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They Won Fame In Former Dayi Un
dor Many Different Flags.
It would bo difficult to And an nrmy
In Europe which did not contain de
scendants of the Scottish soldier of
fortune .In Sweden Qustnvus Adol.
pbus had four lieutenant generals,
twenty-two colonels and many other
Inferior offlcers, all Scotsineu. In his
eervico. IIo owned that liU conquests
in Germany were due to the tnlor of
these gallant soldiers. '
In Muscovy the Unices, the Gordons
mid the Douglases were fnmous.
Even In Germany the ubiquitous Scot
was lo be found, and n General Orllvr
whose grandfather was a Scotsman,
was nt one time Held marshal of the
It was In Trance, however, that the
Scot was rated most highly, and tho
old Baying ran. "i-'ldele comme un Es
cosihIs." Louis had such a respect for
theso soldiers that be ordained that
bis body should lie guarded night and
flay by twenty-four Scotsmen. This
Scots bodyguard was continued under
the rclgu of nine kings without Inter
mission for IfiO years
King Charles VII. raised another com.
pnny of Scots, called "Gens d'Arms
n'Escosse," consisting of 100 horses
and 200 archers. This forco had pre
cedence of nil the French troops.
London Chronicle.
The Kllon. Lafton and Maqbon as De
scribed In the Talmud.
It Is n matter familiar to eicry stu
dent of tho lllble 'that tho Hebrew
lirlcsts were required lo be physically
i well as morally perfect without a
bodily defect or blemlsh-lu order to bo
rllglblo to service In the temple. The
Talmud, In the tractate Uecborolb.
nays ii writer In the Medical Ilecord.
enumerates several defects which dls
qualify a priest from ministering In his
holy offlcc. Among tbee are the kllon.
tho lafton and tho maqbon.
The coudltlon of Ullou Is ascribed rs
n person having a peculiarly shaped
bead, which Is polutcd at the top and
broad at tho bottom. Tho lafton was n
man with a head shaped exactly tho
opposite .of the preceding. To uso tho
expression of the Talmud, ho had a
head very broad at the top and narrow
at (tie bottom. Ilka a lcfes-1. e., a
Tho expression maqbon, derived from
tho word hammer, refers to a hammer
baped bend or, as the Talmud de
crlbcs It, ono with n prominent and
projecting forehead and occiput
The terso descriptions of the kllon
head and lafton head given by tho
Talmud could aot bo Improved on by
any modern tcirtbook In medicine.
In Thlckne.. It Is to the Earth ae the
Sklie Is to the Apple.
In o contribution to tbe .rear boot
of tho department of agrlculturo Itos-
coo Nunn of the United States weather
bureau compares the thickness of the
atmojuherlc envelope that surrounds
the eartu with the diameter of the
eurth Itself.
Tho extreme limit of the enrth'a at
Biosphere above the surface of the
earth Is estimated to Ik. isn mii tii
earth's dhfmeler Is approximately 8,000
miles. Out the density of tho atmos
phere decreases rapidly as altitude In
creases, so that three-quarters of the
maRs of the atmosphere lies below tho
seven mile level.
Thus tho solid earth has but n thin
coating of air, at most only about one
fortieth as thick as the diameter of the
earth, or If we consider only Its really
appreciate extent, wblclLls about for
ty miles above the earth, only ono two
hundredth as thick as the diameter of
the earth. It Is tbereforo a mere
coating, not thicker, relatively speak
ing, than the skin on an apple of or
dinary size, When we consider the
fact that storms operate only In that
part of tne atmosphere which lies
within about scrn miles of the earth,
and chiefly with hreo miles. It Is
truly wonderful wiat mighty forces
they gencrato and what vast energy
they expend within that thin 01m of
A storm condition may cover one
thlrd of the United States. The dis
turbance may bo 1,000 to 1,600 miles In
diameter, but less than seven miles
thick. In other words, the body of
air In which those tremendous forces
work Is of about tbo same proportions
as o postcard.
Two Days In One.
Chatham Island, lying off the coast
of New Zealand, In tho south Pacific
ocean, Is peculiarly situated, as it Is
one of tho few habitable points of the
globo Where the my of, tho week
changes. It Is Just ou tho line of the
demarcation between dates. There at
12 noon ou Sunday Sunday ceases nnd
Instantly Monday meridian begins.
Sunday comes Into a man's house on
the east side and becomes Moudny by
the time It passes out of tho western
door. A man sits down to his noonday
dinner ou Sunday, and It Is Monday
noon before bo Un Is lies It London
Painting Overhead.
When It Is necessary to pnlut b win
dow or any object overhead the paint
or liquid usually runs off the handle
of the brush and then over the work
er's bands. If you will tnke two pieces
of tin soldered nt the ends, says C. U.
TnomaB In tho Popular Science Month
ly and tack them on cither side of tho
brush below the bristles, you will bavo
a little cup which catches this over
flow paint. Euch time the brush is
dipped Into tho paint can tho shield Is
automatically emptied.
Otman Raiha'a Daring.
Ono of the tnoK gnllant generals that
ever Burrendcred to the enemy was
Osmati Pasha, the Immortal defender
of Plevna. Surrounded by au Immeas
urably superior army of Itussla, Os
man kept his flag flying for 1-12 days.
Indicting a loss of 40.000 men on the
rncmy and losing 30,000 of his own gar
rison. It was only when both pro
visions nnd ammunition failed that he
decided on that desperate attempt to
cut his' way through tbo Investing
army. Tbo attempt, ono of the met
daring and resolute In history, failed,
and Osman was at last compelled to
admit defeat. So Impressed, however,
wero tho enemy with his valor that as
bo wos carried wounded through their
ranks they greeted hlin as a conqueror
with cheers and presented nrms
Our watch repairing la guaran
teed to stand.
As Hunters the Natives Are Wonder,
but Cannot Make Soldlere.
riattlo history baits at tho arctic cir
cle. Iteyond that human llfo Is so dif
ficult to sustain that Its willful wasto
Is unthinkable. Nations with a foot
hold In the Icy north recruit no armies
In that frigid tone. Indeed, tho men
are of such meager stature and Intel
lect that n military training Is next to
Tbe real natives of tbo arctic can
euduro hunger and fatigue, cun march
In their own fashlou through hurrl
cano and blluard, but tbclr value Is
rather to tho explorer of the Inhos
pitable north than to tho soldier. As
hunters they aro wonderfully clever,
yet tbey are curiously formal In ad
ministering the coup do 'grace.
They will apoluglzo to the flcrco
wblto beor which tbey bavo cornered
before advancing to a closo attack
with bone tipped arrows and spears, a
duel in which tbo odds fcecm decisively
on tho bear destroying tho man. They
are tbereforo not cuwurds In any sense,
ana (ew uportsmen would risk their
lives agalnlt bear and wolf and wal
rus protected only by futile weapons
and tbclr own personal doxterlty.
Tbo Lapps and Samoyeds of arctic
Itussla, llko tbe Eskimos of North
America and Greenland, are so often
compelled In times of dearth and
fuuilno to sacrifice their aged weak
lings that this form of death has be
come n vague religious and social prin
ciple with them.
Nature's Rifle Bullets.
What man hnslcurncd by dlut of
thought and experiment tiome of the
lower miliums appear to know through
Instinct. An Instance Is furnished by
what Is called he "spiral swimming"
of certain organisms, such us tho
spherical shaped volvox und several
elongated lnfusorlans. As these ,re-
I volve about Ifcs axis of progression In
tbe tnanuer of a projectllo tired from
a rifled guc the cousequeuce is that
tbey are able to travel In a straight
line, as tbey could not do otherwise,
tbe revolution compensating with ab
solute precision for any tendency to
deviate from a straight course. With
out such a device many of these
minute creatures would simply de
scribe circles, making no forwurd progress.
find especial fuor with people
who appreciate good cboco
litw because tliey have n
much (.moodier cuutluj; than Is
usually found In chocolates.
Creation of a Knight
Tbe ccrc-soules at the creation of a
knight have Uen various. Tbe prlacL
pa) were u box on tbe ear end a stroke
with a sword ou tbo shoulder. John of
Salisbury tells us tbe blow with tbe
naked fist was In use among tbo an
cient Normans. Dy this It was that
William tho Conqueror conferred tha
honor of knighthood on his ion llenry.
it was afterward changed into a blow
with the fiat of the sword on the thtmL
der of tbe kulgbt
Reed & Horton
"How was the concert last nlgbtr
asked the low browed person.
"Splendid," replied the lover of
music. "Slgnor Spodelll actually made
bis vloUn talk "
"It's remarkable what soma of those
fellows can do with a fiddle. I heard
a cbap In vaudeville once who could
Imitate tbe bowling of a dog to perfec
tion." Birmingham Age-Herald.
Losing Ground.
"My wife Is In a fix about ber garden
"Wbat'a wrongr
"Declination are coming In about as
fast at sbe can send Invitations out"
LouUTirie Courier-Journal.
Making Progress.
k "ITas be asked for your daughter's
"No, but I have hopes. lie baa taken
to ordering the servants about" Llfa.
A sunny temper cllds the edge of
Ufa's blackest cloud. Quthrte,
Mrs. Smiley Here we've been mar
ried ten years, and mv husband still
says I'm an augel. Her Friend Hut
does he really mean It, my denr? Mrs.
S. Perhaps not But don't you think
I m lucky to bavo a husband who pre
tends to mean It? Pittsburgh Cbroul-cle-Telegruph.
A distinguished philosopher spoke of
architecture as frozen music, and his
assertion caused many to shako their
heads. Wo believe this really beauti
ful Idea COUld not lx hitlir rotntm.
diiced than by calling architecture si
lent music uoctuo.
Hie Choice.
"A bad beginning means' a good end
ing." That may be. but If I can have, mr
cholco I'll tako tho flno start every
time." Detroit Free Press.
Want Ads only ONE CENT a word.
The New York World, which once
was outspoken In Its admiration for
Mr. Hughes, now declares that the
people do not know where Hughes
stands, or what he stands for. This
Wilson organ had no such crltlclim
to make when Mr. Hughes was gov
crnor. Tho World said on May 17.
1010: "He dlctntcd no nominations,
controlled no convention, trntllcked In
UO UUtronnce. lll:lili Un linriiiln uln.
office-holders. He tins ' rewarded no-
uody for slinnort tic him ninl minUti..,!
noiHHiy ror opposing him. What In
tlucneo he has wielded, over public
opinion has come through his appeals
to the voters themselves." Tunt Is
tho estimate of Mr. Hughes given by
the World sit years ngo. It Is a
pretty fair letter of recommendation
Could the World say as much for
President Wilson? Hardly, for the
president has done nil of the things
from which the World absolved
nughes-Kousns City Journal.
.j. . -j. .j. .. .j. 4, .j. .j. .j. .. ,. .j. .j. ... .j. .j.
' ...
4 Having condoned the repeated 4
4 murders of Americans by the 4
4 Carranilitas and having abated 4
4 hlmeelf before Carranza and 4
4- having aided In placing Carran- 4-
4- In power, what it Mr. Wll- 4
4- son's reward, and who pays It? 4
4- The reward Is that Mr. Wilson 4-
4 has to place 150,000 troops on 4-
4 the border to partially orevent 4-
k the rMa anrt,. ka Ulm J.
4- friend, Mr. Carranza, will not or 4
4 cannot prevent, and the pay- 4-
1- ment Is made by the soldiers 4
I Who era (lain mnii ku !. - .!.
4- Mies of the guardsmen who go 4-
4- In want because their hutbanda 4-
4- and fathers have been called to 4-
4- the border to make good Mr. 4-
4- Wilton', refusal to let the reflu- 4
4 lap armv arlmlnUt,,. nl. .,...- J.
4- Ithment to the bandita as to In- 4
l- spire in them a healthy fear. 4-
f- From tha Rn,,pli Af rnl.n.l f.
4 Theodore Roosevelt, Delivered 4
4- at Lewlston, Me., In Behalf of 4
4- Charles E. Huahee. A.
4 4- 4- 4- 4- 4 4- 4 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- -j)
Brooks- Scanlon Lumber
Lumber, Latli, Shingles,
Huildinrr Material, Kiln
Dried Flooring and nil kinds of Finish
Telephone Red 1431 oi 701 Gty Salet Office Bend Company MulMing
Air Dried
Box Factory Wood
$2.50 Per Load
Oregon Transfer Co.
The Limit.
"They sny old CUxoflst hn.9 still got
tho first dollnf ho ever made."
"Yes. nnd I'll bet liu lms still got tbe
first umbrella ho ecr borrowed." SL
Louis Post-Dispatch.
"Whnt did your bnby cry nbout last
night J" nsked the limit next door.
"About flvo bourn," replied Mr.
Youngpop. Kxchnugc.
Don't ever worry about what you
cannot help.
Cm cd HorTui. I.Kllo (Jills.
5Iis. Ada SnndcrH, 'Coltontown,
Tenn., writes:' "Wo uo Foley'-, Hon,
y and Tnr un our bent nnd only
cough remedy. It nuver fnlln to euro
my two II tt lo glrln when they have
coUIh." Relieves) hnnrscnrsR, tickling
throat, hroncliltlft, liny fever, nsthma,
croup. Sold Kvor)ulicni. Adv.
Sco Kdwnrds fur good house paint
ing. Adv.
Vnnt Ad only ONK CENT n word.
Real Automobile
Our Type 55 Demonstrators will be here within a very short time, nnd before the newer
models are ready for delivery we are going to move every used car that we have in stoek. This
is your opportunity to huy a good automobile at a price that makes its purchase 11 sound invest
ment. We know that you will realize, too, the advantage in buying from an old established
house. Prices nnd descriptions of the following curs will appear in the October 1 issue of The
Bulletin. If in the market for a good used ear at an honest price it will pay you well to investi
gate these vnlues.
AIco 1913 5 Passenger
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Cadillac 1915 7 Passenger
1 Cadillac 1916 .. 7 Passenger
Ford ,
Jackson 1911
Locomobile 1912
1915 5 Passenger
1916 5 Passenger
1916 Roadster
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1914 Roadster
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Marion 1913 .5 Passenger
Maxwell 1911 Roadster
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Peerless 1911 -. 4 Passenger
Velie 1910 Chassis
Covey Motor Car Company
Washington Street at Twenty-First