The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 10, 1917, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    IUCNUIV.MJmJ)KNOmiOTONnitmHnAY,M't.V 10 1017'
,' I Sassafras Hark 10c a' Bag
I Make your own tonics
llcin Selected Italian Imported Olive Oil 1
per bottle IlSc, 50c, MOc,
si:i: our windows
t . e
to rmimin hlii work In tlio snow study
of uro iiiiitrrct - " -
(From Wuilucsday'H Dntly.)
IC. D. Ilatnnlnii In In Ilia city today
ifrom III liuniu In lllloy.
) M. J, Morrlnon. of Hamilton, In In
'(tlio city today on business,
i ' A. F Oukitruian lit u business vis
hior In llio city from Hums,
Mm, J. W. Klktm. of Crescent, In
yIhKIiik wlih friends In Hend.
ifa Mm. W. L. Colli) loft last nlKlit for
,1'ortlniul to spend a fnw dnyii.
A. Illnnchnrd,
lait iiIkIiI In
Mr. and Mm. K.
of Uiidtntiud, spoilt
I.. Wink elm an and rVr, Oconto
WliikoliiiNii, of Hu in inn r ljko, firu"
'spmidlnic thjj day In lliinl.
MUn llniol Stephens, of'UoMon, ar
rived In Hend lout nlftht tptlnlt, with
hnr sUter, Mm. Frank It Prince
Mr, mi (I Mm. W L, Crow, of Port
land, motored to Hand from Tho
Da I leu today, mid left thin oftronoon
for 1 1 run.
Mr. and Mm. I,. 1). MaKlllrnfurjicd
to Ilend thin moriiliiK after a Wedding
trip to coast points. Thuy litva "tak
en apartments at tlio Pilot Ilulto
lllll. I
Mr. and Mm. O. C. Morgan, of
Lnko Arthur, Now Mexico, havu nr
rlvnd In Hend to mako tholr homo
Imru. Mr. MiirKn U a member o(
thu Now Mexico liar, and Intends to
open law offices In this city noon,
Fred N. Wallace U In the effy To
day on business, from Tutnalu.
"Cou lily CommliNlonor L. K. Hmlto
wan In llond today from Hrdmojid,
to attvnd tho session of countyfiojirT.
William Sprnat, of thn Deschutes
National Forestry sorvlcn, loft thin
(From Thursdays ntflly.) ,'
A, 0, Walker ffVlsltlilg In HcH
from Alfalfa. ''
('. H. Iliiclnon wnnt to Portland oil
fiimlnoHH hint nlKht.
Mm. I.. K, Hill li (I visitor In Dend
from hur homo at Catlow. ,
J. V. Wnriwi niwl It. (' Ni.Un.f hra
In thn city today from Moborts
(loorn Mllllciin lit In (hit city to
day from IiIh homo In Mllllcnn t
Mr. and Mm. If. M, NuIhoii, of Im-'
perlnl, uro IiIinIiiohh visitors In l(oiid,
J J. Wilt, of Sisters, wn In Heli'l
liiNt nlKht for thu Masonic IjuikJIU'L
T. A MtC'unii loft I11M nlxlit "oil
hi rogular trip to Llbby, lontana.
Frank It. Prlni-o returned tills1
tnornliiK from a business trip to Port-
John Hayes, of Silver Lake, Is nt
tondliiK to business mattum In Iloud
Jtaymond I.. Cornwoll and C. I).
Springer, of .m1iuii, uro spending tho
day In Hend.
County Clerk J. II. Hancr has
Kouo to Portland to receive treat
ment for bin eyes which have given
out from over strain,
II. II, Corey ,nnd Frank J. Miller,
member of tlio Htnto Public ri.irrtyo
coramliitloii, with II. II. Do Armoml,
Vernon A. Forbes and Ucorcii ft.
Young, returned to Dend last ni;ht
Horn Hller, whnro tho bearing in
tl-o H(unw Crcok Irrigation rato (sko
woh begun, Tho cane woa rciurued
Horn, Hi In morning to Mr. and Mm,
flnmuel H. Layman, a norfeif "pound
dnugh tor.
Horn, thin inornlnK to Mr, ind
Mm, Clifford Mackoy, a aoven and i
ono-half pound duughtor. i
It. (I. Fullnr returned this morn
ing from Portland, whi'ro ho Tificnt
tlio week end vlnltliu; relatlvna. f
13. C. Latidlngham linn 'taken o baV
bor chair with tho PJIbt "Dutto Uar
bor Hhop, of which P'red Kuteij ia
Mm. Af, It. IJIggB, Mm. II. T.Jofin.
nan, I). JoIiiihoii and II, Van Nuyi
wore Prlnollo vlltot-Jln Iloncl over
tho wook oiid,
II. II, Coroy, maibar of thn Btato
Publli Kervlco Commlmilon, arrived
In Dend thin morning In route tof
uutem, for tlio Bfiinw Crook Irrlga
Hon project case.
Thnro will bo a mcc'tlrifc 6t tho Ld
dlf' Library club at tho library to-1
morrow afternoon. Tho Flower Hhow
and VHgctablo competition will bo
Vernon A. Forbra and II. II, Do Ar-
inond and Ooorgo 8. YoqnK loft this
morning for HMom, to bo prenunt
at tho Public Borrlee ConmUlon
hearing In tlio Squaw Creek Irriga
tion project rat cone.
A nurprliie party wan given at tho
home of Florence Downing, In Ken
wood, Saturday jilght by 12 of her
friend, tho occaalon boliiK hor
twelfth birthday. On men wero played
and Ice cream and cake feerved.
l 1
(From Monday's Dally.)
T. T.'IClng. of Fort Hock. Is a lie
vliltiir today.
C. H. Clow, of La Pine, was In tho
city, vcnterduy.
Y i;tV. Ouerney Is in tho city from
hl ranch near llrothem.
' Mr, anil Mm. W. Oumport, of Cllno
Falls, spoilt yesterday In Hend.
Karl Small was In thu city yes-
morning for Tiiinulo ranger station terday from his homo In silver Lake.
Economy Sale !
(From Saturday's Dally.)
T. W. Marshall was a business vis
itor In the city m flight.
Mr. and Aim. O; O.'Kl'nj of Ilrotti
em, aro visiting In tho city today.
J. O. Perry and J. M. Perry, of
Ilolyat, arc (ponding tho day In Hend.
Jacob Scliercr, of Alllllcan, Is In
the city today attending to land bus
S. F. Olson, of Fort Hock, Is In
IJond today looking nftcr business
L. II. Lafollctt and son wero vis
itors In the city last night, from their
homo lu Hedrnond.
Spencer C. Cornish Is leaving for
his homestead in Lako county, after
spending several weeks in Hend.
Afrs. J O. Whltakcr, of Hampton,
has been called to tho bedsldo of her
sister-lu-law In Dallas, Oregon.
Air and Mm. Hex It. Hackott have
gone to Portland, where Air. Hackett
has accepted a position with tho
Northern Express Co.
I - Mt ft i.. .-.j.... -.. ' I
- -f'" -WW UndcrweY
' hMT-r'OA wa are. 'ex-
TvL" y25S'p: "TjrTriL 'II lllll!
JjSSW V0SS ceptionaily i
"!SSfe rBsssW L'ArK MTcdtO 1
yrAPKKK't Xl..sJ I
m YiVFr7r4ip supp,y
i llllll ..... f -'" ll h it J I fJIselaf vffj J II
v rn nrrrr: , your
llllll v s s . Ulw 0! llllll
- y. - UnderweV
Men's .Cooper's- spring and dom; comfortablo In alt post- i
summer weight, lisle thread tlonsl All made with tho Genu- j
IJIIJI union suits, at !.(, iti3, 'no Kloscd Kroteb Cooper'ft, jj
llllll ,,;M, ?"! f2.0) 2M). tho Three-Seasons Underwear. .
llllll .. . ... . .'. .. . .. Atcnl Wo can save vnn mnnfr llllll
Mens Ainieuc unions hu is ..... ., .. w.C I
Solsetto and Nainsook, Check- gljoc.'',01 DMt pa,r 0t Work I
cd $1.00 Holt
Original Chippewa Full Doubla ma
L Fflny.woJflo cloaked $lJMfiult So'o (Joodyear Welt Shoes a M
K Ojlfef slilts aT JM)c, 0c wonderful valuo H4.0O Voir j
Two-piece underwear, too, at SWSS'S? ?? 1
per garment. ftOc, tOc, l(Ml uiflf ami up to 0.75 tlicv'ro II
III Viirtt-ft fit. vnl nArfit frnn. nil .! .n..M. llllll
1 II Ml ------ --r - J--W....WW sau twa . IHlUtm 1
I II III mmmmmmmm'mmmmmmmm'mmmmmmmmm II I
1 PSPEl' I
See the Big Bills! Don't Miss It!
Dress Gingham
A .stiindard cloth
9c yard
thgrfBJi&tjs no jfoning
Galvanized Pail, 1 0 qts.
Limit 'J to customer '
29c each
House Broom
At.todnys value worth twice our
. . .
price, i
. -. i . A '
r --Limit one'to a customer
.00' ' I.
1 4 QfPairy Pail
A goodpne Limit 2 to customer ,
t- ? 39c each
l'2-piece dinner set in a fancy gilt decorated pattern 0 cups and saucers, (I dinner
plates, 0 pie plates, (I berry dishes, (J soup plates, 2 vegetable bowls,
1 platter, 1 covered sugar, 1 ereamer-'-regylar value $0.75
Special Sale Price $4,00
Curtain Scrim
yard wide, a great value,
1 5c yard
Children's Stockings
Worth more at the factory today
limit 2 pairs of size to customer
1 2c pair
Ladies' Stockings , .
A big value at today's prices Limit
2 pairs of size to customer
1 2c pair
Embroidery Specials
A big lot on sale
1 Oc yard
Table Damask
A mercerized cotton cloth that
washes and wears well
39c yard
(From Friday's Dally.)
I T Gardiner, of Terrebonno, nf.s
n Hend last night.
Mrs It. W. Ilucklll, of MllUcan.
spent last night In Hend.
Ji A. niackstonc. af Illvors, at
rived In tho city last night.
A, O. Walker, of Alfalfn, is a bur.
Inrss visitor in tho city today.
Mrs. A. . Onsloy Is In.tho city te
(!( from her homo In Lakcvlew
II. N. Aldrlch nnd C. C. Hprrls
nm in tln city Moduy from Ml'.ir
Charles II, Hoacan Is spending tlig
djy in thu c'ty. from tus nonn? at
Krcd Ha-rlman and Ed Ha-iiiy,
cf Culver, am spending tho div n
Pond lookhff after business natters.
II .0. Fuller will leave this even
Ine for Portland, whore he. will visit
at tho homo of his cousin over tho
wtick end.
District Attorney II. H. DaAVraond
nnd Vernon A. Forbes returned to
Dend last nlxht from Prlnevllle,
whero they argued a motion In tho
defunct county division quo. war
ranto case,
Mrs. Charles Johnson concluded a
two day visit In Hend at tho homo
of Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Hoed this morn
ing, and left for her home lu Hums.
She has bcon apoudlng tho last two
months in Portland.
It. 11. Hayloy, of Tumalo, Is a
visitor In town this afternoon.
D. L. Wiggins returned thts morn
ing from a business trip to Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hastings ro
turuod from Slaters yestorday after
noon. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Hudson, Mrs,
Ward Coblo and Miss Falrlamb re
turned yesterday aftornoon from a
trip to Silver Laka and Paisley.
Out of respect to the memory of
tho lato A. O. Hunter, whoso funeral
Is bolng held today In Drantford,
Ontario, tho offlco of Tho Dend Com
pany Is closed this aftornoon.
for Priuovlllo on business connected
with the old county division case.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hastings went
to Sisters yesterday, where Mr. Hast
ings has forestry business to attend
County Judgo W. D. names. Com
missioners Alex Mackintosh and L.
R. Smith, County Treasurer Clyde
McKay, and County School Superin
tendent J. Alton Thompson are In
Prinevllla today on county business.
To audit county bills, tho mem
bers of tho Deschutes county court
mot, this morning- In tho counoll
chambers of tho O'Kano building.
This aftornoon ' a moetlng of tho
school district boundary board was
CondensecLreport of tho
Condition of
The Central Oregon -Bank
Dpnd, Oregon
At tho close of 'business, May 1. 1017
D. E. Ho.vteh, President
CAltLBTON B. Swift, Vice-President
U. Mv Stephens, 'Cashier
Notlco is hereby given that funds
are available to pay warrants num
bered 007 to 78B, both Inclusive, on
School District No. 1, Deschutes
county, (formerly District No. 12.
Crook county). Said warrants will
be paid upon presentation to tho
undersigned, and Interest ceases this
Clerk ot'8chool District No. 1.
127-132C. .
Seo Edwards for paper baorjnju
Notice Is hereby given that the
undersigned haa been by tho Countv
Court of Deschutes County. Oregon,
appointed administrator oC tUo cstato
of Lillian F. Cobb, deceased, and all
persons having claims against, said,
cstato aro hereby required to pre
aont the same with proper vouchers
to tho undersigned at hla office In
Dend, Deschutes County, Oregon,
within six months after tho dato of
this notice.
Dated this 20th day of April, 1917.
Administrator of tho Estate of
Lillian F. Cobb, Deceased. 8-llo
Seo Edwards fur good -bo use paint
ing. Adv.
D. K. Hunter W. L. O'Donnoll
Carleton B. Swift
C. 1). Rorer II. M. Stephens
Bath Towel Special
The last big towel bargain for some
time limit 1 to a customer
! 1 9c each
Is 1
i Bend's Economy Center
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Mrs. M. Lelthauser, of Slaters, is
a Dond visitor today.
Hyrd Farlejgh, of Rodmond, spent
last night in Dend,
William Sproat is at Tumalo today
on national forestry business.
I. Zlorolf, of Hampton, Is In llond
today looking after business matters.
Earl Dorlng, of Culvor, is a bus
iness visitor in tho city today.
W. G. Hastings, supervisor of tho
Deschutes National forest, Is in Sla
torn today on official business.
G. 8, Mluton, of Paisley, arrived
In tho city las,t night and is remain
ing ovor today,
Thomas Sharp, of Priuovlllo, was a
Hend visitor last night.
Tho, public library has recolvod tho
Eliot ttvo foot shelf of books and a
sot of Cooper's works In 30 volumes.
Vernon A. Forbes and District At
torney IL II. DoArmoud loft today
Loans, and discounts $110,800 94
Overdrafts 371 93
Bonds and warrants I3.472.4il
Furnilure und tlxtures...... 3.2o0.45
Cosh on Hand aud duo from
bauks 04.100.20
Expensos paid...... 4,050.01
Tho Central Oregon Farmers
Creamery will hercatfer pay- ha pa
trons for their cream twice a month.
Adv. 2tfc.
Total J23USU3.5X1
Capital stock 9 25,000.00
Surplus and undivided prof
its ,..,.,....... 4,840.73
DjjHwiU 202,017.23
Total , $231,83.0tt
CommencemeBt Gifts
For Boy and Ctrl
We have the Lugctt Stock of
Mmic nd Miuical Mtrchtodiw
in the Northwett.
All uVLato Songt. i
Holloa Dnd liuttumrtitti1
All Thingt Muiicil all the Time.
Send (or Catalogue!.
SeiberIingLucas Music
125 4th St, Porijand.Oregoa I
For tho Girl
LaTausca Pearls'
Wrist Watches
Ivory Sets
Toilet Sets
Manicure Sets
For the Boy
Walderaar Chains
Watoh Fobs
Tlo Clasps
Larson & Company
Oregon Street
The Sign of tho Big Clock
Visits Bend Monthly,
Watch Paper for Dates,
or Inquire of