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NO. 8
FltoffifcTHis SECTION;
fiunrll Ksnerlwl lit Herve. iiw Cletif
ItiK House for OrKimUed .MotillU-"
ullon of Orr-iuii'M IUurre
May Control I'unil.
(Efcm TusdaDally.)
HALfiM. April rH.WHier)lnl.)-
Gavntnor Wlthycombo, nt tlm re
quest nt Nnwton I). linker, secretary
Of war, Jihb appointed n Htntn Coun
..ill of Nntltmnl Defense, whloh will
tin Oregon official organization (or
O9.npqratlon with thu Niitlonnl Coun--oll
In tlm work of mobilizing thn
Male's resources fur war-lime offlo
lunoy. tho dlstluetlon falls to n Hend
man of being Cenlrnl Oregon's rep
rsKonlnllvo on thlt council, 1ih gov
rnor having asked C. H. Hudson,
president of tho First National Hsuk,
tn servo. Mr. Hudson Iiiin accepted.
Tho chairman of tho council I
llvnry l.add Corbetl, president of
(hn Portland Chamber of Comuuirrw.
Other member nr General Churlen
II. Uwtlio((if Portland; Clark loiter,
odltor of (lift Observer, I. Grande;
It. M. BtnufMil, of Pendleton, speak
r ef lh (nut HnUH of Representa
tives nml ono of thu largest ranch
uwuani nml sheep rnlsnrii In (lit)
wait; W. K. Uhlmpff, of Astoria,
member of llm legislature, and
Oharlmi llnll, a prumluaiit oltlxen of
Meeting Culled.
Al (lio governor' request, Mr.
Oirbott U calling an Immediate
meeting of (ho eounell nt Portland.
Its flrsj purpose U to haIih'I i mom
ltr of thn eounell to go to Washing
ton to represent Oregon at n nation
wide war conference railed by Secre
tary Baker, to meet with him on
May 3.
It It expoctml that tlm Hint Co un
til) will serve an the ufflrlal clearing
house for all organized tunlilllMtliin
of Oregon's resource a dlrectwl anil
uilvliiml by Hi" national authnrltlui,
uHit that (oeally It will eonrillnata
tit aatlrltlMi of tht vnrlnua organ
iMllona workltiK In illffwrmit fltilrin.
Tlm Ktnto Co tin nil probably will
" uroifta Kenornl aupervhilon nvr tho
muHlwUloi) of nny fumU which may
tiinma nvallnblo from (he nudonal
trfBHifry, and It proaumnhly would
w (ho nKoiiry In oonjunctlon with
Mhlch (ho Korerniueiit would act If
tha illrurt ruKulatlon of fond prloea
und nlmllar work, U undertaken.
.U'luioi'iiiATim Tin: iani
should hi: koi.d, hayh j.kwih.
(From Frlday'a Dally.)
IloturnliiK froioi'fjumalo,,Avhoro ho
lias been w(th J. l fJowqll, II. M.
1'nrks and Fred N. Wallace, members
of tho commission npotntod bye tho
Desert I.aud hoard (o nucordilu thn
uuso of loivkugQ In (ho Tumalo ruBor
volr, Htutn Fhiglnnqr John II. I.owla
was In Knnd today, nnd declared IniU
ttovorul weoka might olupao boforo u
definite report could bo given by (ho
oommlaslon. Ho Intimated that a
mora Inclusive InvuHtlRiUlon might
bo found nucussary thup hud at' Hrst
ihenn oxpetud.
During tho prnsont trip of tho com
mission, sovurul luy will bo spent
t tho Tumalo resorvolr. Tho enm
inlsslon'B final report will bo tho
"hasls for tho expenditure of $1 0,000
'appropriated by tho hist legislature
,to euro tho leak which bus Impnlrud
tha efficiency of tho Tumalo jnlKti
tlon uyntem.
"One of tho main thlnga now la to
noil tho land and bring In moro sot
tlora," Mr. Lowls stutod this morn-
Ingr "Thoro nro approximately 3000
.ncrort of land In tho Tumalo suction,
,uurq1(1, wilch uro Independent of tho
fToservolr. When tho ropulra con-
4citlttlnl a,1 tidun ImnM VTiniln. Ill (I llU
sriiL11 flit y u tvuus - j"
eJbpWoVV of ,yQ country should bo
froWlnuV' '
Children lint Itolnj; Drlllcil for Xont
Tiiexihiy'H llvi-iil I'nrwm'a Or
clKNlru lo Uho .MiinIc.
(Krom WHiliiiwiliiy Dally.)
Hlahoratu plana urn IidIiik made by
Mra. 0. W. Hhrlner for tho May Kwttl.
vhi whluli will ho kIviiii TuuHiluy of
loruoon nt tho Hippodrome. Mra,
Rhrluiir In drlllliii? nioro tliun a acoru
f dhlldrnii for thu ovmit. Tho
erownliiR of tho May Qunmi who will
lid milndtml by futurilny nlciit, ami
thp wlnlriK of tho May Polo will bo
principal fmituroa of tho aftaruoou'a
proi;rntnV A muitliml pniRrom corn
poiiHil of local tnlout will ba retid
orml durliiK (ho iiftoriioon.
Thu May Quoon will ho iiniioiincod
at thn lllppodrouiu next Haturday
iivnnliiK. I'nraon'B IVorluim Orchns
tra, of I'ortland, will kIvii tho inunlc
for thn evnnt. DanuluR will bo hold
nftor tho fcHtlval until 0 o'clock, and
again In tlm uvonlnR from 0 o'clock
to mldnlKht.
1, Ovnrturn, l'ltrauii'a Orchuiitrn,
2. "Hlar Hnanulml Iluunnr," chorui.
3. CrownliiR May Queon.
i, Hole. "Amuriixi, i i.ovo vou," sir.
r.. Holo, mdcrtod, Mm. Ilccd,
C, I'lauo nolo, aolttetiid, Allco Block
7. Trio, "Dlxlo," Mra. Flab, Mra.
Mnol-uiirln, Mra. I'arkor.
8. llijto. "May MomltiK," Marnarol
!. Quartnt, nlHtwl, Mwri fltaata,
(Illnon, Hull. TrlplHtt.
10. Holo, "My Own United Htatca,"
Mm. FUh
11. "AmorlcH," choriiH.
lHrnl Nino Will Oct I'lrht HIiimWiik
On Homo DIhiiiouiI April 0
Jeffrn.un Cuiiuty lln) I'rlni-
lllr -Crtiuiids Worketl.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
The Central Oregon Ilaseball
league season will open ntixt Kuuday
with Hend playing The Hhevlln
Illxon nine on the Hand diamond,
nnd the Jefferson County team, com
posed of picked mon from Mudras
nnd Culver, playing- at rrhievlllo.
As yet llttlo preliminary praotlco
by any of the teams has been dono,
owing to thu belated spring weather
and unfavorable grounds. Although
next Sunday's gamu will not promise
much In the way of spectacular work,
It will start tho season off and af
ford thu teams an opportunity to gut
started away.
Tho Bliovlln-Hlxon nlno prnmlsoa
to be much stronger than It was last
yosr. Manager Ash Houston has
bi'on In tho field for some time for
men whom ho has enlisted to play
summor hull with tha mill company,
Ho nays ho Is going to see that Thq
Shevlln-Hlxou aggregation tops thq
league this season. Up to this time
the Ilmul nine tins not been ablo to
effect an organization, but a meet
ing has boon called tor tho council
rooms Wednesday ovenlug, nt which
prospective candidates for tha Uond
team am requested to bo presont to
start off tho season with a strong
It Is now planned to rrnrmngo tho
local grounds, Tho grandstand will
ho moved to tho south of Its presont
Blto and tho outtloldors will not bo
compelled to face tho sun In tho lato
afternoon. It Is oxpeoted to moJu
tho grounds much faster than last
yoar,wh!eh will muku hotter hall
than last year.
Tho schedule tor tho Benson has
boon complotod. Kuoh team plays
16 gamoH during tho season, which
will close August 5, Holiday or
games pluyod outsldo tho schedule
will not effect tho standing of tho
(From- Thursday's Dally.)
Word hns boon recolvod front the
Grand Kmlnont Commundor of tho
Knights Tomplar, favornblo to tho
granting of a dispensation for the
establishment of n Cnmtuandory In
Ilohd. Ho will como. to bring
tho dlaponsatlon and start tho work
In the Commnmlory na aoop as a sat
lstricfory date can bo sot,
Enrollment of lt-tnrH-n 2200 und 1100
Memlient KxMclrl I'rrparutloii
for U'lir'n KinrrKriiclr.) Will
Jlo tho Chief ,lm.
(From Wudnoaday'fl Dally.)
Antiouuaumonl that tho petition
of Hcud muu and womnn to bo por-
milted to orKanlzo a Hnd Cross Chap
tor horn, la Rrautvd, waa chief In
intrrent nt tho weekly luncheon of
tho Commorclal club held this noon
at (bo I'llol llutto Inn. Tho Intel
llgenco waa firm recolred In a tol
CRrum illreotml to Mm. A. K. Tralimi,
wlio Iioh been one of tho lenders In
thu movement to secure ft chapter of
the association for Hond. District
Organizer William II. Hush, of Ban
Francisco, will be heroFrlday even
Idr, the tnleKram sUIchI, to perfect
tha orRanlzatlon.
Commercial Club Manager II. J
Overturf Hiiuounced that the first
meeting of the It ml CroM would be
held at 8 o'clock Friday night at the
Hippodrome. It U expected that be
tween 200 and 300 members will be
enrolled, both women und men being
eligible, and It Is urged that a large
turnout be present at the Initial gath
ering. Chief among the alms of the
organization will bo the preparation
for var emergencies.
Ilntclirry Itetlrrment Sought.
The matter of the fish hatchery
was again brought up, and the
managor was directed to wrltfa the
Fish and Oarae Commission asking
that tho plant be given n thorough
renovating, nnd also to Inquire as to
when a deputy gumn warden will bo
appointed for Central Oregon.
The mattir. of tho good roads eon4ar(,?n. T0'1!! f VBrlo.t,0,,1. J?mt
vontlon to be held in Portland Sat-
urday, received some attention, nnd
It was iiMvetl that n committee of at
least three be sent to represent Hend.
In line with the food preparedness
movement, A. J. Kroonert, of the Ir
rigation committee, suggested that
with the cry going out for vacant
land, that now should be the time to
get federal aid for thu completion
of irrigation projeets In the vicinity
of Uend.
Horn In Vermont, Wiih Klgh( Yearn
n IU-Hldrnt of Ileml Vlriult)
Hprlctt to lie Tomorrow.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
After an llluosa of several weeks'
duration, Miss Susan H. IleiiBou died
last night at her home on Mountain
Crest View ran oh, ngod CO years.
She Is aurvlvod by two brothers and
two sisters, W. D. Iluuson, of Seattle;
Miss Mary Ileuson, of Hend, nml
Mrs. Nellie Hlgglns and. P. II. Hen
son, of Wulllugford, Vormont.
Miss lleusou was born In Claran
dou, Vormont, In 1S57, nnd has boon
a resident of this vicinity tor tho Inst
eight years.
Funeral services will bo conducted
from the home at 3 o'clock tomor
row afternoon,
Drastic Punishment Given
Convicted Bend Bootlegger
(From Thursday's Dally.) ,
As tho first result at investigations
whioh have boon conducted for some
tlma past through tho offloe of Dis
trict Attorney 11. II. DeArmond nnd
Shorlff S. K. Roberta, with the co
operation of tho city police, Frank
Shoftlold was found guilty In Juatlco
court lato yoatorday nftornoon on a
ohnrgo of hootlogglng, was soutoucod
to servo throo months In Jail, and to
pay a flno of $2S0. Tho Jury ruturn
od a vordlot half an hour nftor louv
Ing tho court room.
Thu defense Bot up by Sheffield
was a blaukut dQiilal of tho tostlmuny
glvou by tho state's wttnosses. He
doolnrod that tho liquor found In his
car had boon purchnB6d last year,
but It waa notod that tho govern
ment ravonuo utiunp boro tho date
1017, while foattniony given by Chief
of 'Pollvo Nixon, baaod on local ox
liross records, showod that no such
purchnaos had boon mtule umlor tho
old law allowing two quarts a month
City Offlcor Wlllard Houston do
olnrod that ho had soon tho defend
ant curly on Monday evening with a
I'atrlotlNiu Jjjuilcd m Kxnmpln to
Other ('nimiilii TlirtiiiKliuut tho
Hlnlo BeriN Will lUi Glvrn
Children Unnlilo to Huy.
in UnlU.) 1'rrw lo the IWnd Bulletin?
. 8ALKM, April 19.- Tho Public
Bervleo commission has just received
a wire from T. II. Foley, manager of
tho Ileml Water, Light & I'owor Co.,
accepting a suggestion for reduced
Mater rates for back yard and vaoant
lot gardonlng, and going the commis
sion ono bettor by offering free wa
ter, and free seeds, as an aid to tho
food preparedness movomont.
This Is tho first reply recolvod to
(he commission's suggestions which
have been sent out to wator com
panies In Oregon, and the action of
the progressive, imtriotle Uend cor
poration Is considered here to be a
splendid state-whin example.
The action of the Hend Water,
LUght & Power Co. is winning much
favorable comment In the papers in
I'ortland and In Salem. It Is stated
that Governor Wlthycombe originat
ed the plan last week In a letter writ
ten to the commission.
The governor Is writing direct to
Mr. Foley, complimenting him on his
Mr. Foley's telegram to the State
Public Service cnmmlsaloi), In which
'he made tho offer quoted In the
Satom dispatch, was as follows:
"n'eplylng to your lettor of tho
16th, please bo advised that we will
file schedule to bo offectivo May 1,
allowing tho free use of water by
school children for vacant lot gar
dening. Wo will also furnish trco
"on"ou ".. c u .? . ". 1. ..
1st to children unable to purohaso
same. We will. In addition, allow
free use of water to anyone for book
yard gardening."
ConTcst for Property Owners In HIv
er Terrace to CIom? August 1.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
In line with the general home pre
pnredneea movement throughout the
country, tha owners of Illver Ter
race, acting through their salecgent,
Harrison Latham, are offering prizes
of 16, 10. and (, for the most at
tractive yard In tho addition. The
contest will close August 1. Doth
back and front yard gardens, as well
as lawns, will be taken into consid
eration In Judging, Mr. Latham an
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
llniiB A. Johnson, of Tumalo, camo
to (own thlfl morning with .a load of
potatoes. 3080 pounds In all, and
sold them readily, receiving n ohook
for $108.30. Ho also hod a can of
cream along, worth about IS. Oh,
for a farmer's life. Mr. John last
year had one of the biggest yields
of potatoes ever known on the Tum
alo project and running 400 bushels
to tho aero,
tbottlo of whiskey In his possession,
1 but Hint when Sheffield was arrested
later In the oveulng, tho bottlo had
been disposed of.
Frod Van Metor, It dovolopod. had
boon Informally notified to apponr
as a witness for tho stnto, but failed
to show up. Tho district attorney
demanded a bench warrant tor tho
lulHsjug man, hut although tho ordor
was rondlly granted by tho court, all
efforts of tho officers to locate tho
witness proved fruitless. Van Motor
hnd boun tho roolplout of n myster
ious looking package, dellvored by
Bhofflold Monday night, nml bolloved
to bo liquor, offlcora had testified
earlier in thu trial.
"I am particularly satisfied at tho
vordlot rendered nnd tho ponalty Im
posed," Mr. DoArmond said follow
ing tho trial. "This is not merely
for the oftect of this ono caso, hut
for tha Influence which it will havo
on others. This Is tho first caso' of
tho.Jtlnd in Doschutes county. Wheth
er or not it Is to bo tho last, rests
with thu pooplo of tho community."
OrKiinlJitloiiN In County Askori to
.Meet Without Delay to Consider
.Menus for InrrcnftluK Croiw.
(From Monday's Daily.)
A letter Issued to the members of
the county agricultural council by
County Agriculturalist Hlanohard,
omphaslzos the food shortage whleh
menaces the nation, nnd urges the
Immediate meeting of all farm or
ganizations in tho county, to do their
part In solving (ho problem.
Mr. Illanchard's letter Is as fol
lows; Tho United fltatos Is at war. Largo
preparations ore being mado for mu
nitions and an army of 2,000,000
mon. It Is a matter of historical re
cord that during tho length of any
hostilities between nations it Is not
guns and men but food, that offors
tho most sorlous problem. You al
ready know why Germany waged her
submarine warfare. You have read
for two years of Dolglum's pitiful
plight, as woll as others. Thero ex
ists a world food shortage and tho
American farmer holds tho crisis in
If our county agricultural council,
which has worked so splendidly prior
to this cvont. has never functioned in
a big way, tho opportunity now beck
ons for action. President Wilson is
calling on the loyalty of every Amer
ican citizen to take up the hoe, pro
duce something of value, that our
army, navy, citizens and allies may
be fed. Our council of 33 members
represents organized farmers of over
1175 men in both Crook and Des
chutes counties In Oregon.
To each member who receives this
letter an urgent requost is being
made to immediately call your local
club, union, grange, organization and
neighbors together. Explain to the
farmers that this Is not a matter of
tho agriculturalist, tho council, your
self or any particular interest, but
ooncorns us all in patriotic duty to
tho United States In that mutual co
operation which characterizes a suc
cessful national in war.
Tho movomont is national, spread
ing over tho entlro country, every
city nnd town is mobilizing Its cit
izens and children in back yard and
vacant lot gardening. Tho American
farmer ns never boforo in our history
has a duty to perform. Prices of
course aro bound to be high.
The season is already late and in
some parts advanced. However, tho
following are some of tho things we
can do:
1. I) rood every sow on tho place
2. Dreed all heifers ln condition.
3. Plant more potatoes, within
reason ef labor.
4. Sow spring barley, wheat, rye,
and oata on ever available place.
6. Increase the poultry, set more
C. Grow a garden tor the home.
7. Save all the waste, use manuro
ns never before, b'uy less canned
Yours for patriotic loyalty.
County Agricultural Agent.
Alleys In Dunlne Section ItelnK
Thoroughly llenovnted Under Di
rection of Chief of Police.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Convinced that at least 50 por cent
of tho renters and property owners
In Bend will do nothing In tho Im
mediate futuro toward cloaulng up
their premises. Chief of Police Nixon
Is outorlng with vigor on tho renova
tion of private holdings. Incidental
ly, he is ontorlng the chargos against
tha owners.
Tha chief truoble, he doclared this
morning, Is being encountered In tho
business section, and It Is in this
district that refuse cluttered alleys
aro being rapidly put Into shnpo by
tho city.
Is Chosen to Head Organization On
Which l'lnnnclul Ihmleii of Ath
letic Club Will Host,
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Rlectlon of officers for thu holding
company of tho Bond Amateur Ath
letic club, which Is to have charge
of tho financial nffalra of tho club,
rosulted last night 'in tha selection
of T. II. Foloy as prosldent, and Carl
Johnson, vloo proaldout. Mombors
of tho hoard of directors nro C. S.
Hudson, H. K. Alton, D. 13. Hunter.
iauo 'janupAQ T H 'uoW 'V U.
Johnson and Mr. Foloy.
Tho next session of tho county
court win ua mo regular mamuig
an Wednesday, May 2, It was an
nounced this morning.
m i immR mil?
CharxcN of Violation of Liquor Laws
Invcwtlgatod by DMrlrt Attorney
In Hearing Today Mony
Witnesses nro Ilcnrtl.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
District Attorney DeAr,mond's In
vestigation beforo Justice Knstcs of
alleged violation of tho stnto pro
hibition laws at tho time of the op
ening of tho Pilot llutto Inn In March
was begun this morning beforo a
largo audience In the council room.
From tho many witnesses examined,
It was brought out that while guests
of tho hotel had liquor with them
at tho time, Its wan confined to them
selves and their friends In their
rooms. No evidence of sates Was
brought out, and Manager Hrldsall
denied having any knowledge of
liquor brought to tho hotel or used
by Its guests.
A number of witnesses, testified; to
having seen one, two or possibly
four men under the Influence of
liquor during the course of the even
ing, but no names were mentioned,
the witnesses preferring to give tho
names to the district attorney pri
vately. As the hearing developed chief
Importance was given to questions
concerning a barber named Orchard,
who was stated by Manager Blrdsall
to have offered to sell him several
gallons (-if whiskey. "Mr. Blrdsall
said that ho refused the offer. None
of tho succeeding witnesses wore ap
proached by Orchard. Mr. Blrdsall
also stated that he hnd Investigated
claims by tho barber of a theft of
monoy and found them to be without
Do Armontl Tells Aim.
A number of witnesses testified
, freely of having been given drinks,
land even of "swiping" them from
the rooms and seeking for more,
'while others saw neither liquor nor
signs of Intoxication. Beyond the
j Orchard matter related by Mr. Bird-
tall, no evidence was given of sales
or r.. tempted sales.
Beforo the taking of testimony
commenced District Attorney Do
Armond addressed the court, explain
ing the motives actuating him In
initiating a probe of conditions al
legedly oxistlng at the Pilot Butte
"This Investigation is called for
tho purpose of determining .whether
or not there wero any violations of
tho prohibition law at tho" opening
(Continued on page 4.)
(Prom Monday's Dally.)
After their parents and city of
ficers had searched for . ttam for
moro than a day's time, Harold, aged
olght, and Tuelraa, aged seven, tho
children of II. J. Svenson. of this city,
wtru found yosterday morning in a
tout baok of tho Lawrence bulldu s
on Wall street. The children run
away from home Friday night. In
a fit of temper because their parents
would not take them to church. Tor
an outfit they took with them 1G
oggs, a can of condensed milk, a loaf
of bread, and a box of matahee. Tho
llttlo girl woro a pair of hor broth
or's shoos. The ahlldron hnd npnar
polly suffered no harm from flieir
Sunday mornlu after ull efforts
to find tho missing youngsters ha I
boon In vain tqlephnuo cajlawuo
a,ant out wlththo Intention afW'utt
lug a search party, and the flro
alarm was rung for the sam pur
peso, It bolng tea rod that the uhi1
dren had mot with soiuo acale'AP.t.
After thoy wrcv found,, it developed
that thoy had gone on similar "
turbors before, nud had rmvifeated
t' ability in bolng,ab)Q to shift fur
b njsolves. ..
j My. Svonson Is recontly of tho Sl
vatjon Array, and la In Bend for the
purpose of establishing an lnd neml
ent mission.