The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 21, 1917, Image 1

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the bend bulletin.
JIIOND, IIKHdlUTKH COUNTY, OHKGOS, Till ItHDAY, .lt'N'15 i!l, 1117
NO. 1(1
' ''
ipiiob County I'roiM-rly VmIuciI ut
JHW,000 mid Debt Met nt gqtf.OOO
Delinquent Tiu Jurlliti
ItciimliiN I'lini'Mlid.
(From Wednesday's Dully.)
Kxaopl for tlio adjustment of spoo
IhI ncooiiula, which must uwnlt audit
Ing.'tho settloniMit between Doa
rhutoa ntul Crook counties following
tho division of Crook county wua
amlt-nhly nrrnriKml by tlio county
nurla of tho two comities on Mon
day, All monition of tho courta
ern present nt tho munllng, which
waa held lit Prlnnvlllo, ami In uddl
llon District Attorney H. II. Do Ar
r Blond, of Deschutes county, to advise
on legal question eonnected with tho
To a largo oxtont tho business of
Ihe settlement was made simple be
cause of tho precedents set at the
tunu of tho settlement between Crook
noil Jefferson oounllea two ynara
nro. Tim iiama valuation wm put
oh tho county property a In 1916
r anil tho aamn general proredtirH fol
lowed. Klghty-olglil thousand dol
Inm wna tho figure net for the vuliio
tf tho county building ami tho Crook
county debt waa agreed to bo
Under tho division statui,- thn
wholo debt la aaiutned by thn old
county, which also rctnlua full tltln
i to all proporty, Itnad machinery In
Deschutes county hna been Inven
toried nml will bn aold to Deschutes
If n prlco can bo agreed upon. Whuth
tr Crook or Deschutes will collect
delinquent taxxua on proporty In Dim
?hutoa wna loft to tho district attor
noya for settlement.
An nudlt of thn aprclal nccounta
-will bn'mndo toon and adjuatmcuta
roudo based on It.
I Prom Wednesday's Dally.)
IIKND. Or . June 10 To the
IMIIor: I send you harewith a quo
tation from "DoniMtle KiiKlueerlng,"
on h subject of Interest to the people
tit IIhiiiI. Tho llend Amntmir Ath
letic club la working for thta, and If
tho people bolleva In Jt thoy ahniild
giro tho club their support. Tho
quotation la aa follow:
"Mtluontlng puplla In tlio value of
personal cleanliness, aa a moana of
propmtluK health and hygleuu, which
lit turn stimulates nddml mental ef
ficiency, tho Chicago Hoard of hduea
tlnn la carrying out n policy In public
rthool education which la proving a
4-onslruotlvo forco In tlio making of
future citizens.
"Other InrRO cllloa throughout the
country hnvo adopted or nro adopting
almllar pollclas lit thq ichomo of pop
ular oducntlon for tho youiiK- I"
Now York City much progress hna
licon achieved along thla lino, and
today wo find, beside tlio Indoor
pools, thoao which havo boon cou
jructod In tho opun, on achool roota
unil within lnoloauroH with tho aky
in a a canopy.
-"unitary ongluccru and rcpro
sentatlvca of tlio plumbing craft woro
advocates of awlmmliiK poola in tho
public uohoola youra beforp thoaq fa
cilities woro IiibUiIIo.iI, mid today
jnon of tho trade, nloni; with otlmr
oltlxuiiH, uro Intoruatml In tho inovo-.
muni to provldn all public adhoolH
-with poola and not roatrlut thorn to
tUa poorer mid llilckly populutml
partH at tho city." OPPICHll.
(Prom Wfldnnadny'8 Dally.)
I'rellminarlea toward tho forma
tion of un auxiliary to tuu Hand
Chapter nt tho Hud Croaa wore taken
yoatortlny nt tho f annul b' plculu hold
nt th Krnntse hull. A number of
nnplloatloiia wore U;noit to be aunt
to tho local chnptor mid orKunlxatlou
will tnke placo lator, Slxty-sovon
.(IdllurH wiih fltibBorlbod to tho Hod
Croaa fund.
Aalde from enjoying ' tho good
.things to oa provldgd by tho ludlou,
Mlid ililQf, bualnoas of tho plonlo waa
'a HppukliiK program on which np-
VMrml Ilov. II. 0. Porry, Hov. H. II.
Allan. II. J. Ovorturf, A. Whlanant
'urul 8, h. Wiggins. County Agrl-
AiitturnllBt U. A. lllanclinrd acted na
roaator of coromoulea.
iamaiiaBHBHaVS .. " SaiiiiH
Mnilcimnt ItiKiciKS Ilottnril, -
V. H. S.
Ono of tlio flrat from thla anc-
tlou to ttullat In tlio navy InBt
aprlnx waa Itoacoa Howard, of -
DcRflhuti'B. Mr llowurd had had
conaldurubto oxporlonro In naval
atfalra, and waa appointed a
lluutflnnnt In thn rvanrvo, later
bulng ordnrud la nctlvo duty nt
llromcrton, whoro ho la now
AllltAMlliMKNTH CO.MI'l.liTi:!) IIV
ihii'lty vauiii:n cvsstsa
(Prom Tucadny'a Dally.)
That ho had arranged, while In
Portland, for thn ahlpmont of GOO.OOC
anwll trout from the atnto hntchnry
at lloiiuavllla to tho Hand hatchery,
waa RtaUiil .by John Cunnlnghnm.
deputy gamn warden for thla dUtrlct
thla morning. Mr. Cuhnlngbatu hna
Juat returned from Portland whoro
arrangemonta wero mndo with game
official tor tho trauifor of tho trout
fry to llmid.
Tho llounovlllo trout will bo taken
direct to tho local hntchory. from
which thoy will later be distributed
among tho atreuma and lakoa of Cen
tral Oregon.
Trout hatching at the local atatlon
will begin about July 1. when 300.
000 apawn will be received from
Odnll lake. Aa In former yaara,
Pnrl l.ynea, of CrMwirtt. will be In
eharge of the hatchery.
Hevnnty thousand apuwn nhlppod
In from Odell lako wero forwarded
to llounovlllo thla morning on no
count at thn Inability of tho Hond
hfttchory to halidlo them thla early
In tho acaaon,
' (Frpm ThurHday'a Dally.)
At tho but rogular meeting of tho
Kegtorn 8nr Ojango. No. 482, reao-
imlduaAvcro adopted coucornlng tho
deatructlpn of ground aqulrrola and
iioyoirol'. goplipri, an followa:
'Whercoa, the Pluto ground aqulr-
rel nnd tho pocket gopher nro dam
a.slng our orapi, and
,"VlierflS, "Viany . non-realdontB
mako no utfort to naslnt ua In tholr
''Thetefore.die'HTcflolved, by Iat
crn.fl.tar Ornngu No. -t8S, Patroua or
Hualmndry.tbar-wo go on record na
fnvnrfW the paaaago of n Stto Peat
lw, compellliiR the compuliory
pnlaourng of roil out peata similar to
tho ono In forco In other a In ton hav
ing aiich a law and which ban boon
found sotlBfactory by tho Hlologlcal
Survny ot tho, United Htatoa.
"Ho l( further reaolvod that tho
County ot DoBchutea be nskoil to
upproprluto not loss than $1000 for
poHt control next year.
"Vo also rooomnuind tho . rat
proofing of all public olovatora uud
nil Storage for grain and almllar
"Ilo It further reenlvad, that n
oopy of tluwo reaolutlona be hbiU to
tho nowapapev and to H. A. Ward,
of ,tho U. 8. Hlologlcal Survey, and
to tho Orugon 8tato Ornngus, now In
BiBBlou nt Astoria, Oro.
(Prom Thursdays Dally.)
It. N. Btnnflold la tho purchaser
ot tho first car of wool to bo ship
pod thla year from Central Orugon.
Tho flrat Bhlpmont comprlaoa 30,000
pounda, tho clips ot Murphy Uros.
and Mlko Atigland . Tho wool goes
to tho Columbia llnsln Wool Wnro
hoti8 oCompany, of Portland,
Htoto MtnmliiatldiiH for DcHcliutrM
Tmrlirra to Ho Held In Hr'nil
....... ..-r-'.lk ljr.....l.....lf...
( .llll.l Ml'lf I,I1IIIIIH.1IIII
Hclicdiilo Announriil.
(Prom Prlday'a Dally.)
Tho nine graduatua from tho
tcachora' training courae of tho Hund
high achool thla year will not bo re
quired to take tho teacher examina
tion for ono year, five year, and Ufa
cortlflcatoa which will bo given In
Hcnd, June 27, 28, 29 and 30,
The graduates of thla department,
according to J. Alton Thompion,
county achool aiiperlntottdoiit, nro
quallflod to teach for tho earning
year. If aucceaaful their flrat year
they may be again recommended by
tho county auporlutoudent for an ad
ditional year of touching before they
will bo required to take the exam
ination for atate certificate. Thoae
who hold lire cortlflcatoa and grad
uates ot tho atate normal achool do
not have to take examination.
Three of the high acboel graduate
havo already secured schools for the
coming year. Marie Hrostorhoua
wit Itoaob music and act aa supply
toaohor In tho llend city schools.
Oorlrudo Reynolds will havo charge
of tho lowor grades In Mctollut,
Pratieca Thompson baa boon employ
ed to teach the Young achool cast
ot Hcnd.
Kxamlnatloua for those whoso ccr
tlflcatea hnvo expired will bo held
In tho Hcnd high achool auditorium,
June I7i 38. 39 and 30, for Deschutes
county teachers. An average ot 76
will be required In 11 subjects for
tho ono yar cortlflcatoa, an avorago
of 86 In 1C subjects for tho flvo year
permit, and an avorago of 86 In 24
aubjecta will be required .for lite
certlfleatea. All grades which havo
previously beou pawed with a grade
of 00 per cent need not be taken
again, according to Mr Thompson.
The examination schedule hna bn
announced aa followa:
Wednesday, forenoon, U. 8. his
tory, panmanahlp, drawing, tnusle;
afternuoH. phyalalngy, reading, man
ual training, composition, domwtlc
nelenee. methods In reading, course
of study for drawing, methods In
Thursday forenoon, arithmetic,
history ot education, psychology,
methods In geocraphy, mechanical
drawing, doniostle art. courae of
study for domestic art; afternoon,
grammar, geography, stenography,
Aniorlcan literature, physics, type
writing, methods In langunge, thaala
for primary certificate.
Prlday forenoon, theory and prao-
ftlco, orthography, physical geogra
phy, Kiigllah literature, ahomlatry,
physical culture; afternoon, school
law, geology, algebra, olvll govern
ment. ftaturday foreuoou, seametry. bot
any; afternoon, general 'history,
The President's
THE WHITE HOUSE, May 25, 1917 "Innsmuch
as our thoughts as a nation are now turned in united
purpose toward the performance of the services and
duties which we have assumed in the cause of liberty
and justice;
"Inasmuch as but a small proportion of our people
can have the opportunity to serve upon the actual
field of battle, but all men, women and children alike
may serve and serve effectively by making it pos
sible to care properly for those who do serve under
arms at home and abroad;
"And, inasmuch as the American Red Cross is the
official rccognzicd agency for voluntary effort in
behalf of the armed forces of the nation and for the
administration of relief;
"Therefore, by virtue of my authority as President
of the United States, and as President of the Amer
ican Red Cross, I, Woodvow Wilson, do hereby pro
claim tho week beginning June 18, 1917, as Red Cross
week, during which the people of the United States
will be called upon to give generously and in a spirit
of patriotic sacrifice for the support and mainten
ance of this work of national need.
Minor lcr, of .Mllllruii, Injured In
Kxpliwlon ComrM 2H Mile for
Medical Altciillon llcnt
HxpltMlrH ('jip In Hnnil.
(Prom Saturday's Dally.)
Pour dynamlto caps hold In tho
hand of Klmor Dyer, of Mllllcan Val
ley, exploded this morning, tearing
away the thumb and all excopt tho
little finger un his left hand.
Tho accident occurred on tho home
elood of Krnest Dyer, brother of tho
Injured man, 28 miles eaat of Hond,
at 0 o'clock thla morning. Dyor waa
rushed to llend by automobllo and
arrived at tho Hond Surgical hoa-
pltal at 11:20. Ho la under the care
of Dr. Couslneau.
Dyor, who waa alone at tho time,
waa throwing away seven dynamlto
eapa that were left In the house from
axeavatlen work on a well laat sum
mer.' He had thrown three away,
one at a time, and his brother plow
ing In the field had heard the re
ports, when the four remaining caps
exploded from the heat ot Dyer's
Tho palm of Dyor'a loft hand Is
being stitched togethor, and hla eyea,
whloh are badly swollen, will prob
ably be saved from permanent In
Jury. Dyor'a face, arma and atoroach
woro badly, but not seriously, torn
In the explosion. Ilo is 23 years
A. J. Kwxiicrt la Prct.ldcnt-MniinKcr,
AV. It. Wilkinson, Vlro Prctildnit,
Prank Pctrnmn, Kccrctnry.
(From Tueaday'a Dally.)
The nanio ot tho firm of Gardnor
Wtlklnaon Lumber Company baa
been changed to the Pine Tree Lum
ber Company, according to an an
nouncement made today by A. J.
Kroanert. president-manager of the
new company. Under the terms of
the artlclea of Incorporation the oth
er officers are W. It. Wllklnaon. vie
president, Prank Peterson, aaorotary.
Mr. Kroenert waa formerly con
nected with on Oregon lumber com
pany - by tho same namo aa that
aelactod for the local concern.
(Prom Tuosday'a Dally.)
That Deschutes county haa 2423
school children, to old Crook'" 114G,
and will horeatter be entitled to over
twice tho amount of atate achool
funds that Is allowed Crook aouuty,
was the statement of J. A. Thomp
son, county achool superintendent,
thla morning.
Mr. Thompson waa In Prinevllle
yeatvrday securing Daechutea county
school records.
Animal Killed by Itnncli ifntid,
Welulm Only i-'.t 1'otindi, Hut
In Pull Grmvn.
(Prom Wednesday') Dally.)
What la said to bo a dosorl bear,
wolghlng 26 pounda but full grown,
and In appearance the same aa a
rogular brown bear, exxcept for a
smaller neck and a larger atotnacb,
waa killed, Monday on the road be
tween Klamath Palis and tho O. T.
MoKondrco ranch, in the Paulina
Mountains. The dwarf bear waa
soared up a Juniper tree and allot
by Dan Drlseoll, an employee of Mr.
Tho bear, which Is only 20 Inches
long, waa believed to be a cub until
after It had been shot and found to
have hard paws and tooth, proving
It to bo aevoral years old. Mr. Drls
eoll ahot tho boar with a pistol and,
not knowing Juat what kind of an
animal ho had bagged, carried It
homo in a pocket on hla pack horse.
Tho only bear of thla known to
havo been killed In Central Oregon
waa ahot about flvo years ago In
about tho same neighborhood aa tho
ono found Monday. Mr. McKendree,
although having heard of the dwarf
boars, had never aecn ono bofore.
Ho la in Hond and will send tho
skin to a taxidermist.
(Prom Wednesday's Dally.)
' Just as tho construction of the
saw mills at Hond was thocausq,of
bringing considerable business to tho
country around the . town, Dend la
now enjoying a llttlo extra business
on account of tho construction of the
now railroad from the main line to
Ono plcco of business came to
Hcnd with tho tie contract obtained
by B. P. Logan, and more la now
being received 'by tho Hutfachmldt
Dugan Iron Works, which has largo
ordera in connection with tho rail
road building. Por use In getting
out their heavy oaatiuga the company
haa Juat put in a crane.
Of juat how much Importance the
foundry la to Central Oregon waa
shown by a ruahprder received at
the Huftacbmldt-Dugan plant recent
ly. The main wheel ot the log haul
at the Gardner-Wilkinson mill, six
inlloB from Uend, broke at 5 o'clock
and an order waa put In that after
noon tor replacement. The foundry
turned out tho new whcol comploted
at 6 o'clock Monday morning in tlmo
to avoid n shut down at tho mill.
Ordera are now In for the casting
of ton tons ot gratings for Tho Shev-lln-IIIxon
company. Six tons of
boiler cnatlngs wero mado recently
for tho same company.
An order la also in for the casting
ot wheels for new lumber trucks
that are to be built at tho Gardner
Wilkinson mill.
Hutfachmldt & Dugan oatlmate
their total output at tho Dend plant
to be six tons a week. At thla rate
they have, without any ostra work
being received whatever, ordera
which will keep them busy for tho
next two months. Plvo men are em
ployed. BEND AVINS 104 GAME
Ten Hits Converted Into 10 ltuim by
l.ocul Team at Culver Merrill
CJUoii (JihmI Support.
(From Monday '8 Dally.)
Hand converted 10 lilts Into as
many runs yesterday at Culver
against the reorganized Joffcreon
county aggregation and bgat tUa Jef
feraonlans by a acoro of 10 to 1. The
Mndras-Culver team being unnhU to
convert their 11 hits Into a uumy
scores, enabled Hend to bring horn
the victory.
Hend gave Merrill good support
through moat ot tho game.
Next Sunday Bond plays Priim
vllle at PrlueviUe, and Jefremon
county plays Shevlln-Hlxon at Band.
Tho Jetforson County-Bond lineups
yoaterday were aa follows:
Bend Holliuahoad, rf; Morrill, p;
Stover. 2bb; O. Johnson, o; O'Don
uoll. It; Tolow, 3b; Lynch, aa; Baker,
ct; I. Johnson, lb.
Jettoraon County McOnee, If;
Marlon, ss; Ovorhulso, c; MoKoiulo,
2b; Boring. P5 P. Wlegand, lb;
Moad, 3Moad, 3b; Mooro cf; Carnea,
Ono Hundred anoTBcventj-'Mcii Need
1 for Organisation Ttiotm Join
tag Not Subject to Draft, Hat
nro for Pcdcrnl Service.
(Prom Tuesday's Dally.)
Returning, to town this morning,
Philip Brooks, of Iho Pilot Hntto
Inn, brought further information
concerning tho formation of u bat
tery of mountain artillery here, first
reported In Tho Bulletin several
weeks ago. Mr, Drooks haa been
working on tho Idea during hla ab
aonco and la now ready to proceed
In oaao tho necessary men algnlfy
their doalro to Join auch an organiza
tion. According to Mr. Drooks, 170 men
are needed for a mountain battery.
They would enlist as members of the
National Guard of Oregon, and as
auch not be subject to draft. Tbcr
would, however, be subject to trans'
for to the Federal service. When
called Into tho Federal service, they
would go aa a unit, thereby getting
the advantage of aervng together.
If two batteries were formed In
Deschutes county Dend would be
come battalion headquarters.
It is Mr. Brooks' expectation to
Join the officers' training camp to
open at the Presidio on August 27.
but until then he Is ready to devote
hla wholo time to tho development
of the mountain battery, and In case
almllar unita wero formed elsewhere
In this section he would arrange to
visit them regularly for training
"Artillery is the crack branch ot
the service," Mr. Drooks said this
morning, "and men who Joined this
battery here would be assured ot the
best ot training. Uniforms and ordi
nary equipment would be Issued as
soon as the battery wore formed,
and pay would bogln. Hecolpt ot
guns would depend on tho Federal
Any who are Interested In tho for
mation ot such organization are
urged to communicate with Mr,
Brooks at ones.
lly It. A. Illuuclinrvl.
(Prom Prlday'a Dally Bulletin)
A recent bulletin from tho U. S.
Department ot Agriculture should ba
In tho hands of every Cry land far
mer In Central Oregon. The bulletin
la written by L. R. Drolthaupt, super
intendent of the Harney Branch Ex
periment Station, and deals with
many of tho problems ot tho farmers
ot the Great Baain.
The publication takes up tho pro
duction ot the email grains on non
Irrigated farms, land between 4000
and 6000 elevation. It deals with
the varieties, tillage, rotations and
equipment needed, discussing it In
a practical way. It deals with tho
common peata sueh as sage rats and
rabbits, together with the formulas
for their successful poisoning.
Every farmer who la thinking ot
his business, ahould obtain ono of
these bulletins. They are free for
the aaklng and can be procured by
addressing tho U. S. Department of.
Agriculture, division ot publications.
and aaklng for Farmers' Bulletin
300. "Oralus for tho Dry Lands ot
Central Oregon."
Proposed1 Itoml Cllos lfusy G ratio to
(Prom Tuesday's Daily.)
Aa a result of an tlnveatigutlon
made yesterday by viewers, n report
will bs turned In to the county court
urging this ensuing ot the proposed
Daton rAd which begins at a point
two in ties north ot Tuiualo and runs
one and oa-fourih miles west. Tho
proposed rad would open a new
route and ottex an easier grade to
those making the trip from Bend to
The board of viewers consisted of
George S. Young. J. C. Thorpe and
Prank May. Action on the now
route will be taken at tho July -session
ot tho county court.
A board ot viewers coualstlns of
Qoorgo 8. Young. Frod Wilson and
A. F. Ramy Is today Investigating
a proposed road to run from near tho.
Bend brickyard to tho Tumalo roeer-Yoir.