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    taoi: o. hulletw, heni), orkgion, tiiuiisdAy, January is, 1017.
The Bend Bulletin
(Published Every Wednesday.)
anonae palmcr putnam
Aasoclato Editor.
An Independent newspaper stand
ing, for tho square dcnl, clean busi
ness, elenn polltlCB and tho best In
tercets of Hnnd and Central Oregon
One Year $1.G0
81z Months 7G
Threo Months SO
Tho determination of tho now
Commercial Club directors and man
ngor to maka tho club n greater
forco In tho development of Dond
luring tho coming year1 will bo wel
comed by all who havo tho Interest
of tho city nt heart. Tho spirit In
'which Iboy havo taken hold of the
work shows clearly that tho club has
selectod Its govornlng body well.
Presumably tho directors arc ma
turing plans for tho club work,
which will bo nnnounccd from tlmo
to tlmo for discussion and action nt
tho weekly meetings.
In addition manors not previously
considered will nrlso during tho
coursu of tho year which demand
immedlnto attention. Wo bollovo,
howuvcr, that to produco tho best
rosults tho club should adopt n
definite schedulo of work to bo nc
compllHhed nnd wo venture tho fol
lowing as mnttcrs worthy of having
n. placa on tho program I
1. Rural delivery to Tumnlo from
Rend. Tho mall to Tumalo now
goos from Deschutes, where thoro is
no station agent. According to our
Information the arrangonieut Is un
satisfactory to tho people of Tumnlo
and thoy would lie glad to Join In a
petition for a change TIiIb would
servo to link the two communities
closer and Improve business rela
tions. 2, Kroo express delivery. At
present express Is delivered by prl
vuto wagons and a chnrgo Is mado
which amounts to n largo Itom In tho
business .costs of tho town. In many
cities tho oxpress companies mnko
froo delivery. Wo do not know wliut
tholr sentiment before, thoy aro
frankly Interested In Oregon now,
And tholr Interest may vory caBlly do-
volop Into flOlds other than Hioro
simply concerning football. Thoy
havo their eyes on Oregon.
80 It Is when a school, or a col-
logo or a town has an especially high
roputatlon for successful nnd clonn
athletics. Take Raker, for Instance.
Tho high school there won practically
every basoball game nnd track meet
for a dozen years and novcr had Its
goal lino crossed In football for Ave
years, as wo recall It. That put Raker
on tho map. It attracted young men
to tho town. Thoy wanted to attend
a high school with such a record.
Hero In Rend wo aro Just getting
started, but wo havo n good start.
Wo hod a splendid football team, and
next season wo can havo another as
good or bettor, and probably moro
games will bo arranged. Wo had n
crcdltnblo baseball team, and this
year's will be better. And now basket
ball Is coming to tho fore, and a rat
tling good quintet will do much to
liven up Intercut In things athletic
and afford opportunity for healthy
competition with other communities.
It all pnys. Just from tho stand
point of community publicity, If from
no other, development of athletics
should bo encouraged. It Is good In
tho grado school, good In tho high
school and good for tho "oldor boys."
Thoro never was a community where
tho young men wont In for Bports
strong, and whero tho public sup
ported sports willingly, that was not
tho better for It, morally as well as
And It all holps to mako folks keep
tholr eyes on Dond.
Lnst senson 1,749 automobiles vis
ited Crater Lake. That Is only about
ono thousand short of tho number
which went to Mount Rainier Na
tional Park, nnd nearly half as tunny
ns visited tho nation-known Yosom
Ito, with Its longer season, Its closer
cities nnd Its hotter roads.
Rend Is one of tho threo main ap
proaches to Crntor Lnko. Probably
at IcoBt a third of thoso 1,749 auto
mobile parties pnssed through hore,
nnd practically ovoryono which en mo
or wont vln Rand romnlncd ovor
night, If thoy did not linger longer.
Reducing the thing to dollars nnd
cents. It Is conservative to flimrn
- . . . . . . , -....-
vo.umo 01 uus.ness is requ ro.i i,y 11.0 lImt rnch r lM0 cso , ,,,
compunlus boforo frco delivery Is In-1 ... ... ,.,.,
ougurnted, but vvo know tho matter "m8l", ihT0 nc". "Khar going
was under consideration hero In tho!10 or coming from Crntor Lake, uv
past year, and wo bullovo that tho Im
proved servlco could bo ohtnlncd now.
3. Hotter, sloping car accommoda
tions to and 1 from Uond. Slnrn
tho nluht train was put on only
tourist sleepers hnvo been run.
What is probably tho worst plcco
of nowB that tho peoplo of Paisley
ovor had Is tho report of tho aband
onment of tho local Irrigation project
by tho promoters. Tho net means
the posslblo loss of their Investment
and tho end of tholr expectation of
making homes In a favorod spot. It
wilt como as a discouraging blow.
To tho town, also, tho nows must
spell disaster, or at least suffering.
Undoubtedly It has been living In tho
hopo of seeing tho project completed
and tho growth of a prosperous and
contontcd population on tho irrigat
ed lands. Now that hopo Is blaBtod
and tho only growth to bo expected
will bo such as may como from tho
development of tho segregation as a
dry farming area.
Ono other project Is also affected,
tho Oregon, California & Eastern
railroad, now being promoted by Rob
ert E. Strahorn. Over a year ago,
Mr. Strahorn said that his succoss
would bo In a large measure de
pendent on tho settlement of Central
Oregon Irrigation difficulties, nnd
Ihn rnnnnntlnnf Hnvnlnnmnnt nt fhn
country. Undoubtedly his calcula
tions havo Included a promise of ton
nage from tho Palsloy project, which
now must vanish, unless a way to
savo something from tho wreck Is
Presumably tho Irrigation com
pany's attorneys havo good grounds
for their abandonment of tho case
and yet It would seem best not to
gtvo up nt this stage. Many a casa
has been won on nppftil. If tho com
pany, the settlors, tho people of Pals
loy, and possibly those Interested In
scolng Mr. Strahorn succeed, could
Join In tho expense of an appeal,
Judge Daley might bo revorscd nnd
tho project snved.
Indeed, slnco the company is n con
tractor with tho state, nnd tho stnto
Is morally responsible to tho settlors
as well as to tho United States, It
might properly came In In plnco of
tho company to tnko the appeal.
Tho decision of the company back
of tho Palsloy Irrigation project to
probecuto an appeal from Judgo
Daly's decision, giving all tho water
of tho Chowaucan river to n local
cattlo company, indicates a return
ing senso of responsibility. Tho only
wonder Is that tho company should
over havo let Itself go so far as to
announce an abandonment of its
manifest obligations.
And yet, In tho fact ot what ap
pears to havo been an unusual
decision, to Bay tho least, It was per
haps only natural that tho company
should havo momentarily lost heart
and thrown up Its hands. Tho grant
ot four acre feet to a cattlo company
to water Its marsh lands Is so plainly
preposterous that tho company must
havo felt that thcro was nothing It
could do to gain a Just decision.
As wo understand tho case, tho
cattlo company was wholly unablo
to show a prior appropriation and
beneficial use, tho only grounds on
which tho decision in Its favor could
be given, It being Impossible toi uso
four aero feet beneficially on. tho
cattlo lands. Even In this section,
ono and olght-tcnths and two and
four-tenths acre feet are considered
sufficient on tho C. O. I. project and
tho Tumalo project, respectively.
Plainly, tho company should tako
tho appeal, and tho Land Hoard and
nny other ngency which hns Influ
enced tho company's change of henrt
should bo congratulated on tho ef
fort made In tho settlors' behalf.
eraged four passongors. Many car
ried six nnd sovon, but thorn were
somo runabouts with jonly two. That
means 2320 peoplo In all, Just from
this Crater Lake travel. Say 2,000
This Is 11 constant subject ofof them spoilt a night hero, which
comment by tho traveling public A
change to bolter enrs would no
greatly npprfcefated by thorn nnd
would cuusn tlio town to bo viewed
jnoro favorably, A posslblo objection
Is tho increased cost of tho hotter
arvlca. Thai fact should bo weighed,
but If tho decision Is mado that tlio
bettor curs aro desired the matter
might well bo ,mndo a part ot the
rlub progrnm,
. Downtown telegraph ofllce. An
jiouncomnnts'ha'vo boon mndu that a
UowntowJ) telegraph otliro would bo
established In tho near future. The
"near future" lifts Wan mentioned so
ninny times In connection with tho
proposed trnnsfor that It has ceased
to hnvo any significance. Action on
the part ot tho club might mnku It a
reality Instead of n promise.
5. Opening tho Ilenhnm Kails
segregation to entry. This subject
was fully discussed In tho Wednes
day Issuu ot The llulletln. It offers
ono of the biggest opportunities In
this section.
0. Commercial Club rooms, and
gymnasium. Tho proposal to eom-
uiuu 1110 i;ommerclnl club rooms and "como again" feeling
iiu iiuw KjiuiiuBiuiu wns ninuo last
year and roeolyod with favor, com
mltteo being appointed to work out
the detutls. This matter should bo
These aro all clear-cut propo
rltloiia. Club action should produce
town benefits.
Is safoly conservative On an aver
ngo they did not spend less than
$4.00 each, In hotol accommodations,
monls. gasoline, repairs ami Inci
dental purchases. Probably tho av
erago really would bo nearer 6.00.
Hut uvou at J. 00, those 2,000 trans
ients brought to Ilond f 8,000 In cash.
All of which Is bused upon con
servative figures. Wo havo taken
Into consideration only tho automo
bile travol which visited Crater Lnko.
There Is moro thnn as much oguln
which passes through Rend, staying
horo for a night or loncor. which
does not mnko tho Crater detour.
Say, for Instnnce, thnt tho summer
tourlsh nuto travol totals 1,500 cars,
or e.000 people, of $24,000. It will
do that. As our roads Improve, ns
wo are bettor known, as tho number
of nutoa Increases, tho revenuo will
Increase. And wo ore especially
fortunate because Ilend's splendid
now hotel will go far to atlrnct now
travelers and give tho regulars tho
Nineteen women hnvo become of
fice holders In Oregon. No loigcr
Is It a "man's world" In politics, nny
morn than In other fields ot nvorydny
Indeed, tho most notable social
phenomenon of tho last quarter cen
tury has been tho advance ot women
to n world position Incalculably mora
Important thnn ovor beforo occupied
by them. And no doubt tho present
decado wilt witness 'an even brisker
advance ot tomlulno equality and, In
deed, superiority In somo Instances.
The war has literally forced women
Into now nrtlvltlrH In the fields, fac
tories nnd work places of Europe.
From many of these, new positions
sho will never retreat. Sho has como
to stay,
In our pwn country, In no florcor
conflict thnn thnt of normal economic
competition, women havo strodo for
ward mightily. Sho Is not only our
best nurso, but u physician as well.
She is active In science, In tho arts
nnd In business ot all kinds. Sio Is
oven something or an adventuro-scek-or,
nnd as recc'nt records show, can
fly through tho air with the best ot
And hero In Oregon women havo
the snmo political rights as mon, nnd
tho Mamo responsibilities. So It Is
lo bo expected that tho number of
women of flea holdors Is Increasing. J
Each year1 It will become larger, for
thora Is nmplo room for women In
ourv public life, and ablo women to
fill tho positions which will coll them.
It Is an Inevitable development, and
a healthy one.
1 . . . ,
(Now York Sun.)
An early forecast of Undo Sam's
spring presidential opening contains
this pnrngraph:
"A now fonturo Is being planned
In connection with tho Inaugura
tion that Is expected to attract
widespread Interest. It Is pro
posed to havo a mammoth exhibit
portraying all phnBcs ot govern
ment nctlvlty, nnd In tho organiza
tion ot the spectacle tlio govern
ment departments aro co-opor-ntlng."
Now If "all phases of government
activity" could bo exhibited Just ns
they arc, without nny offlclnl varnish
or whitewash, It would bo a highly
valuable sight.
Who Is more governmcntally active
than a congressman? Lot us havo n
procession of floats showing theso
tireless workers rolling logs, mend
ing fences, raising pork nnd dictating
Immortal speeches for tho Congres
sional Record. Indeed tho wholo pro
cess or compiling, expanding, editing,
printing nnd mnlllng tho Record to
eager renders should ho Illustrated.
It 1b said that many, Washington"
Inns aro unhappy bocauso tho In-
nugural hall has been abolished and
Ijocnusn this year tho military parado
I will bo curtailed. Surely on honest
effort to carry out all tho abovo sug
gestions would satisfy tho most
querulous clamoror after a lively af
fair In March.
Thcro seems to bo a dlffcrcnco of
opinion as to whether or not that
prnco Is to bo "mado In Qermany."
Tho Herman heroes of tho sack of
Delglum got tho Iron cross. A wood
en cross marks tho dead. Delglum
herself, feels her share was tho
double cross.
Tho othor day tho proprietor of a
theatre In Now York was arrested
nnd fined bocauso equal privileges
woro not accorded United States sail
ors as civilian patrons. A couplo of
Jurklcs wero retimed soata In n box,
although thoy paid their money nnd
woro entirely sober. A mighty good
lesson, thnt, for n manngemeiit will
ing to discredit tho uniform ot tho
country which protects him, ami tlio
men who wear that uniform,
To Refuse to Accept It Would Croat
Big 8eneatlon.
Why, can't China build her own rait-
rpaUs., i dredge her own canals) She
has engineer who aro no slouches; shs
has limitless material and the cheap
est of labor.
Thcro are two reasons, sloth, and
graft, the outgrowth of sloth.
Try to tako one of tho llttlo steamers
that ply from point to point along the
coast of China. "Will the boat leaTe
today nt tbo schedulo timer" you ask
the agents nt tho pier. Well, no, prob
ably not till tomorrow, the courteous
Chinese tell you. Tomorrow again there
is somo delay, and you may hang about
for n week before you get oft In that
steamer. How could bucIi methods
build 11 trunk lino from Peking to Can.
ton, even If the government could float
ull tbo bonds In tho world?
Graft, which permeates all China,
from the highest official to tho oorest
coolie, would make It very 1 Hcult for
Thorn Is a real value In good util
ities, nsldo from tho benefits thoy
Klvu In ploslcnl upbuilding and tho
mental ami moral Improvement '
which Innvltably accompany good
health. Athletics not only Improve
Individually, but (hey houolU com
juunlty dnvelopment. Especially that
Is true, lit successful competitive nth
Ily which wo mean that comiuuult
success In ulhlctlr Is llrst rotu 10111
muiitty advertising.
A llttlo while ago tho Unlvorsltj
of Oregon football team detailed the
cloven from the University. of IVnn
ylvoiiln Tho best fioni I he West
"put It nil over" ono ot the very best
from the East.
Thut fnotbnll victory attracted
mora, national press comment than
a small esHhquuko. ulf of Port
laud rould burn up overnight and
the event would rvcolvo less uows
paper attention ,
It wus u big thing, that Oregon,
vlulocy, .ttjira on advertising stand
polntl H really "put Orvgou on the I
map," Everjboily all over tho
couutiy svho lias any Interest In nth
lollcs and ttfht tucumi probably,
eighty per cent of tha population
"at up thd took notice," Whatever crno of proponsl lim-tlcutUii by
tv -Pt ? iS&afiflBKBffiiiM lisssBGPslllllllH
I -
lrt Land HoarU to ascertain cause of IcaUsr, tmpalrtujr the syrtcm.
n Corporation to live. So many won'd
take bites from the melon!
A' missionary over hero on n visit
tells n story of a Chinese boy, educat
ed In n mission school, who nearly up
set n whole provlnco by refusing graft.
Sent on some expedition for tho locnl
government, he was given what In our
money would be WOO for expenses.
When ho returned lie hnnded In $30.
"What Is this for?" they asked.
"I spent only $230," he explained.
Tbcro wns n great to do, nnd tho
governor of the province sent to see
this lad, who had done what no mnn
had over been known to do before.
Dut ho wns solemnly assured that ho
must not return that $."0 becnuso It
tvnnlil mnrilfv others who kent all they
could get. Eleauor Uooth Simmons lu
World Outlook.
Matthew Fontaine Maury, Who Was a
Really Groat American.
Every ono who hns heard of Robert
Fulton, certainly every ono who hns
heard of S. P. It. Morso or Cyrus W.
Field ought also to have heard of Mat
they Fontaine Maury. Dut that Is not
tbo case. For my part, I had never
heard of Maury until I went to Vir
ginia. I hnvo asked schoolboys if they
have beard of him. None of them has.
Yet Maury's scientific researches and
accomplishments hnvo hnd an enor
mous effect, not only In this country,
but throughout the world.
It may be said that Maury laid the
foundation for our modern weather bu
reau and that tho science of meteor
ology begnn with him. Ho founded
the nntlounl nautlcnl obscrvntory nnd
the hydrographlc ofllce In Wnsblngton
nnd discovered, among other things,
the cause of the gulf stream nnd the
existence of thnt plnteau In tho north
Atlantic ocean which, If I am not mis
taken, inndo posslblo the laying of tbo
first Atlantic cable. Cyrus W. Field said
with rcfercnccMo this, "Maury furnish
ed tho brains, Englaud tho money, nnd
I did tho work." Further than this,
tbo charts of tho north Atlantic which
Maury made years ago are today tho
basis upon which that ocean is navi
gated by nil untlons.
J an) Informed thnt though bo was
decorated by many foreign' govern
ments, he wns never given so much ni
a cheap llttlo medal by thnt pt tho
United States, nnd thnt his nnmo has,
not been kept alive by nny memorial or 1
1 . - 1. 1.. Ani,ti.'a .rent I..I.1.T I
OlllCr IOKC11 Ul Ilia luiiii.i n.ui.iuiiv.
-Julian Street In Collier's Weekly., -n
Tho Cruel Wolf Spider.
Ono of the most unnatural things In
nnture, If the expression Is allowable,
Is the manner In which tho young of
the common wolf spider treat their
mother. After tho llttlo crcnturo hns
laid her eggs she envelops them In n
silken covering, so as to mako ft ball
about tho size of n pea, nnd this sho
carries about with her wherovcr she
goc nnd will defend It with her life.
When tbo young nro Uatcbea tney
climb on her back, giving her a mon
strous appearance, and rldo nbout until
nearly half grown, and ns Boon as they
discover their strength thoy fall to and
devour their mother. v
A Bamboo Forest
There aro few spots lmaglnab1otnore
beautiful than n Jnpaneso bamboo for.
est. It Is tho most lovely In color, the
most aristocrats and the best bcbaVed
forest In tho world. It whispers ple"as -antly
and gently, and tho severest
winds cannot mako It angry. Tho long,
slim bodies of Its trees aro useful long
nftcr death, for they are mado Into!
water pipes, canes, fences, picture
frames, vases, fishing rods, roofings,
flutes, fans, furniture and poles.
Following tho Styles.
"Tho nveraga woman spends most,,
of her tlmo thinking nbout what to
wear." .
"I fear you are mistaken."
"Why so?" , . v..
"Sho spends most of her time think
ing nbout whnt lo wear next" Dlr
mlngham Age-Herald.
Hie Time to Talk
Judge Have you nny thing to any be
foro I pronounce scutenco upon you?,.
Prisoner Yes, Judge, I certainly havo.
Hut it's dinner time. Let's wait until1
after wo've had It I havo qulto a
reputation as an nftcr dinner speaker.
-Yonkcrs Statesman.
Storage and
General Commis
sion Merchants
We handle
and LARD.
l"i a-
The United Warehouse
Manager Company '
fc "WMC rffcT M
Cold Weather
Just Starting?
It may last for some little time--,
why not be prepared to meet th
e con-
dition with. Good Warm Clothmpi
Wo prldo ourselves on having the
bC6t lino of
Hart Schuffucr & Marx Suits,
Hurt Srhnffner Jl Marx Over
coats, Dutchess Punts,
Flannel Shirts,
Slug Klilrts,
Cruiser's Shirts,
Wool Socks,
Indian Rluukrts,
Full uitaorlment of Under
wear, Heuvy Work Shoes.
Kverythlng for Men to Wear.
1 1
!, J