The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 06, 1916, Page PAGE 7, Image 7

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Occupation Gone, Theirs Is
Now a Lost Art.
Famous Old Fanciful Figures,
ratily Fashioned In Wood, Find
lac In th Doeoratlvo Schim
, Modorn Wlndjummir.
thcro Is a revival of wooden
tiding In Maine, giving employ-
to tbo carpenter, rigger and sail
tffer. there 1" not on the whole length
EJSMi coast any job for tbo carver
ta BBlptor In wood wbo used to make
.ttyifHrclicadg. That Is an occupation
jJtWjTaatlrely gone, for tbo figurehead
,"J et'of date and Its curving a lost art.
Oweof tbo most famous of the ship
;r-As was tlio late William L. Sea
riyjf Bangor, wbo fashioned figure-
MjJifor tbo best squaro riggers that
.wtrJWt Maine. lie learned his trade
jtjSTfcJaangor shipyard when the banks
wjfolii' Penobscot bristled with new
RJjKjSJframcs, piled bis cleaver, chisel
-mlJgiJUKo through nil the years of
prta'fl greatest maritime glory,
jSSitbo decline of our ocean
KjJScd lived to seo his occupa-
ftlM gone.
Vsrtyjyears or more did Seavcy
giirtlA and cherubs, kings and
itMftnalds and dolphins, states,
fejlwarrlors, not to mention an
MtJJUon and numerous eagles,
ejflifeninent of "down cast" ves
tefowjay craft of any consldera-
liJumt't under tbo bowsprit bo
gartted'as necessary to complete
jtfltjBut now all that Is gone.
( WJmbJbco no sense In spending
(jm mch gewgaws as a blue eyed
fhUatre-bod queen wearing a ycl
rawnmWIicn they build a vessel
giMrer riggers nro no longer
hYpfe they whlttlo her off for
lUTaJblllct head and let her go at
IjMsTbTo gilt scrollwork tops her
btrMthlng more.
isjtjl that Uangor knows the
-emptor no more, tho solo re
jrJ5fSavey's art being a broken
rtl at5tj5pccluicn of his work, once
idlbyTk big ship, but for many
jBswBWU as n sign over uis suop
iMcehnngo street. In the days
KJFyeutu tins statuesque muy.
)4faB4' chiseled from u pine log,
feWenHrlminlngs on her Grecian
afJd'liTono dainty hand held aloft
ttiiTKb'ot. Now sho Is weather
ftdTirrlnir, and the goblet hand
Mii sho Is tho most striking
fcjaljBSeavey, all Ills other point
'Wgly,' being scattered to the
r,lwMunclcr foreign (lags or gone
0wS of dead ships.
Jc;;fto finest ngurehcads In Its
fhuTtMt of tho clipper ship West
j&tJSfflt was tno full sired figure
vrpjan. with her left nnn out
cbedJfearrylng a few spears of
itTiKw- right hand gathered the
lofjlSFsklrt, tho drapery of which.
dwhHfJ that tho material was
IJJwMjadmlrttbly executed.
iwiQhe general outline no less
frwsTtho careless curl lying along
irSSTlt Is MUspccted that the car
badlworUcri In marble or was a
raljelu8. Ills name was Sump
HaWfiicglectcd to cut bU tlrst
niIs masterpieces. lie lived
(StkHThi Ilutli, tho homo of Amor-
Uyteilldlng. whero the Webtorn
1WM1BU1U in JOtU.
IMMMlworK was carneu uy aiu
, to the most remote parts
iMtwvrld. and It Is rcluted that a
JilSlUlanil chief was so Impress
&tlfiOio Yankee carver's bUUI that
wtifhn a commission by a friend
iMitpr to make a set of Idols to
(tltSt) theological needs of the
lVliathcn subjects.
SsltTesteru Hello Is spending tho
mmtlpt her days as a coal barge,
!ik Uilr who ltiicoiI her nrow was
tpwlfarom tho sea and now occupies
itete a garden. Ono of her pecti
MMiJwas n detachable arm, tho ono
iM sho held tho wheat. During
S"155ijlt was iinscrowed so that the
'sitCbt not break It, being replaced
tTtfcc ship was about to make a
riXTIiIa was not known in tbo more
JtaMaAn of tho old wooden figure
it75speclally of men-of-war, where
ef shattering was greatest.
Bgurebeads were Illustrative
i vessel a name, others were
Kjfef tho owners or the captains
Tatm outers symuonc ui ctviu w
i(Mnt tbo tlmo the vessels wero
(UtAxha scboouer War Lagle, for in
I was OulU In wartime, and she
Uffsr her figurehead a fierce looking
SJjpercbed on a neap or cannon
itWlaud with arrows clasped In Its
dtoki. Tbe War Kaglo was destroyed
aStTyears ago at Boston by an explo
ttgtet naphtha In bcr cargo. The
Ti . f t .&.
aner American e.usij uw....
rlth a gorgeous bird of freedom.
'the brig American Unlou was llb-
y ornumentcu. stern auu w,
symbols of this nation.
lie old steamer Expounder bad a
ore of John Marshall holding the
bstltutlon outspread, and the steam-
i Daniel Webster carried on cltner
Idle box a medallion head of the
rat orator, while In her saloon was
as a life sized twrtralt ot lilm, prc-
nted by the citizens of Boston. Dos-
i Q lobe.
I O rest in-n begin enterprises because
vj think them great ami focus ne-
Paasants Mak Merry on Sunday to Oil
Their Joints For Monday.
Tbo Itomnatilnn peasants have a say
ing that they must dance on Sunday to
keep tbo creak out ot their bones on
Monday. Most of the dances aro at
tho public houses dance halls under
tho blue sky, as It were and young
and old gather there. The old folk
spend the day with the tipple, whllo
the young ones dance. Thcro Is very
little drinking on auy other day of tho
week, and a tipsy man except on Sun
day is Bcldom seen.
Tho dances nro organized by tbe boys
of tho community. They arrange for
the music, provide tho refreshments
and preside as masters of ceremony.
When the girls reach a marriageable
age and have been sulllclently Instruct
ed In tho household arts they are al
lowed to attend thcie dances as partic
ipants. "She dances at the dnnco" Is
the peasant way of saying that n girl
has mado her debut mid U eligible fur
matrimonial attentions.
Tho national dnnco of Itoumanla Is n
sort of cross between a Jig and the
game of rlng-arouml-tho-rosle. All the
(lancers elnsjlinmls and form a rlug.
They then begin a stepping, swaying
motion that novcr moves them out of
their original tracks, and to tho music
of the gynsy band they keep It up for
hours. St. Louis Tost-Dlspatch.
"Ben Bolt" and Its Author, Dr. Thomas
Dunn English.
Of all the American songs none Is so
bauntlngly sweet as that beginning:
Don't you remember an est Alice, lien
Alice, whoaa hair nas bo brown.
Who wept with dellstlt when you gave Iter
a amllo
And trembled with fear at your frown?
Dr. Thomas Duuu English, Its au
thor, contributed his poem to the New
York Mirror In 1SI3. It was a work
of love, written without compensation.
to obllgo tho editor, N. P. Willis, who
bad recently undertaken to put tho pa
per on Its feet.
Tho poem bad a pathetic lilt that at
tracted no little attention, but Its famo
did not come until later years. Ii
1813 Nclfon Kncnss, an actor, adapted
tho poem 10 an old German melody,
and tho air captivated the American
people. Then tbo song crossed tho wa
ter, uchlovcd an equally great success
In England and literally ran round the
It remained for George Du MauYlcr
to Immortalize "Ben Bolt" In the play
"Trilby," whero tho gentlo victim of
Svcngall sings the air so sweetly
Taffy tho Lulrd and Little Ulllee. -New
York World.
The Doctor's Prescription.
Of hlstqrlcnl Interest Is tho emblem
found on every prescription written by
a physician, tonslstlng of the letter 11
with a thin lino across the tall nt an
ncutc angle. According to historians, It
had Its origin In the undent custom of
allowing tbo stars to dominate every
day Incidents of life. The It thus mark
ed Is said to have been the emblem used
by tho ancients to deslgunto tho su
premacy of Jupiter. Therefore It seems
probablo that soino chemist of undent
days gave a prescription or a recipe to
Homo patient and wrolo upon It tho em
blem of the planet then In the ascend
ancy, which happened to be Jupiter.
This emblem has couio down to the
present time mid Is nhvn.vs used. In a
more modern sense It stands for a
recipe, or nu order or Instruction to
tuko BOL'ietlilng. Literally construed,
recipe mcuns "tako" or "tuko thou."
How to Learn to Write.
Putting words together. Is not writ
lug; making lino sentences Is not writ
lug; elaborating striking plots Is not
writing. Of till the nrts literature Is
tho most exacting mistress. To wrlto
you must hnvo lived, you must huvo
suffered and know Joy, you must bo
able to aualyzo people, to understand
their motives, to Iovq them.
Granted that you havo learned some
thing of tho motives, tho passions, dm
sorrows that rack us humans, then yuti
must nlso have your medium In con
trol. Words nru like llttlo creatures
that march and tight and sing. They
are Uko extra bands and brains. All
the passions watt on them. Until you
get this ncnsa of the cholconebs, tho
fragility, tho power of words, you nro
not leady to transcribe your thoughts
American Magazine.
Tolstoy's Intensity.
Pvnrrtlilnt- In TaUtnv'H ehnmrfpr.
says a Ilusslau writer, attains titanic
proportions. "As a drinker he nbsorbed
fantastic quantities of liquor. As u
gambler ne territieu ins partners uy
tho bolduess of his play. As a soldier
ho advanced gayly to bastion four, tbe
bastion of death at Sevastopol, and
there ho made dying men laugh at his
witty eaylngs. lie surpassed every
ono by ills prodigious activity In sport
as wen as lu literature.
Dogwood Dye.
Dogwood was tho source of tbe fa
mous "Indian red" with which tbe
vain warrlom dyed their caglo feath
ers and buckskin clothes. They pro
cured tho dyo from tho roots of tho
tree. This Is probably the most bril
liant dyo to be procured from Ameri
can trees.
No Wondsr.
Mrs. Crabshaw-Don't C17. Willie
I'm not coin; to punish you this time,
for you hurried when I called you.
WlUle Boo-boo, mammal I felldowu
stairs! New York Times.
Death expecteth thee everywhere.
He wise, therefore, and expect death
Big Shutout Scores In the Modorn His
tory of the Game.
In the early days of baseball white
washing a team was one of tho most
sensational episodes of the game. The
ball was w) lively, with plenty of rub
ber between the covers, the pitcher's
delivery so restricted aud tho tickling,
owing to the Inerltablo tremendous
batting, so loose that to prevent n team
from scoring was considered almost a
miracle. Ulg scores were tho mle.
sometimes going Into 100 runs. When
tho Mutuols In 1ST0 shut out the Chi
cago., the score being II to 0, It created
an excitement all over tbe country, the
memory of which lasted foe more than
a scoro of years. Occasionally even
uow wo hear of a team being "Chi
Uccuusc of the radical changes lu the
rules of the game It wolild bo rather
misleading to measure present stand
ards with tho models set up In "an
dent" days. "Modern" baseball his
tory begins In 1S0O.
In the major leagues (National league
and American association) big Khutout
scores bad been registered lu 'the nn
dent days-280 lu 181, 24-0 In 1SS5
and 18S7 and '230 In 1SS3. .But the
tecord In modem history Is 10 0 In the
National league and 210 In the Amerl
Three times In the National league a
scoro of 100 was turned in. The tlrst
was mado on July 1.", IS!):',, In n game
In Pittsburgh, the Pirates shutting out
the Wasblngtous by theso llgures.
Three jeorn later, nearly to the day
(July 8, lS'Jil), thu feat was repeated,
tho Pirates ngalu shutting out the
Washlngtous, 10-0.
Tho third 10 0 game was played at
New York on Juue 7, 1000, Chicago de
feating tho Giants.
Iu tho American league Detroit shut
out Cleveland. 21-0, on Sept. 15, 1001,
and on Aug. Ill, 1007, New Yoik shut
out Wushltigton, 20-0. Philadelphia
Ned Harrlgan's Plea at ths Critical
Point In a Play.
Edwnrd Ilarrlgan once said that the
most trying moment In his theatrical
career occurred In New Orleans soon
after tho war between tho states. He
had gone south with his company and,
yielding somewhat to popular request.
put on 'Tho Bluo and the Gray."
Tho play hud been a success up
north, but down south, with tho air
still full of the bitterness of the war,
It was a dangerous experiment. Tony
Hart was to represent the Confederate
gray, so he hunted up a uniform of the
Louisiana Tigers, 11 ml when ho came
marching on, young, stalwart, hand
some, the typical soldier boy In tbo
beloved uniform, the house, men and
women, cheered and shouted aud cried
for all their heroes embodied lu this
Harrlgnu, ntandlng lu the wings In
his northern blue, waiting to go on,
hud Just ono thought "They'll kill
me!" Then ho stepped out, tho em
bodiment of tho enemy, and a cold,
dead hIIciico fell upon the bouse. Not
a baud moved for lilm. Tho audience
was tense with- emotion, and there
was only an Instant to act If the play
wus to bo saved.
IlarrlKun, big, kindly, good looking,
famo swiftly down to tho front and
stepped over thu footllght gdtter, lean
ing down to them. "For tho lovo of
heaven, won't you give the Yankee a
hand)" hn exclaimed.
At onto the Iioiim- was caught aud
all (hit pentup feeling turned the right
Miy. Thiue wns u yell of applause
aiiiPthe iiudleneo wus won.
Coughed II ft ecu Venn.
Coughs that hang on nnd grow
worso lu tho night nro relieved by
Foley's Monoy and Tar. It. I'. Hall.
Mahe, Vn., writes: "For 1G years I
was afflicted with a troublesomo
Roofing of nil kinds. Jlepalrlnp;
promptly done.
Furnace Contractor
Guttering, Spouting,
Cornices nnd Skylights.
wr.'Lij cli:ax youu link.v,
Bend Steam Laundry.
bronchial cough nnd Irritation of tho
throat. Foley's Honey nnd Tar ro
llovcd me; nnd after tnktng ono bot
tlo tho cough ceased." Sold every
where. Adv.
For sign painting seo Edwards.
Adv. t
Department of tho Interior, U. S.
Laud Office at The Dulles, Oregon,
November 20, 191C.
Notice Is hereby given that Jacob
Schcrcr, of liend, Oregon, who, on
May 19, 1913, mado Homestead En
try No. 011704, for SEVi SB VI. Sec
tion 25, Township 19 South, Hango
14 East, Wlllamotto Meridian, has
tiled notlco ot Intention to make
final three-year proof, to establish
claim to tho laud nbovo described,
before 11. C. Ellis, U. S. Commission
er, at 11 end, Oregon, on tho 6th day
of January, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Howard F. Dyer, of MUllcan, Oro
gon; Aaron D. Norton, ot MUllcan,
Oregon; Martha E. Forgey, ot Mend,
Oregon; Clifton L. Evans, ot I) end,
3S-42c Register.
Department ot tho Interior, United
States Land Olllcc, nt Tho Dalles,
Oregon, November 10. 191C.
Notlco Is hereby given that Augus
tine Werner, of Bend, Oregon, who,
on September G, 1910, mado Homo
stead Entry No. 07407, for tho KM
SWU. lots 3 and 4, Section HO,
TowiiBhlp 20, South ot Hango 11,
East ot Willamette Meridian, has
tiled notlco ot Intention to mnko
Final Five Year Proof to establish
claim to tho laud nbovo described,
before II. C. Ellis. United States
Commissioner, nt llond, Oregon, on
tho 20th day ot December, 1010.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Oeorgo W. Trlplett, Thomas W.
Trlplctt, Martin J. Main nnd Fred
L. Hucy, nil ot Bond, Oregon.
37-4 2p lleglstcr.
Department nt tho Interior, United
States Land Otltco, ut Tho Dalles,
Oregon, November 10, 191(1.
Notlco Is hereby given that Lavonn
E. Rogers, of Bend, Oregon, who, on
April 12, 1910, mado Desert Land
Entry No. 0C4GC, for tho WVjNWtf .
Section G, Township 17, South ot
Hango 12, Hast of Wlllamotto Merid
ian, has tiled notlco of intention to
mnko Final Desert Lund Proof, to
establish claim to thu luud nbovo do
scribed, before H. C. Ellin, United
States Commissioner, at Bend, Ore
gon, on tlio 20th day of December,
Claimant names ns witnesses:
Albert Hnrryman, August Hall-
, t-
Bend White Pine Sash Co.
burg, Patrick Mogan and James H.
llenhnm, all or Bond, Oregon.
37-42p BeglBtor.
Department nt tho Interior, United
Slates Land Olllco, nt Tho Dulles,
Oregon, October 31, 191(1.
Notlco Is horoby given that Samuul
H. Hogln, whoso poBtolltco address Is
llond, Oregon, did, on thu 18th day
of April, 1910, lllo lu this olllco
sworn Htatumont and application
No. 01G9G8, to purchaso thu SWU
SW4, Section 28, Township 1G,
South ot Ilnuga 11, East or Wlllain
nttu Murldltuij nnd tho timber thorn
on, under tho provisions of tho act
of Juuu 3, 1878, nnd nctH amenda
tory, known aa tlio "Timber nnd
While They
Ironing Board
$4. 00
Phone 551
Stono Law," nt audi vnluo ns might
bo fixed by nppralsomont, and that,
pursuant to such application, thu
land and tlmbor thorcou hnvo boon
appraised: Ono hundrod dollars, tho
tlmbor intimated 1,200 fonco pootu
nt G enntu each nnd tho land $40.00;
that Bald applicant will olTor final
proof In support ot his application
mid nwnrii Htiitmiimit nti Mm Ifill,
dny of Januury, 1917, bo torn II. O.
Ellis, united States Commissioner, ut
Bond, Oregon,
Any purson Ih at llhorty to protest
this purchaso beforo entry, or Inltl
uto a contest nt nny tlmo boforo pal
ant Issues, by filing u corroborated
affidavit In this olllco, alleging facta
which would dofoat tho entry.
3C-40C Ucglator.
mey turns tnem easy. au.
everywhere. Quarle.