The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 14, 1917, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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    BEND tUIII.KTlN, hKNI, Oft?w6tf, TJlimSDAVj JUNIi J4) tTi
i i i ' "' ' ' ' r " ' "f " " ' ' " in i I'll
Official Results of Special Election, Des
chutes County
The Largest and Choicest Variety of
Women's & Children's Shoes
. J ... .
at a Remarkable Saving
: NUMBER 540.
fAflR A.
ff is. a e s
, .8 g 5s 3
a- . g 8 a b- . 2
New Pole Lines Will Accommotlntc
30 New Telephone Patrons
Second Kxtrnslon Which Hn.i
Uecn Made This Spring.
(Prom Tuesday's Dully.)
Work began this morning on tele
phone line extension to accommodate
30 more Bend families, who have ap
plied tor phones. The work Is being
tlono under the direction of P. L.
Ferguson, construction foreman, of
With the addition of these phones,
over G40 phones will bo In operation
from the llcnd office. The principal
extensions will bo made along Ro
vnro and East Norton avenues and
on Kast Third street. Forty new
lines have been installed In the Dcnd
switchboard to accommodate the
new phones, according to H. A. Wot
tcrborg, wire chief of the Pacific
Telephone & Telegraph Company
lines In this district. Due to the
many new applications for service
through the Uend office, this is the
1. Uend M.-MS6
2. Uend 36
3. Uend v-.41
4. Uend 49
6. Uend 28
6. South Side ....23
7. La Pine 41
8. Lava 1
9. West SIdo C
10. Awbrey 11
11. Tutualo 52
12. Plttlnvlow .:.... 18
13. Sisters
14. Lower
15. Terrebonne ....39
16. Hcdmond 48
17. Tothorow ......30
18. Cllnc Palls ....24
Girls Orchestra; lecture, "Through
Five Republics on Horseback," Dr.
second time the construction crow o. Whltctlold Itay, P. It. O. S., "The
has been called to Uend this year. , Livingston of South America,"
Mr. Ferguson brought four assist
ants with him from Portland and
will employ seven local men, as soon
as possible, to carry on the pole lino
a is "a ' "o ,
r? S r ' S
: c u H j III
- r.. HIM
! o : I ,
Yes No, Yes No Yes No Yes No Yea No Yes No Yon No
13 26 42r5l28 46 20 69 14 32 38 70 12 IIIUI
9 12 28 19 14 29 & 32 9 17 22 40 9
9 20 30 81 16 41 10 61 ' 5 30 9 60 13
16 2S 36 28 20 47 13 67 12 44 23 64 13
6 '10. 26 13 16 29 4 33 4 20 16 41 8
16 12 36 10 26 28 14 37 8 8 35 9 40
12 14 39 23 26 34 8 46 9 25 28 51 7
2 4 2 4 3 Q 1 &
1 R ft 1 7 S 5 (5 S -J I Will
3 3 11 8 6 13 2 12 3 6 7 11 4 ' l P"
18 16 64 27 36 33 34 48 24 17 63 6S 15 I llllll
11 29 8 16 17 11 28 3 2 37 13 ID 'Mill
6 44 10 36 24 21 35 18 11 43 36 21
1 33 2 37 13 28 19 21 I 37 3 3?'
21 6 64 15 36 37 29 .19 22 14 49 14 00 I llllll
28 21 59 23 46 45 26 61 23 27 53 66 20
18 4 60 6 37 27 20 34 17 7 43 12 41 I
8 1 33 18 14 9 23 27 6 1 33 9 26 1 llllll
9 14 10 91 14 8 18 2 6 17 9 161 II
..7 29 16 14 19 13 23 10 10 27 20 19' H
15 20 2 27 9 26 23 12 9 27 12 26
t -J a isi ii 12 au V l 21! 14 lol
4 25 15 12 15 12 22 6 5 24 16 15
7 11 16) 7 14 21 5 22 5 6 19j 22 9
' llllll
i 17 30 24
Woiticn's White Canvas
. Button Shoes, medium
Women's White Canvas
high top, French heel
Women's White Canvas, &A Cf
English toe, kid trimmed .. . P.W
Women's White , Poplin upper, kid
vamp, Louis heel, at j ((
Women's White Canvas fcO f(
Deschutes 16
20. Alfalfa 23
21. Orange 9
22. Mllllcan .....V18
23. Urothers 12
24. Hampton ...... 20
Pumps, French heel, at .'
Children's Canvas Pumps, fr CA
Pumps, $125
Misses' Canvas
8V2 to 13
Women's White Canvas Pump, Cuban
licnl fcO OCC fcO Cf
ai p-i&J iP.OU
Misses' Canvas Pumps, C, Off
18V6 to 2 ..... V .AO
Misses' Mriry" Jane Piimps, white
solo and heel, sizes 2 (to OR
to G. r. ,. .......... V J'
Ladies' Dull Kid Bar Pumps dM fin
French heel, all sizes P1. W
ies' Patent Pumps, med- &A ((
or high heels Ht.UU
Shuwhite Polish, cleans and
whitens all canvas or kid shoes
Total 638 329232 747,337 506&66 344762 24731C 6661649 441
Evening Conccrt-entcrtalnmont.
Military airls. A full evening of
mirth, melody and mimicry.
Kortl KnutiKiii Spcmh W), rnctl
While Working fur llulletln,
for CJovrniment Paper.
(From Friday's Dallr Dullotln)
Setting an example to many of
(the older residents of Uend. 11 year
(Prom Wednesday's Dally.) Pord Knutson, son of Mr. and
Bend's Chautauqua Is teralded as' Mrs. M. D. Knutson, of this
six happy snappy days." from Ju,y , Ju. J-ha.ed aL.b-
more, the money hlch went to buy
J, Clark Miotics, at tho Uend hos
pital, a son.
John A. Pausch, of Plfo, Is spend
ing the day In Uend attending to
business matters.
Mrs. It. A. Dccth, of Portland, ar
rived this morning to visit for a few
days at the homo of hur daughter,
Mrs. P. Rea Norris.
Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Puller, of
IllooralngUin, Illinois, wero In Uend
yesterday to meet their daughter,
Mrs. G. A. Welter, of Portland, and
to visit tholr son, II. O. Puller, of
this city. Mr. Puller, 8r., Is re
maining A few days In Uend, while
Mrs. Puller and Mrs. Welter have
gono to Portland.
Economy is the Keynote, Buy Where You
Can Buy Cheapest and Best
Corset Covers : ;. 25c 35c 50c G5c
Muslin Skirts .'. ,.75c $1.00 $1.25 $1.50
Envelope Combinations 75c 98c $1.25 $2.00
Muslin Gowns 50c 75c $1.00 $1.25
White and Figured Satteen Underskirts at v $2.00
Silk Petticoats $3.00 $3.50 $1.00 $5.00
Tub Silk Waists, plain and striped $3.00 $3.50
White Silk Stockings ; 75c $1.00 $1.25
2 to 7, Inclusive.' The Chautauqua
comes this year when Uend will bo
in the "go" spirit" with the celebra
tion of the 4th of July and other
activities .that lend zest to this mid
summer holiday season.
The committee in charge of sale
of tickets will begin its work within
tho jicxt week so that this detail
may not be held until the last few
days before the Chautauqua opens.
As In former years that tho Chau
tauqua has been In Bend, the junior
Chautauqua will occupy a part of
tho morning program. Miss Euthor
Jane Clark this year will be in charge
of the Junior Chautauqua as super
visor. The program submitted for the
Bend Chautauqua Is as follows:
Tliui-Mluy Music Day.
MornliiB Juniors, "Making Amer
icans," Nature Stroles.
Afternoon Concert, Royal Venet
ian Band: community lecture, "The
Adventure of Being Human," Mrs.
Lorene Wiswell Wilson.
Evening Grand Concert, Jos. Lo
Zlto and Royal Venetian Band; pop
ular selection, Mary Adel Hays; col
oratura soprano, accompanied by Lo
Zlto and his entire Band.
Morning Juniors, "Making Amer
icans." Indian stories.
Afternoon Prelude, The Wasser
Company; lecture, "Misunderstood
Mexico," W. L. Melllnger.
Evening Entertainment, The
Wasser Company; motion pictures,
Mawgon Antarctic Expedition, with
Sir Douglas Mawson's own lecture,
W. lu Melllnger, lecturer in charge.
Morning Juniors, "Making Amer
icans," Japanese stories.
Afternoon ".Stories of the South,"
Wood Urlggs; pageant, "Making
Americans"; Junior Cbautauquans
and "Miss Columbia." Admission 35
Evening Closing entertainment,
An Evening In the Alps, quaint Switz
erland in song and story, Alpine echo
songs, hunting songs, yodellng,
GrauB Alpine Yodel'ers.
Afternoon Opening exercises, Im
portant announcements, superintend
ent; concert, Lyric Glee Club; Im
personations, Francis Hendry; organ
izing Junior Chautauqua, "Making
Evening Concert, Lyric Glee
Club; popular lecture, "Ell and Den
nis," Dr. Andrew Johnson, humorist.
Morning Juniors, "Making Amer
icans," Norse stories,
Aftornoon-1-Prelude, Pillion Con
cert Party; popular lecture, "Tho
House of Man," Win. A. Done.
Evening (Jomjert, Pillion Concert
Party; lecture-oration ,"The Prfce of
Progress," Gov. Georgo A. Carlson, of
Wednesday Patriots' Day.
MorningJuniors, "Making Amer
icans,' English and Irish stories.
Afternoon Prelude, Military
the bond was actually earned by tho
yongster himself, representing a por
tion of his savings while he has been
working selling and carrying papers
for The Bend Bulletin for several
months post.
Ford had a little moro than 80
on deposit In a local bank, he ex
plained last night, but when tho sub
scription lists for the bonds were
thrown open, he promptly withdrew
more than half ot'hls savings, making
Uncle Sam security for his Investments.
t (From Friday's Daily.)
M. S. Brown, of Hampton, spent
last night In Uend.
Horn, Thursday, to Mr. and Mrs.
W. L. O'Donnell, a son.
C. P. Seeds and C. A. Sherman
are here today from Uarnee.
Charles Umbach, of Lakevlew, Is
spending tho day In the city.
Miss May Thomson, of Prinevllle,
was a guest In the city last night.
' Mrs. E. Rea Norris left last night
for Portland to visit for two weeks.
E. C. Thurston was in Uend last
night from his home at Lakevlew.
Uorn last night, to Mr. and Mrs.
(From Friday's Dally.)
Alan Helchu has returned to Uend
from Portland.
Mrs. A. Cohrs, of Prinevllle, vis
ited last night In Bend.
Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Donovan are In
Dcnd today from their homo nt Itllcy,
J. H. arlfflth. of Sisters. Is in the
city today attending to business mat
ters. Dr. G. L. Cotlslneau left last night
for Portland and will bo gon;rior
several days.
A. S. Holmes and family, .of the
Lower Bridge section, were visitors
In Uend last night'.
W. R. Ward, Miss Alice Ward, and
Miss Florence Ward left this morn
ing by auto for Portlaud.
Miss Audrey McCuen, of Hunters,
Washington, Is In Uond visiting her
sister, Miss Harriet McCuen.
Pord Cex left this morning to at
tend the wedlng of his sister. Ho
will visit for a few days In Portland
before returning to Uond.
Dr. and Mrs R. L. Edwards loft
Reed-Smith Merc. Company
Central Oregon's Largest Distributor
this morning for Salem to make Uielrj horseback this morning on a trip
home, Dr. Edwards being compelled 'through the mountains to Olalln
Visits Bend Monthly,
Watch Paper for Dates,
or Inquire of
Another advance in the price on Auto Tires.
If In need, protect yourself at the earliest
date possible. ,
We Handle the U. S.
None Better.
t ,
Skuse Hardware Company
Always Striving to Please
to seek a change of climate for his I Butte, Pram there ho intends to go
,oalth. 1 1 Diamond peak, returning to Uend
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Rlchtor. "X way of Crescent Lake.
ot Park addjtlqn, are tho parents of
an eight and one-half pound ,ml)y jVILL
uoy. itiuwicr aim nun uiu uuiu im
ported to be doing well.
The Uond Parent-Teacher Associa
tion will meet Tuesday afternoon ut
2:30 In the new high school build
ing. All Interested In the work of
the association are urged to attend
the meeting.
Charles C. Uurhannn stnrted on
Tuiniilo (irndo Curvf to Do Widened,
l.t-ftM-iiliiK Dangrr.
( Prom Wednesday's Dally 1
The County Court has ordered
County Surveyor George S. Young to
survey the' curve nt tho top of the
Tumnlo grade with tho vluw to wid
ening It and establishing n bench at
the top so that danger of nccldmit
may bu lessened. Estimates wilt bo
submitted to the court at Its meet
ing Friday,
Gilbert (Sb Son
Tho only Moro in Uend
where you can get your gro
ceries and meats at tho same
Phone lied U71
You have but one pair ot
Don't neglect for a single day
examination of your eyes, if
you think that you are troubled.
' Careful diagnosis made. Gtass
es fitted if needed Factory on
the premises.
Optometrist, Optician
with Myron H. Symons, Jeweler
,0'Kuno Building
Dear Boys and
Myron H. Symons
Call and get one FREE.
j Mr. Tick Mouse
s H sfoRt: tHAf SV YmiLiVS6
Hear the Bell !
to all men to appear beneath the eun,
bedecked in one of our Light Falls, or
a Smart Sinnet, or a Panama
$1.50 to $6.00
Patriotic Neckwear
Beautiful nsvy Hue lillc, decor- K f
ated with the colors - - -
Harmonious Haberdashery
You will find here all the new smart styles in Soft Collars
and we have also a wide and select assortment of Bow Ties
t ;