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    1W0K SIX
The Bend Bulletin
KstntitHinl lt)Oi!.
An Independent newspaper stnnd
log for tho Bqunro denl, clenn busi
ness, clonn politics nnd tho hoHt In
terests of Horn! and Central Oregon.
Ono Year $1.60
Blx Months
Throo Months .50
tho Sahhnth Bchool exorcises, llev.
Stowart preached a aonnoii on tho
subject, "Tho Duty of n Christian,"
nnd Hov. Folkonbcrg chose nn IiIb
subject, "Tho Administering of An
gels nnd Spiritualism," at the even
ing services.
Principal F. W. Weber '1ms placed
42 new five-cent classics In tho school
library, to ho used as supplementary
reading In tho lower grades. A new
supply of song books has also been
Motnbors of tho seventh Rrado geo-
Krnphy class nro rcadtiiR Carpenter's
GeoRraphlcal Header of Asia, In ad-
dltlon to their regular work In
IMurrny'H text book.
Tho upper grade pupils report on
current oventa onco a week.
Cocllo McCallutn received 100 In
the red Ink spelling test on Friday,
Only ono word was miss-spelled In
tho upper grades on Monday. Con
siderable Interest Is being taken In
the spelling work In tho whole school.
Mr. Iloso Is making himself con
spicuous by drawing cartoons of char
acters and happenings In Sisters. Ills
latest Is a drawing of the logging
engine, bringing a load of logs to tho
Duckctt mil).
Warren Farthing and Hoy David
son wont to tho Sam Well ranch tor
n load of hay for Mr. Farthing.
Georgia Woods Is visiting her sis
ter at Kodmond.
Tho Hed Cross society is busily on
gagoM In making bandages, compacts,
sweaters, bands, etc,
A plo social will bo held nt tho
Farthing hall Saturday cvonlng, Feb.
j, mo proceeds to do used to pay
room rent, etc.
.Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Allen, Mr. and
Mrs. Tcmpleton, Mr. and Mrs. George
Wilson and Mr. Roach motored to
Rend Wednesday ovauluc and at
tended the patriotic meeting held at
tho Hippodrome.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Cnrv ami
daugghter, lrono, and Mrs. Ora
Smith visited with tho Taylor family
Vino Wilson and Elba Taylor mo
tored to Redmond and I'rlnevillo
IMnchurst Improvement Society Dc- rr,(,a" evening and returned Satur-
(From Monday's Dally.)
"Plans for after-war colonlxatton
of American soldiers on tho cut-over
lands of tho south will shortly bo
taken up with tho federal authorities
nt Washington, whoro Congress Is al
ready considering tho question. An
nouncement to this effect was made
by Clement S. Ucker, vice-president
of tho Southern Settlement and Do
volopniont Organization of Haltlmorc,
In a communication to tho Cut-Over
Land Department of tho Southern
Pino Association."
Tho foregoing quotation has a
world of meaning for Central Ore
gon. Tho south Is setting busy al
ready to Insuro tho placing of re
turned soldiers on its lands. Any
thing wo can do to develop our Irri
gated sections and bring the veterans
back to them will "bo more than worth
In tho northern part of Washington.
Mrs. J. 8. MoVey returned from
lleud last week, much Improved In
Mrs. ('. W. Helm Is visiting rela
tives ami friends tn Portland.
Mrs. II. H. Foster has been re
moved to tho homo nt her dniiRliter,
Mrs. Oeorgo Hunker, where sho In
ronvnlosclng after her recent severe
The knitting section of tho Terre
bonne Red Cross auxiliary met Fri
day evenlnx at tho homo of Mrs.
Walter Monro. Those present were
MiiHilitiui4 IK'nr. flnlltriittli. Ontn
. --..... ...... ,...,., ............., ,..VK,
Me- Rolgol, Pickett, Peckhom and Mrs.
Mr nnd Mrs. O. F. Wnlleuhurg are
ppendlug aomo time nt their mill Hear
Geo. Hamilton waft In town Mon
day from his ranch out on tho Penin
sula. Mrs. Wnnnlo Osbom, of Grand
view, Is visiting her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. W. O. Ralston.
'J. C. Cunningham, of Lower Rrldco
was here visiting his mother. Mrs. M.
E. Cunningham.
Rev. McVlcker. of Oakland. Dm.
gon, conducted church services hero '
last Sunday evening, which wore well
Deschutes County's Largest Store
J 4.-
Reed-Smith's Great Drive Against Rising Prices will prove
the means of peeping prices at the lowest possible point.
Many thousands of dollars Worth of good reliable merchandise
are offered at "old" prices. In some instances lower than the
present wholesale prices.
UJJ- lj.i, X. .- -:
Everything must go. Nothing la
reserved; prices cut way down.
Sather's Closing Out Salu starts ut
0 o'clock Saturday morning. Adv.
$6.00 U. S. ARMY SHOE, $4.90
The Original Chippeway STAG SHIRTS dC ffi $C (f QJ
ut it price lower thun wholesale. Our price PJUlj7 ipU.UU, pi
cldes to Pass Intervening Week
Kuils nt Private Homes.
' (Special to Tho Bulletin)
PINEHURST, Feb. 6. At the
meeting of tho Plnchurst Improve
ment Society. Saturday night. It was
decided to give a literary program In
four weeks, tho Intervening week
ends devoted to social gather
ings In the private homes.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Swisher and
family were dinner guests at tho
Nichols homo Sunday.
Mr. McCuIston. of Dend, was a bus
iness visitor in the neighborhood on
CHr and Mrs. Chas. Spaugh and
family and Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Wlnier
and son wero among those who at
tended tho lecturo by Major Edwards
in Bend last week.
Miss Ethel Snyder, of Ilcnd, is vis
iting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Judge Darncs. of Bend, passed
through Pinehurst Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Nichols, of Bend,
spent Sunday at Pinehurst, the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Nichols.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Spaugh and
daughters on Sunday were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. John Parks, near
Cllno Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Loverenr, of
Plalnvlew, wero Pinehurst visitors on
Saturday, the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Nichols.
I. E. Wltner went to Bend on bus
iness Saturday.
Misses Ivy Snyder and Ethel Gra
ham were on the sick list this week.
Mr. and Jlrs. Chas. Spaugh and
daughters were entertained by Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Nichols on Wednesday
Mr. Johnson was hauling wood for
the school Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Dietrich pass
ed through here on their way to Bend
Lenora Snyder celebrated her ninth
birthday Saturday by giving a party
to several of nor little friends. Thoso
present were Rozella Phelps, Loyd
Hoage, Harvey Snyder. Leonard Sny
der and Lenore Snyder.
Tumalo Saturday evening,
J. D. Bowman and Mr. Taylor aro
working at tho Wilson mill.
Mrs. Tyler's baby has fully recov
ered its neaith, after spending sov
oral weeks at tho Bend Surgical hos
pltal. Mr. and Mrs. Tvler nnd clill
dren havo moved to the Wilson mill.
Everything must go. Nothing is
reserved; prices cut way down.
Sather's Closing Out Salo starts at
D o'clock Saturday morning. Adv.
Cut This Out It In Worth Money.
Don't miss .this. Cut out this slip,
enclose with five conts to Foley &
Co., 2835 Sheffield Ave., Chicago,
III., writing your name and address
clearly. You will receive In return
a trial packago containing Foley's
Honoy and Tar Compound for coughs,
colds and croup. Foley Kidney Pills
and Foley Cathartic Tablets. Sold
everywhere. Adv.
CouMiitit Nnfforvr Kinds Relief.
"I have been n constnnt sufferer
from kidney trouble and was down I
sick In bed," writes C. F. Reynolds.'
412 Hcrrlck St, Elmlrn. N. Y. "I
commenced taking Foley Kidney
Pills. In a few days I was up out of p
bed." Rccommonded for rheumatic
pains, backache, biliousness, sore
muscles, stiff Joints, "tired out" feel
ing. Sold everywhere. Adv.
Note Carefully the Following iPrices:
. L ,
New Spring Gingham-r
27-in. Apron Cheeks 12 l-2cyd.
27-in. Dress Ginghams I5c yd.
27-in. Dress Ginghams. 18c yd.
112-in. Dress Ginghams 20c yd.
JJ2-in. Dress Ginghams --25c yd.
ew rerca
127-in. Fine Quality Percales, 1 2Jc yd.
JJO-in. Fine Quality Percales, 15c yd.
UO-in. Fine Quality Percales, 10c yd.
:i0-in Fine Quality Percales, 22cyd.
Everything must go. Nothing Is
reserved; prices cut way down.
Sather's Closing Out Salo starts at
3 o'clock Saturday morning. Adv.
IfaiiH Mikkclson, of Deschutes, Pur
chases L. W. Warner Hunch
Will Movo Koou.
(Special to Tho Bulletin.)
mus Peterson and Hans Mlkkclson
were in Redmond on business Thurs
day. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Anderson wont
to Bond Thursday night to hoar the
lecture by the Canadian soldiers
Jake Peterson was a Bend visitor
Ray K. Potter, tester for tho Cen
tral Oregon CnW TftKtlni Annnlnt'iin
was In this neighborhood Thursday I Alfalfa, which thoy purchased r
.1 . . riant lt
lusting cows tor sonio or the far.!-'?'
J. X. Robert Will Re President
ll)tS .lolly .Neighbors to
Aid Kl Cross.
(Special to Tho Bulletin.)
ALFALFA, Feb. 6. A meeting of
tho Arfalfa Development club was
called by tho president on Wednes
day evening at J. X. Roberts' resi
dence, at which tlmo officers for 19 IS
were elected, as follows: J. N. Rob
erts, president; Leslie V. Clarke, sec
rotary; Albort Shults, troasurcr.
A baby boy mado his appearance
... ... . . i
The Eastcfl'Audorson Farm Land
Company Is tho natno of a new real
cstato agency which has Just been
formed by J. A. Eastes and J. II.
Anderson. This does not mean that
Mr. Knste Is clvlni: ti it his nriiaenl
at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. Charles ,u.ln( bu. lg mtfrt,iy fii,irlni: Into
Pyatt on Sunday morning. Dr. H.j "u"'"1"8' DUl " nierei onionim into
Pnrrell. of Hnmi. n in niinnitnnrn another In addition to his Insurance
The Jolly Neighbors met with Mrs. and local real cstato Interests. Tho
Curt Holloway last Wednesday. Here
after tho club will devoto tho after
noon of tholr meetings to knitting for
the Red Cross
new firm will specialize in farm lands
although other kinds of property will
bo handled to a certain extent. Head-
C. Pyatt, Wm. Ferry. Orvlllo and quarters will bo at Mr. Hastes' proa-
Vorna Shults und Wanda Ferry madt
a flying trip to Redmond Sunday.
Mrs. William Pyatt accompanied them
back to Alfalfa. .,,,
Mrs. Martin Palmlund, of Bend, Is
spending a few weeks with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. M L. Pyatt, while
her husband Is away In Seattle.
Albert Shults, a director of the
Redmond creamery, attended n meet
ing or that body Thursday In Red
mond. Tho creamery linn been lot
to Turner-Peas Co., of Seattle.
Mrs. Curt Muller. of Bend, snout
Sunday In Alfalfa.
Mr. nnd .Mrs. Albort Shults. Mrs.
L. V. Clarke and daughter. Margery,
Mrs. Curt Muller and Gustavo Berry
motored to Bond Monday, where Mr.
Borry took tho draft examination.
While clearing land last week.
Larson & Tnttl discovered a bco tree.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Anglln have
taken possession of their home in
ont otflco on Oregon street.
(Continued from Pago One.)
Duckett Mill Shut Down On Account
of Iick of Steam Thermometer
KcglMerH 10 Below Zero.
(Special to The Bulletin.)
SISTERS, Feb. C The logging en
gine finally arrived at Sisters, after
breaking down nearly every bridge
In Its path. It Is now busily engaged
in transporting logs to tho Duckett
mill. Tho mill was shut down a few
lays on account of cold weather and
lack of steam. Tho pond has been
On Wednesday, Sisters experienced
a snowfall of three inches and during
tho night tho thermometer registered
10 degrees below zoro, tho coldest
night of the -winter.
Muriel Edmonson attended tho
dance at Tumalo, Saturday evening.
Sho reported a good time.
G. M. Grelner, of Bond, was a
SlBtors visitor Tuesday.
Principal F. W. Weber will hold
a spelling match at tho public school
Friday evening,
Allen Harrington .passed In all tho
subjects at the eighth grade examina
tion, recently held at the public
school by Mrs. Allen, and received
his diploma from tho county super
intendent. Eva Banks and Irel Har
rington passed the examination in
physiology. Henry Howell passed in
agrlculure. Ada Taylor fell below
tho mlnjmunf In spelling and will re
write In that subject at the next ex
amination. Georgia Woods fell be
low In grammar and will re-wrlto In
that subject next May. --'
Mr, and Mrs. Van Tassel, of Gist,
attended tho Sabbath school and
church Sunday, Immediately after
Goorse Gray went to Redmond Fri
day to get some repairs for his wood
Mrs. O. E. Anderson was In Red
mond on business Tuesday.
It Is understood that Hans Mlkkol
son, of Deschutes, has purchased the
L. W. Warner place. Mr. MSkkolon
and family will move on tholr now
place In tho spring.
George Gray was sawing wood for
Anton Ahlstrom the last of the week.
Howard Hartloy, of Tumalo, in
feeding his cattle on tho Karstln
J. Peterson and family attended
the party given by Carl Hanson, ut
Deschutes. Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Anderson at
tended tho card party at the Redfild
homo at Deschutes, Saturday night.
Everything must go. Nothing Is
reserved; prlcoB cut way down.
Sathor'B Closing Out Sale Btarts at
9 o'clock Saturday morning. Adr.
A Word to Mothers.
Mrs. E. J. Bedard, Cowich, Wash.,
says, "Foley's Honey and Tar Is the
best I over used. I always keep a
bottlo In the house for the children.
A ejuick euro for coughs und coldB."
It heals raw, Inflamed surfaces, loos
ens phlegm, eases hoarseness and dif
ficult breathing, checks racking
coughs. Sold everywhere. Adv.
Tcn-ebomio School Tracher IIcnumicm
Work After Hhort lUncm
JUxI Cross Mceli.
(Special to The Bulletin.)
TERREBONNE, Feb. 1. The I.
O. O. F, and Rebekah lodges gavo a
party ut their hall last Saturduy ev
ening, Mrs. Blancho Ilydo has returned
from PrlioVille, where she. spent the
week-end with relatives.
MIbs Dcitrlch has resumed her du
ties as teacher after belnjf absent last
week on account of Illness. '
J. E. Nelson and family left tho
first oX tho week for their new homo
Albort Shults sold a cow to N.
Couch, of Tumalo, recently.
After fifteen years of sueceHsful
merchandising horo in Bond, E A.
Sather is closing out his ontlro stock i
of dry goods, men's furnishings,
shoes, etc. In many Instancos the I
prices quotod are below tho present
wholesale prices. It is to be a REAL
SALE, a sale that will surely moot
with tho requirements of tho buying
public. Big reductions will bo made
In spito of tho continued higher trend
of prices.
Mr. Sather needs no commenda
tion to tho buying pu'hllc In Central
Oregon nnd particularly to tho pao
plo In Bend, whoro ho has always
maintained tho highest quality -of
goods. Prices havo alwayM been tho
lowest consistent with the quality of
goods. Mr. Sather la Including In
this Bale all of tho store fixtures, and
later the Btoro bulldlugg will he for
rent. Thu salo Is to start nt nine
o'clock Saturday morning. Adv.
Bend, Oregon,
Maurice Cashman has purchased
Mr. Martin's Intorost In the Martin
& Cashman Btoro and now becomes
tho sola owner. Mr. Caflhmau Is ono
of Bend's earliest citizens, having
been identified with tho city's growth
for tho IuhI seven years. His ac
qualntancahlp extends throughout
Contrul Oregon. Tho Caahmnn Btoro
is ono of tho most up-to-date stores in
tho northwest und occupies tho corner
of tho O'Kano building, facing Ore
gon and Bond street.
spoke to Rov. Hartranft, telling him
that ho understood all Central Ore
gon wheat Is to bo shipped cast and
In such ovent It would nccessltntn tho
shipping of wheat from tho east for
tho manufacture of flour for Central
Oregon consumption. That would In
crease tho price of tho flour to tho
conn inner to n very great extent. Tho
manivger of tho flour mill roquBsted
that tho county chairman Inquire of
tho food admlplMtratlon concerning
the solution along UiIh Hue.
Local merchants had oxprossed n
willingness to buy a carload of flour
apiece, which would glvo thorn 70
por cent of their last year's sales, and
It this were possible Mr. Kroenort
woh of the opinion that ho could stop
the shipment of wheat to the cant.
At tho tlmo Rev. Hartranft wuh
unuhlo to do anything In the matter
and could merely repeat tho order
prohibiting grocern from having on
hand any amount to exceed a 30-day
supply, with tho additional limitation
that tho merchant stock up with only
70 per cent of tho quantity purchased
in the corresponding month of a year
Groffeuberger'n, Mllllcan, Or
FOR SALE-mo acres timber
claim, SW NE,i HE NW',i NE4
8Wi 8W. HE'.i. Hoc. 21, Tp. 20.
R. 10, For price apply to Ed. Thronn,
BomldJI Minn, R R. No. 3. S7-4 9p
FOR HALE Lot nnd
house on Greenwood Ave., 300. In
qulro Bulletin. C7-40p
Iakota farm for Bend property. Ad
dress Box r,79, Bend. 4G;48,9,Gop
FOll SALE, CHEAP A good Ford
car. Phono or write A. O. Walker,
Alfalfa. 40.,40c
Tp. 17, S. R. 12, containing 30 acres,
mora or less, tying northeast of Bend
and within a mllo and it hnlf of tho
centor of the city. Terms, cash. Make
mo an offer. J. F. Beau, Court House,
Cincinnati, Ohio. 21-47lfc
FOR SALE Corbln ronch, 2fi
miles south, on river, for stock or
dairy. L. Corbln, Oregon City, Oro
gon, R. 4. Ct-tt.Op
(Continued from Pago Ono.)
togothor amount to aliout J 17,000.
In deciding on Mr. Boiiboii'j plan
tho meeting abandoned tho Idea for
merly suggoHtcd, of Issuing bnnilM to
toko up outstanding warrants jnl
nnothor plan, also discussed by those
present, of uskltig for a tax levy suf-
j flclout to wlpn out tho warrant In
debtedness and also run tho city this
A Bpoclal election wuh held In Do
comlier to obtain thu approval of tho
votors on a city budget, calling for u
tax n exccsB of the constitutional
limitation, tho amount bolng $2f,000.
At this tlmo tho proposed tax was de
feated. Ignorance of tho city's fi
nancial needs and a goueral belief
that tho measure would pass Is bo
levied to have been tho causa of Its
defoat, and (t is. hopod that the
now plan will moot approval.
Women Wiint tho llo,t. f
Woman Is more finely constructed
than man und sho requires tho heat to
be had In medicines when hor sys
tem becomes disordered, Foley's
Kidney Pills help the kidneys cloanso
tho (blood of Impurltfcs that causo
aches and pains In muBclcs and Joints,
oackache, rheumatic pains and puffi
n ess under eyes. Sold everywhere,
LOST A cowt Find Uor In Tho
Bullotln want ads.
FOR SALE Ono liorqof In goj$d
condition, gontlo and truo; will work
slnglo or double Inquire ut Chas.
FOR EXCHAXGEI20 acres near
Murcola, Oregon, partly Improved, 7
rooin,hoiiHo, ,1 bams and other build
ings; I gooil team, wagons and hur
tles , C cowh and some young stock,
to (ratio for nlfulfa land near Bend or
Redmond, by owner. Address J E.
Ward, Marcola, Or.
TO TRADE Flvo neroM of land
near high school In The DiiIIoh, Ore.,
for Bond property or laud In Dns
chutes or Crook counties. See F, F,
Flsch, 101J3 Bond street, or addroNi
P. O. Box 323, lleud, Oro. 2fi.4 8tfc
WANTED- Boy for light chorn
work on ninth. Apply Bend Garage
or Phono Rural 911. fill-Op
LOST- RegUtered Durham bull,
diamond brand on left ribs, tag "Co"
In ear. W. F. Fryrear. Cllnn Fall.
8TRAVED Young 1laok oolu
branded M on left stifle. Will pay
all charges, Cut In Moore. 34-4 8, COp
HTRAVED Two while sheep, on
iilnn months, tho other IN month;
wont across track. Injulrn Bulletin.
FOl'ND--Ono old sorrel horse with
white hind feel, branded T on right
shoulders; weight about 1000 Ilia.
Owner will please claim animal nml .
pay charges. Elmer M. Peck. I lamp i
ton. 2047, 9r
TAKEN UP Two while work
horses, right front foot of homo l
wire cut and mare's maun roached;
brand undecipherable. Owner plcaie i
call at Mrs. George Llvesloy'a ran n V
at DcBchules, 18.47,CO-
TAKEN UP While-faced. Short
horn two.year-old heifer; right cr
croppiM; Inverted J I on right hip;
owner may have same by paying corns
of food and advertisement. II. L
Tone, Sisters. ll-47,fOn-
HTRAVED One span of whlt.
horses, brand on one. either 13 or 17.
I) r a nd on other undoclporablo. M
McK-.y, Home Ridge. 71-46,9
Brand .Directory
.Mllllcnii, Oregon.
ndv &9i
A Right side; right ear crop
ped; wattle right hind leg.
II. I,. TOXi:, HKters, Orv.
udv lOOi
Is u recomnietuliition in itself that goes u loiif;
with the diseriininutnifr housewife of today,
health and happiness of the family depends on
tirid lu re Foods.
( ways
Fruits & Vegetables
are Abundant ind Economical
For Tin. Week We Have i
Tomatoes (fresh)
Grape Fruit
Hell Peppers
Special Bargains
Extra Standard Pobb, reu-
lar lCe a for a.1o
Special Qunllty Poahorry,
regular 30e aajfio
Special Blond, regular 3Bc. .(
Dulmont Saur Krnut, rogti
lor 2Ro mo
Taylor's Pork und Beans,
regular lCe ji)o
Bob White Soup, secular 4
for 2fie no
' Motto..." Quality an J Moderate Pttca. "
Bennett-Cooper Company
Two PlionReJ 1491 an J Black 1951
Eastes-Anderson Farm Land Co.
Irrigated Farm Lands, v, Specialty
-Rrl Niitioiul tJtnk Building
124 Oregon. Sjitrt
Dend, Ortgoa