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Westside Agricultural Fair
One Round of Pleasure
(Prom Saturday's Dally)
Prom tho plo eating contest to tho
exhibit ot imtchwork quilts, tho fair
hold at tho Tumalo community hull
yostcrday attornoon under tho aus
pices ot tho West Sldo AKrlculturat
Fair Association was one grand suc
cess. A dinner was served at noon
and followed by speeches by County
Agriculturalist It. A. Ward and J. T.
Jllnkle, ot Hormlston. J. . u
Corking was chairman ot tho occas
ion and Introduced the speakers.
Mr. Hlnklo confined his remarks
to an urgent plea for tho community's
backing In the campaign for funds
vlth which to reclaim the arid lands
of tho United States. "When tho
President Is saying that tho food pro
ducts must bo doubted next year, the
tlnio has come for tho nation to look
to tho Irrigated lands. Tho recla
mation ot arid lands in the west
would glvo this country what would
equal three states more of territory
acquired, without bloodshed and for
tho same cost as that of three weeks
ot modern warfare," ho said.
Among tho exhibits thero was n
wldo range ot variety, which, accord
ing to popular opinion, would have
amply represented a much larger
community. The hall was crowded
to the limit with vegetables, fruits,
needlework, culinary products, grains
and grasses and flowors. William
Henderson took first prixo on the
general frolt display. C. I Becker
entered strawberries that would do
credit to Hood River In June. The
potato exhibit contained an unusual
number of large tubers. The farm
ers this yoar had made a special ef
fort to produce a few standard kinds
adapted to tho locality.
Canned goods entered by both the
ladies and school children were in
far larger quantities than in previous
years and gave evidence that food
preparcdnss is being carried out.
Tho conipleto list of promtums was
not available yesterday, but will bo
published next week.
At 2:30 tho crowd of visitors ad
journed to tho main stroot whoro n
number ot contests wcro In progress.
Tho following are tho wlnuurs:
IMo eating contest Chester hund
bory. Kaco for children under eight years
First, Gerald Hasten; second, Ray
mond Marsh.
Free for all, 100 yards Charles
Ersklno and Maurlco Cnshman tied.
Sack race Alvah Silver.
Three-legged race Churchill and
Slow running auto- Vornto Har
per. Tho plo eating contest, as usual.
was a worth-while spectacle. A very
small tot took second placo, but had
a tow crumbs left on his plate when
tlmo was called. A man Inquired ot
him how big ho thought tho confec
tion was.
"Qee," was tho reply, "that was
some plo. I guess It was more n
three miles around."
llcntl visitors had a monopoly on
tho 100-yard dash. Charles Krsklno
earned his shnro of tho tlo by falling
flat on the last lap and running sev
eral chunks ot tho lava road Into his
hands, and besides picking up a fow
cubic yards of Deschutes county on
his clothing.
Slow was no name for the first
automobile race, yet In spit of the
fact that tho object was to cross the
tape last, the first car which did so
carried off the honors. The truth of
the matter Is that all the rest ot them
went so slow they died before arriv
ing at the Judges. One expired only
two feet from the line, after having
gone two blocks at snail's pace.
Fred Lockley Writes Of
County As It Was In Past
exhibits on display were a decided
surprise, but having been in Crook
county a good many times I was pro
pared to believe that the whoat, oats,
corn and vegetables, the cheese and
honey, the pears and apples, the
one, to go with him on a trip top6aches ond prunes, were local pro
Prlncvlllo. We sat on the back plat-'ducts. Fruit, however, Is a side Issue
form ot Mr. Gray's private car while . In Crook county, the raising of live
Hy Kretl Lockley,
(In tho Oregon Journal.)
When Carl Cray was president of
the Hill roads in Oregon he invited
a party ot his friends, ot whom I was
range. Tho eastern and nnrthorn
boundary ot tho county Is formed by
tho avorgroon clad slopes ot tho Htuo
Mountains. Along tho southeastern
part of tho county tho Ruck moun
tains aro to bo soon, whllo In tho ox-
tromo southern section nro tho Paul
ina mountains,
Homo years ago I drovo ovor from
Mitchell, In Wheeler county, across
tho Rluo mountnlns, through tho
Ochoco forest to Prluovlllo by way of
Summit, Howard and Ochoco. It Is
a trip ut rare beauty. Hero and there
tho road skirts rugged cliffs wonder
fully colored and sculptured. I re
member pausing Just about sunset
at tho foot of a rugged bluff. Tho
pnrtlng rays ot tho midsummer sun
made tho reds and soft yellows of
tho cliff fairly glow as though a spot
light had been turned on them. On
stilt another trip 1 drovo In by way
ot Shnnlko, Autelopo and Urltxly to
Prlneville and thenco on to Klamath
Falli. One conuot drive through
Crook county without being Im
pressed with Its wealth and tho diver
sity of Its resources. For mllo after
mile In crossing tho Cascades, either
by tho Santlam road from Albany or
by way of tho road from Kugono that
goes up tho McKentlo river and cross
es tho Cascades between the lava
beds and Rlack Crater, Just to tho
westward ot tho tovn ot Sisters, or
In traveling over tho Rlue mountains,
one Is Impressed with tho beauty and
value ot tho vast forests ot sugar plno
and yellow pine. With their rough
red bark looking like alligator hide,
with their lance llko trunks varying
from two or three to nine or ten feet
In diameter, with soft and yielding
carpet of long nnd fragrant plno
needles, tho pines of Crook county
aro a decided asset to tho pictur
esque features af Crook county.
While stockralslug Is the principal
Industry today, the time is comlHg
when the converting of the forests
Into lumber and the getting of It to
market will bring groat wealth Into
the county Of the more than
12.000.000,000 feet of standing ir
chantable timber in the county, about feet are privately
owned, the rst being within the na
tional forests.
With Its otd time cattle ranches,
Its prosperous and growing eltle.
Prlneville, Redmond nnd Rend; Its
dry farming. Its Carey act reclama-
i tlon projects, Its Ice caves and lava
I roves, Its mountain peaks and living
glaciers. Its deep fissured canyons
, along the Deschutes and Crooked
rivers, its mountain lakes ana sage
brush plains. Its hunting and fishing.
Its excellent roads for motoring,
Crook county will well repay the tour
ist for the necessary time and ex
pense to make a trip over the county.
lauics .i.ii hirim wild.
Mr. Gray pointed out the Interesting
sights along the road and told us of
tho engineering difficulties that had
been overcome in building the track
through tho picturesque Deschutes
canyon. Thomas W. Lawson, who
was one of the party, proved that he 1 2, C2S, 9S0 acres, or. to put
was a capable story-teller as well similes, S97S square miles.
a successful Wall Street operator and j Crook county Is a vast plateau
a wizard of words. We were met at! bounded by mountains. The Cascades
Redmond by Dill Hanley, of Burns, form its western boundary, with
and party who took us over to auto-i peaks rising to 10.460 feet the
stock being the leading industry.
Crook county Is a many sided coun
try, as one might naturally expect
when one remembers that it Is larger
than the last provinces of France,
Alsace-Lorraine, having an area of
it into
For farm
& Co. Adv.
land loans sco J. Ryan
(From Tuesdny's Dally.)
Fulfilling pro-season prophecies,
local sportsmen who loft Sunday for
the upper river at tho npeutng of tho
water fowl soasdn, returned last
night, declaring shooting to bo tho
best In years. Mallards wore un
usually abundant, and a tew leal and
pin-tall ducks weru buggod. Crime
Prulrlo yielded tho best results and
more than 20 hunters weru In that
As far as could bo learned, C. B.
Hamilton, 1'. I., tlallaghnr and Jack
Stanley secured tho record bag, bring
ing back IS ducks. Others from Rend
Included Harry Relngold, Oscar Mat
ched. William Smith nnd B. Heath.
A number tried their luck on thu Des
chutes. Fow gnoso wore seen, as tho cold
Is not yet sovero enough to drlvn them
from the mountain lakes, where they
are reported to bo gathered In great
numbers. Hunters declare that all
birds aro extremely wild.
Recauso of the heavy snows of last
winter, marshes aro more plentiful
than usual, and at Crane l'rulrlo.
much of which Is often dry at this
time of year, the water will average
12 Inches In depth.
C ihx poop ounur visits awmv miapouawtkws 1
CO CIHW. f - J
to-pay? r i ,- soLoitrs I
r-Jv C0Mr0ltTCIt- I
Nrp TWhJl
TJUTIEN you (rimyour outfit down to military
bedrock, W-B Cut Chawing Rcorcs u bull's
eye. A soldier gets more from his pouch of W-B
than from a bulky ordinary plug rich leaf plump
full of sap, all tobacco satisfaction, every shred
of it. And tho water-proof pouch keeps it clean
and fresh in the pocket of his khaki.
VtU j WnMAN.BRUTON COMrAHT, 1107 Br..Jw.r, Htw Tb Cll;
(From Monday's Dally.)
Through tho Special Committee on
National Defense the American Hall
way Association Is making strenuous
efforts ot conserve the live stock by
reducing the number of head killed
on railway rights of way.
With this end In view an especial
appeal Is being made to owners to
ward keeping their an'mals in fenced
enclosures and not permitting stork
to roam at largo on tho right of way
Instructions aro being Issued to
track men to use every care In drlv
lug sUkk off the right of way. ke-p
Ing farm gates closed, unit kci'p'HK
fences and cuttle guards In good re
pair, giving preference lit Iocuiiuiim
whom liability ot stock getting on
the right of way Is the grcatoit. nl
having all concerned inultn pertin
ent personal effort to bring about
the desired results.
(From Monday's Dally.)
Francis It. Hoss today computet!
tho purchaso of tho McAllister ranch
near I'laluvlow This Is the sec nd
llmo It has changed hands this
Tho Iract contains ISO acre of
gated laud, the deal miri'scu
over $20,000
mobile to Prlneville. A land show
and livestock exhibition was In pro
gress at Prlneville, and Carl Gray,
Tom Lawson and Dill Hanley all
made a hit with the Crook county
ranchers and livestock men by their
height ot one of the peaks of the
Three Sisters. It was an Inspiring
sight to look westward and see the
snow covered and glistening summits
of Mount Washington, Rlack Crater,
the Three Sisters, old Broken Top,
knowledge of the farming game and I Elk Mountain, Irish Mountain, the
by their friendliness and good fellow-Twins, Maiden Peak and the other
ship. To most of the outsiders the! heaven kissing hills of the Cascado
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Phone Black 1(52
Your Patronage Solicited
Old HoMdont Dies Kiilunhiy Night
Came lo Till Section HI
VtKint Ago.
(From Monday's Dally.)
Dtwehute county Saturday lost on
of Its old residents when death claim
wl Hans Johnson, of Tumalo. Mr.
Johnson had been III a yoar and a
half with cancer of the stomach.
The deceased was born In Norway
In 1SCS and came to the United
States in the early nineties. Sixteen
years ago he came to this section and
In 1007 purchased n ranch near Tum
alo. He was a veteran of tho Span
ish-American war and saw service
with a Wisconsin roglment In Porto
RIeo. Ho was also a member of tho
Odd Fellows lodge.
Surviving him are his wife, Mrs.
Carrlo O. Johnson, and three broth-
jnrs and two sisters In this country,
besides two sisters and a brother In
Norway. Gilbert Stromstead, a
brother, Is here from Dairy, N. D
to attend the funeral which will be
held tomorrow at 2:1 JO from the Scandinavian-Lutheran
(From Monday's Dallv.)
(Crook County Journal I
meeting of Prlneville business
men Mas held at the Commercial club
hall Tuesday evening at which plans
for the completion of the Prlneville
railway were discussed.
According to an agreement recently
entered Into, Portland Interests
ngreed to provide $40,000 of the
$65,000 necessary to complete the
road If Prlneville Interests furnish
the remaining $:&,000.
This work has benn started, and
$13,000 was pledged up to the time
of tho meeting Tuesday ovenlug.
A committee of 12 or more men
was appointed to secure the remain
ing $12,000 of the fund and they
have succeeded, lu raising sevoral
thousand dollurs we urn told since
that time.
The money Is not a donation in
any respect. It Is a sound Invest
ment, draws. six per rent Internet, and!
Is free from eity taxation, and will be
paid upon maturity of the certificate
whether this railroad Is n paying In
vestment or not.
Kvery loyal cltlxeH who is able lo
do so should purchase nm of the rr
tlfkates, and aUt In tho project
that means so much for the community.
Semi-Steel Calling lor
ood 'ip nttinC. urate
Msnufacturcri of Iron, Brome anj
Power Iranimuiion Machinery Wi
Dart, Agricultural. Mining anil Saw Mill Machinery. Ornament
si and Structural Iron. WE ARK PREPARED TO RUSI 1
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It at liulf tin cnl of a new one
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at Pilot Unite Inn and go four block mi
PoMiil Kjhloin Im t'liiingw! Local
llruucli to Hiiudlo All County
(From Saturday's Dally,)
Notice were received yesterday by
the local postofflce apprising It of tits
change In the auditing heretofore In
us by the United Ktates postal de
partment. Instead of all county
statements balng sent direct to Wash
ington, D, C, for auditing, this work
Is to be dono In tho Rend office,
which will horoaftor be designated as
"central accounting offleV' for Den
chutes county. All other smaller
I) ranch as In the county are to bo
known us district offices.
Requisitions for stamps, suppllos,
otc. will bo made on Rend and will
mean tho assumption of a largo
amount of additional work. This In
crease In business will probably ne
cessitate tho employment of a larger
forco of clerks In tho near future.
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mind nnd sntisinetion, must own n enr which possyg
se,s nil of the essentials for com foil nnd convenience.
These essentials we have supplied in
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1 L
J t L