The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 30, 1917, Page PAGE 7, Image 7

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    iikni) nuMiiciirr, iiknd, oiiktjon, TiiriwnAV, auotht no, 1017
Payroll Will Ho Iimu'iisimI to loo .Men
In Niwir Future, mill Dally Cut
HttnnK-il to 100,000 Feel.
(From Mouilay'H Dally.)
.hi lit iin Homi 11 h tint ni'cuMHiiry mini
bur of 1111111 can ho iii'cured anil a few
Improvements made, the Pine Trim
Lumber Co. will begin working two
uhlfta, iiri'iirilhiK to A. J. Kroiimirt,
litwd of tlio eiimpnuy. With ilay ami
night wik going on, tlio mill will
havo n payroll of fully 100 mun, ami
Out ilally cut wilt total 100,000 feet,
nm kin it a Hiilmloiitliil addition to
Urnd'a imyroll. I
Mr. Krixninrt believes Hint tlio
ehangn ran Do ininlii within tho iimir
f (Contliiuiiil from 1'agit 3.)
'hll, (iravixi, .MhIknoii, I'urr, Kent,
Monro, I'erkliiuu, (Irovim. ('ornnlliiH,
Oomtto ami MInn (loyotto.
A. K. Dyor loft IhnI week to visit
' l(4 nun In llrlitoiiwoll, II. ('.
Mm. Ilucliman ami daughter, of
Wliooiinln, arc visiting tho former's
Ulster, Mrs Marry Wlnflelil
Tho Farmers' I'nlon warehouse,
which In being ororloil Hour lln depot,
U rapidly Hearing coinplntlon
Mr. ami Mm V A MrKlfrcsh loft
lam week tor I'ortlnmt.
Mr. ami Mm W H Mooro. Mm
(Mara Kont ami V H McKmIiik worn
dinner guests of Mr ami Mr J am on
Mitchell Inst Frldn)
humwifiil (Jiillii'ting l Held l) I'lie
nerr 'luti NrliiMtt Will SliiH
on Kepti-mber !t.
(Special to Tho Hullntln )
ll Pioneer cluh entertained tholr
friends at tho hall Inst Wednesday
Hftnruonu. lio eremn ami raUo wer
served nml n Jolly gooti tlmo enjoyed
by nil. Those present wnro Monitninim
Hlllott. Davidson. Nlckols. Mooro.
Clark, I'otlott, Wimp. Comstork. Ilol
frlrh. Hamilton. I'orry. ItalMnn. Pick
M M. (late. Dexter. Holgel. Hodenldn,
VMrCaulev. Straight. Mi Williams.
Cunningham. Wllllanm. Iloyntnn.
Mackny, Junker, Peckham, Snyder,
Mitchell. I'arr. Kont ami Davidson
Miss Helen Hayes, who linn (iron
visiting hor aunt. Mrs. A. W- Denton,
returned to Redmond Hiimlny oven
lap. MIm rUillo Holgel linn returned
I fmni lloud. whoro she tin it hoou vis
iting hor sister, Mm F. K Mnrtz.
Paul Williams ha returned from
Lex I mi ton
Mr. and Mm J It Hulfrith and
Mr. and Mm I, 0 ('omTooK spent
Mnatloy at tlio emmly seat.
Mm. Clara Kont loft for liar homo
In Portland last KrlDay morning
While here she wan tho lirnino gint
of hor daughter. Mm Charlie Peck
liam. Mr. and Mm. John llngardt, of
Canada, are visiting Mr and Mrs
(loo. Hlllott.
Maurlro Gate, of ItmliiHiml, npont
Mumlay visiting near Terrebonne
Kclionl will enmmeiire next Mini
Uy. Maplomhor 3, with tho followliiK
taff of tMU'liom: Mm (I I,. Whlt
hU. prlnrlml. Dowltt Wllllamn. Mlaa
Drltrloh ami Mm llydo
Mr, nml Mm, (loorxo llainllton
Iiiivo lioon ontortalnliiK rolatlvuM from
(Joliloniliilo, Waiih.
Mm. ('. (I. CormilliiN and Minn Ilium
(loyotto loft In Ht wook ror Mood Itlvor
wlioro thoy will roniiuio tholr ilutlcn
an toai'hora. Thoy worn (iccoiiipiinli'il
by tholr mothnr, Mm. II. I,, (loyotto.
I'lciiMiiut Affair In Held nt (Jrulio
llniin .Mini) l-'riim HUta'm niit
Vinllorft at Daiiro.
(Hpoclnl toTllo Ililll.'tln.)
CI.OVI-JHDAI.K, Auk. 211. A parly
of yottiiK folka Kathorod at Mr.
(Jrulio'n Hatiirday iiIrIiI to onjoy a
Rood Hiiio with tho youiiK fdka onco
moro hoforo thoy loavo for tholr homo
In California, almi a ulco crowd camo liiMtil;ati cutiliiK tamarark poloa to
out from HlNtom to 1ako In tho danro. una In liuprovliiK hut placo. ItHKliiald
w. W. van Miitro In IiiiuIIiik linn- koijh up each day and liaula a load
Minn Knlhor Union wont lo Ilonil
HiUunliiy rnornliiK to nuhntltuto for
hor alHtor, Minn Ktliol, who In at homo
for a nliort vlnlt,
Itutli unit Mlldtod Jlnntii and little
Itnyniomt Mutah roturiiod homo Wad
mmdiiy ovlnlui; from tholr vlnlt to
frloiida In WanhltiKton.
Kay OorkliiK tnado n trip to tho
IiIIIh iikiiIii Inat wook, to look uftur
IiIm cattlo.
Hovornl In tho nolj;hhorhoil nro
plnuuliiK u trip to tlio hucklohorry
MIhh Adn llullnrd nnd Itiihy and
l.ola Marlon ruport a nood tlmo at
tho dani'H hold In Hoilmond hint Irl
day ulKht, which thoy attomtoil
Orovnr (lorkliiK Ih ovor In tho val
loy vln'.tliiK thin wook.
Mm. Ilockor, Mra. Coon and Mm.
Dayton woro vlnltliij; Mlna Kolth ami
Mm. Howard Tuoaday aftornoon.
It. II. Jl.iyloy In MnylriK nt tho
of thoui homo an thoy uro cut
An auto load of Hormlnton f rlomlH I
vlnltod tho (IrlffiiM for a fuw houmj
HHliirduy. I
1). A. KonniMly'n ntilo Katurdiiy nf-
tornoou wan very wall tittiulod unit i
hor fioiit Joo WIInoh'n mill, north of
I,. (I. (IruliH ami non autood to
lli'inl todii).
Mr. and Mm Tomploton, Mm.
Mkoltou, Mm II C Mlllttr and daiiKh-
1.. L..t. ....I I llll.... If ...-. I . . . . '
i . ' , '. '"""" H" 'iirn nnvii iniiiKH iiroiiKlit nooil prlcoa
mil uir iimi iiiiiiiiiiiiinn in jura iiiickio-
(loo. Cyiun wan callod to Corvallln
hint wook to no liln nick mothor, who
In at tho homo of hor daiiKhtor, Mm.
Trod Wlono
Dan Korron'n nioihor han Junl ar
rlvod from Jopllu, Mo., to mako lilm
a Iiiuk vlnlt
Mm. Hay Drown, of Tumalo, wan
vlnltliiK Mm Andriin on Trldii)
Dopartmotit of the Interior, t'nltnd
Htatoii l.aml Office, l.akovlow, Oro
(in, July 18, 1917.
To P. John Wolnli, of llend. Ore-
Wllhur llurn.ll nf rrv..lll' m..l BOH, CoiltontcH
Minn Jonnlo Hutihlnn. of Clovorilalo. " nr" herehy notlflpil that Hllllo
worn ijulotly marrlod Thumilay, and w" k'voh llontl. OroRon. nn
iiutood oor tho mouiitalnn Friday i1'1" I""11 r,lrH nddroa. did on Juno
W. W. Van Matro and diiucntcm.' ,fi' ,al7- '"" ' l",H offlcH '" ''"'X
Clara and l.llllau, wont to Waltor corroborated application to contont
I'lillortoii'a Hunduy aftornoon aftori"1"1 "'"'" Hib cancollatlon of your,
chorrlon. Ilomontoad I'ntry. No. , Serial No.
Mr. and Mm Harold Kllno ,u,, ' 0080H. mado Hoptomlior 7. 1J13, for
Mr and Mm Ilay Ahlioy roturiiod iiK" - Hfcllon i. Townnhlp 22 Houth, '
homo Friday iiIkIiI. aftor npomlliiK . Itin: 18 Hnnt. Willamette Meridian,
wook In tho iiiiiiiiitiilnn. nni1 "" Rrnunda for his content ho al-
Mm. Frank Arnold and Frooda I '"" ,,,a,: i
wont lo Hlntcm Holiday lo vlnlt Mm. I ' ou ,,nv, totally and entirely
C I, (lint. Bliandonod nald claim for more than1
J I'arberry. of Clovordalo. and lx montha Innt pant and have novorl
Anthony Houch. of Hlntom. autood toi"1"1'" '"" (lat" ot fllliiK thereon ro
lj Slock I
SH'i! groceries!
HEN you can et
more truit or vec-
tuhlcs to the can for the
same price as the other
kind, you are money
ahead. When you get a
better quality for the
same price, you have
made money. When you
get the Preferred Stock
grade of produce you are
getting absolutely the
best that can be had at
no greater cost than you
would pay for an inferior
grade. These goods tire
selected with great care,
packed a little closer, thus
making more to the can.
lloud Monday after Mr. I'arunrry'
hounohold Koodn, In Mr. Itoucli'n auto
(Ilndya I'arberry and Lillian Van
Matro were nhoppliiK III Hlntom Wed
uonday aftornoon.
Mr. and Mm. 1,. (I. (Initio and
ilnuRhtom, Klminor and Maude, re
turned from tholr trip In the valley,
IioIiik alinonl two weak They went
In tholr new Ford.
.Mmdral I'mram U (Jlirn In Conner.
Hon With Affair Halt) Hoy N
Horn at Hii)Iit Homo.
(Hpoclal to Tho Hullotln)
Tt'MAI.O. Auk. 2S An Ice cream
Hided upon or cultivated nald land
according lo law; that your ahnence
from Hie nald land wan not and has
not Iiahm due lo your employment In i
the military branch of the U. H. Oovi
eminent ot service rendered In con-
noctlon with Rovernmeiit operations i
In Mexico, or along the borders I
thereof, or In mobilization camps I
elsewhere In the military or naval
organisation ot tho United States,
or the Natlonul Guard of any nf the
several states of the United Htntos.
lou are. therefore, further notl-i
ilea that the said allegations will be j
taken as confessed, and your said
entry will be canceled without fur
ther right lo be heard, either before
this office or on appeal. If you fall
lo file In thin office within twenty
days after Hie fourth publication ot
this notice, as shown below, your
answer, under oath, specifically re
npnndlng to these allegations of con
test, together with due nroof that
If You Want Quality, Quantity at the Lesser Price
We Pay the Highest Prices
for Farm Produce
nociai was given in tne (Kill latK rri- r" "ve nervmi a copy or your an
day night. Those In attendance en- M"r n the said contestant either
Joyed i iu p ran nun. imperially the''" person or by registered mall.
Piano duet by Mlna Nlta Howell audi You should state In your answer
Miss Oeorgla Skinner, the mines sung the name of the poet office to uiilili
by Mm. Caruso and the reading by '" desire future notices to be sent
Miss Hartley, which was glvon before . to run.
the cream was served. I J AS. F. HCItdlCSfi. Register.
Mimes Hdlth and ICMlier Ibtlea ra-.lbite nf 1st publication. Aug. 9. 1917
turn ml home from the Hlark Hutte' "te of Xd publication, Aug. IS, 1917
ranch lout Friday morning. I lt of Id publication. Aug. S3. 1917
A 10-iMiuiid boy waa bom Into thelte of 4th publication. Aug. 30. 1317
F. Dement & Co,
"The Preferred Slock Store"
(1. W. Hnyder family
MIm Ituby Marlon
home now
lat Saturday
la staying at
Department of the Interior, United Date of 1st publication. Aug. 9. 1917
Htaiea i.nt Office. The Dalles. I Date of Id publication. Aug. 16, 1917
Oregon. July 31, 1917. i Date of Sd publication, Aug. 23, 1917
Date of -till publication, Aug. 30, 1917
i To Hubert Dullols, of Whlttaker,
I Oregon, Contestee:
I You are hereby notified that Clyde
M. Shatter, who glvea Mllllcan, Ore
i Kmi. an bis post office address, did on
June IS. 1917. file In this office his
I uuiy corroborated application to con
the name ot the post office to which 'and to said property held by the said . thereof as may be necessary to sat-
you desire future notice to be sent! defendants Miller and DeUolt at thelsfy the said Judgment In favor ot
lo you. I time of the execution of said mort-! said H. E. Jones against said William
II. FRANK WOODCOCK, gage, and that you and all ot the.Qottsteln and Lillian Gottsteln, his
Register, other defendants to this suit be for-'wife, with Interest thereon, together
wun an eosis anu uiaouraemenis inai
have or may accrue.
Filth ind Wulungton Slirtti
Centrally Localtd The Hold (or YOU
Special Summer Kates
Hoom with Imth privilege, single 75c up; double
$1.00 up. Hoom with private bath, single $1.50
up; double $2.00 up.
Auto bus meets trains.
Union Depot ears puss our doors.
From North Hank Depot S car transfer at 5th St.
In the Circuit Court ot the State ot
Oreguu for Deschutes County.
!?.1f "ii"1 ?ur U'" ettc,,latl" f Mortgage Company for America, a
corporation, IMalntlff. vs. Joseph
your llomeatead, Kntry No . Serial
i ti. 01004S. made March 11, 1911, i
for the NKV,. NH SKV4. Section 33;
INWU SWt, and SWV, NWV.8ec-i
Hon 34. TowtiBhlp 19 South. Range
10 Hast. Willamette Meridian, and as
grounds or Ills contest he allege
that said Robert Dullols has uiintiv,
abandoned said tract for more than
M. Milter. Joseph Wllmor DoIIolt,
J. W. aibson. Molllo I.. Olbson, J.
W. Olbson, guardian ot Guy Olbson,
a minor, K. A. KuBloy, trustoo, Ho
mer D. Augell and Forrest R.
Flutter, Defendants.
To the defendants, Joseph M. Mil-
The Kose City's world-tamed hotel, occu
pying an entire block. All Outside
rooms. Superior dining and grill ser
vice. An atmosphere of refinement,
T -- with a service of courtsey. -
European Plan; $1.50 and Up
six months last past and has wholly ,er Jwepli Wllmor Dellolt and Mol
i i leu 10 reside upon or cultivate said "u " u""UIl;
tract, nnd that said absence from the' In the name of tho Stato of Ore
laud waa not duo to the eutryman's gon, You nre herehy ordered to ap
employment In military service ren-'pear In the above entitled court and
tiered In connection with operations causo within six weeks from tho first
In Mexico, or along the borders there- publication of this summons, the date
of, or In mobilization camps else-iot said first publication being Juno
where, In the military or naval or J 28. 1017. that be Inn tho tlmo within
gaiiUatlou of tho United States or tbei which you nre directed to appear by
National Guard of any ot tho several the order of tho ubovo entitled court,
tntos. i uml make answor to tho complaint
You are, therefore, further notified heroin, tind If you fall to so appoar
that the said allegations will be taken I and answer said complaint, plaintiff
by this office as having been con- will apply to the court for tho relief
tossed by you, and your said entry , doumndod In tho complaint, towlt:
will bo cancelled thorounder without For Judgment against tho said Miller
your manor rignt to no hoard there- and Dellolt in tho sum of J3.0C3.73.
In, either before this office or on with Intorost thoroon at tlio rate ot
appeal, If you fall to file In this of-IS per cont per an mi in from April 1,
flee within twenty days after the 1917, nnd tho further sum of 300.00
fourth publcntlon ot this notice, as attorneys' foos. with intorost thoreon
shown below, your answer, under , at tho rate of S por cont per annum,
oath, spoclflcally mooting and re-1 and Its costs nnd disbursements
spoiullug to those allegations of con- haroltt, and for tho foreclosure of
tost, or If you fall within that time' that certain mortgage mado by tho
to filu In this office duo proof i said Joseph M. Miller and Joseph
Hint you havo aervod a copy Wllmer Dellolt, Juno IB, 1914, nnd
of your answer on tho said recorded Juno 30, 1914, In Vojiimo
contestant olther In person or by reg-i 21 of Mortgages ot Crook County,
Istered mall, If this aorvlro Is made Orogon, at pugo 157 thereof, cover-
by tho delivery of a copy of your, lug tho Southwoat Quarter of the
ever barred and foreclosed of any
and all right, title or Interest in and
to said property, and for such other
relief as may be just, and for its
costs and disbursements.
This summons Is published by or-;
tier ot the Honorable T. K. J. Duffy, j
Judge of the above entitled Court,
dated the lSth day of June. 1917. I
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
17-2 4 c.
Dated at Dend. Deschutes County,
Orogon, August C. 1917.
Department ot the Interior, United
States Land Office, Lakevlew, Oro
gon, July IS, 1917.
To Erik G undersoil, ot Rend, Ore
gon, Contestee:
ou are hereby notified that Hllllo
viir-ij im mtii, iptTinv
Department of the ...terlo.r, m$?J$tel?&'ni
States uand Office at The Dalles, '.! iaVr YiiZ u, thTr'tiiZ. k . .1..1C
Orecon Julv 10 1917 I18, 19l7 "Ie ,n th,s "M hls du,r
Notlco is hereby glvon that Stanley
Smith, ot Mllllcan, Oregon, who, on
July 15. 1913, made Homostoad En
try No. 011894, tor tho Stt Section
29, Township 20 South, Hango 16
East, Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice ot intention to mako final
three year proof, to establish claim
to tho land above described, beforo
II. C. Ellis, U. S. Commissioner, at
Hond, Oregon, on tho 23rd day ot
August, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Otis C. Henklo. William A. Harris,
Robert O. Russoll, ot Bend, Oregon;
D. Maurice Hunter, ot Mllllcan.
20-24p Register.
lly virtuo of an attachment exe
cution to me duly Issued by tho Clerk
of tho Circuit Court of the County, Stnt08 or tho National Ouird ot any
corroborated application to contest
and secure the cancellation ot your
Homestead Entry No. , Serial No.
09012, mado December 21, 191C, for
the NVi. Section 9. Township 22
South, Range IS East. Wlllametto
Meridian, and as grounds tor his con
test he alleges that:
1. You havo wholly and entirely
abandoned said claim for moro than
six months last past, and havo nover
since the dato ot filing thoroon re
Bided upou or cultivated said land
according to law;
2. That your absence from tho said
land was not and has not been due to
your employment In tho military
branch ot the U. S. Government, or
service rendered in connections with
operations In Moxico, or along tho
borders thereof, or In mobilization
camps elsewhere In the military or
naval organizations ot the united
of Deschutos, Stato of Oregon, dated
tho bth day ot August, 1917, In a
certain action In tho Circuit Court
for said County and Stato, wherein
It, E, Jones, as plaintiff, rocovored
Judgment against William Gottsteln
and Lillian Gottsteln, his wife, as tie
ot the several states of tho United
You are, therefore, turtltor noti
fied that tho said allegations will bo
taken as confessed, aud your said
entry will be cancelled without fur
titer right to be beard, eltltor beforo
answer to tho contestant In person,
proof of such service must bo either
tho said contestant's written ac
knowledgment of his rocelpt of the
copy, showing tho dato ot Its receipt,
or tho affidavit of tho porsou by
whom tho delivery waa tiuulo stating
when and whoro tho copy was deliv
ered; If made by registered mall,
proof ot such sorvlco must consist of
tho affidavit of tho porsou by whom
tho copy was mallod stating when
and tho post office to which It was
mailed, and this affidavit must bo
accompanied by tho postmaster's re
colpt for the lottor.
You should stato In your answer
Northottst Quarter, tho Northwest
Quartor ot tho Southeast Quarter, tho
Northottst Quartor ot tho Southwest
Quartor, and tho Southeast Quartor
ot tho NorthwoBt Quartor ot Section
31, Township 15 South of Hango 11,
East of tho Willnmetto Meridian,
being 160 acres, and sltuato In tho
County of Deschutes and Stato of
Oregon, and that tho mortgage here
lubofaro describotl bo docrood to bo
n first lion on said ronl proporty su
perior to any and all other Interests
tlterotn, and that said property bo
sold to Batlsfy said mortgago dobt,
and that tho purchaser at said sale
tako all right, tltlo and lutoreat in
fondants, for tho sum of Fourtoen ; this office or on appeal. It you fall
niimusuruilj I'uuuia, umi luaia uml 0 1116 III I II IS OIUCO Wltnin tW0nl"
dlsbiirsomonts taxed at Fifteen Dol-idavs after the fourth nubllcatlon ot
tars, on the 11th day ot July. 1017.
Notlco Is hereby given that I will
en the 7th day of Sopterabor, 1917,
tins notice, as shown below, your
answor, under oath, specifically re
sponding to theso allegations of con-
tit tho front door ot tho court housa tost, together with due proof that you
in Hontt. in salt! county, nt 10 o'cloclc I havo sorved a copy ot your answer
In tho forenoon of said day, sell at j on tho said contestant either In por-
iiuuuu (tumuli iu iiiu uiKiiuai uiuuur, buii or uy regtsiereu matt,
You should Btnte in your answer
tho nanio of tho post office to which
you deslro future notices to be sont
for cash, tho following described
proporty, towlt:
Lots Ten, Elovon and Twolvo, (10,
11 and 12) in Block Ton (10) of, to you.
Wlestorla, an addition to Dond, Dos- JAS. F. DUROESS, Ucglstor.
chutes County, Oregon, as por tho ! Date of 1st publication, Aug. 9, 1917
cortifled plat thereof on file; taken Date ot 2d publication, Aug. 16, 1917
and levied upon as the property of Date of 3d publication, Aug. 23, 1917
the said William Oottstetn and Lll- Dato of 4th publication, Aug. 30, 1917
Han Qottsain, his wife, or as much pi.