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Central Oregon
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(Special (oTIio Hulletln.)
" TUMAM), Sept. 1C Hoveral from
this section bio ottondltiK circuit
court this wecJt.
Mr. and Mr. Clifton, .Mm. J. V.
Crooks and -Mrs VV. (I. Wallace of
1'rlnovllle worn visltlnB friends In
Tumnlo laKt I'rlday.
Land buyers nro Inspecting the
Tumnlo project this week.
W. I). MarncH and F. W. Wallace
nro pruparlnK an oxhlhlt for our
utfito fair.
Mr. llarncs is making n collection
of photographs to uccompan the ex
hibit shonlnK different scenes In
ronncctlon with Oio project.
Mr. and Mrs, Howard of .Des
chutes were callers of Mr. and Mrs,
Deckers last Wednesday.
Mr. Wilson nnd Mr. Harter are
liaulliiB Brain to Ilend for Mr. U.iy
ton thin week.
The Tllllcutii Mternry club held Its
first meetlm; for the year lust Sat
urday. The followlnB officers were
elected for the cnsulnB year: Presi
dent, Mrs. Anna Diyton; vlre-presl-Ocnt,
Mrs. May (irlffin; secretary,
Mrs. Mlnta Howard Tho followlnB
progrnm was rendered: Jtoll call An
went In the history of tho country
of Ihscn: hluBrnphlral skotnh of lb
son, by Mrn. Mlld.ed Taylor, hlstor
leal conditions at time off Ibsen, Mrs.
.May Crlffln; hketch of linen's work,
by Mir. Mlnln Howard. The next
meeting of I lie club will be held the
fomth .Saturday In October.
Mil, MOAN.
(Special to Tho Hullotln)
MIM.ICAN, Sept 18. -Messrs.
Frank MokhIiu;,iIo, Jlminy llcutson
nnd It. H. Keller coiupluted Mil Menu's
liayliiB on Monday.
Mr. Ilotitaoti helped Mr for
several days.
I,. A. Hall mad a several trips to
Ilend this weeli.
Messrs. GcoiKe (look .mil J lleat
kiii went (o llmiil on W'dieHiJny. re
turnluB Ha I unlay with n cow for
Mrs. Ileatwin.
Charles (irnffcnlicrf;er received
tonii) more lumber tills week, and his
houso Is looming up nulto large,
Mr. Hunter sold his homestead
tight recently.
It, It, Keller put up his second crop
of buy the past week,
I. II. Johnson has beau '.cisy koIhk
to town tho past week, on business,
ltnlph Vim Cleve, Hand and Karl
Kvaiis are now pupils of the Mllllean
school, eouiineucltiB tluj ecoml week
wf school.
Mr. Is hayiiiB for J. J. Hol
land. Mrs. .1. J. Holland i'id Mih It. It.
Keller ou'lmngcd call) last Thim
Mrs. J. Ileatson an 1 I,. A Hall
railed lit the Holland hoi'ic Iiirt Wed
nesday. (loorge Mllllc.nn inado n trip to
llend during Hie past week.
On 1'rlduy It. It. Keller stacked
liny mi iIkv U'o Thiisi'Ii'i' noiuestead,
bis wlfo nrcoiiipnn.MiM him While
limiting hoiik Imy from I ho Tauscher
runoh to din Kelltv niiuli. .Mr Kel
ler hud the r hmi.u one
of tint wheels of Ills tngon iirual.
l.iiHt I'rld.i) ovpiiIiik roiotH wi-re
round the KJlcr luitii. One idi
l lie iIob, ou I.IIIm a rliMo-ii. 4,1, it
one of them w.m Killed tiv Mr Kel
)r. Mis. Holluiid nnd children went to
lint Hindu boiiiestrnd on Sunday.
Mr. Kchmoil Is IhijIiik on the l.el
Smith pUcti
Mrs. Itnbii called ut the Mount
IMnu Inn on .Sunday.
A stranger passing IhroiiKh here
with two wild horsM for the t' H
Cavulr) bad the misfortune of beliiK
thrown from bis riding pony and
noiuuuliat tiiulsed.
William Todd was out from llend
nnd stopped lit his homostuud for u
short time.
(Rpoolnl In Tho Nullottn).
Ayons nnd W II. Collins were In
Itediuond on luminous last 1'rlda).
Mildred I'ti Hti euterturued a crowd
of Kills at a liirtluluy dinner on Sun
I., tl. Umbo was taken quite sick
I'rlila) nliiht He has been conduct!
to his bed most or the time since, but
Is better ut this wrltltiK
W. 1. Hlmer and wife and brother-
In-law, Mr. Thompson and wife, from
KentuuKy. were out from Hund last
Sunday, and had dinner on the homo
btead, Harvesting and IiioIiik Is just
bout over in this xlclulty
Mr. Ilesi d took III threshing ma
rhlne to Long Hollow lust week He
will thresh out that section und then
finish up lit (his nelKhborhood.
School started Monday with Curtis
'Christy as toucher
Mrs. II C Miller was on the sick
list a few days last wofk
F. 0. William Johnson went to
Uitnd last Frldsv While there he
l(ed u deal to sell his much.
ititidi; v.iti.
(Spools! to Tho llutloUtii
DltlCK VAItli. Sept IS KUdo
Hum was tulitm sick last M inula),
but Is nIiIh to la' about wknIii
Word litia Imen revolved ! W
Douglas from his wlfo In Kujmiu that
she Is Improving slowly.
Mrs. llein biu returned from 8a
ltjm, where hn has been visiting
'llurrUou (Jrwv and family returned
Monday (rum ttiulr trlji to Mvlollus
Lake, Odcll Lake and ISroken Top
Mountain. They catiBht an abund
ance of fish and reported havlnB a
good time.
Klsle Horn left Tuesday morning
for HIb llend, Washington, via Pcn
dloton, OrcRon, In company with Mr.
and Mrs McNaught nnd daughter
May. They will visit the Tlound-L'p
on their wa. They expect to be
Bono threo weeks.
Mrs. Albert Taylor returned Sat
urday morning from Salem, Oregon,
where she has been visiting friends
for the past three weeks.
William Douglas nnd family will
leave Tuesday morning for Kugone,
where he will Join Mrs. Douglas.
They will go by way of the Macken
zie Pass.
More men are needed at the brick
(Special to Tho Dnllctln)
HAMPTON, Sept. 1. Mr.
Mrs. Nelson, of Dry Lake,
Hampton rallers Thursday.
Several of the ladles met to clean
tho school house Friday.
K. M. Peck started for Ileud Sun
da) morning.
Mr. UloNer bought n milk cow
from J. O. Whltaker this week.
Mr. Shipley Is In llend this week.
W. T. Harrison moved his family
back to Hampton this week so Mas
ter Thomas could attend school.
Our school opened Monday with
Miss Viola Smith ns tencher.
M. 1.. Crow Is working at Miiurey
in. iintaln fulling timber
Want Ada only ONK Ci:.T a word.
(Spccla. to The Bulletin.)
POWELL I1UTTE, Sept. 13. Tho
Powell Iiutte Sorosla met with Mrs.
J. F. HIce on Wednesday laat- It
was the meeting for tho election of
ofllcers. Those elected for tho com
ing year are: President, Mrs. G. C.
Truesdalc; vice president, Mra. N. V
Alley; secretary, Mrs. E. It. Agee;
treasurer, Mrs. Ouy Sears. Delicious
refreshments were 3erved by the hos
tess. Lee Itlggs. of Hampton Iiutte, Is
spending a few days with his brother,
.1. A. Itlggs. He brought down nine
head of horses for sale. Later on
the two boys plan on taking an au
tomobile trip to the valley to visit
their parents, who II vo at Urowns
vllle. Miss Hazel Ilayn returned to
Prfnevllle Friday, after Bpendlng her
vncatlon with lir patents. She will
enter high school for her senior year.
Miss Catherine Myers, the young
doughtor of Mr. nnd Mrs. H. A. My
ers, loft on the train Saturday morn
lug for Ellensburg, Washington,
where she will enter the normal
Miss Edna Morse left Sunday
morning for Paulina where she will
teach school this winter.
Miss Fay llussett went to Prlne
vllle Saturday. She will attend high
Clarke Morse was a business vis
itor In Pilnevllle Frldny.
There was a very small attend
ance at tho Powell Ilutto Develop
ment League's meeting Thursday
Work l: progressing rapidly on
Win. Wilson's now house.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred' Van Mntrc,
Mrs. C. Nlswongor nnd her parents
from Michigan, and grandma Nlswon
gor were guests at the Ilussstt ranch
on Thursday.
Miss I. Ina Moore, who has been
visiting in Iledmond and vicinity for
several dayB returned home Saturday
J. A. Klggs sold a load of- hogs to
O'Donnell llrothcrs of llend. T. I).
Osborne delivered them on Wednes
day. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. W. Ilayn were In
Prlnovllle on Friday.
Henry Edwards contracted 1200
bushols of wheat lit Itedmond at
IXfliliOOT And ,nvost,Knl our Prices
I mi I before buying your groceries!
' i Wo con save you monor.
Alice jj. p:uuing, proprietor
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Young left
for Vaacouver, Washington Sunday
evening. They expect to make their
nomo there.
The Youngs and Mr. nnd Mrs.
Doty and family were dlnnor guests
at Hussctt's Sunday.
Miss Gladys Hreen began school In
the Wilson district Monday, the 11th.
Boarding and Lodging House
Eleven bedrooms, large kitchen, din
room and living room, two nice baths,
two lots: being a double corner. Com
pletely furnished throughout. Price,
Will give splendid ternis. Would also
lease to thoroughly responsible parties.
You're Coming, of Course!
Fifty-Fifth Annual
Pli Livestock LMllblt Poultr) Show,
Hpeolaculeir Night Horse Show, Ex
ulting 1 laces; Leoliiro. Motion Pic
turtm and Demonstrations in Every
nupnrttiumt; Four IMk Contort Hands
uml Seven TntonUd Slngurs; Swedish
Hinging Society (60 Voices); Throe
Groat Carnival Attractions; Dancing
Pavilions ; Dig Implement, Machin
ery and Auto Show; Pure, Cold
Water and Comfortible Ileat-Iloom
nil lo'.lot Facilities Cumi.lng Prlvl
Iive Fine; Elaborate Musical Pro
grams Hvat-y Day and Night.
Uvury day a Special Feuturo and .
Thousand Special Pout urea Hvury
Duy and Night.
You'll be Glad You Came;
Sorry if You Don't
Excursion Fares on All Railroads
A. II. LEA, Secretary, Salem, Oregon
(Special to The Ilullctin.)
Jlmmlo llrickey nnd wife and mother
autocd to Bulck Creek one day last
week In a ne.w car which the former
recently purchased.
Mrs. Corbctt returned from Ilend
last Sunday, where she had 'somo
dentnl work done. 4
T. C Ervlng Is working for Horace
llrooklngs during Mr. Ilrooklngs ab
sence In Prlnovllle, where ho Is at
tending court.
School commenced last Monday
with nine pupils enrolled, nnd Miss
llertha (I rah a in as teacher.
Mrs, J. M. llrickey was a visitor
hero hint Monday.
Pert Mceks was n Hampton visitor
V.'Schreder was up at Glass Hutte
several days last week doing assess
meut work on his mining claim.
A special school meeting will be
held next Tuesday to elect a director
to fill tho vacancy caused by Mr.
.Monroe leaving tho district
to Ucnd last Friday.
H. Kinsman and S. W. Best havo
been doing some logging on their
ranches during tho past week.
A Modarn Methuielah.
In the axis, or upper burial gtound
of Gcrmantown, (hero Is a tombstone
which gives tho age of him who lies
beneath It. one John Adam, as 0G0
years. Tho records. I believe, show
that his nge was rightly sixty-nine,
and tho explanation given is that the
stonecutter cut bis nine first nnd then
found ho bad no room for Ids six. So
ho filled In the nine with cement and
cut behind his first markings. Time
having worn out tho cement, reveals
apparently tho tomb of an ancient, fit
to bo classed, with those mentioned in
Genesis. Philadelphia Ledger.
lost cm:i:i.
(Special to The Hullotln.)
LOST CItKKK, Sept. 12. Misses
Mary and ICIIzaboth Stnuffer havo
gonu to llend, whole they expect to
attend school the coming year. Mr.
Stauffcr drove In with them.
Albert Mcl.nutli drove, over from
the Gup ranch with a lond of sup
plies for his In others, who are here,
going to school.
Jtoy Stnuffer camo over from Fgll
nnd spent 11 few days at his homo
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ilutzlen spent tho
week end at their homo ut Hamilton.
Mr. L. Mercor camo over from the
Gap ranch and called on tho homo
V. D. Harris was n business visitor
at llend during the past week.
Mr. Doncer mndo his regular trip
Marthn, aged five, precocious nnd ob
servant, had been severely spanked by
her mother. She sat on tho floor, her
eyes flllcd with angry tean. Suddenly
she rose with a determined look upon
her llttlo fnco and seized her hat
"Where aro you going?" asked her
"Out to tell all the family secrete to
the neighbors," said tho child firmly.
It Wt Horrifying.
Sir. Knewzee Mls Verrnplnln wns
taken to tho hopltal this afternoon.
Mrs. Kncwzee Dear, dear, I didn't
know she was III, Mr. Kiiowzeo She
wasn't until she snw tho wrltcup of
tho Swlnton muslcnlo In which she
was mentioned as the guest of horror.
Vacut Requcit.
"That wbb riithcr 0 vnguo request
tho tenor made of hN luniiiigcr."
"What wns ItV"
"lie asked tho manager to lndorso
nls notes." Ilaltlraoro American.
Expemlvs Luxury.
"So old 'Williams Is looking for n A.
vorco from his young wife. On what
"On tho grounds of economy, I
guess." Boston Transcript
Mllllean, Ore. Telephone
Mr. Farmer:
Your Vegetables
will bring the high
est Cash Prices at
A. T. Bolton
Bond Street, Bend,
Oregon. See us first
when you are in town
witli vegetables tosell
Business Directory
A Directory of tach City, Town anil
Village, clvlng detcrlpthe sketch of
each plare, location, population, tele
graph, lilpplnc and banking point;
alto Clatilfled Directory, compiled by
btulncia and proteulon.
Seo Edwards for papor hanging.
For farm laud loans seo J. Ryan
& Co. Reasonable rates, prompt
Bcrvlco. Adv.
Clean up and paint 'up. Seo Ed
wards. Adv.
Have you any '
for sale?
If so, get our prices, as we are in the mar
ket for a few hundred tons of second and
third cuttings. This we can handle loose
at this time.
Our new FEED MILL is nearing comple
tion and when it is finished we will have
both MOLASSES and PLAIN, for all
kinds of STOCfc and POULTRY.
We exchange flour and feed for wheat and
all other kinds of grain, and forliay.
Bend Flour Mill Company
Bend, Oregon
? WSt "f "
w ag