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mm 0-niitaiiioii.DmOHionirja.iiotuDiiioiuoiiiaiiiauia.i.o.i.oiiia
Jtoport Comw lYom Hnn KnincNcimf
Ibtttlo Itotuocn Mtrnhorii iiml tlic
Southern Pacific In California
Valley lilno Would Join
with o. a. & i:.
(Tlio Oroonlan.)
SAN FUAN0IHC0, Sept. 15. -Special.)
A hattlo royal between tlio
Southern 1'aclflc and tlio rejuvenatud
Western Pacific riillroadB, with an
old-fushloncd construction end
lujlng r.icc, Ib Impending, according
to reports circulated locally today,
following Iho receipt of iiowh that a
corps of surveyors, directed by Kob--rt
13. Htrahorn. j'-x-piosldonu ivnd
Konnwil manager of tho Portland,
Eugono & IJailoru. n Southern Pa
cific subsidiary In OroKun, had begun
work In Fandango Pain, Modoc
Tho prl7c for which It In bclloed
the two rinds aro contending Is tho
Surprise Valloy, an undeveloped, mi
nxplolled Inland empire In North
eastern California, said to ho nH rich
In poHHlbliltk'K as an) section of tho
.Mr. Htrahorn haH established,
ticadiiiinrtriH In tho Hnjford build
ing at Lakcvlow, Oregon, and 1h per
sonally dlioflllng Iho survo). Ono
crew of engineers In milking a uuivoy
for a three-mile tunnel through tho
'iindiingo Mountains, starling on tho
tlooso Lake tilde and coming out In
Eurprlse Valloy.
Prom tlio chhI, or Surprise Vullej.
lid of the tunnel, tho lino will fol
low tho rldgo or tlio hills to Luke
City, where it will destonil to tho
level or tho valloy, which is coiisld
rahly lower Hum (loose Luke Valloy
on tho went Mr of tho mniintulns.
Iilio City Is Junction.
Tho now survey will, It Ih s.ild,
connect at lako City with tho survey
mndo lust spring from Flniilgiui, on
tho lino of the Southern Pacific, to
Lake City.
Tho KuiprlHo Vollov Itiillroad, iih
tlio now lino In called, wus Incorpor
ated under Iho laws of Oregon Octo
ber 27, 1910, ahortly after Mr. Stra
horn had tiirni'd over tho completed
Portland, Eugene (L Eastern to tho
.Southern Pacific Much In Oregon, of
'which It la now an Integral part
Tho Incorporator)! wmo .Mr Stru
horn, James 0. Wilson uud V. 13.
lloud, all of Portland. ItH avowed
purpoHC was to do a Kcncrul railroad
business. unlng any typo of motive
power and to build a railroad from
KlanlRiiu, Wualion County, Nevada,
and runnlnjr throutfh I.nsAcu and
Modoc 'Counties, California, to Ceil-
larvlllc, Modoc County.
It Ih believed Hint ultimately thlH
"road Ih to ho linked with tho main
'lino of tho Southern Pacific's Shasta
rnutu at Klamath Falls, connecting
'tit Its -southern extremity with tho
.Southern Pacific's Suianvlllo branch
- it rianlgnn.
llnuuli lontr Consldeieil,
Tho South' rn Pacific would thus
huvo not only a Hue tapping tho fer
tile Hurprlhc Valloy, with Ingress both
at tho north anil houth, but would
n Iho huvo priirtlcull) a second iniiln
lino from Portlund via Klamath
Pulls, I.iikcvlew, (it), liunl
Kim, rernli')', lluzou and Thome,
through the Owoiih I. alio union to
MoJiiU' UUd I.Ort Angeles
Tho WoKloru Pacific liranch Into
Surprise Valley bun been under con
ddcrutloti ni.iny )oars Whrn t'hus
II. SchhicliH wus In chnrgo of tho
WeMorn Pacific hero as first vice
president, ho and bin engineers made
not loss tliun two rcconiinlssnnrcs to
Surprise Valley l automobile, and
tho brunch would hnvn been built (ho
or hIx M'iiih ago hud tho money been
Present pinna rail foi a bri.nch
'.ealiiB tlio main lino of the Wovtorn
Pacific tit Cerlnrh, Nov., and extend
Iiik mime 90 or 100 iiiIIcj north and
uorthwiMt Into I .alio City, tho prcH
ent kouI of Mr Slrahorn. Tho route
will itomh Into California at a point
between lower UViko and Mlddlo
Luke, and will thenco run inrthward
up Hnrprlko Vnlley.
Mr. Sprouln MiiUixs IKmiIhI.
Willi.. in Sproulo, prcaldent of tho
Southern Pacific, who arilvud In
PunUud IuhI nli;bt, dmiled that tho
Sovithuru Pacific Iuih any Intention
whatioor of hulldliiK a line Into the
SurprlHo Valley or throiiKh an other
' portion of Northern California "Mr
Slrahorn is not oporutitiK for uh," he
XiOZjm!&tt .5
gffBWaS6 JoraufenuBuiomSuumHllc
g rV'
To ho shown at the liend Thentro Sunday and Monday.
At the Movies
'Our Jitney Ou"ci Tills and fto.
Don't iuIhh (hlii. Cut out tbU blip,
nelono wltli llo ceutu to Foley &
Co., ChlciiKo, III , writliiK jour name
and ndilri'HH clearly m will ro.
oilve In return n trial pnckiiKO con
tnlnlnK I'oUd'b llonoy and Tar Com
pound, for couRtm, co hU mid croup,
Foley Kldnit) PIIIh. and Pole) Ca
thurtlc tabloU. Sold Kvor where.
ISvnil Theatic.
Plodro Itlanco, the Mexican town
In the photoplay, "Tho Ilourt of
Paula," that Htarn I.enorc Itlrlch, Is
ho tplcal of hundrcdB of others In
that Htranso country that It is worthy
of deBcrlptlon. Tho narrow BUn
baked r.treetH flanked h opon-front-ed
shopa and warm-colored one-story
udolio hoiiioa, ondH In the cuitomary
plaza. I.ooklliB down the principal
street, the facade of the undent ad
obe church visible beyond tlio plaza
Heoins to possess tho uiiHtore aspect
of tho "padre oaplrltuul." L'ncou
corned b the hot Htm the Mexican
nenoias are busy ubouf their market
Iiib and the tranquil spirit that Ih tho
oMhence of thin pecullur coiintn jier
nieateB nil their aetlom It was in
thlH peculiar slow-movltiB world that
Ilruco Mel.ean found tho face that ho
had alna)H soiiBht. This lo utorj
with Its HcorchlliK ImihsIoiih sliows In
all It human renllu "The Hiart of
Paula, and Is cjiiiIhb to the Mend
Theatre Sunday a.ul .Momla, Sept
Slth mid li.'tli.
DurliiB tho tiuikliiB of this picture
thcie ileMdoiied a consldeniMo dif
ference of opinion as to the proper
mid most effectho ondliiK MIhh t'l
rich took one vlow and the producers
another So much Intercut was evi
denced In this point that It wag de
cided to put tho picture out with two
undltiBii. the first, or tratt'c cndlnK.
and tho second, or hupp) endlliK. On
Sunday nlKht the triiKle eudltiB will
bo shown and on Moiulii the ulosu
will be tho happy ono The manage
ment of The llend will welcino o
picosIoiiH of opinion us to which of
tho ending Ih the most effective
The Paramount PIctoKruphs have
been nptl) termed "The miiBuitlno on
tho screen." These releases differ
from thu usual iiouh plcturei In that
the present pictorial articles on
timely subJectH Instead of showinK
Iowh of happeuliiBH. A ileiuirtineut
of better hablea appcarti regularly,
and the stute of our national defensu
Ih pictured In each Ihsuu.
A dlshevellod, barefooted, radiant
ly happy Bir), with hair streaming out
behind her, sped mudly clown tho
course, easily out-dlntanclnB all her
competitors, uud was Brected with a
liurst of applause as she won thn
race. It was Pauline Frederick who
plas the title part In tho adaptation
of Mary Johnson's celebrated nool,
Audrej. which Is tho Paramount
Picture at the llend Theatre tonight
and Thursda this week. Audrey Ih
a simple Blrl of the woods who has
been refcued from tho Indians when
a child, mode the household drudge
of a hypocritical minister and his
wife, and Is finally neurly drowned by
an angr mob that believes her to bo
In the power of a witch. As the scene
of the story Ih laid In the South, the
plajors were taken to -Florida, where
the natural beauty of the Httlngs
could he made to add immensely to
the effectiveness of tho photoplay.
OwtriK to the popularity of Mary
PIckfonl's plas, Tho llend has been
erj fortunate to secure so many or
her pictures Her lust npneurunco
was In the artistic pla), "Madame
lltitterfb " Sho will next ho seen In
The Kternul Orlnd." This will bo
screened tho first and second days of
111 cam Theatie.
"The Coward" Is a stirring drama
of the CI II Wiir da)B, with tho
Hconoa laid In the valloy of Vliglnla
In 1SC1 The story Is that of a pr'de
ful father, of the stern type, with n
weak, timid son. Frank Keenun,
well known upon the legitimate
stugc, uppears In tho rolo of an arro
gant and domineering father. The
rather, though aged retains his flro
for tho flout, and at tho outbreak of
the war he finds his ten Frank un
wllllng to enlist. Frnn'c is ushered
to the recruiting office at the point
of his futher'H pistol and forced to
enlist. Ho Ih put on picket duty, es
capes, runs to his home and Is hid
den by a negro servant. I'pon hearing
or plans or Confederate officers
Prank becomes Imbued with patriot
ism anil hurries to tho I'nlon ranks.
jl'LJ j3tw VH i m Ift. Bb. HM M H B B BV Ig
sXF7Tv. i inr tiiM IiiIIbiEi iiu
Brick is the MOST ECONOMICAL Building Material there is.
All who have used our product are satisfied.
The Bend Brick & Lumber Co.
He Is shot by his father, hut not fa
tally wounded. The father Is proud
of his son's uchleement. This play
will be shown at the Dream tonight
and Thursday.
On Friday "The Iron Claw," .lunglo
comedy and a Luke comedy will bo
shown. On Saturday "The Idol of
the Stage," featuring Malcolm Wil
liams, a story of regeneration and
sacrifice, will be shown.
"Tho Soul ot Hroadway." featur
ing the much talked of Velaska Sur
att, will be shown at the Dream The
atre on Sunday evening. Velaska
Suratt nnd William Shay make up
loads In a strong cast. MIes Suratt,
ns l.a Valenclo, a typical woman of
the Now York stage, wondorfullly
beautiful, but old In ctn, Ih madly In
fatuated with her lover (portrayed
by William Shayj, who becomes a
thief that ho may shower luxuries on
her. Ho Is sentenced to prison nnd
for five years cats his heart out In
solitude, to emerge at tho end of that
time a nad-faccd, Bray-haired man,
eutliely cured of his mad Infatuation,
lly accident Valencia sees him. Her
old pabolon for him has rovlved. It
means nothing to her that since his
release from prison he has fallen In
love, and married n good woman. Sho
tries to win him back. When her
fascinations fall, sho threatens to ex
pose his past life. Ho will not yield
nnd she propnjen to carry out her
threat, but rails through the hand of
He Was Won led mill llopolcs.
"For ten yenrs I was bothered with
kidney trouble." writes T. F Hutch
inson, Little Hock, Ark. "I was wor
ried nnd had almost given up till
hoies. I used five Iioxoh of Foloy
Kidney PIIIh nnd am now n welt
man." Foley Kidney Pills drive out
nehes, pains, rheumatism nnd all kid
ney trouble symptoms. Sold every
where. Adv.
For Blgn painting bco Edwards.-Adv.
Seo J. Ryan & Co., for farm land
loans. Adv.
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Westbound Colonist Fares
Fall 1916
Low furcH to Oregon nnd Washington points will he In effect
dully, 8optombtir a J to October 8. 19 1G. lu Spokane, Port
land & Seattle and Oregon Tt ink Hnllwuys and ufflllated lines.
Fares from pr'ticlpa! points.
IVom I'nro
Atchison, Kan Kt'-VJO
Culro, III I-'.OJ
Chicago, III I0..10
Council niiifft., Ih.... If-'.no
Dallas, Te 1 1.55
l)ener, Colo il-.50
Den Molutvt, la,, ..... :t5.:U
Duliitli. Minn. . . it'J.50
Pot th Worth. Te.... tiMIO
HmiNton, Tex. 1(1.05
human City, Mo.. ;t-J.ft
Lincoln, Neb :i'-.ftt
Little IliH-k, Ark, , . . lil.TK
.Memphis, Tenn, , . , lit. Til
I'mm Furo
MUunuLrc. Wis $.il.OII
MliiiteitpolU, Minn.
New Oilcans, 1m. , . 10.05
Nu Voi k City .1H.00
Oklahoma City, OMu 117.75
Oiuuliu, Net ifJ.flO
l'corlu, 111 iW.ntl
Sun Antonio, Tc. . 10.05
Slouv City, Iu
St. .tMpli, Mo il'
St. Louis, Mo itH.lO
St. Paul, Minn
Supeilor, WU ifj.50
WlnnlKeg, Man. . ifj.50
lYrcii from man) other points on application.
shown apply to all points on the Spokane, Portland & Seattle
Hallway, Spokane to OohUiidulo, Portland and Astoria. Ore
gon Trunk Itallwu), Fallbrldgo to llend; and Oregon Electric
Hallway, Portland to Fore3t (irovo, Woodburn, Salem, Albany,
Corvnllla and Eugene.
STOP OVi:Us Stop within thlrt d from d-ito of pur
chase of tickets will bo ullowed at any point or points, regard
Icto of the limit
I accept prepaid order.
.1. II. COHllHTT, Agent IIF.XD, OULtJOV.
lly the placing of mure Hash hoard
on thu spill wu) of tho lloud Water
il.lght A Power Co dam rorontl)
tho water above the dam has
boon rultKtd to a height uoor before
rtxuiicd. It will ho kept ut this level
for tho grontcr pait of tho time
herctftor In order to nrmldo n grout
ttr amount of power at the plunU
A desirable bread knlfo freo with
every nnnuut subscription to Tho
lloud llullettn.
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ted skins are bo prevalent that thou,
unds of women and men, too will
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hurmlcsH method of clearing the
skin ot blemishes. Anvono can fol
low those Instructions ut homo and
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will unto u chnnge, and In a short
while you will bo astonished at the
Improvement bhown For freckles,
pimples, acne, ull kinds ot skin Irri
tation such us sunburn and wind
burn there Is nothing qultu so cool
lug, refreshing and healing as Santl
septic. Delightful after shaving. A
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Eshencott Chemical Laboratories,
Portland, Or,
Bend now has the Lowest Electric Cooking Rate in
the State.
Cooking and Heating Meter Rates
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Next 100 K. W. H. in Any Month 2c per K. V. H.
All Over 200 K. W. H. in Any Month: lc per K. W, H.
Effective April 1st, 1910.
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