The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 26, 1917, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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I i I ill I ( ii ii Ii
I'Afin B.
P$ f 0 rri 'A',lke un
ill IwV E?manK!nI
HH tyMQaiL We do Kodak
P ill tW developing .
IHj mj R E E D &
(From Wmloomlny'ii Unity )
J. I.. Morgan, of Paisley, Ii spend
Iiik tint ilny In lleml.
0. V. Cliipp, of Lower llrlilK. Id
n business visitor In lluml today.
Minn Ague Klllott, of Prlnnvlllit,
uiih ii visitor yoNtorilny afternoon In
Fred N. Wul 1 11 c wiu In Dim city
kjyiwterday uflnriwoii (rum hi home
1il Tumalo.
Osriir Cute, of Port Hook, U spend
ing I ho ilny In lluml unending to bus.
Iiiiiiih mutters,
Ilolmrt Hdgerton. II. II. Wallace
mill A. H. Iluclniuii, of llurns, rrlved
In the oily lust nlKht.
It. A. Ilntloy. who has litmn away
for'niivurnl weeks on lui'ount of hi
health, linn returned to hi rHw at
the Altninoiit.
Mr. I). Keller, mother uf Mrs.
It. I). (Hlson, arrived from Ktuvllle,
Washington, last night mill Mill make
jjier Iiiiiiih here
Deputy Hherlff A. A. Anderson kiiiI
MivMor V. T. Mullsrkwy, uf lied-
To Our Patrons
Wfl bellorii this mure offer you
tho most complete Hues, the
greatest variety nml Hih most
dopmnlahlH qimlltlHt In hlKh
grade illnmuiiitN nml Jewelry,
fine watches, Htlvar nml glass.
We make n speetalty of wed
(I I 111? tcivltatluHM HHll announcements.
mom), hnvn moved to Henri, tnkliiK
rooms nt thu Allniuont
Kit MiiIiii, of tho Destitutes Forest
ry office, U on IiIh uii to Kfsturs lo
i limine tho wiring on tint rori'Htry
telephone lino In Hint vicinity.
, W ('. Wagner, iIIvIhIiiii Niipirtii
teiirient, nml Alox Luplier. chief on
Kluuor of tho Oregon Trunk, wont In
tlm city yesterday, Inspecting tor
iiiIiihI conditions hunt.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
MhiiiI Porter, of Tort Hook, In vis
iting In llond.
J. A. Anderson, of 8llor Lake, U
u guest In lm olty toilny.
A. II. Davis mill M. I. Flnloy, of
llitlil, wore In tho city toilny.
County Assessor V, T. Mullnrkoy
In In Henri toilny from Itmlmoml.
A. II. (lertsnn, of Hummer Lake,
In h business visitor In Henri toilny.
A M. MIcIihI, or Prlnevlllti. arrived
In Henri last night, ami In remaining
over today.
Dun llolslng Ih n bun In out vlnltnr
III tho city Imlny from liln ntncli on
tliN Mtttollui.
K. M DtMiior. of Himimor l.nkn.
In nttenillm; to liunlnww iimttoni In
(h city toddy.
II. I. l.tkRn nml A. W. Kmlth, of
CuUor, nr In lluml toilny, lookliiK
Hftor builniM mntlurN.
This Week's Specials
That Will Save
You Money
Men's Khaki Pants, extrajualUy $ 1 .25, $ 1 .50
Men's High Grade WorkjShoes -?.25,4.85
Boys' School Shoes, extra heavy
sole and top . -. 2.45, 3.45
Men's Rival Tennis Shoes, white
and black ., -.- ....-..-.95c
Men's Cotton Ribbed Union Suits,
Medium Weighty 95c
The Golden Rule Store
8(13 Wall Street BEND, OREGON
.. .,1 g . .
Larson & Co.
Vl(limVcf i Jli ()icui
J4 J Oint 5i niXD. 0rX.0N
5n . ! IU(i STHIJ- 7 1 1 OCK
(I'rom MoniU) Dally.)
V T rrnlR. of drliily. lit In tint
rlt) IihU) on bunlnmi.
(' I. llfniMin, of l.H IMiin. In a liu
liifM vltltor In tho city.
It. W. Murphy, or Mllllrmi. U In
thu tlty today on Inml himlnoM.
r Ht Mm. Kloyil I.hiii-, of Ktl
r l.nkn, nint yHttrlny In IImiiiI.
Mr. nml Mm. ( II. Irvlu. of IttxU
mowd, Httra w'k ond kmmU Ih llttnri
AIM UuIimi O'Nnll rctiiruml th'
inornlHK from h short vUlt to 1'urt-
J Mr. bmJ Mr. II. I'. Ilnfnril. of
l IMh. wttrw In tho city or tlitt
1 Mtk nil.
(1 Ilonnou hmi purrliKwil half In
tfri In tin brhr nhup of I' II
Mi wnrt mi WhII tttrci-t
llurh O'Ndl Ittfi Hominy tuoriiliiR
for WhII Walln imi rinilv to Aoultlt
to ciillt In the l'. H nrm
Wiilldcd Itcdtniui. of Itmlmnn &
Moont, left lnt nlnlit on u buiilnc
Irlji to Portland, to ho koiiu about n
I)r mid Mm. It I!. HIuko. or IVu
dlctnn, u ro vlnltor In llcml. Dr.
HIuko Ii owner or coimldornblo ronl
untntn near lluml.
Mrn. K. D. Wilson ami ilauithter.
Cornulln, huvo nituruuil to tholr homo
In Kenwood, nftr punilliii; vnvornl
w'crk (n thn II. K. Allen homo, ilur
Ihk Mm. Allan'n visit In Portland.
Local J. I.. l'erliiKttr, It. O Hun
Roll. Mm T. II Koloy, Mrn. J. J.
Clnpp, Mm. II. C. Kill, II. A. Go
ney, M. Ilumleraon, Ml Klilu Horn,
II. K. Norilccn nml Mr. nml Mrs. II.
II. I)Arniond wer amonc lleml phj
ple who attended tho Ilaptlitt con
vention In ltedumnd Imit week.
(From Saturday' Dally.)
Mm. II. C. Hill I ipunilliiR n few
day with friends at Itmlmnml.
A. O. Walker, or Alfalfa, I In
Horn! today on a brief huitnoia vlilt.
H. K. WtMt, or Itcilmoml, I In tho
city lookliiR uftor builnui matter.
Claude McCnuley mid C. M. Ilml
rinlil, or Donchutos. wcro busluuii
vlillom In tho city jentorday.
Kormit Sunorvlnor V. O. HaitliiKi
left hint nlKht for Fort Itock to ho
Koiio notorul ilnyn on RraxliiR bus
Iiium, Mr. ami Mm. W. W. nrlmteail,
Vrultn 1'ulnley. Mm. C. T. Mminliii;
nml A. H. lliidmati, ot Hums, uro In
the city.
Mr. anil Mm. J. 0. Mcduffie, for
mMr r Ident qf llaml. nrtt In thn city
thin nftomoon from their much In
Iteilmoml neotlon.
F 1 Itnwiou, nimiBRer or thn Odin
Fall power development project, wan
In town toilny trnntwctliiK huiluewt
In th county office
JInrry Hamlin, Hoy I'owcll ami
Claronco MayoN, or Ilny Creek, aro
vliltltiK In Demi for a few Jays be
fore leaving to Join the I'. S. army
In Portland,
County JiiiIko W. I). Ilarnes nml
County Kchool Kuperlntendeiit J, AN
ton Thompson wore In Itcdmond last
nlKht to attoml the tryout for tho
Central Oregon declamation contest.
Thoy declaro that llond high school
orutors will huvo keen competition
from tho Itcdmond delegation.
(From Friday's Dally.)
II. Dnuforth Is In from Fleetwood
Cecil a. HollluiliBad, of La I'lna,
arrived In lioml last night.
D. 7.k Itohlnett, ot Silver Lake, Is
npenilliig thu day In the city.
K. (Lewis, or Itcdmond, was a bus-
Ill ohm visitor In tho city last night.
Fril L. Malm Is visiting In llond
today from his homo at La IMno.
Itov O. 1'owoll and Clarence Mayos,
of.lluy Crsok, are llond visitors to
' Joe Graham, or Itcdmond, Is look
ing, after huslnvis Interests In llond
KJ 8. Nichols, of llond, Is regis
tereijst tho Hotol I'ortlund, Portland,
Mr. mid Mrs. F. W. Andersen, of
Crofj'nt.'nrlvflilMn Hand last night
and aro remaining over today. .
Mr, mid Mm. J. W. Carlan, Mrs.
J. KHtewnrt. Mm Walter Ilelknap.
nml D. II. People were Prlnevllle
vUltors In lluml aterday.
Mr.' mid Mm Stuart Canann and
daughter, who have been visiting In
lleml for the past six weeks with
Mr Caiman's mother, Mm James
Canaan, left yesterday for their home
In Vermontvllle, Mlhlgmi
Store News
Springtime is Underwear Time.
Complete Underwear Lines for
Men Women Children '
Ladies' Union Suits
Taped embroidery top, shell,
lace, or cuff knee; priced at
25c, 35c, 50c, 60c, 65c, 75c
and up to $2,00 Suit.
Separate Vests
10c, 12 '-c 15c, 20c, 25c, 35c,
50c each.
Men's Cooper
Kenosha Klosed Krotch Un
ion Suits, at $1.00, 41-25,
$1.50, $2.00.
Men's Special
Athletic Underwear, 50c suit
Boys' Special
Athletic Underwear 50c suit .
Look 'o Us for Your Underwear Needs
Mr and Mrs. L. L. Fox returned
this morning from Corvallls, whore
thoy were called by tho serious Ill
ness ot their daughter, ho Is at
tending the Oregon Agricultural col
lege. They reported that she Is much
Thomas Silk, a pioneer omploye
or tho O.-W. It. & N. ot La Grande,
Is spartfllng a tow days In Bond, as
the guest ot tho family of his son-in-law,
Charlos Whltmore. Uqfore
returning to his homo. Mr. Silk ox-
fpeqjs to ntakii an jaxtojided visit to
Portland and other coast poltfts.
Clothes for
WHETHER you are
vv well dressed on the
day your diploma is
awarded to you depends
upon yourself. It is nn
event in your lifetime
you will always look back
to with pride and satis
faction. It will enhance
your ratification, and
encourage the admiration
of your friends if you apt
pear on this momentous,
occasion dressed nbov'S'
criticism in a suit of
CLOTHES. They will
fit you perfectly. The
models and fabrics afford
you a fine choice from a
practically unlimited variety.
"The Mcn'l Tosj'y"
See Our Big Line of
All Open Stock Patterns
and sold by the piece
or set
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Klklns, of Cres
cent, are In the city today.
W. C. Ilolllnshead, of La Pino, ar
rived In the city last night.
P. II. Johnson, of Mtlllcan, was in
Html last night on business.
Mm II. K. Allen has returned to
Demi after a trip to Portland, Salem
and other coast points.
Mr. and Mm. F. M. Xumwalt. Mr
and Mrs. K. A. Graham and J. A.
Rraham are visitors In the eltyfrotn
Sisters today.
Tho marriago of M. F. Hawthorne,
ot Bend, to Mm. Allco Warren, oC
Sacramento, California, was an
nounced this morning ,whon Mr. ami
Mrs. Hawthorne arrived in tho city
to mnko their homo. The marrlaga
took placo In Oakland, Cal., on Ap-
rll K.
For sign painting see Edwards.
Four chairs at your service at the
Metropolitan. No waiting. Adv.
(Ffora, Wednesday's Dally.)
Nlnlan Illslop, who died In Leb
anon on April 1G, at tho age ot 91
years, was the rather ot Miss Joanna
Illslop, who taught In tho Dend
schools In the past year. Mr. Illslop
was born in Scotland In ISSfi, re
moving to Canadn In 1S41. He had
Ihed In tho west since 1908, coming
to Seattle at that time to be with
his daughter. Three other children
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