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The bend bulletin
NO. 27
fiHiirlci wiiii roiiMiy ivnii iv I'niio
III Iteword to lii I'lui'-lhiml Hmil
lUII('llllM) Will llo III" ICttf-
lll uf Tlili Wink.
T)t the work for ll Wa prove
Mtttl of lha llend-l lw nlghway.
llTfuOU fur which huh appropriated
by the JMste Highway Commission, In
being well handled liy the DaaohulM
ouMly ootirl, will Im th retort re
tUfHAl tn lha Hand Commerrud rluli
ml Wednesday by lh club' cohi
wltte on road. Thin was the state
ment of Paul ('. (iwriiMin, elm I rum m
tt the roHimltt"", after h and A. J
Kroenert had called im County JiiiIkh
W. I). Jlwrnea hiiiI CoinmlMdoiier 1.
1C. Smith aterdy afternoon
"The county court In only walling
tor an auto irurK now." Mr Garrison
aeJd. "There haa not bean a day a
delay not In keeping Hh good bua
lHW pracllre. Juat soon a UK
track arrives the court will wire
Stale Highway ICngtneer llrahert
Khiih, who will Immediately coma tn
Hand Mini Mart the work."
Triiil llunl In Gel.
Mr. Garrison and Mr. Kroenert via
Had (he eewrt oh HulhurlMI(H (mm
the ConwHerclal rlnlt and explained to
lb otiurt the itMt4r or (hit elub that
(hi JIT.nO" appropriated from the
aMa(e fund it be nxpamlml im rapidly
poaalble Ih order that mure funds
Wight be nbllannd frm the tule. The
for lha (Inlay, the oeurt ex
pained, lay tn tin fact that only threw
ulo trunk hail ben spatially rer
tMHiMfiitHl liy tha hi Kit way oagtMear
a adaptable fur the work here, and
thai It bad been inipttealble to secure
any una of the three recommended,
because uf market conditions.
Wlille HHxUtaa to Iimhi ho l4ia In
optoUMK tb lmtrvmnl. tha
our( will airlvn aatMcIalty fur afflr
1m work. Jw4 ttarnoa MMtmt altar
lb Mewling with lha Cow morel I
!un rt anutlvia.
Niiiiii U SHllflml.
"Wa ara wtttlaavurlnK to winl lha
niuHay nlacl at our illajntaal Jullr
ViuaK ! to mako it ko a far aa
poaaH.1." ha aald "U'a ara alwaya
Kla4 to rwalva auaKawlloM whtch tha
t'ommarelal rind may offtr, hut wo
hail baan aaaurml liy tha I linkway
CamHihatloa that Ihwa whhM ha nu
mora itianay arallalila fur thta atratrh
of tmhI tlurlHK thn praaant aaaatm.
Tha rk ilona on lha m llna roail
will In all itroltalilllty Ua uaeil aa a
aUHdaril fur highway Improvement,
whlah la uaa of lha raaaona why wn
ara nunatilarlnK lha work o lilKhly
Important. W'n hava Uaan In run
aUMt communication with Mr Nhiim
awl ha axiiraaaaa hluwalf aa antlrly
Mtlath! with tha pniKraaa IihIiik
Flower Show Prizes to be
Given to Winners Today
1'rlzaa for tha llaml Fluwar show,
lield Inst Saturday undor tlio nunplcaa
of tho I.udloH Library club, uru now
uiunploluly IUIihI, ami tbnau wlnnliiK
MwtirdH for axlilbllH urn raiiuoatuil to
imll at tlio K. M, TluimpHon furiilturo
Mtgro after today, when tha prliee
will bo iilvon out.
Tho Hat In na followa, flmt mid hoo
citlil prlzaa baliiK glvun In tlielr order:
1'uniilaa Mr. Uokh Fnrnlinin, Mm.
Jno Imiua.
flwoot Allyalum Mm. a. 0.
drove, Alrn. Floyd Deinnnt.
Mlt;nontiUo Ira. Juiiiaa Klllntt,
KufctulimiH yMrH. Floyd Dumont,
JMra.'D. A. W. KjLn.,
Haaaa Ito'il, MM, 0. 0. (IroveH,
Mra. C. B. lludHOn; pluk, Mrs. (1. K.
Ynikohum, Mrs. J. C. Vnuduvurt;
white, Mre Vnmlovort, Mtm. D.ivld
won ; yellow, Mra. Hudson, Mrs, lu
ll on; rnmblor, Mra. Ornvoe,
Hwoit Pone I'lnk, Mrs. Hudaon,
Mra. Al KdwnrtlHj whlto, Mra, Do
miint, Mia. Medu Forrest ; rod, Mr
II. J. Ovarturf, Mm, yonry II. Ford;
luvumlar, Mra. K. A. Binltli, Mrs. HuiU
uou; nnintfo or aalmnti, Mra, Domont,
Mra. Bmlthj corlBo, Mrs. A. I). Flolda,
Bend Man Learns of
Son 5 Whereabouts
After Three Months
iCriiiii 'i'ni'adny'H Dally )
Tor thn laat lliri'ii iiioutlia
llarilaou lttliatn, of llilri illy,
liaa IihiI no laiowlitilK of thu
wliorimlmuia of lila win, John,
who on Hated ahiirily after tho
war waa ilttrlarod, In ilia U. 8.
navr. I'or airaiaglr rimwrna, ha
MiHiiK aalltir has limit unabia
to MiaHlloti hla hwallflH.
Today tha fathar foHHil nut,
for a Inttar tppaarlnK In I'ort-
land nannr from MontoTltlao,
I'raKuay, to l T. Orlfflth, of
lliw I'. It. I. ! Co.. told of tho
rmrtu vlall uf lha armorml
rrulacr Frederick. It la on thla
voaaal thai yoann Jthani la
aarvlHK aa a mamhar of tha kmh
c raw,
"I had an Idea that thn hoy
waa aoniawhara around ttauth
Amorlea, hut thla la thn flrat
dHflniltf nawa I hava bail," tha
faihar aald. In roiHtnsntlnx on
thn atory carrlail by lha I'ort-
lioid tuihllcatlon.
W. I.. WIMJ T.MiKS tlVKIl J. T.
mvKirrr I'uwt-tiik kntiuk
(Prom Tupwlny'a Daily.)
A aulittaiitlal IimmI for the lumlior
IniltiRtry In tho KUtara aaetlon waa
mada known tMlny In tha nanouncw
maal uf Ilia iiurehaaa by W. I.. Wine
of thn J. I. Duekalt aawinlll, arcom
tmnlml by tha alalamant of W. It. WIN
klnaon, of tha I'lnn Traa Lumbar Co.,
thai Iih baa euntrartml tha aaaaon'a
outnul. The nnfer will uiaan tha
ataady opamtbiH of lha Hlant, wh:l
bltharto lha mill baa only baan run
Intarmlttantly. Tha conaWaniilon in
voIvikI h lha aala waa not made
Tha Duekalt will haa a 19,000 foot
dally capacity, and baeauaa of the
rhamctar uf tha coaatry la ah! to
run prit lea I ly all winter, whereat
many uf tha aniall mllla ara forced to
abut doHii'durlMK tha parlod or haavy
.Mr. Wllklnaon atataa that ha baa
cmurHita ruvarlng tha aatlra aaaaon'a
run, and that a twu year contract
could hava liaan alaaad, had ha ao
daalratl. Tha lumW. unplaued and
ireeii, will ba hutilail aa riulckly aa
It can ba cut, by antu trncka 20 mllaa
to Itadiiionil fur Immadlala ihlpmant.
Tha haul la practically all (town grade
tha only uphill atratch being at qilna
Fa I la
Mra. Hudson; mottled or varlogatatl,
Mra. F. 8. Duker, Mre. 8. l Caldwell;
dark red or olnret, Mre. lluiUou, Mra.
O. C. Ilonklo; purple, Mra. Hudson,
Mra. Ynaohum; pornnnliil, Mra, II.
C. Kills, MrB. Ovorturf.
Curnutloiia- lied, Mra. J. 1). David
ami; white, Mra. Iuiioe; vnrluRtiteil,
Mra. Nixon.
Vorbonna, uilxod or any color
Mra. Davldaou, Mra, Fariiham.
DuIiIIuh Mra, N. Amluraon, Mra,
. AuderHiiu.
I'titunlns Ued(liiR, Mra. Nixon;
aliiKle, Mra. Htulth, Mra. Hudson.
Calendula Mra. Iliulaoii, MUw Hu
nice Nutf,
Annual Phlox Mra. U. D. Wolat,
Mra. Wolst.
HaKKeil Sailor Mra. Davidson,
Mra, Furiihum.
Aatera IMnlt, Mrs. A. M. I.nru,
Mra. Hudaon; white, Mra. J. Klllott,
Mra. Davldaou; red, Mra, K. A. Smith,
MrB, Iiiiiob; luveudor, Mra. Hurry
Gunt, Mra. Iuuea; purple, Mra. (Sunt,
Mra. Davldaou.
lMnkB Doublo, Mra. Furnhiun,
(Contluuod on pago 6.)
Conduct Willi LiiiiilH'i'iiii'ii'ri Trut
Co, Aiilliotli'il by Ciwnrtl
Itoiillno lhiliiiM DNpoxMl Of
Hi'Miiul .McclliiK Tonlgbt.
fKrnm Wmlneaday'a Dally.)
lng delayed plana for tha Im
provetnenl of Newport aranua warn
brought In a focue laat night al tha
regular meeting of tha city council,
when after long dlarttaalon, a eon
tract waa authorized betweM tha
idty and lha l.umbarman'a 'front Co
of Portland, making poaalble tha flo
tation of Improvement bond. Carlo
'. Clime, aealatant aerretary of the
trual comiHiny, offerml to have lha
city chartnr ex a in In ml by bund ex-
perta to aaeertaln whether or net
bond may lie laaue.1 under tha bond
lug act, to attend to all neceeearjr
legal procedure, and to guarantee a
bid at par ih- batter. Three par ceeA
of the face value of the bond Inane
waa lha price aet, and the offer waa
accepted, a clanea being lneerte4,i
however, to the effect that (he city
in Ik hi avail Itself of almllar aerWeaa
on aubaauuant bend iaauee, tt a IH
tier cent rate.
The council will meat again at 7
o'clock tonight to cloae up matter
wit hthe Lumbermen' Trual Co.
Kliivp Klart Argument.
Little elte uf prime Importance waa
brought up at the meeting, aable from
thu introduction of the old quaeOon
of whether or not aheap ahould be
allowed to be driven through the city.
It. M. Smith championed the cauM of
the sheepmen, ami after a lengthy
argument, the matter waTrefe'rrad'mi
the health committee.
The petition uf M. McOrath and
other, against the reduction of auc
tion llceuee fcae. wa tabled, and lha
requeat of V rnoii A k'orlte and oth
er asking for tho inatallatUin of
(Continued on Mat p.ige
DltriCllt TICS COINTY TO (ii:T 10
llltill SCHOOL l'TNDS AT IS.St 14.
I From Wedneedny'a Datlv.)
fMtlemenl uf a majority of the
Joint affairs of Deechutaw and Crook
ouunllea wa effected yesterday at
the suasion uf the county court and
official, held In Prinevllle. A num.
bar uf other fiiMtuuial ndJuetnu-nU,
however, could not lie agreed upon,
and will be submitted by Dlatriit At
torneys De Armoml and Wirt, of
Deachutea ami Crook counties, re
epeetlvely, tu Attorney General
Drown fur nit opinion.
The eomputntbiu of aaeeta showed
Jfi.l-ll.4C In the general fund of old
Crook county brought down to
fS.DSS.til) by oullwl warrant. The
latter sum U to bo divided between
the countlna, a coord lug to their ns
Beeaud vnluatlnna. An 'order was is
sued o the Crook county treasurer
to maku this transaction. It la esti
mated that on thla buala, Doschutea
county will receive approximately 00
pur cunt of thu wholu,
From tho old county general school
fund, tho special road fund, the libra
ry fund, mid the County Fair fund
It waa found that tliuro waa a total
of ? 7 -1 0 . 1" 0 due fills county, and an
order authorizing the payment of the
same waa madu.
Disagreement enme over the dis
position of tho eouiity high school
fund, J1720.SU, claimed by Crook
oounty, nud lu regurd to delinquent
taxes on property now lying in thla
county, thu latter fundi being claimed
by Doacbuloa. Doth question must
go buforo thu attorney general.
Tho vuluo of public buildings in the
old county Is estimated at $80,000,
whllo tho outstanding indnbtuduess
amounts to $50,430.
SH-tt Oilier l'tHU I'rkm Hlinulil lie
ItapiMlHlLiI (;iiiiiiiiciil ly Do
iHOiifiiM'OiMMl by I'liruNliliifC
Itmii'licrH Kcxl VliHt.
(From Wednesday' Dally.)
That government control, merely
of wheat and willing will raaull In a
great decraaae of tha If 18 crop, waa
the ouutandang point in a atatement
given out thla morning by the man
agement of the Hand Flour' Mill Co.,
relative to the federal fixing of grain
price. A tha mre for Immense good,
however, ex lata In the poealhlllty of
the government furnlihhtg need. That
now uaeil In thla aectlon la largely
run down and of badly mixed grade
A. J. Kroanert. of the local milling
company, I planning a trip to Port
land In the near future lo take up
with the proper officials thla ver
phase of the food control situation.
In the statement given out by the
mill management. It wa pointed out
that the reduction in the price of
wheat cannot reduce flour pricea ma
terially, since flour food are even
now among lha eheapeet edible. Un
lea other farm product are regu
lated, however, farmer will put In
lea wheat this fall, sowing a more
profitable crop. The regulation of
all claaae of food product, on the
other hand, while poealbly lowering
the profit on all, would leave their
rumiHinitlve desirability from the
farmer' standpoint, the same aa be
fore federal Intervention.
Kcvd In Xcoricil.
A part of a carload uf seed wheat
baa been received at the mill, bat
this la considered Insufficient to meet
the naeda of this aectlon. and the
management favors the shipping of
tuamltle of seed in from other part
of tha country having climatic con
dition almllar to thoae prevailing
hare. A large part of the aaad now
need In Central Oregon, It I explain
ed, la mixed fall and spring grain,
while a large part of this year's home
grown seed u'11 bt badly shrivelled.
(From Tuesday' Dally.)
To orgauiie and elect officers, the
Hand branch of tha Women's Com
mittee of the United States Council
of National Defense mat at the home
of Mrs. Charlaa P. Xlewonger last
night. Five women ware present,
each representing au organisation de
siring to enter the council. Mrs. Ms
wunger bad bean appointed tempo
rary chairmen by State Chairman
Mrs. Charles 11. Castner, of Hnod
lttvar, ami was elected to fill tha
office permanently. Mrs. T. II. Foley
waa voted vice-chairman. Mrs. Sadie
Lucas, 8eoretary and Mrs. J. D. Dav
idson, treasurer. Work will be begun
ns soon ns Instructions are received
from Hood Itlver.
September 15 lias been aet nalde
by (iovwnor Wlthycombe us regis
tration day for the women of tho
state. The local committee will have
charge of u houe to house canvas
with the cards on which women may
eprees a willingness, or volunteer to
serve in whatever capacity oaoh Is
bast fitted for In the absence uf men
who are fighting.
Knch state Is dolug this aud secur
ing mi Index tu the resources of the
otiuntry so far as the women ara con
cerned lu theu. Uegletretiou la not
compulsory but merely a patrlotlu
duty of overy able bodied woman.
There Is no age limit.
The organisations represented at
last night's gathering wero the lhip
tUt Qulld, Mrs. Foley; Presbyterian
Uulld, Mrs. Sadlo Lucas; Library mid
Hod Cross, Mrs. J. D. Davidson;
Mothodlst Culld, Mrs. K. D. Qllson;
Statu Committee, Mrs. Nlswougor,
Ex-German Soldier
Goes to Fight for
The United Stales
(From Tueeday' Dally.)
Recently a German army re
servist, now a c'.tlaen of the
fn I ted States, William Lang, of
Slater, left Hand last night for
Vancouver barracks, to en I let in
the American army. In spite of
repealed efforts to Mndermlne
hla loyally. leng haa remaned
firm In his a 1 leg lance to hie
adopted country.
When hoatilltlea first com
menced in Kb rope, I-ang had
already taken the flrat steps to
becoming an American cltisen.
but under the Oerman system,
waa still considered a subject
of the Kaiaer. He received no
leas than three command to re
turn to Germany and fight
against the Allies, but continued
unmoved to perfect hi claim to
United States citizenship. Thla
he completed In time to avoid
tha order preventing the enlist
ment of aliens In the U. S.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Definite results wore obtained by
the city and county authorities last
night In the liquor Investigations
which have baan conducted for sev
eral weeks past, when-Ohlefof -Pollee
L. A. W. Nixon and Sheriff S. B. Hob
erts, In a series of raids conducted
within the city, confiscated a quantity
of bottled whiskey. One arraat was
mada by Chief Xlxon, an unknown
man being taken into cMstody. wkh
a bottle of Ibtuor In hVs possession.
He was still so badly intoxicated this
morning that his name could not ba
learned, but It is understood that he
hi not connected definitely with tha
No complaints have as yet baan '
sued, aud no further action will be
taken until tomorrow, whan District
Attorney II. II. De Arraond is ex
pected to return front Portland.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Members of the Ladles' Library
club will hold their auuual election of
officers at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon
In tho liond Public library. A full
attendance of those Ins lousing to the
club Is desired.
Fire in National Forest
Rages With Little Check
in the Fort Rock Timber
Delists bold by the local office
forae of the Deschutes National For
est that the Fort Hook fire might bs
abated woro abruptly disproved this
morning, when F. A. Saye, auto dri
ver, returning from the scene of the
conflagration today, after taking out
C. J. Duck, assistant district forester.
Mr. Saye accounted for the fact that
no report was received yesterday by
stating that the fire had already
crossed the Pine Mountain telephone
Hue, utterly cutting oft communica
tion by that routo.
A fire Hue la being maintained on
the west side of. the flames, Mr. Saye
sold, but In other quarters the con
flagration seems praotloally uncon
trolled, a hard wind from the south
west sweeping destruction before It.
The roar of the flames, augmented
by the crashing of felling troee, can
be heard more than a mile away.
A brief conversation was held this
morning over the La Pino wlro be
tween ltnngor Harrlnian, who with
C. 0. 1. PLAN
McColloch KnK Settler Will Not Al
low Control lo Do Taken Dis
trict Organization Almost
Heady to Start.
(From Wednesday's Datlv )
SALNM, Sept. S. (Special to The
Bulletin.) Jaaae Stearns and other
representatives of tha Central Oregon
irrigation company yesterdsr pre
sented to the Daaart Land Hoard the
company's proposed plan of reorga
nization, which Stearns ssld would
lead up to the settler' eventually
having control. The plan Is to orga
nize what will be known as the Des
chutes Water Users' Corporation, un
der the general laws of the state, as
co-operative with the water users
association. Under the articles, as
many fcharos of capital stock as there
are Irrigable acros In the two segre
gations would be authorized, making
approximately 100,100 shares Bach
share of stock Is to represent a defi
nite tract of land and no stock la to
be transferred without the transfer
of the land. The stock would be val
ued nominally at J 10 a share to rep
resent the coat of Irrigation work
already completed. It would be Is
sued to the Central Oregon Compaq .
which In turn would deliver tit. stocc
to water users entitled thereto Ilea
chutes would ba the principal pl.u. of
Company Seeks Control.
Under the proposed plan, th. Cen
tral Oregon Company would hav- five
directors on tha board and tln set
tiers two, or, It 4t was decided to have
a directorate of five members, tb
eempany would hava four and tt-o
settlers one.
Attorney Claude McColloch, of
Portland, who was present for the
settlers, Intimated that the t'lfrs
would never stand tor the plan pro
posed by Stearns.
"Do you suppose that the settlers
would go Into partnership with thn
Irrigation company to help develop
all the land now undeveloped, afte
their unpleasant financial experiences
(Continued on Inst page.)
Acting Supervisor V. V. Harpham, is
directing tho work of the tire tight
ors, and J. Urlnckley, of tho local
oftleo. Mr. Harrlnian was utterly
unable to estimate the extent of tho
tiro, but made no further request
for aid from this city. It Is reported
that practically all of the male res
deuts of the Fort Hock valley aro m
the ranks of the tire fighters.
That the men who are eudeavor'ng
to check the flames may go liuugn,
was tha statement made this iurnii k
at the American Hakery, after a rus i
order for 30 loaves of bread bad beti
turned lu. Undeavorlug to seum
Stage transportation It waa found thut
tha stage wau loaded and leaving
L. L. Fattj proprietor of the stag
line, stated this morntug that the all
camo lu so late that it would have
meant a big delay Involving tho or
tire roarrnnge.mQ,nt of tho load. Sine a
the tiro started bia stages have cu
rled oonalderublu quantities of pn
visions to tho men at work near Fort
Hock, he asserted.