The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 27, 1917, WEEKLY EDITION, Image 1

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The bend bulletin.
NO. 4.1
0016 MATCH
I III il Ml 11 I' 1 Mi
IKHWa?'. ,.. 1 i?V
SB faM ...,' 'u
WrJT ",
'T wd. 4Xm,AJ i . . '. ... . &, a , ,f zl. k w. kH.
i.n . v. i-mmm - m- vui . - r - . . ji .j. t w - 1 ju jmt k j r . -"
27213 AI EMBERS.
County Hiw Niiirly I Ml IVr Vl of
Number Allotted Morn lU-tort
VH lo ('onto In Will Inrrcoxo
Tolnl rintm' (ilwn.
Final roturus on t tin Deschutes
oounty Hod Cross lunuihornhlp drive
t'ntinot bo compiled for at k'NHl n
wmik, according to II. A. Miller, rutin
agor of tint campaign. Mr. Mlllur In
now collootlni; reports from tho var
ious workers liut because .of tliolr
liiiiiilidr nml tin) distance many of
litem llvo from Hend tliu work In
Actual enrollment now niportml
o thu lieailqunrtera amount to
2723, or Hourly 110 per umit of tho
anility quota.
0 III or reports still to rotnn In will
undoubtedly bring (ho final figure
Vk tt ovnr thin ninouiit. In this ron
motion, Mr. Miller rxjui)t that nil
worker turn In tliolr reports nt onco.
Tim I toil Cross campaign In Dos
rtltutos (loutity wn prohnbly the best
orflunl.od of any of tho war driven
$H tn a do horn, Mr. Miller's organl-a
tlon covered every part of the county
and wa Intended to leave no rent
!tnL unsolicited at least onco. Prob
ubly tho most Intonilvn work wni
lon) In Ilcnil whoro a homo to homo
canvas waa made. In addition tho
tnou at thu mills worn given an oppor
tunlty to Join by wnrkam who saw
ihom In off tlnm and n numhur of
memberships were taken nt tho Hod
Cross bootlm. Superintendent F.
Thordnmon had chargo of tho bootlm.
Tho Knur Mlnutn Mon woro also
lined In tho campaign under tho ill
ruction of A. Whlsnnut, chnlrmau of
that feu turn of wnr work, talks being
inadii nt tho- two plcturu houses by
-Mr. Whlsnant anil It. P, Mlntor.
Tho t wi in total no no far roportod
lo Mr. Mlllur tiro nil follows;
J. II. I touch (Itudmond) COO
W. K. Van Allen (Desohutes) 48
P. II. Donoor 25
r -William Helmont (Hhovllu-lllxoii
camp)) ir.O
Uouuvlovo Gorrlsh (Hrooks-Scuu
Ion cnmpii) 05
I), L. Wiggins (I'lnoTroo l.umhor
Company) 74
Carl Clow (La Plnu) 83
O. 0. Cnrdwell (Grange Hall) 21
A. O. Walker (Alfnlfn) 11
Mrs. II. J. 8uttong nml Mm. Will.
In in Arnold 72
"V. I), Harnes (Tunmlo) 39
F. N. Wnllaro (Tunmlo) 37
llcrt Millar (Tunmlo) 27
Mm. Hlrdsall 65
Mrs. II. K. Allon 17
It. M. Smith and M. II. Morton. ..101
John Bather and J. II. Iloyburn.... CG
'Mltn Colomau nnd Mrs. Thoinp.
son v 104
Mrs. Foley and Mm. I.everett 32
Mm. Kastos and Mm. Koyos 30
Mrs. McKay and Mrs. Nichols .... 08
'Mrs. Kronen nnd Mrs. Thorsou 78
Mrs. Slants nnd Mrs. Kox 43
Mrs. J. J. Clapp 10
Mm. Ouy Wilson 28
Mrs. C. V. SIIvIh 44
T.. D. Wlcst 27
'Coral Dates 20
'Mrs. J.'B. Taylor 23
II. W. Sawyor 03
.Mrs, Thordnrnon and Miss Horn.. 67
Mrs, Domaut and Mrs. Hayes 01
Mrs.' Vundovort and Mrs. Law- .
ronco GO
Mrs, Rqllors nnd Mrs, Loonnrd .... 34
'Mrs, J. 10, Larson ,.... 0
Mrs. Vnn Huffoll 0
K. Thnrdnrmm 07
'MlHcollanoous ,v 71
.Shovlln-Hlxou milt 120
Hrooks-Scnnlon mill 50
I'rlneo 8tnntn 9
Oraco Vundovort 4
Kred Royn'olds 14
H. M. Lochrlo (llrothors) 12
K, M, l'ook (Hampton) ,. 20
IP. 1). Johnson (Mllllcan) ,". 10
t '
.Total 2723
ih 'o.MPi,irii:n fi.AHrt koph
(From 'Wednesday's Dally.)
At tho conclusion of the first day's
work of classifying returned quos
tlounalros tho local draft board found
four hud not boon sent In at tho ox
plratlou of tho allotted seven days
Two of tlioao put In their appearance
this inoruliiK whllo the other two are
still mlssliiK.
Clifton Hon 111, of Mllllcan, Veulus
M. While, or Klamath Kails, Kugenlo
Harravallu and CoorK" Htonor, of
Ileud, were tho men who failed to
comply with tlm orders roKardliiK
time limit on the questionnaires,
Ileum and Htonor have finally sunt
theirs In.
Only five men thus far have been
put In (Mass I, composed of those men
who have 110 claim for exemption and
who will ho the first called for mil
Itary ncrvlro. Odd man each has
been placed In rlasso II and III. In
IV there are 16, ami In V, 10. Class
IV Is composed of men with depend'
out wlfo and children, seamen, sole
head official In necessary agriculture
or Industrial enterprises.
Thirty-two names were classified
Monthly. They nppoar In the follow
IttK order. Classes IV and V will bo
tho last to be called upon while men
In Class I understand that they nro
extremely likely lo bo called upon
early In tho year.
Class I. Clifton Itenm, Von his M.
White. Karl McKadden, (JcorRo K.
Htonor, Herman M. Stephens.
Class II Clarence I.. Scott.
Class III. Wilbur II. Hudson,
William I. Livingston, A. I). Ham
Class IV -Arch lo I). Pepin, Malhow
M. Bellini!-, Nicholas Zelser, Italph
II. Hturdlvan, Charles J, DuKan, Oouo
A. Howard, (loorxe II, Curtlu, Kndrrs
Stanford, Karl It. Ilusscll, Ilocco An
toueo Petrono, Henry K. l)ais, Her
man A. WettcrborK, Harold A. Guten
dorf. Class V.--W. II. Honsley, Arthur
Kullor, AiikoI A. Putorsou, Josisih T,
lleesly, Hay A, llrnntou, Arthur C.
Vnudevert, Kay I., Tomhlln, Charles
J. Monahan, Alex Mudstroni, Krlck
Olund, Hies Klatlch, J. K. McKenxlo.
I'mrmlliiKM AkiiIiiM OiIiit Tlini Men
Arrtll After l-'lght Am DIh.
iiiUh4i lly .JiiiIko KIIN.
Ilocauso Jon Sax, arrested Christ
mas eve for participating In u free-for-all
fight following tho Somora-
George match at tho Hlppodromo,
failed to appear In tho municipal
court yesterday afternoon, ho for
feited f25 ball. At tho suggestion
of City Attorney C. H. Uenson, Judge
H. C. Kills entorod uollo prnsso
against the other three defendants,
J. P. Klantigau, Al, Sodium and Hilly
George All of them pleaded not
guilty of tho chargo of disorderly
Mr. Klanagnn, who Is a Portland
attorney, appearod for tho defend
ants. Dr. Cousluoau, Hay Cantor
bury and A. K. Kdwards woro tho
only witnesses.
Tho ifour mon woro arrested by
Chief of Police Nixon on Monday
night, following tho moleo which was
tho result of a decision rondored by
Sax. Tho court was unable to as
certain who struck tho first lilow,
Snx departed Inst night for Port
laud nttor giving his ball.
(linker Ilorald.)
My Tuesdays nro meatless,
My Wodnosduya nro whoa t loss;
I'm jotting more ontless Ouch day,
My homo, It Is hoatless,
My hod, It Is sheotless,
Thoy'ro all sont to tho Y. M. C. A.
Tho bar rooms nro troatless,
My coffoo Is swootlcss;
Each day I got poorer and wlsor,
My trousors nro sontless,
My stockings aro footless
My Qod, how I do hate tho Kalsnr.
tHMJsffiFKnPlllm JlPJsy
Woiimlel Oiniiilliiii solilleni unit
nnd blhcult nt ii Y. M, C. A. hut close
(Krom Wednesday's Dally.)
rt,., . i. -.-..
u handful of members being present.
It was reported that letters from
members of tho Wool Growers' As
sociation executive committee Indi
cated a sentiment In favor of holding'
.,,, ., , , , .1
tho 1918 meeting In Ilcnil, and n voto
of thanks was extended to II. A. Mil
ler, manager of tho Hod Cross mem
bership campaign, for the showing
matin in putting Deschutes county
"over tho top."
Manager Hlrdsall, of tho Pilot
Huttu Inn, announced to tho club
that tho beautiful Christmas tree In
tlm hotel lobby was Intended for tho
pooplu of tho town as well as for tho
guests of tho hotel, and Invited all
parents to bring their children to see
tho tree. "1 have 250 candy canes
..,,-. uommorc.n. CIuoiuuCneonlal ofrccnJ for comnK year
was a post-Chrlstmas showing, only , wouid ,o elected at tho next meotlng.
Necessary Occupations"
are Defined
Tho exemptions on account of oc
cupation which am granted under tho
solectivo service law aro explained
In tho currant Issuu of tho Oregon
Farmer, as follows:
Whon It comes to exemptions on
account of occupation of tho young
innn under tho solectivo draft, section
80 of tho regulations prescribed by
President Wilson, November S, 1917,
"It Is tho Interest of tho nation
sololy that must bo subserved. Tho
Interest of Individuals can not bo con
qldorod as such and can only benefit
from tho notion of district boards
whoro tho Individual Interest hap
pous to coincide with tho interest of
thu nation; and, furthermore, tho
succoss of tho nation's military op.
orations is tho doinfiinnt object to
which this conservation of certain in
dustrles Is related as one means to
that ond."
In this connection tho following
part ( rulo 17 will bo of Interest:
"Apartlculthfnm andthonianwousd
"A particular Industrial or agri
cultural enterprise shall bo found to
bo nccossary only whon It Is shown
of such enterprise that It Is a woll
conducted and going concern, con
trihutlng substantially and materially
to tho military forces, or tho main
tenance of tho nntlqnnl intorost dur
ing omorgoncy, anil, further, of a.
particular agricultural ontorprlso;
that it Is apparontly producing an
uppreclablo amount of agricultural
produce ovor and above what Is
ncossary for tho maintenance of those
living on tho placo."
Tho 'following dotlnltton of tho
word "uocossury" na applied to tho
registrant Is glvon In rulo 18:
"i,, Thnt tho. registrant Ib actually
and completely engaged In tho ontor
prlso in tho capacity rocltod and that
their Oirtiiuii prlsonsrs Rotting comfort
to tho flghtlm; line on the west front.
for tl10 children." Mr. Hlrdsall said.
8lx of tho members present Indl
cated their Intention to attend tho Ir
rigation Congress In Portland next
Wlfk. Prnalflnnf nnmnt nnnniinrnil
" " " "" -w...w.. H....wu....
Throe Christmas weddings took
, ...
placo In thli county. Miss Frances S
Goodcnough, of Hend, and J. H. Dryo
dalo, of Salem, wefo married at tho
homo of tho bride's parents on Now
port avenue, Monday. Hev. K. P.
Waltz, of Portland, officiated. Tho
couplo will tnako their homo In Sa
lem. Halph T. Cooper and Miss Hattlo
I.. Dick, hpth of Hend, woro princi
pals In another wedding. Wlllard L.
Hothorn and Miss May Etta Cole, of
Mllllcan, wore also married.
for Draft Law
ho Is competent and qualified In -that
"2, That tho removal of tho regis
trant would result In direct, sub
stantial, material loss and dotrlmont
to tho adoquato and effectivo opera
tion of tho ontorprlso to a degrco
proortionato to tho Importance of
tho capacity recited In tho rulo.
"3. That tho -available supply of
persons competent in tho capacity re
cited In tho rulo Is such that tho reg
istrant can not bo replaced In such
capacity without direct, substantial,
matorial loss and detriment to tho
adoquato and offoctlvo oporation of
tho enterprise to a degrco proportion
ato to tho Importance of such ca
pacity. "Nolo: In applying rulo IS the
board shall consider generally:
"1. Tho. length of timo tho regis
trant has boon ongagod in tho capac
ity. "2, Tho naturo of claimant's study,
training and experience.
- "3, Tho actual condition which
would result from his removal."
According to tho solectivo sorvico
Those engaged In, and necessary
to tho otfectivo oporation of, n noces
nary agricultural enterprise aro to ho
oxomptod In class 1, 'first called.
Qlass 3 will Include thoso oxompted
In class 1, but will exempt skilled
fnrm'lnborors engaged In a uoccssary
agricultural ontorprlso.
Class 3 will Includo those ox
ompted in tho first two classes, hut
will exempt assistant farm manugors,
farm foromon, etc., ongagod in a
uocossary agricultural ontorprlso.
Class 4 will Includo those oxompt
od in tho first throo classes, but will
oxompt thoso engaged In a necessary
agricultural ontorprlso who aro acting
"In tho capacity of aolo inannsing,
controlling and directing head of tho
"Z' t . T -r A
i--' k.
and cheer la tho shape of hot coffei
Secretary Baker's announcement
that the soldier boys do not need tho
various knitted things which tho Red
Cross and other agencies aro provid
ing for them has been variously de
nied and disproved. Now Tho Bui
letin has received from Wlllard M.
Houston, who enlisted in tho aviation
corps last spring, a verse entitled "To
My Knitting Sweetheart," which sug
gests how tho mon thomselves look
at tho matter.
In Bonding tho verso Mr. Houston
gives his address as "caro American
Expeditionary Forces, via Now
York." His letter Is headed simply
"V, S. A." and ho writes "Tho censor
ship of our mail leaves llttlo to
write," and also, "There is ono Hend
boy In this camp besides me C. A.
The vorso Is as follows:
To My Knitting Kwcrthrurt.
(Tuno Tho Wearing of tho Green )
You'ro tho dearest soldier's sweet
heart That o'er was left behind.
And everv mall has verified
You still have mo in mind.
Thoso sweaters, hoso and helmets
Some class, and perfect fit
Suggest that you aro doing naught
liut simply knit and knit.
So knit away both night and day,
Your sweetheart loves you true:
You'll win this war
lly knitting for
Tho Old Rod, Whlto and DIuo.
"I'm leaving soon for fields of strife,
Mayhap no'or to return,
Hut when I don thoso fleecy mlts
My soul will for you yearn;
They'll stop tho chill, my soul will
And thru the dreary night,
Your blood-warm clothes and com
fort hose
Will help us win tho tight.
"When I como back to dear old home
From war In foreign land.
I'll settle down no moro to roam.
And seek your heart and hand.
Now when that happy hour arrives,
men sweetly oy mo sit;
Hut whon I 'pop tho question,' dear,
Ploaso do not say, 'Nit! Nit!" "
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Word has been received In Bond of
tho doath on Decombor 18 tit Cam
bridge, Mass., of Lieut. Edward F.
Greene, U. S. N. Lieutenant Greene
had many friends In Ilond, having
lived horo In 1013 and 1914, whon on
tho navy rdtlrod list bocausa of tubor-
culosls. Soon after tho war began
ho roturnod to service and has recent
ly heon In chargo of tho Harvard
school for ouslgns and a lecturer on
naval affairs at Harvard.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Supportors of Hilly Ooorgo, Hond
boxer, who was matched against AI
SomoT-s, northwest middleweight
champion, of Portland, In a 10-round
bout in Bend on Christmas ovo,
surged through tho ropes Into tho
ring and claimed a "fixed fight"
when Joo Sax, of Portland, hold up
Somor's hand declaring him victor
over Georgo at tho end of tho fight.
3Iob violence against Somcrs and
his manager, J. P. Flanagan, of Port
land, was prevented by Chief of Po
lice Nixon, Officer Kulp and several
deputies who pushed tho crowd back
from tho corner In which tho three
Portland men had gathered and
placed all threo under arrest. The
mon were taken from the Hippo
drome, where tho fight was held, and
later let out on 1100 blanket ball for
appearance this afternoon befora
Judge Bills. Tho bond was fur
nished by Flanagan.
Tho bout was hard fought through
tho 10 rounds, George carrying the
fight In most instances and landing
many good punches to Somcrs' head
and body. Meanwhile Somcrs, al
though not so active In tho flghtlog
as Georgo, was showing tho better
boxing skill and at times landing
clean-cut punches. Somcrs, through
out the tight, had the moro finished
stylo while George rushed In again
and -again' to hit as opportunity of
fercdbut always managing to kcop
well covered so that Somcrs was un
able to land any blows of knock-out
It was hardly moro than a draw-
bout and the crowd felt tho decision
should not havo -gone to Somcrs.
When tho decision was given spec
tators, largely In sympathy wltli
Georgo throughout the fight, rushed
to tho conter of tho house bent on
changing tho decision, arranging an
other tight, or, possibly continuing
tho fight with a new referee until a
new decision could be given. The.
Portland men refused and soveral
Bend fans attempted to hit Sax and
landed ono or two blows. Somors
and Falanrtgan left tho ring during
this period. When their absence was
noticed by tho crowd tho trouble
grow worso and Chief Nixon directed
Officer Kulp to overtako them and
return the men to tho ring. When
they wero returned, Nixon placed
thorn under arrest. This secniod to
satisfy the crowd, which soon quloted
down and dispersed.
Botoro the fight, Flanagan offered
to make a ?G00 sldo hot on a tight
botween Bronson, a lightweight Port
land boy managed by him, and Gil
bert, a Bond lightweight boxer. Flan
agan wants to hold the tight In Bend
at an early date.
Fred Wloneck, a Bend boy, met
and won a decision over Al Chrlsten
bcu, of Bend and Portland In a pre
liminary to the main bout. Chrla-
tensen was the- younger appearing
and tho favorite of tho crowd but
was too awlcward on his foot to put
up bis best fight against Wleneck.
Tho boys boxed at 125 pounds.
In tho second preliminary Milton
Newman won a decision ovor Henry
Darah. Newman Is a Bend man and
Darah Is from Terrebonne. The bout
was for six rounds and was fought
at 135 pounds.
A committee from tho Mooso lodgo
and the Timberworkors' union, which,
arranged tor the match, this mornlng
mado the following statement con.
corning it:
"In view ot the fact that tho box
ing match Monday night was given
under tho auspices ot tho Moose and
tho Tlmberworkers' union, we feel
It proper for us to say that, la our
opinion, tho least tho roforee could
havo given Geongo was a draw de
cision. After tho .third round Georgo
had tho advantage through his su
perior staylnfi qualities, and the rot
oroo's award to Somors was decidedly
unfair. Tho visitors' guarantor -waa
paid to them bofore the bout started."