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iAm i
Atrocious Treatment of tho Holp
, loss Part of Campaign Plans
I of Military Loaders.
Terrorism Declared Necessary Prln.
clplo In National Warfare Bru.
talltles May Ut Said to Do D.
reetly Attributable to the
Emperor Hlmielf,
Th committed 01 public infor
million, appointed by the. president,
ami consisting of the secretary of
slate, secretary of war, secretary of
the navy, ami George Creel, official
censor, has matte public a mass of
evidence dealing with German war
practices which shows the kaiser's
leaders in the field and in command
of captured points to be directly re
sponsible for the beastliness which
has characterized the operations of
the "Huns," in the. present conflict,
Quotations from the pamphlet fol
low: Per mnny yenr lender In every civ
UUrd nation have, been trying In make
wnrfim leu lirnlnl. Tim crent hind.
iimrlf In till movement tiro I tin Oc
mirn run! Unsrtie convention, The for
mer mmle rule nx to the cnri of the
elrk ii nil wounded nnil cHtnhlhdicd the
Jted Croti. At the flrnt meeting nt He
nen, in 1R0I, It wnri ngrci-d, mul until
thi! prenetit war It hn been taken for
sritiiteit. Hint the wounded, uud the doc
tor nml ntire who cared fur them,
would be unfo from nil nttiu-k by the
enemy. The llnmie convention,
drawn up In 1MI unit U07. mmle nihil
tlonnl rule to noftrn the nnnge of wnr
nnd expednlly to protect rnnirotnlint
nut nnd conquered Intuit. Ucrinnny
took n prominent pnrt In thec meet.
Inc. mul with the other imllonx ho.
cmnly pledged her fnllli to keep nil the
rule except mm nrllde In the Hague
reitulntlono. Thl , wn nrllde 44.
which foibnde the conijueror to forre
nny of the conquered to give luformn.
Hon. All Hie other rule nnd rcpiilii
tlnim Mic nrcepted In the most binding
Hut riermnuy' mllllnry lender hnd
no Intention of keeping these nolemii
promlne. They hint been trained
along different line. Their lendlnr
generals for ninny yenr hnd been iirg.
tng a policy of frlchtfutncM. In the
middle of the nineteenth century Von
ClnuiewltB wn looked uon n the
irrcatrt tnllltnry nuthnrlly, nnd the
method which he advocated were ued
by tho Pruidnn nrniy In It successful
mum of lfMVM87l. Comicqufntly be.
cnune. thene wnr hnd been siiccciniful
the wisdom nf Von Clnuxewltz' meth
od deemed to the I'riiHidnri nrmy to be
fully proved.
Policy of Frlghtfulnets.
Now, the eMeiici of Von CliiimcwlU',
teaching wn tlint ucceful wnr In
volve the rulhlcNH nppllcntlonof forre.
Tn thu opening chapter of hi muster
work, t'Vom Krlrgo" ("On Wnr"), he
lin." "Tho Noldler who endured mf
ferlng, prlvnllon null fatigue, who
court danger, cmiiint tnko only 'In
proportion to Mm resource of the
country.' Me must tnlio nil tluil I nee
eHiiry to hi exigence. Onu linn nn
right to ilciiimiil of him anything nuper
'minim. rim great ixond In wnr J
Hint It Hlmuld bo ended quickly. In
view of IIiIn, every menu, except thoic
which nrn poHlllvcly conilcinnnhlrt.
ffiitiHt be permitted, I ennnot, In miy
wny, irgren with the dediiriitlon of fit,
Petersburg when It preleml Hint 'the
aliening of Hin mllllnry force of the
iieiuy' couKtltute the only Irirltlmiile
inelboil of procedure In wnr. Nol One
iiiiini nitnck nil Hm reMource of Hie
enemy uovernmeiit, IiIn llminccs, hi
rnllroiid, hi Mock of provlMlon mid
even IiIn iritlKi. . . ."
Many other exniuple tnlulit lin cited
from the writing of Oermmi gcnrrnln.
The very bet llliiMtrntlon of thl ntll
tilde, however, I to be found In the
'mm J .....i .
imimuji n Tiiriuun Fiicccucn, mill I'spU"
cimiy in lit f cli to bin xohller on
the eve of their ilepnrtnni for Clilnn In
"XX. On July '-'7 Hin knler went tn
Ilremerhiiveii In bid fnrewell to the
Oermmi troop. A they were drnwn
up, ready to embiirk for China, hit ml.
dreed to them u in! oflleliil mcswigo
from the fiitberlanil, The local now
pnier reported hi pccch In full. In
It appeared thl mlvlco mid admonition
from I he emperor, I he commander In
chief of Hie nnny, tho betid of all Ger
many: Soldier Told to tie Merciless.
"A nnu ii you come to blow with
me enemy no will lie beaten. No mercy
O, I. company oitni:iti:i)
(Continued from Pago r.)
torposnd nnil ntintnliiod on tho ix round
that thu ntipromo oourt had no drlg
liiul Jurisdiction ovor thu quontlun
Demurrer HiiMiiIimsI.
Tlinrnnftur a Hlmllur writ wait
sought In thu circuit court of tho
Htnlo of OrcKoii for Marlon county.
A dmuurrur to tho potltlon wn huh
tnluud on thu cround that tho com
pany hnd an mloquato romudy by In-
nuiuuiiK Hint to rcHtraln tho enforcfl
mont of thu oommlinlon'ii order If nut
imtlnflml with It.
Tho (lofonilant thnroupon, without
wnlvltiK It objection to thu JurUidlc
Hon of tho commlniloii, but rciicrvlni;
nil It rlKhU In that ronpuct, nniworod
puttltiK at Ihhuo all thu mutorlal alio
KiitloiiH of Hid complaint, and In addl
tlon Hot up thu fact upon which It
buHUN It objection to tho Jurlndlctlon
of thn commlBRlon, toRothnr vlth
iiumorou ulloKatlou relative to tho
falluro or momburi of tho plaintiff
anoclntlon to pay their malutfiiniico
fen, and Kouorally that tho complaint
hnruln In thu renult of dlscontont and
(Uncord which ha ruultud from un
fair and unwarranted report and act
of tho Dtnto onKlnoor, und lioMllo
nowapiipiir crltlclnm.
llcnrliiK Olvcn.
I'ulillc hcurltvK upon thn matter
at Ihhuo wu hold at Hond, OroRou,
and it pomonal Itmpectlou of tho Irrl
Kutlon Hyntum wu in a do by thu com-mlmlon.
Appunrnncen: Tor plaintiff, II. If.
will ho Nhmvii! No primmer will bn!00 A""'l. H attorney; for defund
.a I II til lliain Ulllll la. a j.
itiK.'iil A the Him, under Kim; At
Illn, made u nnniit for Hieiuelve,
whfch I mill nighty In tradition nnd
legend today, may Hm name of Oer
mmi he Mollted In Clilnn by your deed,
that no Chlncxe xhall ever m.nln dure
even to look ut n Oermmi tmkmice. , , .
Open the wny for Kultur once for nil."
ttveii the Imperial counrllnr nccm to
hnve been Khockcd til the tuiipenir'
ant, Jdiiiio Hteartm, It attnniuy.
FlndliiR: Central OrnRou Irrlsa
tlon Company I un Oregon corpora
tion. Tho property here under con
flldoratlon I a wo-called "Carey Act"
project, Minuted in ncuchutci and
Juffiiron counties, Orccon, and Is bo
ItiK duvuloped by thl defendant un
der contract with ,tlm Htato of Oro
koii. It Is contended tho rights or
this corporation aro fixed by contract
speech, nnd effort n were or oim.ilv w1"1 ,ho ltln, "lrlK aKcnt of tho
m nde to " I inM be elrculntl h I "lnt0 ,,u,y ""' to mako such
III ... I ' ?"' 'Iri"",,,"n of "'"contracts, and that thu commission Is
rxn t word. The effort weru only Wlhoul jurlsdlollon to alter or Inter
partly MiirreKNful, A few week Inter. foro with tho terms thereof,
when thn letter from the Oermmi ol- AVo aro convinced tho defendant
uler In Clilnn were hclnc publlMied. 1 corporation Is u public utility within
lolence nrm ltelf with the Inven
tion nf nrt mid nclcnce. . . , Self.
Imposed rcHtrlctlnn, nlttint Impercep
tible mid hardly worth mentloulni;.
termed uhukph of liiternntlounl Inw,
nrcompuny It without eiNentlully Im
pair! uc It power, , . . Now, philan
thropic until tnlKht cmdly IiihikIiio that
there I n Nklllful method of dlHiirm
Iiik or mibduliiK mi enemy without
cniiHluR too much hlnndHhcd, nml Hint
thl I Hm true tendency of the art of
wnr. However plniiHlhle thl may up
Vcnr, still It In un error which iiuim be
-leHlroyedi for In micli ilmiKeroii
thliiK iim wnr, Hm error which pro
ceed from n iqdrlt of 'cood-niittircd-iichi'
nro precisely the womt. A the
iiho of phyidcul forre to Hm iitmimt ex
tent by no memiN exclude Hm co
. opernllnn of the IntclllKcncc, It fiillnw
that ho who men force rutlilcHNly, wllh
out reKnrd to bloodshed, must obtain
n superiority, If hi enemy doe not
no iiho It."
In 1877-78, In the roiirxo of n nerle
of nrllcli'H upon "Mllllnry Necessity
tind lliimunlty," Oeuernl von llartmnmi
wrote, In tho uniim nplrlt u Von Clan
ftowltx: "Tim enemy slnto must not ImHpnrcd
1lm want nnd wrclchcdnes of war;
ttu wo arc particularly useful In shut-
(J. leiliiK IIh cneruy mid nuIiiIiiIiik Hh will."
"Individual persons may be harshly
Ooult with when un example Ik made
of them, Intended to serve iih a warn-
Inc. . . Whenever u national win
lircukH nut, terrorism become u uec
essiiry mllllnry principle." "It In a
f HnitultouH Illusion to nupposo that
modern war does not demand fur more
brutality, fur more violence, uud mi
iictlnn fur more general thup wua for
liinrly tho cuse,"
In 1881 Von Moltke, who had been
commander In chief of tho 1'ruHslun
a nny In tho Franco-Prussian war, de
clared i '
"I'erpotunl penco Is n drenm uud not
oven ii bountiful dreiiin. 'nr In nn tle
meiit In tho order nf tho world estab
lished by Olid. Ily It tho most noblo
-virtues of man lira developed, couniKO
.uudVcmiucl'itlou, fidelity tn duty uud
as" -the Hplrlt of wicrlllco tho soldier rIvoh
Ids life. Without wnr. thn world would
j)K'Ki'UCMto und lone Ituelf In nmterlul-
In locnl Oermmi paper, the leadlni;
coclallst newMpiiper. Vorwaert, ex
cerptiil from them reort of atroci
ties under the title "Letter of tho
Hun." Many of the lender In thu
rclchktnj; felt very keenly the brutality
of the emperor' speech. The obnox
ious word "IIiiiih" bud excited nlmost
universal couilemmitlon. When Hm
relchslnif met, In November, the speech
wn openly discussed. Ilerr I.leber of
the center (Ctilholle pnrty), nfter quot
ItiK the "no mercy" Hirtlon of tho
peirh, lidded, "There nre, nln. In Ocr
many Krotip ciioukIi who have regard
ed the atrocities told In thu letter
which have been published n the duti
ful response of soldier nddrcncl
and cnrouniKcd." The lender of the
Kinl demncrnt. Ilerr Itebel, pokc
even more pointedly. Toward tho end
of it t uo-hour nddre on the atrocities
committed by Hm Herman soldier In
China nnd on the speech of tho cm
furor, he snld :
"If Oertnnny wishes to be tho bearer
of cIvlllKfltlon to the world, we will
follow without contradiction. Hut the
wny nnd menu lu which thl world
policy lin been carried mi thu fur, In
which It hn been defined by the em
peror . . . nre not, In our opinion,
the wny to preserve the world position
of (lennany, to kIii for (Jeriminy the
respect of the world."
The consequence of Hm emperor'
speech llebel nptly described:
"Ily It the nIkiiiiI wn kIvcii. curbed
In the lilKhest authority of the Herman
empire, which must have most weighty
consequences, not only for the troop
who went to China but also for thono
who stayed nt home. An expedition
nf revenue so burhnrnu it thl ha
never occurred In the Inst hundred
year and not orten in history; nt
least, nothliiK worse limn this has hap
pened In history, either done by Hm
IIiiiih, by the Vandals, by OciikIiI
Khun, by Tumerhine, or even by Tilly
when lie sacked MiiKdchuri;."
Atrocities In China.
These atrocities In Clilnn or "Letters
of Dm IIiiiih" continued to bo published
In Hm Vorwaert for several year and
appeared Intermittently In the debutes
of Hm relchstiiK as late as 1IHM, At
that tliiio tho socialist, Ilerr Kunert,
reviewing the procedure In u trial of
which he bad been the victim In the
prelous summer, stated that ho had
offered to provo "that (leriumi soldier
In China had cupiKcd In wanton und
hriitul ruvuKlnu; Hint plunder, pIIIiiko,
extortion, robbery, un well as rape und
sexual abuses of tho worst kind, hud
occurred on u very lurRO ncnlo uud that
Oermaii soldiers hud participated In
them." He had not been kIvcii tin op
portunity to prove III ullcKUtlniis, but
hud been sentenced to prison for three
months for iissnlllnc the honor of the
"whole Oennun nnny." Tho out
rnireousues of thl sentence wn mmle
clear by tho revelations, mmle In the
relchsluK Hhortly afterwards, of simi
lar atrocities committed by Oermun
nlllclalH und soldier In Africa In Hm
cmupnlKii iiKtilust tho Hurero.
Tor tho KUldnnco of tho olllcers In
case tho InhahltuntH of conquered ter
ritory should tnko up arms UKtiliiHt Ilia
oerman army, tim "Herman Wnr
Hook" quote with npprovnl tho letter
Napoleon sent to hi brother Joseph'
"Tho Hocurlty of your dominion de
pend on how you behave In tho con
quered province. Hum down u doxen
place which aro not willing to sub
mlt themselves, or course, not until
you huvo lliHt looted t)iem; my sol
iIhth must not bo ullowed to ko nwny
with their handH empty, llavo three
to six perHotm haiiKed lu ovory village
which has Joined tho revolt; pay no
respect to tho cossack'' (Hint Is, to
membera of tho clergy).
tho meaultiR of tho I'ulillc I'tlllty Act
(Laws mil, Chnptor 279), and as
such, Is subject to tho Jurisdiction of
tho commission.
Hased upon tho record before It
nnd n porsonnl Invnstlicntlou ol the
Irrigation syMom, tho commission
now finds that:
The canals, ditches and flumes op
orated by tho Central OreKon IrrlRU
tlon Company for tho supply of water
aro of sufficient slzo and capacity, If
properly malntnlncd nnd efficiently
operated, to permit proper Irrigation
of land now nold and requiring water.
Water Sufficient.
Under prcvallliiK normal conditions
tho supply of wotor uvnlluble for uso 1913, to August 31, 1D16, Inclusive
upon tho land covered by this pro
ject Is sufficient to provldo tho ser
vice specified In tho contracts 1m
twoon tho Central Oregon Irrigation
Company and tho Htnto of Oregon.
Duo to gouloglcnl formation of tho
earth's surtico In tho dlntrlnt in
which this nrolect In situated and
through which tho canals and ditches
aro constructed an oxcesslvo waBto or
water Is occaHlonod especially whon
tint samo I opuratcd with small heads
and through ditches not maintained
In such manner an to allow Its freo
and unimpeded passago.
Uneven Distribution.
Tho Control Oregon Irrigation
Company lu .tho past has collected tho
annual maintenance charges provided
In tho contract between tho successor
In Interest and tho Stato Land Hoard
Insofar as It could, but In return has
not continuously maintained tho
cunals and ditches In such manner as
to allow tho froo tlow of water there
in; and partially becauso of this con
dition ha deprived many of tho sot;
tiers or tho uso of enough wator to
properly mnko up tho deficiency In
natural moisture upon their land;
and has not distributed tho water
flowing Into its dltcht-n according to
thu renpoctlvo rights of tho settlers
tho record clearly showing Hint thero
has been actual and unjust discrim
ination between various settlers in
tho several portions of tho Irrigated
district, which discrimination has re
sulted In tho receiving by somo set
tlors or moro and by othors or ls
than their proper and necessary uharo
or tho avallablo water.
No Ktniidiird Hystcm.
No satisfactory or standard system
of measuring and recording tho
amount of water taken for each par
cel of land Is provided by tho com
ily the uso of larger heads of wa
ter, through ditches and canals, prop
erly maintained to furnish carrying
capacity for tho same, and under a
system of rotation or Irrigation on
tho lands or tho sovcral settlers, a
portion or the naturally losses or
wotor, due to abnormally deep perco
lation, may bo avoided; considerable
tlmo may bo saved In tho irrigation
or tho lands or tho Individual set
tlers; considerable less water will bo
required ror each tract, duo to tho
possibility or rapid Hooding and tho
elimination or tho aforementioned ex
cessive percolation loss; and It will
bo moro nearly possible for tho com
pany to properly supply tho needs or
each wotor usor according to tho re
quirements or tho contract. It Is be
lieved that such larger heads of water
may bo administered safely under
Iironcr sunervls'nn In eunnl ninltit
oxcesslvo erosion or tho canol and
ditch embankment.
Tho incomo and expenses or tho
company ror maintenance, exclusive
of tho sales and contract department,
appear from tho record as presented
iipiow for tho period from January 1,
The Sharpies Separators
Have Paid for Themselves
on Many Farms During
1917. Why not be one of
the Fortunate Owners dur
ing this next year?
Save Every Bit of Cream. Feed
the Skimmed Milk to Your Stock
Have Less Work and Bother
Let the Sharpies Pay Its Way.
The Preferred Stock Store
Yearly 191.1 1914 Aur. 31
I'eos charged..$35,301.GC J35.500.S0 138,711.20 3C, 290.89 JUS. 804. 45
Pit Hnnlln.l
contracts ....
with settlors
Adjustment ot
1.933.8G 1,062.05
3,123.56 3,123.55
2,099.50 5.095.41
Total AdJ'ts. ..J 0,367.60 $ 1,433.05 $ 843.90 $ 6,225.05 13.867.40
Not y'rly fees..?28,934.06 134,067.75 J37.867.40 31-,067.ll J13l.937.05
Direct main
tenance 1S.0C4.CC
trntlon and
general 10,34(.39
17.408.63 22,917.92 15,941.17 7t,332.43
7,942 US 6.03S.35 5,234.08 29.G56.40
Net Incomo ....J 529.01 J 8.71C.09 J 8,911.13 J 9.S91.99 J 28,048.22
Her, limited only by tho avallablo wa
ter supply.
Must KxtablMi Fund.
And It Is further ordered, that the
dorendant, Central Oregon Irrigation
Company, beginning with the year
1918, snail establish a depreciation
reserve and annually chargo thereto
such an amount as has heretofore
been declared reasonable and shall
set asldo in a reserve all moneys
avallablo ror such purposo from year
ly maintenance foes after tho deduc
tion of such reasonable operating ex
penses as may bo assignable to the
maintenance of tho system; and such
money, when set asldo In a reservo
fund, shall be expended only ror the
purposes Intended and according to
plans which shall be submitted to the
commission ror its approval.
Dated at Salem, Oregon, this 27th
day or December, 1917.
Attest: ED. WRIGHT,
i 't
tlmated as J9.36S.70, total probable
Iosh during tho period Irom January
1, 1907. to AtlRUSt 31. 1916 Inclusive.
during which tlmo thoro appeared
upon inn hooks ot tno company total
unpaid icon or $-u,:nr.S;, or which
J33.037.43 was dol!nu.uout.
No HcM'rvn Run!.
No nllowanco has boon Included Tor
tho cstnhllshmout or a depreciation
rcHorvu fund.
Current maintenance expenditures
will retain thn proporty In sorvlconblo
condition only to tho oxtont that such
ropnlrs nre iioshIIiIo on account or thn
physical condition of tho Individual
unit to which nppllud. It Is not to he
oxpectod that such depreciable prop
orty nn wooden riumo and conduit
construction will laBt ImloMnltoly on
tho atroncth or ordlnurv mnlnteunncn
expenditures. Such structures have
un ultimate limit to their Uvea na
units, ut tho expiration of which total
ropliicomcnt Is nccossiiry.
I'riMK'i-ty Depreciable.
Tho principal proporty of tho do
raudnut. -which may bo classed us do
procluhlo proporty, consists or n Ihtro
open wooden flumo known as tho
Pilot llutto Plumo, nnd various other
smullor conduits. On account of
alupflud life, uso and oxpnsuro to tho
oiomoiHH iiiso Btructures aro j;rad
unlly 'bocomluK loss dupoudublo ror
sorvlco. To proiiorlv nrovldo ror tholr
continuous malntcunuco In cood con
dition na required by tho several con
tracts with tho atnto, and by tho terms
or tho samo providing ror tho ultl-
innto 'transfer or control or tho Irri
gation system to tho wutor users us
This statement does not Include annual dnnrorlntlnn niinwn,i i.o-.
nny allowance ror a reduction In rev- tororo round to bo reasonable, tho
onues duo to tho impossibility or col- not Incomo rrom tho maintenance de
lectliiB n cortntn portion ot thn yearly pnrtmont during nn avorago year, as
rees charged. ThlH Hum has boen cs- sumlng n continuation of nresent t.
ponso and rcvenuo may bo expected
to reach rrom J4.000 to J5,000. Th's
sum may bo considered reasonably
representative or results to bo en
countered lu tho near ruturo under
conditions which may bo considered
normal and Is sufficient margin to
cover any additional maintenance cx-
ponsu or omongoncy repairs which
may bo found necessary.
Tho commission now holng pos
sessed of full knowledge of tho con
ditions surrounding this complaint
and In vlow or tho findings heroto
foro set out.
Measurement Oitlerxnl.
It Is thoreforo ordered, that the
Central Oregon Irrigation Company
boforo tho bvglnnlng or tho IrrlKatlon
season ror tho year 191S shall Install
at tho point deslgnntod for delivery
of wator to tho land of each Bottlor
a suitable dovlco for the measure
ment of all wator to bo used by tho
said sottlera. Company shall also,
prior to thu opening or tho Irrigation
season boforo niontloned, fllo with
this commission a plan ror tho sys
tematic distribution or wator for Ir
rigation or tho lauds or the various
aottlors In turn and by rotation as
will host protect and sorvo tho inter
ests or nil tho users or wator rrom tho
oannl B.vstom. This Man ror tho
measurement nnd distribution of wa
tor, before submission to this com.
mission, shall havo boon unnrnvmi hv
tho propor roproBontntivo of tho atato
na specified In Section 4 of thocon
tract executed Juno 17, 1907, bo
twoou tho Stato ot Oregon and tho
Dosohutes Irrigation and Powor Com
pany, which contract has slnco boon
soolntlon, whon such shall bo desired, 'nsslg'ned To t Z do Jo ant Centra
It Is necessary and proper that a do-l0r0Kon Ir hU'nn n & Ce"tnU
lirnelntlnil rmnrvo film hn natnlilluliml " ....,
and sot asldo to provldo and guaran
tee roplacomont of such depreciable
Btruoturos whon thu ultlmnto limit
of tholr useful life Is roachod,
Allowance Needed.
An annual nllowanco ot not loss
than J3.G00.00 should bo sot aaldo
each your from malittonunco feos ror
bucIi imrpoBOB,
Aftor duo nllowanco ror both un
colloctublo nialutouauco toos ami tho
That tllO Control Oracnn Irrluntlnn
j Company, bororo tho oponlng or said
irrigation season and continuously
thoronfter whon wator Is passing
through tho canals, ditches, or Humes
or tho irrigation systom, shall mako
ovory roaaonablo oHort to maintain
tho canals, ditches and Numes In good
condition, rroo from oxcesslvo leaks
and obstruction nnd In such condi
tion as to allow carrying capacity
sufriclont for tho needs ot each sot-
(Prom Thursday's Dally. 1
Congressman Nick Slnnott has
been called upon by tho War De
partment and tho Navy Department
to designate a cadet for tho military
acadomy and a midshipman tor the
naval acadomy to take official exam
inations ror admission during tho
spring ot 1918.
Ho will make designations ot prin
cipals and alternates 'to fill both these
vacancies on tho basis of a competi
tive examination to bo held on Janu
ary 9, 1918, by tho U. S. Civil Servico
Commission simultaneously in the
following eight cities in his district:
Klamath Palls, Lalnrvlew, Ontario,
nond, Baker, La Grande, Pendleton
nnd Tho Dalles. Candidates should
roport to local Civil Servico secretary
at tho postofflco at 9 o'clock a. m.
on that day.
Any young man of the required age
Is ellglblo to ontcr this competition
who Is now, and has sinco Docember
1, 1917, been an actual bonafldo resi
dent or tho Second Oregon District.
Candidates ror admission lo tho mili
tary academy at West Point must not
bo under 17 nor over 22 years or ago
on tho dnto or admission; tho naval
academy, between tho ages or 16 and
20 years on date or official examina
tion. Tho competitive examination will
probably cover tho following sub
Jocts: Algebra, geography, history,
English, English composition and lit
erature, piano geometry nnd English
Thoso desiring to tako tho exam
ination should wrlto to Congressman
Slnnott. 242 House ot Representa
tives, Washington, D. C. nt once, for
samplo questions and furthor Infor
mation. It Is roportedf3,NHOCSlvv
motion. It Is important that each
should also stato whothor ho protors
designation to tho military or naval
army. Ho will leave for Portland to
night to appear before the examining
board. Dr. Merriam has been in
Bond since July but has not practiced
here, owing to his certlflcato being
from another state. On this account
ho was uncertain as to whether ha
would bo pormltted to tako bis ex
amination in Oregon and had delayed
It until he received word this morn
ing from Dr. Ralph Penton, of Port
land, asking him to como at once.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, December 1, 1917.
Notice Is hereby given that Bennio
Goodman, ot Mllllcan. Orecon. who.
on December 19, 1913, made Home
stead Entry. No. 012347. for Lot 2.
SEU NWU. Shi NEH and 8E.
Section 18, Township 20 South.
Ranxe 15 East Willamette Meridian-
has filed notico ot Intention to maVo
final three year proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, be
fore II. C. Ellis. U. S. Commissioner.
at Bend, Oregon, on the 14th day of
January, 1918.
Claimant names as witnesses: will.
lam Spencer, Peter B. Johnson. Ver
non Clevonger, of Mllllcan; Burtoa
E. Davis, of Bend, Oregon.
40-Up Rosister.
Notico is hereby (given that tho
undorslgncd has been by tho County
Judgo of Deschutes County, Oregon,
appointed executrix ot tho last will
and tostament of Mary O'Donncll. de
ceased, and all persons having claims
against tho estate ot said deceased
aro Hereby notified and required to
present mo same with proper vouch
ers to tho undorslgned at Bond, Ore
gon, within six months after tho data
of this notice.
Dated and published first tlmo this
27th day of December. 1917.
Executrix of the Last Will and
Testament ot Mary O'Donncll, De
ceased. 43-47c
(Prom Monday'H Dnilv.)
Dr. R. K. Merriam is the first
physician tram this soctlon ot Central
Oregon to apply for a commission in
tho modlcal rosorvo corps ot the
In the County Court of tho Stato ot
Oregon for Lako County.
In tho Matter of tho Partnership Ea
tate ot P. W. Sllvertooth and Sam
uel A. Lester, tho former now de
ceased. Notice 13 heroby given that I, Sara
uol A. Lester, the duly appointed,
quallfiod and acting administrator ot
tho partnership estato ot P. W. 811
vortooth and Samuel A. Lest or, tho
former now deceased, will, on and
nfter the 31st day of January, in IS.
sell at private sulo for cash In hand
tno louowing described real proporty
noiongiiig to said estate, to-wit: Tho
north half of tho northwest quarter
of tho southeast quarter, tho south
west quarter of tho northwest qunr
tor, and tho southeast quartor of Soc
tlon twenty-olght (28). In Township
twenty-two (22), south of Rango
nlno (9) oast, Willamette Morldlan,
In Crook County, Oregon.
Said roal. property to bo sold sub
ject to ro-sale and confirmation In
tho same mailuer es othor sales of
roal property maao by executors and
In testimony wheroof, i have here
unto sot my baud this twonty-fourtk
day of Docomber. 1917.
Administrator of the Partnership
Estato of P. W. Sllvertooth and Sara
uol A. Lester, tho formsr nn io.
Dato ot first Dubllcatlnn. rwam.
bor 27, 1917; dato ot fourth publica
tion, junuary n, ih. 43-47r