The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 07, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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(From Wiidm-mliiy's Dally.)
V., M. TIlOllipHOII WI1H III ItlldlllOIld
Inline WlUnn, of 11 fit, wax In town
W. L, Palmer wont to hU ninrli nl
DdHchulim toiliiy.
I). Keller ntliiriinil this iiinrtiliiK
from ii trip (o I'orlliiinl.
Mr. nnil Mrs, Paul Oiirrlnoti with
huro from Prliiovlllo yesterday.
tfjA Imliy wim lioru to Mr. ami Mm.
liny James Hprnuso on Fohruiiry .
Mr. nnil Mr. ('. J. Callow arc tho
tjirouil parents of bnby girl, burn
Mr. nnil Mm. II. Hwnnk uro huro
from Tangent anil plan to i,o on to
llrotlmm to vUll.
W. I. Myers In Hpi'iidliiK tlin ilay In
I'rliiiivlllu working on thu school tl 1m
trlot division ease.
Oscar ,nrou liui rolurned from n
trip 1'ttnt to visit hi old homi). Ilu
linn been koiio sovnrul montlii.
J. W, Ilrown wan In from Tiiinnto
yesterday on business In connection
with tlin Tuinnlo furm loan uhhocIu-tlon.
II. F. Ncnly, of Portloml, In now In
tlin Maglll & Krskluu drug toro. Mr.
Nmily'H family will arrlvo In Iluml
Mm. J. A. Ilazuka ami children
linvo goon to Portland to Join Mr.
Haxuka. Tluiy will probably remain
oway six month.
Dumuiil's Grocery linn Just put In
a tlmuly wlmlow display In which In
exhibited a nuinbnrof thu substitutes
for flour riicommamli'il by thu food
Vuriiou A. Forbes returned thin
morning from I'ortlnml anil Knlom,
whom ho went on business connected
with the ibjuaw Creek and Hunw
Cruek Irrigation dispute.
Mm. A. IC. Do Hliuw, who has boon
visiting hnr daughter, Mis (!rtnnl
Do Hhnw, t ho past three wsoks, wttnt
to I'ortlnml thin uiornliiK. Ktiw will
go on from thorn to .Seattle.
T. A. MiiCaiiii ami J. I'. KnyH urn
In Hpoknuo attending tlin mottling of
tlio Western I'lno MiiiiufiicturHm' A
wialntlnn, which -wiih In session yos-
i tordny and today, Nnw officers will
bo elected nt tlin gathering
f Columbus It. JolniHoii. Otto C. Orny
aiiiI thnlr fninllliin nro huro from
Vi In o v 1 1 1 spending thu tiny In town
jj;wii frluntls, lloth iiihii recently nc-
iltilrnil pari of tlin holdings of WaUi-r
nnil Dick Vnndovorl mid J, (' Whll-
: fluid on tho uppiir Dosrhutos rlvnr.
; A uinrlinhaplmiio him Just buon ne
iiulrud by tho Day MiimIc Company,
It arrived yusturdny and Is thu flmt
of ltd kind In Ilond. Mr. Day will
tiHi) It In plnyliiK for ilnncim. Several
pooplo cuu piny on tho instrument at
ouo time, using sticks with wool bulls
on tho onil. Tho koya nro wooden
hIiiIh hold In plnco over suspunded
pipes. i tWfl
(From Tiionduy'n Dully.)
Mm. P. L. Jono In vlnltliu; hur
mother In Hnkiir two weeks,
A. T. Vincent In visiting III homo
In Croscuut, Washington, hoforo en
listing. J. i:. Wnrtinr wont to Itcdmoml to
day. Ho bun been In from bin ranch
hIiicd Monday.
J. II. Wiseman spent nevernl day
In town, r.oliu; back to bin homo at
Clllio Fnlln today.
Ilernnrd Khnfnr wan a panneiiKor on
tho mornliiK train bound for I.on
AiiKelun. Ilo wnn bore looklio; over
Thu Dulvomnl (nrni;it lant week ilo
llvnrcd to J. K. Wumur, of I'owell
Iltitte, ouo of tlin now model Maxwell
Thu J'renliytorlnn (lulld will meet
tomorrow afternoon at thu homo of
Mm Walter Furisunuu nl 2:30
II. McN'ntt and Hern Vouiik wont
to I'rlnnvlllu thin morulni;. They had
been In town In order to tako their
phynlcal examination.
Minn Florcnco McCoy of Weal I. Inn,
Ori;on, en mo throuch lleud yuitor-
day from IVilley. Klin wa on her
way home uftor lltlnr. friends nouth
of IIpiiiI.
Thin nfternoon the board of direc
tor of thu U. O. I dlntrlct held n
nieetliiK at Itcdmoml. II. II. Do Ar
niond and J. Alton Thompson attend
ed thu nicotlnK-
Notice of C. V.t Kned'n arrival In
Franco lufnly wiih recolved by Mm.
Jleml Innt week. Ilur hunbnnil In with
tho Twentieth KiiKlnuurs and ban thu
rank of nri;Kiut.
The now tenchnr for tho Wnat Kntl
hcIiooI nt Mllllcun, Mm. Maude Hub
bard, nrrlviNl here yiMterday ami wont
on to her biilldlui:. Hho will take
MM. I. I.. Owen'H puce.
Mm. Mary Mcdtm marled on hur
return trip to hur homu In Dluknou,
.Montana. Shu linn been vlnltliiK her
Kruudchlldri'ii, Mr and Mm. M. S,
MuOoa, thu pnt four montlm.
Jiwn It. IihhwcII, vICe-priiKldiuil of
tin ('entral OreKou Hank, came In
(iturdny from I'ortlnml, where ho
hnd been nrrmiKliu: to tnovo here.
Ill family will follow htm soon.
Tho roRtilnr meetliiR of thu city
council tonW;ht will bo j;lvon over to
dlnponlni: of bllln, Coiiuclluieu C, M
McKay mid IC. I'. Ilrosierhoua are
otil or town ho It In unlikely that any
very Important IhhiIiionb will bo
bronchi up,
On nccoiiiil of tho lined for more
room, MIhh MIhIii Olnlu mid Mint llnzul
Putney have moved their iiIrIU Hchool
Into tho council room In thu O'Kane
bulldliiK Tho cIiuh wait orKuulzcd
biHt nlirht mid work Iickuii On Moil
(lnyn, WedncHilayH mid Frldnyn from
7:110 until U o'clock liiHtriictlon In
hooK-kcepliiK mid HtouoKrnphy will
bo Klvon
(From Monday'n Daily.)
.In t(o Oplt won u pamiuiiKor to Tho
Dallcn thin inornliiK,
W. J. Hnlmou wont to Tho Dallcn
thU mornliiK to work there,
Dr. )(. W. Humloraliott In bnck
from u Hhorl trip to Portland,
l'olor Thomp'Hon Ih piiuhIiik n fow
ilnya In I. a Urmido on u biinluenH
Irlii? '
Vornon A, Forlnui In nwny on n trip
to Portland and Malum on lecal biin
luenH. , , -
Aloe Dipold wnn n pannonr.or to
Portlmid today. Ilu doun not expect
to return to Iluml.
Jon Illulr, who wnn born a fow
(liiyn On btmlneRn, rnturned thin morn
Ink to bin homo In float tie.
(Ilenn Nluholn, II. A Footer, Frank
McCaffrey mid K. J. Wllnoti worn all
huro from Prliiovlllo yentordny.
Mr. and Mm. i:. Klllff uml dauxh
ter enrno In Hatiirdny from Pendleton
mid will make their homo huro.
V. V. Hurko, Htato rcprenontntlvo
of thu Wenteru Loan A llulldliiK Corn
puny, will bo In lleud within a fow
(Mm. V. F. Fryrear, of Hlntcrn,
Hpont tho week end with hur daui;li
tur, Mary, In Iluud. Hho weul homo
Mr. mid Mrn. A. J. Kroenerl came
In thin moriiltiK from Portlmid, where
Mrn. Kroenerl bud ;oiio for a alight
Franklu Oubliert, John (Inbbert
mid Fruuk McDowell, uftnr u two
month' vlntt In lloud, huvo koiio to
Hpokauu to ntay.
Mm. A. K. Kdwarda returned Innt
nlKht from a trip to California. Hho
panned a portion of thu winter there
vlaltltiK friend,
Tho Honor (lunrd will meet tonli'.ht
nt 7:no In tho IiIkIi achool. II. W.
Knwyur will uddrcH tho uiumbem on
nldlui: In tho thrift ntnmpa aalcn,
Mr. mid Mm. C. II. Haines nro rn
rolvltiK c'oui;rntululloiia upon thu ar
rival of a baby Klrl ut their homo yen
tordny. Tho child In their third, thu
other two belnc boya.
Thu Library dull will hold Itn
monthly mcotlni; at 3 o'clock tomor
row afternoon In the library, A num
ber of very Important matter will bo
broiiKht up for discussion.
Tho Paront-Tuachum nMoclatlon
will bold u mtotliiK at tho lilth
achool on the uvonlm; of Wudnoda,
February G, at 8 o'clock. Principal
Oraut, of tho IiIrIi achool, will apeak
uml nil parents of IiIkIi achool pu
pil nro especially Invited to attend.
HvorythliiR must ko. Nothing in
rcorved; prlcoa cut way down.
Hather'n Cloning Out Sale ntartn nt
'J o'clock Saturday morning. Adv.
Vort WlntiT hi Yi'ant.
Snow, wind and extreme cold
caused morn colda this whiter than In
yearn. Foley's Honey and Tar proved
Itn worth In thousand of homes. Mrs.
Hdward Ktrevy. It. 37. Clinton, O..
nays: "I think Foley'n Honey mul
Tar In tho only medicine for cougha
and colds and recommend It highly "
Flno for children. Sold uvorywhore.
inwai iiisMf Yii ri?
In tliclr active, liraliliful, leinp
ttij play, toon wear out tliclr
tlncUiif; iinlm Mother clccti
the kind that licit redid their
rticinet). So wc rccoiiiiiicnd to
Mother that the chooie
Aixuon Plate
iirv Uiil the Juice txtt of un
' nuuliul Uar irliiruiinl
..nii.lwvai uuillovk uvHkl to ttie
Kuy your Hose here
mul you KNOW you
ure getting the best.
flWhy pay interest
on the money you
fl We buy for cash.
fl You buy for cash.
IWe both save in
terest on our money
$ You get more for
your $$$ here.
(From Saturdiiy'a Dally)
Hardy Allen, from Slitters, spent
yiwterday In Iluud,
J. Wright, of Cllno Falls, was
In town on IiurIiiosh yentordny.
Tom Slonn mid J. W. Kerr nro
panning a fow dajH lit Portland on
Frank Dayton mul A, J, Halter
were lit today on biinlnnss with
tho county court.
Jlil4;n T, K. J. Duffy hns rolurned
to Prlmivllln, after holding u hearing
In tho circuit court.
II. II. Do Armond wnn In Prlne.
villi) today. Ho diovo back In hi
cur Into thin nvoulug.
Mrs. I. A. Deathman mul Mrn. W.
O. ItitlNtou were In from Torrulionno
yentordny on Hod (irons buHlness.
Hurt Wood and bis slstor, Mrs J.
It. Wiley, uru on their way to Ku
guuu to visit their father, who In III,
M. Huiihcii mid A. H, Kastcr, who
camo to lleud thin week from Fresno,
California, huvo gone on to Pendle
ton, W, A. Knhn, of Mlllicnri, ban gono
to Portland for medical treatment.
Ho will probably remain away a
Tho county rood roller arrived
this morning from Portland and will
bo put to work at once In tho vicinity
of lleud.
A 10-pound boy was born Thurs
day io Mr. ami Mrs. Charles F. Will
iamson. Tho baby was mimed Char
les Kilwnrd.
Tho baby boy born to Mr. and
Mm. Walter A. Grant at tho lleud
Surgical Hospital Thursday, died af
ter living 24 hours.
Oil McDowell, of Centralla, Wash
ington, who has been spending n few
days with bin parents, went north
again this morning.
Mrs. II. II. Perry was a visitor In
town over night. She camo up from
Tho Dalles day before yesterday to
attend a wedding at Mctollus.
Mrs. J. W. Taggart .after spending
six wueks In liond, returned to her
homu In Portland today. Hho has
been visiting her daughter, Mrs. A.
M. Prlnglu.
T. A. Taiiakn, foreman of tho local
section crow In tho railroad yards,
camo In from Scattlo with his bride
this morning. Ho has been gono
eight days.
Otto A. Ulttrlck, of Spokane, la In
this city (purchasing cattle. Frank
Cite, of Urothcrs, Klmor Dyer, from
Mllllcan, mid Jay Hague, of Alfalfa,
worn all in town yesterday to seo
The small ntructuro on Wall street
north of tho Lara building was moved
today to a location on Hawthorne
street. J. H. O'Neal has bought It
from tho Deschutes Investment Com
TO our older customers nothing more need be
snid, but to those unacquinted with our merch
andise, we have only to add Unweave is to white
goods, what sterling is to silver.
Whether you wish a fine material for the baby's
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large assortment of Unweaves you will find the cor
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Plain Batistes, 27-in 20c yd.
Plain Batistes, 40-in 25c to 65c yd.
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Kvnrythlug must go. Nothing Is
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Bather's Cloning Out Sale starts at
D o'clock Saturday morning. Adv.
(From Friday's Dally.)
Charles F. lllndman, of Sistors,
camo In today on business.
Frank Hdward Klackcr has gono
to Itedmoud to work.
Joo McKonun is visiting In Pen
dleton for a shor; time.
Hay Corking was in from Tumalo
yesterday to buy n horse.
Oeorgo Mosslngor camo In from
Prliiovlllo yostorday on uitslnoss.
A. Whlnnaut rolurned this morn
ing from a short trip to Portlmid.
( S. Hudson came in yostorday
from ti abort 'ousiuoss trip to Port
land. Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Morris have
gono to Maunln to visit friends two
B Tl
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Dr. II. Y. Hcndershott is passing
a fow lays In Portiarfd and will re
turn Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Couch left this
morning for Denver, Colorado, where
they will remain a month.
Frod I.ucas will lcavo tonight for
Portland, whero he has accepted a
position In the office of the Union
Moat Company. Ho has recontly been
employed as welghmaster in the local
railroad yards.
J. K. Stram, traveling agont for
tho O.-W. It. & N. railroad, was In
town yostorday on business.
Frod N. Wallace was In from Turn
ulo to attend tho patriotic moating
at tho Hlppodromo last night.
Jay H. Upton returned to Prlnc
vllle this morning, after working
hero on tho irrigation hearing.
Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Wobster and
small child have loft for E! Paso,
Texas, to make tholr home there.
H, M. Stephens returned this morn
ing from Itoseburg, whero ha was
called by the Illness of his father.
City Engineer Robent Gould Is back
from Portland, whero he recently had
an operation performed for appendi
citis. Martin Kcnfleld came in yesterday
from Portland. He took Mrs. Ken
field down to receive medical treatment.
Who is PIcrcy &
Sons, Tumalo'
Now Is the Tlmo to H41 Careful.
Avoid imitations or substitutes,
got tho genuine Foley's Honey anil
Tar, and you have a cough medlclno
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whooping cough. la grippe, bronchial
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All kinds of hides, furs, pelts, wool
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I j When the roof leaks 1
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III keeping the water out. I
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