The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 24, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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31 TO 15.
liornl Boys Cnrry Off First Victory
of Season Next Game Is With
Madras Arthur Norcott
Is Lnst Night's Star.
Miiiiaoi: l.v school ihstiuct
and suctions oi'tsidi: (ivi:x
Nurse Says Soldiers Like
Gifts of Cookies and Candy
(Prom Saturday's Dally.)
Opening the Interscholastlc basket
ball season tor the year, llend high
school won from tho Redmond quln
tctto to tho tuno of 31-15, on the
Hlppodromo tloor last night. Ar
thur Norcott played tho stellar rolo
of tho evening. He was everywhere
tho ball was, and time after timo
scored, making 11 field baskets In
nil. Sanders and Smith gave him
excellent support throughout tho
game. Tho lledmond boys played a
good game, although they were plain
ly nervous. Tuck, of lledmond, mado
ono of the prettiest throws of the ev
ening In the first half when he tossed
n basket on tho run half way down
tho floor. Tho visiting team showed
good stuff but the clever passing of
Bend was one of the strongest factors
In piling up tho score. Both teams
woro fairly evenly matched.
Tho numerous penalties during tho
gamo may bo accounted for by the
fact that this was the first contest of
tho season. Next week the local men
will meet Madras on the homo floor.
Bice, captain of the Redmond team
did tho principal scoring for the
union high. Baskets were mado for
Bond by Norcott and Sanders and for
Redmond by Young, Tuck and Rice.
Nelson Bybcrg acted as refereo and
Philip Dobson, of Redmond, umpire.
A big crowd turned out to witness
the game, Redmond sending several
automobllo loads of rooters down. An
abundance of excitement was fur
nished throughout the evening and
enthusiasm ran riot. The score stood
11 to 5 at the end of the first half,
Bend leading.
Tho lineup was as follows:
nioe ..................rfl..... Sanders
Young ............... At: ............. Norcott
B. Van Allen Igr Smith
P. Van Allen ......rgl L. Coyner
Tuck ........... ..c , . McGuIr
Coaches Francis, Bend; Moore,
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Property In tho city of Bend will
pay city, county and school district
taxes In tho present year amounting
to 61.6 mills. In School District 1,
outsldo tho city limits, tho total will
bo 40.1 mills.
Outsldo tho school district, prop
erty, not Included In tho Redmond
Union High School district, will pay
a 22 mill county tax, plus whatever
may may bo tho tax In the school
district In which It Is situated, half
a mill being lovled in those districts
for tho payment of high school
Tho following tnblcs show tho liv
es to be paid in Bond and In District
1 outsldo the clU.
In tho City or Uriul.
State 4.63 mills
County 12.S7 "
School 3.94 "
Library 06 "
(From Frlday'H Dally.)
Another lottor from Mia Allco
Stono, nn Oregon City nurso now
with Hospital 22 In tho Harvard unit
in Franco, has boon received by her
j Intimate friend, Mrs. J. M. Lnwrmro,
of this city. Tho llullotln rcon'ly
publlshud n similar ono written to
Mrs. K. M. Thompson.
In tho last note Miss Stone tolls
just whnt supplies are sont tin' hos
pitals on tho front lines and gives a
picture of thu living quarters of the
nurses. Extracts from tho letter ate
as follows:
"Wo do not have many of tho Rod
Cross supplies. Our things are fur
nished by tho government but the C.
C. S. (casualty clearing station), re
ceives all of those. Our men wear
night clothes and whon thoy go to
F.nglaud thoy all wear tho regulation
Blighty clothes supplied by tho hos
pital. So wo do not bother about
any of those other things. But if
uny length of time. They are In hutn
and are qultu as well cured for us If
In their hospitals at homos, but tho
hoys who have to go-back up the lino
are the ones we mind tho most about
and try to glvo them noiuo little
thing, This Is the way I do: I gen
erally give them a box of cigarettes
and nintehes, n pair of socks, choco
late, gum, and the like. They have
their knapsacks with a few things
and can't carry much. After they
are located, I usually send n box
once In a while to tho ones I know
from my ward. Kvon so wo cannot
give to all and a little goes a long
"There nro sovoral units hero, so
there are several thousand patients
and with the R. A. M. Co. (Royal Ar
my Medical Corps), nnd tho medical
officers and nurses, wo are a city by
"Wo nro not near any city nnd four
or five miles from town. No nmuso
ments except whnt wo do for mir-
Total County
School Dist. No.
City of Bend
Total Mlllagc .... 61.6
In School District Xo. t.
(Outsldo the City of Bend)
School district 25.3 mills
County 21.5 "
Total 46.S
James W. Woods, of Cllne Falls, Still
lias Pass Given Him By Pres
ident Lincoln.
(From Monday's Dally.)
Mrs. Curt 'Muller, who has offered
to give French lessons free to any of
tho men 'likely to go to France, an
nounces that tho class will be made
up on February 1 and that all who
wish to Join must send their names
to her before that date. No new
pupils will bo taken after the class is
formed. Thoso who do not expect
to bo In tho army but who wish to
avail themselves of the opportunity
to learn French will be taken in the
samo class on the payment of a fee to
bo arranged with Mrs. Muller. Names
may bo sent to Mrs. Muller at Red
(From Monday's Daily.)
Veteran of tho first baltlo of Bull
Run and an acquaintance of 1'iesi-
dent Lincoln, Is James W. Woods, of
Cllno Falls, who passed through Bend
Saturday on his way to Portland. Mr.
Woods is now 71 years of age.
Tho elderly man was a member of
tho Fourth Wisconsin regiment in
1861. With his school teacher and
15 other boys he enlisted in tho same
company. All were together at Bull
Run but only three survived, the
teacher and two boys. Mr. Woods
was 15 years old at this time. He
secured a pass to Washington, eight
miles distant, and In that city at
tempted to get a furlough home but
failed to Impress the officers.
On the street ho met President
Lincoln and stated his case. The
President then saw to It that the lad I
any of your friends havo time and can selves, hut wo do have Jolly times,
knit, wo can uso any amount of mitts, j Wo usually hnvo dances nnd play
which are llko mittens but do not; hockey. There aro Y. M. C. A. huts
cover tho fingers. Then I can also 'for tho boys and a recreation hut for
always uso stockings or socks. Wo tho ones who nro able to go.
haven't any use for bed socks. Other "It seems hard to have our Amor-
things which nro usoful aro tho scarfs I lean boys coiiio over hero, Jiut all
.....I ...I. I.. t....ll.,.-..t. !..- II... .1... I..... t . .1 . . ....
ui wieso uoys nro s near anil an nnve
homes, too. Thoy nuvor complain
and nro Jolly, oven tho sickest of
"Our huts aro quite coiy. We have
nice rooms with a tiny stove. Our
coal Is Issued each day. Wo nro not
In our rooms much, so wo havo
enough fuol to keep us warm. It
gets cold hero ns wo nro near the
sea and we feel the dampness. The
food Is fair and wo hnvo plenty.
Sugar Is very scarce, but I know It Is
the samo over there as well. Wo havo
tho samo things to eat nil of the time
but wo don't mind nnd tho boys aro
fairly well cared for. They don't
havo tho vnrloty we do but n fnlr
amount. Consequently n box of
cookies or homo-mado candy Is n
treat to all. Small packages are tho
easiest sent."
nnd wide handkerchiefs llko the ban
danas. They can ho made out of al
most anything.
"Of course wo have thousands hero
and one can never havo enough, but
It Is nice to glvo somo little thing.
Alt of tho sisters having friends, we
mnuago to give the boys some pleas
ure, so they are quite well taken
care of.
Our wards are mado of canvas,
like any tent, only three together so
wo hnvo 4S nnd 60 bed wards. Our
unit cares for 1S00 men at a time.
We aro n clearing station, so our
patients aro only able to stay until
they aro well enough to bo shipped
over to Blighty. They nro taken from
tho field to tho C. C. S. nnd brought
down horo by train.
"Our fracturo nnd head cases are
tho only ones who remain with us
glvo tho students the full credit, ns
will be tho first community to toko
advantago of this rulo, which will
havo a tendency to keep the rancher'
children at home Instead of taking
them away to tho larger towns.
Pay Half of Salary.
Tho recommendations which must
bo followed before a school can be
standardized are: The district must
UNION DISTRICT AT UKDMOXD ' furnUh a room- Ja""r services, heat-
Ing, tho requisite library for stand
ard high schools, tho required amount
If you are going to
order a
this season, place
your order
Factories are now overcrowded,
shipping is irregular, material is
hard to get, but you can have
your car delivered on time if you
put your order in NOW.
Cent-Ore Motor Co.
(From Saturday's Dally.)
Whnt Is a step toward Improved
monns of education In tho country
districts, which will probably havo a
state-wide effect, has been taken In
Deschutes county. School Superin
tendent J. Alton Thompson yesterday
received a furlough and a pass on the ;comnJot0U' arrangements for making
train. Mr. Woods still has th's pass " noJhl0 tor the outlying districts
In his possession.
During tho Spanlsh-Americnn war
the veteran offered his services to tho
governor of Minnesota.
All kinds of hides, furs, pelts, wool
bought at BrJggs Second Hand Store.
willing to support two-year high
schools, to gradunto students Into tho
Junior classes of standard Institutions
without tho necessity of their taking
an examination for entrance.
By coming up to the requirements
It will entitle you to a Trial Can of
Acme Quality
set by the union high school district
37tfc at Redmond, small towns In that hoc
tion may Install courses, which will necessary because It will ho classed
of apparatus for the courses In the
first two years and pay for one-half
of tho teachers' salary. The union
high school board will then hire n
teacher, who must bo qualified to In
struct In high school work. She
would have eight classes, reciting in
periods from 35 to 40 minutes In
After February 1 no standard high
school may receive students from any
other than n standard Institution
without submitting them to nn ex
amination and holding the pnpers
written by tho students on file for
tho superintendent of public Instruc
tion or his deputy to examine. At
La Pine, although there Is a two-yenr
high school, tho graduates must oh
servo this rule. At Terrebonne, un
der the now system It will not be
It will make your old chairs look like icv.
VARNO-LAC is a dandy piece of
goods for floor work. It is a high
grade elastic varnish. Will not
turn white or crack and comes in
various shades.
The Home Decorator's Guide
tells you how and what to use.
It is a useful little book and we want you to have it.
Call for one, or phone us and we will gladly mail
you a copy. Phone 81.
A wholesome nnd delicious oil, from Corn,
for general cooking and salad dressings MH
THIS pure oil from America's creatcst cereal
Indian Corn is the idea! medium for fryinc,
tautcinc, shortening- and salad dressings.
Foods fried in Mazola arc not only much moro
easily digested they are more palatable frco from
grcasiness or togcincsj because Mazola browns food
And with the nation-wide movement headed by
Mr. Hoover to save butter, Isrd, suet, the housewife
is particularly glad that she has a cooking medium
which is so delicious she can help conserve the
country's resources, cut the cost of her cooking, give her
family food of the highest quality all with Mazola.
Maiola makes apeclally fin ultd dfculngt, too.
Sold by your grocer In pint, quart, half-gallon and gallon
tins for grtaicu economy buy tho large ilici.
Aik for a copy of the ftt Maiola Book t
Kedj'n, or write us direct.
Your money refunded If Maiola
does not give entire tatiifaciion.
Corn Products Refining Co.
17 Uattcry 1'lice, New Yoilc
SilUif IttprcMiUUrM
Johnson, Lieber
Portland, Ortfon
ns n branch of the union or standard
high school nt Redmond. If Bend
would form n union district, La Pluu
nnd similar towns could bo Included.
Htnle Official Approtrn.
In spite of the fact that tho branch
high school was permissible under
the present school laws, It hns nnver
been tried out before. Mr. Thomp
son, after receiving n request from
Terrebonne to form n district of some
sort, evolved this solution to the prob
lem. It hns met with such favor that
tho state superintendent of public In
struction hns asked that ho be kept
posted on tho wuy In which tho plan
works out.
Tho union district does not give the
branch any nddllloual funds, It mere
ly pays hnlf of the teacher's salary
direct to her, '
Boo J. Ryan & Co., for farm land
loans. Adv.
WASHINGTON', l. U Jnn. 17
For the first time In tunny years,
Oregon Is not represented In tho list
of estimates submitted by tho treas
ury department for public buildings.
This Is because previous sundry civil
bills hnvo npproprlnted nil the money
needed to complete buildings under
construction. Since l'J13 no general
public) building hns been pnssed, and
except In the ensu of n limited number
of special acts, no new buildings
have been authorized. Tho super
delayed from ono rauao or nnothor,
that until this year there hns up
pearcd no substantial diminution In
the number and cost of public build
ings. This year there Is a sudden
falling off, which will bo still morn
pronounced next year, unless thore Is
new public building legislation In tho
meantime, but of this there Is llttb
likelihood. Hocrotary McAdoo haj
nnnnuiired vigorous opposition to om
nibus bills, and while tho huuin
pnssnd u bill of that sort In the last
congress, It proceeded no further.
In that bill It was proposed to nulho
rlni buildings for Hood River, Klam
ath Falls and Corvallls, nnd to pur-
rhnsw n site nt Oregon City. Noim
of these ambitions Is likely to bo
realized III tho present session. In
the Meantime Bend linn come forward
rapidly In pnstofflce expansion, ami
will no doubt be urged on nu equal
basis with tho other towns nnmd
when new buildings nro again ser
iously considered by Congress, C"ii
gressmnu Hluiiotl, looking up postof
flce receipts of towns In his dllr,irt
which do not hnvo public bulldlug.
fluds the foliowug figures, ns of Juno
.10, 1017: Hood Rlvor. 11U.U74;
llend, $18,476; Klnmnth Falls, $18.
10K; Ontario, $10,018; KntorjirU
$8202; Vale, $0892
Was Peeling All Hun Hotwi.
Jotils lltiskuer, Homerset, Va .
writes: "I was reeling nil run down;
tired, with pains In my buck. After
taking Foley Kidney Pills I felt Ilk
a new man." Backache, rliounint r
pains, stitr joints,
soro muarliw.
swollen ankles, and ttloon-dlitMrhiiiir
vising architect was so far behind In !,,,n,,,,.1 """'"""J y'"' 'lulckly to tins.
. i . , .. ., I time-tried romody. Hold everywhere
plans, nnd so ninny buildings wer jy, ' wmijinrr.
The Rose City's world-fiiined hotel, occu
pying un entire block. All Outside
rooms. Superior dining and grill ser
vice. An atmosphere of refinement,
with (i service of eourtsoy. ----- - -
European Plan; SLSO and Up
Manufacturers of Iron, Dronze and Semi-Steel Caitinijs for
Power Transmission Machinery; Aood Pipe Fitting, Grate
Bars, Agricultural, Mining and Saw Mill Machinery, Ornament
al and Structural Iron. WE ARE PREPARED TO RUSH
-- ...