The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 13, 1917, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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f Front 'ThiliWoi-'s Dally,)
Andrew McCalllstor, ot Tumnto, Is
fn town on business.
Jnmcs llock Is In Portland on a
week's business trip.
Dalo llarkor enmo In on this morn
ing's train from Portlnnd.
Paul Hosmor was another Bond
man returning from Portland.
Mrs. S. C. Nlckerson has gono to
Madras to visit Hew Uolchor mid
family Bevqral days.
K. A N'elson has conic In from his
ranch and Is spending the day In
town on business.
G. R. Morrison, manager of the
La Pine Irrigation Company, come la
today from Portland.
H. M. Stephens, ot the Centrnl Ore
gon Dank, Is planning to leave Mon
day on a month's vacation.
J. W. Hay come In last night from
Spokane to look over homestead land
with a view to taking a plow.
P. L. Davidson returned to Hood
lUvor after making a trip up here to
look Into the lumber business.
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Eloc ore receiv
ing congratulations upon the arrival
of a baby boy yesterday. This Is their
second child.
Mr. and Mrs. George Appel, who
have been connected wit htho services
in tho Cotton Tabernacle, left town
today for Walla Walla.
Mrs. W. P. Aldrich and small sou
returned today from their vacation
Mrs. J. E. Kyan and daughter wore
also on tho same incoming train.
T. C. Shankland, of Portland, Is
working in Dcnd adjusting fire In
euranco on tho homo ot Prank Hur
wltx In Kenwood, which was recently
Tho Danks children, from Wagon
tire, came in yesterday to attend
school In Demi during the winter.
Thoy will stay with their father in
Mr. and Mrs. J .H. Yoder and three
children left for Oregon City today
and will live there during the win
ter. They came In from the Port
Rock valley.
Mrs. C. L. Hinman, formerly of
Rolyat, has taken the Cobb house in
Kenwood and will move In for the
winter. Her children will attend
school in Dend.
A baby boy arrived this week at the
home ot Mr. and Mrs. Luther C.
Quick and Is roported doing well.
Tho child was born Sunday and
weighed nine and a halt pounds.
The Bend Satnitary Laundry has
recently installed a new modern man
gle. It Is the intention of the man
agement to Install more equipment
as sopn as it Is possible to get more
experienced help.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Erskino
have returned to Bend from a wed
ding trip to Banf, Canada. They
have taken the Paul Hosmer resi
dence on Riverside drive ami will
make their home In it.
Three school teachers bound for
the Burns district were In town to
day. M1m Hilda Williams, of Yam
hill, will have the Wastlna school,
while Mlsa Ruth Richards and Mies
Olive Stark, ot Portland, will be near
Georgo Hoover, with his family
and Mark Beeman, made up a party
of nine motorists who left this after
noon for Eugene. They will go over
the mountains and down to tho coast,
stopping at Newport. The outing will
cover two weeks.
Dr. William E. Glasgow, of Seattle,
waa In town today on business. He'
had come down to his ranch 30 miles,
south of Bend and arranged for the
shipment of several carloads of live-;
stock. Ho will go out on tonight's
train for tho north.
Max Crandall, an expert account
ant from Portland, is finishing the
work on the city audit today. He has
been at Madras until this morning.
Leo A. Thoinaa has moved from
his home across the river, and Is now
making his Homo at the Pilot Butte
William Newquist, a recent arrival
from Astoria, has been discovered ill
In his tent near the railroad tracks.
He is suffering with tuberculosis in
an advanced stage and is unable to
care for himself, Tho Invalid Is a
member ot the Moose lodge and the
members are trying to get In com
munication with his brothers that
they may tako cbargo ot him. Mr.
Newquist will probably be removed
to the county hospital as he Is too 111
to travel far.
mVf ' nbfVha"- B. PrlngTo Tntme
tnrougit .town on nor way 10 nurun
to teach school. Sho fs, from Pofy
land. ,- ''
' i- "
Mrs. Goorgo llueglerarrlvod today
from Wonatchee, XYshlnjRtqji, and
will visit hor daughter. Miss Augusta
llucglor. .
J. E. Morson, ot Portland,' arrived
In Bond Inst night and left this morn
ing for La Pine to look over Irriga
tion conditions.
Dr. J. P. Hosch and daughter enmo
In this morning from Redmond nud
are spending the day with Mr. nud
Mrs. Ashley Forrest.
Mies Carrie Llustead, who has been
staying with her sister, Mrs. J. O.
Kug, three months, has gone back
to her home In Portland.
Hew J. M. Nelson, tho new pastor
ot the Baptist church, Is expected to
arrive this evening from Portland
and will preach his first sermon on
L. A. Hunt, of Lower Bridge, was
in Bend yostorday to make applica
tion nt tho office ot the Deschutes
National forest for a grating per
mit. Georgo Arnold came In from Port
land today and will be the gueet ot
A. J. Kroonert. In tho morning he
will leave for Portland, taking Mrs.
Kroenert In their machine.
Joseph Yagalski was on this morn
ing's train, bound for Prlnovllle.
where he will teach In tho junior high
school. Ho has boon spondlng a
month of his vacation In Bend.
Miss Margaret Schroder and hor
father, V. Schreder, went to their
ranch nt Rolyat this morning. Miss
Schrcdor Is on a two weeks' vacation.
Her father has been In town since
Mtes Maude Norrls, of Port Rock,
has gone to La Grande to teach school
for the Winter. She was accompanied
as far as Pendleton by Mrs. C It
Purkie, also from Port Rock, who will
visit her sister several weeks.
News ot her mother's Illness Is
calling Mrs. O. R. Iloskln to Klkhoru
In the Willamette Valley, where she
will remain until the eider woman Is
on the road to recovery. A telegram
received yesterday brought her the
Ernest Dick, who has been at the
naval training station at Goat Island
In San Pranctsoo Boy, sine June 20,
has returned home on an honorable
medical discharge. He arrived In
town last night and expectsto stay
here permanently.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard and
Mrs. E. J. Howard, who wore guests
of Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Reed, left to
day for their home In Los Angoles.
They motored up early In the week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gault. of Burns,
wore also 'visitors several day at the
Reed homo.
Miss FlbroncoWlhtota link gone to
Hood River to Bpetld n wcok with
Dr. W. W. Pnulkuor will return to
Bond tomorrow nttor nu nbseuco of
several days.
R. L. Nool, ot Port Rock, was
through Bend on his way to Mil
wauklu. Oregon.
M. G. Bins, of Hold, was In Bend
yesterday to flit) on a homestead In
the Dry l.ako Suction.
Mrs. Vera Cyrus, of Prlnovllle, was
In Bend yesterday afternoon attend
ing to business matters.
An over-night visitor was W. II
Wlghtmnu, ot Portland, who stopped
In town to look nt laud.
Mrs. J. M. Buuynrtl and two chil
dren have gone to Pendleton to visit
relatives a short time.
W. Meyers, of Culver, was a litis
Inees visitor In Bend yesterday. Ho
Is considering locating horn.
D .1). Hull, an automobile supply
man from Portland, went odt on this
morning's train for Madras.
Paul 0. Garrison nud family loft
this morning for Prlnovllle. where
thoy will make their future homo.
Miss Ethel Williams Is spending a
week nt the William tyitjlevurt
ranch. She came In from llodmond
Do You Know?
(Prom Saturday's Dally.)
Conduetar Wensley to taking a va
cation at Seattle.
., K. A. Cttlett Is In Portland on a
iHief bHsintM trip.
C. H. Cook was on the train for
Prinevllle this morning.
Henry W. Kerbow, ef Pife, wan a
vUltor In the city yeeterday.
Mrs. R ,.E. Hanking has gone to
Portland to visit Indefinitely.
Mrs. H. T. Ebensen is in Portland
visiting one of her daughters.
Miss Graco Ward returned this
morning from a vacation trip.
It keops the cold' out.
It keeps the heat In.
It saves 25 to 40 per cent ot
the conl bill.
It prevents dust from enter
ing the windows.
It enables tha windows to
slide up and down more easily.
It protects tlno draperies and
It does not disfigure the sash
nor mar the Interior.
It prevents rattling windows.
It subdue outside nolsea.
It replaces norm windows.
IU tlret eott Is its only cost.
It ean never wear odt.
It will not rust.
Let us figure with you on
your building.
Loco Repreienlallve
(Prom Friday's Dally Bulletin)
D. E. Hunter was a recent visitor
In Bend,
E. C. Gray was a passenger on tho
stage to Riley this morning.
13. McNott has gono to Hampton on
business. He left this morning.
Mr. and, Mrs. D. T. Carmody re
turnod ygsjorday afjw a wedding trip
through tho narthwftst.
U. S. Nichols, of tins city,- was reg
istered at the Hotel Portland in Port-
laud, catly la thtrwcelr. . .
Wait for Our Grand Open
ing. We will have the latest
models on display.
The dale will be announced In a
Jew days.
fe gaj
Pringle Building, Wall and Oregon Sts Uend, Ore.
That when nature begins to
put on the Autumn garb it
is a signal of womankind to
follow? And so now we
are ready to meet your
CWe have exerted more
than the usual amount of
care in selecting stocks and
providing fashionable, de
pendable goods within price
limits that will make an un
usual appeal to you because
of the worthwhile values
If you take our advice you
will make selection prompt
ly, for if ever early selection
meant anything at all, it has
the greatest possible mean
ing today.
J Aside from the fact early
selections mean securing the
very garment that appeals
to you-and you prefer-and
which are in the most found
styles. It also provides you
with additional service,
which in the end means
greater value.
We Are Ready to Serve You the Minute
You Are Ready
Reed-Smith Mercantile Co.
Complete Outfitters for Men, Women and Children
9.I5-9.J7 Wall St., Hem!, Oregon
Mrs. G. L. Whltltw. prlnt-lpal of
the Terrebonne iKiiool, Is In Uend
today on business. 8he brought her
two children with her.
II A. Stevens has gone to GarfU'ld,
Washington, to remain permanently.
He has been engaged In carpenter
work In Uend.
Grogor Garske and daughter,
Theresa, returned to their home at
Dry Lakn last night, utter a brlof
visit In the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde M. McKay, Mrs.
V. q. lllrdimll and K. K. Garrison re
turned to Hand last night from an
auto trip to Klamath Palls and Crater
K. K. Gabriel, of Portland, who
travels for a piano firm, was In town
a day attending to some auditing
work. He has gone on to Prim--vllle.
, J. II. Noble, of the Uend pimtoffl.
J has gone to Maupln to hold a ivll '
service examination for fonrth-inM
'postmaster. He will return tumor-
Iloliert S. Ilullard Is Imrk from
Kmtnett, Idaho, with hi bride. 1 In
has been gone alHtut six month and
returned yesterday to make his home
Mrs. M. A. Houghtaltng and sou,
Herbert, hnvo returned from Hull
Ingham, Washington, whero thoy
spoilt n mouth's vacation with mla
lives. They mopped III fietittle on the
J way home.
1 Attniuer recruit, marie it. war-'
tier, left this morning to Join the!
!iiiartrmaHtr'N corps hm a fireman I
Tin- n-xt one to leave will probably
be (' II II Ki ! rtliK enlisted
a an itgini'er
Mrs Mtnlla Italia and family I
returned from a family million ln-id
at Pahtley and are on their ay 1 1- k
to MhiMhone. Idaho. Threw of Mr
Italia' Rtstnrs wnre also with her it
their mother's home 11 war here
Mrs. IC. P. HriMterhoua I an 'tn
pauylHg Mrs. A. J. Kruminrt and
George Aronld to Portland tod
Thy are driving down In a maiiim
but Mrs.' flroMerhou will return bv
train next week. Mrs. Kroonert will
remain lii the WlllamuUH Vallr a
Having found the city hooks 111
good conditions, Max Crandall, v
pert arrouutant, has left llmid and
gone on to Prinevllle and Madras ii
county ImtliiMM He ua also w-k
lug lierf In conniM'tiiiu with pruv k
the MHili'inent iM'twei n th" two r "i
Under the Arnold Ditch
The Benham Falls segregation, comprising 74,000 acres
of land adjacent to Bend has been thrown open to
Homestead Entry.
Approximately 1)000 acres of this land ean be watered from ''the Arnold Ditch
for which a water-right ean he obtained from the Arnold Irrigation Company
for considerable less than the State is selling water rights for lands in the State
projects adjacent to Bend. To all residents ot Uend desiring homesteads under
the Arnold Ditch we desire to state that we have engaged the engineers of the
Arnold Irrigation Company, L. D. Wiest and George S. Young, who are more
familiar with these lands than anyone else, to make a survey of the lands that
can be irrigated and to run lines for ditches so that parties desiring to file on the
lands can be shown what part of the lands can be irrigated and approximately
the amount of tillable acreage on each claim. rl "L
Call and see us for locations. Either Mr. Wiest or Mr. .Yjnjng vrt t jtcm
pany you over the land, show you the lines and give you desiretl information re
garding Arnold Irrigation Company water-rights, etc. Our, charges are very