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E-Clilef l'oi ester Enumerate In-
etnnccs In .Which Wilson's Worth
and Deeds Arc- Not In Agree-
uicut- Hughes Has n Good
It is the duty of every American
citizen to make and support openly
his choice among the candidates for
the Presidency. That duty Is espe
cially solemn this year Because great
events nnd great decisions are cer
tain to confront us during tho next
administration. I am writing to give
you my reasons for my own choice.
II you care to lay them before your
readers, pleaso do so, but not brforo
.Monday morning, September 11.
1 am neither a Democrat nor u Up
publlcnn, but a Progressive. Yet,
thero being no Progressive nominee,
unless I choose to support a caudt
d.tto who can not be elected, must
vote ror either Wilson or Hughes.
For many months after his Inaug
uration, I thought well of President
Wilson. In many respects I liked
what he sultl about what ho was go
ing to do. He talked woll and made
i good Impression. It was only when
I began to check up what ho said by
what he did that 1 was forced to
'hrfngo my view.
In the end I came to see that Pres
ident Wilson has n greater power
than nny other man In public life to
ny ono thing but do another, and
set awny with It.
Tho fucta which Justify this state
meat uro common knowledgo.
We have all heard him tell Germ
iny publicly that she would bo hold
to strict accountability; and hnvo
learned afterward that ho had ac
tually let her know seerotly at the
time, by tho mouth of his Secretary
f statu through tho Ausrian Ambas.
sador, that what ho said ho did not
mean. Wo have all seen him prove
that ho did not menn it by his total
fnlluro to exact reparation, apology,
or oven disavowal for tho murder of
Amorlcuns on tho Lusltanln.
I do not say that Wilson should
havo thrust us Into war. Thero was
no need of war. Hut thero was need
of courago to glvo us peace with self
respect. If Wilson hod shown cour
age thin country would not have
skidded from ono crisis to tho noxt,
apnln and again narrowly escaping
Wo havo all heard him declare
ngalnst Intervention in Mexico, while
-actually Intervening to dictate who
should and who should not hold of
fice thero: and denounco war against
.Mexico wlillo actually engaged In
With war on every aldo of us, wo
nil heard him, In bis second annual
message, solomnly assuro the coun
try that wo had not been negligent
of natlonnl defense. It was not true;
nnd later on ho himself proved that
It was true by proclaiming uloud tho
need for what ho had solomnly as
sured us wo already had.'
For more than n year after the
world-war began, Wilson did not
raise a finger to put us In a condi
tion for defense. Only tho proverb
ial good luck of America has kept us
from paying tho bitterest prlco for
hU imforglvablo neglect.
Wo havo all heard his ridicule tho
O. Qustafson, of Breakers, Wash.,
has challenged Max Martin, of Bend,
to meet him In a wrestling match at
any tlmo sultablo to Martin. (Jus-
(. OUSTAI'SON, Breaker, Wiij.1i.
tafson says ho will meet Martin at
his own terms so tbore should be no
difficulty in arranging tho affair. The
challenger gives his weight nt 138
Our watch repnlring is guaran
teed to stand.
Bend's Present
Population Is
You Say What
What do you think the present
population of Ilcnd is?
Last spring the high school boys
and girls took a careful census and
established the fact that tho then
population was 3,205. Since then
tho town has grown. Many more
now poople have como hero to live.
The Sliovlln box factory as begun full
operation slnco then, numerous fam
ilies havo como to join tho father
who proceeded thorn to make a home,
construction has continued, office
forces have been enlarged.
In short, the city has grown.
What is your guess as to its pres
ent slzo?
Is it 3,500 or 4,500, or somewhoro
in between?
To satisfy a little curiosity Tho
Iliilletln has asked four peoplo
whoso business is such as to give
them a good opportunity to mako a
careful cstimato and hero are the
D. B. Hunter, Tho Hend Company,
4,000 to 4,200.
C. 8 Hudson, l-'lrst National Dank.
3,700 to 4,000.
T. H. Foley, Hend Water il.lght &
Power Co., 3,800,
II. B. Ford, postmaster, 4,000 to
In 1910 the population at Hend
wns about 550 and In 1900 14.
What will it be In 19207
Shell lile them now, eten if
you've been nsanied ten yean
or mote, jiut much at when
you wee trying to "get tcrou"
Reed & Horton
Bend, Oregon
Idea of a greater navy, then declare
for Incomparably tho greatest navy
In the world, and then go back on
Wo havo all heard him declare for
exempting our coaat-wlse trndo from
tolls In the Panama Ccnal; and havo
seen him show our own peoplo and
the English that ho did not mean it.
Wo have seen him elected on a.
platform which pledged him a single
term as President, and then becomo
n candidate for another term.
We havo all heard him declare for
tho Conservation of our national re
sources; and have seen him neglect
that policy, and refuse his help to de
feat the Shield's waterpower bill, the
most dangerous attack on Conser
vation since Halllngcr'8 effort to
turn Alaska over to the Guggen-helms.
We have all heard him declaro for
efficiency in Government, and have
seen him set the pork-barrel first and
throw efficiency away. I have known
official Washington from the Inside
for six Administrations, In that
tlmo tho Government has never been
so badly done and so extravagantly
as It is now done under Wilson.
We have all heard him announce
himself as the champion of Civil Ser
vice reform; and have seen him turn
tho Government Department over to
tho spoilsmen as no other President
has done in twenty years.
We have all heard him declaro
for plttlless publicity; and have seen
him conduct the most secret admin
istration of our time. '
We have all heard him announce
himself as President of all tho peo
ple, and have seen him, as the most
partisan President of his gencratlpn,
flout and oppose the Progressives,
whom now, because he needs them,
he seeks to conciliate and enlist.
Worst of all Is this: When every
principle of freedom and equality for
which our father's fought was at
stake In tho great war, when our
At the annual convention of the
Concatenated Order of Hoo Hoo held
In Memphis last week Now York City
was chosen ns the meeting plnco of
the 1917 convention. W. P. Lock
wood, of Seattle, was chosen Senior
Hoo Hoo. -Mr. Lockwood has visited
Bend twlco this summer to ho present
at Hoo Hoo concatenations.
Live Stock Show
Comes Dec. 4-9
T,he Sixth Annual Pacific Interna
tional Livestock Exposition will be
held nt Union Stock Yards, North
Portland. Oregon, December 4-9,
191C. The following statement con
coming the show has been received
from General Manager O. M. Plum
mer. "Owing to the splendid manner In
which tl'.e Oregon Hankers Assocln
ton; tho Portland Chamber of Com
niorce; tho State of Oregon nnd tho
different Hreed Associations, havo
niado appropriations, tho Show this
year will tnko rank with tho largest
Livestock Exposition in tho United
States. Hetween $20,000 and $25,
000 will be given in cash premiums
for livestock. Tho Shorthorn and
Hereford Associations of America
havo made total appropriations of
$5,000, which being matched by the
Exposition, mnkes premiums of $10,
00 for thoso two breeds alone and
Insures the strongest kind of com
petition In this class.
"Close to $5,000 Is being offered
in the dairy division, which covors
Holstclns; Jerseys; Guernseys nnd
Ayrshire. Practically $2500 Is be
ing glten In the sheep clnsses, while
nogs are recognized to about tho
Bnme extent. Tho draft typo of
horses are given over $1200, divided
hot ween the l'ercheronj llelglan;
Clydes and Shires.. Cattle In carlots
are recognized to tho extent of $2500.
Tho Student Judging Contest, to bo
participated In by nil of tho Agricul
tural Colleges of the Northwest again
receive $300.
"Wo call attention of tho breeders
to the fact that tho closing dates aro
as follows: Hrccdlng classes Novem
ber 13. 191 tl; Fat classes November
27, 1910. Positively no entries will
receive consideration tintpstn hi our
office nt North Portland, on or beforo
noon, of tho nhovu closlnc i hit on.
This rule enables ua to put forth n
catalogue very valuable to both tho
visitors and to the exhibitors. En
try blanks will bo furnished upon ap
plication to tho undersigned nud ex-
Brooks- Scanloh Lumber
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Huildinpj Material, Kiln
Dried Flooring and all kinds of Finish
COMPLETE STOCK of Sundird Site..
Telephone Red 1431 or 701 City Salet Office Bend Company Building
hlbltors should noto on their entry
hlnukH number of stalls or pens re
quired for their showing.
"Members of the Granges of Ore
gon, Washington nnd Idaho havo In
dicated their Intention of nttondlng
In large numbers, over 2500 being
expected. Judges of national repu
tation will handle the different
(hired Her Two l.ltllo GlrK.
Mrs. Ada Sanders, Cottontown,
Tcnn., writes: "We ur Foley's Hon
ey and Tar as our best and only
cough remedy. It novor faits to cuni
my two little glrlB when thoy havo
colds." Believes hoarseness, tickling
throat, bronchitis, hay fever, asthma,
croup. Sold Everywhere. - Adv.
Want Ads only ONE CENT a wont.
"fc- i "iI fl W mm 'g i mBF 'r J&G tT La 1 1 a m m aw aiHtf I 4tt -fcH
Like a juicy steak
vihsto you're hungry-they sat isfy!
You know what a thick, juicy steak does for your
hunger. Chesterfields do exactly the same thing for
your smoking they satisfy !
But, besides that Chesterfields arc mild!
This combination of mildness with "satisfy " is an
achievement new to cigarettes. Chesterfields give
smokers what they have always liked (mildness), united
with a new kind of enjoyment "satisfy!"
No cigarette, except Chesterfields, can give you this'
new enjoyment, because no cigarette maker can copy
the Chesterfield blend!
Try Chesterfields today!)
CxZtfUpcXiyUaaao Cat
Wr.rir. ..MSSK....
The Chesterfield Blend
csnUlm tho mod famous Turltiih tobaccos
SAMSOUN for rlcho... CA VALLA for
aroma SMYRNA (or weetoe.. XANTH1
for fragrance, combined with tho bail
domestic leaf.
20 for 10c
and yd they're MILD
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