The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 27, 1916, Page PAGE 7, Image 7

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THE BEXD.BtXLKTIN, nKNT), Pfii:r UyHSKSPyVV, ftKrKMIIEn 27,. 1010.
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"Males Music All the Day"
No phonograph has the
power to reproduce the
natural tone possessed by
It is our pleasure al
ways to play the new re
cords because we want to
acquaint you with this
greatest of all phonographs.
Den Holslng, of Midway ranch, was
in town aunuay.
Gcorso H. Hrewstcr, 0( Slkters, wag
in iienu juonaay.
In Portland on
J. C. Smith was
business last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ceorse Sellers left
Saturdny for Crescent.
George K. Hoover made a business
nip to Fort Hock Sunday.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. William Ab
ernathy, a nine-pound boy.
J. H. Wennndy went to Portland
Saturday night on business.
The Race!!!
Tonight and Thursday.
Victor Moore!!!
Snobs A ifour-reel comedy.
Tho Girl nnd The Game Friday and
Saturday. 10c nnd IGc.
Mary Pickford!!!
Sunday and Monday with Pictoerapb.
Marguerite Clark
Molly Make Hullce.
Charley Chaplin
Tlllle's Punctured Romance and
The F.ternal City.
Dr. Dwlght F. Millar returned this
morning from a business trip to Port
land. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. H. K. llrooks
on Monday, a five half pound son.
District Attorney Wlllnrd Wlrtz,
as a business caller la lleud Satur
day. The Ladles Library club will li'ild a
meeting at the library on Tuesday uf
ternoon. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. McCnnn re
turned on Sunday from n trip to Min
neapolis. Myron H. Powell, of Mcdford, has
accepted a position with Maiinlioliuer
Hi O. Dlmtck went to Portland on
business Thursday, returning Sun
day night.
J. E. Tourtellotte, Portland
architect, was a busluess vUItor In
Ilend Friday.
A cougar Is mportod to lmvo been
seen by children living In Aubrey
heights last Keek.
J. William A. IlURch and F. C.
EIckemeer, of Fort Peck, were liend
visitors last week.
County school Superintendent J. E.
Meyers was over from Prlnuvllle on
business on Friday.
William Ardery, of Seattle who
has property Interests In Ilend, was
here on business Friday.
State Health Olllcer Dr. David N.
noberg, of Portland, was heiu on of
ficial business lust weak .
N. A. Southwlck, of tho Ilund Flour
Mill comapny, made a trip Into Jef
ferson county last week.
Muyt Sarah Perry, of Portland,
spent Saturday and Sunday with liur
sister, Mri. Nolan Gilbert.
Dr. and Mrs. J. II. Couuarn and
Harry Wyse went to.Lakuvlow Friday
returning Sunday evening.
Frank McGulrc, engineer for Tho
Shevlln-Hlxon Company, returned
this morning from Spokane.
E. O. Logan, of Silver 1-ako, Is In
Ilend this week with tho view to op
ening n confectionary Ktoro.
The Hend FJcr Mill company will
conduct a booth for the dlnpluy or Its
year at the Crook County fair.
Herbert Cannan and Frank Thorn-
trite hne purchased an Intel oat In
the Oregon Transfer Company.
Mrs. C J. Uiverott returned on
Sunday from Washington where she
has txen spmllng tho sumiuur.
The school board has lot the con
tract for the excavation and fill for
the new Kchool houw; to Joe Itock.
Shoe News
Whatever your choice for Street or
Service Shoes we are prepared as nev
er before to make assurance of satis
faction doubly sure..
Born, to Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Tilt
man, In Mllivlow- addition, this morn
ing, a nine and a halt pound girl,
H. C. Baughman, of Prinovllle,
superintendent of the Crook County
High school, was a visitor In Bend
Herman Moore, nslstant buttcr
mnker for the Central Oregon Farm
ers' Creamery, leaves October 1 for
A. W. Evans, of Stiver Laki, ship
ped three cars of emigrant's movables
from Bend to Coronation, li, C, on
Saturday. ,
Howard Turner and McKtntey
Kane, of Madras, passed through
town on their why to Crane Prntrlo.
last week .
Tho Warner Company tins com
pleted the erection of a now brick
store, room, 1C by 35 feet, at tho rear
of Its building.
Mrs. P. W. Ileesloy ,who has tiecn
visiting with her Bister, Mrs. V. A.
Forbes, left Saturday night for her
homo In Portland. '
J. F. Wolborn. of Seattle and C.
A. Whltakcr, of San Francisco were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. Dement
several days last week.
Philip Brooks arrived hero Friday
morning on business connected with
tho Pilot Butte hotel. His Portland
nrchitcct accompanied him.
Mrs. Allco Bennett, who lived lu
Bend a number 3f vcars ago. has re
cently returned with her two chugll
cro and will make her home here.
A benefit dance will be given In
tho O'Knno building, Friday night,
for tho purpose of raising flint's with
which to equip the foot ball team.
M. C. Woodward and P. Swan, of
Portland, saw mill bulldors, were In
Bend Monday. Mr. Swan Is In chnrgu
of the construction of a largo mill lit
Miss I.uctluM. Howell, of Thorton,
Washington and Luther M. Clarkspu
of Pullman, were married Monday
mornlnn by Justice oU tho Pcaco
James A. Enstcs.
O. Llnne, who has been working as
a mill wrlght at Tho Shevlln-Hlxon
Company plant, will open a llsh
market on'. Bond street tomorrow to
bo called tho Bend Fish Market.
A. W. llenton, who litis been with
E. A. Sathor, left Friday for Torre
bonne. Mr. Benton will accompany
Mrs. Benton from Torrobonno to San
Diego whuro she goes for her hnnlth.
Although no day has been set aside,
as Bend day at tho Crook county fair
Manager Schco advises that he has
expected that tho majority of tho
Bond visitors would como over on
Saturday. . '
Mr. and Mrs, Fred G. Morse, of
Portland, woro guests of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Ward II. Coblo Sunday. Mr. and
Mrs. Morae motored from Portland
over tho McKenzIo ptvtn rud returned
Monday via Tho Dalles.
Mrs. A. M. Lara, who has been
spending the Inst four months In the
east, returned to Bend Sunday eve-,
nlng. Mrs. Lara left today for Prlne
vlllo where she will take charge of
tho Bend Flour Mill company's booth
at tho Crook County fair.
Tho Baptist Women's union, at Its
meeting held Inst Thursday nt tho
homu of Mrs. T. II. Foley, elected
tho following olTlcers for tho ensu
ing year: Mrs. T. II. Foloy, presi
dent: Mrs. II. II, DcArnold, vice-pros-Ident;
Mrs. C. J.J.evcrett, secretary;
and Mrs. Thomas Cobb, treasurer.
Marjorlc Smith entertained a num
ber df her friends on' September H
In honor of her seventh birthday.
Tho party was tiotd on the lawn at
tho home of Mrs. G. W. Hall. Those
present were: Opal Merrill. Vera
Whltsett. Spencer Kctchum, Eugene
Kotchum, (leorgo Hobba. Majorle
smiui, Howard Whltsett, Baby Mer
rill, Baliy Hobbs, Mrs. Whltsett, Mrs
Smith, Mrs. Merrill. Mrs. Hobbs, Mrs
Hall and Dolly Hall.
J. Callow returned Saturday
It llll.ltinafi l . Dn.llnml
.w.. u .r..t.i q l. .1 . Ullliltm
wheru hit wont to obtain nniv fonlurnu
for tho Ilend theator. Whllo In Port
land, Mr. Callow, was tho u st of
tho Oregon Moving Picture Mon'M as
sociation at tholr rogiilur w")kly
luncheon at tho Oregon hotel on
Busslo Smith, Francos llcyburn,
Doris Pattlu, Murlon Sather and Sa
rah Murphy, accompanied by Mrs. J.
D. Davidson, bavo tomorrow for
Prlnvvlllu to attend tho Crook County
fair. Tho girls aro members of the
Girl's Canning club or tho Ilend pub.
lie Bchools and will demonstrate can
ning at tho fair.
E. It Stoehr, local mnncger of tho
Bend White Pine Sash company, went
to Portland Saturday, returning Mon
day morning.
Tom Doollng, of Portland arrived
Tuosdny morning to accept a posi
tion ns stenographer with thu Bend
Wh'to Pino Sash company.
H. II. Kctchum, for two years "nil
American" center for Yale, nnd one
of tho best konwn eastern foot ball
players arrived In Bend Inst Wednes
day to accept n position with The
Shevlln-Hlxon company.
Carl Johnson Is this week scouring
tho pay roll for likely foot ball ma
terial to co-operato with Bend In .tho
organization this year of a strong
F. Begin, nrlvrd In Bend Sunday
to accept a position with The Shevlln
Hlxon Company.
It. II. Lamping, sales manager for
the Brooks-Scnnlou Lumber com
pany, left last Wednesday night for
Knnsas City and other eastern points
on business.
Large pictures showing tho plants
of the Crookston Lumber comapny,
of BemldJI, Minn., Nlchols-Chlsholm
Lumber comapny, of Frnzee, Minn.,
nnd tho Shovlin-Clark company of
Fort Francis, Ontario, surrounded by
frames mado of Shevlln pine, have
been hung In tho ofllce of The Sliev-llii-Hixou
K. II. Stoehr, mrunger of the Bend
White Pino Sash company, reports
that labor conditions In (be snsh nnd
door factory aro much better than
thoy have been for aomo weeks. Men
who were called to their farms nnd
homesteads beginning to return
to town and accept omployment In
tho factory. Tho sash factory N now
employing about 100 men.
During tho Inst month up to Sep
tember 115 112 cars of products of
Tho Shevlln-Hlxon Company wcro
shipped to outsldo points.
As yet tho car shortage, reported
to bo critical among tho lumbermen
of tho Wlllametto vnlloy has not af
fected lscat lumbermen. Cars suffi
cient to handlo tho local product ara
said to bo available.
F. E. Frallch, who camo to Bend
ln8t Monday to r.cccpt a position iw
stenographer wltli tho Brooks-Scan-Ion
Lumber cumpany, left on Friday
for Portland,
The llrooks-S:anlon Lumbor com
pany Is making arrangements this
week for the enlargement of Its lum
ber yard.
A pamphlet, dealing with tho
method which Tho Shevlln-Hlxon
Comapny uses In drying lis lumber,
will soon bo published nt tho com
pany's printing plant. Tho sales man
agers or tho company aro frequently
naked regarding this end of. tho busl
ncs.s nnd tho pamphlet will scrvu as
Carl Johnson Is bolng Importuned
by local xrldirou fans to mnnngu
tho Ilend foot hall team.
Fred Hoskotto, of tho firm of Dion
und Horekotto, who was lu Bend n
fuw daB of last week loft on Friday
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Days You'll Find a
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SPECIAL Serge Trim
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New Shoes
In addition to our large stock of
Shoes we have just received two new
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They come in both Black nnd Tan
in A, B, and C widths.
7.50 the pair
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this store a more efficent,
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make our store more effi
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for KiKiknno after IooVIiik over tliu
work on thu now mill,
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ployed In the now mill when It Ito
KlnH cutting next ThurBday hnvo ar
rived on tho Krouud.
MBay Don't fcrjtut to consult I)r
Qg" Turner tho woll known oy
Keclallr.t of Portland jt TIiowii'm
Jewelry fi'oio, Wedncudoy, Orl. lltll,
iw diy i I'ly. MmidtirhfM relieved,
cio," eve HtralKhtonrd, rutUfHcMon
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