The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 03, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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VAtiti A,
The one remedy that successfully
Vanquishcs Cotilis and Colds.
Cherry Bark Cough
is Sufe and Sure. No narcotics. No stimu
lants. It soothes the inflamed tissues and
removes that tickling sensation.
fitly I
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
J. II, Miner Ih In Portland iittond-
Iiik Uin Irrigation congress.
II. II, l)n Ariiioml l attending thu
lrrli;iitlon cnngri'tm In 1'nrllainl,
J. Ilytiii In limvlng for Henltln to.
night mill will pus thu remainder of
tlu week thitru.
..Mr. mid Mm. F V. Horwi returned
(iU moriiliiK from ;i holiday trip to
(tin Willamette valid.
Mr. nuil Mm, John Dunn, of Moro,
ari) visiting with thulr sons, Ralph
'and earl, for n (mv days.
Mr. nml Mm. Ilurtn'i (I. Onuy, o.'
I.u Pino, spout N.nv Vuur day In
MIm Mattel t.orncrt coinn back
from hor homo In Monmouth ttitn
morning, Klin spunt tho ClirUtiuus
vacation there.
Vnrnnn A. Forbes anil Hnljih I'oln
ilnxtor urn In Portland attending thi
Irrigation congress and will go from
'clwro to Kuattlu. They will probably
return Hunday.
MIh Ivor Hodman, of Culver, spent
ovornl dayn with thn Wray family
nnd returned to hor homo till morn
lug, Hho will no on from thuru to
Portland, shortly.
Fireman J. Campbell arrived here
yenterday from Vancouver to relievo
(I. C. Whiteside, who In r.oliiK on mi
other run. Iln linn been working on
tliti night switch oiikIuo In tlio total
Thn J2000 which thr local brnnrh
of thu Hod Cross I entitled to mu lu
rhnptitr work arrived thin tiiorn'ni:
from ho.idiiuarlorn In I'ortinnd. This
In a 2ft pur rvnt nhnro of tha tnonoy
raised hero for thn organisation.
On ncrount of poor health, Mm. J.
V. Iliitlnr linn r.onu to Portland,
whoro sho will probiibly spend two
tuoutliR. llur daughter, Mlldrml, ac
eonipuniod hur mid whl'o !u thv city
will takn up voleo culture.
Minn OladyN llrandouhunxh re
turned to Portland Monday evening
nftnr iipnndlng hur Christmas vaca
tion with hor paroulN. Ili;r brother,
Everett llrmidunburKh, accompanied
her iin far n l'orllund on It In way
back to thu Uulvomlty, at Kugonii.
Judge mid Mm. II. C. Ellis, Mr. and
Mr. A. F. I.amon mid Miss M. E.
Coleman drovu to Madran yosturday
lu thu Kills cur and uto Now Year's
dinner there. In tho iiftornoou thuy
wont to tho Ochoco project, return
lui; through Prlnovlllo, wham thoy
attended thu miuiial reception In that
Dr. U. C. Con In lu Portland attend
Iiir tho mooting of tho Oregon Hoard
of Med I nil Kxamluom, of which ho In
president. Of tho lfi subjects cov
ered lu tho tests ho will examine lu
throe, surgery, toxicology and chem
istry. Tho board meets twlco n your
and generally has n largo number of
applicants for certificate to practlco
lu thU alato but, owIuk to tho war,
only about 20 will appear boforo tho
J. M. Powell and family wont to
Culvur thin rooming.
Mr. and Mm. I.. A. Tipton aro on
their way to Payutla, Idaho.
I.. I.amon wa a passenger to Port
laud till morning. Ilo ha bocn
WorkluK lu Iluiid for uomo 1 1 inc.
Mr. and Mm. J. I.. IlarrliiRtun wont
to Opal City thl tuornliiK to remain
until Saturday iilffht on thulr ranch.
J. K, Hulraan and Joo llulmnn, of
Hpokauu, apent yontorday In town on
bUNluciH and dupurtud on laal ulRht a
DorcaN Mc.Muiui. who ban boon
Iiitu alnrii ('hrlNtmaa vUIUur rela
tive, ntturnud thla mornliiK to Tor
robonui. John llcrrlot en mo In ycatcrday
from Kpokaun to look after Ii lit land
Intcreata In thin Ncctlou. Ilo wuiil on
to Hurua today.
Mrn. M. Connolly, of DoNchnten,
vlnltml Mla Klcniior whltiuoro In
llond Nuvural dayn nnd ruturuud thin
rnurnliiK to hur home.
Hiiv. II. C. llartruuft In paMlnn n
week In Prlnvvlllo on church liiul
iiunn. Another puntor will occupy iilj
Iiulplt thin cnmliiK Kuudiiy.
Mr. and Mm. T. J. Krllx ronrludad
their vInIi with Mm. l-'rllx'x purents,
Mr. and Mrn. II. C, Kehuuck, mid uro
on their way honiu to Portland.
After ni(udlUR threo weekn at
homo with hur parent. MIm Hono
lluunell wont today to Clluo Kalln to
roauiuu her work an tuacliur of thu
ncliool there.
uMInn Margaret Lynn, of I.a Pluo,
ntoppiid In Jlond yuntonliiy on hnr way
to Hiiliim, whoro Mho In iittondliiK
hcIiooI, Hho linn boon vIhHIiik hor
paroutn ovur tho holidays,
II, II. AiiilorHOii, who Junt roturnod
from a trip to Portland, wan lu Huuil
yoHtorilay huforo coIiik to IiIh homo
nt Pnullnn, Ilo nccouipuuld two earn
of liornoM, purdiUKod by thn Kovorn
tuiiiit, tit thn city,
Two of HuiiiI'n vlnltom from tho
navy ha vii complutod tholr furloiiKhn
und colli) buck to thulr ntutloun ut
Man) Inland, Kobort Iiiiioh loft IohI
ulRht and IJoyd Kolluy dupartad on
tlilo murnlibx'H train,
(Kroin Moudny'a Dally.)
Mabul Oraut npuut Hunday vlnltliiK
frlondn In Prlnuvillu.
Mbin Hutlt Pottlnrow, of Hi'-dinond.
won In town Saturday.
J-url Nowklrk .rotnriwid HJlurJny
jfrouin,hqrt).Ulp,tD-JtortIaud." '::'
I K' Hn,d,MrV, rank'lilbbio; of
Hiirnn, aro vlnltors In town today.
Mian I.ucllo Itodmond and Minn
Howona Campbell npnnt tho week end
with frlondn In Hund.
Clark Ithodon Is lit Kuatttu nppril
Iuk a weuk with hlH(mothur. Ho vlll
roturn Friday.
Klvo Hldtorn nrrlvcd Saturday nlcht
to tako cliarKo of tho Hum! honpltal,
Thoy uro from Indiana,
Mrn, It, I.. LmiKdownc, who ban
baou tho Riiunt of Mm. A. Hartnch,
roturiiod today to Cottrell,
Minn Haol Johnnnn, who ban hcon
vlnltlnj; In Oakland and Han Kranclnco
for tho punt two month, ban re
turned. Mm. H. II. Wllilon linn Kono to
Portland to vlnlt relatlvcn. iihu will
probably remain thoro pormancntly
on account of poor health,
A. J. Derby and Karl C. UronauK",
of Portland, and C. Dcthman, of
Hood lllvcr, wcro In Hcnd Saturday
Jn'imlncni conhoc'tcd With 'ho na'lo
j rflFor Quality, Service
and Entire satisfaction
Utz and Dunn
offers particular buyers
many advantages.
Our lines are very complete and
you will find a delightful as
sortment here.
f V
v i
Urn lP"J
k sy
Tho Prevbytnrlan Oulld will 'meet
Wod Monday nfturnoun ut thu bo mo of
Mm. A, U. French at 2:30 o'clock.
Mm, H. K. CorIo, who ban vlnltod
thrco monthn with Mrn, Owou Morrln,
loft for hur homo In Hpokano today.
DoukIiin Mullarkuy concluded bin
vlnlt with bin fathor ovur thu Chrlnt
in an hollduyn mid I on bin wuy back
to ICUKoiii),
Mr. and Mm. II. I.. Cain, of Illloy,
woro lu town lant nlKht mid loft thin
mornliiK for Walla Walla, WanbliiK
ton, whoro they will vlnlt.
Mrn. AiiRUMa Iltuvxlor and daiiRh
tor, Martha, ronoludod thulr vlnlt at
tho OuorRu HucRlur homo and loft
thin morn Iiir for Wunatchuu, Wanh-
Mr. and Mrn. J. H. Dryxdalo have
Roni) to Halum, whoro thoy will mako
thulr homo. Thn youni: couplo wura
married hero Chrlitma. Tho brldu
wan Ml Frances Ooodcnough.
JudRa llarnen and A. I.. Jobnnon
woro on a .road Inapectlon trip Hat
urdoy. Thoy went to Prlnovlllo, re
turnlnR by tho way of Hodmond and
Mr, and Mm. Charlen n. Hwnlley
nro on thulr way to North Yakima,
WnhliiKtou, havliiK npunt 10 duya
here with Mm, I-andliiRhuin uud Mr.
Swalluy'a mother.
Joseph Hyinona and family, recent
arrlvaln from Kanaan City, havo taken
up a homestead near Ilond and alvo
purchaned tho 11. H. Hopkins homo
on Newport avenue.
MIm 1 1 (In Horn returned thin
morning to tho Homo Hldxa district
whoro alio la teaching achnol this wln
tor. Sho has Veon apoudlns lipr
Chrlstman vacation with hor parents
lu Ilcud.
Mr. and Mm. C. C. Soeloy, Mr. and
Mm. T. B. Harnes nndOeo. F. Kolley,
of Prlnovlllo, ero In town Saturday
to attend thu danco at tho Kmblom
club that civcnltiR.
OeorRe 8. Youn, who ban boon vls
ItliiK his family lu Han Francisco
since luavltiR Ilond a few weeks ago,
In now on his way to Camp,
PotursburK, Vo whore ho bus been
Mr. nml Mm. J. T. Hecsley returned
laHt nlRhl from a trip to Colorado.
KYI? HI'KCIALIHT, of Portland
Visits Bend Monthly,
Watch Paper for Dates,
or ItiQuIro ot
I Every pair of
is made of solid leather
throughout and possess
that ease und comfort
that have caused their
tremendous popularity.
I . i
L "
(From Saturday's Dally.)
Ed, II. Kcano Is npendlnc tho holi
days In Heattlo,
Mrs. O, W. Hall cxpecU to Icavo
for Portland soon.
James Hlack, of La Pine, waa la
today an a -witness at a hearing.
A. M. PrluRlo roturncd this morn
liiK from a brief trip to Portland.
Anson M. Stewart, of Dry Lake,
pannud thu day In Hend on buslnc-M.
Hurt Whcelon, of tho Hums Trl-
buno wan In Hund today on buslncnn.
It. H. Dart returned from a short
trip to Portland yesterday morning.
Fred Hall left thin week for Port
land, whoro ho expects to work this
Francis M. Cltos came In from
Hampton toduy to make proof on his
Mm. Fred McCormlck and Ron aro
In Hlntnm vlnltlrvg Mm. McCormlck's
parents a week.
Ham Dlnkln wan a passenger on
this moraine's train to Prlnevlllc.
whero ho will pass a week.
Miss It. L. Thompson, of Portland,
Is vWtlnR her sister, Minn M. A.
Thompson, durlnn tho holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. William Whlto havo
Rono to Portland on a pleasure trip,
which will occupy a few weeks.
Mrs. 0. K. Hurke and son, Edwin,
of Portland, aro spending the holi
days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W Ashe.
Miss Marraret Ralston, who Is
teaching at lone, is spending tho holi
days In Hend with her sister, Mrs.
Ella Thompson.
Mrn. James H. Hall Is on her way
home to Beattle after vlnltlnR her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Selk, thu
pant "three weeks.
John Hayes, of Tumalo, went to
Hodmond today to arrange for a ship
ment of rattlo which ho Is sending
to Portland tonight.
Stevo Hteldl arrived this morning
from Maro Island on a lC-day fur-
IoiirIi. Ho oxpiMts to leave tho train
ing station within about six weeks.
W. J. Huckley, of Hodmond, wa
In Hend today.
Mlsn Genovlovo Hogan Is In town
today from Motollus.
Charles M. Kcdfleld is In from Des
chutus this afternoon.
H. II. Hallcy, of Tumalo, Is In
Hend today on business.
H. E. Grimes, manager ot tho Pilot
Hutto ranch, Is lu Bond today on bus
iness. County court was in session this
afternoon, largely to attend to the
payment of bills,
Mr. mid Mrs. Michael H. Wlllard
loft today for Montana. Thoy expeot
I to return In a short time.
II. E. Hlackman, of Hrothors, left
for Portland on this morning's train.
Hu expects to go to work In tho ship
You Did Not Expect a Sale of
This Season
Nor illd we, for tho nteadlly advancing prlo of all merchan
dise rnndo It seem Improbable that Oosnnrd Corsets, In which
tho highest Htnndard of manufacture must all times bo main
tained, could bo offered nt sale prices. Happily, an unusual
market condition has made It ponnlbto for us to obtain somn
Ooamrds that wo oro offering at tho following remarkable
. $3.50
Our discriminating clientele will appreciate theso unprece
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ing tho new sltbouctto of tho mode, Insuring your health, ami
offering a wearing service that alone Is worth any price you
may pay thesa Incomparable corsets offered at practically
tho manufacturing cost.
Wo cannot too strongly emphasize this unusual opportunity.
The stock Is necessarily limited, and we therefore suggest an
early inspection today, If possible.
, ii1 rtiiVA- ' "jKg' "'fl'-i !1t-l
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The Bat Place to Trade After All
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i 'DX"f?7zff)
Corse fs
1ii We are showing the
new Spring Styles in
G., D.Justrite Corsets.
The new models portray the
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in corset design and constrvction
G-D .Tustrites and Rustless are
guaranteed to give satisfactory
Priced at $1.00, $1.25
$1.50, $2, $3 and $5.00
W. M. Knickerbocker and family
are in town today shopping. They
will return this evening to their home
In Gist.
Nick Lamberty, who has been visit
ing his brother, Francis 1-amberty,
tho past week, leaves tomorrow- for
Miss Flora M. Katsch, of Powell
nutte, and Mrs. William Hector, of
Eureka, Washington, were In Bend
today before going on to La Pine.
Miss Margaret Thompson Is taking
tho place of Miss Daisy Stuart in
Judgo Ellis' office. Miss Stuart Is
on her Christmas vacation in Seattle.
M. II. Allen, state doputy labor
commissioner and factory inspector,
is In Hend today examining shops and
factories. Mr. Allen is from Pen
dleton. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hurton have
moved to Portland. Later they plan
to mako a trip through California.
Mr. Hurton has been connected with
tho Hend garage.
Mrs. Ella Thompson, stenographer
for tho Hend Park Company, leaves
Sunday morning for Spokane, where
oho has accepted a position with the
Guernsey-Nowton Company, of that
Miss Gladys Drandenburgh 'spent
a row days with her parents while
on a Christmas vacation. With her
brothor, Everett, who has been at
tending tho University ot Oregon,
slio returned yesterday to Portland.
Hugh Thompson and Charles Com
fort, who have been spending tho hol
idays nt the E. M. Thompson home,
loavo tomorrow night for Portland
whoro they will spend several days
visiting with friends before returning
to tho University ot Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Horton left
Thursday night for a trip through
Southorn California, Thoy will stop
In Snn Francisco nnd Los Angeles
and will probably go on to San Diego
to visit Mr. Horton's parents. Tho
ontlro outltig will cover two weeks.
Dr. Turnor, eye specialist of Portland,
at Thorson's Jewelry store In Hend,
January 10 and 11; in Redmond,
January 9. Adv.
(From Friday's Dally.)
9f R. Douglas was In Redmond to
day. Hugh O'Kano made a brief trip to
Portland early this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Urock have re
turned to ilalsey after a short visit,
Ross McPherson, who is hero on a
business trip from Portland, was lit
Redmond today.
Miss Margaret Mulligan was In
from Fall River yesterday making
proof on her homestead.
"Wayne Amos is back "from Port
land and stopped in Dend on his way
to his ranch south ot hero.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kltchlngharo haro
gono back to their ranch at Metollus
after spending tour months In Hend.
C. M. Doty will return home to
his ranch at Llbby, Montana, tonight.
Ho has been here several days on bus
iness. George H. Whltaker left last night
for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, whero
he will take charge of a cotton plan
tation. II. H. Kllgore and family were In
from Dry Lake yesterday. Mrs. Kll
gore came in for medical attention ns
sho Is threatened with pneumonia.
Mrs. C. H. Perry, of The Dalles,
and her daughter, who is attending
school In Portland, wero here over
night, making tho trip with Conduc
tor Perry. .
Mrs. D. C. Haileton and M!ssNlpta
jiuiiuiuu, ui uuiiuge uroyp, passed
a week In Hend with Miss Hnzol Ha
zleton. They left for their return
trip this morning.
Dr. Turner, oyo specialist of Portland,
nt Thorson's Jewelry- storo In Dend,
January 10 and 11; in Redmond,
January 9. Adv..
Her Trouble Is Gone.
Mn. Thomas H. Davis, Montgom
ery, Intl., says she had trouble with
her bladder and had doctored for
several months without rollof, whon
Foley Klduoy Pills woro recom
mended and sho commenced uslng
them and got rollef. They rolieva
backache, rheurdatlc pains, stiff,
swollen Joints and kidnoy trouble.
Sold everywhere. Adv.
G. H. BISHOP, 1130 Kwif.ton Aye., Beau
I V i 'iii