Includes All Torrltory Outsldo
tho City Limits of Uend.
Campaign Clonon May 11, 11)18
o o
Mary Kryrrnr, SUtvrn. ............... ,132,440
Joy Mcl.cnnmi, MitolUm,, , ..104.080
Ulivl lfllur. 01 1 no Full. 0(1,540
llcrnlra Orimt, I'clnovlllo ,, ... 75,360
KloUti Htorey, I.a l'lno 41,720
MarJorle Youiik, ltolnionil, .. , ,, , ... 43,4'i0
Murlon llwkln., Iwcr llrldno.,. 23,180
Ttu-rcD OuinkA. Mllllcan ,. 33.140
Dorr. aW. rA l'lno ,..,,.,,,,,,,. 23,000
Th.-lma Tucker. Silver Uk 21,600
lltntrlce 8t-ilicnon, I.a l'lne, ,,...,,, 6,000
Kmnm Urumm, Silver Like.r,ii... -C,3e0
Hhlpmmtx frtmi Auxiliaries Addn Mn
trriully lo tlio ToUil ttM
Article) Aro Hent
(From MondayV Dally.)
Six hundred and eighty-four sweat
era, nocks, wrlntlcts, mufflers and
holmotB havo been shipped from tho
Ilend chapter of tho Kcd CroBS since
tio beginning of tho year, accord
tag to tho records of the organization
on compllod this week. Thin amount
of knitted goods comprised tho work
of tho women of Ilend and thu auxil
iary organization throughout tho
country, to whom o groat deal of
credit Is given for their largo con
Shipments wcro hludo from this
city on January Hh and 24th, Febru
ary 24th and March 24th, tho amount
of tho shipments each tlmo being
given In tho figures below:
January 4. Sweaters, 28; socks,
78; wristlets, 19; mufflers, 22.
January 24. Sweaters, 35; socks,
37; Wristlets, 14; mufflers, 13; hel
mets, 1.
Fobruary 24. Sweaters, 8G;
socks, 70.
March 24. Sweaters, 104; socks,
140; wristlets, 26; mufflers, 10; hel
mets, 3.
Tho work sont In by tho auxll-
iarloa Is given In the following:
Torrobonno Auxiliary. Sweaters,
27; socks, C.
Redmond Auxiliary, Mrs. I. L. Os
borno. Sweaters, 12; mufflers, 2;
socks, 13; wristlets, 3.
Mo'tollus Auxiliary, Mrs. Ilurdlck.
Sweaters, 9; mufflers, 11; socks,
12; wrlstlots, 4.
Tumalo Auxiliary, Mrs. Fred Wal
lace Sweaters, 33; mufflers, 4;
socks, 11.
Lower nrldgo Auxiliary'. Mrs. L. A.
Hunt. Swoators, 3.
Culvor. Mrs. Kdith Hillman.
Sw(er, 1.
Pw tfutto Auxiliary. Muf
flers, 5.
Madras Auxiliary. Sweaters, 27;
mufflers, 4; nocks. 54; wrlstletn, 8.
Woman'a Club Auxiliary, Ited
mond. Mrs. Fullor. Sweaters, 3D;
mufflera, G; Bocks, S7; wristlets, G.
- 1)0,0(10 I.'xtni Vol in
will bo glvon for every club of -
$25' In now or old subscription
paymonts. Those bonus votes
nro ovor and abovo tho rogular
votes Issued on each Individual
- subscription.
Now subaerlytlons turned In
on this offer will also cohnt on --
tho special prlzo offor.
$1 in Gold -
- will bo glvou as a special prize
to tho candidate who turns In
tho greatest total Bum of money
- ih now subscription payments
- during thla offer.
Now subscriptions turned In
- during this offer also count ou
tho extra voto oftor and will
earn oxtra votes.
This big doublo offor oponod
April 15, and closes April 27, at
9 p. m.
Tho big double ofTor of extra votes
and froo gold closes Saturday night
at 9 o'clock. This la positively tho
host inducement that will bo made
during tho closing days of tho cam
paign. Briefly, this doublo ofYor Is:
Every club of $25 lu either old or
now subscriptions to tho Bulletin se
cures n apodal ballot of 90,000 extra
votos In addition to tho regular votes.
Aftor you hato turned lu enough sub
scriptions to mako a club of $25, oaph
dollar thoronftor ontltles you to 3,600
oxtra votes. Tho moro money you
turn In during tha tlmo of this otTor
tho larger your extra ballot will bo.
Thou, 'tho cmulldato who turns in tho
-(Continued on page 4.)
Itoportn woro publlnhcd in Sun
day's Orcgonlan of tho killing at
Klamath Falls of O. T. McKlndry.
McKlndry wan known in thin city,
having lived at tho Pilot Dutto Inn
for some tlmo last winter. Trouble
over range matters between himself
and another ntockman was rcspons
iblo for tho killing.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Word waa received 1y Louis Dllta
doau of this city this morning that
his son Leo had been accidentally
killed at Banvllts, Montana, whon ho
was struck by a train, Full partic
ulars of tho accident aro not given
In tho telegram rocelved. Mr. Bllla-
deau will leavo on this cvenlng'q
train for Danville.
V11STS fj.120.
(FrdtU Tuesday's Dally.)
Thrift stanlp sales throughout the
county aro Increasing rapidly, accord
ing to County School Superintendent
J, Alton Thompson, who has been
rocolvlng tho reports from tho vari
ous school districts
This morning" it was announced
that Terrobonno was tile- first com
munity In tho county to orgarilzo A
war savings society, two of tho clubs
holng formed In that city.
The total amount of war saving
certificates bought by tho pupils of
tho county is given In tho total by
districts In tho following:
Redmond, District No. 2. Stamp
sales In the grades, $196. On stu
dent in tho Redmond school has
$300 In Llborty bonds and $120 In
war savings stamps.
District Xo. 3, Roso Lilllo, Instruc
tor $19.26. Anna Dean, instructor
District No. 4, La p'lno', R: E.
Storey, principal $56.50.
District No. 6, Terrebonne. Mrs.
Gertrude Whltols, principal $60.50.
District No. S, Clino Falls, Roso
M. Hunnol $13.69.
District No. 9, Tumalo, Mrs. Delia
Nichols -$4.15.
District Xo. 10. Redmond. Marda
Markham $2.7g.
District Xo. 20, Ilend Rural, Izora
Sorfllng $11.75.
District Xo. 22, Anna L. Dunsmoor
District Xo. 23, Tumalo, Edith
Smith, $23.56.
District Xo. 24, Alfalfa, Mablo L.
Allen $92.29.
District Xo. 2S, Bend "Rural, Wln
nlfred Xolson $22.50.
District Xo. 30, Deschutes, Flor
ence Foster $168.
Union high school Xo. 1, Redmond,
L. L. Gooding Liberty bonds,- $500;
stamps, $235.75.
open mny 30
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
At n mooting of a special com
mittee hold last night to tako up tho
matter of arranging a program for
the opening of tho Bond Amateur
Athletic club building, It was de
cided to sot tho opening dnto as
Thursday, Mny 30, Decoration day.
with programs for tho two succeed
ing days.
On Thursday, May 30, tho building
will bo formally opened to tho public.
From 1 o'clock In tho aftornoon un
til 5 In Iho ovening It will bo open
to Inspection, In the evening a pro
gram will bo glvon In tho building.
Ou Friday nnd Saturday additional
programs will bo glvon. Mombors of
tho coutmltteo aro now busy arrang
ing tor sub-committees to hnndlo tho
work, the announcements of -which
will bo made- lator.
Friend of HUnfldd Deny AllfCUm
Whllo Otlicra Uftlm Pmrd Won
Forsetf. Into iWo by tho
ytnauiiA .nan. .
(SpmUI to Th Bulletin.)
SALEM, April 25. Soma astut)
dopstors around hero seo In tho en
trance of Bruco Dennis of La Grando
Into tho raco as caodldato for Re
publican national committeeman
from Oregon tho flno Italian hand
of his master, the Eastern Oregon
sheep king, who seeks A placo among
tho seats of tho mighty. .
Thoy declare that Btanfleld liter
ally took Dennis by the scruff of tho
neck and hurled Dim Into the lime
light at a part of his scheme lit seek
ing to grasp the senatorial nomina
tion, On iho othor hand, sonio of Stat?
flold's friends scoff thin Idea and s'
scrt openly that Btanfleld, wad sick
at heart when he heard that the
overweening ambition 'of DonnU to
avongo his private grlevanco against
Ralph Williams, his opponent for
national committeeman, had gotten
tho best of his friendship tor Stan-
Whatever Is the real situation It
looks as though tho step taken by
the) gontloman from La Grando
aUgliri ho particular benefit to tho
flockmastor of the Umatilla.
PoUc County Aroused. .
Around Polk county way, where-
Stanflold had been building up a
heavy following through his able
lieutenant, Jlta l.lnn, tho aspirations
of Dennis aro looked at with distrust.
While Ralph Williams now Uvea In
Portland, ho founded his fortuno at
Dallas in Polk county, whero ho owns
a couple of banks and has extcnslvo
business connections. Ralph la
stronger than horseradish In Polk
county and In numerous othor parts
of tho Willamette valloy for that
matter, and If the rotors get the Idea
that Stanfleld Is behind tho Donnut
movo It will go hard with tho sup
port that has been buildcd up by dili
gent labors.
Deschutes In Carq of IJnn.
Speaking of Jim Linn, who has
been entrusted by Stanfleld to manu
facture a Stanfleld support In Mc
Xary's own torrltory, It might be
said that Stanfleld made no Idlo
Jim was a Domocrat up to a few
weeks ago, when along with hun
dreds of his Democratic brethren ho
registered 03 a Republican and now
is the blackest of the black.
Jim has four hobbles: His Pilot
Dutto ranch In tho Deschutes coun
try; tho Marion hotel, Salem's larg
est hostelry, of which ho owns tho
lion's share; good roads, and tho
Stanflold boom.
Of all things dear to'his heart tho
Stanfleld boom Is the .dearest, Jim
was ono of tho mldwlves who pro-
sided at tho accouchment which.
brought forth tho Stanfleld boom, as
n puling and sickly Infant, and ho
has helped nurse it tenderly until It
has becomo qulto a sturdy llttlo lad.
Ho has been working night and day
down In the valley countlos especially
in this sootiou, mid it must bo ad
mitted that a trail of Stanflold sont!
mont can bo picked up by following
Jim's footsteps,
Ik'imN Is Hurt ln Ktunflelil.
Everybody around horo likes Jim
Linn, ovon tha mast sablo of all tho
sablo Republicans, Consequently It
Is not surprising that he really has
mado so mo impression for Stanflold
In McXary'a ,nwrn torrltory. Xot that
Stanfleld will carry thla soctton, bo
cause It can't ho douo, but in figuring
uui inu nnat realms h win no won
not to loso sight of tho fact that Jim
has been busy around hero, and
whonover ho gets liusy politically
smoothing genorally drops.
Stanfleld In Ticklish Placo.
But getting back to Stanfleld and
Dennis, no mattor what actuated
Donnls to get Into tho gauio, it in
generally conceded his candidacy Is
hurting Stanflold. Thorn Is no ques
tion but Dennjy and Ralph William,
nro blttor porsonal and political on,
omes, Tho personal enmity grw
(Continued on last page.)
' )