The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 14, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Image 1

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The bend bulletin.
VOh. .VI
No. U
If the Name of Your Favorite Candidate
is not Included in the List, Clip the Nom
ination Blank From this Issue and Enter
Her Name as Soon as Possible
District Number One
Includes All of tho City of Jltiiul
CitnifmlKii CIimm Mny It, HUH
KOmI Hnrtr, tV lirowlwar , .
Murjurl" llwtrr, Cltr . ,.,. . .....
Vrra llratl, Cltr
Mirarrt Ihmil, 730 Nowit
IiU Hlmiimtii, Klln Apia
Jlorrl llruwn, HI. Iltlnn I'lai.
A Ik. CaMril, 4M Wall
Ilalar CarUr, 67 HawlliuMi
1'carl Itomiry, 1113 MUwauk ,,.,,
MlMrnl KlIMt. IMS W. (Id
Jtr nnln(f. en ciulntr
Kltl Uk. SH franklin..... . . ..
IVarl llfntr"ri. Trim I tin I AM
Mr. ;ii. KntlMlrr. 1IJ Hill...
Jlu.l. Kllr, i:SU Hill .....
NrllU l(., 123 HUU
il.rrH MrCurir, IU: llilnl
Kmma Mr(iv. IM )rlaar
Ihirollir Mlllvr. Krarnr Hi.
JUalrlr Mrn. 7 (IllrhrUt Av
KUW Ol.ln, Tha Allamunt
MrrlUr l'r(rfnn, cllr
IVarl Miller. 311 llrnlwar
Olva Jiitinfiii. t t.oitltn.4
Viola llruwii, City
Mary MtClar, Cltr
Kmrna lUk.r, Cllr
!rnrvlv Ml.arm, Cllr
Jlllah llrkk, Cllr
District Number Two
Include All Territory Outside
tho City Llmlta of Iloml.
Campaign Climrn .Mny II, 1IMH
o o
Mlldrxl Hmlth, Itwlmnn.l ., .000
Own Ortloar. ltlmont . ,. ,000
MarjnrU Younr, KlmonJ . ,... . ,000
Ikra Hlr. La I'lna ,ft0
llratrkr HUihcnxn. I I'lna ,000
Kmma Drutnm. Hllirr ! .000
ThHma Tufk.r, Hlltrrr UV .000
Mar Utiii, Alfalfa .000
Tliria fr, Mllllran... ,000
IMIy IIUm. rrlnnlllf , ,OC0
HcnrUtla IUW, I'rlnnlll .000
-Mkriwi Ihafclrus l-uwr llftd. ....... .000
yormi KiaUr, DfMhutra ,0(0
Mr. MaUl Conxllrr, SirxhuUa., .000
Kalhrln ItnlAtld, (towhutra f.OM
Maval I'rkhanl. I)rliul ,,, .000
Hull, Wllrr. latwar .000
Vlol.l lirxin. C.aUWar .00c
Marvarrt Walter. I.mer .0'f
lltlrn Nrllr. tawcr Hrl'Ut .000
1'rarl OiUirnv, )lalra B.OfO
MlnnU lta4rlla, Itulrat .000
'Mm. K.L fllrwl. KIIT.... , .000
Mr. II. I U.I four, I1IT , .000
Ilnra 1 1 In noli. I(l,t ,0K)
Mr. J. W. Ourlrr. Ilnthr
Mr. '. K. W.r.n. Ilmlhrr 6.000
Mr. Maixl llul.Unl. Mlllkati .000
Mr. lt IknnUmt. Mllllran .000
Mr. I. Hrhmorl. Mlllkan .000
Trrna Hhult, Alfalfa .000
MaUl Allrn. Alfalfa .000
Ha lo-onar.t. Alfalfa .000
KlnU Hdifty, liMnr .000
Willi Mattrn. Ullri .000
1.1111 !Uo. U.ln .000
"MaM Hmllh, Ma.lra .000
ldnaln Hill, Malr. .000
Mr. Ur UrVln. liar Crrtk. ......... .(K0
1IU laJ.lua. flnliu .0.M)
Maruarrt tWlhorf, Mrtullua .000
:lUrln Hlch, Mtlullu.. '
Ji.y Melnnon, Mrtollu .000
Mary Chaman, Umrr Mrl-ln .000
"Vivian Jnnt. (Iatrar.. 6,000
Artnl Kncr, ItaUwar . . .000
(From Tuosday'a Datly )
At n mooting of tho oxecutlvo
Award or tho Tiimnla Stockmen's lis
jioclatlnn In tho local forestry sorv
dco ofllco Friday tiftomoon, nr
7angomonU woro inado for accom-
anndatlng C7T head or cattlo on tho
rango this season. An assessment or
"7C cents per head will bo collected
from each user or tho rango, two
thlrda ot this -to 1)0 In tho hands ot
tho association before grazing por
jnlts arc Usuod.
A small pasturo will bo fenced In
for nnddlo homes nml stock during
tho fall rounrt-up. Tho rider for this
aoason has not yet boon picked. Tho
axocutlvo commlttoo docldod to put
.out throe tons of salt.
K.vci:rnoN is madi:
(From Tliursdny'H Dally.)
Word bus boon recolvod from tho
au(il administration Hint an exception
fto tho now office building rogula-
.' tloim rognrdlng turning off tho boat In tho ovoulng has boon
lniulo' nml thoy will not npply to tho
court hnuso on account of It bolnu
aiHtul .tor such n vurloty or purpihoi,
Oun hundred roglstrntlou cards tor
vninon, who would bo willing to vol
nintoor for govornmout Horvlco of nny
Id ml, linvo boon rocolvod horo mid
tiro nt tho library, whore, itnyono mny
till thoin out as long s tho supply
TomatiiB. TIiobo ro similar to tho
)iiostlllod out last rail whon tho
women's conunltteo ot tlio Qounoll ot
JDofomio conducted a registration day,
Tho Hut or cnnriltlutort, which np
imnra today for tho flrot time, nliown
a kooiI roiiroflOiitiitlon for oucli did'
trlct nml niwuros ovnry fuuilly In thin
iinciloii mi opportunity for nufowrlle
liiK for Tho llullatln mid hulpliiK
thnlr fiworKo candldiito win (hv prlzo
which ftho most dcHlrco.
Tho list ait It iippmirn today In not
ontlroly comploto, nit now nomina
tion tiro coioIiik In dally, but It In
a Ntnrt nml will onaltlo Tho Uiillotln
rtiiiiliim to uHcorlnln wlitilinr or not
thnlr favorllo'H iiamo In thora. If
nuyono flndu that -tho tiutno of tho
lady whom hoy would llko to
win oiio or thu numnroun prlzoit (it
not Included In tho lint, thoy mill
havo plotity or tlmo In correct thin
iiUuw.lou byfllllni; out tho nomination
hlauk which will ho round on unothur
pa40 or thin Ittuo mid noudliiR It to
tho cauipaUu manaiinr wth tho lady's
nurno proporly filled out.
I'rUi for All.
As aniiouncod liorotoforo, this Is
In no mnnnur a popularity, contest,
hut simply ropresouts Tho lliillotln'a
Idea of tho 1iost means or bulldlnc
up circulation and doing It quickly.
Instead or hlrlnR professional so
licitors to call on tho pooplo, wo havo
ducldod ito dlvldo tho money omoiiR
tho ladles of this soctlon and so
help In keeping tho money nt homo.
Kvnry lady who Joins this campaign
will ho fidoijtiatoly and proporly re
munfirntotl. Tho wlunoni ot Uio
largor prises will recolvo many times
what thoy could possibly earn during
tho next fow weeks at any 'other urn
ploymont and our promlso of ton per
cent, commission on all money col
loctod on subscriptions by non-prlzo
wlnnorn will onablo tnuny to earn
(Cotttlnuod on pago i.)
cakds aui: i.Ni)
(Prom Monday's Dally;)
Twenty school teachers ivorklng
In thn high school nil of Saturday
completed tho classification or sta
tistical Information rognrdlng all of
tho 800 Deschutes county question
naires. Tho Indexed cards proparod
by thoin woro nont yestordny to tho
provotii marshal genontl.
i:utv ix)ax m ni: dluukhkd.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
NumoraiiH prominent spiAk,ora will
bo horo Saturday to attend tho snoop
mou's dinner to bo given at tho Pilot
llutto Inn by C. S. Hudson, Gov
ernor Wlthycombo, H. N. 8tonflold,
Cub Mosor, Kd. Cuslck, Thpmas 0.
Ilynn and others will bo on tho pro
gram. Mr. Stanflold (ins nhnouncod
his candidacy for tho nomination for
U, S. Bonator and Moaor for gnvornor,
bo tho dinner will bo slightly soa
Bonod with n political llyqr, Tho
Llborty loan will bo puslietV particu
larly by Mr, Hywn, s9lB(ant' district
nttornoy tor Multnomiih county, who
has boon sent out by thp stnto Liberty
loan committee. Mr. Cuslck la prcsl
dent of tho Oregon bnukora and will
tako up financial problems,,, Sovoral
roprosontntlvoa or tho two railroads,
coming Into Hand will nlso probably
glvo nddrosaos,
In ordor that tho townspooplo ns
woll no tho shcon mon may bonollt
by tho BpooohoB, Mr. Hudson has nr-
rnngod tor 'thorn to mnk.Q rosorva-
tlOHB for nlncna In tlin .ar , rinm
Thoso mon will pay for'tlioir oyn'
Must bo on lvtiul HiinIm Slttiiitltiii
HcrliiiiH IU-tilri'tiii'tilM Mndo
Slont Strict by I'k1
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
J'lirchtisos of flour can no lonor
bo niado without an etial quantity
of substitutes, according to tho last
order rocolvt'd hero by County Food
Administrator llartmnft, who yes
tordny notified all dealers that In
stead of Insisting on soiling 17
pounds or dark flour with every K0
of tho Wheat product thoy must do
it on a flfty-flfiy basis. Most of thu
local grocorlos aro butter prepared
to meet tho Incroased demand tor tho
substitutes than thoy woro a tow
weeks ago. Whllo It Is practically
Impossible to get corn men! and rlcj
flour local merchants havo manag-cd
to stock up on barley and potato
flour. Tho Inttor, onco so scarce,
Is now plentiful but Is much mora
costly than other kinds. However,
tho situation regarding securing a
sufficient supply of substitutes Is
still serious.
Tho following Is tho telegram sant
Hov. Hartranft lato yesterday by W.
II. Ayvr, rood administrator for Oro
gon: "Owing 1o tho absoluto necessity
that tho country furnish whoat for
shipment to our army abroad and
to tho pooplo at Franco, I havo re
colvod posltlvo Instructions that no
salo ot flour can bo mado without an
equal quantity of substitutes and I
am putting this order Into effoct to
day. This wilt undoubtedly Incon
venlonco many ot our pooplo but
thoy must thoroughly undorstand
that It Is an absoluto necessity and
tho tlmo has arrived whon wo aro
called upon to cotuo through and do
our full part."
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Having pleaded guilty to attempt
ed burglary, Kruost Dick was this
morning fined $100 by Justtco of thu
I'oaco J. A. Hastes. Dick, -who Is a
chauffeur, 24 years of ago, could not
glvo a doflnlto explanation ot his mo-
tlvo In entering tho Skuso Hardwaro
Company's utoro Monday ovonlng.
Ho was very much frightened. Up
to this tlmo tho boy has had a cloan
record and several business men at
tending tho trial vouched for h!s
good reputation. Tho lino was paid
Immediately. Arthur J. Mooro han
dled tho caso tor tho dotondant und
H. II, Do Armoud for tho state
(From Thursday's Dally.)
About 70 mombors ot tho Kast
oru Star and other guosta woro pres
ent last night at tho banquet glvon
by tho local chapter In Us rooms tor
Mrs. Lena C. Mondouhall, worthy
grand matron of Orogon, who la mak
ing an official visit 'to tho lodge.
Mrs. Mondouhall will loavo llond to
(From Friday's Dally.)
Mrs. H. K. Ilrooks thla morning ro
colvod n lottor from tho chairman
or tho Orogon Liberty loan drlvo com
mlttoo apprising liar or bor appoint
ment as head ot tjio women's drlvo in
Hond. Sho will -work In connection
with C. S. Hudson, who will havo
charge or raising tho muu'a shnro.
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Tho Knights or Pythias will hold
a district convention horo on tho 27th
or March. Thoro will probably bo
ono li'tiudrod delegates from tho dlt
foront aoottona around horo. Sov
oral of tho 'grand ottlcora aro ox
puctod to bo prosont, Including a rami
Chancellor Crouch and Waltor Gloas
on. Tho convention will last ono
TJilrt.flv Lunch Scrvcl on Open.
log Day Clillilwi lU-gbtUT for
' Kinploymrnl Must Turn
, in I'nrnliigH for Ono Day.
(From Saturday's Dally)
Indicating that tho Ited Cross
Superfluity Shop, which had Its for
mal oponlrvg yesterday, will bo a
financial success Is tho report of the
rtrst days business. Previous to Fri
day 28, CO was taken In and this was
increased yesterday by $42.30. A
largo number ot pooplo visited tho
shop, soma from Tumalo, Madras,
Hedmond and ovon La Pino. Not all
woro women, for about eight or nlno
business men lunched there and sov
oral others patronized It In tho after
noon. Thlrty-flvo lunchoons were served
during tho day,' all ot thorn being
mado from homemado delicacies, tho
bill or rare Including two kinds ot
salad, sandwiches and tea or coffee
More salad and bread aro needed In
order to savo cooking each day by
tho womon In cbargo ot tho shop.
Vnluntrrnt Wanted.
Mrs. H. 1C. Ilrooks and Mrs. D. A.
Houston woro on hand all ot yester
day and today, being assisted by a
member ot tho Honor Guard during
tho lunch hour. Voluutcors aro want
ed who will put In an ontlro day each
wook nt tho storo In order to roliovo
Mrs. Ilrooks and Mrs. HouBton.
Hoys and girls registered yester
day tor employment, members of
Tho Campflro Girls, Junior League,
Hoy, Scouts and Honor Guard ex
pressing their willingness to assist.
Thoso children will do sowing, tako
caro ot llttlo tots, throw In wood or
do nny similar sort ot work, turning
tholr earnings tor ono day each
month in o tho Ited Cross. A wage
scalo was sot, allowing 25 cents an
hour for general work, CO cents an
evening tor staying with children
and CO couts a load tor throwing In
wood. No child who docs not glvo
to tho Hod Cross onco a month may
stay on tho Honor Holl, as tho em
ployment list Is called.
Moro (JlftN Hocclieil.
Sovoral moro gltts havo been made
tho shop, M. A. Palmer, tho cabinet
makor, donated a tea tablo and tho
Horn! Steam Laundry offorod Its
aorvlcca In washing all garments
tablo cloths, tea towols and similar
nrtlclcs. Moro dish towols aro need
ed In ordor that tho women will not
havo to wash out tholr supply dolly
In addition to tholr othor work.
Jones' Dairy Imb promised to supply
all of tho croam to bo used In tho
coffoo sorved at tho lunchoons.
Hnrtluuro Company Prvpnros Sxvlnl
Window Komi It of Commercial
Club Discussion.
(From Tuesday's Daily.)
As step toward furthering tho
patronago of tho local stores and
chocking tho trado with mall order
housos, tho Hond Hardwaro Company
has tnkou an uulquo mothod ot bring
ing n comparison of prices before
tho public. Thla soliomo was prin
cipally tho outgrowtTi ot discussion
at tho rocont Commercial club din
ner, whon sovoral rauchors spoko on
tho reduction of prices to bo secured
through ordorlng out of Hond.
Tho hardware company has pro
pared a window showing cartaln nr
tlclos, such as door knobs, rooting,
farm Implements and tho llko, quot
ing tho local prlco on thoin and tho
ono glvon by Sonra-Hoobuck. A cot
uloguo from tho largo Seattlo mail
order houao with tho pages open nt
thoso prices 1a nlso dlsplayod, In
almost ovory caso thoro la a constdor
nblo reduction In favor ot tho Hond
atoro. In some, howovor, it only
amounts to sovoral cents, An allow
ance must also bo mado tor postage.
BBaLMttv vvbLh
BBBBBBbbbu itfr jEjrBBBBaH
BBBBBHBklJilF aaail
Who AiinouncfM 111 Candidacy for
Tho first candldato to fllo his pe
tition for nomination for sheriff In
tho prraary election is S. E. Roberts,
who has boon holding that office
slnco tho county was formed. Mr,
Roberts Is well known here, having
lived in tho Dcnd country when It
was part ot Wasco, in fact ho is a
strictly home-mado product, having
been born bore. For five years ho
was chief of polico ot Bend, previous
to his appointment to his present
That Mr. Roberts has dono his
work efficiently Is shown In a state
ment prepared by Max Crandall, who
is auditing tho county books, which
shows tho amount of taxes tho of
fice has collected. Out of tho $196,
000 on lost year's tax rolls $174,000
was collected, leaving a very small
pcrccntago delinquent. Penalties
and Interest on 1915 taxes alono
amount to $19,084.11, tho collection
ot this amount practically paying tho
expenses ot tho office.
All of this has been dono In splto
of tho additional work which has
beon glvon to tho sheriff through
tho draft classification.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Housohold questionnaires contain
ing information as to ttho amounts
individuals havo subscribed to tho
Llborty loans will 'bo dlstrbutcd by
mombors ot each dstrlct committee
for tho third drlvo In ithls county.
All parsons visited will bo asked to
fill ono out In order that It may bo
catalogued by tho government.
Preliminary organization of the
drlvo to begin on April C will occupy
tho next ten days. Undor the direc
tion ot County Chairman C, S. Hud
son, speakers and special music nro
being secured and mooting placos ar
ranged for. II. J, Ovorturt will
bandlo tho Hond drlvo, Guy Dobson
thut In Redmond and F. W. Tono In
La Pino, all working through Mr.
Tho enrda which will bo used to
rftglator tho work ot tho commlttoea
havo blanks tor tho following Infor
mation: Name, town or district, occupation,
business address, residence address,
family, assessment, nuto, first loan,
socond loan, rating, third loan, bank,
why no subscription, nationality, so
licitor's name.
This record -will bo kopt in much
tho samo way as that to bo proparod
by tho rood administration und will
bo a chock ou thoso who decline to
Kvrrythlntc From Ilono Dry to Win
tlio War LltI In Gubernator
ial Platform Prlmnrim
Will bo Llvn
SALEM, Mar. 14. (Spoclal to Tho
Bullotln) It Is interesting to noto
what Issues tho various gubernator
ial candidates aro bringing up as
political cuds tor tho proletariat to
chow over prior to tho primaries.
With tho probablo array of can
didates for the governorship now
complete tho peoplo aro in a position
to dctormlno Just what issues aro
being bulldcd for them in this cam
paign and they aro somowhat varied,
as an analysis will Indicate.
Dr. J. E. Andorson of Tho Dalles,
tho first to filo his official declara
tion for executive honors, lays em
phasis on tho "bono dry" feature.
"Doc" Anderson, as ho Is familiarly
called by his colleagues, (but It in
nowhero recorded that ho llkos tho
appellation), Introduced both ot tho
dry bills In the legislature, that ot
1913 and 1D1C, and he has rccchel
a point 'where he Is consldorcd a reg
ular Delphian oraclo on the subject
ot combatting tho Domon Rum. lie
Incidentally mentions aid In winning
the war and the development ot Ore
gon, but it Is no closed secret that
tho physician of Tho Dalles -will de
pend largely upon tho bone dry el
ement for his support. It is also
whispered that he Is expecting a
goodly share ot the 8Q00 or 9000
registered prohibitionists to switch,
ovor with their registration Into tho
Grand Old Party and aid their sturdy
standard 'bearer in "his present fight.
It is pointed out that some of thorn
might do this as prohibition is no
longer considered a real issue In
Oregon and as a result thoro seems
but UUlo roason for maintaining a
real prohibition party hero longor.
Win tlio War Policy
Governor Wlthycombe will go bo
foro the peoplo largely on an Issuo
ot winning tho war, and his follow
ing will lay particular stress on tho
manifold activities of tho Governor
In that direction since the war start
ed. Thoy point out that the Gover
nor leaped into the breach from tho
tlmo ot tho declaration by tho Presi
dent and has been busy on war alms
and war issues ovor slnco. Thoy see
in his advocacy of patriotic motives
and patriotic Issues a splondld op
portunity for tho exccutlvo to suc
ceed himself.
Don Olcott has tho laconic slogan
"Business' printed on his cards and
it is considered a very Olcottesquo
stylo ot slogan. Ills followers ad
vance the theory that whllo tholr
champion Is as patriotic as any ot the
candidates that ono ot tho best ways
to show patriotism Is by economy
in statu government and that will ha
tho lino largely followed by Mm and
his friends In making their present
campaign to elevate tho secretary ot
Btato to tho governor's chair.
Highway In Standby
Gus Mosor Is rdlylng on his splen
did personality In buttonholing vot
ers by and large, but so far tho main
lssuo ho has devolopcd in his cam
paign has lioen a steady Borloa ot
slaps at tho Stato Highway Commis
sion. Tho friends of Gus havo it fig
ured out to a mathmotlcal cortaluty
that by this plan ot attack thoy can
como homo wlh the "bacon.
Thoy figure Qua Is tho nco card In
tho Multnomah County dock and will
havo tho winning hand In tho yoto
thoro. Thla ho did four yoars ago,
but it la also pointed out by others,
who are not so friendly to Gus, that
at that time tho wets had a strong
organization In that county and thoy
throw It to 'tholr home town aspir
ant. That organization la now scat
tered to tho winds, but on tho otl)or
hand tho frlonds of Gus say 'that he
will command a solid labor vote. If
ho can command a solid labor vote
It -Is something that has nevor boon
commanded before, "and thoso who
aro woatherwlaa say that it Is some
thing that sever will be accomplished.
Labor la like thp wlRd-Jt hjeh
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